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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 13, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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uares. kes life bite better. tonight, two tvcandals -- >> i don't want to be in that situation ain. >> simon calle still under instation at ag but scoring a mor payday today. >> and a survivor shocker. >> dan will not be returning to the game. he's gone. the assault allegations tha got a contestant kicked off. >> then, jk black quitting act acting? >> then, sipping and spilling with the stars of "bombshell. >> this went reay well. >> it's ly chanel. tn zblrk.
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♪ say my name >> revealing "e masked singer" secret >> "e.t." starts right now. hello and welcome to the loon in west hollywood. i'm hereith my girl michelle williams. we family. >> we cool. >> we family, right? >> yes,e're cousins. >> something like that. >> let's jump right in. here in the states, "america's got talent" is under investigation for allegations of a toxic work environment. >> but over in the uk, i hear business is booming for simon cowell. >> it was a total mess from start to finish. >> "e.t." has confirmed simon justnked a new five-year deal that ensures "brain's got talent" will air on 's itv network until 2024. what does that mean for nbc's scandal-ridden "america's gotalent"? honest with you, you finish the end of the year and you just go, what was the point of ing that? ex-judge gabrielle union's ng allegations of a tox work culture. they met lasweek for a five-hour meeting th sides
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called productive. spite the vestigation, simon will return to the air on nbc january 6th for "american's got talent the champions." r "e.t." source says people close to simon are, quote, hopeful this is a wakeup call to him and nbc that a change needs toappen. now to drama on the cbs reality show rvivor. early they are seon, contestaan billow was given a warning f alleged inappropriate touching. dan kept touchingme. he took my hair and went like this. i'm like, don't touch my face. >> now, aft another alleged incident occurre he's t. it's the fir time in 39 seasons a contestant has been kicked off for misconduct. the host made the announcement at t end of the episode. >> dan willot be returning to the game. the ry.t be ming back to camp, he's gone. >> it appears to have iolve cbs' only comment was that the
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indent happened off camera and did not involve a player. and in a colgedmissions scandal update, felicity human's youngest daughter posted on instagram that she has been accepted toassar college. geora is not the daughter who felicity paid a $15,000 bribe foto boost her s.a.t. scores. that waser daughter, sophia. but prosecutors say felicity considered also trying to illegally help her younger pls. ter but abandoned the poughkeepsie, new yorkis hard to get into, and is expensive. tuition will costsearly $58,000 a year. after serving 11 days in prison, felicity is currently fulfilling he250 hours of community service. her daughter georgia will part of the clasof024. some famous vassarlumn both lisa kudrow and meryl streep are graduates. >> it's it is a beautiful campus uphere. she's going to have fun.
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jack black wen to ucla drop but dropped out to pursue a carr in acng. >> he could be retiring. >>ay it isn't sew so. he said today seemed to cktrack. >> i'm not retiring. i'm not going anywhere. i'm only getting started. >>ut jk also said, quote, i spend t much time away from home. >> he's following in his father'sfootsteps. >> jack is spending lots ofime with his 13-year-old son sammy on their youtube channel. >> this is goi to be a fun thing to do with my boy. alof a sudden it has 10 million views on youtube. i'm like, oh, many i god, this thing is a wd bronco. >> and as we all know, ckas a -- i always sing in the shower i know jack sings a lot on
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t. >> anythi. cu of tea. make a song off a >> jack isn't the only "jumanj star with talent. ♪ that someone so unforgettae ♪ >>s like another littl -- >> my son here. now is not the time. >> i think tre's only room for e little guy in your life >> now to comedian adam sde going dramatic iuncut gems." >>ou shot a lot of sces, and i know you don't do some sexier stuff, some fight scenes. >> some dirty stuff, yes. i was filthyn this movie. >> adam's a gambling jeweler putting his family in jeopardy, a plot so edgy the real-life dad two girls tweaked the script before filming. character's name was oginally sadie, so we chaed that because it was weird. >> thas my daughter's name, ani say. you can't have my daughter's name in this movie, man. i don't want them toee this until maybe 60 or 70.
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>> is adam hollywood's mt ting dad? he also got his ughters "frozen 2" spoilers from costar idina menzel. >> are you serious right now? >> would ask her questions. if the answer was yes, she would kind of stare at me, a ias like, oh, that's a yes, huh? >> and before becoming a blie eilish meme, sandler took his girls to seehe star. my kids turned me onto billie eilish like a year and a half ago. she's incredible. i love her. >> we he even got adam levine to plasadie's bat mitzfah. but that's not all adam did. wt to see what my phone says right now? hebrew time. th was for my kid when she was studying for her bat mitzvah. i was ke hebrew time, baby get it on. >> let's not forget, adam sandler wrote the hanukkah song. >> huge. >> are you a fan of the royals? >> iam. i want to pray whatever prayer meghan prays. i hear that. last nightuchess kate created a lot of does over his tribute to princess diana.
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last night duchess kate was dressed to the nines wh a midnight-be alexander mcqueen gownle atop her head was princess diana 's love-knot diamond and pearl tiara one of diana's favorites. but we were wondering what do all of kate's medals and coras mean? royal the yellow badge also the shows he's a member. the necklace is bored from the queen. it's estimated to be worth, get this, 91 million dollars. well, i'm joined by someone who's familiar with the roya, you're doing this thing over four-timgrammy winner seal. thanks f beiere. seal. i love you. can we talk about the big reveal onthe masked sger" last nit? everyone, this is the leopard. >> there he is! legendary seal!
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>> you had everybody going cra when you took that mask off last ght. >> yeah, my kids weren't fooled. my son knew. my son wasn't fooled at all. he was like, ugh! when they revealed me because they wanted me to go on. >> of course. what did you learn about yourself that you may not have known? >> that i would make aood drag queen. >> can you play a ttle game with you? >> ocourse. >> seal of approval. kri mass tradition. first things first. do you rk an ugly christmas sweater or mo? >> we had a christmas together as a family,ouknow, th kids, heidi and myself, a i d it. , yeah, if itakes everyone happy. >> second, christmas tree -- real or fa? >> i just bought a fake one, and i'll tell you why. you unfold this thing a have up in like 30 mites and there's no mess. >> okay,hristmas music.
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music in yourhouse?wn christmas >> no, no, no. i could not think of anything i would rather not do. >> regifting? >> regifting is okay as long as you tell them. >> okay, so regifting with an asteri asterisk. seal has us ready for holidays. now we know what to do is what not to do your fellow "masked singer" michelle williams is also here today. did you have any idea she was the buttfly? >> i h no clue. well, here's somethi we do be epifor one on gon >> mr. keanueeves. >> i love how youothat. >> keanu versus keanu? how the return of t matrix and john wick will make history. >> then, only we are on set wh
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patricia heaten. plus -- did you know i got
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this is god's coury ♪ tune
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can keanu reeves take down keanu reeves? >> it was just announced that the fourth installments of "the trix" and "jo wick" will open up on the very same day, may 21, 2021. this is really unusual. fans are already calling it keu reeves day. >> i love it. why not make it a double feature? go see them both! >> that's a lot of knu reeves. >> man secures that bag. >> well here's something to check out tonight. >> lauren zima went behind the scenes of the first chstmas episode for "carol's second act." spital? overdressed for the >> a little. we have psych ward on the fourth floor that maybe you'd fit into. >> these are my little -- >>ells. >> yeah. ♪ silent ght, holy night ♪ all is calm >> mm-h. ♪ all is bright
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♪ round young -- >> that pa of the songever made sense to me. >> christmas came early for this cast. the sitcom set in a hospital just got picked up for a full seas >> how did it feel when you got that newthat you could keep going witht? >> somebody did a cartwheel and then picked up and twirled me around. and you take a guess who it was. do you know that i actually had a friend that thought it was you? they're like did pty do a cartwheel? >> therehe is. >> a hush settles over the o.r. >> and we can party! whoo! >> tonight's episode of "carol's second act" findsarol having to spend the holiday witut her daughter. patricia's willing to do that in realife -- under one condition. >> so far, none of my ys are married, so i do still get to have them, but i will gladly trade a christmas together with one of them geing married and giving me grandchildren -- if you guys are watching! i will split up our christses if you give me arandchild. >> guys,our mom just said that on camera on "entertainment tonight." >> for the whole world to see.
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>> i sweating for them now. >> sometimes moms can be a little demanding. >> very, but not my mom. >> she's watching. >> she is watching. now, "e.t." was also wi the stars of -- w can't seem to ld their bubbly. >> you guys have it all over yourselves. >> that's not all ty're spilling. >> i didn't knowthat. >> plus, i michelle bacith destiny's chil >> break the news. >>and it's thurs-te matthew husseyas pickup lines sure to slay. >> use the caution. closed captionin ovided by -- ♪
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♪ what's gotten into him? christmas. jcpenney. remember the little things. igpine and eucalypsthat awa. spirit with notes of true fragrance crafted only by glad
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s.c. johnson. ♪ sc johnson. welcome back, even, to .t." here at the london west hollywood. now, michelle, the ladies of destiny's child are a pretty iconic trio. >> thank you, nischell >> you're welcome. >> but i he another one for you -- the ladies from "bombshell." >> and i actually sat down with two of them, charlize theron and margot robbie. both are nominated for golden globe and sag awards, and let's
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just say our celebrationidn't go exactly as planned. >> i heard what happened. >> we toast. thank you. s. >> congratulions othe golden globes nominations. >> cheers. >> congratulations. oh, that's good. and it's cold. >> i'm going grab a napkin >> that wenteally well. seriously, that thing sholding you guys back freeway you guys have it all over yourself. >> don'torry. it's only chanel. >> it really is lding you t back to these ladies and thr award nominated movie, "bombshell." >> you don't do this for the accolades. but this was a passion project. >> the gift of making something
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special is really that as well. but of course, like, you know, when i got the text that ias nominated, my 7-year-old daught jackson askedyou know, what was up. and i said, , i was nominated. and en i had to explain to her that that dn't mean i won. she was like, but wait, wait, you can lose? i was like yeah, but let's enjoy this moment right now. i was like, modid really good. >> don't rain on my rade jackson. >> totally. >> it's well-earned recognitn for th film. charlize's prosthetics alone to three hours to apply every day. >> i had two plastic prosthetic piecesade insert to my nose. >> y had something up your nose the whole way through shooting? >> two pces, yh. >> didn't know that. >> you didn't see me, like, pulling them out in between kes? >> n >> pretty gross. >> maybe i just thought you were picking your nose or something >> that uld also be a possibility. >> that is crazy that it took three hours every dor charlize. how long do it take you on "e masked singer" to be the
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butterfly? >> maybe ten minutes. it was the head and the wings. not all of it. >> destiny's child, which was crazier? >> "the masked sinr." because it wa more hot, and it was the headpiece with e he antennas, so i had to walk sideways do you think the hallways. did you know i got electroted? >> what? >> yes! so during dress rehearsal i'm standing on the pachl and they're trying to have a co 2. i'm singing. on the ams oh ♪ it's supposedo go -- well, baby, that ship sank. okay? d so -- listen, all i know is i looked down at my shoe, and it could talk. the thing was flat. >> scorched yourshoe. >> yep. >> you kn, i always have to ask, is there a chance that you'll ever, ever, ever, g with the ladies?
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>> anything is possible. >> you know what i really mean tell the world. >> if i did,t a possibility, we would tell. >> you all right. tell me about the musical you're doing now. >> i'm excited to do a snow white christmas. i play the wickedqueen. have never you seen you be ev. >> my ex say differently, but it's okay i don't know, one or o. >> you nee to go see michelle's musical, "a snow white christmas". sounds like a great idea for a holiday date. ev a first date, nischelle turner. any way, if you need dating adce, tonight's thurs-date with us matthew hussey is going to hook you up. that are three things you can say that amplify the attraction on that first date? >> you have an absolutely breathtaking heinie. >> t fst one is simple. phrase, let's get one. now, that may sound a little
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obscure. i'll give you an example. i was on a date. i was in a mall. the person said tome, oh, my god, they do amazing macarns here let's go get one? >>macaroon? i remember in that moment feelin a sense of relief. she was presenting a idea, mething she wanted to do with certaint thatmmediately becomes really attractive. second, you say to meone, i betou would be fun to do blank with. for example, let say someone shows a intellectual quality. you could say, i bet you would be fun to go to a museum with. >> iot my man larry to set us up a private tour. >> the beay is ye giving them a compliment but also giving them a second date idea too with you. >> that is a fantasticidea. >> this second one, this one's a bit cheeky, creates sexual tensn. you say, i had an amazing time, but you can't wear that shirt again because it gives you an
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unfair advantage. that's a wonderful complimen that something you wore tonight is really sexy. ♪ou think i'm cool ♪ you want to kiss me >> three examples. use them on your next date. >>michelle, what you're wearing is unfair. should have gave you the memo. >> will i help us out with the "e.t." birthdays? >> i sure will. which "big ng" star staed lash sensational mascara from maybelline new york. mas every lash ful sensational. oufanning brush volumizes everkind of lash... ..or a sensaonal full-fan effect. lash sensaonal. only from maelline new york.
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travel consideration provided by -- tomorrow on "e.t." -- only we are with blake sheon
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dropping sweet details on his new duetith gwen. >> it's justuchgift. >> ande are turning it up 98 degrees with our guest cost nick lachey. which star appeared in a chael jackson vide that isayim bialik who turned 44 today. here she is in the video for liberian rl. michael had his never land, but there was only one "beverly hillbillies" house. the mansion was this unbelievable 25,000 sqre foot estate in bel air. it had 18 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms. it just sold for a reported $150 million. that's the highest price in califoia history. guess who paid it? rupertmurdoch's son. >> he's got a lot of dollars. by the way,hanks for helping us out today. >> it'slways fun.
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>> check out mlle in "snow ite christmas" from the 13th to 22nd. i'm bringing mychildren. >> please do. let
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