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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  December 16, 2019 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>i'm here in san jose on the scene of a stabbing that has triggered now an amber alert will tell you everything you need to know coming up in a live report. >>happening now 4,000 kaiser permanente workers across the state there are on the picket lines you can see the table right there they're on strike for the entire week. i'll tell you what this means if you're one of the patients. >>it was frightening troubling and >>a man speaking out now after he was says he was racially profiled and had a gun pulled on him in an upscale oakland neighborhood we're going to have that story and what the security guards involved are
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saying about what happened. and thanks for joining us on a monday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we have john tribal and robin winston here with checks of weather and traffic to start off the 06:00am roads it's been relatively quiet. but there's a new crash on the nimitz and oakland salt ekati all right and the weather pretty quiet to yeah, nice quiet start to week sir to the week so. >>it's a good one to be getting out of too much about any sort of rain or for that matter a lot of fog this morning, although there's a couple of spots right along the peninsula, where you are looking at some fog that includes the golden gate bridge with some low cloud cover overhead now blocking out your view of the golden gate bridge from what we saw earlier. >>you do see that fog sitting there right on the peninsula in future cast while much of the rest of the bay area like the south bay, the east bay in the north bay are actually starting off on the clear side this morning. so it depends on where you're at if you are on
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the peninsula. that's really the only spot currently where you are seeing some lower visibility. although we are going to work our way through the day today with plenty of sunshine overhead and dry conditions from start to finish a chilly start to the morning though and even into the afternoon comfortably cool so it's a good idea to keep the jackets on the on this one. redwood city, half moon bay, dublin livermore concord and then all across the north bay were in the 30's saint helene at 32 along with fairfield right at freezing this morning. you definitely need the jackets up there specially later on this afternoon return of 50's a lot like yesterday actually so remember how you dress for your sunday and that's how you got to dress for this monday, i've got more details in your forecast still to come all right a lot of folks making their way into san francisco we brought up the caltrans camera in the maze, so you can see the traffic from all approaches on the right you have the squeeze in from emeryville that's coming in from the east shore on the left that's your congo line out of oakland on 5.80 all these folks are heading up to the bay bridge toll plaza where yes, there is a weight
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and yes, it's backed up to the maze as you can see so get out there early but still trouble free on the span into san francisco 92 crowded as well, no big problems here but it's packed on the flat section 21 minutes to the peninsula and a quick check of the nimitz because we have a new crash northbound at 23th that just popped up. >>10 minutes and growing to downtown oakland will check more coming up james darya. >>thank you very much rob and so our breaking news this morning. an amber alert issued for a 2 year-old girl who was abducted by her father in the south bay kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san jose what are we looking for sarah. >>well, i'll tell you what you're looking for you're looking for a daughter and a father to people who fled the scene it was here in san jose and it happened last night police were here for about 8 to 9 hours they just left so looks like they wrapped up the investigation into the stabbing that led to this camera alerts. so basically what happened was a mom was screaming for help so called
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911 she said that her boyfriend stabbed her and then took off with their 2 year-old daughter pictures of both of them, so you can be on the lookout for it's all been triggered it all triggered an amber alert, a little girl's name is bethany corollas a police scene was last seen with her dad victim, a gun a san jose police and chp are working to get to get this information out they really want you to keep your eyes open and look for these to the gun is believed to be armed and dangerous though, so if you do see him definitely do not approach him, but just call 911 he's 24 years old 5 440 pounds with brown hair and you be on the lookout for this california license plate. it's 7 x jx 0 to 5 the madonna fled the scene in the light green 2007 hyundai santa fe and again that license plate is 7 x jx 0 to 5 we have a picture of what the car would look like not the actual car, but
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it's helpful to see you head out the door and drive to work today, what you're looking and again if you see the little girl or the father definitely do not approach is call 911 the mothers currently fighting for her life she had life threatening injuries true stabbed at least one time by madonna, she said what police are telling us our reading the an update on her and as well as this investigation, an amber alert. hopefully they're getting some tips hopefully that they're getting closer to finding the to this is a huge investigation that's now branching out to different cities across the bay area even up north and south. for now live in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah. >>6 oh 5 is the time in the south bay also a teenager is facing murder charges for a deadly shooting that happened in san jose police arrested. >>18 year-old carlos gomez for a shooting that happened friday at south white road and florence court. we're a 25 year-old was killed several
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hours after the shooting police found and arrested gomez at a nearby home and now neighbors are on edge. >>had this kind was not for the community as well as not for the family, this is what they're going to happen. >>it's the 32nd homicide in san jose so far this year last year there were 27. in the east bay police are looking for the man who attacked a taxi driver in richmond at the held top mall was right across the street on sunday morning. the algae to do was parking his taxi after work. when a man walked up to him and asked for a light for a cigarette city who turned him away said he didn't have one and then he went for looking for another spot to park. the man approached him again this time asking for money and a ride. and once it got out of his car that's when the man pushed him
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down to the ground and attacked him city believes that it was a hate crime because of his religion. >>tell me that the hand and leave her alone on on he's staying continue hitting me even though first to the ban. so then. he had moved on german capa's they have got you got to. >>what did he get what what was he that he was getting from. >>russian police are checking to see if there's any surveillance video to help them try to catch the attacker. >>the police now searching for 2 gunmen who shot and killed a man in pittsburgh this happened at a home along haven would circle saturday morning police say that 2 masked men entered a home got into a fight with the victim and others that were inside the 2 then shot and killed one man before taking off in a gray or silver sedan investigators working now to see if the victim in the gunman knew each other. hundreds of guns were collected over the weekend in a gun buyback event on the peninsula in san mateo a total
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of 392 guns were collected 8 were assault weapons more than $39,000 were given out to those who turned in their firearms, $1400 was donated to the san mateo county sheriffs activities league and in san francisco. there was another gun buyback program there were 318 guns were also turned out. >>6 oh 8 right now 4,000 cars or mental health workers are going on strike there at this calling for better wages demanding better health care for patients crawford's will trend live in san francisco with the latest on what we'll expect today well. >>even expect not to see the regular employees from 6 o'clock in the morning until 2 o'clock in the afternoon all week in fact you can see them instead of being inside there on the picket lines right there over to my left shoulder you can see kaiser. have barricades in place so they have been alerted by the union so they brought in some replacement workers or for non emergency patients who want to see the psychiatrist that has been pushed back for another
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time because this strike is basically a year in the making according to kaiser employees because they've been working without a contract. they claim they are overworked to the point where they can give services that they would like to the patients and it's so bad according to the union that whenever you do call in to see your psychiatrist said those appointments are not made until months out so those people are languishing without visiting their doctors. kaiser says this is unfortunate for them and for the members because they're caught in the middle of this tug of war that continues to go back and forth. we do know that unlike some strikes that my last 24 to 48 hours. according to the employees this will go on at least through this week so take a look at your screen. i want to show you kaiser's reaction to all of this they have already sent out their response to they say a strike does nothing to help our
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important work to advance care nor does it help us achieve mutually beneficial contract all it does is put a member in our members i should say in the middle of bargaining which is not fair to them, especially during the holidays and i understand that one of the members the union head is here we will hear from her and i'll have her response. coming up at 6.30 but you can clearly see there's a lot of activity in fact there was a charter bus that arrived here to drop off some of the striking workers so it's going to go on for quite some time. if you're in doubt about your appointments today you might want to call ahead just in case, but again the non emergency visits that's been pushed off. for the near future until the strike is over you can clearly see a lot of activity in the front james darya. all right, thank you very much wealth. still ahead on the cross. the same man is speaking out after he was threatened and racially profiled hear his story.
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>>and one home invasion robbery an hour's long standoff later, a man in custody, we're going to fill you in on exactly what happened. >>and after the break a racetrack is going the extra mile to help horses stay safe as possible details on a
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>>6.14 right now we're looking at pretty clear weather around the bay right now really nice start to the week. last week at this time it was foggy that we only got one spot a fog that's it all right great so peninsula you've got it elsewhere in the bay area looks like this really clear this morning. >>berkeley nice coming together talk. >>his a less money was everywhere today's it's can you cut you know to this and sort of just so you get all and vehicles that you're talking and new pushes the fog and a one a spot in which today's where trying where to
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we hadn't morning that is all not true, but it morning so you can trust that at least looking out from berkeley to be to have clear skies at least until you get to san francisco. >>and then south from there especially where we are looking at some visibility impacts just right along that one spot central valley is looking at fog but really elsewhere in the bay area north bay east bay and south bay, it's nice and clear to kick off the new week we do have high pressure built up to our south and west one of the reasons that yesterday and today ahead of us. >>are going to be so nice and dry so a great start to the week another day to get some errands done some holiday shopping ahead of what will be a rainy middle of the week around the corner. tomorrow we keep the dry weather but you're going to see a lot more cloud cover pushing in ahead of what will be a few showers come tomorrow evening leading us into wednesday morning, some of the showers could be heavy at times although for the most part looking on the lighter side as we make our way into the middle of the week. today's daytime highs a lot like yesterday is still
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cool enough for a jacket into the afternoon but with so much sunshine overhead it is going to be nice out there millbrae 55 today foster city san carlos in mountain view, a wall be a 57 south bay temperatures also in the upper 50's san jose one of our warmer spots at 58 degrees east bay and north bay not too much different from o e another low to mid 50's for your high temperatures and it doesn't matter whether you're at the coast or further inland. we're all going to be in the 50's so we all have that in common after some patchy fog this morning that is setting us apart come tomorrow, cloudier skies wednesday, there's your light rainfall thursday and friday we drive back out before saturday and sunday the weekend before christmas looks likely that we've got more rain around the corner. robin all right. thank you john, let's head over to oakland because. >>we have a crash on 8.80 that just cleared so it was reported as northbound 80 at 23th crews showed up and found it on the southbound side of 8 80 at 23th, they issued a traffic alert for this briefly
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it's already been canceled its out of the way but that's why you have a line of unexpected traffic heading south out of downtown oakland approaching 23th and then the rest of the trip continuing toward the coliseum looks really good in san leandro as well the opposite side northbound still great and smooth at the limit 11 minutes to make it to downtown oakland once again the crash was southbound at 23th we're checking the richmond sandra fell and it looks good too it's picking up a little bit but not bad at all some cash lanes and fast track lanes backing up off and on but at least it's under 15 minutes to the north bay checking in on 92, so here's your trip across the 70 oh bridge little busy for you're right. there's a crowd leaving hayward heading to the peninsula but it's not bad. no crashes no trouble spots it will take you roughly 20 minutes to make it from 8.80 out to highway one o one we're checking in on more drive times and we have a little bit of yellow on the screen still some moderate crowding for 6.80 per take on the danville dumb barton up to 12 minutes heading west on 84 over to the peninsula daria thanks a lot
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robin 6.17 and a tv series about the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. >>has been scrapped. the writers say since word got out about the early stages of their product or their project. friends and families of the victims contacted them and asked them to reconsider making the tv show the fire happened 3 years ago and killed 36 people during the trial defendant max harris was acquitted of charges and a mistrial was declared for derrick elmen alamein is expected back in court in january. the santa anita racetrack is unveiling new technology hoping to prevent more horses from dying track officials have this new machine that gives them more detailed scans of horses legs. the idea is to identify preexisting conditions and maybe prevent injuries as well at least 35 horses have died at this and i need to track over the last year. >>well new this morning disgraced movie mogul harvey
6:19 am
weinstein says he deserves a pat on the back when it comes to his work with women in the movie industry. just weeks before his crimes trial weinstein told the new york post that he was quote a forgotten man. he says that he made more movies directed by women and about women than any other filmmaker the 23 women that of reported weinstein's alleged misconduct are buying it in a statement they say that he won't be forgotten, but will be remembered as a predator and abuser weinstein has pleaded not guilty and has repeatedly denied all allegations of non consensual. his trial is set to begin january 6th. in other national news articles of impeachment against president trump are expected to be passed through the house before the end of the week. the house is set to vote on 2 articles of impeachment on wednesday, the 2 articles were passed by the house judiciary committee last friday. the house is expected to vote along party lines to impeach the president that would make him just the 3rd president in us history to be impeached. but there is concern over the senators who will serve as jurors in the
6:20 am
trial. after comments were made by lindsey graham this weekend. >>this thing will come to the senate and it will die quickly and i will do everything i can to make it die quickly i am trying to give a pretty clear signal. i've made up my mind. i'm not i wasn't in india now he is a parish for a year you have voiced strong a that the unions about this impeachment place but you all along with the rest of the old senate fellows. >>jurors is it appropriate to be voicing your opinion even the full, it's to the senate well i must think so because i'm doing at this. >>well the trial is in the senate set to begin potentially next months and graham says that he wants it to be done by the end of january. we'll take a time coming up after the break here on the kron 4 morning news, it's the end of an era in oakland. >>as the raiders say goodbye.
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♪ >>it's an end of an era, it's over and the raiders leave oakland with a couldn't bring home the win in their final game at the coliseum they started off hot against the jaguars from jacksonville. in fact this was one of the high place from the early on. >>their car connecting with terrell williams there for that 40 yard touchdown everything's sling into a salute lee fans which has been would have been a great way to go out 4th quarter raiders missed his 45 yard field goal to extend the lead not allow the jaguars to come back at the end with a last-minute touchdown in the final seconds. and with that the raiders lose 20 to 16 the final though go on the road for their last 2 games will face the charges next sunday, broncos the following sunday, the next year tough of a hit is a huge disappointed it just you know not that i don't know would have made any difference
6:25 am
in the season is just what difference for all the fans percent of for the last game and everything else. >>it to a turns out it didn't make too much of a difference. the 49 ers loss to the falcons know because they still got a playoff spot. they did yeah, thanks to another team losing. this is going to be something that we're look forward to in the postseason. >>they needed some help obviously as daryn mentioned as they lost to the falcons was give you the highlights his 4th niners up by 3 points. jimmy g connecting. >>for the touchdown there and it looks great and that extended the lead, but the falcons they came back. in the final seconds of goal line touchdown was a touch ahead to review it they decided yeah, the ball didn't break the plane so with that touchdown with just 2, 3, seconds left on the clock. you know the falcons win it 29 22 was the ultimate final score despite the loss though again the niners are in the playoffs because the rams lost the cowboys that very same afternoon so niners now 11 to 3 on the season 5th seed the in the playoffs itself will be
6:26 am
hosting the rams next after the next best thing to you winning is that that we >>ending his entire spending his entire career was there says joint he's ending and man up. he's leading the bay area. he has reached a deal with the arizona diamondbacks 5 years. look at the face million. as the 30 year-old was named mvp of the 2014 world series by by matt bomb. >>police in san jose have issued an amber alert after a man stabbed his girlfriend in man stabbed his girlfriend in abducted th it's laundry truths, with cat and nat. i have so many kids and so much laundry. i don't have time for pretreating.
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>>look at the weather and traffic for in a monday morning haven't been any issues yet i don't think robin we had a little hot spot metals like a quick cuts special alert was issued for the minutes and then they canceled it so i'll track the residual delays
6:30 am
>>let's talk about the weather looking at for today little bit of fog but isolated if you're say a look this time today's a good day though because it's going to be nice and cool so if you begin here's look outside at the golden gate bridge. it is kind of clear you can the bridge deck. but you can also see the evidence of some low lying cloud cover there in san francisco as well as further south on the peninsula. that's where we're seeing some of the fog this morning and some fog searching into the central valley to if you're traveling 99, especially to watch out for some thick fog. if your commute takes you that direction most of the bay area though east bay north and south bay. we're nice and clear we're going to stay clear to the day today radars going to remain quiet for your monday that's a nice break from the rain because it does work its way back in later in the forecast now this morning.
6:31 am
we are really chilly. redwood city, half moon bay, dublin conquered. >>through livermore on up there fairfield and then across the north bay. we're all in the 30's in these areas fairfield in saint helene a each down at 32 degrees just right at freezing berkeley oakland alameda in other spots along the bay a bit warmer on into the low to mid 40's this morning after such a chilly morning this afternoon does stay comfortably cool. you've got some sunshine a nice day to step outside but definitely keep the jackets on hand even later on today. >>robin all right, thank you john over to 92 are taking a peek at all the heavy traffic westbound on 92, leaving hayward it's officially at a crawl, it's like this the entire stretch of the flat section to the high rise. so this is what you're going to be dealing with if you're about to head over right now some 25 minutes and growing is your average to the peninsula we're checking in on the golden gate, the easier bridge at least for now 21 minutes rolling south novato to the toll plaza and here's the nimitz all lanes open 23th
6:32 am
after an accident that happened left lane blocked so the alert was canceled southbound looking good northbound not bad at all 11 minutes to downtown oakland james darya thanks a lot of 6.31 and back to the big story. the amber alert has been issued in san jose for a 2 year-old girl abducted by her father be a proper sarah stinson following that story for us this morning with the latest from san jose serra bring us up to speed. >>i'm live here on 11th and read street here in downtown san jose. the scene has cleared police were here for about 8 hours investigating the stabbing. take a look at the video from last night this happened at 10 o'clock somebody heard a woman screaming she had been stabbed and when police arrived she told them what happened she said she was stabbed by her boyfriend who then took off with their 2 year-old daughter, this triggered an amber alert. she's right now fighting for her life and police wrapped up that investigation and now they're focusing on the amber alert
6:33 am
looking for this little girl. we have brand new picture of her her name is bethany corollas a and police say again she was last seen with her dad victor mcgaugh know we also the new picture we have a picture of him as well you can see on your screen, madonna is believed to be armed and dangerous so if you see him in the little girl do not approach call 911 he's described as 24 years old 5, 4, 140 pounds. he has brown hair and we also have the license plate should be on the lookout for as you head out the door maybe driving to work or dropping the kids off at school lookout for this license plate. it's 7 acts jx 0 to 5 look on a flood the scene in a light green 2007 hyundai santa fe that car would look like this we have a picture of it not the actual car, but helpful to see what it would look like so you can be on lookout for that now our gun the mother she was stabbed at least one time we haven't gotten an update on her condition all we know is that her that her injuries were
6:34 am
life threatening. and so we're waiting to see how she's doing at the hospital's been several hours now hopefully she's in stable condition and you know just so hopefully we can get an update on that again if you see the car the little girl, the dad, definitely call 911 hopefully they're getting some tips as we've been reporting on this for a couple hours now we'll bring you an update as soon as we get one for now live in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah. it's 6 30 for the other big story that we're following this morning 4,000 kaiser mental health workers are on strike they're demanding higher wages, better working conditions kron four's will tran to live in san francisco with more on that will. >>james you can see over my left shoulder, they are right in front of the kaiser permanente kaiser knew about this which is why they have barricades in front of this is often geary boulevard. they started arriving and i got video they started arriving at around 5 30 this morning, some
6:35 am
of them actually are even dropped off by of assess this is happening at kaiser permanente's across the state and i've done this story before were sometimes they do it for like 24 to 48 hours instead this will go on at least through this week every day from 6 o'clock in the morning until 2 o'clock in the afternoon. if you are a kaiser patients and wanted to go see your doctor if it was a non urgent appointment chances are that was rescheduled if there was an emergency kaiser says they will do their very best to take care of you. employees, they said they've been working without a contract for about a year now, but they claim this is not about money. it's about the patients about them trying to get the best service that they possibly can for those who need it. >>if you're in a column for first-time appointment by law because it has to get your and within 10 days because they're still struggles to meet that regulatory requirement. but
6:36 am
once you're in my office for second and 3rd or 4th and so forth the appointments, it's going to be a minimum of 6 weeks. so the doctor says they would like to help their patients but this overworked and overwhelmed. >>that they can not give the best service if they possibly can now kaiser would not go on camera, but they did release this statement so take a look at your screen. they say a strike does nothing to help our important work to advance care there doesn't help us achieve a mutually beneficial contract. all it does is put our members in the middle of bargaining which is not fair to them, especially during the holidays, if you have not received a phone call from kaiser permanente about possibly having your appointment rescheduled they advise you to call them before you come down because things obviously are very fluid. back to you. >>all right, thank you we'll 6 36 is the time in the east bay in oakland activists says that he was racially profiled and
6:37 am
threaten for no reason kron four's dan thorn talk with the man and has his story. >>while taking pictures of these bike racks oakland city planner kenya wheeler says he was approached and threatened by 2 security guards, one of them even drawing a gun. >>it was frightening troubling and wednesday night dispute happened here at the election webster apartments near downtown oakland. >>as the city's chairman of the pedestrian and bicycle commission wheeler says he wanted to showcase the fruits of their labor allies are taking pictures and that's why doesn't that there's a plan to love our city that something i do actually want to travel i live in this area. instead as seen in this video shot by wheeler, the complex's security guards accused him of casing cars to break into i to pictures of the bike racks. >>no no no yes, know the bike rack snow ice. the second guard heard speaking wheeler says unholstered his gun i i had in instant like relief for sickening feeling that like
6:38 am
you know. >>this is he going to raise a gun at me even going to have a weapon like here you're calling police on e >>wheeler says the guards wanted to call police he was fine with that, but felt increasingly concerned that he was being unfairly detained by the guards, one so pd arrived wheeler says they resolve the situation. the apartment manager also told him the guards were being more aggressive because of residents concerns about recent break in saigon is a very aggressive. but. >>people with a gun is not. >>appropriate a spokesman for election webster tells kron 4 news the guards should have never confronted wheeler because he was on a public sidewalk. they have since changed to security providers because of this he worked for the lex unless they want to know who company wheeler says is more upscale apartments go up in oakland hired security should have better training for interacting with other people who live in the neighborhood or what i'd like to see is is you know tray
6:39 am
happening for. >>security staff in oakland it isn't that we needed at the state level but to ensure that. these kinds of incidents don't occur. again. >>reporting in oakland, dan thorn kron 4 news. >>in the north bay, a man is in custody for a shooting that happened at a christmas party and sandra fell. it was in a home along c street early sunday morning police say david simone mean ee got into a fight and then of the victim said to leave the house. >>and then when the victim was leaving actually it was the victim that was held to leave anyway so they say shot. the man in the foot. >>also the north bay, a burglary pursuit left a trail of marijuana scattered across city streets. santa rosa police responded to a marijuana business on pine replace after a burglary alarm went off saturday morning and when they got there they spotted 6 men running from the business jumping into 3 separate cars. in this pursuit, they suspect drove
6:40 am
over a sidewalk even collided with a police vehicle. officers chased the vehicles down highway one o one eventually they had to break off the pursuit because the unsafe driving conditions at the time and you can see the trail of marijuana left in the wake of it all. in concord police are investigating now after a man in a wheelchair was hit and killed. it happened at the intersection of will pass road and parkside drive the 63 year-old man was in his wheelchair and crossing the road just outside of the designated crosswalk when he was hit. ended up dying at the hospital, the driver stopped and did cooperate with police drugs and alcohol are not a factor in that crash. according to officials that are investigating. also in the east bay, a man is in jail after an hour's long standoff in fremont police say the man committed a home invasion robbery and then barricaded himself on top of a five-story building. he broke into a woman's apartment assaulted her and then ran off with her belongings, this was all friday morning and up the top of that building though that was under construction. the building superintendent says
6:41 am
the man tried to blend in with construction workers. but it didn't take long for police to find him. so my guys are actually getting reany to pour concrete. >>and we couldn't do that so everybody cleared the building at the request of the police and then everybody just stood out here for 6 hours waiting for him to leave so they can go get their tools and go home. >>well the man was armed with a large knife and a torch he eventually was taken into custody after telling officers that he would comply. he will now undergo a mental health evaluation before he's booked on any charges. >>and still ahead on this monday morning, a family is looking for answers after a crash involving a sheriff's deputy killed a young boy and injured his mother. and then governor newsome responds after pgd rejected all right he rejected billion settlement plan for the wildfire victims. what are we going to do now and dungeness crab is back on the menu. i will tell you with fishermen are saying is going
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>>welcome back 6.45 on this monday morning looking good out there this morning for most of the day clear skies looking across the bay at san francisco just a few low clouds about financial district and a nice glow as the sun begins to show over the horizon just a little bit what you have on the peninsula is a touch of fog that's really our only foggy spot across the bay of these jeff head out into the central valley free. let's start looking at the really dense stuff the rest of us just as you saw on your web cam do a second ago are off to a nice clear start a nice dry start to the week to no chance of rain today nor really into the day tomorrow as high pressure sits over the region. this is going to change though on into the middle of the week today abundantly sunny and dry tomorrow. we keep the dry conditions but we're not going hold on to the sunshine so much cloud cover begins to press in ahead of what will be some overnight showers tuesday night into wednesday morning.
6:46 am
now the showers will be light to moderate, but you could see a couple of spots where it will be heavier on into wednesday morning so something to know for the middle of your weekend, it's actually one week to christmas at that point thursday and friday drying back out after those mid week showers 50's for your daytime highs today after a very cold morning in the 30's and 40's afternoon hours will be comfortably cool still cool enough for a jacket but a lot better than we're at right now burlingame in south san francisco at 56 degrees each foster city, san carlos and mountain view 57 today, south bay temperatures some of our warmest san jose notably at 58, while campbell santa clara cupertino among other areas at 57 east bay in north bay conditions very like one another mostly low to mid 50's and it doesn't matter whether you're in our inland valleys are closer to the bexar coast. our daytime highs are going to be showing a wide variety. all in the 50's today regardless of where you're out across the bay. your next 7 days off and on showers to be expected
6:47 am
tomorrow we stay dry, but as i noted we are cloudy or wednesday a chance of rainfall specially in the morning thursday and friday we drive back out before saturday and sunday the weekend before christmas looks likely to be bringing the rain yet again. >>robin alright. thank you john off to traffic now lots of it outside your door if you're about to hit the san mateo bridge. here is your commute leaving hayward heading over to the peninsula. it starts on the nimitz freeway by the way so you come from 80 south and you merge onto westbound 92 it's going to be a very slow merge and it stays like this over to the high rise so for now this is a normal 28 minutes for that number is on the rise we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell there. it is cash lanes fast track lanes stacked up so it's a busy commute. but it's not bad, it's very quiet with no problems budging 13 minutes to the north bay we're checking in on traffic tracker taking a peek at a highway for which looks good so it's picking up the 25 minutes antioch to concord that's not bad at all, here's 6.80 south.
6:48 am
but a cold danville 31 minutes for that trip and one oh one busy but not bad you're a moderate 43 minutes heading north from san jose to menlo park area. and 6.47 and a stockton family wants answers after their baby boy was killed in a crash involving a san joaquin county sheriff's deputy. the crash happened on i 5 over the weekend charmaine niro reports. >>kevin hart who is currently serving time in a california state prison described over the phone the last moment with his one year-old son also named >>chp officials say is joaquin county deputy in his patrol car was traveling north on interstate 5 saturday around 10 30 at night when his car struck the back of a ford sedan with a mother in hearts, one year-old son inside the
6:49 am
crash, forcing both cars down the side of an embankment officials say the deputy remove the child from the car cpr but the child later died from his kevin hart senior the grandfather of the victim says he drove past the accident scene not only once but twice he had no idea his family was involved. >>in his grandson had been israel said this is a concern the laws. >>this just to kill that he's too late. >>sadly officials say the mother is in critical condition at the hospital but while this family is praying that she recovers. they're
6:50 am
waiting for answers as to how the accident happened that claimed the life of this one year old and left his mother in the hospital fighting for her life while >>that was charmaine niro reporting police have not released a cause of that crash. they're investigating it's not clear yet if the deputy involved is going to be placed on leave during that investigation. time now 6.50 a volunteer rescue worker died while searching for a hiker on mount baldy in san bernardino over the weekend 32 year-old timothy staples was a member of the west valley search and rescue team. he fell to his death off of the mountain where he was searching and it was ice and snow the conditions. the search for that hiker has been suspended. and they are reevaluating. the whole thing in light of his death. governor newsome now calling for a stronger action plan after rejecting pg
6:51 am
settlement plan. >>the settlement was a key part of the company's effort to get out of bankruptcy. it was 13 and a half billion dollars in size it would have been used to pay victims of for wildfires in northern california and the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland. but the governor says the plan doesn't comply with the terms of a recently passed wildfire liability law. you can read more about the governor's full staterent online at our website at kron 4 dot com. after months of delay the dungeness crab season is finally open here in the bay area. vick folks can start catching is as of yesterday and now people have the option to buy locally caught crabs here as well the dungeness crab season was delayed back in november because of concerns that whales might get caught up in the fishing gear. but the all-clear has been given. for your money this morning. could could be stopping production of its 7.37 max airplanes altogether. the planes were grounded worldwide after 2 crashes that killed 346 people this march and since then it's hasn't
6:52 am
been able to meet the safety requirement to get him back in the air. but the same time boeing released a statement saying that they are working closely with the f a a and global regulators toward certification, and safe return of service of the max. here's a quick check of the big board as we take a look at the numbers looks at positive actually strongly positive now about a 172 points up now 28,003 oh 9 couple reasons one looks like we're incrementally closer to some sort of phase one agreement with the us and china over trade impasse and then secondly, industrial production numbers for china came out ahead beat expectations. so there's some positive sentiment. among traders here in the us and around the world. >>6.52 and coming up in the 7 o'clock hour, a school resource officers under investigation after being caught on camera slamming a middle school student. take a
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>>and we're back at 6.55 take a look at this community college physics professor who
6:56 am
has gone viral for his enthusiastic lessons. doctor david wright he's been captivating his students for decades and has now gotten the attention of millions of people on the videos that show him. some people here lying on a bed nails. wow he's been jumping on pogo sticks a like it's all about captivating the nation that's a broom some of so heavy get made and that. but it's it's his love for physics it that's inspired classes of several what do now now in the online video says gray's becoming you know, i don't like physics or anything like that that's it what is that a lawnmower that's where you know it. >>my physics teacher in high school was the exact same way and that's why you made the class so much fun. >>all right. we'll take a quick break coming up in the next hour. news an amber alert
6:57 am
is out for a 2 year-old in san jose abducted by her own father will explain. plus we're also live in san francisco where thousands of kaiser employees are kerrygold has a taste so rich it can take you to ireland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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>>a local news >>good morning, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher this morning on the kron 4 morning news we're following 2 breaking news stories. first an amber alert that was issued after 2 year-old was abducted in san jose that's what you see on the right side, the child. a picture there and of course on the left side the other big story that's a live shot of the kaiser workers strike mental health workers are on a strike right now just started this morning. >>and you can see them walking the picket lines will have all the latest on that news in just a minute. but first we want to take a look at weather and traffic coming up we've got john and robin here with that will begin with a quick update on the commute. how we look at looking good bridges or pap


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