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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 12, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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over the sidewalk lerally every day. >>it's a major problem and an embarassing mon plaguinghe city of san francisco, 30 reports ofoupon the city streets in just 24 hours. that'according to the city's 3, 1 one website gd evening. everybody, i'm pam moore and i'm justine waldn for ken wayne tonight, we sent kron four's michelleingston into the city today.
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>>30 reports on t city's 3, 1 one website but more than double that on a twitter account tt keeps track of all these pooped complaints and they're coming in from all over the city. >>we'r 5 or people step outside c coupe smeared all over the sidewalk. >>we know 's getng worse. the city of san francio now has 3 public toilets available after 08:00pm located in castro's selmon the tenderloin that supervisor matt hay says the city needs even more we've seen a reduction in the number of reports of ces in the areas immediately around. >>the pit stop bathrooms including the ones tt are 24 hours. we obviously need more. we need to expand the number of these bathrooms and th hours the city also has a pool patrolstaff members who eanup hun waste mostly in the tenderloin the district
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with the highest number o3, 1, one calls for sidewalk. cleanliness complaints throughout the city 3, 1 one has received more than 25,000 coop complaints this year alone. it's a serious public health concern. >>we learned that just within a couple of hours there were dozens of reports ofuman fees on sidewalks and on streets throughousan francisco, ncluding unfortunately. >>right here in hill neighbors here say this is an unuual when they're used to seeing it shared more than 60 complaints of feces throughout the ci on thursy alone, the city's 3, 1, one site had more an 30 reports supervisor matt haney says more has to be done to keep the city clean. we cannot have these conditions our streets. >>it's unfair to residents is unir to businesses to visitors and it's embarrassing and it just awful you kn that people would have no other choice but to go on.
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>>some peop told us today that this is just normal for them now it doesn't ev surprised them hen they walk by human waste on the sidewalk. live in san francisco, michelle kgston kron 4 news. thank you michelle we go to the east bay where the mother accused of dving her car into her son's barber has now turned herself in to police. and it's w been officially chargedarber or was bad sadly her with broken bones and when he was wheeled away on stretcher kron four's lso the moaning is lie in the studi now to. >>recap this case and give us a look at the charges. the suspect faces l a investigators believe that she did this on purpose, 20 year-olduby duncan deal. >>is accused of intentnally ramming hecar into the man who had just given her son a haircut. he told kron 4that the boy ored on a seat and with slightly nicked his neck the clippers, whch sparked the outrage tned rampaged take a look at those charges now duncan deal faces 4 felony counts, includi attempted murder hit and run driving resulting in serus injurto another person and 2 counts of child abuse meaning
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that the da of contra costa county belies that she put her kids in danger and may have even caused him some mental sufferg. this all happened in antioch a week ago today, the barber named brian martin told us thatafter the haircut the 2 got into an gument. he claims t delta deo started cking the glass doors shaking the building so they took it outside word of deal that got into her car with her boy and pled martin down breaking his leg in the store front next door. she herself in to police. idea is now being hd on a one million bail and is expected in court. tomorrow back t you. >>outside right now and see what's happening with our weather this is well look at the fall, a layer over us downtown san francisco right now now our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here now with a look at our. it's pretty cool shot. i would just say that look lights down low for the to get some of that thick fog.
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>>the city right on the surface and that's gointo be a big issue i think tomorrow morning for the commute lot of g out there you see that a moist flow moisture rolling all the way from the hawaiian islas up into the bay area, the jet stream lifting just a little today and that lowed uso dry out from any significant rainfall but certainly have the showers out there and we also have the drile that continue to move in and all that msture left over we're talking about the fog. doppler radar right now still picking up on some snow in the high country n fact, the head of the high country is weekend watch out we've got a winter weather advisory going up and the possibility of maybe a foot of snow across higher peaks there. the mayor we just got some scattered light stuff again popping up but well that's the way it's going to be is we're got that very moist atmosphere alady completely saturated from the storm system that's have been moving through and that means. well we'll see some that fog overnight tonight d early tomorrow morning it wil dense in there you go you look toward the golden gate bridge you can see some dense fog therall around the bay. i think wre seeing dense fog early
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tomorrow morning. seeing ose clouds in the mornin the by the afternoon though we're talking about some rain. >>florence police have arrested a man for making chilin pleasant hill daniel joseph feliciano was arrested for posssion and production of child as well as committing lewd acts with a cld under 13. he has been booked now into the martinez detention facility and hes bail set at half a miion dollars. police also searched the 29 year olds home on burns scored on wednesday, which is just a few blocksway from pleasant hill middle school. investigators found numerous electronic devices with images of children under the age of 18 engaged in activity. the contra costaistrict attorney's office says this is a reminder to encourage parents to discuss online safety with theichildren. a santa rosa man is recovering in the hospital tonight after a gun battle that happened on his balcony the victim suspicious and went to find out what it w uand that is
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when the bullets started to fly. well for us dan kerman reports. a gunfight at santa rosa's alexander apartment complex leaves one resident hospitalized with gunshot wounds. police say it began aut 04:00 when a couple heard noise otheir balcony, the male armed himseland went to see what was out there when he got out there there was an iruder on the balcony >>the vict and the suspect exchanged. rounds victim was t 3 times we are unsure if the suspect was hit or not in a e say the suspect eaped pickup truck and evidence fod at the scene indicates he was trying to break in as to a he victim, he wasaken local hospital where he remains in serious but stae condition he's definitely very lucky that no one got more seriously injured and he's in very serious condition at the hospital. we expected to survive, it could have gone the other way easily whenever bulle get fired, i think that is always a poibility at thisoint police are trying to figure out why this specific apartment may have been tarted for the break in
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we have no idea. what the motive is behind it if the suspect knew the victims. it doesn't appear there was anything in the apartment. as far drugs or any other paraphernalia. so it's unkwn at this point why this place this residents s targed. >>luckily, no one else was hit during the gunfire santa rosa police advice of you hear somebody breaking into your place, your best bet is to escape through anher door and call 911 santa rosa dan kerman kron 4 news. hit a woman with his car all because of aparking spot. police say it happened last night and el camino real near the intersection of san carlos avenue. a woman in her 50's was trying to back into a parking spot along el camino real when a second driver, partially pulled into that spot at the same time. the woman then got out of her car and confronted the other driver who was 7 year-old dolas car way from san carlos. thats when according to police. it struck the
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victim with his car. and the ke and when the victim backed away poce say car way hit her again. police were able to locate him in nearby restaurant where he was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon. >>a sobering updateon housing costs for renters has spent nearly billion on housing in the past decade, according to a new zillow analysis of the san francisco metropolitan area. renters spent billion rent from 2010 till now in 2019 alone a figure is billion that's up 2.3% from just last year and up 56.4% in the last decade and in e san jose metropolitan area renters spent billion on rent over the year alone. that billi this is up 0.4% from 2018 annearly 66% since
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2009. >>too many people are in t situation they they can't afford the rent anymore. people on fixeincome people at a job or you knowhe hours get cut all the different thin that arhappening. cause the season to fall out of the system. >>the numbe reflect an affordability crunch that s led manrenters to make sacrifices in order to piy their rent such as sharing an aptment and other cutbacks without affordable options. great news for people who wa to hit the slopes but there's a warning tonight from the chp. >>for drivers who need to get there. a unanimous vote to lp prevent suicide the n way lawmakers are trying to makeure everybody gets the help they need. and $2 million worth of property stolen from san francisco whe was all fine.
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>>d $2 million worth of stolen property had has been fod. >>and all the result of an investigation which law enforcement iscalling a maj fencing re you're looking at all. >>property now in kron four's maureen kelly reports that so many items were recovered at the san francisco district attorney's office. >>is still trying to match all that stolen goods. >>what's laid out on these tables is just a frction of the suspected stolen items recoved by a multi-agency tak force of local state and federal law enforcemt agencies, the its range from lury designer handbags and clothing some with the tags still on to more muane products like laundry detergent lieved to be snatched from stores as well as piles of electronics so phones cameraand laptops likely stolen from home and auto burglaries their combined estimated worth 2 and a half million dollars. the bust is called eration focused lands because they're focusing on disrupting the business model ey believe is behind the
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increasing rate of property crime that has plagued the city. what creates an incentive to break into cars and to break into homes. >>if you can quickly turn whatever you stole into money and a fencing operatiomakes that possible and so it really fuel. the property crime that we're seeing here in san francisco interim district atrney ernie suzy loftus arrests. elaborate on any >>stemming from the seizure ays the investigation ongoing. but did say 30 warrts were served. she also says ey found evidence th this was a sophisticated organid crime ring there was electric chop shop where computers electronics and smart phones were taken in disassembled. >>for parts and sold on internet. she says many paages were shipped out state and some phon were f found wrapped in aluminum foil to oid detection. the da's office is asking for help from the public to get the stolen items returned to owrs. their >>any victim of a property
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crime out there was a way identify their stolen cellphone or laptop can call a hotline number which we poste on our webse kron 4 dot com maureen kelly kro4 news. police are searching for a man behind a strong arm robbery in palo alto this happened wednesday night as the victim was walking downtown and the 100 ock of university avenue. that's when the suspect approached the victim from behind on a bicycle then grabbed her purse this information all according to police. she then was dragged several feet before she actually let go of her purse, the man police are looking for is about 6 ot one. 170 path short curly black. he was last seen wearing a charcoal gray jacket and black pants. >>a n has been arrested in northern california and poli say he pretended to be inteested in taking yoga claes, but instead stole credit cards another items from the peo le who really were taking the classes. 26 year-old chriopher damon newton has been charged with identity theft and burglary.
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he was arrested in roseville just outside sacramento after he was spotted leaving a store near the yoga studio where the alleged theft took place. police say newton though was also wanted for similar thefts at euro goes studios in the bay area, including o a creek berkeley and livermore. >>as we take a live look outside right now here in san francisco along the embarcadero. fog actually the word of the night for m son meteorologist really is i mean it's just like soup out there right w i mean it is very thick atmosphere just loaded with i've carefully when you reallyo i enough to bring evything down fog one of the ading weather-related causes of people dying in california are to say yeah so there we go so there's a factoid for you, but yeah that fog is going to be a problem overnight tonight. >>as we head toward torrow morning that is going to lower down to the surface in some spots so yeah it's going to be pretty thick early on tomorrow on all more that the moment right now we continue to see delays at sfo
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of almo an hour there because of delays being reported in oakland or also sajose, light showers moving to california again but that very moist flow you can kind of see a couple streams of moisture kind of moving through and that's what we've seen that are is along the coastline. the peninsula you've seen the drizzle all day long and well not much of a break t clouds outhere right now mostly cloudy fog and drizzle again for tonight tomorrow is going to be mostlcloudy the dense fog in the morning, the by the afternoon. the fog is going to have lifted but replaced by more storm clouds moving in we're talking moreain a chance for rain ain on saturday and then looks like we'll stay dry on sunday. all right, let's te a look at some of visibilities overnight and you can already see it's a pretty thick out there already but going to gethicker as we head toward tomorrow morning. the temperature cools off that you're down to less than a mile in san francisco, less than a le about a less than a mile in napa le them i'll talk and you t the idea it's going to be thick early on tomorrow morning and then begin to lift into the afternoon watch out for the big waves along the coastline by tomorrow afternoon to we've got a building swell there
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maybe 16 to 22 footers and they were getting big out there today. so that being said we are going to see a cooler temperatures i think by tomorrow afternoon. and highs of that rain moving i in the 50's and low 60's. >>sec is moving ahead with plans to designatea 3 digit nuer to reach the national suicide five-member fcc unanimoly voted today to approve at hot line number now. the idea is open for blic comment and the start of the rulemaking process >>lonnie wong reports. if we can get more people help lives will be saved scide is the 10theading cause of death in the untry. >>and while millions of dollars are spent in preventing and curing diseases with lesser consequences mo attention to suicide prevention. >>and you'll provable results. >>and it'the only one at dennis preventable completely preventable. that's why the american foundation for suicide prevention pushor a three-digit nationa suicide hotline. often pleas r help
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to 911 dispatchers wh aren't always trained to handle them. we're often relay the call causing days those calling the 800 suicide hotline t connected in an average of 7 seconds often going to thosspecializing in vulnerable populations like vulnerable populations like veterans but studies show that the brain function of those in isis are impaired the chances you remembering. >>1, 802 7, 3 t alk what's the t what's the a whereas posed o if you be connected directly in and addition some seeking help. >>try going to health care providers are mental health providers which can lead to delays and frustration that time. >>extra time could be the time ere somebody decides to make the wrong decionthe outcome that we don't want it's estimad that more than 20 veterans commit suicide every day. >>and half a million lgbtq youth well attempts suicid this year. reason enough to ek improvements in the hotline system. >>that was lonnie wong
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reporting according tothe centers for disease control america's a suicide rates. all right the highest level since world r 2 with an increase of 33% from 1999 to 2017 tonight on kron 4 ns at 9 o'clock we will have more on the suicide prevention net being stalled on the golden gate bridge. we take a look at the new vaccine la >>the books and everything that anti-vax parents did to try and stop it from hf. and big changes could be comingo local bay area aports, the california based service
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supershuttle is year super shuttle serces, the oakland, san francisco and san >>after december, the 31th the company is no longer going to be provide transportation service though the company started in los angeles. we asked th what's causing the service the clothes, but pershuttle said no comnt.
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golden gate park is turning 150 years old and tcelebrate mayor london breed announced san francisco will bgetting a >>observation. we also check it out the wheel will be installed. on april 4th 2020. and we'lbe in the park cook until may of 2021 to about a year. it will have 36 fully enclosed climb it controlled gondolas that each 6 seat. this will be the first time an observation wheel of the sle has operated in san francisco since golden gate park hosted the midwinter international exposition of 94 whe the first we'll was a major attraction standing at 120 feet tall and carrying 10 people per carry up the check that out. when the snow is following the roads are very dangerous and that's the rning from ch tonight the time. >>and this weekend. officer are predicting will be the worst to hit the roads if you're heading to talk about a
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schoolthreat and said the moment that targeted tomorrow. we tonight how police we able to catch t suspect. >>pa protesters are posing a new vaccination law that wll go ioffect in just a few eks but this time they cannot put up a fight we take a look
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>>in sacrmento groups that had been trying to repeal a new state vaccine law say they're putnghe effort on hold fono capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains. >>ainst california's new childhood vacce laws sayst will not move foard with an whether the law should take effect in a facebook post leaders of the freedom angels group said the title and summary for their balt proposal writn by the state was misleading the group he did more than 600,000 signes tland on the 2020 didn't collect any opponents of the law wrote inart the
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anticipated expense and human capital requirements, the feedback received from memrs of the health freedom community as well as the current political climate in california led us to believe that the referendums were not the best option. neither leaders of the group nor ste officials commented on the halted effort thursday, the vaccine law at the center of the issue goes into effect in january it ges the state department of health the power to crack down on doctors who write morthan 5 childhood vaccine exemptions a year. governor gavin newsom signature on he week's worth of intense protests outside of his office earlier this ye, demonstrators disrupted legislative work up to the final moments of last session according to chp this group has a big vaccine related protest planned f the fst day of the legislative session when lawmakers come back to >>reporting in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4ews. >>school officials tt women are middlechool in santa mon say they have identified the student responsiblfor recent threats, spray painted in a bathroom. the message read
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school shooting friday, the 13th. officials are not identifying the student the school says theyuse the education code as a guide for diipline in these cases and we looked up that code which stes that students who threaten others are subject to suspension or expulsio high winds nd snow expected in the sierra which will of course afft driving conditions or anybody looking to go skiing or snowboarding this weekend for the latest on e conditions officer pete man. >>with the california highway patrol out in truckee spoke with uhere on kron. >>yeah we're going to see a ttle bit of evything as far as weather is concerned run the gamut out of that just get so everything from how. >>when levelf a start to drop below the capital of girl. >>the day ,riday. uh huh.
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>>you can't really anticipate wh roads will be closed. but the condions that we're expecting to see thiseekd are the conditions that pele should expect potential ro closures. >>and you know it that way trying to dribble the few you in talk about that obviously reality at the back the problem be we don't plan for a week later, tell all about fighting and you try to keeping all that. but kind of a team effort to not only clean outo i think al trump but also the hundreds as well. it's for things like and star tht rubble. and all those things tbe able to keep the road open house sometimes we throw that extra variable really have east l that's not what the stars looking like so the we don't really have feeling that one has biden on eir think we should be ok. >>and we will of course have continuing coverage of the sierra snow for yotonight at 10 o'clock we will hear about the biggest problems e chp
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is seen from drivers on the roads leading to tell. and we will be keepng an eye on the weatheconditions right here on kron 4 news to let you know what to expect on the roadways and you can watch the full interview with officer man on kron that's our commercial free streaming service and such a beautiful day. to this year of more snow. and of course on e one dressed for the snow and cold weather justine is holdi on to the remnants of warmer weather lawrence. >>tell what's yeah we've got a cold snow so want to bundle up if you're headed up there be prepared and this is going to another. >>sigficant storm headed toward this year that a lot of snow up the right now you see up on i so far right now it ispen and it is clear able to get up there that an change that will likely begin to change again though as we are going to see storm clouds moving in so starting on friday here we go we've got
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snow on the way stting out with verhigh level snow remember this a very warm system that's moing across the bay area now but we're going to cold one start to drop is so small that dropping down to about 6500 feet for certainly get across the passes that's going to be an issue maybe upwards of a foot of sn there. you see the jet stream has moved just a little furthero the north up toward eureka it's almost a core the jet. it's going to begin to starto sag to the south you can see right here watching happens. you start to get a weak ar of low pressure develop on the backside of this this is going come down in the bay area by tomorrow aftnoon. she started with a dense fog tomorrow morning by the afternoon, you're looking at some ra so be both ways could be a tough go. continue showers andoa colr storm system coming in on saturday and that wl bring more snow down to lower levels right through this yeathat a little bit of a break in the stormyeather on sunday and monday and then the most kind the coming dayress just a little bits we're going to see a chance of showers probably late tuesday and into wednesday and then behind that of the holds true. boy will see a pretty good storm by the
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following weekend that rolls into the bay area that being said here we go you are temperatures going to be a rather cool tomorrow 50's 60's for highs washowers in the afternoon. some news just in to the kro4 news. >>the house judiciary panel has ended its session for th night pushing the vote on the articles of impeachment against president ump until tomoow friday. we will of course continue to follow this story all day tomorrow on air a on kr on. >>and this little guy here. this is sans the seal originally came into the marina centers care back in november when the redwood city police department found the sealthe parking garage and after more than 2 weeks of rehab trement at the center saalito hospital. the center successfully released is northern for seal santos back into his ocean home. this afternoon. into the ocean
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ocean expert vets declared santos ready for releaselong with 5 5 other northern fur al pups. threatened duluth a first seal and california sea ons. here they are being reased and to the point reyes national seashore ad. to learn more how you can help the marine maml center you can go to our website kron 4 dot com. >>biersweet goodbye to a part of bay area sports history, the oakland. raiders weear from a former raiders wide receiver kenny shed. he reflects on his time with th silver and black. codesn san francisco could change we talked to an expert on what researchers arned in order to update the seismichazard model. and the 2020 numbers have arrived in new york city getting ready for the big countdowno new year's eve
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will give you aneak peek of whatu can ex ernest hemingway we the old man and the sea at 52 satchel paige was still dominating batters at 59. celicruz was still winning grammys at 77 john weler illuminated our ideas of the universe at 70 and roger crouch was 56 when he first went into space your besis yet to come >>well new year's eve, maybe
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more than 2 weeks away but n york is getting readright now the numbers that will light up the moment, the famous all touches down to start 2020 arrived in times square wednesday 1 million people are expected to gather in the big apple to watch it all happen live. millions more of course we'll watch the iconic ballrop on live television. it is certinly celebration in the united states arguably what not the only one that. end of the year spectacular is back join us new year's eve starting at 08:00pm what their own countdown to new year's eve live from las vegas and then join grantotus and me starting at 1130 with mir's life from san francisco. as we over the 020 with fireworks ferry building. it's all right here on kron for the first time seeing are our promo picre career a picture
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of the of you. the good place to be i love that 8 o'clo. >>a new national seismic hazard del habeen released by the us, yes talk with an expert about how well this changes the way buildings owing to be made in the day. bumgarner will stay with the giants or move o mark has the lest on on the economy, a unique leader.
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mike bloomberg's created over 400,000 jobs.
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president, an opportunity onomy that works for us. education .. fordable college and high skill vocational training so people can succeed in the new economy. economic security .. ler cost health care and affordable middlelass housing. proven leadership on jobs .. to build an economy where peopleon't jt get by, they get ahead. >>usgs has released a new earthquake hazard model that model is what scientists use to try and predict where major ehrthquakes may hit more on how this model was developed and what it mefor us here in t bay area mark peterson from the usgs spoke with us a litt bit early. >>we need to do a great deal of research and this mel we're trying to study the deep bass and sediment the san francisco bay area, including the san francisco bay itself
8:45 pm
d to do that we need to understand what the subsurface looks like and this is difficult it's like it's like trying to understand. what the bottom of the ocean looks like orwhat what would you do pepsi and what looks like expensive and it something that it's very important bu it takes a lot of reseah and years to deal with healthy start. >>they say look at co. >>every 6 years to kind of collect the information what piece of infmation to specifically look for. >>when coming up with a ne model. earthquakes that e have new have hapned you know about the ridgecrest earthqke that happened this last july that maybe some of you felt d i think that we have other new information. the pacific earthquake engineeng research center. has been developing these new mels over the years and we'rtrying to implement them the best way we can their new information there inew information abouher. so the surface that we need to incorporate in these new models and so there many many
8:46 pm
hundreds of researchers that are working artist problems the trend better defined this up the n building codes ar much more accurate in pinpointing the kind sir. the kind information that really will help build more smart and until buildings that can respond to different eyes and shaking. >>and to len more about why and the new models are released every 6 years and what else models are used for you can watch the full interview on kn on. tre is only 24 hour local news streaming service you c download the kron on app from the app store right now, turning now to an emotional goodbye as the oakland raiders repare fotheir last. policy and form player reflects also memorable moments om the 4 years he spent dress and the silver and black. well of course has the money and has >>so itook me3 years to even get to a team to where they would uh had the faith to me to get me out on the field and that graders hathe ear
8:47 pm
of a narrow approaches for the oakland raiderplayed their last gamthis weekend here at he coliseum before owner mark davis relocates the team to las vegas. >aiders wide reiver k shed reflects but his days oakland uniform, one of the best best days of mlife when i get that call. >>i put that uniform on put that. on the riders roster from was 96 to 2000. he talks about his most liberal volvo that the coliseum. >>i have many from the very first day i met mter al davis. will always and in my heart as one the the most poweul people i've ever met. >>these days e. >>former raiders wide reiver suited up for e different team. the past 72. years officer tv h been trolling the streets with a certainly a draw police department. >>however he keeps his raiders
8:48 pm
colors withhem at all times badge honor right here both this and the bags togher it's just it's just it's all class. during last weekend's iders game at the coliseum oficer katie she had was reognized for his role in. >>saving the life of trapped and it erturned let vehicle, perfect way to say goodby > think this teahas done a fantastic job here in oakland, but they set the stage up for nothing but success over i las vegas. >>has it led you kron 4, 2, >>a group of headlines. we have brewing in the bay area sports world this week, the raiders approaching their last home game in oakland before moving to chance madison bumgarner ends up joining the la dgers. the report habeen emerging all week that the dodgers going after the former giants ace llowing their failed pursui of gerrit cole in free agency. accorngo nbc sports bay area there is interest from bumgarner side in an alley deal as well tir daughters are one of seveal teams. >>like to procure the services of the world series
8:49 pm
angels evethe yankees are said to be in e mix. >>taking a look at today 49 ers coverage more injury news for this team defensive tackle d j jon will be placed on injured reserve with an ankl injurythe second season endinhead of the we is starting center weston richburg is a torn patellar tendon the ort te don't exct rhard shmaand dee ford toe wing we're dealing with hamstring injuries and all year long. e team has been so odt fiinguys to fill in and deforest ckner. >>avengers happening, you know guys dropping li flies but a new systemhat in mt a but nature of the game and is the a possible years having to his early on, you know early on and i really have no reason to believe the season but this started happening now and august above.
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>>pursuit of perfection ultimate highlight. >>alexis ultimate highlight big weekend ahead from a climate high football team, the warriors for man a clip for southercalifornia today in advance of the c i f d 2 looking for a 4th straight state chamship. aiming to complete the undefeated season going 12 best of luck to them and finally as we talked about earlier the last raiders game at the coliseum is coming up and all week long we've been loing back on the team's greatest moments in oakland tonight is an a time classic 11/17/1968 raiders jets also known as heidi game, here's the enario new york held a three-point lead with minute and 5 seconds left at this point. the network nbc decided to swit all viewers on the east coast to acheduled children's movi calleheidi the raiders ended up sring on a 43ard touchdown pass with 44 seconds left to take the lead and then on the
8:51 pm
ensuing kickoff, picked up a jets fumble i scored again. jets fans in new york who assed they had won the game height, ed when during the the movie they saw a crawl at the boom of the reen that gave the final score the network switchboard was subsequeny flooded by angry fans prompting all networks to change tir polies anstick with every gamentil it is finished regardless of h long it went so. >>and you know angry they 49 you know are cut into thing something amazing of the fire. >>a credible and from a limb and some really good luck to
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>>this s only a couple of weeks away and first asking for the public's help e in the annual holiday toy
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drive. the richmond fire department has desigted part of the fire station has a toy worship this is where ys are gathed and stored the local ildren who are in need during theolidays, and overflowing with toys but this year look at this. the shees are mostly empty. officials say while the number of donationhas dropped off the ne for toys is greater than ever. >>seen over the years how the nd has grown. whether be changes in the economy or whatever situationsamilies may be going through holiday season. we've seen the numbers in our need increase. >>if you would like to donate you can find a link on r website kron 4 dot com. you can also drop off any new unwrapped toys for any children to any richmond fire station all for a good so you know people are going to do it w. yeswe certainly hope things are and that wraps up kron 4 news today. lotus is here with what is next on kron 4 news >>i st seenhi, pam, thanks very much coming up next on
8:56 pm
the news at 9. phone scammers purses and much more all stolen in of it right near uni square, how millions of dollars are these items were worth about y million and what police are not aying about the crooks will talk with shoppers out there tonight. plus ght time traffic will now last into the year 2023 2 years longer than. well we he been told all because of problems with the construction company. what's wrong with this suicide net project andhe rain onslaught lls on chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has your forecast for tomorrow a the weekend's kron 4 news at 9 starts next.
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>>francisco thanks to a fullime agency law enforcement effort talking iphon laptops cameras and then purses wallets. all recovered in ths massive operation good evening, everybody tnks for being with us tonight at 9 i'm grant lotus i'm justine waldman in r vicki tonight. >he san francisco district attorney's office is still trying to matchall of the stolen goods with


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