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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 13, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>>good morning and thanks for joining us as you can see in these live ots. it is foggy around the bay golden gate bridge in san mateo bridge are obably the worst on the left-hand side men on the right bob richmond center fell is a pretty foggy there too. the bay bridge here from a distance yocan see the kron studios week we can see pretty clearly but when you're on the bridge, it's going to be thick fog. i'm darya folsom will tran in for james fletch i can confirm very i took the bay bridge, yes, driving through the fog sure okay you know where you're going to wind up on the other side, but it was me and george michael and careless whispers and i didn't care play that has giant you got here. >>and john is it just to the bridges are is everywhere is everywhere guys we are seeg that fog whether you're inland crossing the bridges or out towards the coast. it is definitely anotr foggy morning and another morning
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that will bring low visibility for much of the bay area right now berkeley can't see much from this camera here and look at this. we have every area of the bay at least on this map looking at visibility below a mile i have never seen everyone on the map down below a mile as far as visibility goes we do see improvements on into the latter part of the morning and even for the south bay summit the sunshine working its way through the great but a lot of the bay area holding on to that very muchlike you saw yesterday so fog this morning take it slower out there because of it most of the bay is dry at this point but the northern part of the bay up in sonoma and napa counties starting to look at some showers pushing on through that includes you in rohnert park down to petaluma now starting to see some light sprinkles santa rose up to healdsburg some lighter showers and moderate showers once you head north of healdsburg on one oh one. >>daytime highs not going to be much different than where we're at currently with these grey skies overhead temperatures not changing much from where we're berkeley and san francisco at 54 degrees
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each and later on today, daytime highs will only rise into the upper 50's to a couple of low 60. i'm talking our chances of rainfall today and what to expect for the weekend ahead still to come over to robin alright, pretty calm and quiet into san francisco. we're checking out the bay bridge toll plaza 80 west, it's looking pretty good rightif you're a cash you have to wait a little bit. >>fast track lanes carpool lanes ok fantastic wide open but the fog it's an issue so you want to be extra careful and cautus don't tell don't drive closely because it's pretty thick and it's hard to see so headlights and wipers you'll need it and please reduce your speed all right over to 92, it's no better fact it's worse right we can even see the bridge anymore. we just see a little are red dots a note of lives leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. so it is dead spoke to be prepared 60 minutes off to one on one richmond center fell looks better as far as the fog, no delays here 7 minutes to make it into the north bay of course, we'll check more for you coming up darya will thanks a lot rob, 5 oh 2 breaking news this
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morning a deadlyshooting at near the san jose foothills says right there is major police presence right now at the scene several streets are closed kron four's chrystia tadros live at e scene to give us the very latest christina. >>and i just got done speaking with officers and i can confir that one person has died here on scene and the suspect is not yet in custody, i'm actually going to step away really quickly so you can see kind of how large the scene is we've obviously got caution tape up there a large and that is because right now officers are working on i'm getting supposed suspect from one of the homes right behind me in front of you guys you can see right noactually do want to take it to a map to show you exactly where we are we're here in a residential neighborhood right next to a lutheran church. near one 30 so ah this is you know not far off the highway and again going right into a residential also near rose avenue. >>so again we can tell you that right now we do know that
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that one person has been shot they have died here on scene happening in the early hours of the morning now the logistics of this very difficult officers y they say because the suspect is not yet in custody, he could t let paramedics in because it was so dangerous for them. they do also believe that the suspect ran off after initially firing the shots and kiing the person so there was a bit of a chase for this person whomever ey are for now reporting live in san jose christina teatro kron 4 news. >>thanks christina 5 oh 4 and the big story nationally this morning. the house judiciary committee is going to be making a vote on impeachment that's right. th will resume meetings to discuss the articles of impeachment this morning. john lawrence has the details. >>after 14 hours of debate house judiciary chairman jerry nadler calls a sudden time out before taking final votes. the committee is in recess, gop ranking member doug collins immediately voiced his
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opposition you chose not to consult the ranking member on the schedule issue of this magnitude sotypical. >>this is the cat in the hat, this is the kangaroo court that we're talking about one major result of last minute delay the vo were taken in the middle of the night we want to do it in broad daylight, so first thg in the morning everyone can see exactly what's going on republicans say this move was a case of showboating we did not we have plenty of more amendments and other things we could have offered been here all but we chose to say said all we need to say they said all in the same were finishing is a that was the most lack of integrity thing i've ever seen by a member of cali, especially a chairman another result of now there's move no additional amendments can be offered which means no more debating friday's vote is expected to go along party lines a fullouse vote on the articles is expected next week. >>if president ump is impeached the matter then goes to the gop led senate. i'm john lawrence reporting. >>the house committee will vote on the articles of
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impeachment. 2 hours from now and we will carry that live right here on kron 4 in the 7 o'clock hour. you can also download the kron on app and you can watch commercial free coverage, right now. >>take a look at this hundreds of stolen items were recovered by the san francisco police department they include electronics like phones and laptops also luxury deigner handbags and clothes, the combined estimated wor of the goods. more than million some of the items were stolen from stores in union square. all other items pear to be taken from car break ins. >>this is a worldwide problem we have pele coming from all over the world here. and it's really really sickens me when people come here to visit our great city. and they get victimized. >>police are working on returning the stolen items to increase in car break-ins and thefts san francisco police are warning shoppers to be
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vigilant around union square there and shoppers to stay alrt while using cell pnes. and keep your keys in your hand while approaching your car and hide your wallet of course and a hard to reach place and don't carry tomuch cash. they also recommend shopping with a friend whenever possible and if someone demands for things hand them over and then call 911. >>the most important things you do not leave any items showing n the think it's absolutely devastating. but it never and around this time with thanksgiving holiday season. and that's when they're out and about doing things that they shouldn't be doing. >>another tip is to use parking lots with attendance, whenever possible also just don't assume your items are safe just because they're in the trunk because thieves could be watching you. in the east bay, a student responsible for a shooting threat against wyndham air middle school has been identified. >>the threats were spray painted in the bathrooms they read schol shooting friday,
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the 13th. it's unclear how that student is going to be disciplined. but according to the education code students who threaten others can be suspended or expelled. construction of e suicide prevention net along the golden gate bridge is now 2 years behind schedule. the completion date is now 2023. this project has been underway for out 18 months. there have been problems with the lead contractor as they started doing is the bridge district says the construction company. has said and then the process of being sold and so that's that a problem and now the challenge is for militarizing the new construction units with the project and the building of the work platforms needed to install the neck. >>when a calm took over this construction business. publicly acknowledged delays an execution challenges in their construction unit that they they said we're quote. >>and this is putting the ceo
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avoidable and unacceptable. we are working with the contractor to make sure that this project is compled as soon as possible. >>i see them doing the work all the time, but u can't see the net so this is kind of cool to show you the video of the actual net because it's not visible universe because a lot of people didn't want to see the which is why sees us down threwhere you can't see it when you're dring you can't see if you're looking out and that's what they want to but it's kind of cool to see what they're working on the project and when it is completed that netwill be 20 feet below the sidewalk it will extend 20 feet out from the brdge. to save people who may choose to jump and there are a lot they don't even want torelease how many. >>federal regulators are stepping up a new 3 digit number to reach a suicide prevention hotline. the number is 9, 8, 8 that'll make it easier for those who are seepg has seeking help to get it and to avoid the stigma. soshe with mental health. the process to set up that number though could also take 2 years so that's still going tbe a while for people who are seeking help now they
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are urged to dial 802 7, 3, 8, 2, 5, 5, happening tday, a woman who rammed a man with a car at any on barbershop she'll be in court ruby delgaudio is charged with attempted murder and there's a picture right there. >>hit anrun and 2 counts of child abuse dow last we she ran over brian martin last thursday after getting of said when he nicked her son's neck during a haircut. martin suffered a broken leg and had to get surgery. while she was on the run for days but eventually turned herself in 2 days ago on wednesday night. and toy, former vice president and presidential candidate joe biden will be in san francisco will be attending a fund raising event with senator dianne feinstein this afternoon. >>the super shuttle is going out of business next year is serves the oakland, san francisco and san jose airport after december 31th. they're no longer ing to be
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providing in transportation, the airports, anybody who made reservations after the new year you'll get your money back. the company started in los angeles and they have not made a comment on why they're shutting down ser shuttle. number that you're you're driving d'arnaud take the shuttle i love the what you may have lot of people might be usi lyft or uber after spending years battling the cab industry lift is now taking on the car rental industry they're getting into rentals now. so instead of calling a lyft driver you can drive your own left. a car >>we'll be allowing you to rent that car for as long as 2 weeks at a time. >>they're saying the prices e going to widely very so you st going have to check it out. and at rst, the lift rental service is only going to be available. in san francisco and los angeles that's where they're trying it out. we're not sure what s when they're going to started but will be the first to get is that e idea of getting a
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lift not to drive not to have to shut. yeah, yeah, so it's a bit. it's basically a rental car company in an app it just makes it easier. but these days you can get apps you have to go to the wonder f a driver with this the lyft driver comes up gives you the car they walk because you're to get caught. i think that still on the kron 00:04am morning sickening sight in san francisco, dozens of new complaints of dirty street are being rorted. >>now the city continues to fight theroblem. >>and a new vaccine laws set to go into effect in california next month details on it right after the commercial break. befo we get all those stories, let's head outside show you i 80 in the sierra sierra if u're planning on going to tahoe. do it before the storm hits the acts we are looking at rainfall on the way right now it's currently falling in the north bay, what does the timing for rain today in the bay area. ve got your forecast. >>and i'm checking your morning commute is soggy. it is foggy and it is slow the
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let's take a peek at tahoe weekend getaway day. if you want to enjoy the snow. it looks like those roads are wet but not packed with snow at the moment, things are pretty good right now there is defitely rain following up on the slopes and there's now way looks on the slopes that high and it's still raining not a it does look like it's ining right there okay, but not at street level should so and it may also just some melt occurring because you got a little but yeah there's been rain in the sierra foothills on a pretty high because this has been a warm storm. >>ho has been 5 we've been looking at was warm yesterday right i open my windows it was rainy but it wasn't cold, yeah, not really cold yesterday i had a sweater and a jacket this whether or the jacket with you i don't have a repeat performance today pretty much a repeat performance yeah and the fog us something else this morning guys it everywhere so be
5:17 am
careful about that first and foremost and then later on as the rainfall arrives, you have something else to think about. so this is outside of berkeley, currently visibility is not so good that fog has settled well into the day resulting in low visibility. we are under dense fog advisories for much of the bay searching through the central valley, the car keane is l across the north bay than out along the coastline to do watch out for the sponsor visibility is especially low so rainfall this morning as concert rated mostly to our north you have to head really to the north of santa rosato start to see those showers a widespread the rest of us are looking ata dry but foggy start to this day. >>rain falls light to moderate up one o one between cloverdale and santa rosa, one oh one is very wet this morning so do take it slow up there. it's not just wet, but it is also foggy up there too. later today, rainfall arrives for the rest of the bay area this is 02:15pm light to moderate showers push in they'll be off and on for the rest of the afternoon on into the evening after that point lookout heavy that rainfall is
5:18 am
in the sierra foothills, you're holding on tosnow up around lake tahoe, though, so that is good news for skiers as we pu into tomorrow skies are nice and clear to started a couple of showers after sunset tomorrow night but tomorrow really is a drier day then today is about to be in significantly clear too. how much rain could we see today well it's not going to mnt a too terribly much we're talking less than a quarter of an inch around a 10th of an inch for most spots in the bay area. some light soaking rain on into the afternoon and evening tonight, your daytime highs today will rise into the upper 50'sto low 60's. this isn't much different than yesterday, but just a couple of degrees cooler. temperatures still fairly warm for a rainy day tomorrow, mostly sunny skies to start and then we do see a chance of rain late into the evening sunday, our clearest in driest day with mostly sunny skies. a really nice forecast on into monday too. tuesday cloud cover increases that sets us up for some rain come wednesday and thursday. robin so much fog out ere this morning is a causing people
5:19 am
any issues so yes, it is indeed we can't even see some of the bridges are released portions of the span look at 92, yes, this is 92. >>socked in fog this morning. so you going to be dealing with that from the east bay. all the way over to the peninsula. so that's why we've been telling you need to be extra cautious and extra careful because this is what you are dealing with no problems no crashes no stalls just a lot of fog 17 minutes over to one on one the bay bridge traffic, it's filling in cash lanes fast track lanes spilling back the the over crossing, but no problems coming in fog gets denser as we head closer to san francisco. so under 15 minutes trouble free off to fremont street we're looking at more drive times and we're in the green check on highway 4 through contra costa county that's a 15 minute trip smooth sailing on 6.80 south. trouble free on the nimitz a nice ride on one on one, i don't see any problems heading north from the south bay to the peninsula just leave early because roads are slick and the fog is dense started back to thanks a lot rob and 5.19 and. and san francisco's pope problem is
5:20 am
only getting worse kron four's michelle kingston shows us. >>how they're trying to flush it. >>its its horrifying for people step outside and see pope smeared all over the sidewalk, we know it's getting worse the city of san francisco now has 3 public toilets available after 08:00pm located in castro's selmon the tenderloin that supervisor matt haney says the city needs even more we've seen a reduction in the number of reports of feces in the areas immediately around the pit stop bathrooms including the ones that are 24 hours. we obviously need we eed to expand the number of these bathrooms and the hours the city alsohas a pool patrol staff members who cleanup human waste mostly the tenderloin the district with the highest number of 3, 1 one calls for sidewalk. cleanliness complaints throughout the city 3, 1 one has received more than 25,000 coop complaints this year alon it's a serious public health concern we learned that
5:21 am
just within a couple of hours there were dozens of reports of human feces on sidewalks and on streets throughout san francisco including unfortunately right here in hill neighbors here say this is an unusual when they're used to seeing it the pope scoop twitter account shared more than 60 complaints of feces throughout the city on thursday alone, the city's 3, 1 one site had more than 30 reports supervisor matt haney says more has to be done to keep the city clean. cannot have these conditions on our it's unfair residents on various businesses to visitors. >>and it's embarrassing and it's just awful you know that people would have no other some people we spoke to on und thursday say this is just become normal that it's no longer a surprise when they walk by human waste. >>on the sidewk. in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>california's new vaccine law
5:22 am
set to go into effect next month, samegroups trying to repeal the law motr trying to suspend their fight against it at least for now. the vaccine august. the state department of health and the power to crack dn on doctors right morethan 5 childhood vaccine. exemptions a year. a group against the law says the proposal to repeal it did not get enough votes to land on next year's llot. this group has a big protest pland for the first day of the legislative session when lawmakers come back next month. 4 morning news, a home invasion in the north bay tus. >>it ends with the homeowner getting shot the latest on the investigation and the search for the gun. and after the break in the space fi department needs to fill up the shells with toys for his annual toy drive. how you can help them
5:23 am
mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights, the ones that ma a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biest gun lobby, heing pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to se the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i appre this msage.
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♪ chase. make more of wh's yours®. >>a 21 and east bay fire
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dartment needs your help to make sure that every child has a gift. this christmas, the richmond fire department is gathering toys for their annual drive. and as you can see those shells are pretty bare firefighters really need more donations. they say the need is greater than ever. >>we've actually seen over the years how he need has grown. whether be hanges in the economy or whatever situations families may be going through holiday we've seen the numbers in r need increase. >>oh look at that shelf boys that shelf needs a little love. if you'd like to help out go role as senate kron 4 dot com and we'll tell you how. >>one person dead here in san jose after ♪
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>>5.29 right now and we're taking a look here at wow that is foggy will you are right, that's what she drove i drove through it and it naturally
5:30 am
forces you to slow down the winston said please drive a lot slower than you normally would that's why they say you run into a wall of fog everything is going swimmingly and then yeah, this morning camp john take a look at this from all we get above it their all the stuff at i like that looks like a flight doesn't it like you're in plane, a plane sure you're looking down at clouds except your circling because you can't land certainly has take much don't get me it is very foggy this morning guys that fog causing a lot of problems across the bay area as far as your travels go this morning visibility is just been an issue. >>all across the bay look at this most of us so the well down below a mile for visibility that you're foggiest of conditions right there. >>so definitely take it slow are under way to work you want to give yourself that extra time this morning, a gray skies are going to last for much the day you will see hints of ightness through those clouds especially further south in the bay now you head north and you are
5:31 am
seeing showers right around santa rosa, north from there we are looking at wet roadways on one oh one, but also wet roadways elsewhere in the bay from thdrizzle and light showers that we saw yesterday. temperatures right now in the mid to upper 50's it's really not going to be much different than this into the afternoon we're steady through the day temperatures won't change much by the time we reach daytime highs the upper 50's to low 60's, which is just a few degrees cooler than yesterday then to sunshine in there in showers arriving after 03:00pm today. robin. >>back to the bay bridge where the line is just longer longer every time you take a peek if you need to get into san francco. you got the sentence and commute traffic paying cash and fast tracking it's growing ah it's hard to see because of the fog but it's really back be on the way to the over crossing and then you know after that it's going to be through the maze so you have time to beat the heavier traffic which is on the way and we are still hot spot free. so that's good 10 minutes and foggy into san francisco. here's a look at 6.80 because we do have a crash working southbound just
5:32 am
south of 84, you can see that brief slowdown leading up to the scene so minor hiccup in your drive. >>19 minutes and growing for south 6.80 dublin to fremont will check more coming up. well daria thanks a lot rob and 5.31 breaking news. there's been a deadlyshooting near the san jose foothills, there is major police presence at the scene this morning. so we say kron four's chrystia teatro. >>to the scene to give us the very latest christina. >>yet dozens of police cars and i can now confirm one person has lost their life after shooting happened early early this morning now something that we do not know is where the suspect is right now officers have contained 5 different people ey do not know if one of the 5 is indeed the suspect but they do believe that possibly was that is currently what they're working on and how they are investigating now officers do tell me that early this morning after the shooting happened logistics were very difficult because the suspect apparently ran off and was on
5:33 am
foot so paramedics couldn't even get in beuse everything was so. >>dangerous in this area because the suspect was not detained yet the so that is something they've been working on currently they also are trying to get paramedics in to goahead and assess the scene after one persodied. we do not know if there are other suspects or if there are other victims reporting live here in san jose christina teatro kron 4 news, thanks a lot. it is 5.33 right now and a bill. >>is being proposed to tighten safety standards for small passenger boats this after the dive boat disaster that killed 34 people in southern california the bill would require to escape routes on boats, stricter fire alarm and fire suppression requirements as well and also calls for devices that use lithium ion the conception caught fire and wind down september second off of anta cruz island off the
5:34 am
santa barbara coast. people were asleep, almost everybody was below deck and they were apped bythe flames and many of those victims killed were from the bay area. >>the north bay man is in the hospital after an attempted home invasion. he was shot 3 times ile exchanging gunfire with an intruder we first brought you this story yesterday as breaking news kron 4 was the only tv station there with the reporter on the scene. this happened at an apartment complex in santa rosaa couple heard noise on their balcony when the man armed himself and thenwent in to see who was there the man and the gunman exchanged gunfire. no word if the gunman was also hit. he's definitely very lucky that no one got more seriously injured and he's in very serious condition at the hospital. >>we expected to survive, it could havegone the other way easily whenever llets get fired, i think that is always a possibility. >>so for this morning, police they're still looking into the possibility that maybe the victim and the gunman knew
5:35 am
each other advice if you hear someone breaking into place exit through another door and then called police don't get into a gun battle. a man is facing child charges and pleasant hill vestigators found a number of electronic devices containing images of children in activity at daniel delicate kano's home. he lives just a few blocks from pleasant hill middle school and there's a map r you so you can know exactly where we're talking about he was arrested for possession and production of child as well as committing lewd acts with a child under 13 years old. >>a man wanted for stealing credit cards and other things from bay area yoga studios has been arrested christopher newton is charged with identity theft and burglary. police say he got inside various he'll be the oldest areas around the bay by pretending to be interested in taking classes. he's also wanted for similar saif's that yoga studios in walnut creek berkeley and livermore. on the
5:36 am
peninsula, a man was arrested accused of hitting a woman with his car after they got into an argument over a parking spot. it happened wednesday night on el camino real near the tersection of san carlos avenue. the woman was trying to back into a parking spot. when the man partially pulled into the spot. so then they're you know like angling and over it and she got out and confronted him that other driver, this is him douglas caraway ended up hittinghe woman with his car hit her in the leg with this car. and then when the woman backed away apparently he hit her again with the car. he was arreed nearby restaurant and now he's charged with assault with a deadly weapon and hit and run. >>in these be a man has been arrested after shooting another man in hayward the shooting in the area of kavanaugh street and fall the street this is the location
5:37 am
there and this all happened on yesterday morning. police found one man had been shot again and drove away, but police stopd him on the highway. the victim was taken to the hospital and lab last check is in stable condition. the kron 4 morning news. it's the final countdown for the oakland raiders as they get ready to pl their last game at the coliseum hear from one former raiders wide receiver, that just a few minutes. and new details on just how much renters are paying for their homes in the bay ea very painful. i can tell you that and we've had light rainfall the past few days that's going continue today, i'm talking the timing of when to expect the rain and when we could see some relief from this fog to the head near forecast, i'm tracking slick roads, dense fog and a lot of slow traffic
5:38 am
5:39 am
5:40 am
>>for your money this morning bay area winters has spent
5:41 am
nearly 2 $100billion. i said that slowly so you can really feel the iact on the housing in the past decade. according to a new zillow analysis of the san francisco metropolitan area. renters spent billion to rent from 2010 until now in the south bay renters spent more than $56 million on the rent just this past 10 years. local housing experts say the numbers reflect and affordability crunch. >>well, not really surprised that these numbers are so high because there's so many renters in the bay area, espeally here in san jose. too many people are in the situation they they can't afford the rent anymore. people on fixed income people at a job or you know the hours get cut all these different things that are happening. >>cause the season to fall out of the system. without other affordable options the market housing experts say many renters havehad to make sacrifices in order to pay the rent. >>such as sharing an apartment when you're a full-grown adult.
5:42 am
>>5.41 as we head to the break, let's take a live look here at sfo, you know there's going to be trouble because on a morning like this when there's so much fog. tht means delays so if you're picking up or dropping off and hopping on a flight yourself
5:43 am
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>>a san francisco 49 ers they're getting ready to host the atlanta falcons in santa clara, this sunday, but the injuries keep piling up before the game defensive tackle d j joe's is on injured reserve with an ankle injury. the other season ending injury came to starting center weston richburg who has a torn patella tendon in the short term don't expect defensive players richard sherman andy they're stildealing with day. hamstring is injuries that kickoff at levi's one 25 this sunday as they are still on top of the nfc. >>oh and it's going to be an emotional one in oakland to the one and only last game ever at the coliseum for the raiders so they come back in
5:46 am
20 years and now is to think th'll come back that can hold my breath that's why i pulled out the silr black for today, i serendipity did it you morning in planning, nowhere like hand this is it. we have a former player this morning reflecting on some memorable moments with the raiders ground forces seeking do spoke to the widereceiver. >>so it took me 3 years to even get to a team to where they had the faith to me to get me out on the field and that graders has the ear of a narrow approaches for the oakland raiders played their last game this weekend here at the coliseum before owner mark davis relocates the team to las vegas. rmer raiders wide receiver kd shed reflects on his days in an oakland uniformone of the best best days of my life when i get that call. >>i put that uniform on put that saw those colors shed was on the raiders roster from 1996 to 2000. >>he talks about his most memorable moment in the coliseum. >>have many from the very
5:47 am
first day i met mister al davis. who who will alwas stand in my heart as one of most powerful people i've ever met. >>these days the former raiders wide ceiver is suited up for a different team. the past 17 and a half years officer tv show been patrolling the streets with a certainly a draw lice department however he keeps his raiders colors wi them at all times badge of honor right here both this and the bags together is just it just saw class during last weekend's raiders game at the coliseum officer katie said was recognized for his role in saving the life of sublet trapped in an overturned vehicle, perfect way to say i think this team is done a fantastic job here in oakland, t they set the stage up for nothing but success over in las vegas. >>should be good weather on sunday right for the raiders
5:48 am
finale yeah it's going tobe the best day of the weekend ok per hour can ask for more i guess because has sailed forget it. you really think the cover back to low and to say they get into those vegas days, it's all glitzy they get that fancy new stadium, like what we're so close to the when will say we'll see time will tell. >>but time will tell if this forecast does turn out to be dry.k but only part of it because the next couple of days we still do have that rain fall ahead of us today tomorrow sprinkles across the bay area definitely on the foggy side this morning that means delays at i'm going to keep y updated on that once we start to see them showing up because we haven't any of those numbs coming in just yet now as far as advisories go we are under a dense fog advisory for much of the bay until 08:00am this morning that includes coastal areas much of the north bay and out through the delta into the car
5:49 am
keen as so in these areas, especially be mindful of that fog that is so thick you might not be seeing very far in front of and rainfall up in the north bay this morning, most of us are nice and dry, but you head north of santa rosa on up 1, 1, to cloverdale that's whe you're seeing it and then across northern ap a county to it's moving straight to the east are not going to settle much further southward than it has already showers will eventually push into the rest of the bay area come the afternoon ahead of us ound to 03:00pm do expect light to moderate shower activity and then on and off throughout the restof the afternoon and eventually into the evening tonight, heavy rain at times up in the sierra foothills and snowfall really piling up in the sierra itself ino the evening we can expect snow level the fall as low as 4,000 feet, it's going to be at 6500 feet for much of the rest of the weekend into tomorrow night a couple of showers but tomorrow a much clear day than today will be with a l of sunshine for your saturday and sunshine and dry weather for your sunday as far as rainfall goes totals, not that amount to too terribly much anywhere from a 10th of an inch to a
5:50 am
quarter of an inch of rainfall that's some lighter stuff is the showers do remain light to moderate at most into the afternoon 50's for your high temperatures today just a touch cooler than yesterday we were talking a lot about how yesterday felt so warm well today is going to be another one of those days where you get the rain jacket on that might be the only where you want because temperatures are really going to be chilly san jose and campbell egypt, 62 east bay temperatures also in a range of upper 50's to low 60's similar to yesterday, but a little bit cooler than yesterday was north bay going to be in the upper 50's you do have a few showers up there this morning and all of us are going to have a few showers likely during our overnight hours tonight and then aomorrow, some sunshine we're going to be tapping into a lot of it on sunday, our driest of days in the forecast. monday, partly cloudy. the remaining dry tuesday cloud cover increases and by wednesday. it's back to the rain we go. rob alright, let's check the morning commute because you have to get to work.
5:51 am
>>maybe you're crossing a bay area bridge this morning of cell just know that they are pretty much all fog here right now over to the richmond center fell you're dealing with fog here minor waiting some of the cash lanes it's just out picking up one of the more quiet bridges right so 7 minutes from the tolls to one on one. much heavier here at the bay bridge you're talking about the fog and the traffic you're back up spills beyond 8.80. we can't even see the over crossing because it's often faa gets worse as you head along the suspension into san francisco. so you've been warned be careful out there. 13 minutes off to fremont street. we don't have any hot spots when i spotted a crash in san jose, it's right here north one wanted open road they just pushed off to the side look at that little backup now it's low it was going to be slow anyway, bu you know little stuff like that does not help so north 1, 1, oakland road crash on th shoulder, you're stacked up from 6 ad up ahead, it's smooth sailing continuing to the peninsula. so 35 minutes to make it into menlo park we're oking at more freeways and more numbers and they're not so bad livermore to dublin fantastic at 11 minutes and to
5:52 am
37 7 minutes milpitas a sunny bell will robinliss looking ahead. >>at the 6 o'clock hour the kron 4 morning ne, the house judiciary committee they're getting ready to make their vo on impeachment a little bit later this morning we will have the details in just a get to kohl's...
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>>today's box office report brought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center. >>3 new movies open up this weekend, including a sequel to jumanji arring dwayne the rock johnson. dad daniel has a preview in this morning's hollywood mine. >>it's game on for jumanji the next level as dwayne johnson vin hart and company returned r another adventure, analysts pect the
5:56 am
movie to debut at top the box office th anywhere from 40 to $55 million that would be the last to monday's opening of 36 milli thoughthat film hit theaters a week ter a star wars movie this one opns the week before tuesday. >>we shoul't let it goby yourself >>latest remake of black christmas also opens on friday, th13th sorority sisters have to deal with the killer on campus in the holiday themed hoor thriller which is projected to debut with 10 to million not bad the production budt was 5 million. clint eastwood directs richard jewel about the atlanta olympic secuty guard who discovered a bomb then was falsely accused planting it paul walter hauser stars in the drama which is looking at a million debut in hollywood, i'm david daniel. >>ming up on the next hour, the kron 4 morning news, a
5:57 am
deadly shooting in the foot lls of san jose this year's teacher is that the scene to give us the very latest plus a warning for holiday sppers about the rise in car break-ins in san francisco will give you tips right after the commercial break. plus construction of the suicide prevention at the gold in golden gate bridge is delayed what's causing the
5:58 am
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5:59 am
there are rising reports of a zombie outbreak across the area. the national guard- sometimes you just want to stay in. enjoy the eat taste of dunkin' at home.
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>>and thanks for joining us on a friday a have riable so stand in for james fletcher who is not driving through the fog this morning, no no, but you have to do and it's a tough role in that it is not only for the bridges for one oh one along the waldo 80 along the cartoon is just about everywhere covered


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