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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  December 12, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm jas fletcher so the breaking news th morning is that crash which for a tie shut all lanes of highway one want to palo alto let's live to sara inson with an update sarah. >>at the san antonio road exit on one oh one the southbound lane instead of just reopened partially that morning 2 lanes that mea the fast lane and layinnext to it have just reopened and by the time and talking here. all the southbound lanes will reopen.
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take a look at this video this week. the whole thing was caused by a 5 year-old man. >>the chp says he was driving drunk swerved and hit the center divide. into thnumber 2 lane where he stopped. charges middle of the high. and just destroy his car. so if he ha stayed inside he may not be alive today that'what we're hearing from chp one of those trucks was a work truck holding a lot of gravel there's about 2 inches. caltrans just finished cleaning up story basically comes to a closthers a bigger message here and that's to not drink and drive take listen from chp.
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involved so makesure that if you are going out. >>and that's a good message for you guys as we a head in the christmas time i'm going to new year's. but for now at the scene right now now the southbound lanes are about to open a san antonio road. so if yohaven't. miles and miles so it's going to impact. and robin winston will ve you more information on that idea the pack up and leave we'll send it back to you. >>and we never want to be in the way of lines clearing out. thank you very much sheriff, so let's g to the traffic center then and robin robin wh you see and just in time already looking better, yu know northbnd is the commute side that's where they open first. thank goodness because folks are hitting the road more morcommuters are heading in that direction. >>but the got all of the northbound lanes sarah just said a traffic has completely recover now it's al she said that the
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sohbound side was partially blocked and we see that little a bit of a back up there leading up to the scene so if you have to head south. yes, it's low. oregon expressway to san antonio. that is onlone exit back d hopefully when they clear the scene there traffic will recover just as quickly as thnorthbound side and you can always take to 80 instead, here's a lite pocket of slowing which is normal thrgh san jose from 6.80 to 80 and then oe again want to get through college well to passing thecene of that actity northbound traffic looks fantastic. a quick ticket 17 out of the santa cruz mountns off to a rough start. we have a stall nohbound north of the summit thathas a right lan blocked a look at the drive time. minutes that's not good to get from santa cruz into los gatos a quick check of your drive time 1, 1, to one 3rd 31 minutes, not bad at all to make it to the bay bridge there's your line cash lanes and fast track lanes 's already stacked up 12 minutes and growing after fremont street john.
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>>it is a lot of stuff you've already coered some wet roadways and some low sibility in a few areas, not the best combination. first drive into work a vieacross the bay from e north bay looking down a san francisco just merely shows a w of the city lights down below because we do have some low lying cloud cover that's been hanging out for much of the bay area this morning and his resulting in low visility for many areas, santa rosa and napa san francisco in half moon bay among ares where visibility has fallen below a mile novato and oakland, looking at visibility just above a mile so definitely one of tse mornings you got to watch out for some fog as we ma our way on into the afternoon ahead of us are still gointo see some low visility out towards the coast. little bit of clearing for some of our land areas, but most of us remain very great through the day and are going to stay that way the evening tonight well after sunset, so ample cloud cover and moisture still situated to our west and it's all being pushed straight our direction this kes or pattern and settled in the days and kes us in the mix with
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some rainfall today into the afternoon tonight tomorrow and even into saturday just around the corner so not a lot of breaks ahead ofs is for sunshine is concerned rainfall is looking like though with drzle and scattered showe throughout the day today, nothing of that heavy stuff like what we saw on saturday which as you remember was also done some flooding in some spots 50's 60's for your occasional shower potential lingers through the afternoon when daytime highs will rise to the mid 60's for a few spots in the bay. definitely warmer than we are about to be too. i'm breaking down cooler andrier conditions for next week. ill ahead in the forecast daria than a lot 6 oh 5, 3 people hav >>arrested f selling drugs that led to the deaths of a santa rosa man and his baby boy federal prosecutors say that sentinel killed 29 year-old patrick o'neill and his 13 month-old son liam in september. the drugs were traceback to san francisco's
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tenderloin 2 women and one man are now charged with distribion. fentanyl resulting in that death. the department of justice is calling onsan francisco's sanctuary city policy saying that that's to blame for hampering the crackdow on rugs. >>the way those policies are being applied and is go, there's also result >>sanctuary indians on rap for those who our this kind of crime. >>and happens no matter what and so to attributed to a policy is i think unfair we want to make se th filin people violating people's ciliberties. >>san francisco mayor london breed says she's open to discussing the issue with the us attorney'but wants to make sure the policy change does not lead 2 other problem. relad note, san francisco police arrested 11 other peoplen the tenderloinor dealing drugs and take a loo at their mug shots of 4. the people arrested they wer arrested along golden gate
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anue. and those 4 arrests alone police 188 bags of cocne 101 bag. 26 bags of meth narcotics officers also say hundreds of dollars and pills were seized as well. >>in the east bay a mother turned herself in to police after she ran over a barber in antioch she s upset apparently overhe haircut that her son received from that bbour and the barbers now talking about what happened. so the woman has been identified as 28 yeaold ruby delgaudio she's from brentwood in last week's got into that argument with the barber right in front of the shophere on a street in antioch she was upset about the haircut anrson god and that argument that escalated to the poi where she got into her car and rammed the barber who was standing outside at that point rammed him right into his own store. she then drove away from the scene take a listen. >>she put her kids in the car. but here off and yelling at you. i do think shwill park and get out of the way she literlyushed to front door
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there. it rain to the building took part in the in the building. she politically person drove off. >>the barber63 year-old brian martin suffered a broken leg which required surgery and the well thuse of metal rods and it's like now, but he i expected to recover. >>the big national story that we're following the house judiciarcommittee is entering another day of debate impeachment of president trump yeah that debate. >>just started moments ago we have john wrencenow with more. and so it begins 2 articles charge president trump withlacing his private politicalnterests above our national security. above our free and fair elections and above our ability to hold public officials accountle. democrats inoduced 2 articles of impeachment against the presiden >>saying he should be removed from office for abuse opower and obstruction of congress. if we allow this presint
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to put himself above the law we low all future presidents to be above the law. >>republicans have called this process a political vendetta against the president. this is about one basic fact. >>he democrats have never accepted the will of the american people upset through trials. they were hard to s through but nothing like sitting this week in this committee hearing once the back and forth is ne the committee will take a final vote. if the are aroved the entire house then vo on the impeachment articles then it moves to the senate for a trial while democrats have the majority in the house i believe the president. >>abused the power of his office. the gop has it in the senate impeachment there fashion their drug. >>they're all consuming ambition and obsession >>i'm john lawrence reporting. coming up on thkron 00:04am morning news months after a teenager's lifis cut short by gun violence, one youth group was that he was part of his on a mission w to t guns off the street. also it's
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not cruise ship vacation, but a crue ship, the home. details on the initial idea being pitched to fight homelessness. and we are looking at drile to showers throughout the course of your thursday ahead details on what to exct in got your forecast today. >>and lots of heavy trfic squeezing into safrancisco. you have a big backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza it's already through the oakland maze and ros are slick to see get out there early we'll check mo
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>>and t's take peek at town home. >>anymore lights. still a lo of snow on the ground though pretty chilly up there to get john triple herlook at the forecast and as wve been dealing with a few scattered showers here and there i assume they've also been geing a dusting now and then you have to they get snow up there. tahoe. fortunately, the rain to stay below which is good you never want to see
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right up there now this time area in the bay aa. we just can't get rid of it stuck to its for a while during a pat-down at least it's been yesterday we saw a light rain and drizzle throughout the day today is going to be a lot like yesterday actually skies are going to remain pret cloudy through the day. you have time to drize closer to the coast and then those light showers elsewhere, right now in san francisco can see much of this view this is your view from castro down at a financial district and it's definitely looking foggy with low lying cloud cover across much of the bay. sa for you downn san jose a little hard to take in that view yet your cloud cover sitting right above you ratherhan looking right through it such as you are berkeley rit now, we're also not the clearest views th morning. temperatures right now arin the 50's and 60's what a mild way to start this morning out it is cool enough for a light jacket you want to make that a rain jacket today because a lot like yeerday we're going to ave the spots where it will be raining from time to time and then drizzle close to the coast that means you want to
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stay dry as you're getting outside world through the day today not a whole lot of sunshine to be expected. we're going to see continued cloud cover making its way in from a couple of spots of showers to talk about right now one of county nothing more than just a couple of sprkles north of sonoma and then out into the east bay, a couple sprinkles as well centered are right atop mount diablo that's really the only spot we're looking at it though out there, at least as far as what radar is picking up so isolated areas of showers through the day today you can expect those on and off well into the afternoon ahd of us got to know tahoe to there will be a mix of rain and snw it just depen on how high in elevation you are a lot of rain up in the sierra foothil, especially as you're traveling up 80 before you get to that snow line morrow showers increase you see that wide swath of rain that moves through that will be light to moderate rainfall on and your friday afternoon saturday will continue to bring somevening showers before what looks likely to be a drierorecast ahead for saturday sunday and our sunday
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monday and tuesday of next week a little break from all this rain that we've been saying daytime highstoday they will be warmer than we've been seeing in a while out or not a right athe coast up to 62egrees. burlingame you'll be up to 64 san francisco, 63. we cut elsewhere in the peninsula, mountain view all the way up to 65. all dwood city san carlos foster city and san mat each reaching 64 today, south bay temperatur see a hint of sunshine this afternoon like areas further to the north san jose 66 toy, we also know 65 pleasanton livermore and dublin. all 64 today oakland yowill rise to 63 degrees this afternoon making for a comfortable afternoon. but you want to keep the jacket should not going to see a whole lot of suhine to enjoy these mid 60's and nevado petaluma and santa ra in the north bay, mostly in the low 60's today. tomorrow temperatures don't cnge much after that though we do see tempatures falling into the 50's on average for highs from
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satuday on tough next week so cooler daytime highs and also notably cooler eveng lows from our 50's we're experiencing right now to lows in land fling into the 30's by saturday night leading us through the stt of next week shower continue today tomorrow afteron, especially on into saturday as well sunday mony and tuesday some of your drier days a nice chance to sit bacoutside before wednesday looks to be bringing. rainfall t again robin ba to our big hot spot in palo alto we still have the southbnd side. >>of one oh one partially blocked. it was an early-morning accident caused by a disabled vehicle and that caused the crash ash which involved of grobbel truck that spilled its load so crews are the whole freeway was ut int down that's no longer the se. the northbound side is open heret san antonio in palo alto the southbound side is now partially bcked with traffic stacking up from oregon expreway. so the more important side is northbound becse that's a commute dirtion and it's doing just
6:18 am
fine butnow that there are still some work going on in traffic is still slow. we'll let you know when they have an out of the way 17 out of santa cruz montains extra heavy this morning, thanks to a stall little prop problem causing a big backup. it was the right lane that's why it's taking about an hour our to get out of santa cruz through the mountains ntinuing north into los gatos so major delays there. we have this car fires are alamo heading toward an billsouthbound south of stone valley, a vehicle on fire on the houlder, but it's engulfed in flames and stacking of traffic, everybody slwing down to take a look at that action. so that's why it's heavy there. all of a sudden 22 minutes from highway 4 out to daniel because of that car fire, a busy commute into san francisco. if you take it every day you know this it's completely normal you are backed up through the may's so be prepared for that you're saving time if you're a car pooler that's about it cash, buyers fats trackers you have to wait a little bit longer so at least it's under 15 minutes. but it's indeed soggy so be on your best behavior and watch your speed
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we'll check more bridges for later back to you. tle bit 6.18 and b this time next week a parking lot will be open in san francisco for people who live in their rv zorc trucks or cars, the city dedicated $1 million to convert this t near theell boulevard station inta about safe place for 30 homeless peoe who basilly camp out in their vehicles thlot as electrical outlets bathrooms those are moving in will be lowed to live in their while caseworrs try to find them a permanent place indoors. onlthose accepted and screen by the department of homelessness will be allowed t parkere. so i want to make it clear that this is not an open invitation. >>to people in other counties to come to san francisco because the fact is we we have a long waiting list of people who we have identified and
6:20 am
they will our priority. >>city leaders estimatehere are roughly 1500 people who live out of vehicles in the city. >>well in the east bay, a unique idea to help the homess is being considered in oakland, we have kron four's noel bellow to elain. >>those everything its in offbeatdea to tackle the homeless crisis. tng housing on land for c. >>there's a lot cheaper did they've out there. >>joel brn has been living on the streets of oakland for the last 6 years. he says hearing an idea like this give someconfidence and city leaders want to be outside the bars of park. president rebecca kaplan ncil floated the idea at tuesday's meeting d now i've been reached out to by someone who
6:21 am
actually es this. >>and we may ve the possibility of actually getting a cruise ship so justant to get that heads up that we can have a way to create a 1000 housing units overnight wi the crse ship but it's sothing port officials say is it possible in a statementhey say though they respect her desire to address homelessness. at the port to birth ruure crui ships and that security issues at our federally regulated facilities would make residential uses untenable. former san francisco mayor art ag knows introduced ts idea 4 years ago. says with all the water at our dissal. it could be just the solution in the bay area needs. we did reach t to oakland council president recca kaplan for comment but she did not.
6:22 am
>>respond to our requests or our questions regarding logtics and or cost of all of this she is expected to bring a full proposal to the council though in january in san francisco noel bellow kron 4 new >>arcaing problems and th east bay, how the city of tackling this money issue and here's a look at the san mateo bridge actually this one looks kind of try my blind of a strident critican not bad, but it's not that way all around the bay and it's not that easy either will have your comme a fewintes.
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that breathes with y. from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl. >>5 a state panel is requirin warnings on cannab products after declaring marijuana a risk 2 pregnant women. this comes after a ne study finds a gwing number of future mothers are turning to marijuan for relief from morni sickness. and
6:26 am
eadaches. cannabis industry groups argue there's not enough research to act. this warning and they're saying that the rule cod pave the the us a flood of lawsuits. surgeon general has already warned smoking pregnant women and their r developing babies. >>anoer story for your health this morning, the flu seasons back in fullforce across the ste in fact this map here provided by the department public health shows us where u activity is especiay high. you outlined that in red you can see all over northern and central california are impact wh higher levels of the flu. here have been 16 flu related deaths since thend of september and outbreaks. this is th most active commercial and clinical labs have been since the swine flu outbreak back in 2009 people are being urged to e their doctors if they have any flu like symptoms and state health officials say now is the time to get vaccinated before the flu season really heats up.
6:27 am
>>ithappened again stranger danr i'd already valley high school in ceremony, 2 times in the span a one-week dvers approach students as they were walking alhave the details
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>>get weather and traffic and traffic has been on tre i now finally all lanes are open we have news, yeah that is great news the commutes under way. >>heading to work and ews just clear the scene palo alto after a major accident and a graph will spill all started by an abandoned vehicle on one h one at san antonio, so at one point we had all lanes cled in both directions after this crash happene th morning kron 4 sarah talking has been on scene and chp and they've cleared the scene ere both nthbound and southbound the south northbound side cleared like just a couple of reoned miutes ago. so it's going take a little time for southbound traffic to recover there's a
6:31 am
minor residual del but northbound looks good out of mountain view into palo alto ll zoom out so you can see the san jose side and you have the usual crowd, leaving south san jose approaching dntown that has nothing to do with the crash which was up ahead in po alto so you when you put all that together it's roughly 34 minutes from san jose to menlo park which is normal we're ecking out 17 and it's awful this morning. it started off wi in the santa cruz mountains north of the summit that one little stall with the right lane blocked cause some major delays and it looks like they're still out there so if you're using this morning. backup stretches all the y out to lynwood a whopping 69 minutes to make it into los gatos so you definitely need to leave early there. andn alamo we have a car fire south 6 ad south of stone valley on the shoulder but with crews arriving in so much going on its backing up traffic be on lavorgna so yore looking at about 31 minutes to make it from highway 4 out to dan
6:32 am
veiled ose are the slowdowns we'll take a closer look at bridges coming up and my next report john robin you to talk about this morning fortunately weather hasn't been too terribly bad we are definitely looki at some foggy in soggy spots which are both factors that maslow you down. >>but no torrential rainfa and really not even a lot of ght rainfall across te bay this morning looking across the bay from the north bay ough besides some boats sitting out there you can see much of the san francisco skyline which he usually taken from this view that's because the visibility has suffered especially closer to the coast. santa rosa in half moon bay visibility below one mile now that's not hard to image after taking a look at that web cam we will continue to see cloudy skies throughhe day but visility should improve on intthafternoon ahd of us right shower activity is seen in the sierra foothills as well as well up into the northern part of the state, the bay area actually pretty quiet fothe time being couple sprinkles on the peninsula, couple sprinkles up in sonoma county too besides
6:33 am
that all the cloud cover is just what we're seeing this morning d we're ing to continue to see that on through the re of the day on and off shows throughout the course of your day ahead of us daytime highs a bit warmer than they have been back up into the mid 60' later on m talking still an active % forecast for the remainder of the week. thanks a lot at 6 32 in breaking news police have i surrounded a neighborhood in santa rosa yeah get a truck just arrived on scene so let's get the very latest from her. >>whate know so far christina. >>now we do nw do know that there is one person in the hospital after being shot at thalexander apartments and this is right off of north of debt and avenue as well as 3rd street and actually right behind me excuse me you can see right here. this is actuly the entrancehe apartment complex it is private property, no one other there right now. e allowed in i could see multiple pole cars around 3 or 4 as well as caution tape over in that area. it is a very large artment complex.
6:34 am
there are multiple entrances and. exist are out of that is right re is the kind of the main entrance and exit. o there's a heavy police presence, not only in fnt but also wth in the apartment complexes well i actually been speaking th people who have been driving here across the street and people who have en looking into it. residents who live nearby who have said that most recently there unfortunately habeen there been a lot of incidents that happened here the area and one psident over here told me that just over a month ago, there was a shoing on this same street and so they're very worried about this current situation, but again only information i have confirmed with santa rosa police department ithe fact that there is one shooting victim. we do not know if they have passed away, but we do know they are in the hospital thas all information we have for now reporting live here in santa rosa christina teat kron 4 news. okay, thanks a lot. it 06:34am the big story that's happening in the east bay. >>a ranger has been approaching teenage girls in san amon, it's becoming a proem that happened 2 times
6:35 am
now in just one week out near doherty valley high school kron four will tran near the school this morning with the latest will scary situation. >>it's happened twice i6 days. they don't believe it's the same person so until they catch these people they want people to be ceful the students and the parents. i'm in the parking lot a lot of school but others f a drive to they walk and this is happening t frequently for the parentand the school in a quickly pull u a map. so you know the locations i can tell you that i'm off a boland your canyon roadt's a very busy road in san ramon, the first cident happened last friday at was on ivy hill road and that's not too far from the school itself. >>and then it happened again yesterday despite the police officers, looking for the first person it happened again yesterday on baybry view lane again very close to the
6:36 am
school in yesterday's incident ne pl of a some graphics for you so you know thear. but there will still loking for yesterday the student was actually walking to school a around 8.35 when a gray toyota prius for doors. they believe it was a man in his 40's approached the student told the udent who would you like to get in the car get in the car. the student refused went to school told the principal, the principal then contacted the authorities and tn last friday, same ammo as far as what u like to get into the car. the studen said no in that case. james and darya that student was walking me from school at around 3 35 in the afternoon. in that case, they're still looking for the driver of a black honda accord his 30 segue in they're in not sure if these are thesame people they're not ruling it out, but it does not appear so in the meantime the school district theare talking to thstudents and they're very
6:37 am
proud of the students saying they d exactly what they were supsed to do refused to get into the car. when home or went t school and some cases to tell the authorities and the thorities are on this. i will talk to the students when they arrive in about an hour from now bottom line jene story uh many of us did walk ather in our life they say if you can't drive to school try to walk in packs back to you. >>all right, thank you very mu well, 6 37 on the n and so a man was arrested first. >>stabbing his co worker lionel munoz was booked in on attempted murder charges palo alto police say he had a fight with a co-worker and then stabbed him from an and the tech company rubric which is on page mill road. police ar still looking for the motive. >>police need your help finding a missi woman 61 year-old lori esposiasn't been seen since november 29th as busy lives at the shelter creek condominium complex on
6:38 am
shelter creek lane e with as youan see that has gray hair, she wears presiption eyeglasses if you recognize or if you see her anywhere arndlet authoritieknow. a man was caught climbing a building in san francisco it happened on market and goff streets on wednesday police say they received reports that the man was jumping into that run into traffic in tharea when police spotted him that's when e ran and climbed up the building. entually he fell about 10 feet no word on any injuries. arrests from that incident. tearing up thcity once again of lafayette.there's now a temporary fen around the puic spaceo keep them out that city. ofcials are estimating the cost to repair the damage upwards $75,000. one neighbor we talked to about the pig say yeah there are jusabout everywhere. we haven't had that. >>problems with them in t shks said they've just moved into the arnd are trying to figure out had.
6:39 am
damage here there's property damage in the neighborhoods. i said we want to help control the population and make sure everybody's safe out on the trails. you know the trapper hired by the cy and the state department of fish and widlife will determine what to do with the picks. >>it's 6.38 1500 goa are now going to people in nee this after a petaluma creamery owner sought help donate not the goats. >>you're sending them coats. of course, michelle kingston has the update. redwood a solution. >>we've been arou for since 1963 we provide a radio services for the poor needin our community in the art of downtown santa rosa homelessness is a this is an issue th we all see through our county the redwood gospel mission provides fd and clothes to the homeless, but in october they were targeted thieves. >>about 2 months ago are sort container was broken into and
6:40 am
we hathousands of coats so kron decided to help replenish what was taken from them with the help of larry peter, the own of creamery. petaluma who we first told you about on tuesday who was looking to dote hundreds of coats to the ineed. to the petaluma creamery i do not think th the reood gospel mission has any idea just how many codes fromarry peter, so this is very exting. with the lp of many stf members including >>the minute you thankou. but i've read gospel mission loaded up their trucks with t code they just can't believe the overwhming amount and help with the jacketare gone read and um i wish i had 20,000 jackets to hand out because. >>there's so many people in need the jacket thats cold the to warm t it out for
6:41 am
christmas itself, looks like people are going to get open a box for christmas. that's what i wanted do so thank you so much. >>the colts are now in santa rosa at a shelter and will soone given to the homeless for the holidays. >>oh it's a lessing that said that another another 1000 coats is ju another a nother 1000 people in our county that are to be blessed wh warm and and comfort and so it's just ifeels great in petaluma michelle kingston kron. >>and forew still in the air. stand by the fact that goats would have been tter only because it's a panel of a creamery you could be mor like the going could have cheeses american lot of benefits all right coming up next an east bay police officer. the people who are in this truck we're going to tell you ho. fortunately goats can keep it dry ria dan coats are this one as you step outside. >>we are loong at a few light sprinkles out there, i've got your forecast ahead. >>and we're checking in on ur morning commute pretty busy out here checking the
6:42 am
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>>he we are back just want to check some of our cameras out ere this is out near carmel i'm just taking a look at what the coast looks like out there little gray misty s. >>still look so pretty i love those trees you know any good toome out around the cliff oh, yeah. some of them like bonsai and eat for picture taken percent which is actually the christmas tree got aouple days ago. >>that was maybe look like that. looks like this little will take. >>very you guys definitely foggy here the bay to yeah it's kind of great. but it does make for pretty scenes along the coast and her doctor for. breland the rain jket and if you're heading to sfo are here for other airports.
6:46 am
you want to be prepared for the possibility of delays sfo, especially as you are looking at 53 minutes of a delay right now. no big surprise when you do see some rainy conditions in the viciny as well as all that fog and cloud cover that we do have this morning. skies definitely cloudy conditions remaining greathrough the day pretty calm besides a few scattered sprinkes up in sonoma county as well as right around mount diablo nothing ar walnut creek alamo or danville right now you have ted well up the top of mount diablo before you start seeing some rainfall up ere and it's really light stuff on and off showers contue into the tail end of year a morning commute we've seen a dry morning. so far but it does look like we could see an uptick in moisture come the mile of the day today and into the evening tonight, a few showers will continue today's rainfa a very light though it's just some on and off drizzle to sprkles acro the bay now tomorrow, widespread rainll into your evening commute your drive home from work is looking like a wet one on friday and that
6:47 am
also interfering with your travel on into the weekend, although this rainfa will be light to moderate up into the sierra that's where you look aheavy rain in the foothills and then eventually some tahoe, great news for skiers up there. today's daytime highs warmer than they have been up into the 60's all ross the bay other area whether you're at the coast or further inland we're going to be a little warmer than average today. burlingame 64 mountain view at 65 degrees today, south bay temperatures also in the mid 60's, san jose all the way up to 66 today, the east bay temperaturealso in the 60's so get the rain jacket on don't necessarily worry about putting the extra layers on as temperatures are a few degrees warmer. we just want to stay dry as we do see those scattered owers on through the afterno ahead of us. daytime highs thnext couple of days, we'll start to cool wn and by next week were actually much cooler than we have been down into thmid 50's for highs and some 30's for evening lows, inland. it looks like sunday and monday will be are particularly dry days of the forecastand enjoy
6:48 am
them because by tuesday night into wednesday showers to return. robin all right. thank you john a very busy commute on 92, let's head over to the san mateo bridge. >>going to be pretty busy leavinhayward of course starti before the toll plaza sticking with you on the flat section also stay here wi you all the way over to the high arrives that is the norm. so we'e looking at 25 minutes or as i like to say 25 minutes and growing becauset's not going to holthere's going to get heavier d heavier as more if you hit the road to be prepared for this heavy trfic but no interruptions or crew ashes, richmond sandra fell bridge 13 minutes to the north bay once again if you're traveling on slick ads so be extra cautious, especially on the on and off rounds with so far etty nice trip heading into the nortbay over to the east bay, this the trouble spot. an old prlem sticking around uth 6.80 south of stone valley, a car fire that's wrapping up at one point it was engulfein flames, so they have it under control look at that backup leaving walnut creek heading south into alamo, it's putting
6:49 am
more ptessure on 6 ad adding to the commute traffic and now you're officially backed up into cars occurred and that's feels way back fro2.42 so a whopping 41 minutesbecause of that car fire south of stone valley, we're checking in on some more drive times ound the bay area and some of her freeways look fantastic checkout livermore dublin 11 minutes for 5 in the west to the dublin interange the name it's busy as usual at 40 mites and then to 37 not i mean it's not bad for milpitas to sonny bill james. robin contra coa county animal services is proving a special adtion campaign to help homeless pe fd their forever falies this friday and saturday there's going to be $5 adoptionsfor all animals you can't beat that price. it includes most of fees associated with adopting neutering microchiing or vainating 5 bucks you get all of it it's all part of bissell p foundation is holiday hope campaign animal services is joining with more
6:50 am
than a 100 other shelters in 22 states ofring reduced feeadoptions you can find a link to the animals available for adoptioon our website at kron 4 dot com. well to the east bay police officers and a group of good samaritans being recognizedor saving people from a burning trk kron four's haaziq shares their story. the car had acually overturned and there and the people are still inside. top thawas partially ejected into trying to get out of the passenger door. >>san ledro police officer katie shedis describing a recent life or death situationhe was facing you'e either the seat of a 2 vehic collision near the corner of e little of davis street. this red pickup truck with 2 passengers inde versus a big rig. an i would reach down there and i grabbed him. officers said was ablto get the passenger out. however, the driver was still stuck inside them. one of the other people citizensmeant a shoulder deported to the hood. and i look at this like like gray smoke coming up.
6:51 am
>>smoke ircuit and the vehicle we were all having thinking that the truck explode. t top of th shoulder, paper this group of employeefor the how steals we noticed the smoke coming from judge. it sprung into action with these fire extinguishers, the officer and tell my guys we're pretty mh giv up their liveto t to save that person that was believe and we're trng to contain. you know the fire. toether. go samaritans we're able to get the driver safely out of the vehicle. >>he hopped up on top of this truck. we tried to lift this guy out it's the kind of athletic maneuver would would expect from a 17 year veteran officer who happens to be. >>a former oakland raiders wide receiver. >>the save in a peson's life is is is this something on a whole nother level of justice. reemptn. the as a police officer san leandro the news kron 4 news.
6:52 am
>>the warriors how low can they gohey're already the worst in the league. >>after anotr loss, and ts time to only new york knicks, the warriors were playing at home. >>and they force it overime which she now looks so promising in the couldn't close it out final score. they lost by 2 one 24 to one 22. warriors now have a 21 record. they play the jazz on the road tomorrow night. it's not going to keep count your winds on what happened. >>the san jose sharks are making a chan and head coach, the front offe just fired coach, peter de boer. he was in the middle of his 5th ason with the franchise and have new relatively success. successful tenure ate led the am to the playoffs for the last 4 years a run that includes a trip to the stanley cup final but not good enough, yes the season the shds of played below expectations. currentl on a 5ame losing streak. you also count. you
6:53 am
know one risk sing streak that there is now the interim head coach. >>here's a quick check of the biboard this morning as we'ra little more than 20 minutes into the trading day started negative. but have jumpedsharply posite up a 180 points now 28,000. 0 89 we'll keep an eye on the numbers, we'll take a quick break here at 6.53 still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news members of congress stepping up efforts to lower prescription drug prices. >>the full details comg up at 7 with that nicee'll be right back. you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped rrowing your sweaters? that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everne sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. ross. yes for less. mike bloomberg's created on tover 400,000 jobs. leader. as presint, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax irness- where th wealthy pay their fair share. education .. fordable college
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and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. ler cost health care and affordable middlelass housing. proven leadership on js .. to build an economy ere peleon't just get by, they get ahead. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve ts message.
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and you reize you are the the hostess th the mostest. you know wheyou're at ross yes! yeah! that's yes for less. entertain style all season long. it feels even betterhen you find it for less-at ross. yes for less. entertain style all season long.
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>>coming up in the next hou of the kron 4 morning news, it will be a rainy morning coute for some as rain continues to move throughout at they will get the latest from john travel plus we're going to take a look asome new affordable housing proposals that san jose city leaders have for senior citizens and in the east bay woman wanted for running over a barber with her car is now
6:57 am
in custody. we'll have the latest on the ory.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>>i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got jon robihere to start off the 7 o'clock hour weather and traffic on the mind those roads to want to one was a problem when i a problem that major accident cleare but so many more to talk about the car fire on new crash on to 8 in to 17 a >>actually really carve out there's a in go so wcan't really ame. it all on whether it's foggy but and. all this action at driver bad. whether it had better traffic days so whonows what's going on this morning.


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