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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 17, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>>the week tuesday, made a dent james fletcher in turn our way towards the weend that always seems to be our to the weekend hope that things are moving more this morning. they are indeedit's great when you can start off without any troue spots we had a major crash on the shore freeway that's gone all laes are open we'll check in on the bridges all right who has the weather goi to be today still dry pretty good today we're going to lookat dry conditions today but thrain does arrive tonight mostly after all of us have gone to bed even those with normal bad times you look outside at the golden gate bridge is looking nice and dry this morning, no fog out therwe do have just a patch of fog up in the north bay this morning, what you head north of the golden gate on up intmarine county you can see that showing up on future cast right here. >>kirk ynez on out into the delta also looking at a dose of fog early on this morning, skies, nice and dry. we do have a few sprinkles but
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they're ffshore and shouldn't be making their presence known anywhere in the bay areaat least not until tonightwell after the sun has gone down after 10:00pm redwood city dublin livermore on up into the north bay for saint helene a fairfield in n anselmo all down into the 30's for your current temratures santa rosa and cloverdale each at 37 degrees. so a lot like sterday we are kicking off this morning on the colder side of things so get that heavy winter jacket back on much as you did yesterday morning later on today, en though it's cloudy are ou there we are going to hold on to temperatures very similar to yesterday's back into the mid to upper 50's i'm talking tonight and tomorrow morning's rainfall still ahead robin. all right, thank yojohn checking in on the bridge's 92 that's already a busy one a little crowd for you leave the hayward over to the peninsula so the brake lights are stacking up and quickly but no big problems that you need to worry about so use it now 13 minutes to make it to one on one in san mateo here's a peek at some drive times e checking the east shore freeway 15 mutes heading west from crockett to oakland.
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>>80 ea and appian was the scene of a an early-morning fatality we had several lanes shut down that's gone all lanes are open 24 looks goo5 the nimitz will check more or coming up are you, thanks a lot rob and 5 oone breaking news now out of an old 2 people are dead. they were killed. >>in a wrong-way crash on interstate 80 all lanes were closed but opened up just before 4 o'clock this morning. >>one other big story th morning park fare are going up january first which tickets while the getting is good you don't have a long bart says the typicalride is going to cost 5% more and that adds up problems will tran live in lafayette doing the math for us hi well. >>it's going to cause a lot more pfeiffer said and ey inflation. so it's nothing that out paces. societies so they say they have the system and that system costs money to
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run lafayette station just open up for business and right now riders are enjoying 2019 come 2020. you look back and go wide a bargain the reasn being barred. theypassed a resolution back in 2013 that allows them to raise the fares every other year by 5% so come 2020 it will be the 4th and final installment ofthat program and that will cause ticket prices to go up no tter where you hop on mart, obviously dending on the destination and the length of that the pres will vary so we here to help you out i was never really strong in math. i want to show you some of the numbers we all puour heads together this is what is going tocost you come january first summit lafayette as you mentioned so if you are station come january 1st is going to cost you $5.30 to go from here to the embarcado
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if you're hopping on an ntioch 7 90 to the same location and then as far as some of the other locatio 5 oh 5 from richmond also in san francisco 7.10. if you're hoppg on from south free mount which is open a couple of years ago and already you will kit a fare increase for that and in dublin $6 and $0.60 so it's going tocost you a lot more bart says they have new operation systems not to mention the fleet of the future and guess what they're turning to us to help them pay for it back to you. >>all right always turning to 5 oh 4 is the time and in the south y, a man accused of driving a stolen car and breakinginto a home in san jose was rescued by firefighters after the house caught fire at 29 year old le anthony rodriguez ran away from police yesterda after he was spotted with a stolen car so he bke into a home on santee river court
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while the meowner escape was unhurt but rodriguez refused to come out. >>of that home and then the house caught fire and fire crews had to rush to the scene to rescue rodriguez. he was taken to thhospital with burn injuries. he's expected to survive. police say once rodriguez is released he will go to jl on a number of charges 5 oh 4 and today, san francisco mayolondon breed is going to tour the new controversial homeless shelter that's going up some was done on the embarcadero. >>it costs million. and it's located at beale and brian streets ar the base of the bay bridge earlier this year, a woman was attacked by a man she was getting into her building which is located right next door to that new shelter nghbors in the area say they're afraid that the shelters going to attract more vience. >>i don't feel it's you know i i still feel it's n goa solve the issue it's not going solve the problem. >>and yet no i think that w there are definitely people who are in crisis on the sidewalk every day that need help and services. i hope they
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get them and not that we just have a congregation point without enough services that's that's my biggest fear is that it wi be done. well. >>the shelter will provide about 200 beds for the homeless sleep in it opens later this month an police say they're ing to have 2 to 4 officers dedited to that area 7 days a weekless than a week after oracle announced it was pulling its openworld confence t of san francisco, the mayor is pledging the city's going to do more to clean up the reets. she spoke to a the need for more power washing more trash bins and more police on patrol and she also called for more shelters and affordable housing to help the homeless. mayor breed met with let them know that their top budget priorities st deal with street related issues. >>that isn't regarding homelessness mental health substance use disorder housing like it if those are the top
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issues n your budget then then baically it's it's really not going to be ioritized. the mayor sa billions of dollars in annual tourists money is at stake. >>if san francisco can tu things around she's encouraging resints to reach out to supvisors about problems in their neiborhoods. >>well a mother of a 2 year-old girl who s abducted in san jose rmains in critical condition. this morning. she was stabbed by the child's father 2 year-old her fathervictor madonna. by tuesday night. police s he stabbed his girlfriend at a home on 11th street in san jose beforerunning away with their daughter. following a statewide amber alert the gun was found in cambria at a gas station customers at that gas station recognized his car. and this is cell phone video showing moments that a good samaritan samaritan's confronted him. witnesses say that madonna locked his keys in the car when he went into the gas station to buy snacks the good samaritans detained him until police arved. >>and so he went over behind
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him and grabbed him and pretty much in a chokehold or a bear hug. >>and held him until the police me it really is a crazy ory if you think about it we're glad that everything was found fe. police haven't given any details on a motive yet for the attackn the kidnapping. d he's bay you sports coach being remembered by his family, the 34 year-old was shot and killed by 2 maskegunmen over the weekend n four's dan storm as he heartbreaking story. >>burning candles li up a dark room where a shrine honors the life of rafael lopez the 34 year-old own as coach raf we shot a killed in this hallway early murdered. >>thiwas wonderful man this wonderful man this who wonderful man in front ofhis babies in front his babies. >>loz's fiance liam perry sa this has been a painful loss for their family and friends pez was known for
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being full of y and he loved helping ks through sports. this memorial is made up of moments with local youth football and baball programs, he was involved with. >>he was always a warning to bring out the best in in any any young person that he came across harry says the men who entered their pittsburgh home and killed her fiance were wearing masks one had a handgun the other had a shotgun lopez apparently trd fighting them off and that's when the shot was heard we didn't take anything. >>but they took everything. they took everything they took everything because they took. took they took everything hison elijah says that he's en going to miss is dead. >>being his biggest fan and supporter. >>you that. and don'tlike not much once i'm going to kill myself. and not going be here
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>>police are exploring of lopez may have known his killers. his brotheis asking for soeone for anyone to come forward with informaon you more here. he was mhero. you won't shcould help us. if you know anything place. reporting in pittsburgh, dan thorn kron 4 news. >>it's 5.10 and today an ic rink rent, what is going treen after it was vandalized over the weekend shut down because vandals tampered with the valves and melted the ice and hat caused thousands of dollars in damage and they had to close the rain for several days and geit all fixed up and frozen again. the owner had to cancel several ice skating classes d birthday parties because of this. >>state of war stomach turned into a not it's the one thing you don't want to see wh you come here ice rink every morning. my wife showed up she finally broke down burst into tears had to go home because
5:11 am
she realize all these birthday parties we're goi to disappoint. >>and then the kids don'want are they going to do. >>that's going to reopen they say at noon today, the owner says that a nearby business likely has security footage of the vandals dointhis so they're going to find him 5.10 right now still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning. >>it's a place that no tourists is you know complete in san francisco for the first time ever being without th visit to this one place and we're there to show you how the crooks are capitalizing on it too. and a measles exposure at l a x that's causing travel concerns and th was the only exposure. and a major weather system is moving through too. dangerous conditions throughout the us lots of twisters. >>and we do have our own weather maker here on the west coast who you can see all this cloud cover haing out offshore that's can result in overnight showers on into tomorrow morning too. your forecast ahead.
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>e are back at some national headlines this morning, the weather ross the nation's been terrible we have at least 3 people confirmed killed rolled through the deep south in fact the national weather service actually confirmed 18 tornadoes that touched down in mississippi alone yesterday 18 tornadoes, there's video one of em, tornadoes also struck nearby alabama and louisiana these tornadoeall part of a larger major weather system that's moving east right now just in time for the christmas holiday travel season, right, the significant colfront. we're told is bringig some pretty chilly temperatures and snowto sections of the midwest and that could put a fly in the ointment for your travel plans or if this is your be ready for some vere weather. throughout the for all of this for tornadoes.
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yeah, well, not usually that season they now see that. >>so it's good that meteorologists are top of this one didn't have people warning the warning out now december's a knot tied and we've got our own whether to do it compared to the rest of the day may be enough to result in some travel delays sure they're of that we have seen some pretty inclement weher so far this season in the high sea conditis on the grapevine a few weeks back so what we do have in the days to come compared to that shouldn't be toterribly bad but i think our christmas travel weather is going to be better tn our thanksgiving travel weather which is nice to talk about. but we still do have rain in the forecast ahead which could slow you down that's for sure you look tside at the east bay here berley skies are nice and clear we are going to see rainfall tonight but not after a nice clear and calm day ahead of us today we are going
5:17 am
to see dry skie, mostly cloudy and radarsdetecting some sprinkles up in northern sonoma county that's all we really got for you this morning. there's going to be no sort of heavy rainfall or a sort of moderate rainfall for that matter until tonigh when this weather maker begins to push its way through. >>that's going to be well afterthe vast majority of us are in bed tonight. yocan see that by 07:00pm showers are approaching but yet to settle into the bay. they will really do sontil 10:11pm toght at which point light moderate and even isolate spots of heavy rain will push on into the bay area through herovernight hours and eventually into your rning tomorrow to so do watch out for what could be a wet morning commuteasyou wake your make your way into work on wednesdaymorning. today still nice and y though after 10:00am tomorrow showers depart and skies actually clear out really nicely into the afternooon wednesday that sets us up r 2 more dry days thursday and friday looking good yet again. 50s for today's daytime highs that sounds familiar because we were right hereyesterday
5:18 am
daytime highs not changing too much in fact a little bit warmer fo a few areas had a surprising on a cloud here day but we argoing to see some sunshine making its way through those clouds upper 50'and campbell santa clara and san jose each up to 59 east bay temperatures just a few degrees warmer th yesterday pretty nice day overall a good one to get outside enjoy before some showers overnight tonight and some showers tomorrow morning too north bay will be some of our cder spots but still not too bad fairfield inn yacht bill ch of 53 for your highs. well santa rosa petaluma center fell in mill valley. all at 55 today. a breakdown of your next 7 days shows breaks between showers in this forecast. tomorrow morning a few showers after that tomorrow afternoon thursday and friday all nice and dry saturday d sunday a busy travel weekend before christmas and we are going to be looking at some rain there temperatures will be rm enough that we don't really have any slick conditions here inthe bay area, no snow in our mounta tops by monday of ext week a few days bere
5:19 am
christmas we' drying back out mostly sunny skies to start yo christmas week. robin all right, thank you john we're checking out the east shore freeway pulling up a caltrans camera you can see 80 west through bill this is the flow passing well street and it's looking pretty good right no big problems there it's actually a grea trip off the current keane is throh crockett a richmond albany, berkeleemeryville and on down to oakland, this is 92. busy but not bad it's about 15 minutes and growing to make it over to the peninsula. so we have a crowd but so get trip richmond sandra fell not as crowded may be a minor back up off and on in some of your cash lanes what a great trip for you to e north bay and the traffic tracker swing really good numbers so far so if you take highway 4 at 17 minutes and growing antioch to concord it looking good on 6 80 south the nimitz and even one o one it's going to be great trip for you leaving the south bay making your way to the peninsula, your drive time for north one oh one under 30 minutes to menlo park will check more coming up a little bit later. thank you robin
5:20 am
5.1a must-see spot for any tourists the bay area is the holiday season appears to be attracting a lot more fees than usual. >>to the golden gate bridge in fact we'll our kron 4 says he you know was in the middle of an interview officers started pursuing an to burglary suspect th are urging people to be vigilant. >gis pobably looking around anywhere between 1900 this ye so far now we get the holidays and people stop off bere going to the airport on travel and just think they're going to stop here and. >>you know bring all my luggage and leave everything in the car and walk away to take a picture but that's all it takes. >>have we heard that or james arrest, somebody left thei passpo right is the last stop yeah and that's takeand then theycan't leave the best advice don't leave that stuff in your vehicleand actually talk to a terrorist and they saw e signs and they put all the stuff away so e signs are working. let's take a look at the most recent car break-in steps in san
5:21 am
francisco at the as of the d of november. more tha23,000 car break ins in 2019. and that number is actually down 3% from last year. some of e most tageted spots around golden gate parkaround the bridge palace of fi arts and lombard >>also in the news today p g has until today to present the different bankrupt reorganization plan and it also has to get approval from gavin are from govern from governor newsome capitol bureau porter ashley zavala has the story. >>the governor's office and pg e are staying tight-lipped after governor gavin newsome rected the company's bankruptcy exit plan. pge is back at the negotiating table trying to co up with a solution if one ist reached soon it could throa major wrch in to p g's deadle to get out of bankruptcy by june 30th that deadline was set by the legiature toget the genie access to a multibillion dollar wildfirefund that utilities capull from one or equipment causes future wildires in his letter to the
5:22 am
utility overnor newsom said he wants changes to its board of directors strict and clear operational ety metrics and an enforcement pcess for more oversight of the reorganized company governor newsom said none of these were addressed in p g'latest plan among several concernsthe governor noted he wasworried pg e's reorganization plan relied on expensive short-term bridge loans which he says does not position the company to be safe reliable and affordable he says pg e's an to get out of bankruptcy is not feible without access to that wildfire liabili fund the genie has until tuesday to present a different solution d to get approval from the monday to see how soon or even if the company will esent something different. we have not yet heard back reporting in sacramento, asey zavala kron 4 news. >>4 morning news. there's a new proposal to open up a homeless shelter at the sonoma cnty fairgrounds will tell you what neighbors think about tt plan and after the break a plane that makes an emergency landing after flames were seen shooting from one of
5:23 am
its engines with more on that in a mome wimpy trash bags? c'mon.
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>>all right take a look at this cell phone video caught flames shooting from a plane's engine was at night. that's why it's so dark that you can clearly see the blue fles shooting out from the back of this engine. the a united airlines flight had to make an emergency landing yesterday over albuquque, new mexico was actually headed to chicago from san diego, united says it was some kind obvious some kind of mechanical issue with one of the engines, nobody was hurt. but he just fine, but obviouy they're going to take a closer look at that see thats not something that's going to be repeated in other planes. sarah. >>people ha been exposed to measles at 2 major us airports
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>>all right now look at weather and traffic. wonder you know if could see us during the commerals they
5:30 am
could stretch with us because that's what you're doing. >>that's what you're doing at this shot right everybody get up with so searching you're probably on into. oil cracked just looks like a roads are looking good we're off to a fantastic start no complaints so far i think we're finally getting to a point of people are starting to leave town traffic gets a litt better and better every day robbins always first tnotice it when you head on the case we have a raid on the rise and finally we do and right around the weekend to win a lot of people are going to be on the roads for vacation, this is a forecast you're going to be one to watch from watching very cloly it's a bit of an on and off forecast we have dry days, good days for travel and then we have the days that are notso good she just want to make sure to plan it all right >>today is going to be a great day to be on theroads we're across the bay area berkeley is nice and clear it's not until yohead out into the
5:31 am
delta in the car keane is that you do see some fog and just a little patch of it hanging out this morning up in marin county. well like yesterday most of us are fog free a lot of cloud cover today though, and that's a big change from yesterday when we had mostly clear skies for your moay today, mostly cloudy. >>30's and 40's for current temperatures across the bay area. redwood city, dublin, livermore it's back to the 30's for you as well as back to the 30's for spots in the north bay like san anselmo santa rosa, fairfield at 39 degrees currently tomorrow morning. we starts the same with temperatures but about everything else will be different for your wnesday morning commute. today we're mostly cloudy and dry tomorrow you're going to be encountering some showers. i'm talking that rainfall in your forecast ahead, robin bar right off tothe golden gate. we're checking in on one oh one which is still looking good right. so if you need to make that trip. >>into or out of san francisco, you're doing fine here across the span will put it at minutes, that's right on time novato to the toll plaza taking a peek at traffic acker we do have a crash wrapping up in fremont at the thornton on-ramp to a the
5:32 am
south that's an overturned that i talked about earlier but 2 from 2.38 to 37, you're doing fine. it's only a 21 minute trip yougreat livermore to dublin and also looking good on 6.80 dublin to fremont at the limit will eck re an event jamesll now is 51 breaing b. news ouof the noh y there's large cme scene ght w being investigated in vallejo thisvideo that wa st sent in to our newsrm by the fio crime and safety grouyoun see oicers roping off largethe sce righnow wi crime pe you see that often the distance. witnesses sathere was a apparently a shooting. there may be sever victims. ye police on scenealso word word of gunmanhas bn found ye we'rying for you will continue to foow the story throughout more information gets into our newsroom. >>5 32 is the time and and a big story this warning if you're traving for the holidays watch out for the measles there en exposus. >>at 2 airports, la x and
5:33 am
denver international proper sarah stinson actually live for us at oakland airport this morning wh more on what you need to know if you're flying fothe holidays, sarah. >>well when i heard of the story and i got assigned to and i instantly got nervous, this is a scary situation. i mean not only have 3 people been exposed to measles at the denver international airpor but also los angeles international aiort to its in our state and you know how often people travel through l a x and they come to the bay area or they just make a quick for people who are traveling today itraveling throughout the holiday season because that public healtofficials in los angeles are saying more people uld be exposed that's why they're sending out this morning. they want everyone to be aware of when is happened to see if you may have een there at the time those 3 people did not live in los angeles buthey were at the airport december 11th between 00:50am in the morning and
5:34 am
noon in turmoil terminals, 4, 5 anyone who may have been in those terminals on december 11th a at risk of developing measles for up to 21 days after being xposed. the health officials are now urging people to monitor themselves for illness or unexplained rashes from 7 to 21 days after the posure in to call a health care provider immedialy if symtoms and do develop 3 an unvaccinated ildren traveling through corado denver's airport also tested positive for measles they traveled through there on december 11th as well from one 15 to 5 45 in the the measles is highly contagiouss you know, but can be prevented with vaccinations according to the cdc up to 90% of people near an infected person who are not vaccinated will become infected. none the disease can spread through coughing or sneezing and can lier in the air for as long. as long as 2 hours so you're in the vicinity of some news got in
5:35 am
is coughing and sneezing it's a huge concernthat's where they're saying more peopl could have been exposed to this is a huge warning out to people all across the country. but specifically ght here in california as i said a t of people travel back and forth la definitely use la acts as a stomping ground for international flights and 4 other flights as well so be aware of that and be here talking to people at the oakland seeing how they're feeling seeing if they're worried about i know i am as a meone who flies a pretty frequently so we'll continue to fall ths as it develops for nelson it back to you in the studio need to now is just >>it's like bad luck like at follows there and i shot though, i'm come and am not in the north bay sonoma county supervisors aregoing to present a plan to try to address the homeless problem which is growing there one of the ideas is to create a shelter. on the fairgrounds the sonoma county fairgrounds and this they got the idea
5:36 am
when they turn the fair grounds in a shelter for the fires and floods and those happen. and they have security and services on site for people who needed there would be a 0 tolerance policy they say for drugs if anybody is under the influence they show up they be helped. neighbors say ey're not against the idea, but they are hoping for something more permanent does well in this country that is supposedly one of the richest countries in e world, how is it possible. >>that people go without shelter without a home. pic was shelter how about housing. let's get housg that's the issue. if they put it there a fairground shelter could be up and ruing by the end of this month. >>if the supervisors move quickly on these plants. getting the homeless. the us supreme court just struck down the law. >>that would have allowed officers to do justhat the 9th us circuit urt of appeals blocked thlaw as a violation of the constants 8th amendment of the constitution.
5:37 am
uh that's a cruel and unusual nishment. the city of boise idaho argued the ordinance was needed to make sure that areas were safe accessible and sanitary so they wanted to ticket the homeless. this se could affect cities and towns across the u s which have similar lostaking the homeless. >>your health is morning, lawmakers have agreed on a deal to raise the minimum wage for all tobacco purchases across the country to 21. this comesas researchers have found more links between vaping and the risk of developing respiratory disease. the efforts to raise the tobacco sales age is attached to the year and government spending plan. the house is expected vote on that plan today the sene would then need to pass it by friday to avo a partial government shutdown here in california tobacco sales age was back in 2016. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, more cars are getting hit by objects alo highway one oh one we'll tell you how the ch is now stepping up its efforts to find out who's responsible.
5:38 am
plus a deadly beating at a hotel not fafrom the bay area will have that story coming up. and talking that rainfall that arves overnight tonight stays with us through morrow morning you can see the cloud cover offshore. >>i've got your forecast ahead. >>and i'm tracking your morning ommute around the bay area well i was tracking your commute. well thatthey're on camera i want to 92 sorry about that there it is going to be trotd from the toll plaza along the flat section ofthe san mateo bridge but
5:39 am
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>>and we're back at 5.41 a man is under arrest now for beating a victim to death in a hotel parking lot in south sacramento. the deadly attack happened right near the woods spring suite hotel just off highway 99, 38 year-old the hotela 60 year-oldvictim was badly hurt in the parking lot first respondertried to save the victim's life, but hedied at the scene sacramentpolice now working to see if there's suspect and the victim. period
5:42 am
for obamacare s been extended totomorrow the ntersfor medicare and medicaid services say that the move comes after weeks of low enllme reports for 2020 obamacare plans. some people also had issues signing up during the initial pen enrollment perd in 2017 of course, the trump administrationlash the budget for obama care advertising by 90% so fewer people may be getting the word. as we head to break, here's a live look outside san francisco international airport this morning. so far today is going to be a nice day. but night the rain returns if you missed the forecast stay tuned on right now, 2 of myreakfast jacks with a freshly cracked egg and your choice of sausage, or now chien, are just 4 bks. served all day, so they're not just f early birds. great cause was out raging last night. (snores) get my 2 for $4 eakfast jack deal while you can. get to kohl's... and take an extra 15 or 20% off! save on fleeceor the famy... throws and pillows - $15.29... plus - take an extra $10 off your $50 jewelry purchase...
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5:46 am
yeah so she can go shop be spending the afternoon shopping 3rd and for anybody, the pressure gets a little hi this time of 2 camps and you you guys are perfect because the planr and they procrastinate oh yeah, this is the tale of. >>2 diffent guys have the car adventurous side i guess so yeah are prrastinating like the deals after christmas i expecting gets in let's talk about the weather if you're going to be out and about do it went before tonight for a yes before night because tonight the rainfall arrives and tomorr morning we're going to have some to during ur morning commute so tomorrow morning's commute not going to be a smooth as yesterday nor today's has been this is your side acss the
5:47 am
nice and clear out there what we do have is some cloud cover that is pushed in overnght. so unlike yesterday which was enjoyed all that sunshine ve today not going to be quite blue when you look up at the skies we do have a storm system working its way our area is going to drag on with it some heavy rain at times isolated spots of heavyrain and then moderate to light rainfall through the evening most of this is going to arrive after 10:00pm to 11:00pm tonight. >>so it's tuesday night not a lot of you are going to be out too late i just make sure you're in a side, the hoe by 09:10pm settle downas those rain showers arrive and stay with us through the evening tonight now into tomorrow morning it is going to have an impact on your moing commute do expect some wet roadws from time to time so we are going to have conditions out there that aren't going to be so smooth for your wednesday travels into work by 10:00am tomorrow morning looks like showers should be departing and we actually do have some clear skies to nish out the day on wednesday. your daytime highs today not much different
5:48 am
than yesterday's we stay dry today and we stay comfortably cool today. the difference today though is the cloud cover you're going to see a lot more of it than what we had for your monday and into the evening tonight, the obvious fference is the rainfall that eventually pushes through but not tell well afr the sun has gone down so your dre to work this morning and your drive me from work this afternoon should be very smith on into the north bay, se of our cooler temperatures in the bay area today but still in the 50's just low 50's in the north bay santa rosa in petaluma you'll be in t mid 50's at 55 degrees. each. here's your next 7 days on and off showers ahead of us have beentalking about the showers tonight into tomorrow morning we dry out after that thursday and fridayand then rainfall returns into saturday and sunday. robin all right, thank you john over to the bay bridge. we are taking a look 80 cameras not working so we're just going to show you that. >>slodown on traffic tracker and yes the's a backup here at the toll plaza so here's your pay gates right here this is the backup on 80 that's
5:49 am
spilling into the maze this is that a short coming t of emeryville so you see how its backingup on to that connect or if you comefrom 5.80 looks pretty good through the maze but right at the split is where you're hitting the traffic leading up to the tolls richmond sandra fell doing fine so no probms here on to the north bay were wide open at 7 mites off to one on one and then here's a look at the east shore little bi closer because we have a crash or headache rash input all 80 put all the alley road that winds out of the way but stacked about hercules and rodale and then the rest of yourtrip continuing westbound looks really good. so 20 nutes for your drive there from crockett down to oakland, here's an old accident that still active the thornton on ramp to 80 south that's in fremt it's an overturned happened in the 4 o'clock hour still wrapping up a little bit of a slowdown there little bit of a slowdown hayward so 26 minutes now for 8.80 south to 38 to 2.37 more drive times coming up james. >>very much rob and speaking of the road chp now offering a
5:50 am
reward for any information leading to the arrest of whoever is responsible for throwing objects at cars on highway one in what has been a problem they've been breaking a lot of windshids total of 62. >>cars have beenhit since february kron four's know al bello has more. >>we are getting a lot of leads each day from citizens calling in we have a lot of the field, we have a full time task force. now causing concern for y drivers in monter cnty over the last 10 mnths, dozens of vehicles, including a school bus and other windows shatted on highway one o one with us and want road exit by the big red barnand state route one 5612 and census data since thursd we had to thursday for friday and 6 on saturday. >>and the 6 that occurred on saturday rather than a 6 minute window between 05:26pm and 05:32pm. >>chp mterey captain kyle foster says they want to find whoever's doing this as badly as the public does rican or a
5:51 am
completely sympathetic to pele's you know our families and loved ones drive that same area every day work 6 days a week and i in the town on sunday on my day off so it's extrely scary commuters like alley. ford say it's something she hinks about daily i actually put my seat got a little bit sometimes it's because i'm very afraid of you know, m trying to expect the worst just because i want to be prepared for anything chp says when you head rough that several mile stretch. and though they know what pe of object is beinglaunched at cars, theye not sharing those details just yet hard enough that has the lawsuit a penetrating windshield or our window that is corrt. >>however this time we do know for a fact that it's not coming from a farm we have not located any bullets to those doing this drivers ke alley ave a message. oh my gosh please i n't understand why you're doing it. they are joking about those increased patrs either i've seen several chp vehicles parked
5:52 am
along the side of the highway here again that new reward number is $14,500 for any information leading to an arrest, the person or persons facing potential felony charges in prevailed noel >>6 o'clock some changes coming to amazon which could affect customers wallets and their holiday gifts will explain cong up in the next hour. >>kron four's end of the ar spectacular is back joius new year's eve starting at 08:00pm with our countdown to new year'seve live from las vegas and enjoy need grant lotus and need justine waldman starting at 11 new year's live from san francis as we bring in 2020 with fireworks over the fry building but year's morning with the ew tournament of roses parade live from pasadena our coverage starts at 06:00am with backstage at the rade then see all the pageantry of the 131st rose parade li
5:53 am
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>>and we're back at 5.55 the 49 s were all over the bay area yesterday giving back to the community offensive lineman mike mcglinchey invited kids toa shopping spree at the levi's store at the westfie or westfield valley fair ma who kids having a good time sporting their new gear mbers from the defensive line also host a kids for the holiday spirit as well as shoe palace. other players went to a local children's hospitathey passed out toys to kids from wagons, how cool ishat was all part of their effort to make a difference and bring joy to young filmmakers were always fun when you're a kid right now sneakers are just in it, you know there are a commody summary it'll at >>all right we'll take a quick bak coming up the next if you take bart fares are going up. once the new year comes we'lhave details in a live
5:57 am
report. plus a new homeless shelter in san francisco is close to being finishedbut eighbors are worried that it will do more harm than go will explain. ana warning for holiday travelers ter a measles exposure to major airports thahave the latest also in a live report.
5:58 am
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>>thanks for joining us. m darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got job robin whether trafficto start off the hour here at 06:00am and up to the roads or property. yes we hasome minor issues and they left residual slowing fall checked the nimitz 6 80 and the e sure the case just decided i'm going to give you all a minute like maybe 10 minutes, your favorite holiday movie and idoesn't have to be like about christmas. but i just. >>are scissors hands and it just got in my head here saying that has nothing to do with


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