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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  December 17, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>thanks for joining us. m darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got job robin whether trafficto start off the hour here at 06:00am and up to the roads or property. yes we hasome minor issues and they left residual slowing fall checked the nimitz 6 80 and the e sure the case just decided i'm going to give you all a minute like maybe 10 minutes, your favorite holiday movie and idoesn't have to be like about christmas. but i just. >>are scissors hands and it just got in my head here saying that has nothing to do with christmas the just think
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about ok we'll do a little okay about the rain winds that come so ra overnight tonight so to another dry day ahead of us today, most of us are going to be asleep by the time the rain arrives this evening lick observatory sitting under some clear skies you can see this morning. our first live let a day out there on the horizon we do have mostly cloudy skies overhead today d just a touch of fog the thickest g as well into the central valley, but you do have a bit right around marine county, just west to nevado so currently skies are cloudy couple of sprinkles nothing more than just a few drops of water under windshield if you're traveling up highway one in sonoma county we are dry besides that though and we're going to stay dry through the day to day upper 30's in morgan hill, redwood city livermore in dublin each at 3940's right alongside the bay while the north bay, a mix of 30's 40's this morning. >>fairfield you're pretty chilly at 39 degrs right now laer on today we're going to keep the 50's but we're not going to keep those clear skies, staying cloudy through
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much of the day and highs in the mid to upper 50's mostly robin wright. thank you john we're checking in on the ichmond sandra fell and it's much busier now traffic really picking up here a leading up to e toll plaza so we have a crowd cash buyers fast trackers. >>all stacked up, but it's really not bad. it's just a sign that more and moreif you're heading out there but not encountering any problems so far so that's good 8 minutes to the north bay here to pk up a 6 ad because we have a stall sout6 ad and vargas. that's being cleared from the left lane and you can see those little pockets of slow traffic delop a behind the scenes so 28 minutes excuse me 22 minutes, dublin to fremont and then 80's recovering from a crash in po know we're at 23 minutes from crockett down tooak mes. much robin. some brking ws outof thnorty a double shting ow bei investigatedin vallejo happeneer midnig on hargus avenue. police got ere ansathey found a won witha severhe inry and as tey we invetigating they fnd a n and while theywere expanding
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the cri scene they also found another man ad inside of a car. so a gun hasbeen recoved nearthe vehic, no f any actie shooter righ now wanisxpected recover and again this information continuously comes in our newsrooms will keeyou updated as we learn more. meanwhile, another breaking story overnight this time in pin all to people found dead after wrong-way cra this happened on interstate 80 all lanes were closed. but have opened about 20 minutes ago. they have a crew are we have a crew headed to the scene we're going to keep you updated as we learn moron that story as wel 6 oh 3 another big story by herb or tickets. now while the geting is good because the prices going up. >>by the first of the year in fact kron four's will tran live in lafayette with more on how much more you'll expect to pay will. >>5% more and according to our that's just the cost of inflation. so they're not trying to put money into thr pockets excessively they just trying to keep up with the
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cost of living and thas why they're doing that. again so you're hopping on bart lafayette or any other bart station this morning. you're good to go for the next 2 weeks come january first, whatever yo pain, our guests weigh will not be enough you have to go back and add more money to your cliper card. all cause bart says they need to fund their system including their trains. the fleet of the future. do upgrades some sure it go until a little bit of payroll as well and th's why they're going to raise the rate is the 4th time since 2013 that they did this they've done it. every other year since then so i was just sittidg here thinking about how much i paid back in 2013. also known as the good old days because now this is what you can expect to paand they are demanding that uk come january first so take a look at your screen. we did the numbers for you. if you are going fr lafayette my current station if you go errol that ride will cost you
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$5.30 antioch to the embarcadero $7.90 richmond 5 oh 5 south emt which opened a couple years ago. that will cost you .10 and dublin. pleasanton bart staon $6 and 6says the bottom line is it's going to cost you a lot more and even though this is the 4th installment, the final installnt of the program that the installed back in 2013 james and darya they promise that it would be overcome january 1st. here's the rub. they have already approved another increase come 20 22, so thehits just keep on coming. if you're apart right around trying to talk to morning them are in the morng. already there grumpy and when i tell him they're going to pay more is going to be even umpier. >>and will weere thinking. oh yeah you can t around it like the forever stamp right to buy your ticket now it says
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like richmond but that doesn't work that way so you can't load e clipper karl buy your tickets now as a really and know it doesn't 6 deduct whatever the new fare oy around it. >>now there'snoay around yeah i wish s a eat idea for ever stand right with low to they say that trains cost more but in cost more right and the fleet of the future just like you me james, all of us. >>the part of tt featuring a hand for and more. all right, thank you very much well 6 oh 6 right foll to that amber alert we told you about the ther now of the 2 year-old girl who was abducted by her dad, san jose is in critical conditn. >>becausethe mother was stabbed by the child's father w took 2 year-old bethany carrazzo his daughter. his name is victor madonna ande took the girl tuesday night. police say he stabbed his girliend at thir home on 11th street in san jose before he took the daughter and then afr the amber alert. he was found in cambria at a gas
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station because somebody recognizedthe car you from the amber alert and your cell phone a deo we have moments where the good samaritan actually confronted ham witnesses say got a locked his ke in the car when he went to the station by stacks and that's how this all happened. and passers bydetained him until the cops got there. an so he went over. >>behind him and grabbed him and pretty much in the chokehold for a bear hug. >>and he him until the police came it really is a crazy story if you think about it we're glad that everything ended safely. yeah because the police had alert don't approach him he could have a knock right but you know somebody did intervene and it did work out well the toddler was found safe. and nothey're just investigating this whole thing and he's facing charges. and he a family is holding on to hope to bring justice to their loved one who was killed 2
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masked gunmen shot d killed rafael lopez over the weekend. >>along haven woulcircle. he d fighting off one of the attackers and that's when he was shot. the fami says that lopez s known as being filled with joy and loving to help kids through sports. and most importantly he was really an example to many. >>this was wonderful man this wonderful man this who wonderful man in front of his babies didn't take anything. but they took everything. they took everything they took evything because they took. >>him a new more here. he was help for hen you she could >>the 2 gunmen took off a gray or silver car. lopez leaves behind 6 children. >>in the south bay man accused of driving a stolen caand breaking into a home in san se was rescued by firefighters ter the house
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that he was barricaded caught fire. 29 year-old ra anthony rodriguez ran away from police yesterday afr he was spottedin that stolen car. he then broke into a home on sant river court. the homeowner was able to get ut without being hurt. but rodruez refused come out. and eventually the house caught fire and that's when fire crews rushed in to rescue him he's been taken to th hospital now where 's covering from burn injuries. police say once he'released he'll be taken to jail and charged tha number of crimes. a must-see ot for tourists in the bay area's not also hard for bulars not so hot for you anymore. police say the holiday season appears thieves unusual infact while our kron four's haaziq was in the middle of interviewing. officeractually started pursuing an auto burglar officers are urging people to be vigila. is probably looking aroundanywhere between 1900 this year so far. >>now we get the holidays and people stopoff ore going to the airport on travel and just think theye going to stop here and younow bring
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all my luggage and leave everything in the car and i walk away to take a picture buthat's all itakes. >>yeah police say the best advice is to protecyourself don't leave any personal belongings in your vehicle and if you do make su they are out of sight. here a look at some of the numbers as we break down the mt recent car break ins in san fransco as of the end of novemr, there were more than 23,000 car break ins in 19 and that number is actually down 3% from last year. me of the most targeted sts. the usual suspects right the big popur spots in golden gate the bridge palace of fine arts lombard street. so be careful. 6.10 right morning news, a new proposal to open a homess shelter at the sonoma county fairgrounds we'll see what neighbors thing can ll you how would work and measles at a x and at the denver aiort and that could cause trouble for some time for travelers will tell you wh to watch out for and a major weather syst could cause
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trouble to its prime already numbers of twisters struck the us d we are looking at our own weather stem here on the west coast. that's going bring us some rainfall co the evening and then tomorrow morning. >>your forecast ahead. and there traffic coming to a ut crawl on our bridges check out the richmond center fell cash lanes it's laundry truths, wh cat and nat. i have so many kids and so much laundry. i don't have time for pretreating. what even is this? it looks like cheese but itsm
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>>right we are back at 6.15, let's just check out road nditions real quick up in the seing k ship did she ha any plans of heading up there looks like throads themselves look pretty good lot of snow still up there. this is a tie-up with kane bail there may be some new snow coming late tonight and we've got some rain on the in the forecast here around the bay is let's find out from hif that means snow higher up yeah we're going get some snowfall up in the sierra tonight and into tomorrow so i would avoid driving up there tomorrow morning, especiay but we wanto get the fresh pow pow ursday at races we
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for thursday, there's and there's a for the help now it's going to be in we try we not sound blatantly we don't shred than regular basis ght. >>is never to y it and just tell him what you call hot what it hot cocoa hot chocolate hot what do you call it >>something wron >>we let's go get some snow and yes, yes, very good. we're getting some snow and what we're going to be seeing this weekend is even more of a guy's so maybe some good next wek too. as for today during daytime hours at least to travel is just fine, we're staying dry. do have some cloud cover, but it's not resulting in any rain just yet for usberkeley, it's still crysl clear up there this has been a nice view all moing long haven't seen much fog this week so far unlike last week as you remembe which had been bringing a lot of fog cloud cover very evident on storm tracker 4 this morning, couplof
6:16 am
sprinkles up in the north bay radars registering those sprinkl but it's nothing more than just a a lit showers here and there just enough to turn the windshield wiper on a time or 2 as for air conditionto our west that's the rainmakethat's gog to move in during overnight hours tonight so we stay dry rough the day into the afternoon now after a 10:00pm is when we really start to see those showers making their way to the day most of it will be light to moderate but pockets of heavier rainll in here that will be way across the bay through the evening hours tonightnd into your morning commute tomorrow, so do expect wet roadways as you do head to work tomorrow morning sometng that could slow y down a little bit as you do take to roads on into your wednesday wednesday afternoon ough does look to be good skies will have cleared out by then d we do have some actual nicdry conditions to on into ursday and friday to finish out the week so today, nice and dry tomorrow is the if y want but only early on temperatures today will be similar to yesterday's into the upper 50's across the day little bit warmer in a few
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spots such as on the peninsula and into the south bay where daytime ghs will be near 60 in mountain view and woodside as well saying carlos and foster city all up to 59 degrees today, south bay temperatures also upper 50's very close to 60 i wouldn't be surprised to see a few 60's on your thermometer, this afternoon on further north temperatures not quite as warm but pretty similar most of are definitely hanging out in the 50's through the afternoon with mostly cloudy skies. a few bits of brightness making their wathrough those clouds now on into tomorrow showers early on after 10:00am we should be waving odbye to them and seeing some sunshine bythe afternoon. thursday and frid, mostly cloudy but dry saturday and sunday your weekend before christmas and your first couple of days of winter, looking rainy robin thank you john a tight squeeze on to the san mateo bridge were over to 92 west. >>and there is your commute not moving very fasride it starts back at 8.80 as you work your way out of hayward southbound spilling on to 92
6:18 am
and then you get on to the 70 oh bridge you're pretty much stuck in the slow down so it's going to the high rise which is fine that's normal ght 22 minutes off to one on one at least you don't have any big problems there. no big problems re across the lden gate, the commute into san francisco will be fine if you use itnow can't guarantee that for the remainder f the the toll plaza we're checking in on traffic trker and showing us a mixed ght on some are holding steady. some are a fairly light and others are just saw on the rise quickly livermore to dublin, 5.80 west 11 minutes remember i tell you about the stall south 6 ad and vargas. so now you're up to almost minutes, dublin to fremont an then to 37 8 minutes milpitas to nny bill sorry. thanks a lot robin 6.18 the chp is offering $14,500 for any information that leads to the arrest. >>ofther has been throwing stuff at cars on highway one o one smashing windshields and windows a total of 62 cars have been hit sie february.
6:19 am
one was a school bus with students on board and this is all happening along highway one o one betwe the san juan road exit by the big red barn and state oute one 56. and it's usually duri the evening hours chp says make sure that you windows e up that ar and you know even then as somebody smashes it something to get her likely to happen. >>ric are completely sympathetic to people's you know our families and ved ones drive that same area evry day i actually put my seatot a lite bit sometimes it's because i'm very afraid of you knowi'm trying to expect the worst just because i want to be preped for anything they're not even sure you know what it is ifit rocks or metal object orwhat they haven't realy identified that the police now but they're offering a big reward hong to catch is doing it. >>now an update on a story we first told you about yesterday on the kron 00:04am morning news, a stockton mother who's fighting foher life in the hospital after san joaquin
6:20 am
county sheriff's deputy crashed into the back of her car killing heone year-old son and now we have some video at crash captured by a nearby security camera kaye receipt has more. >>he was only 13 months old only beginning towalk to make memories live his life. but now ken hart that parents family is left shattered after thcar that he was in was hit by san joaqn county sheriff's deputy's patrol vehicle, he aded although duties. >>they >>the entrance paternal andfather, kevin hart senior says the boy's mother aleesi johnson, it's stl in critical condition at san joaquin gerahospital. he says her injuries are so bad. she's unrecognizable as the first ime i came up with here today, is hard for me and i went inthere and i just heard around real there. >>i can take. >>fox 40 obtained this home surveillance footage of the crash any easy johnson's car slow down with the blinkers on momentlater invesgators th chp stockton say deputy
6:21 am
kenji yang rear ended her to florida flashes somethin the move of the some reason. >>he does slow down the just share patrick with thhugh says since the investigation is open he has limited knowledge of what happened i don't even know if if he'd been a diatched to a caller if he was just. >>head now to his room routine. a patrol i i not know investigators say the crash force both vehicles down the embankment. >>good samaritans perform cpr on johnson while the deputy tri to see the little boy protect lives and help peoe and when something like this anaccident like this happens. it is emotionally devastating chef says yang has been with his office for about 2 years while his heart breaks for everye involved both he and the boys family want to know what ledup to this tragedy what happened us what the what at thwhite the year. >>that was kay recede reporting thonly information
6:22 am
that investigators have released about the crash. so far is that drugs or alcohol were not a ctor. >>6.21 coming up a new homeless shelter in san francisco is closed. ose to bein finished, i should say we're going to tell you doesn't think it's a od idea doesn't think it's a od idea we' ta rrygold haa taste so rich it can te you toreland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the tastehat takes you there.
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>>it's 6.25 and an ice rink in brentwood is supposed to reopen after somebody basically melted it. ye vandals attacked over the weekend. the temple was me foul so the who thing turned into a big puddle kron four's taylor but sacking has the full story. >>well the owner and his family have been working on this i rink day in d day out and as you can tell behind me they've made some seious away now the owner tells me he received new information that a nearby business likely has securityfootage of what happen and o did state of war stomachrned into a
6:26 am
not it's the one thg you don't want to see when you come here ice rink every morning what should have been the ggest nht for brent, what on ice instead looked like this. no skaters after vandals messed with the e rinkvalves and melted away the ice water was pouring off like a waterfall i was milton out pretty bad we had people lined up we knew it was going be our busiest saturday in the histo, the company >>has been woing on the ic ever since he says the vandal created thousands of dollars in damage and caused the ng to close for several ds ultimately forcing gregory to cancel birthday parties and classes over the weekend to my wifshowed up she finally broke down burst intotears >>because she realize all these birthday parties we're going to disappoint. >>for believes he knows who did it too. he says it happened after people still ice skates from the rink despite losing several days of business every says he's felt the holiday spirit from the community people are bringing us cookies hugs. >>the brought us a check. the amount of support and
6:27 am
positive that's coming out of this far surpasses the negativity of of what the vandals did now the owner tells me that this is a 24 7 operation, there's always someone here to work on the ice rink and also keep it mntained. >>the owner says that he plans to have the ice rink back open on tuesday at noon in brentwood taylor bus kron 4 news. >>a big concern for those traveling thiholiday season measles has been exposed by several flush flingsdors onto your soft surfaces?
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then they get leased back into the r so you smell them later ew. right? that's why febreze cated new small spac.
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>>6 30 at the time right now of the movies favorite rgot are 10 every year to mething every with the family we do what we always watch a christmas story ok, yeah with the puppy most here are ur
6:31 am
she we also watch elf and then we also watch fred claus the kids love was all foall school. i like of the grinch of course the sold but when with the kids it's not die watching the kids and sa it's like a holiday christmas party it's a story of street level and overcoming e odds. it warms the heart canwe have a have now not i'm all for the new bridge. the one one but the one with jim carrey and the correct errors th krampus it's just want a nice dose of the right to li time is like a christm movie lifetime march on the sake if you nt to like that to keep it light, love actually really greaa
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lifeless that that we've helped yoout with your viewing on the good looking really really good i'm surprised that it's so quiet out there looking up but not bad at all we'll checkto and maybe tonight big good night to stay inside wh you move formally plana lot good cozy night because it will be raining >>and today remains dry but tonight and then tomorrow rning the rainfall makes its return oking outside of berkeley this morning skies are nice and clear we don't have any sort of fog out there at least sitting atop the day so no visibility issues for most of the bay, you have a touch of it up in marine county thatout to the car keane into the central valley as for the bay area though we are clear at the surface there's some mostly cloudy conditions overhead right now stormtracker 4 showing that here once the sun comes up you'll notice that skies not nears blue is yesterday 30's and 40's for ur current temperatures across the balivermore redwood city, dublin, each at , apple europe 48 along with san francisco berkeley that are warm spot allthrough
6:33 am
the morning so far sitting currently at 50 degrees later on today a lot like yesterday repeating yesterday temperature wise. but skies, not near as blue you'll still have some sunshine peeking through the clouds but a lot more great to e skies than yestery brought us rob. >all right. thank you john back to the richmond andra fell where the line is growing so it's getting heavier bythe minute on west 5.80 already stacking up the on castr it's not going to stop there 's going heavier and heavier the longer you wait, that's why we ways encourage you to get out there as soon as you can because you don't have to face a slowdown so 12 minutes to make it to the north bay are checking 90 to one of the busier bridges look at that crowley, the ayward it starts at the nimitz it continues to the high rise, but once again, no hot ots or special alerts, you're clear north one oh one to san francisco and looking good on 2.80 north to downtown san francisco james darya movig onow are moving on to the christmas. carol. >>and scrooge an the with the chy chase with e christmas
6:34 am
vacation to get these days, funny, let's go toarah stinson she's covering someing up kind of holiday holiday yes there's a measles travel ok favorite holiday movie what would you say. >>i john trayvon was the grinch with jim carrey t show is measles as a kid right, least a vaccine. the vaccine yet there's 2 major us airports that have had cases of asles outbreak, some exposure to measles and i've been talking to people re at the oakland international airport people concerned about this i talked to one woman. she said actually flying to denver today so not the most comforting news that she ard obviously you know, i've learned today it always is gooto get refresher measles but only 6 around in the area of an fected person r 2
6:35 am
people could be exposed now, e let's ta a look at the screen. we broke down basically how many cases there were 3 at l x, you know a lot of people head from l a x the bay area advice for says so. >>and health officials are warning that others could have been exposed to so the 3 people did n live in los angeles but th were there at the airport decemb 11th between 6 15 the morning and noon in the terminals, 4, 5, anyone who may have bn in those terminals on december 11th. we are at risk of developing measles for up to 21 da after being exposed so that is why they're putting this morning out right now as officials are now urging people tmonitor themselves foillness or any unexplaid rash that youmay have from 7 to 21 days after their exposure to call health care proder immediately if that happen or 3 on vaccinate children traveling to
6:36 am
colorado's deer airport also tested positive for measles so if you traveled the on december 11th as well from one 15 to 5 45 in the afternoon definitely be awe of this the measles is highly contagious bu can be prevted jackson nations. as i said according tocdc up to about 90% of people near an infected person who are not vaccinated can be infected it comes from ughing or sneezing which have been seeing a lot of people here at the oakland international airpt ughing and sneezing into making mealcreeped out angross out because it yeah this is scary. it's nobody wants get the measles so definitelbe aware december 11th denver and los angeles airport. those are the days you need to look out for for now, i'm ive at the oakland airport sarah stinson kron 4 news, thanks. a lot sarah okay, 6.36 more news for you this morningout of the east bay, the oakland poce department now sending out a stronmessage the sideshows will not be tolerated in oakland.
6:37 am
>>ey tweeted out a picture of a car that was towed after a de show over the weekend. the driver was also taken it. >>about a 100 people were at that side showand reported that someone in the crowd fired shots. lucly, thgh nobody was hurt. also in the east y,a man has been arrested for after breaking into a restaurant in walnut his phone hind at the scene and that is how police wer able to figure out his identity. police matched him to the rson caught on video breaking into e restaurant. happening today, san francisco mayor london breed will tour the city's controversial new homeless shelter along the embarcadero e project cost the ty about $4 llion is pretty close to completion, it's located a deal and brian street right near he base of the bay bridge. earlier this year you may remember a woman was attacked by aman as she was trying to go into her building which is ght ne door to ts new home a shelter in this is video that man attacking her outside as she watrng to open the door to get i neighbors in e area feel the shelter. well the track moref this kind of violence. >>i dot feel it's you know i
6:38 am
istill feel it's notgonna solve the issue it'snot going lve the problem and yet no i think that we there are crisis on the sidewalk every day. >>that need help and services. i hope they gethem and not that we just have a congregation point without enough services because that's that'my biggest fear is that it will be done. well. >>you know the shelters pected to house about 200 beds for the homeless. when it opens later this month police say there will be 2 to 4 offirs dedicated to patrolling that area 7 days a week. >>less than a week ter oracle announced it's pulling its openworld conference from n francisco. the mayor is pledging the city is going to do more to clean up the streets. the mayor oke for the need for more power more police patrols and she's also callg for more shelters the homeless. mayor breed met with city department heads to let them know their top budget priority needs to be related to cleang up the stres of
6:39 am
it isn't regarding >>mental health substance use disorder housing le it if those are the top issues in your dget then then sically it's it's really not going to be prioritized. >>the mayor says billns of dollars in annual tourist money is at ske d she's encourng residents also to reach out to your supervirs and let them know of any problems in your neighborhood in the north bay sonoma county pervisors have an idea of how to help the homeless maybe use the fairgrounds there are thinking of creating a shelter at the sonoma coty fairgrounds and i got the ax to idea cause rememr they turned to the shelters are the fair got news for shelter for the fies and out. they say that in this ca they would get security services there on site and they're busy ro tolerance fodrugs and neighbors say they're not against the idea, but they are hoping for something more permanent. in this country that is supposedlone of the richest
6:40 am
countries in the world, how is it possible. shelter without a home. pic was shelter how about housi. let's get housing that's the issue. idea, the fair grounds it er could be up and running wiin like by the end of the month of supervisors passeduickly. >>what about ticketing the homelesscan'do it. the us supreme court just struck down to ticket the homeless, the 9th us circuit court of appeals blocked that law the constitution's 8th of amendment against cruel and unusual punishment. bois idaho had an ordinance and they said they needed it to keep the area safe and accessible unsanitary. this case could affeccities and towns across the country that have similar laws. >>happening today piccinini is well it has to present a differnt bankrtcy reorganization plan in order to get approval fm california's governor after vernor newsome rejected
6:41 am
their 13 and a half billion dollar settlement last friday in his letter to utity the governor said that he wants chges to its board of directors. he wants strict and clear operational and safety metrics and anenforcement process for more oversight of the reorgaized company the governor ted that he was worried p s we're going to say shun plan relied on expensive short-term bridge loans which he says he bu doesn't really position the copany to be safreliable and affordable in the future and the clck is ticking. pg needs to figure this out to et their june 30th deadline to get out of bankptcy. a protest outside of p g's headquarter shut wn busy roads in san francisco robin watalking about this yesterday moing about a half dozen of those demonstrators even chained themselves to the front doors of the buding as you can see they say their goal is to let the genie know that its actins particularly with oushut offs. are unacceptable. we'll take a break time now 6. still ahead on the morning news, some changes cong to amazon which could affectour wallet
6:42 am
and your holiday gifts will explain. and are looking at changes in your forecast 2 after a dry day today expect rainfall overnight tonight and into mark tomorrow rning as well you casee it there offshore i've got your fecast ahead. and of course, i'm tracng your morning commute. i'll let you know if we having a hot spots are major problems right now it quiet here at the richmond sandra fell just slw, we can't
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6:44 am
6:45 am
>>we're back at 6 45 at least 3 people are dead after severe weathertore through the deep south with several tornadoes. that were reported throughout mississippi d louisiana you can see some of the damage as video was recorded during the storm john lawrence in fact gives us acloser look. >>a terrifying sight near columbia missiippi as a tornado barrels through the community and the summer schol. the national weather
6:46 am
service confirms 18 isters to through the state monday in the mornng when a famous speakers, it was there i was in middle of that and i was part of 10 mile. >>north of a line i couldn't control the steering i'm not trying to slow a loof debris. >>everything was great in lee county officials say about 60 homes and a church were left in tatters while most of the tornadoes were seen in msissippi some also struck alabama and louisiana authorities in vernon parish louisiana confirm at least one storm-related fatality, a 59 year-old woman was killed when her mobile home was destroyed by a tornado and the coroner's office ilawrence county alabama confirm a husband and wife also died from a weatherated incident know en disaster strikes. no maer we all come together we work. i'm john lawnce reporting. >>6.46 ght now get a look at
6:47 am
ouweather and they're waiting for our rain to strt your you know a lot calmer out here even though we are looking at an active y ahead of toght into tomorrow, ok so today just the clouds ahead of the store is it look like the evening commute is going to get through this thing beforethe gets it looks like evening commuteis going to be just fine, it's st the after you go to bed tonight even take a shower i've made it like 3 days of the clean car. yeah and was woh washing again now i wasn't worth it to you twice a year insure. that's why it's so huge well outside the card today showing a yocan see the east bay cloudy here toy even though we are staying dry, you can see the clouds ahead of this syem that is pushing through on into the evening tonight stormtracker 4 showingou those clouds a couple of sprinkles to light rainfall north of sonoma county as you're heading up to you kyra but zooming out across the
6:48 am
region there's what's going to bring us the rain this low pressure area steering its way our direction into the evening. >>so cloud cover today bands the sunshine peeking out here still well offshore they'll make their way in after10 to 11:00pm tonight and then they'll be seen pushing across the bay on into tomorrow morning which point we ll have some wet roadways r your morning commute tomorrow so do antipate leaving for work a little x eay on your wednesday, especially if you are encountering some of those slick spots wednesday afternoon ski clear out that sets us up for a nice clear and dry thursday and friday afterwards, good travel days each of those days. 50's for high temperatures across the bay today whether you're out the coast or further inland most of us are within just a few degrees of each other about view in san jose of our warmer spots at 59 degrees. each while a few of our cooler spots will be napa ho on over to antioch 54 today, your next days on and off showers i just broke down will see the return of more
6:49 am
rain come saturday and sunday the weekend before chrimas thursday and friday, good traveldays and monday looking likely be a good one to to get on the roads ahe of the holidayobin all right, thank you john, ifyou want to beat the ru and get on the road before the bu of the traffic gets there now is your time because we're just about there it's getting heavier and heavier on our bridges but we still haven't had any major problems that you need to worry about. >>but when you see this back up here at the polls for the cash for years and fast saozy to snow. okay i need to get out there early right 12 minutes to make it across the richmond sandra fell and checking one oh one from the north bay to san frcisco, it's picking up, here's your southbound trafc right there the left well folks are heading in on the right they're heading out nthbound but so far it looks really good so 23 minutes nova to the toll plaza for checking on more drive times this time focusing on the south and wat to forget about the trip leaving san se so we have 8.80 north of that's a part of your commute. 8 minutes from 2.80 to 2 371 wants picking
6:50 am
up andt bad at all you know, sometimes it's a well over an hour tomake it from the south bay to the peninsula right now you're holding at 42 minutes and then 2.80 looks great average from san jose to cupertino daria. thanks robin 6, 4090 open enrollment period foobamacare has been tended and till tomorrow. the centers for medire medicaid services says that this move comes after weeks of low enrollment reports for 2020 obamacare plans some people also had issues. >>sning up during the initial open enrollment perd in 207 the tru administration slash the budget for obamacare adverting by 90%. >>for your money this moing, some bad ns for anyone who still waiting on any holiday packages to be delivered by amazonthe online retail giant announced their 3rd party sellers can no longer use fedex's ground delivery to ship prime packages d this decision could force a small businesses to incree prices
6:51 am
for customers. amazon saysthe reason for the changes because of slowdelivery times the ban takes effect this week and will continue until amazon feels fedex has improved their delivery times. meanwhile boeing the suspend oduction oftheir 7.37 maxjets in january, the planes ve been grounded since 2 deadly crashes ck in march that killed a total of 6 people boeing said monday that they will still focus on delivering the 7.37 aircraft that have already th produced. here's quick check of the big board this morning premarket trading was appointed towards lower open which it did right out of e at that ght out of the gate but as you can see it's turned positive by a whole lot, but right now about 17 points to the good side of 20,000 to 49. >>it's 6.51 and coming up one this might inspire you to t ds you know when you're at ross and you realize it's time your sisr stopped rrowing your sweats? yeah! that's yes for less.
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>>all right check is out the forc is strong with these newborns in pennsylvania, their nursery dress them up like baby yoda's from the start or show the life with his baby yoda les the world well is your new notice that is if they can off. what makes them not santa hats wise a baby over yearsthat i the craw the e i did notice see i'm not died and okay and then very about 3 cued i am carol you are seeing right that only parents we spoke with the said they knew that the hospitals for special events so they s were excited to take part in this holiday but not just to you know who started yo didn'start backwards talk. >>no no it's the jewishwe we talk about feeling you want you know i hear the movies you want to go you want to you like in the moviemy mother didn't like the movie look at the movie like the one that
6:56 am
howe >>field as patterson i thinks a it'a backwards what we do 6.55 and coming up. >>you have to get ready to pay morere you we're going to tell you wt the ticket prices are going oh i think they ar going up the ticket you got a couple of the airportto y to avoid if u havet had the measles probls will teexpose mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights, the ones that ma arue difference in people's lives. and mike won them,hich is imrtant right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, heing pass background check laws andefeat nra backed politicians across this untry, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobco, helping pass ls to se the next generation from addiction. all agait big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this msage.
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6:59 am
>>waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher 07:00am hopefully all's well n the weather and traffic right. let's find out for sure whether roads are great slope. bugreat i just we like no major problems no hot there is a backup the drive times are going up and saw thterrible
7:00 am
commute, it's not raining our lord had. yes so tomorrow morning's the commute this week that is going to cause issues really other than that be. ur commutes are going to >>friendly as far as the skies are concerned today as one of thos days where nothing out ere that should be slowing down too much golden gate bridge. it's looking clear. there'sust a touch of some fog right around mount tam this morning you also do have somesearching out to e east mostly out to the delta but most of uwe've got some clear conditions as you look out towards in for a ford in front of your car. what you look up into the skies though you're going to notice some cloud cover today ahead of rainfall that arrives tonight today will be a d but noticeably cloudier day than yesterday was temperatures are in a range of 30's, 40's and in berkeley's case the low 50's right now double in livermore on over to redwood city and up through san anselmo a santa rosa a fairfield some of our cooler spots in th30's this morning. so yes changes on


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