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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 12, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PST

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>>the finest hours i'm darya folsom yet we have some hot spots earlier hope that things are thinni out nicely and they are gone. out of the way bridges arm proving so looks muchuch better great time to get out there now okay back andust great. pouring earnings. yeah, there's a little drizzle here and there but definity not pouring and very great depending on where you'ret. >>not as great as the north bay, whh is you can see from timber on is still holding on to some very dense fog. the compare this view right here what we are seeing in san jose right now which is actuay some sunshine now making its y down and yeah big dierence dependinon if you're further up north and further down south where th sks are actually looking pretty good down around mountain view, san jose even over into the valley, half moon bay santa rosa, some of
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our worst ofis ability holds on in these areas that fog very dense to the golden gate to where we do have some drizzle right now san francisco even into the afternoon look at this visibility is goingo be rough. so this is not morning kind of fog this is some we're going to be seeing through the day foa lot of coastal areas while further south and inland you doave your dose of sunshine lar on before fog does makets way back in. and we looat some gray skies to finish out the day 2 w to our west there's plenty cloud cover pushing on and it is really aiming at the north bay today, your greatest chance of showers is in the north bay, but we are going t see drizzle, especially along coastal areas through thday today so just keep an eye on that and mae sure to bring the umbrella in the rain jacket wi you a lot like yesterday. it will be a light variety of stuff not quite as much as we saw yesterday though scattered showers in san francisco, 62 for the high wall bit of drizzle lar on in san jose and a high of 66 degrees. robin. over to the richmond sandra fell, it's looking good. only delayfree on west 5.80 leading up to the toll plaza
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check it out wide open her much it's better compared to just what 1520 minutes ago so go ahead and use it now 8 minutes to e north bay, the bay bridge traffic yet stl there and it backed up through the maze on to all connector, heavieron the oakland side but loong good on the suspension and the skyway here's 92 of those long as therive times under 30 minutes up to get paying so still packed a on the flat section headinto the high rise, but no proems right now d a decent improvement heading over to the peninsula daria thks a lot 9 oh 2 in the north bay o person was shot in santa osa yeah, there was a quite a bit of police activity at apartment cplex earlier this morning. >>let's see what the scene looks like now with kron four's christina treault ristina. >>now many of the police ofcers who were here are earlier this morning have since left we do know that one person at lst was shot is now trying to survive in the hot. now this happened in the early early hours of the morning, let's go ahead an show you some of the footage
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of what happened and also exactly where we are now this is alexander apartment complex and it is off of w 3rd street and north debt avenue it actaally write ofof debt that 3 can see the main entrance. but it's a very large apartment complex in actually there wascaution tape. i'm in one of the areas the back of the apartmt complex earlier this morning. you can see here from this foota, many many police cars all around the apartment complex also surrounding the entrance and exit off of done as well. i spoke with police officers this morning and they y the only details they n share is a just canonfirm that that one person has been shot new informati on if it happened inside of an apartment. happened just on the property itself. we don't know if that was the victim. now as they continue the investigation.
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>>thank you christina, it's 9 oh 3 a new this morning student has been arrested for threatening to shoot a powerhouse high school in martinez, the district says they discovered e threat last night checked it out there was supposed to be some sort of a shooting today and that turns out police gure out it was not viable and the student who made the threat they arrested and then the schoolpened as normal today. a big sty this morning in the east bay strangers are approaching teenage girls in san ramon, yeah, it's happened twice now ithe last week right near doherty valley high school and that's ere kron for's will tran is this morning. >>keeping an eye on the situation wl. school is in right now thousands of kids they walked to school this is a walking community and they ar being told. >>be carefuas the police department still trying to track down the 2 people behind this this all happenedear doherty valley high school the
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school is basically off the ball and your canyon road a very busy road. but we do kn yesterday's incident happened at bay berry view lane and then the one on iday was i d's hale wrote a very close. so the campus. yesterday's incident. the child was actully walking to school at around 08:35am in the morning when according to investigators. a car comes up, asks the student would you like a ride you want to coppin that student did not proceeded to go on to campus told the principal and administrators, they told the police department and ey searched that driver on friday, similar thing in this particular case that student was actually lving schl it happened at around 3. a t in the afternoon, same thing the river comes up says would you like a ride you wanto hop in the car. that student says no as well got a chance to talk to students at as they were heading into class is morning. many of them. and
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believe it's happing in san ramon. to be honest the out because we live in very safe area. and i feel like it's a fe area so for this to happen it just doesn't seem right. >>they telme that you know i talk to strangers especially they're not trying to i don't know them and they tell o do something. i'm not comfortable doing and getting you know random card that's not ok and so. >>police they are searching for 2 cars, they believe 2 people are bind this, although they have not ruled out if this was this is in fact one person i can tell you the yesterday's incident door they believe the men in 4 th case was in his 40's and then the one on friday. they belve the man was in his 30's that he was driving. a black nda accord. if you have to walk to school until they find this person or even into the future ii as long as
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you continue walking, they encourage people to walk impacts because there is safety inumbers fortunately both students we'renot hard back to you. all right, thanks a lot. well. >>to the south bay now where we have the city of san jose moving forward with plans o make affordable housing for seiors prefer sarah stinson is covering alive and has the details om san jose. >>yeah that's right. it's big step for the people who've been involved in this for over 2 yes. the maps you can see where this brand new senior holmes apartme complex is going to be but there's still a lot to do with this is where it going to be on blossom hill road in about south san jose. this so i came over he to charity. how city housinam here with kathy robinson. tell me this major step you guys, i'm working on this for a long time has a field have ts approve by the anning commission. >>it's a wonderful a step in the process to get this new velopment bill. as you know there's a crisis in. lack of
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affordable housing in silicon lley and they shun white actually and seniors are the fastest growi demographic. we'll need affordable housing in the future. and in santa clara county, homeless seniors is is. outpacing every other demographic with repect to the newly homess folks. so this is a really important deveent that's heartbreaking to hear a homeless senior person ca imagine the and also we have nderings that we're showing on air right now. >>still a lot more to do though this is a huge step we ill need to do funding can you explain that. >>affordable housinrequires several layers of funding i order to be a feasibleso we have a commitment. the county of santa clara anna has staff recommendation from the city of san jose 're still gng to need to raise money from the state of california wi have receive x credits
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through which we can raise private equity to help with the development private loans kely so the all of that process takes at least a year possibly more. >>and o lose me a 147. the's going to be 49 spots reserved for homeless seniors, correct. that is correct yes and this is to me about $80 million approximately but this is going to a huge thing for the area. can you talk about just how important this is going to be and how much support he received last night. it was some. i'm very heart. it was very heartfelt having a of the. individuals and groups that came out in support of the development last night there were probably favor of the development e in the opposition was was pretty minimal after but i think
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that's a result of months and months and months of the conversatis and. assistance with that with the community and can you speak about th air. has some good retail shops o'clock rostered albertsons it's close to ansit. it's an ideal site it's an deal site for affordable housing in geral. but it's a ally ideal site for seniors becausas u mention, we're i'm just we're ry close to a majo intersection where on the 4 corners there strip mall developments that include pharmacies and restaurants and. entertainment. grocery stores and all of the all of the serviceshat people will need in addition, there are multiple bus routes and thers a light rail station within walking distance. so it is absolutely the best place to put their later years not driving as much and need to be cle
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servicesanything else you want to say of the project i didn't bring up. the first of many that. the developers they for double developers in our mmunity are working on. 2. not only the homelessutow income folks in general and we're excid to get to the a part of that. all right, thank u so much for joining us and taking your time. >>was athe site earlier and it is truly a great spot, but it's not going to be able to break ground or anything intel. after that it's going to 2 years to completthe project but as you just saw the renderings looks like it's going to be a beautiful place for lo income seniors and some homeless seniors to live for a very long time for the rest of their liv for i'm live inan jose sarah stinson back to you. >>thanks a lot era. we'll take a break at night. on thkron 4 morning news and east bay woman wanted for running over a barber with her car is now in custody. we'll have the
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latestevelopments and it's not a cruise sh vacation for enjoyment that a cruise ship for homeless people we'll have details on an unusual idea being floated in the east bay. plus veterinarians at u c davis are ting to develop a vaccition for cancer in dogs which mapotentially lead to a cure and people will find out. an ccking the markets is rning winners and losers up next with financial expert rob, like it looks like the dow has been sort ofp and down all day long at the moment off by 27 point we'll
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>>traffic had nothing le earlier this morning rig, nice improvement except for the golden gate,t's foggy and it's low so we're waiting for both to the drive in from the north it will be trouble free which is good look at the track i think it's just water. a leading up to the toll plaza. the north bay commute is pretty much over little sluggish leaving nevado. and
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then slow again approaching up the toll plaza as you emerge on to southbound oil no prom it comes though areothing reported yet 28inutes to make it from the northay to san francisco, oakland to san fncisco. yes, you have to deal with this back up he for the remainder of the hour, it's been cool it all warning on the bay bridge. we've had no major issues 12 minutes to fremont street exit. so that's really good. we're checking in on traffic tracker this time okingt one oh one north approaching san francisco 17 minutes for that drive. if u're opting for 2.80 it's recovering from earlier problems so 21 minutes from daly city making it to downtown and the really quick peak at highway 24 still pret busy on the lafayette. renda side but you're looking good through oakland, and if you're taking the minutes 14 minutes to make your way from san jose to milpitas john. well robin skies, denitely still foggy to cloudy depending on ere you're at south bay getting a little but hine between the clouds north bay. >>definitely not so much just yet and even the east bay here
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berkeley here in the mid of some of those low lying clouds that are still hanging out for much of the bay. we do have some drizzle out along the astline, but radar is pretty quiet otherwise, not really looking at in the rainfall actively following into the afternoon today will still continue pushing on into the bay and yourest chance of any a significant rainfall will be inthe north bay and even then it's going to be lighter stuff jacket with youandy through e the day as that potential lingers into the evening tonight. tomorrow starts a bit drier, but bthe afternoon tomorrow, it looks like we do see an uptick in rainfall intensity with light to moderate showers into your evening commute on friday. a few showers into saturday to before a break from the rain arrives sunday monday and esday just around the corner. daytime highs today will be in the 60's a bit warmer than we were yesterday a bit drierhan yesterday to some both of the factors line for just a nicer day to spend a bit more time outside seeingcarlos foster city redwood city each at 64 today, soh bay temperature some of
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the warmest in the bay ar up to 66 in san jose santa clara and campbell east bay temperatures not muchcooler than that low to mid 60's for highsoday and that's warmer than yesterday noticeably warmer for some of you, north bay also in the 60's and a few 50's once you head out to the coastline. so today easily our warmst day of the forecast tomorrow similar temperatures but a little cooler as for saturday really startg to cool down now thisets us up for what will be and much cooler week next week and also a drier weekith sunday monday and tuesday actually bringing us some sunshine. timeonow to talk winnerand losers on wall street with financial expert all got to start with the markets traders reacted to another presidential tweet this time, it's sending stocks higher this morning walk us through it thepower that s and p 500 the dow jones industrl average both hit record highs this morning. >>started f a little bit on the weak side about eastern time right wh the market opened for weaker. all right
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right when th was happening for instance, and it trump tweets that were the trade deals very close. the tweet was actually getting very close to a big deal with china.hey want it and so do we. he did a lot of capitalation it's a wall street got a little bit excited pushed hire 20300 points. we won't end up that high becse they'll come some rationalization that no dot. and we'll start looking in the sand a line in the sand is set for december 15th. it's right around the coer, what a tariff mean to a company like apple. another $15on their phone right otherwise have they passed on to you or they eat on a tipped that hair so this is big coming up i guess percent monday, the nt big day of trading. after the tariffs get implemend are not ok so we'll see what happens and thawill be the next shoe to drop potentially find out. >>bank of america. so this is an issue do i did every this right there they're going to payou use their app so th they can fire people that the deal it's kind olike that
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and they won't say that, but that's how i feel about it. bank of america, 40 million customers have a virtual million musical assistant erica. i use bank of america don't get mad at me it's kind of a legacy account. $2.4 trillion in assets but the banks of the give us $15. if we tryou3 things on their mobile app check deposit. he e think that your check both sis easy transfer money to someone my as that's kind of the cup. a bankers. pay power venmo they want to get people sticking with it and use mobile bill paid by january 17th. all of them can be done be done without human being all of them, they don't have to actually pay someone and the on thing you need a bank for now at this point in time notarized hing needs to be and gore cash mak you a coldash money in your hand they can't vtually pull over to you but you can pay everhing ditch lisa i thi this is a good story. i think it reminds me of mcdonald's kiosks where there'sfewer
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people getting 15 bucks an hour taking orders flipping your burgers same thing wh a bank tellers all th are are very nice people who kind of push the paperless saying that way all be done digitally first time i s mcdonald kiosk i was in los gatos away and order. >>like all the snow line to walk right up to her. she kin of looked at me oddly took my order and then i turned around toitness like 5 or 6 kiosks everybody else had already ordered they're standing by waiting for the killer to hold a world whole new world over all right, let'salk a video games we have activision they may call of duty and you're inking that this new one is a batt pass, yes, this could be something big for them and biin terms of the investment. good morning games or something you i kind of grew up on so we get on our parentshought were stupid for playing them, but they're big investmentsat this poin in a day and age. >>activision's up 21% he been talking about for the better part of the year. they got call of duty that world of warcraft they're stealing a page from fortnight by saying you know we don'want to do. the luke rates don't want
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to do the $30 to buy extra packages we want to get on a subscription cause you're on a bscription then you come back more and you play more u for 2 months of access ks lockabontent guns outfits in-game currency. that's good that's a step in the right direction for tonight kind of responded by saying we'll have an annual pass now so stead of going for the 2 month person they're going to say, let's get you for2 and then see the tomb of things that we keep doing the chapter so t speak the gaming this all out and and it's all about getting some sort of scripture subscription not corruption subscription for that's big apple. it's big to disney. it's big to everyone subscriptns are predictable revenue models wall strt. >>and wall street likes things they can predictbsolutely thank you very much rob as always. se in your queions will chat with rob again. i'm our customers friday, but next week will answer a few quesons for you robert rob like dot com.ou can the van gogh.
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collection. to harsoe
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to craig, this rock. i leave these thin to my heirs, on one condition. y do everything to preserve and protecthem. with love, california.
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>>and he's fame other turn and shot turned herself over to thorities for running over a barber in antioch because she was upset over son's hair cut and now the barber is talking the woman who hit d. here's 28 year-old ruby delgaud from brent would last week she got into anrgument with a rber in front of the shop there on and in antioch she said that she son's neck when he's cutting thhair and then things calate she got in the car and e rammed him with the car right through the glass storefront and then she took off. >>she put her kids in the car. but here off and yelling f you i do think she will park and get out of the way she literallhas to do with point guards in there. it rained to believe her clarkn that the building. she politically person drove off. >>63 o brian martin and and he talked about what ppened in the hospital to get a broken leg and was so bad they had to
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insert a tal rod. >>morning news, wild pigs causing the big problems in the st bay, we'll tell you how the city lafayette is once again trngo fix the issue.
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>>i think for thursday morning hours things now just a slight improvement out check the bay bridge and the south it ok en on the weather front has been kind ofust gray and falling all morning long still drizzly out there still drizzly out along the cstline watch out for some wet spots on roads. not so much at alcatraz just yet can even see the island out there inthe middle of definitely can see the san francisco skyline behind that asog just remains well to thick. this is your view fm ow you do have a touch of blue up there in the sks over all those still definitely mostly cloudy and pretty great even down fuher south in the bay area. santa rosa in hf moon bay visibility. still an issue in both of these spots outlong
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the coast, poor sibility. some drizzle right now fog is going to push right back on in early afternoon today. it's going to spread southward that means another fgy evening ahead and more opportunity f drizzle and light showers overnight that will get roadwaywet yet agairight now re rains really concentrated up on the western slope othe sierra and the cascades here in the bay area we really haven't gathered much as first persistent rainfall goes to the morning. so that actually a pretty calm morning. so far but with th fog and with the drizzle do still slow it down. this afternoon day time highs a touch warmer yesterday's into the low 60's for san francisco d oakland, while upper 60's in san se overo rob morrow thank you john over to the bay bridge checking in on 80 west has promise. >>a little bit better compared to the last hour but we still have occurred out it stil backed up through he maze, it's just it's breaking up it's not as solid as it was in the last hour and now i'm seei another stretch heavy island on the suspension and
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that contiues into san francisco off to fremont street so for now for under 15 minutes for your average which is good. we'rchecking in on 8 8011 minutes, heading north san jose to mpitas one o one has had its share of problems this morning, nothing major right now it's under an hour from san jose to menlo par into a t al recovering from earlier issues looking a lot better at 20 minutes headi nor from san jose to cupertino james darya. >>thank you very much robin, let's head to the east bay now where wild pigs are tearing up the city of lafayette again now the city is working with the fish and wildlife. contro uh to to control the population with kron focefully to go with a closer look what's happening. >>jeff moore treadg lightly along a nure trail behind the lafayte community center one of the few still open to the public. 4 others are osed because feral hogs are runninwhile they haven't >>approached fact i think they're a little afraid of but if the wild gs feel
9:33 am
threatened jonathan katia not says the wild pigs could attacksome weighing as much as 300 pounds or warning park users to keep their do on to keep children close to them katia not years the city director of parktrails and creation he says at least 40 the area recently usually n traveling in small groups of 5. he says they've lived close by for years, but a dry year h forced them to look for water and food neighborhoods, leading them to lafayet commu park in october when ty first destrod the ball fields as soon as the pigs came in. >>it was completely and playable that first weekend in october all the teams had to relocate they mod the goals and kind of come back the fields have since been receded and should be ready to open in the spring, a temporary fence keeping the pigs out. but they also chewed up the ground near the playground. the city repair that too but didn't install a temporary fence turn and to geback up we to
9:34 am
just want everybody to stay on the at night be very careful and on and askedhe city is working th the tpper an the state department of fish and wildlife on a plan to remove the pigs. the reprs cost about $75,000 in kron 4 news. >>ext week, a parking lot will be open in san francisco for people who are living out of their hicles, the city dedicad $1 million to convert this lot. near the bell boulevard station into safe place for out 30 vehicles. eople to park their electrical outlets, their bathrooms and security of thos moving in will be allowed to live out of there car truck or rv for 90 days while caseworkers try find them a place t live indoors. only those excepted and screened by the departme of homelessneswill be allowed here rightow city leaders estimate there are about 1500
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people living out about 700 vecles in the city. >>in t east bay, a unique idea to help the homeless is being considered in oakland with city council president rebecca kaplan basically proposing to use a cruise ship to house up to a 1000 of the city's homeless at the port of the port say that there just isn't the inastructure to safely dhaka cruise ship former san fraisco mayor are diagnosed introduced the idea 4 years ago. >>in the north bay policare looking for ese 2 men wanted for breaking into a car and using the victim's stolen credit cards to buy a bunch of stuff, 500 woof cards to use to today goods from various stores in vacaville. >>another big story that we're following this morning we have trying to find u c davis a vaccine to cure cancer in dogs and if it works maybe it could help humans too lonn wong spoke one very a familmember whoseg isaking part in the study. the death rate among dogs due cancer.
9:36 am
>>is as high as 30% near half of canines over 10ears old. there have the disease or will die from it. that's why 7 year-old mia and her owner john harrington are visiting the u c vet cters cancer clinic. she doesn't have cancer. instead she's one of the dogs taking part in a huge clinical study to see of a new cancer vaccine wrks mia and other dogs involved in the study periodically get an injection of either the vaccine oa placebo. finding an effective cancer vaccine would be huge for dog owners that sav the heartbreak of the owners it saves. >>significant financial costs of diagnosing and treating cancer and their pets. e vaccine follows up on promising results in mice. >>whose immune syems were activated by the presence some markers common in different kinds of cancers for trying to prevent a number of different tumor types with a ngle vaccine. most dog owners have very reasons. personal >>we're get%ing their dogs into is cancer study. >>john and hifamily had dobefore giving me a she
9:37 am
died of cancer in way too early. they gladly make the drive from danville to make exam appointments and we're b believers in research. anything we can do for ou know me future generations, a dog we're alfor it. susan helpful, but her dog libya in to see if she qualifies for e study. >>susan last 3 dogs to 3 different kis of cancer i saw that might be a vaccine study or a hope of a vaccine i thought eat. >>the terms of the scienc aspect of it and the humanity side of it the humanity side because the study is a step toward formulating a human cancer vaccine. >>thatan be effective for multiple types of cancers, this worksit c carry on. >>humans which would be a big bonus. >>was it enough for to endure some poking and prodding several times a year for the 5 year length of the study. well if the dogs in the study do contract cancer there is a fund to help wi that treatment.
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>>morning newsnd east bay police offer and good samaritans lped to save people inlv in this crash onhe economy, a unique leader. mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs. as president, an opportunity economy that works for us. tax fairness- where th wealthy pay their fair sha. education .. affordable college and gh skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. lerost health care and affordable middlelassousing. pren leadehip on jobs .. to build aeconomy where peopleon't just get by, they g aad. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve ts message.
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>>on the east bay poce officer and a group of good saritans now being hailed as heroes aer saving 2 people in a burning truck officer kenny shed was responding to a report of a crash that involves a pickup truck in a big rig. these are some of the photos om thscene right there along do little or do liked and davis stre in san leandro and when the officer arrived a group ofemploys from alcoa iron and steel were there and they immediately sprung into action with fire extinishers after they noticed smoke coming from the engine ofhe pickup truck. >>other people citizens meant a shoder deported to the hood. and i look at this like like gray smoke coming up. >>the officer and to my guys we're prettyuch given up their lives to y to save that person that was believe and we're trying to contain.
9:42 am
you know the fire. >>well officer, kenny shed is a 17 year veteran with the force. and he happens to be a former oakland raider wide receiver as well. look that life after football right, a police officer megan you bet, there's another a former raider doing some good we're going to talk. >>and talking abouplaying his acts this weekend. we're works out marriage to jimmy g even better. >>and also khaleel match one that got away why he looks better now thaever. how a creepy y could
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>>welcome back9.45 on this thursday morningtill pretty foggy to cloudy out tre. but there is some sunshine reaching sfo as we've seen through much of thmorning. so far still holding on to that 53 minute dey though as you would expect on a dayhat has so much cloud cover such
9:46 am
as we do today, there's some drizzle out alongthe coastline very foggy conditions for the north bay, not smuch further south though you actually do have some clearing down in th south bay. light spnkles to drizzle throughout the course of the day today, les so than yesterday toy like yesterday but with some minor improvements such as less rainfall and slightly warmer temperatures still for the most part on the gray side though tomorrowe stay that way with cloud cover and showers increasing io the afternoon that means if you are traveling this weekend watch out for some ske slick spots on roads. nothing torrential as far as rai goes. i'd still go ahead make that travel but especially up into the sierra there will be so heavier rainfall. saturday we continue to see rain and by sunday, it looks like we're drying back out for only a f days though temperatures in the 60's for highs today hayward fremont livermoreoncord each at 64 oakland you'll be at 63 with san francisco toy at 62 similar a touch of sunshine here and there but still holding on to cloud cover more
9:47 am
so thannot saturday showers, especially te and then sunday monday and tuesday skies t with mostly sunny on monday lows in the 30's highs in the 50's for next week. so coor, but clear that we are now. >>robinll right, thank you john a quick peek at the bay bridge. yes, the traffic still backed up trough the maze but now instead watches earlier was solid. it's breaking up which is a great time it's going to have to deal with this for another couple of hours heading into san francisco word 14 minutes. that's a decent average off to fremont streethecking in on 1, 1, still foggy it has t cleared chp issued a fog advisory so be aware of that you got to deal with it across the span it sort of taking over this morning. 22 minutes nevado to the toll plaza when you ge off the idge south of the pay gates look at that doyle. out to riardson more heavy traffic up ahead so pretty slow making that drive on to city streets in san francisco, but notad on the bridge at south. here's a quick peek at brush fire in
9:48 am
san jose. it's at the 11th street off-ramp from north to 80 itsacking you up onto one oh one. so that'keeping one on one jan from 6.80 to 8075 minutes to menlo park. a lot of buzz about bay area footbalthis weekend. so let's start with the 49 ers whcould clinch a playoff spot on sunday, if they beat he falcons and ky shanahan should have their number because he used to coach them. shanahan spent 2 seasons as th falcons onffensive coordinator before coming to san francisco. he guided matt ryaand the falcons to the super bowl in 2017. tom brady did again. but shanahan says right it w a good man. >>the the super bowl. the day after when seate loss to new england hoe arson they're in office and on the monday, a person. >>the great guy on the phone and after being well spent 2 a lot om that's gog to m learn be
9:49 am
enough a good place like that and really enjoy the players too. >>if you li it then you should approve a re not no offense but jimmg looks a lot better than matt ryan right now and not just on the field so. this marria works out even better. the raiders divoe from oakland is almost final they movout of that house on sunday ves will get custody of the fans on the weekends. but oakland will always be home to the est memories. as with the pick 6 7 that pave ers when 27 to the way for their second super bowl win. that's how frizzy tv looked in 1980. they had clear at. look out
9:50 am
over the split witkelli l mac. i'm the one that and he's been doing such great things for the bears and for his home town. matt ayed sta to fort pierce flora went into the wall wal-mart there and paid off everything that everybody had on holiday layaway. $1000. you think that's gre. yes, here's another one and then not is billionaire who paid 240 grand for sandy's leatheracket in the movigrea just paid olivia newton-john back 2 fold. he not only gave he back the jacket. he also gave or another there are 240 grand. cancer center in australia. he is a huge fan and he hopes it helps to rase with stage nd her battle 4 cancer. the actress was first diagnos when she was 43. she 71 now and she refuses to focus and how much te doctors say she has left. what is more
9:51 am
precious then your own life, your kids but at if you bought a ring camera to keep them safe you need to know that you could also beletting strangers in their room creep alert. clark on mommy or you want to be my best. >>kerry somebody hacked into thring camera system in that kid's bedroom started singing and saying thicreepy tngs the 8 year-old gl freaked out. luckily her parentwere home at the time. where she screaming my mom. our rain
9:52 am
inside. and in mississippi. there s just a similar case in georgia jas. i was to ring it was a ring camera and it was in a woman's bedrooand in the middle of the night he was saying through to wake up wake up. you know, and yes. >>so creepy this is the the age we live in nowhere people can hack intthe most innocent things right freak you states spy you now i a kid we didn't have a fancy like video syem believe in or come. they were teenagers their money would go to ts is the voice on intercom.
9:53 am
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>>and on since for is it, i mean on o'clock we will be but you
9:56 am
ow it's not. always on theresa stasi is not a hernia standi by with more from the newsroomgood morning. always a nonstop. >>good morning. james and i and today, san francisco district attorney's suzy loftus is announcing that million worth of ston property has been found with the da's office calls operation focused lens i want to see that stuff plus police are investigating a shooting at an apartmencomplex in santa rosa. >>we ve a reporter on the scene will have the very latest details on that. so make sure you download the kron on app becae we're on. and are you goi to the gym today. >>lways on thank you guys coming up on a pro. iphone theryou go you can also che the 7 day forecast on your pho any time of day but heret is right now before we sign off weather is going to be a bit dicey going forward few showers here and there today torrow and intothe weekend but we'll take maybe sunday mony tuesday, we'll catch a brief break.
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