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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 13, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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>>a local news >>we are following what's going on right now live in washington dc any moment, the house judiciary committee is going to vote on articles of impeachment against the president we're monitoring what's going on it should happen any moment, the democrats are charging the president with abuse of power for pressuring ukraine to investigate former vice president joe biden in exchange for foreign aid money. today's vote comes after 14 hours of debate yesterday thvote is expected to go along party lines. >>if the impeachment does pass through the committee it will go o the full house for a vote next week, we'll bring you the vote live as soon as it had huge deals only the 3rd time in modern history that we will see what is expected to be a recommendation for
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impeachment. so we will be following that were also carrying it live on kron on which is 24 7 commercial fr so download that app still have time and you can see what's going on. >>we'll go to the coverage from weather and traffic whether or not you guys are finished, but we do want to let people know what's going on because it's been kind of a mess with the faa at hot spots still there it is and it's blocking more lanes what's gone from bad to worse unfortunately. the probem is in berkeley 80 west, ashley and we have several lanes shut wn so i'll show it to you on traffic tracker in a bit ok, let's get right to that fog that yeah, the fog is the big deal this morning guys that's what we're seeing blocking most of your traffic is you are driving into work look at how dense it is hanging out over san francisco only the very tippy top of the golden gate bridge being seen through that fog. >>and a couple of those hills in the marin headlands visibility in novato santa rosa, san francisco, mountain view and san jose as well as napa all down below a mile right now in these areas visibility is causing you some issues and you should slow it down. >>by the afternoon ahead we do
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see fog lifting low cloud cover staying with us for much of the day and a couple of their way through those clouds really not a whole lot of sunshine on your friday, further south the clearer it becomes the further north the rainier becomes you head north to santa rosa and there's a few showers right around healdsburg at this moment, nothing too heavy that rainfall is staying north of the bay area for this morning 50's for your current temperatures alameda hayward oakland berkeley all in the mid 50's right now fairfield and pittsburgh 54 degrees for your current nuers and later on today not a whole lot different daytime highs will rise out of the mid to upper 50's and to arrange of upper 50's and low 60's and a few showers later on today which i'll talk more about the timing of those still to come rob. thank you john back to berkeley where several lanes are shut down 80 west and ashley injury accident that's been working for over an hr now the 3 right lanes are now by but it's a pretty slow ng through berkeley, albany. el
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serino return definitely putting a lot of pressure on the westbound the shore freeway so we're up to 47 minutes and that special alert remains in place looks like they're a little closer to getting it clearedhen they clear at all that you know since that's holding so many people back in appears to be light at the bay bridge toll plaza, but we know that they're stuck on the east shore freeway. >>when they get through the crash or when that crash clears you're going to see much heavier traffic at the pay gates, but if you don't come in from the east shore, maybe you come from the nimitz or 5.80 it's going to be great for you because it's wide open in those folks are not in your way so 10 minutes after fremont street will check more comingup darya will thanks a lot of 7 oh 3 let's get to the breaking news, a locally here police are searching for a gunman after a deadly shooting in san jose and this happened in the overnight hours and that's why police still have a major presence at that location and several streets are still closed conference christina teatro. >>is live on the scene at the scene in san jose with the very latest christina.
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>>now we can confirm that one person has lost their life to the shooting they want to show you exactly where it happene here in the city so it action happened ia neighborhood near 2 major cross streets and at alum rock as well as white road. those again are 2 major thoroughfares here in the city of san jose now logistically this the whole scene has been a bit of a nightmare because the suspect actually ran off after shooting the victim which means paramedics were not able to come in to assist the victim right away because that person was still on the run officers say thsuspect or supects pretty much took off a bye foot right after the shooting and was here in the area and not me this whole area quite a dangerous at that time. police have detained 5 people that were inside of a house whe they believe the suspect was right after the shooting now they do not know if one of those 5 people is the suspect but they obviously hope that one is they have been in the middle of
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investigating that all right, thanks a lot. christine we need to break it away and go to washington dc now he house judiciary committee. >>mister says leaning i mister sicilia me votes. aye. mr swallow. mr. swallow that site. mister live. mister rask and willis idaho and we're going assign a complete votes happen here. this tie up al those i. this demings high this demings both sides. mister yes mister correa vote. yes. the scam an eye. the scam invites i. miss garcia i this garcia votes, aye. mr. negus i mister folks i. this macbeth i this make fast food side. mister stanton i mister stanton bird's eye. this team high. the steamboats i. this week are still powell. this week are still power of a tie.
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the sesc of our eye. task of our good side. mister collins knows. mister collins, but snow. mister sensenbrenner. mister sensenbrenner votes now. mister mister shavit that snow. mister gohmert a load is no mister gohmert now. mister jordan bell. mister jordan votes now. mr. buck. mr. now, mr. reckless. mr. reckless that snow. this roe v. miss ruby votes now. mister gates, no. mister gates books now. mr. johnson of louisiana know, mr. johnson of louisiana, now mister banks know. mister biggs votes now mister mcclintock's though mister mcclintock's that snow miss let's go now. this lets go lets now. mister russians the survation now. mister klein know. mister klein votes now.
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mister armstrong mister armstrong that snow. mister mister stookey votes now. >>because every member who voted to issues to vote. as fochairman at record. >>i was gentleman recorded mr. gummer your record is now now want to make sure. their go report. >>mister chairman there are 23 eyes and 17 knows the articles agreed to. >>the question now is an article 2 of the resolution, impeaching president donald j trump for obstructing congress. the clerk will call the room. mister another. mister another votes, aye. this lost an eye this often votes. aye. miss jackson lee high. this jackson leave aside.mister collins. mister cohen votes aye. mr. johnson
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of georgia. mr. johnson, a georgia votes aye. mister deutsch i. mr. joyce votes, aye. this pass i this past those i. and mister richmond, yes, mister richmond vote. yes. mr. jefferies i mr. jefferies votes. aye. mister sicilia knee-high mister sicilian the votes aye. mr. swallow. mr. swallow votes. i mister mr. s mister raskin bird's eye. this giant haha. this tie up all the this demings high this demings votes. aye mister correa yes. mister correa that yes. miss scanlon i miss scanlon bird's eye. this garcia high. this courtesy of a sigh. mr. i. mister gates was i. this month asked. this make bassett's
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eye. mister stanton i mister stanton but i this teen i this teen votes. aye. this week are this because of how of its eye. the sesc of our eye the best of our votes. aye. mister collins knows. mister collins, but snow. mister sensenbrenner. mister sensenbrenner votes, no. mister shavit. mister shavitz those snow. mr. gummer know. mister gohmert that snow joining. mister jordan that snow. mr. buck. mr. buck phillips now mr. reckless. mr. recess. it's now. this has. miss robey votes now. mister gates, surrogates folks now, mr. johnson of louisiana. mr. johnson of louisiana vote now. mister know. mister biggs votes, no mister mclintock's knows. mister mcclintock's that snow. this let's go now
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this lets go vote. no. mister mr. s and 5 hits now. mister klein knows. mister klein votes now. mister armstrong. armsrongs of snow. this terse to mister stevie votes now. every member of thcommittee who wishes to vote voters. >>the clerk will report. >>mister chairman there are 23 eyes and 17 knows the article is agreed to. >>the resution as amended is ordered deported favorably to the house members will have today system of use the resolution of the report is a single amendment in the nature of a sstitute without objection step is authorized to make technical into forming changes that objection. aaron. pursuing my purposes, the gentleman seek recognition percent to cost who will rule 11 i give notice of intent to file doesn't do >>notices heard without objection. the committee is adjourned.
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>>right we we expected and those articles of impeachment. and this is only the 3rd time recommendation of impeachment has been made they likely followed then by a trial in the senate to determine if the president should be removed from office. in this vote coming in just moments ago after the 14 hours of debate that they had last night before they took this photo there were 2 articles so ey had to vote twice and as expected it went along party lines 23 to 1723 democrats, 17 republicans
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♪ what's gotteinto him? christmas. jcpenney. remember the little things. fog causing any trouble you over there does of oh yeah we've seen some trouble the past couple hours. so you really how are you asking you know that what are the delays
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it's but it was blowing our last time i checked will see this update because it could have changed and could jump a little bit higher because it is some dense fog out there guys. >>so dense in fact that the national weather service as well as chp have both issu fog advisories, dense fog advisories by the national weather service extend all the way up the coastline across much of the north bay, the city of san francisco out the solano county and eventually out into the central valley as visibility is definitely affected in all these areas a very foggy morning so just slow your role as you get work. >>make sure to give yourself that extra time most of the bay area is nice and dry right now there are some showers up in sonoma county to our north and then showers working your way up into the sierra nevada if you are heading up there today, just kw you're going to have to get those chains ready to the rainfall is going to be especially heavy tonight, snow levels at 6500 feet during the day today, but it will fall to 4,000 feet during evening hours as those temperatures cool during our evening ahead. now even though
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we are dry this morning for most of the bay area showers will descend into the bay come this afternoon with some of our heaviest of rainfall expected tonight even with our heaviest of rain it should only be light to moderate shower activity tomorrow actually clears up pretty nicely will have some sunshine % in there of a xed with a few clouds showers just a couple of a moving in on into tomorrow night could see an isolated area of heavy rainfall during your overnig hours saturday night before things dry out nicely into suay, how much rain could we see the next 24 hours. well around a 10th of an inch to a quarter of an inch for the most part not a whole lot continuing our trend of nice. light rainfal on to the finish of the week temperatures today just a touch cooler than yesterday as you remember yesterday actually felt pretty warm especially consiring how cloudy and foggy it was today we're going to keep the mild conditions not see a whole lot of sunshine. southee you've got our best shot at some sunshine this afternoon and also our warmest temperatures while further north in the bay area the cloudier skies will become and also some of the
7:17 am
cooler of temperatures you'll see tosee as well sonoma and napa each 58 for highs, billy how indonesia egypt 57 for your highs today. a breakdown of your next 7 days shows conditions drying out finally hit we do see a break on sunday and monday most notably with mostly sunny skies on both of these days cloudier on tuesday, but still dry before showers arrive again on wednesday. rob all right. thank you john back to that trouble spot in berkeley all lanes are open this craswith injuries finally cleared 80 west and ashley after blocking r well over an hour we have 3 lanes shut down so that ecial alert was canceled look at your back up it's still crawling out of berkeley excuse me out of richmond all the way down to berkeley and air reveal some residual delays 45 minutes to make it to oakland now that the crashes out of the way we're going to starseeing heavier traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza there still stuck on the e sure they haven't made yet that's why all of us and it looked clearer appeared to be nice and life of this not the
7:18 am
case there on the way to minutes off to fremont street richmond center fell a long line from richmond parkway to the west in and then traffic trackeshowing decent numbers everywhere else 17 minutes pacheco to danville for 6.n >>38 minutes north one on one san jose to menlo park daria thanks a lot rob and 7 17 in new this morning a palo alto teenager is in police custody for making a threat to shoot up. >>gunn high school, the 17 year-old student threatened that the shooting was going to police went to the student's home and found a bb gun there. the student was taken in for a mental health examination and could face criminal charges in the east bay, a student responsible for a shooting threat against wyndham air middle school has been identified the threats were pray painted on the bathroom wall and that red school shooting friday, the 13th. it's unclear how he's going to be disciplined but according to the school's code students who threaten others n be suspended or expelled.
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construction of the suicide prevention net at the golden gate bridge is 2 years behind schedule, the estimated completion date is now 2023. >>the proct has been underway for about 18 months but problems popped up with the lead contractor. the bridge district says the construction company there are working with was in the process of being sold. now the challenge has been trying to familiarize the new construction units with the project and the building i'm building the work platforms needed to install the net. >>when a calm took over this construction business. publicly acknowlged delays an execution challenges in their construction unit that they th said we're quote and this is putting the ceo avoidable and unacceptable. we are working with the contractor to make sure that this project is completed as soon as possibl >>once the project is done the net will be 20 feet below the sidewalk in extended 20 feet out from the bridge to prevent people from harming themselves.
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>>for your money this morning if you're planning to hit the road this holiday season expect to bump into a lot of traffic along thway and the government may stop facebook from combining all of their apps jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more hi jane heidari a good morning as facebook's plans to further integrate its various apps could soon face a legal challenge wall street journal commission is considering rade preventing facebook from stitching together whas app instagram with the facebook app. >>now the worry is that by combining all of thosapps and his facebook more control over people's data. we'll just see now offers a gift bscription for one ye a distinct plus it has 6999 comes to5.83 month under the map and send us an email subscription car to your recipient of the gift subscription can only be redeemed by new disney plus subscribers disney plus launched a month ago and already has 10's of millions of subsibers. well triple a says 200 a tooth the 2019 holiday travel will be record breaking morthan a 3rd of
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the us population wi travel at some point during the holidays now the worst data drives not christmas is actually the day after when a 104 million holiday motorists will hit the road and at the end of the most recent fiscal year charitable donations in the us reached 430 billion that's going to giving usa the united way receives the most donations at 3.3 million and rounding up te top 5 feeding america. the task force for global health, the salvation army and saint jude's children's hospital live from the nasdaq, i'm jane king back to daryn thank you jane. >>coing up on the kron 4 morning news a home invasion gun battle when the homeowner actually gets shot. the latest on the investigation and the search for the shooter. and after the break a california man a sentence for attacking 2 kids and the video. all caught on cam. here's a live look at the bay bdge toll plaza you can see socked in with fog. but it's not the bay bridge. that's the problem it's getting to it. robin winston
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ll explain
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>>the big story that we're following this morning,san francisco police have identified the body of a 14 year-old girl that was found a lake where said 43 years ago she has been identified as judy gifford. her body was found in 76 when a man was walking near a pumping station at the lake in san francisco and saw the body in in the sand during the investigation police found information that linked the case to the missing persons case of judy gifford and they have confirmed her identity using dna from difference and who lived in new jersey. her murder is still unsolved. a 51 year-old man will be spending the next 9 years in prison for assaulting 2 kids at a target store in lodi it happened back in august but police just released the video after the man was sentced yesterday. take a look at this the 2 boys
7:26 am
were playing deo game displays in the store when the man runs up and punches them the boys are just 11 in 5 years old the 5 year-old was knocked to the ound after being punched in the face. police said the attack was unprovoked the 11 year-old then ran over to help the 5 year old police said the man likely had drugs in his system at the time. he attacked the kids. >>one person lost their life here in san jose, the suspect still not you know when you're at ross and you find their favorite hero... a price that makes you the hero? yes! that's yes for less. yes! with hot holiday toys for all ages, ross is your toy destination. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. tto harrison, the wine when ytcollection..r less. to mateo, my favorite chair.
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great things for agreed the wonderful so much help the kids enjoy it might as might give to a good job on 2 they all kitchen very nice young are looking at this morning, you guys so get you a tree and light itup because you know what a little bright this in your life on this grey day you look outside at the cloud cover hanging out over a golden gate bridge, not that that matters much you can see any of it you can see some of the marine had winds out in the distance but fog is dense novato santa rosa, san francisco, napa mountain view and san jose. >>looking at visibility right now below a mile so visibility being affected by this dense fog. it will break apart into the afternoon lift and you do have better visibility but still holding on to that gray especially nears to the coast now skies have been remains nice and dry throughout the morning. the excepon being up in the north bay where portions of sonoma county have looked at showers these showers are moving directly to the east so not really dropping into the rest of the
7:31 am
bay area just yet. >>we can expect a few showers making their way into the bay starting afternoon and lasting off and on through the evening ahead of us rit now temperatures outside in the 50's this is what you have to expect getting out there i'd advise of light rain jacket today bundled up a t too much and it actually got kind of warm and today we are looking at similar conditions just a few degrees cooler showers as i mentioned moving in into the afternoon. >>robin all right. thank you john checking in on capitol corridor major delays over an hour. there's a problem with a car on the tracks that car was removed, but we have delays on 5 2521 about 65 minutes of traveling between berkeley and richmond as they are still working to recover from that earlier issue but at least the trains are moving out one point they stopped. we have a new crash on the richmond sandra fell bridge. but it's east bound so counter to that direction. right at the entrance and this may be blocking bo lanes there so it's already stacking up as you inter the bridge coming out of the sand quinn area so
7:32 am
keep that in mind checking in on 92 foggy and slow it's no better, it's jam from the tolls to the high rise so get out there early we'll check more coming up we'll. >>robin north bay man is in the hospital after a gun battle en it happened during a home invasion. he was shot actually 3 times while exchanging gunfire with the intruder. we brought you this story as breaking news yesterday morning kron 4 was the only tv station there with the reporter at the scene. apartment complex in sta rosa, a couple heard noise on their balcony when the man armed himself. they went outside to check. the man and the gunman actually started exchanging gunfire. no word if the gunman was also hit. he's definitely very lucky that no one got more seriously injured and he's in very serious condition at the hospital. >>we expected survive, it could ve gone the other way easily whenevr bullets get fired, i think that is always a possibility. >>police are still looking into the possibility that the
7:33 am
victim and the gunman might have known each other before the gun battle, they advise any one of us if you hear a noise and somebody actually i obviously having a gun don't be a hero go outside the door leave the place then called the police department. >>and breaking news police are searching for a gunman a deadly shooting that haened in san jose there is major police presence still at the scen and this is in the foot hills streets are closed as they continue to search for the suspect conference christna is live at the scene christina. >>yeah there have been officers here all morning obviously now the sun is up and they're still continuing this investigation. one person has lost their life here after being shot in the early hours of the morning and get this we actually do not know if the suspect has yet detained officers do hope that they were able to find him to be detained 5 different people and they hope suspect is one of the 5 but so far we ha no
7:34 am
word on if indeed the suspect is what's good and show you where this happened actually happened in a neighborhood of to my major thoroughfares here in the city of san jose those are alum rock and white road and as i mentioned those are 2 major street here in the city the police tell me after the suspect shot the victim the suspect actually took off. so paramedics were unable to get to the victim right away because the area was actually too dangerous with the suspect is still on the run as i mentioned policedetained 5 people officers believe that suspect is a man and maybe one of the 5 people that were detained. but right w they are still investigating that most logistics if you are here in the neighboring area. the bus schedule has been pushed back in these major thoroughfare so make sure you go ahead and reach out to those organizations receive rain bus stop is because no traffic can come to this area. i'm hurting live in san jose christina teatro kron 4 news. thanks christina 7.34 right now on the peninsula man has be arrested for hitting woman. >>with his car after they got intoan argument over a
7:35 am
parking spot. >>on wednesday night they we on el camino real near the intersection of san carlos avenue and the woman was backing into a parking spot when the man partlly pulled into the spot as well so now they're at stalemate apparently the one get out in front of the other driver whose douglas caraway and that's when he got into his car and he hit her in the leg with the car and then when she backed away hitter again so he was arrested at a nearby restaurant charged with assault with a deadly weapon and hit and run. a man wanted for stealing credit cards and other things from yoga studio has been arrested christopher newton is charged with burglary and identity eft. police say he would go inside various, you would use yoga studios and pretend to be interested in taking classes and then swipes stuff. he also was wanted for similar sesay yoga studios in walnut creek berkeley in livermore. >>5 people taken to the hospital after hazmat scare in
7:36 am
mountain view, your pictures of the firefighters responding to the scene and odor coming sick. a total of 9 people were treated in 2 different locations. here's a map showing you where it happened. it happened once on terrible avenue andagain on westfield road. investigats determined the smell was coming from a previous battery that was being charged in an enclosed space near those locations. the super shuttle is going out of business next year and services the oakland, san jose and san francisco airports after december 31th, the company will no longer baby will be providing service to customers anyone whmade reservations after the new year will get their money back. the company has not said why they are shutting down it actlly started years ago in los angeles ter spending years of battling the cab industry lift is now taking on the rental car industry as well lyft is launching a
7:37 am
rental car service that lets users rent vehicles for as long as 2 weeks at first the service will only be available in the safrancisco area and los angeles. it's unclear when the lift a rental cars will be this morning bay area renters has spent nearly billion on rent in the past dede, according to a new zillow report. >>of the san francisco bay area renters spent a billion on rent from 2010 until now in the south bay render spent more than billion in the last decade on rent, local housing experts say that this shows you just how everybody is trying to meet ends in an expensive bay area. >>well, not really surprised that the numbers are so high because there's so many renters in the bay area, pecially here in san jose. too many people are in the situation they they can't afford the rent anymore. people on fixed income people at a job or you know the hours get cut all the different
7:38 am
things that are happening. >>cause the season to fall out of the system. >>without other affordable options on the market housg experts a lot of runners have to make a lot of sacrifices st sharing getting roommates that's just part of it there are a lot of things that we have to cut corners on o be able to afford the rent, 7.37 coming up. christmas light display is bringing joy to a california neighborhood all because of a 9 year-old boy. >>and those lights will be liting up some gray skies today because what we're looking at is a lot of fog and then some rainfall that's going to spread across the bay area come the afternoon and evening tonight. >>about your weekend forecast ahead. and the traffic is still flowing especially heading into san francisco. these folks were stuck on the east shore freeway after a crash now pack right now, 2 of my breakfast jacks with a freshly cracked egg and your choice of sausage, or now chien, are just 4 bucks. served all day, so they're not just f early birds. great cause i was out raging last night. (snores)
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>>that was the rction of a 9 year-old boy in southern california after the christmas lights were turned back on at a home in uthern california. thfamily that decorates the house always puts a big christmas display. but last year, somebody stole a bunch of their decorations. so this year they decided they were not going to put up the lights. then they got this note from 19 your 9 year-old santiago say how much you love the lights even included $20 to help the family pay for the lights that were stolen. >>i came home and there even home i just like that and i was like oh my gosh i get this from michael boy. >>the joy however didn't last very long after the family turned the lights back on that were once again targeted by thieves surveillance video right there captured another thief taking decorations from the front yard and then took off from the scene in that car. >>time now 7.42 coming up on the last chance to break out
7:43 am
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>>back 7.46 on this friday morning feels good to be saying that even if this friday is a pat on the grey and gloomy side you see out here for berkeley skies, not very clear at all we have dense fog across much of the bay in dense fog advisories, do still remain in effect for coastal area, san francisco much a marine sonoma napa and solano counties out into the central valley to watch out for low visibility through the rest of your morning showers have remained up in the north bay really having yet to spread anywhere else across the bay area we're going to remain dry until the afternoon for the rest of the day which point some showers do push in light to moderate rainfall this afternoon into the evening tonight watch out for
7:47 am
that as you make your travel plans on into the evening. how rain can we see well it's going to remain on the lighter side anywhere from a 10th of an inch to just over a quarter of an inch for some of our north bay areas. daytime highs a bit cooler than yesterday's upper 50's to just a few low 60's down in the south bay. and a breakdown of your next 7 days shows cooler temperatures next week but a drier trend saturday should be dry with the exception of a few showers late into the evening and sunday and monday your best days with mostly sunny skies. new hot spot. and this time around it's on the richmond sandra fell bridge. but it's the counter commute directions. >>it's east bound 5.80 before mid span a little bit closer to the entrance of the bridge. so this is coming from the north bay, what looks like we may have all lanes blocked here on the richmond sandra fell so theye issued a traffic alert. no estimated time of clearing westbound is already pretty heavy that's the commute side and it's jammed from return parkway to mid span. here's what it's looking like at the tolls 15 minutes and growing very foggy
7:48 am
to see need to be extra careful on the bridges, the bay bridge traffic filling in once again after a crash in berkeley everybody was stuck on the e sure they've made it to the toll plaza that's why it's heavy so officially, you're backed up once again through the maze de martin bridge, a 20 minute trip one oh one 14 minutes from brisbane to san francisco. >>raiders fans are getting ready for the team's final home game in oakland ever so it's your last chance to get all decked out for the black hole so make it good. i thought the full face paint some and the like might be a little too much for the morning show so i'm never going to wear this dress again and you're not going to be able to wear all that silver if you're hopping on a flight to vegas because the metal detectors will go crazy. so have to keep all this stuff carry on. and after this oaand can only say thanks for the memories and so many great moments like this one.
7:49 am
>>not by 12/24/1974 raiders versus dolphins in the divisional round wow nice shops. a quarterback ken stabler engineer to play that stopped the dolphins from making it to their 4th super bowl in a row. escapes a pressure flips the ball to clarence davis who keeps a hold of it in. >>a sea of hands. that's why they call it. a sea of hands. >>and the raiders win that game. they didt make it all the way that year but they did win 2 super bowls during their time in oakland and plus i should get some kind of award. >>because those mutton chops were legendary and another all-time classic when the raiders beat the jets. >>but new york didn't it. >>tend to leave with 5 seconds
7:50 am
>>and they saw one minute left and then heidi this kid's movie. it was november 17th 19 is 68. so they have that 3 point lead just a minute to play nbc flipped a switch and they played the heidi movie because and back then the tv guide said starts at 11 starts at 11 that's how they roll raiders ended up scoring on a 43 yard touchdown pass with 44 seconds left took the lead on the kickoff, they picked up the jets fumble as school again. jets fans had no idea until they're watching a stupid movie and they see this crawl. they say they won the raiders one heidi game prompted all networks to change their policies and stick with every nfl game until and finished no matter how long it would be nice to see the raiders go out with a win this sunday, even though they're not going anywhere after that other than.
7:51 am
>>to las vegas. the 49 ers are playing for more than tried this sunday they could clinch the division if they beat the falcons and they should be able to that game is won 25 at levi's sunday. you know i love to shine a light on badass womewell i found a girl in sacramento, who is really raising the bar. heavy those plates are they looklike they weigh more than her. 15 year-old candice richie she's 4 foot 6. >>and 88 pounds. she just won gold and silver medal in her first international competition and now she's on a mission to make it to the 2024 olympics. >>to be successful something for like you can't just want to be you can't just like love the outcome of it you need to love the process to get there on arnold over here. >>bob dole, the guns can is packed on 23 pounds in the last year so she has to weigh less. and that's almost how
7:52 am
much more she needs to hoist over her head. if she wants to bein the olympics see she has to get 33 pounds more packed on to hat bar and then. o let's watch it one more have to be the whole to look a lot of weight looking they can lift 10 to 15 times their body weight that's what i read you know the force the way their body is built and everything i'm no physics expert. but there's new research and it says that ants have this special way their neck joint is made and that helps them withstand pressure up to 5,000 times greater than their own body weight so i don't think we're going to beat them any time soon. >>that's the
7:53 am
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>>as you might the next level is the big movie opening this weekend in theaters it stars the rock jack black and care and gilly and dylan i should say analystexpect the movie to debut top of the box offi with anywhe between 40 $55 million anthat would be last jumanji lynn that opened up and open up at about million. coming up in the next hour, the kron 4. >>deadly shooting in san jose christina is live at the scene with the details plus a warning foholiday shoppers about the rise in car break-ins in san fra you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sister stopped borrowing your sweaters? yeah! that's yes for less. stop stealing mine... never. holiday gifts everyone's sure to love at 20 to 60 percent off department store prices. at ross. yes for less.
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i'm darya folsom will tran in for james fletcher i'm never wear this dress again, i feel silly now it's only silver black because of the raiders you know it's on a morning saying and so at much a rate never the game for sure and that's right robin black and silver sure all >>we got rid of the one in berkeley now one on the richmond sandra fell not good. we have all lanes blocked right on the bridge coming from the north bay, so this is eastbound. >>it's well before mid span uh like little bit closer to the entrance of the bridge. we have an accident working that crews are still dealing with a so they've issued a traffic alert. and it's just crawling back from san quentin so there they are moving it now. they'll have the cones picked up shortly but do expect delays eastbound and westbound on the bridge. this is what it looks like westbound which is a commute direction. it's slow. it's foggy it's crawling fr


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