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tv   KRON 4 News at 6  KRON  December 12, 2019 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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federal law f local state and enforcement agencies, the items range from luxury designer handbags and clothing some with the tags still on the more mundane products like laundry detergent believed to be snatched from stores as well as piles of electronics cell phones cameras and laptops likely stolen from home and auto burglaries their combined estimated worth 2 and a half million dollars. the bust is called operation focused lands because they're focusing on disrupting the business model they believe is behind the increasing rate of property crime that has plagued the city. what creates an incentive to break into cars and to break into homes. >>if you can quickly turn whatever you stole into money and a fencing operation makes that possible and so it really fuel the property crime that we're seeing here in san francisco interim district attorney ernie suzy loftus could not elaborate on an arrests. >>stemming from the seizure says the investigation is
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ongoing. but did say 30 warrants were served. she also says they found evidence that this was a sophisticated organized crime ring there was an electronic chop shop where computers electronics and smart phones were taken in disassembled. >>for parts and sold on internet. she says many packages were shipped out of state and some phones we found wrapped in aluminum foil to avoid detection. the da's office is asking for help from the public to get the stolen items returned to their owners. any victim of a property crime out there was a way to identify their stolen cellphone or laptop can call a hotline number which we posted on our website kron 4 dot com maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>another big story, the won accused of ramming her car into an antioch barber has been charged by prosecutors. they charge 28 year-old ruby del get today with attempted murder hit and run resulting in injury or death and 2 counts of child abuse, doug a deal ran over brian martin
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last wednesday, according to police after they say she got upset that the barber had nicked her son during a haircut. the barber suffered a broken leg which required surgery. delgaudio turned hersf in last night, right now she's being held on a 1.3 $3 million bail. robber exchanges gunfire with an apartment resident and now the man is hospitalized. he was shot 3 times all of this happened in santa. >>about 4 o'clock this morning calm for us dan kerman has the latest. a gunfight at the alexander apartment complex in santa rosa. police say it happened about 04:00am a couple here someone on their balcony. one of them goes to investigate. first grabbed his gun when he got to the balcony. he found an armed intruder on the balcony. >>where he and the inter began exchanging gunfire. were unsure if the suspect was stck. we know the victim was struck at least 3 times. >>the victim was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive. the suspect
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escaped in a pickup truck. >>we're not releasing a lot about all of the evidence that we discered so far, but it did appear that they were attempting to force entry. we don't know why they picked this residence. police are canvassing the neighborhood for surveillance footage. they also determin that no one else was injured during the exchange of gunfe. but they advise if you hear someone breaking into your place. it's safest not to confront that person exit the residence and called the police. i don't believe the property is ever worth. i'm getting shot over getting in a shoot out for. >>again, the suspect remains at large the victim expected to survive. he's in serious, but stable condition with 3 gunshot wound. and santa rosa dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the man who admitted to dumping a man's body in the tiffany li murder case will soon be released from jail, olivia adela, the bodyguard of the hillsborough harris will face no further charges and keith green's death green was murdered back in april of 2016
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a jury found lead not guilty of murder and conspiracy last month as part of a plea deal adela pleaded no contest to being an accessory to murder after confessing to dumping green's body, however, he has already served enough time in jail to fulfill the maximum 3 year sentence. now he's expected to be released next month by january, the 10th. a hearing for come up by at meantime lee's former fiance is scheduled for december the 19th but prosecutors are expected to announce whether they will set a new trial date for him. >>on the peninsula man was arrested after stabbing his co-worker leno munoz who was booked on an attempted murder charge palo alto police say he got into a fight with the victim before stabbing him from behind this happened at the tech company. we're break on page no road police are now looking into a potential motive. >>a police are looking for these the tomb and they are wanted for breaking into a car
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and then using the victim's stolen credit cards police say the 2 men charged $2500 on those cards at 2 different stores in vacaville, if you know who they are you are asked to contact police and a man has been arrested for stealing from people at a yoga class in roseville and police say he is also linked to the same crime in the east bay police say 25 year-old christopher damon newton went inside pretending to be interested in taking some yoga classes. then stole credit cards and other items from those who were actually in the class. he has been charged with identity theft and burglary newton was arrested in roseville just outside sacramento after he was spotted leaving a store near the yoga studio where the alleged theft took place. police say he was also wanted for several thefts a yoga studios in walnut creek in berkeley and livermore christmas is just 2 weeks away and first responders in the east bay are asking for the public's help tonight.
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>>with their annual holiday toy drive the richmond fire department has designated part of the fire station is a toy workshop of sorts is where the toys are gathered and stored for local kids in need during the holidays and usually the shelves they say are overflowing. but this year the mostly empty officials say while the number of donations has dropped off the need for toys is greater than ever. >>seen over the years how the need has grown. whether be changes in the economy or whatever situations families may be going through holiday season. we've seen the numbers in our need increase. if you'd like to donate. >>you can find a link on our website kron 4 dot com. you can also drop off any new unwrapped toys to any richmond fire station. >>of rain in the y area over the past week and now the good news, the threat of a drought is gone take a look at the map. the latest one from the drought monitor on the left you can see the state of california covered in yellow that means that these were the
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areas where the conditions were abnormally dry on the right is the map just released this week and you can see there's only a tiny bit of yellow up near the oregon border, good news. >>because we haven't been able to get rid of rain since it started raining, one about 2 weeks ago now this is the bay bridge toll plaza cars going even slower than normal probably because of all the slick roads really so. >>our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by with what's ahead. yeah you like that bridge about this one the golden gate bridge we've got that dense fog that is starting to settle in around the bay area think all that rain that we've seen well lot of that moisture out there really just sitting around the atmosphere very soup like and that means we're going to be in for some of that thick fog overnight tonight around the bay area but some more rain is in the forecast look at that stream of moisture coming all all the way from the hawaiian islands. so that's why it's been pretty warm. the jet stream lift a little bit to
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the north today but that's going to begin to sag for the south again tonight still seeing some scattered light showers around california and some snow across some of the higher peaks too around the bay area a lot of drizzles near the coastline, the peninsula parts ran along the coastal areas and some scattered light showers out there for tonight that will continue in fact a rain totals, not huge but none last year ago over half an inch canfield santa rosa record of an inch half moon bay to dance, san francisco just under that just about a 10th of an inch of rain in oakland and san jose just a trace but don't worry. we've got some more rain on the way. thanks lawrence tonight, authorities in new jersey are investigating this week's shooting at that kosher market that killed 4 people. >>they're looking at it as a potential act of domestic terrorism through social media investigators say they have found evidence of the shooters anti semitic views and the targets appear to have been deliberately chosen not every mayor now has the latest on the investigation.
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>>new jersey officials announced they have some strong leads on the attack were investigating this matter as potential acts of domestic terrorism. by anti semitism. and anti law enforcement beliefs. >>the 2 suspected shooters get out of hatred. >>jersey city kosher supermarket. >>and then started shooting at law enforcement. >>saying that it's a hate crime and domestic terrorism leaving a community fearful. >>how can we. as a community tspeak. >>all while the family and friends of the 4 shooting victims, including a police officer grapple with their new reality for no good reason everyone is like to live in a scandal on the road every their son that he had to do is think feels the difference even have time to done to sam. >>take care says people as authorities tried to calm the shak community law
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enforcement believes that this heinous event is over and that the individuals that are responsible are now deceased in washington, not euro merrill kron 4 news. >>6 passionate protesters opposing w vaccine laws that go into effect in weeks. but they're not pushing for a fight will explain. as the raiders prepare for a final farewell in oakland, we had a chance to sit down and reflect with a former player. >>who traded silver and black well lou. >>a new study shows just how much bay area rental prices continue to rise over the years what does rising red concerned means for people we need to rent a place.
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>>the sobering numbers bay area renters have spent nearly billion on housing. just from 2010 until now in fact rents continue their upward climb across the country amid the
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lack of affordable housing comports rob fladeboe takes a look at the numbers for the san francisco and san jose metropolitan areas. >>according to a new zillow analysis of the san francisco metro area. renters spend billion on rent in the 2010's. renters spend 16.4 billion on red in 2019 alone. >>that's up 2.3% from 2018 and up 56.4% since 2009. in the san jose metro area renters spent billion on rent in the 2010's. >>renters spent 6.6 billion in 2019 which was up 0.4% from 2018 and 65.8% since 2009. the numbers are no surprises robert geary of the south bay renters rights coalition. >>well, not really surprised that the numbers are so high because there's so many renters in the bay area, especiallyere in san jose
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and they're paying a lot of money and ran and the rents connue to rise and they continue to rise of himself a renter a gary agrees with 0 that the numbers reflect an affordability crunch that has led many renters to make sacrifices in order to pay their rent. >>such as sharing an apartment. gary concedes that san jose is making some headway in slowing the rise in rents but he sees a connection with the lack of affordable housing and homelessness. >>too many people are in the situation they they can't afford the rent anymore. people on fixed income people at a job or you know the hours get cut all the different things that are happening. our cause the season to fall out of the system. >>in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. also in the south bay, san jose is preparing to break ground on an affordable housing complex for seniors. the city's planning commission approved this major project last night, 147 homes for people 62 years and older will be built. it's estimated to cost a total of $80 million and more funding is needed.
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>>staff recommendation from the city of sanose but we're still going to need to raise money from the state of california will have receive tax credits through which we can raise private equity to help with the development. >>the development will help the city reached a target of 25% of all new homes being affordable homes. the goal is to break ground at the end of 2020 and then it will take bpabout 2 years to finish th project listen to. >>and if you have not finished all of your christmas shopping and mailing don't worry. there's still time to get things shipped to your loved ones before the 25th of december. if you are using the postal service tomorrow is the last day to ship via u s p s ground for packages to arrive on time. if you're using first class mail you have a little more time those packages and christmas cards can be sent by december the 20th. if you are using priority mail you can ship by december the 21th now
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if you are using fedex. it has overnight and same day delivery up to christmas day if you're really behind otherwise the deadline for fedex ground ends on next monday. a fedex express saver option is available if you have your package in the mail by next thursday, which is the 19th the last day for ups ground is tomorrow if you would like your package to be there by christmas eve. >>they get caught in the rain a live tool in the winter the fall lies of the stuff that we've got some of those out there tonight. we've got some thick fog developing. i think that will be the big concert tomorrow morning. actually for commuters, some deaths fog developing out there and you can see more that all the way up toward sfo not settled in all the way, although mostly cloudy skies there tonight seeing the delays there almost an hour arriving flights and that is because the low cloud
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cover no delays being reported at oakland or san jose at this hour. but certainly seeing some of that fog out there. well that's what you get when you have that very moist flow off the pacific. all that moisture just racing overhead. not seeing a ton of rain outside although a drizzle from time to time along the peninsula parts the north bay and even inside the bay we saw that today and still some widely scattered showers popping up around the bay area. that's what's going play out for tonight to those clouds kind settling in for tonight over san francisco. you see some dense fog and early tomorrow morning, a mostly cloudy skies tomorrow you're starting out some dense fog early on and we've got a cold front coming in and i think we're going to see that rain picking up in the afternoon. and this weekend a chance of more showers on saturday looks like we'll be dry though on sunday so that being said to avoid the visibility is going to really drop overnight tonight watch what happens here as we head into early tomorrow morning so there's your commute early on with the visibility up next to nothing in nevado napa conquered only 2 mile or so in oakland in hayward so even inside the bay, many places
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that usually don't see this dense fog want to see some of that early on tomorrow morning that will begin to lift though about the middle of the morning and watch out for the big waves along the coastline to high surf advisory in effect. so those waves building 16 to 22 footer they're looking pretty large out there today and even get larger for tomorrow. temperature wise numbers in the 50's and the 60's pretty mild out there little muggy. you have a little tropical feel that moisture coming up right from the hawaiian islands. i'm not seeing any major storms which what you're going to get as these a little weak areas of low pressure evelop right the jet stream as it happened just art see the ripples and that rain developing we'll see more of that moving in by tomorrow afternoon. a winter weather advisory going up in the sierra nevada if you plan to head up there be prepared. friday and saturday expecting lot of snow above 6500 feet maybe about 7,000 feet, maybe another foot of snow across the mountain peaks. all right, let's time now for we ta you rough the night toght you'll see that dense fog developing in some of the valleys early on tomorrow morning that's the way you start your day and here's the
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way you're going and it all that green rolling on through is more rain returns to the bay area. coming up tonight at 6.45 a man hoping to get a new dog this holiday season. >>and getting scammed out of more than a $1000. the fake adoption site he is now rning everybody to be aware of. >>and anti vax ers across the state are having a hard time revoking this soon become child vaccination law who they're blaming now for their failed efforts. you work hard. you play hard. a drink with friends can turn into o. and a prescription c be stroer than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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that will make washington insiders very uncomfortable: term limits. you and i both know we need term limits, that congress shouldn't be a lifetime appointment. but members of congress, and the corporations who've bought our democracy hate term limits. too bad. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message because the only way we get universal healthcare, addresspprove climate change and make our economy more fair is to change business as usual in washington.
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a drink with friends can turn into o. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. a drink with friends can turn istop!. there ara lot ofays to get a dui. ca a cab. share a ride.. te. whatever y choose to do, go safely, california. >> sacramento groups trying to repeal a new state vaccine law say they are putting that effort on hold at least for nowkron four's capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>against california's new will not move forward with an effort to let voters decide
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whether theaw should take effe in a facebook post leaders of the freedom angels group said the title and suary for their ballot proposal written byhe state was misleading the group he did more than00,000 signatures to land on t 2020 baot. but apparently it didn't collect any opponents of the law wrote in part the ancipated expense and human capital requirments, the feedback received from members of the health freedom community as wellas the current political climate in califnia d us to belie that theeferendums were not the best option. neither aders of the group nor state officials commented on the halted effort thursday. the vacci l at the center of the sue goes into effect in nuary it gives the state to crack down on doctors who write more than 5 childhood vaccine emptions a year. governor gavin newsom sigture on the week's worth of intense protests outside o his officearlier thisear, demonstrators disrupted legislative work up to the final moments of last session according to p this group has a big vaccine reted protests planned for the first day of the legislative session
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when lawmakers come back to the ilding in january. >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 nws. >>the country meet with the trump administration today to continue the nversation around paid family leave and childcare i'm just eaten or at the white housand all that story coming up. next at 6.30 a bittersweet goodbye. >>as the end of an era raiders after the break we hear from former raiderside receiver kenny shed as he reflects on his time with e team. and fog low clouds getting thickearound parts of the bay area more rain is on the gey we'll talk about that your
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>>well to an emotional goodbye as the oakland raiders get ready for their last gamet the coliseum. >>a former player now is reflecting onome of the memorable moments he spent 4 years in the black now he's a
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local police officer kr 4 says it, but you reports. >>so it took me 3 years to even get to a team to ere they would uh had the fth to me to get me out on the field and that graders hashe ear of a narrow approaches for the oakland raids played their lasgame this weekend here at the coliseum before owner mark davis relocates the team to las vegas >>raiders wide reiver kd shed reflects but his days best best days of my life when i get thatcall. >>i put that uniform on t that. >>so all those colors shed was on the raiders roster from 1996 t2000. he talks about his most liberal volvo at the coliseum. >>i haveany from the very rst day i met mister al davis. will alwaystand my heart as one of the most powerful peoe i've ever met. >>these the former raiders wide receiver is team. up for e different the pas17 years
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the streets with a certainly a draw police department. >>wever he keeps his raiders colors with tm at all times badge of honor right here both this ad the bags together is just it just saw class. during last weekend's raiders game at the coliseum officer katie she had was recognized for his role in saving the li of sub lint trap and it overturned vehicle, perfect way to say goodbye. >>i think this team has done a fantast job here in oakland, nothing but sucess over in or las vegas. >>has it led you kron 4 news. >>in oakland students at the muck hyman's high school football tam are heading to the state championship. this southern california earlier today from oakland the team will play in the california interscholastic federation divion a championship. we caught up with some of the players and got their gh


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