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tv   KRON 4 News at 430am  KRON  December 16, 2019 4:30am-5:01am PST

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day after what was a comfortable and dry day yesterday but it is certainly a chilly one as robin has noted, we are looking at some cold temperatures. >>across the bay area this morning looking outside there's clear skies looking down at salesforce tower and the rest of financial district in the bay bridge. unlike last week was so much fog for much of the forecast. this week we are off to such a dry start we are looking at not a lot of fog visibility is good all across the bay area, one of those mornings where you can get outside worry too much about conditions out there, no fog and no soggy conditions on roadways either so roadways offering up some nice and dry conditions as of this moment, high pressure situated to our south and west right now there's some cloud cover that's going to filter and at times but we're going to remain mostly sunny today and really skies going to be nice and. a clear enough to help those temperatures that will remain cool during the afternoon feel just a little bit better so we are in the 30's and 40's currently dublin
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livermore you're in the 30's fairfield napa novato all the way up through santa rosa and lena also in the 30's, san francisco oakland and berkeley are in the 40's but still cooler than yesterday for these areas oakland in livermore down 7 degrees from yesterday while on a napa and fairfield down 46 degrees from where we are at the same time yesterday a look ahead at your next 7 days shows temperatures outside a rising into the 50's as we make our way towards the afternoon ahead mid 50's for highs by the time we work towards 03:00pm and mostly sunny skies overhead i'm talking more on your forecast still to come. robin all right, thank you john just leave a little early take a little bit of extra time too sit in that car and warm it up that's what i have to do this morning because that's stirring well as cold. >>i don't have heated seats either i don't have that luxury hill over to 92 for who does who heated our floor director ca she says i do he's making us tell us this morning. all right over to 92, let's check the drive from
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hayward over to the peninsula as folks in their heated seats make their way over to the peninsula making us jealous. no problems, no crashes are looking at 60 minutes here to make it over to want to off to a fantastic start don't get out there messed up but to be safe driving to work right now we're hot spot free. this is the richmond sandra fell bridge. we have a couple of trucks rolling through the tolls but no problems across the span so hopefully it'll stay that way 6 minutes to make it to the north bay i know that's just wishful thinking over to one on one we're tracking the drive across the golden gate we're off to a great start. no problems here making your way south which is on the left side into san francisco, its only 18 minutes to make it to the pay gates. a little bit of fog for you this morning along the peninsula if you're traveling anywhere along 2.80 near 92 chp issued a special fog advisory for that interchange are saying it's pretty dead. so they're just warning folks to be extra cautious cautious on the peninsula. what about the east bay, maybe you're traveling on a tee this morning, 80 west from crockett oakland, it's clear. it's about 14 minutes
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for that drive which is right on time 24 is looking good wannacry lafayette or enda looks good through the tunnel to the oakland side, 5 80's trouble free and so is the nimitz it's going to be a quick 10 minute trip for you at least for now to make your way from to 38 to 9.80 will check more coming up in just a bit. amber alert is out this morning for this 2 year-old girl take a look at the future here bethany carranza she was last seen last night in the city of san jose. she weighs about 30 pounds she has brown hair and brown eyes. authorities say that she was abducted by her father 24 year-old victor madonna. authorities are looking for a light green 2007 hyundai santa fe, the license plate number take a look 7 ex j acts 0 to 5. if you see that vehicle make sure you dial 911. well to the east bay oakland after this says that he was racially profiled and thread and for no reason kron four's dan thorn talk with him and has a story
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this morning while taking pictures of these bike racks oakland city planner kenya wheeler says he was approached and threatened by 2 security guards, one of them even drawing a gun. >>it was frightening troubling and the wednesday night dispute happened here at the election webster apartments near downtown oakland. >>as the city's chairman of the pedestrian and bicycle commission wheeler says he wanted to showcase the fruits of their labor allies are taking pictures and that's why doesn't that there's a plan to love our city that something i do actually want to travel i live in this area. instead as seen in this video shot by wheeler, the complex's security guards accused him of casing cars to break into i took pictures of the buybacks. >>no no no yes, but know the bike rack snow ice. the second guard heard speaking wheeler says unholstered his gun i i had in instant like release for sickening feeling that like you know. >>is is he going to raise a gun at me is easy because i
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have a weapon like my shots, you hear your call the police on e. >>wheeler says the guards wanted to call police he was fine with that, but felt increasingly concerned that he was being unfairly detained by the guards, one so pd arrived wheeler says they resolve the situation. the apartment manager also told him the guards were being more aggressive because of residents concerns about recent break in saigon is a very aggressive. but. >>people with a gun is not. >>appropriate a spokesman for election webster tells kron 4 news the guards should have never confronted wheeler because he was on a public sidewalk. they have since changed to security providers because of this he worked for the lex unless there were no clear front of the wheeler says is more upscale apartments go up in oakland hired security should have better training for interacting with other people who live in the neighborhood or what i'd like to see is is you know tray happening for him. >>security staff in oakland, it is and then we needed
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reference a level but to ensure that. these kind of incidents don't occur. again. >>reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron 4 news. >>well to the north bay now a man is in custody after a shooting at a christmas party in sandra fell. this happened right along c street it was early sunday morning police say that david seaman mean he he got into a fight with the victim and told them to leave his home. so while the victim was leaving so many shot in the foot. it's still under investigation. well also in the north bay, a burglary pursue left a trail of marijuana scattered all across the street santa rosa police have responded to a marijuana business on pine replace after a burglary alarm went off on saturday morning look at that. so when they got their and they ran from the business they got into 3 cars. they drove away over the sidewalk. they even collided with a police vehicle. police chased the vehicles on the highway one o one. but eventually they stopped their pursue due to unsafe driving conditions we look at the trail he left
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behind. over to the east bay now a man is in jail this morning after an hour's long standoff and fremont police say the man committed a home invasion robbery and then he barricaded himself on top of a 5 story building that man broke into a woman's apartment he assaulted her he ran off with her belongings this happened friday morning. he ended up on top of a building that was under construction. the building su erintendent says that the man tried to blend with the construction workers that didn't work it didn't take long for police to find him. >>so my guys are actually getting ready to pour concrete. and we couldn't do that so everybody cleared the building at the request of the police and then everybody just stood out here for 6 hours waiting for him to leave so they can go get their tools and go home. >>well the man was armed with a large knife and a torch he eventually was taken into custody after telling officers that he would comply. he will now have to undergo a mental health evaluation before he's booked on any charges. well
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police are stepping up patrols at busy shopping centers as smash-and-grab son auto thefts continue to rise in the bay area so they're now taking it a step further to stop the would be fees kron four's gayle ong shows us just how the bait d quite program works around the holidays. police see a spike in auto burglaries but the thieves don't know what they may be stealing belongs to police. >>any of these vehicles could be part of walnut creek police departments bait d quite the ecole program from parking garages commercial lots to residential neighborhoods vehicles are strategically park geun-hye targeted areas within the city inside the decoys vehicle. >>hi and objects in plain view typical targets for auto burglars backpacks. >>2 cases with laptops computers. gaming devices. police want to keep the details under wraps so criminals don't know what to look for but inside the bait item is a gps tracker once it moves dispatch is notified.
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>>they sent an officer to track the stolen goods this program has in existence for a number of different years, but every year it grows and see this year that this program is very robust lieutenant james or after with walnut creek pd won't tell us how many arrests there's been a but he says the program helps deter vehicle burglaries from happening in the city other very surprised when we catch them they're very surprised and i tell you that we have not had a repeat offender from those that we have got to have you ever had your car broken into. >>what was the last the lesson don't go shopping and go back to your car and put valuables inside because we're not going to be there when you go back and they don't leave anything in a while the shoppers at broadway plaza are aware the corners leave property in the cars and. >>it just still amazes me when i walk to a park on how many how many vehicles have valuables in the vehicles that you can see. >>walnut creek police also has a program with teenagers who volunteer and train like
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officers they go to parking garages and parking lots and leave a warning tickets. for drivers who leave valuables in plain sight reminding them not to be a victim of theft reporting in walnut creek gayle ong kron 4 news. >>governor newsome is calling for a stronger action plan after rejecting pg settlement plan so the settlement was a key part of the company's effort to get out of bankruptcy, 13 and a half billion dollars would have been used to pay victims of for wildfires in northern california and the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. governor newsome says that the plan does not comply with the terms of a recently passed wildfire liability law. you can read governor newsom's full statement online on our website at kron 4 dot com. well to the north bay now people in larkspur can now head to downtown novato be a smart rain. and there it is right there. this is video posted on twitter so the new
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larkspur station will also serve as a gateway for tourists wishing to visit iran and sonoma counties you have some options now right now the train will run on a temporary schedule which allows riders to take advantage of that new service to and from san francisco as well so starting january first next year, smart will be expanding service on weekdays everybody helping to train and get off the road get out of those cars that helps the environment too. all right coming up next on the kron 4 morning news pitcher madison bumgarner is leaving the as leaving the bay area after an 11 year career with the giants where he's headed next coming up. >>about we have outside taking out a beautiful shot of the embarcadero in san francisco, it is cold outside if you haven't cracked a window or open a door we are warning here temperatures dipping into the 30's and 40's so bundle up we'll have a full forecast coming up after the break.
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so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, 48-month financing on all smart beds. plus free premium delivery when you add a base.ends monday. >>well another wave of snowfall providing fresh white powder on the slopes of the sierra take a look at that. this is video from kirkwood mountain resort showing off that's gear just colliding through the snow with ease. a recent storm dropped more than a foot of snow over the weekend lots of fresh powder for you.
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>>so far we have more than 11 feet of snow in parts of the sierra it's always nice to see it's time to we have to get to the sierra think john and i were just talking about this before the show started about taking some trips to tahoe right now are soon, here's a live look outside very minute right, go now that's gone now, but still a right now in king ville in the sierra this morning we saw the snow on the side of the road so for folks heading up. got will be asked for a narrative you want the white stuff there you go of snow fall of year this season we saw even more of it to start the weekend than a nice calm finish the weekend that's what that video was yesterday. i think the split is skies over the white fluffy everyone's enjoying. >>now this morning here in the bay area snow for feels like we could yeah it is chilly out there for those of you that are stepping outside this morning you're doing so hopefully with thick winter jacket on because it's one of our coldest mornings we've had in a while a look across the bay does show san francisco, nice and clear. no fog
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blocking out this view, although we do have a touch of it right along the western edge of the bay for those of you on the peninsula most elsewhere in the bay area things are nice and clear this morning. so cloud cover it's sitting to our north we have high pressure si uated out in the pacific it's going to keep us dry and sunny today, but this isn't going to last forever in this high pressure will be breaking up towards the middle of the week and that means the storm door opens up yet again so just around the corner rainfall does make its return won't be today and it really will be tomorrow either although tomorrow's cloud cover signifies the arrival of rainfall just around the corner cloud cover increases ahead of showers that move in late tomorrow night for the most part after you've gone to bed taking us through early morning on wednesday around the corner light to moderate showers are expected here, but you could see some isolated areas for showers to become heavier as well. today though not talking any rain just talking sunshine this afternoon and daytime highs in a range of mid to upper 50's it doesn't matter if you're at the coast or if you're inland. today, we're really all in the
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the same temperature range mid to upper 50's there on the peninsula after fog burns off south bay temperatures nearing 60 in san jose but you're holding on to 58 pleasanton dublin union city each at 55 today while hayward and fremont each at 56 peek today at 54 degrees while north bay temperatures also down much different in the mid-fifties what the route the coast or further inland. here's a look at your next 7 days an important next 7 days because we're nearing christmas now. tomorrow cloudy here but we are still holding on to dry conditions until tomorrow night into wednesday when rainfall does arrive again thursday and friday we're drying back out but saturday and sunday for the weekend before christmas does look likely that showers are back in the forecast. robin all right. thank you john traffic looks pretty good around the bay area so far off to a great start haven't had any. >>major problems reported so far so good on out there now you know it's going to start picking up everybody is heading back to work. it's own
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day as we call it your moaning as a rolling out of a little crowded here on 92. had leaving hayward working your way over to the peninsula but not bad we're not complaining right 17 minutes to make it over to one oh one richmond sandra fell bridge delay free trouble free. that's how we like it 7 minutes to make that trip across the span into the north bank from the north bay to san francisco are looking good leaving san francisco see some flashing lights there probably the zipper truck something flashing up ahead, heading toward the tower will double check it, but it's probably just bridge crews moving along we're at 19 minutes with nothing reported so far novato to san francisco traffic tracker showing nothing but good news written the green for 5.80 livermore to dublin, dublin to fremont that's going to be smooth drive for the southbound trip the limits in fantastic shape. so far 20 minutes from to 38 to 2.37 or if you're leaving milpitas it's picking up just a tad. >>but no big problem 7 minutes for 8.80 off to one oh one
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we'll check more coming up. well haftar spending his sutton tire 11 year career with the san francisco giants pitcher madison bumgarner is leaving the bay area we're sad about this report say that matt bomb has reached an agreement with the arizona diamondbacks and that deal as for 5 years $85 million the 30 year-old was named mvp of the 2014 world series don't go matt bomb placed and is productivity. i guess i'm looking on are talking about the warriors now the worry is for hosting the sacramento kings last night at chase center the chase center. >>the key is they dominated the entire game we lost warriors lose this 1, 100 to 79 moving on next up the warriors head up to portland oregon to take on the trail blazers well a caught on camera in philadelphia, there is a stray dog who was desperately looking for shelter and found a forever home. >>by simply walking inside of an open door mat patrol has
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that story. >>she's probably been through a lot based on you know the shape that she's an security video from here and fish town shows a dog walking with the lamp wandering around in the cold to put it cautiously walks off some missteps before sneaking inside this home around 3 15 saturday morning judge joe keenan was alarmed after waking up and finding her there's a puppy in the first for a house with all the windows closed and locked so it's like i'm a magician poppy a very freaky know who dog here a look at 2 kenyan security system showed about 20 minutes after the furry friend walked inside a neighbor noticed the front door was open so just like that in the middle of the night the stranger turns into a really good neighbor who we tracked down yelled inside to see a story there a dog didn't respond so dogs obviously with some place or so we close the door locking the dog inside joe keenan says the door probably blew open from the wind after he must not a close
4:51 am
it all the way earlier in the night and even though the joke he does have another dog george and a one month-old baby too. the family is now taking in the second dog calling her susie who seems to play well with george she's in warm how she's getting good meal, she's getting water she's getting cut she getting soft bed and uh you know and a loving environment and. >>i mean at a minimum that we can govern. >>are you kidding says she's so cute those a great story that reporting susie was mel nurse when she just walked right into that house the family is asking for donations to help out with her treatments, sometimes you just walk right into destiny. all right. >>a little outside want to check in on the airport sfo maybe you're catching a flight maybe you're picking someone up. donna let you know if we have any delays will also let you know how cold it is it is pretty darned cold in some spots were dipping down into the 30's this that's cold for us folks in california will check more weather and back
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4.54 on this monday morning heading back to work today with some clear skies overhead and musher on a few spots on the peninsula. >>we're fog is pretty dense will close to the sfo. but you do see clear skies above sfo right now thus we are looking at no delays out of any of our airports going to keep an eye on these this morning though, especially with some fog in the vicinity just south of the airport this morning, 30's and 40's for your current temperatures nevado santa rosa and napa antioch in livermore
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among those areas in the 30's joined by redwood city this morning at 39 degrees winds, nice and calm this morning and that's the way we're going to stay throughout the day so a calm cool and clear monday ahead of us. robin the sounds good. thank you john now let's check in on traffic which is. >>then looking pretty good so far we haven't had any major hot spots, but every time we check our bridges we notice that we have more and more cheaters out there heading so we'll call this busy but not bad early at 17 minutes here to cross the san mateo bridge and make it over to one on one if you're heading out to 80 tore down to 80 or 92 there's a special dense fog advisory for those of you traveling along that stretch to be careful when one looks good across the golden gate 22 minutes to san francisco with no big problems here through the tolls and on to doyle. it
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is it's a sure sign of the season here in the bay area, the san francisco ballet's performance of the nutcracker it's the 75th anniversary of the nutcracker by the sf valley. they presented the country's first full let's not crack or way back in 1944 and to celebrate they'll be handing out free nutcracker wrapping paper and other goodies that you can enjoy the production runs through december 29th if you want to go and check it out. all right coming up in the next hour on the kron 4 morning talk about it's an end of an era plan and a bittersweet one has a greater say. >>goodbye bay area highlights from last night's game at the coliseum. a nice way taxi driver is recovering after a brutal attack. why he believes he was targeted for his religion. and then we're also updating you on an amber alert that's out this morning for 2 year-old missing out of san jose bethany carranza was abducted by her father victor magma
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tto harrison, the wine tcollection.. to craig, this rock. i leave these things to my heirs, all 39 million of you, on one condition. that you do everything to preserve and protect them. with love, california. >>an amber alert in the south bay looking for a toddler taken by her father. >>plus thousands of kaiser employees preparing to go on strike this morning for better wages and health care for patients. >>i'm sad lashed the views and i think is displaying they can get the >>there's going out with a lot
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their last game at the coliseum and they couldn't pull out of west and thanks for waking up with us on a monday morning, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher. >>waking up to yes the by the oakland raiders no more and more home games. we'll have some highlights coming as they did to us now and we have season to finish for work at a minute that said there more on that coming up in a minute get a look at weather brought to a great start it's very quiet out there a little foggy on the peninsula. there's a fog advisory for 2.80 of 92. >>but bridges are looking good we'll check some numbers, ok is it spotty phone because i didn't have super spy religious that one spot everywhere else is crystal clear this morning. so those of you on the peninsula as robin mentioned there are routes that you're going to take that will be a.


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