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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 12, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>>good morning. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher the breaking news this morning is a crash that shut all lanes of highway one oh one in palo alto for sarah stinson is live at the scene what's going on sarah. >>that's live right now the southbound lanes of one to one in palo alto right at the san antonio road exit. we just confirmed. the person who caused this accident chp says there's a 25 year-old driver they say he was driving drunk swerved into the center divide right here and then. this word into the number 2 lane. in dues extremely dangerous situation. the man is lucky to be alive that is what chp is saying rightow because of the fact. was standing outside of his car when a white pickup truck slammed into his car. truck holding gravel slammed
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into his car. at one unraveled ere 45 this morning. and it's still going on right now again this happened in the northbound lanes at san antonio road exit. and a person in the gravel truck was taken to hospital with minor injuries. right now some of the chp officers are at jail with a 25 year-old driver he has been arrested in the meantime caltrans is cleaning up the debris you can take a live look right now. crews trying to clean up this gvel we caught up with a a chp officer who explains what they're doing to get this reopen because we're standing and the situation where both sides are completely shut down. right at the benning of the commute hours take a listen. >>yes, so right now we're a doing everything possible to get this what possible. so right now we have the an orphan and some from his clothes. with the plane in
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time. there's going to love the place to your way to work. >>the overall it's going to take about45 minutes to get this all cleared up. uh i think that the. lanes will reopen first because the caltrans actually started on that side have been able to tow both of the trucks involved as well as the sedan that the driver. the 25 year-old driver was in so that is the good news for people who are. the detour doesn't look. they're definitely going to see some traffic so keep that in mind but overall the bier message. once this is all cleared up the message from chp is do not drink and drive the holiday season is here they're going to be in going to lots of events drineing driving is never the answer. get in newburgh because this man is very look at the allies standing outside
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of his car to clint cars to trucks slammed into and they're going to be cleaning up the gravel right now there was about 2 inches thick of gravel on the ground and then actually does a really good job of cleaning it up we'll send it back you know bring an update as soon as we have >>all right, thank you sir, lisa making some progress all right let's see where the roads are like in that area and robin winston and the traffic center. >>although it's pretty early it's definitely jamming up trash i think it's been blocking for several hours of course now once again want to one closed in both directions at the san antonio road exit. they're in palo alto we can see the orange and the yellow developing here on traffic tracker which shows the backup leading up to the scene so if you are traveling, northbound you want to hop off it, ogon expressway are ring store for shoreline and then southbound we're going press way or embarcadero those are the exits before san antonio you'll be forced to get off the freeway. so just go ahead and dit early or you can take el camino real which is right here that runs parallel
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to one on one. there's also to 8 the 2.80 will give you access to the south bay and to the peninsula you can use that instead of one oh one once again is closed in both directions. they are still working on cleaning up that gravel spill. here's a look at one on one as we zoom out you can see the south bay, the drive all the way up to the peninsula. you're looking at 40 minutes, definitely unusual for this time of morning when it's normally just wide open and delay free so major accident now causing major delays. just look okay, it's wet. get you going to be the headlights and the wipers here's the bay bridge approach you're stacking up in some of those cap lane's right but overall not bad we call this a minor weight, it's a great trip into san francisco were just recommending that you leave early since it's so soggy and when it rains in the roads are slick. you know there's always an increase in the number of spinouts and overturned accident so be extra careful out there, we'll check in on other bridges coming up in a bit. meanwhile, here's john travel with more on the range >>and yeyou can see that
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rainfall. the drizzle in the across the bay this morning. this is your view across the bay from the north bay looking down at san francisco not much of a you at all due to that low lying cloud cover. so it's a combination this morning we do have low visibility in napa half moon bay santa rosa specially these areas, but also elsewhere in the bay so watch out for some low visibility ots and then those slick spots on roads as we continue to see a moist flow pushing on into the state. this is going to result in continued areas of rainfall and even drizzle. well into the afternoon ahead of us as of right now radar is fairly quiet. really one of those spots that we are looking at is just south of santa rosa, where we are seeing just a few light showers at this moment. later on today daytime hihs will rise to some warmer conditions and what we have been seeing lately. despi the fact we remain grain cloudy through the day right now we're already off to a warm start with low 60's and upper 50's across the bay area for current temperatures and into the afternoon ahead of us even warmer temperatures yet highs rise into the mid 60's
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later on. i'm talking what you can expect not just todabut into the weekend too. all still ahead daria. >>thanks a lot john 5 oh 5 and let's continue the am coverage on the weather with the rain as it's affecting the commute with the kron four's christina tetreault out in the field up in sonoma county right now to look at conditions there. good morning christina. >>well good morning and so far it's beena nice morning for me because it isn't pouring down rain. quite yet exactly where i am here so some good news for people eyes are traveling up one oh one conditions as i was driving were not incredibly horrible quite yet. but of course we're anticipating a lot of rainfall up in this area. but the rain is pretty steady in some parts as your if that's your normal commune up 21 into sonoma county of course it is going to be pretty steady. but right now it's just lessnd in the past 5 minutes i have been rained on too hard quite yet. everyone has are getting on or the road this morning of course people are starting their commute right about now into later hours of the
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morning if you are driving up a recommendation for everyone though again that i mentioned the conditions aren't qte horrible yet. right in the middle lanes if that's where you normally travel know there's already a lot of water on the roadway and a lot of it is up piling in and making puddles right there in the middle so when you are driving on the freeway know that that that is going to be something that you're going to be looking into and that is something that is going to yr and a morning like this of course make sure to go ahead and watch to make sure that you aren't action accidently hydroplaning so be carefuon breaks as well with that and i mean again if you are normally a commuter on one oh one northbound you do know that there is construction going on to a lot of it goes down to 2 lanes in multiple car just know that things are going to be a bit cramped so patients with everyone out there on the road this morning. now reporting live in sonoma county christina teatro kron 4 news okay. thank you very much. christine a 5 oh 7 and now to a big national story, the house judiciary commite is entering another day of
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debate. >>before it votes on the impeachment of president trump have that debate is set to begin in about an hour from now john lawrence has more. >>and so it begins. >>2 artics charge president trump with placing his private political interests above our national security. above our free and fair elections. and above our ability to hold public officials accountable. >>democrats introduced 2 articles of impeachment against the president, saying he should be removed from office for abuse of power and obstruction of congress. >>if we allow this president to put himseff above the law to be above the law. >>republicans have called this process a political vendetta against the president. this is about one basic fact. >>the democrats have never accepted the will of the american people upset through trials. they were hard to sit through but nothing like sitting this week in this committee hearing once the
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back and forth is done the committee will take a final vote. if they are approved the entire house then vote on the impeachment articles then it moves to the senate for a trial while democrats have the majority in the house i believe the president. >>the gop has it in the senate impeachment is there fas ion their drug. >>they're all conseming ambition and obsession. >>i'm john lawrence reporting. >>9 and new this morning a stand as a surgeon is under arrest accused of trying to kidnap. >>only 12 year-old son during a supervised parental visit on the central coast, 55 year-old theresa. pelosi attacked a court ordered supervisor outside of a bowling alley in goalie did near santa barbara. and that person was hit several times in the head with a metal object, the dog doctor then attempted to kidnap her own son. her son ran into the bowling alley to get help. she drove away and then don on a flight to montana. pelosi was
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arrested in whitefish montana and is awaiting extradition now to santa barbara to face charges of attempted murder and attempted kidnapping. and the east bay mother wanted for running over a bar with her car in antioch because she didn't like her son's hair cut hhs turned herself over to the authorities a woman is 28 year-old ruby, dell good deal from brentwood. last week she got into an argument with the barber. at this street in antioch and she was upset about the way he cut her son's hair. it escalated she got into our car and then drove through a drove through a glass, storfront. just ran and then she drove away from the scene. >>she put her kids in the car. but here with often yelling f you. i do think she will park and get out of the way she literally pushed to front door
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there rain to the building took part in the in the building. she political reverse and drove off. >>you are listening to the barber 63 o'brien martin explain what had and. he ended up suffering a broken leg and and that required surgery they had to put a metal rod in his leg. >>3 people have been arrested for sling drugs that led to the deaths of a santa rosa man and his baby boy you may remember the story federal prosecutors say that f ntanyl killed 29 year-old patrick o'neill and his 13 month-old son liam back in september. the drugs were traced back to san francisco's tenderloin district, 2 women and one man are now charged with distribution of fentanyl resulting in death. the department of justice is calling out san francisco's sanctuary city policy for hampering. the crackdown on drugs. the way those policies are years ago. >>there's also result in sanctuary indians on rap sheet and unity for those who our this kind of crime. >>happens no matter what and so to attributed to a policy
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is i think unfair we want to make sure thatiling people violating people's civil liberties. >>san francisco mayor london breed says that she is open to discussing the issue with the was a turning but wants to make sure that policy changes do not lead to other issues. >>they can watch them sleeping they could have watched and changing, i mean they could have seen all kinds of things. >>not only creepy but really frightening for a family who put one of those rain camera systems in their daughter's room and somebody did it. >morning we do have some sprinkles and drizzle out there one of these areas, we're looking at is pretty near petaluma right now i'v got your forecast ahead. >>and i'm tracking major delays and a full freeway closure in palo alto you're looking at the backup on one
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discuss counts and symptoms with your doct. visit >>now the big story is the hot spot. so let's get an update rob, and yes it all started with an abandon car, someone left and right there in the middle of the freeway. some other folks crashed into what caused a major act accident but the bigger problem is the gravel spill. yeah so we're bringing in the sweepers. that's to get that salute lee that's what we're waiting for the sweepers to arrive to clean up this big mess. we're talking about thimajor hot spot in pa alto one on one at san antonio shut down both northbound and southbound after this crash. happened at around one 40 this morning, so they're still working with it. kron four's sarah stinson she' on scene she's been gathering more dails from chp another crews ou there. we stillo not have an exact estimated time of clearing you just hav to stay away from it until further notice and more
5:17 am
and more of you are hitting the road right now so it' already backing you up through palo alto into mountain view. bestlternate are 2.80 that's one option for you or el camino real you' going to be forced off the freeway as you approach, san anton, so just hop off early and exit or 2 before san antonio, both north and south and then you know have to deal with thatajor back up because it's not getting any better as i said morend more folks hitting the road. right now you're looking aroughly 30 to 40 minutes to make your way into menlo park. it's not a properly calculating the driv time because the freeway is club. so a lot of folkare dumping off a they're getting back on so just b aware of that. anwhile one o one it's going to be a trouble spot forow you need to get t there early also if you're heading intsan francisco. the soggy commute there are early birds. so we have a backup spilling beyond 8.80 says pretty mucthe norm so this under 15 minutes to make it in. here's 92, this is that trip across the san mateo bridge. it's busy as well, but i'm not complaining right it
5:18 am
little crowded, so 14 minutes to make i over to the peninsula. we'rehecking in more numbers and rock to a pretty decent start just slick and you know what very happens right, you get out there you're goi too fast. she spent out you flip over happens every time don't let that be you highway 4 18 minutes antioch to concord and then smooth sailing on 6 ad and the nimitz freeway will check more coming up in just a bit john. >>rob and the saw the and fogy out there this morning maybe not your deal combination of for your track into work is morning or for your flights out of sfo. we're looking at some wet conditions out there as n the peninsula. you are going to continue to see drizzle throughout the light showers kerr ng, some early hanging out upround sonoma coy. as we make our way through the day you'll continue to see these off d on showers a lot of that energy is now gathered on the us in the sierra foothills
5:19 am
where we are sing some rainfl along 80 and other routes heading up to tahoe currently although iis quite a down in the bay area that's not necessarily going to be the case throughout the course of the day today we're going to continue to see rainfall phing in from the west as are set up will rainll pushes right on into the bay on through the afternoon today into tomorrow too light to modete showers into the and off well into evening on tonight, too cloud cover is going to remain with us through the day so much like yestery, not a lot of sunshine to be had on this ursday friday itself starts a little drier but ends not so dry as rainfall pushes in on into the afternoon making for a wet driveome from roadys for yr weekend t travels if you're headingp into the sierra nevada there's new snowfall to be had around lake tahoe, but the sierra foothil are going to bwet with rain fall as rain is that some pretty high elevations in the next few days as for emperatures today, they're warmer than they were yesterday in fact our warmest day of the week, daytime highs
5:20 am
well up into the mid 60's for some spots inhe bay like burlingame at 64 degrees saying carlos redwood city in odside also at 64 today, uth bay temperatures mid 60's, 66 in san jose east bay temperatures also solidly in the 60's warmer an yesterday and even witho the dose of sunshine. t's going to be feeling pretty md just keep your rain jacket on and you'll be just fine through the day. billy how 62 sonoma y'll be at 63 today with 63 in sandra fell and petaluma too. next 7 days what we do see some changes temperatures cool down into next week and it does look like we should be drying out the sunday monday and tuesy a few dry days before rainfall increases next dnesday. evening lows ar also going to get chillier from the 50's tonight down into the 30's for inland lows by sunday and monday. daryn. thanks a lot of 5.20 a big story, a mississippi mother is terrified and l. >>rage because a ring camera tt she set up in her daughter's room was ed.
5:21 am
>>yeah, you think you do it for their safety putting their own kids at risk. this camera gave access to straers who tried talking to the young girl wi just a holly now with the story. >>the research on these before it goto me like i really felt like it was safe. the camera. >>it was supposed to be an added level of protecon away for ashley lmade to keep an eye on her 3 daughtersnd son close by while working her overnight know shifts. they ring camera was a black fday deal and came with a recommendation from another mom she had won and she was you kn like watching her kids 4 days after the camera went up 8 year-old alyssa. >>heard something strange ming from home around.
5:22 am
>>playing back during video recording this is what her pares all as alyssa searched for the source of the noise. >>i didn't even get tohe and where she's screaming like mommy. r ra inside ashley's husband was home at the timwatching the gils. >>as she ran a quick errand the mysterious voice taunted her 8 year-old with music and encourage destructive behavior before her dad came into the oom ending the terror. >>they can watch them sleeping they uld have watched and changing, i meathey could have seen all kinds of things on it my good it makes me feel like it's. like somebody who
5:23 am
isery close by. >>the camera now sits on the counter disconnected waiting to be returned. that's not necessarily true. that is somebody who knows them resigns close by the time. >>q absolute no rain is investigating of course the say the security of their users as their p concerns, we'll see what that investigation reveals but boy that is. >>and it has literally like a hot gift and some law all this will help my kids and a help me and homany people bought those during that black friday sales time now is 5.23. the flu is having this season on califora.
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back at 5.26 and for your health this morning, the flu season is back in full force across the state in fact this map here. >>was provided by the proper public health and it shows flu activi, especially high in northern and central parts of the state. they've been6 flu related deaths since the e of september 5 oureaks and people arbeing urged now to
5:27 am
see a doctor if you have any flu like sympts state health officialsay now is the time to get vaccinated will. >>happened twice ithe span ofone week stranger danger involving 2students at doherty valley high school the latest incident happened how much will you save at the jcpenney sweet sale? come in for your chance at an extra 30 percent, anxtra 40 percent or even an extra 50 percent off talk about a sweet deal! hurry in store now through saturday tto unwrap the savings.! jcpenney!
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>>the breaking news, which is the hot spot. a big crash. shutown southbound lanes of highway 1 one impel out yet kron 4 sarah stinson live on the scene for us this morning. >>because caltrans started on that side that is where this duirash. all started. this
5:31 am
morning can see is some of that. one of the trucks was holding ground. spilling into all. as why this shutdown a highway on fortunately, the driver was not injured. it's incredible tohear that because he was outside of his car. and his car. there's debris everywhere. i mean it's just insane chp says that you know usually they tell people to stay in your car, if yours if you're on the freeway cars are working got into a crash. what you really just never know because if he wasn his car. here she was taken to hospital with minor inries, but they're expected to be okay.
5:32 am
as i said caltranss still cleaning up there's about in inches thick of it. and that trying to clean it up you can see some of the crews re and some of the crews down here as well trying to just make sure there's no gravel because it a lot. coming up and hitting someone's ndshield cracking that could be very dangerous now. it's been close for several out. i would say within the next 10 minutes this should reon so if you're in college also near the san antonio road. just 6 just know that the roads all the reopened soon it is going to have repercussions of the traffic. now we're seeing behind >>all ght, thanks a lot. we'll keep ecking in with you this is a bistory robin
5:33 am
isn't falling into. let's g the latest from are now so robin at you see from your vantage point i've seen the traffic is definitely slow but the great news is they got the northbound side open. >>that is the commute direction that's bodies traveling this moing from th south bay to th peninsula, but even with all lanes open to traffic is stacking up from shore line so just be aare of that now the southbound side of sarah just said is still closed. the backup not bad because south bound is the coter commute direction, bu if you want to avoid all of this to stick with el camino re and to 80. those are your bt altered its but once again. are indeed moving from mounin view to palo alto with all northbound lanes open so since it openedyour drive time is roughly 31 t35 minutes here from san jose menlo park that's not terrible. but it's going to be a little bit avier than normal traffic is already starting to thin out which is great news, the bay bridge traffic heading into san francisco. busy right cash nes fast track lanes stacked up. now it's going beyond that 80 over crossing which is
5:34 am
completely normal but this morning depending on where you are going to the healights the wiperand you need to slow down because roads are pretty soggy overall a nice trip fornow heading into san francisco. well check out more bridges coming up in my coplete traffic check john. well, rob, and yes you are. >>exactly right slowdown out there becacse it is soggy and it is foggy for many areas can see much from berkeley this morning. the view is just a little bit blocked out by the low lying cloud cover which has been pushing into the bay now for quite a while we sw a great day yesterdaynd yet another one ahead of us with areas of drzle, especially close to the coast and then light to moderate rainfall expected up to the north bay and at times for the rest of the bay to on into the sierra foothills that's where we're seeing the most activity this morning. wl we are relativelyuiet across the bay at this time don't expect that to last we still ha ple moisture pushing its way in from the west that will impact us into the rest of the week ahead. a new more details in your forecast still to come back to you thanks a t john
5:35 am
5.34 big story outf the east bay strangers are approaching teenage girls in san ramon, scy situation that happened 2imes now in just a one-week period neared already valley high school. live at the school this is morning with what's going on. well. they're telling parents out there that students be careful in till they can track down these 2 people school should start. nothis is all of hours from happing near the school as the students are either coming to school. >>are aving let me pull up a map you see you know the location. police are not saying tt they are going spefically to these locations that it just haened there this is off a bo injure. canyon road. this latest incident was yesterday that was bayberry view lane that happened at around. three's he a 35 in the mornin so in that case the student was walking to school and then the incident that started all of this investigation, happened last
5:36 am
friday that was at around 3 35 in the afternoon that was on ivy hill road. so not too far from the high school take a look at the screen there. this is very important for you to know because right now these are e 2 cars and the drivers who lice are looking for the latest incident happened yesterday when the student was walking to school the driver approaches and that driver was in a toyota prius four-door graypproaches the student asks the student to get in the then continue to go to school and then alert the principal and other staff members and that's whenhey got a hold of the police department very silar to what they saw 6 days before that on friday in that case the student was leaving school and that one involved a black honda sedan that person approached the students saidet in the car. the student refused in both cases james and daria than goodness. the driver took off
5:37 am
from the scene did not the cause a disturbance that hey're still looking for them they're not sure if they are this point it does n ough at appear the students and the parents when they arrive, i know a lot of people walk to school i this case the principal in school, very pud of the students for doinghe right thing refusing to get in getting to school and telling the authorities about james darya okay, thanks a lot. well. >>time now is 5.37. on the kron 4 morning news 2 puppies are still missing in the east bay after a transport van was olen with dozens of dogs inside we'll have the latest on the sty and next wild pigs causing major problems once ain in the east bay, howhe city of lafayette is tackling >>and not a whole lot of rainfall this morning that's going to b causing you problems a few spots of drizzle though i'm talking the rainy orecast ahead of us for the day though still to come.
5:38 am
i'm tracking your commute around the bay area pretty plaza heading into san toll francisco. there's a long line. stretching further d further towardhe maze
5:39 am
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>>wild pigs tearing up the city of lafayette, there's now a temporaryence around the public space to keep thos pigs ot city estimates the repair costs upwards of $75,000. that's expensi one neighbor we talked to about the pig says. yeah it's gng to be done. we haven't had. >>problems with them in the said they've just moved into the area and are trying to figure t had. >>that might there's property damage here there's property damage in the neighborhoods. i so we want to help contr the population and make sure everybody's safe out on the trails. >>u know you got to find a solution somehow the trapper. hid by the city and the state department of fish and wildlife ll determine what to do with tho pigs. here's
5:42 am
a live look outside as we take a brief break taki a view here of san francisco international airport where again the tarmacs a bit damp this morning as we've haa few showers. >>here and there will have john travel with me than forecast in a bit and robin listen, keeping an eye on that big hot spot out there will get e traffic update from her in just a mont. get to kohl's... and save5% on under armour shoes... and on kids' adidas apparel... angive a fitbit versa 2... shoes... or their favorite team fleece - just $19.99. plus - getohl's cash!... plus - take an extra 15 or 20% off! find new gifts at every turn - at kohl's. e ones that ma a truer been difference in people's lives. and mike won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat erica's biggest gun lobby, heing pass background check laws and defeat nra cked politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundds of polluting plants and beat big tobco, helping pass laws to se the next generation from addiction. all agait big odds you can beat
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5:46 am
while it s parked outside of a hotel in femont sunday night. it was then founded oakland mony morning. the driver and the owr of the transport company julie bingham tells kron 4 news. she is dastated. >>thing do every bank and the a. the beder e from phoenix is of unique shsent the bulldog puppy to h son in maryland as a president in the transport van anhis heart broken the puppy is >>i don'tet started i've known her since she was 4. not knowing for >>jane has nothingad to say about the transport service company. i don't blame. chle. oakland animal services s cited bingham who has now hired attorneys to clear her name and stop josh of death threats. te late wednesday
5:47 am
fremont police told kron 4 news the brown dog was seen with men in berkeley monday night. and as more time passes the pressure is oto find the stolen puppies. the other dogs that were in the van went to oakland animal servis and most of them have been reunited with their owners. >>in the newsroom. i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>across the county imal services is providing a special adoption campaign help homess pets find their forever families sohis friday and saturday there's going to be $5 adoptions for l out just 5 blocks. this includes most fees associated with adopting an animal whi includes spaying or neutering microchipping and vaccinating all that included for just $5. it's all part the bissell pet foundation is holiday hope campaign animal services is
5:48 am
joining more than a 100 sheltes in 22 states offering redud feadoptions you can find a link to the animals available for adoption. on our website at kron 4 dot com. >>cu littleuppies yes know that if they don't like to go outside the rain it going to be a problem can just going to tell you that. th's causing problems on the roads t a but crews are making progress always happens because spotted palo alto they've opened one side ofhe freeway. thank goodness eds, the commute directions so. >>at one point we had all lanes close in palo alto on one oh one north and south at san antonio after an early-morning accident, someone abandod their vehicle that caused a major crash and the crash included a truck that was loaded with opened the ince then they've northbound side and traffic has completely recovered so from san jose through mountain view into palo alto all lanes a open. no delays us to not look great, but the south outside they're still working on the
5:49 am
cleanup that is still bcked that's the counter commute directions and there is a backup heading south but things a looking much better and the northbound one went through san jose yu have the usual crawl out here from the 8.80 excuse me the 6.80 to 80 swim. >>up to 80. it's a really small pocket of commute traffic so nothing to worry about we're checking in on 17 because we have a stalled in the santa cruz mountains orth of the summit. one lane blocked a look at that back up a couple of miles long tre so keep that in mind. you're at 54 minutes because of that stall thas not good that's a major delay outf the mountains up to los gatos bay bridge trafc pretty busy and. you just have a backup in theash lanes of fast track lanes and yes it continues to grow this starting to spill ck toward the. oakland maze so keep that in mind just get out there ely and when you do watch youspeed because the roads are pretty soggy with more on the soggy road series john trouble, yes, it is soggy and low visibility. it's not the best combo for your thursday morning commute that's for sure.
5:50 am
>>you can see cloud cov sitting above the lick observatory but just below the lakeas we're seeing all that fog and i'm not getting that great of view and be by web cams because you're ust sitting right in the midst of that low lying cloud cover as of right now for temperatures were in the upper 50's low 60's. so besides the wet conditions outside it actually does feel pretty good out there. daytime highs today will rise into the mid 60's after morning in the low 60's. cloud cover is going to stay with us rough the day so not a lot of hints of sunshe today we're going to see a lot this isolated areas of rainfall like we're looking at just north of sonoma up i sonoma county at this time being you'll see ese off and on showers well througthe day today a lot like yesterday today really cloud cover through the day areas of izzle some light sprinkles to some moderate showers at times. tomorrow morning. we do look to be on t drier side of things before tomorro afternoon rainfall pushes back in just in the midst of yo drive home from work on friday and then another active day on saturday to so the next 3 day ahead of us, each bringing chances of rain fall,
5:51 am
definitely ing to be slick on roadways. but at least by this point we've had a l of practice withhat mi60's as i mentioned for toy's daytime highs some our warmest of spots will be san jose in mountain view at 656degrees hayward in oakla at 63 degrees today, a breakdown of your xt 7 days shows temperatures next week cooler and conditions drying out by sunday monday and tuesday a few dry days before rainfall it's kely again by wednesday. daria thanks a lot john 5.51 the warriors. >>continue on the role of having e worst recorin basketball. the new york knicks this time actually beat the knicks. the knicks who ar terrible. actually came down to that last couple of seconds they forced t nation over time. one 24 to one 22. and 21 >>they play the jazz on the road to mom. all right well,
5:52 am
san jose shas are making a ange at head coach. >>the fro office fired coach peter de boer. heas in the middle of his 5th season with the franchise. e had a relatively successful tenure leading the team to the of ron that includes a trip to the stanley cup final but it's this season, the sharks to play below expectations. that are currently on a five-game losing streak the bench coach bob, nurse, she is now the interim head coach. coming up at 6 o'clock news, a police officer and a good samaritan that saved lives will have the full story coming up in the next hour.
5:53 am
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you we's is here withright tomo of the toolsyou trust. and accessories that pros nt. at our lowest prices of the year. wshe's de of nerves of steel, so when she has to perform one of the most dangerous jobs on the sp, she says,
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"no problem" she's practical d always get t. so when another bank tried to arge her monthly service fees, cassie said, no w. we made usaaank to help cassie keeporof her money - th no monthly seice fees or minimum balance requirements. usaa. what you're made of,e're made for. usaa >>it's the final home game ever. yes, no one for the raiders they alweek long we've been taking looks back at some the raiders greatestoments in oakland this morning. we want to take you backo the 1980's. it was wild card game against houston. it kicks off ken
5:56 am
stabler the former mayor. with houston at the time the old houston oirs hay returns to the house there you see and that put the final nail in went on to win their send lack super bowl. playoff runnd was tv that. >>was crystal clear and it didn't get better than i do i don't remember lookin so look terrible, i thought it was fine. >>5.56 because it was in color. it, we'll have you steer nto
5:57 am
around andt was robin's advice. >>and iwill be sort of wet morning commute for u as we have some rain ming through the bay area john trimble keep us updatedn the latest movements with the radar and an east bay woman wanted for running over a rber with car is nown custody.e'll her
5:58 am
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>>thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm jas fletcher so the breaking news th morning is that crash which for a tie shut all lanes of highway one want to palo alto let's live to sara inson with an update sarah. >>at the san antonio road exit on one oh one the southbound lane instead of just reopened partially that morning 2 lanes that mea the fast lane and layinnext to it have just reopened and by the time and talking here. all the southbound lanes will reopen.


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