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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 17, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>wating kron 4 news at a ti. on shock you know dismayed and ocked you in ways problems in san francisco, reaching a disturbing new height, it is absolutely disgusting pictures shoa man relieng himself inside a safe way tonight a growing call to keep the city that we address this really what saii really disgusting awfully embarrassing. situation. thanks for joining us tonight at 8 i'm
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ken wayne pam moore, this latest incint comes assan francisco deals with a growing number of complaints regarding human ste on city streets. >>well ford noel biello joins us live tonight with more on how shoppers at this particar grocery store are reacting noel. the as you guys heard ken and pam lots of shock and discussed ar really at the marina safeway i spoke with thman over the phone. >>who took those photos that are now circulating onthe web he didn't want to go on camera t many other people who shop here regularly did many of them ving shopped at the safeway for more than 40 years completely frustrated and jt wondering why this type of behavior has become the norm here in san francisco. >>i have never seen like this in a s for words, i've never seen anne in 40 years if a cavin the saway on the isle it's of the cleanup on aisle. 10 call th no one wants to hear sunday morning arnd 7.45. a man was spotted
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using i'll 10 inside the marine, a safe way. >>as his own personal bathroom, leaving his feces next the cleaning supplies makes a surprise is happen, i mean there's jusa lot of people aren't happy place. >>i guess office lead to >>thof my ability to really the behavmust be like mental component to it. so we to look beyond the actual action and see the source offered there are 3 pit stop restrooms in san francisco now open 24 hours a day. >>and the tenderlo castro in soma district. but this image illustrates what longtime residents like joel rosman say as a very real probem not only in those areas but all over the city i don't know the aner. >>but it's inappropriate and it's really hurng people by people in the neighboood to outde their door similar events happened. >>absolutely high seen it grow on this side of town and now
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i'm seeing it more and more and chestnut street and i'm reading abt it in the marina where thfolks are having people. news there. yards for a bathroom this year alone. the city has received more than 25,000 coop complaints. >>and they now have a coup patrol crew on call to cean up the wastacross the city. but marina safeway shoppers feel all of th is clrly not fixing the root of the problem that i park up to thpoliticians. i know people say th we have to take care knew that's if they can you know ithey can how can we. now i did reach out to safe y to see if whether or not th man tried to use the restroom inside the sto because you know each of these stors do have restrooms safeway did not respond back to me. >>right now there are 24 of those pit stoppublic restrooms across the ty, however, the marina district does not have any of those
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public restrooms the closest one to this areawould be in north beach so maybe that's somehing that supervisors and city leaders can look into adding in san francisco while bellow kron 4 newnoel. thank you for that report sh alluded to this this public screen now and 23 others your across the city are helping to the city to keep the streets clean l of these russians come with cleaning attendance and most are open between 7.13 >>but supervisor haney ants those hours extended. >>we only have one 24 about them and tenderloin and one in so much, i mean you have thsands of human feces complaints in these eas so we need more downtown anyme and some we mourn the tenderloin civic center but we also need em in the mission castro and drought they view. >>extending the hours of existing restrooms will take money and that money won't be decided upon until sometime next year as far as additiol
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rerooms a 7 have already been funded andthey should start showing up early in 2020. >>all right, t's take a live look outside tonight on this tuesday on a crisp cool maybe even cold night around the bay, you know we've had a break frothe rain for the last couple of days but today as far as here tell us that's going change. yeah wehad a couple hours of this kind of break going on s you notice kind of clear that's not going tosty either tomorrow as we have some fog with this rain that we expect live shot also the golden gate, no fog issues here we've seen tm are inside free clearly from the shot. so there it is onstorm trker 4 there you see the line of showers and even some thunder showersind of engulfed in some of that that's near the source of the low, so expect some of that overnight. our forecast for the next few urs 11 o'clock to the cloudykies. seeing temperatures fall in the 40's you'll notice now. we might see some rain already developing at the coast by 11 o'clock but for the inland areas, they're still waiting until aftethe witching hour waking up tomorrow toain showers the heaviest stuff is
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over by a p or 08:00am rather by high noon, we're looking for scattered shers still reining, however i think the skies open up for the afternoon, we'll get those mperatures up to mid-fifties own it looks like with mostly cloudy skies. and a few shows left over. coming up in a bit we're gog to run through this all forecast models r you it appears apparent that the bulk of the rain will start after about the midnight hour but be pretty much over by 06:00am backto you all right dave. thank you. >>well we are learning at least 2 flu-relad deaths in e bay area moraine county public health officials say the first patient died at a spital. last in the last week of november and the second patient died in the first week of is month state health officials say flu activity in califora is already widespread. it has reached levels not normally seen until ter in the season. >>this is the latest flu activity map in california shows elevated activity of flu in just about every county in the state except for thedeep south to orange riverside, san
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rnardino san diego and imperial counties at the beginning of thismonth's the department reported 16 flu related deaths california, iluding 2 children since the fl season began in late september. >>happening now. >>several school districts in the bay area are suing the cigarette maker jewel labs, the district's accused the san francisco based companyof young people under the a of kron 4 grant lodes joins us in the studio with a closer look at the reallis kind of unique situation with this lawsuit yeah we hadn't seen these east cigarettes these vapes until recently and here we go into a more uncharted territory ken and pam as of this evening the lawsuit involves 5 school districts in the bay area. >>you have san francisco unified lirmore valley joint unified an3 districts in san mateo county. they l accuse jeweof marketing vaping products to kids under the age of 1 earlier today on kron on we spoke to t superintendent of the livermore school district. she
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tells us it was the students who came forward urging school leaders to take action because they felt their healthas at risk. >>we have had pretty much eradicated all instances of traditional tobacco that with the prevalence and the that jewel and electric electronic vaping devices which have been targeting use now is appearing on our campuses and so yes, the bachelor has become one place as our teachers and ministries becamemore savvy about the ways that jewein electronic devices can be hidden in the classroom or disguised as regular everyday objectsthe next place where students will go is congregate into a and we have students who have said loudly and to use the bathroom without t any of us around this. >>the stricts are seeking juul's marketg practices e which they say encourage kids to become addicted to their products. >>this is just it has.
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friendly sense it is in packag that lookelike children's cereal s children's candies and with names like unicorn blooor you know dragging 2% and children and what's different is the social dia marketing because every single social media platform that ildren use they just bombarded with advertisements that us a jewel is cool and all of these things that are just bombarding our students. >>joris pond it to the lawsuit with this statement reads in part quote our customer base is e world's 1 billion adult smokerand we do not intend to atact underage users to the extent these cases allege otherwise, they are without merit. jewel already faces several lawsuits from scols and districts and other parent and e groups across the cotry over its marketing practices jewel of course based here in san francisco kepam back deal grant thank you 2 brotrs from the oil face felo drug charges
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tonight. detectives from the napa special investigations bureau and homeland security say. >>the initiated an undercover investigation of 30 year-old for elan and 24 year-old jose sanchez back in august on several occasions over the course of sevel months the brothers allegedly sold almost 10 pounds of methamphetamine and a half ounce of cocaine to an undercover detective detectives say they also seized 2 a k 47 assault rifles and a semiautomatic handgun and takea look at all of this hayward police say officers recovered this last month from a home in suspected ug house. pole say they searched the home after getting an anonymous tip. officers say ey found cocaine mass mushrooms xanax and $20,000 cash. police arrested one person who has not been identified. >>pleasanton police are asking for the public's help to identify this man investigators say he spent more than 00 at a local safeway store using credit cards that were stolen from a
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parked car if you recognize him you are ked to contact pleasanton polic >>coming up package sets ntinued to be a big problem this holiday eason. how pice in the east bay caught a porch pirate th just 10 minutes of the crime lusty je nestruggles to meet it deadline to get out of bankruptcy, the company's new request to a judge since california's governor rejected the original settlement plan, hundreds of high school music trophies t tossed into the garbage outraging ny othe schol's alumni their mission tonight to get those trophs back on shelvesclear and dry for now that will change hever tonight it's more rain
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>>school contact. alumni at all. >>more than 30 ars of music dumpster at a bay area school many alumni of as high and
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alameda who played in the band are really upset tonight learning that years d years of trophies and awards were simply thrown away to make space in the band room doesn't make a lot of sense kron four's michelle kingston explains what they're doing to try to put history back on the elves of the high school. >>i don't did and got in a i 4 years old my high scho years proceeds by the growing and the person n there's just there's so much that goes into. >>this yeah, it's it's really disheartening that. the students but everybody's t effort it ems like itwas thrown in the trash 300 trophies tossed the trh outside and single high school years and years of ards won by hardworking band students. >>the district ys e deciion to throw them out was made by the new band director who wanted to make more space in the classroom and it was beginning to impinge on assroom space and it is also
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posinsomething of a safety hazard in in in thevent of someone they could rlly hurt someone when word spread that the tropes were tossed some alumni tookit upon themselves to go to the dumpst and pick up as many of them as they the back of their cars trying to saveistory. we turn on inventory started go fund me account you can turn the trophy and the ploto state and th >>to get back know this is this is thousands of man urs and a lot of pride here. >>we can't just li th just get thrown in the garbage while the alumni rk to save the trophies the district had this to say to those hurt their decision to toss the awards were certainly ve sorry that it happened this way the intention was all good. >>but we definitely understand that having trophies put into a dumpster would could feel very very bad to people we asked the district if they' ever thrown trophies awy before whether it be forusic
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or for athletics and they said they were unsure but that in the future. they will always reacout to alumni first in alameda, michelle kingston kron 4 news bait packages are working to catch porch pirates in the bay area milpitas police say theysaw this woman drive up to a home and take the bait package just 8 minutesafter the officers put it down on a doorstep. >>officers ok turned to the santa clara county. my main jail r grand theft and driving without a license meanwhile police in hercules are still looking for this man who stole a ckage from a front porch there. home surveillance record of the december 7th when the k on homeowners were on vacation. >>in fact in that case a gentleman actually watchthe was in disneyland. while he >>police say they have a limited description of this person ithe videoother than what you see here but investigators say was last seen driving a white toyota camry more thieves are
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targeting donations made for the r good deeds at least 3 salvation army volunteers had their ttle stolen in contra costa county. tonig police in modesto areo investigating a cattle theft. police say the theft happened saturday night at a hobby lobby. seif on a bicycle made off wh about $400 in donatio monethat would have gone to services such as organizations and christmas toy giveawa team from e organization that is that is their literally their mission to serve the homeless and to servethe low income families and to serve the kids with toys and. >eah that's a special person right police say this has happened during a shift chge when the red kettle was. >>unmanned test all right step forecast for the live look at the embardero in the city where it's dry right now meteorologist dave spahr as here bring us up to date on how long it's going to stay dry up prably not ng ago well i g a couple of hours of this so enjoy a nice maybe
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a little longer an that, re's ow it looks like on the sateite. >>nice a band of rain out to sea there with yes. the lightning strike there that's right close the urce of the los we might even get some flashing lights and ty visit claps of thunder going on for tonight. do want to notice th we will get some fog overnight with all of this is kind of a given so tomorrow. the clear patches or the clear is that wsaw will be around tomorrow morning coupledwith the rain we've already had and will continue to have has agreed ttomorrow so for tonight, we've got temperatures of mid 's. showers rain, some of this rain will be heavy at times says we expect and even north bay in the morning hours for the commute, future cast for as we put this into moti about 1045 is an approximation and in the coast as you get a general ea and then another can see up to the north bay that's why they're going to have higher rainfallamounts freezing about 5.45 gives you what wexpect the east bay shoreline covered up and extending off to the delta as well with some moderate to heavy rain but as you can tell
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it's not constant after that point it will be spotty scattered about in terms of the rain well the winsome bedded some heavier rain showers will in that too. the winds this will be overnight and it's coming in from the southeast and it very mild air. we have with this y see the heavier winds to the higher elevations to the south and the peninsula. go a little bi later on to tomorrow morning. not so much of an issue so the winds probably won't be really challenging you on your morning commute fotomorrow which really going to be ovrnight affair for the most up in the north bay getting up there about about a 3rd of an inch of rain open looks like it picking up almost a half as well as san francisco. more modest to the south we'll te a look at that longer range forecast models for you coming up in a bit back to you all right dave, thank you well, the bay area's laest mushroom grower will pamore settle an environmental to protection suit that lawsuit was brought by the nta clara county district attorney's office. >>the da accuse monterey mushrooms inc pumping and
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dumpingpolluted wastewater into fisher creek for years and that's despite orders and warnings dating back to the 1980's. the settlementwill be used in part to repair the damage and restore the south bay cree itis the largest judgment for a war pollution lawsuit brought by the da and east y food bank is asking for the public's help try to meet its fundraising target out of community county community food bank says it still needs to raise 2 and a ha million dollars. >>before new year's eve asf right now it says it's in danger not meeting that goal. >>and finally some answers nearly 40 years late a bay area family hears from police about the cold casdeaths of 2 of their loved one the genie facing more than just baruptcy a civil suit by family members of the victims in the ghost ship rehouse fire gets the g
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>>the genie will have to defend itself in an coming civil case over the ghost ship warehouse fire. >>today, bankruptcy judge sided with fire victims families who asked toquote have their day in court with g 33 family members of some of the 36 people killed filed a civil case against fiji need the city of oakland and the building's owners, the trial is get is expecd to begin in may meanwhile pg e is hoping to follow through with its 13 and a half billion dollar settlement wi wildfire victims without the governor's approval at settlent is part of the utities reganization pgo gavin newsome rejecd that plan last week sayi he wants a complete overhaul of the pga. the board of directors and moe oversight of the company. >>today in bankruptcy court consider removing the e to governor's approval as a requement for the plant, the utility is hoping to meet its deadline to get out of bankrupt by june the 30 we reached out directly to th governor's office for comment
8:26 pm
on this but we've not heard back tonight. >>the california public utilities commission nts to keep the genie from recoverin about billion in wildfire related costs from rate payers the agency's safety and enforcement division filed a proposed settlement addressing the utilities role in several wildfires, including last year's camp fire butte county your cpu see proposed settlement would also require the utility to fund an additional $50 million paid for by any sharolders for system enhancements and communi engagement itiatives. >>the next steps noinclude a review by an adnistrative law judge a 30 day comment period and the public review by the cpu sees commissioners. >>coming up sanfrancisco's mayor tours, the newest navigation centr for homeless people antries to respond to t mounting safety concerns expressed by area residents before the official opening plus the tension increases in
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washington oneday before the full house vote on impeachment all as president trump nds a harsh ♪
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>>a rally in san francco today calling on lawmakersto impeach president trump. this group gathered today at the federal building off 7th street, holding signs the demonstrators marched of market street towards the offices of senators kamala harris and dianne feinstei there are also impeachmt rallies in kland and in albany today, they were among the many impchment rallies, happening all across the country and all because tomorrow theull house of reesentatives is set to begin debating on the 2 articles of impeachment against president trump abuse of power and obstruction of tally ows the majority of
8:31 pm
the house is now in favor of impeaching the president. >>not one republican has indicated he or she ill president is objecting to the impeachment charges, accusin democrats of quote perversion of justice d abuse of power in their effort to removehim from office in a ery letter today to house speaker nancy posi, the president intained he did nothing investigation of political rivals and attack democrats for focusing on impeachment. speaker pelosi and other democrats are slamming the letter. the president's letter kerry >>haven't really for the bread we can letteris more of a president. nt by the >>and regrettably it's filled with lies whh she often uses to promote a particular perspectives thahe wants to
8:32 pm
show. >>meanwhile senate majority leader mitch mcconnell is preparing for the expected trial shooting down a democratic requests for witnesses lot of alex marquardt reports senate minority leader chuck scmer is planning to force a vote to put every senator on the >>this is a day we're going to disagree and disagr very strongly partisan divide on full display on the eve of just the 3rd voting history to rules being said mhouse round panel for tomorrow's final decide whether you the united states is still a natiowhere no one is above the law demotic congressman jamie raskin reesenting the house judiciary majority arguing that the president has been unrepentant we believe. >>this couct is impeachable and should never take place again under our constitutional system. he believes his conduct is perfect. and we know they're for it will take place again. anagain while
8:33 pm
house judiciary republicans represented by ranking member doug collins thing held the line the presidenta clear and present danger right now in this room. >>is thpaern of. tack in abuse of rules. decisions to get this president. a new cnn average of recent polls shows that americans are split on impeaching and removing the president by a narrow margin more oppose it all of this setting the scene fothe senate trial to come with leadership contentiously disagreeing today on the senate floor over what the trial should look like. >>the majority leader mitch mcconnell shooting down the democrats proposal which called for more high-profile trump administration witnesses if hse democrats because deficient. >>the answer is not f the jud and jury to cure it over here in the shop. the answers to how should not impeaching most patients the first her minority leader chuck schumer
8:34 pm
had requested supoenas for among others ting chief of staff mick mulvaney and e former national security adviser john bton and what is leader mcconnell afraid >>what is president trump afraidof the truth >>but the american peop want the truth. >>for schumer to win this argument he needs for republican senato to vote with democrats but so far to moderatrepublicans and little signs th defectingo be talking to colleagues listening to that. >>and giving it a greadeal of thought. >>that was alex marquardt reporting senate majori leader mitch mcconnell has said he is coordinating with the white house regaing the expected senate impeachment trial that coordination is drawing the ire of democrats including senate minory leader chuck schumer and you can stay with us for the latest onthe impeachment vote. we will have continui coveragboth here on kron 4 and on kron on the bay area's only 24 hour lol news app.
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>>stay with kron on and kron 4 tomorrow for the latest on the impeachment vote now to our 4 zone forecast with a live vi of the golden gate bridge on a tuesday night an meteorologist dave spahr is here to tell us about the time the rain as opposed still is crisp on the picture there doesn't well that will be changing we watch some rain coming for tonight actually wiin the next couple of hours we can expect as knocking on our doorstep ght here. >>so expect rain across the bay at times heavy. that's wh lookland mayb en some claps of thunder after some flashes of let'get to tu cat for that lo run rough. and e onslaught may actually start before midnit in some spots. but the heaviest rain happening on the wee hours of the night coupe with some bulk of the rain up to the north bay and wraps around portions of the east y so scattered. embedded heavy showers th all of us so not everybody gets that set of rain all at the same time but the good news is by the afternoon. it does become very scattered and stty long
8:36 pm
range forecast models that's obviously what we're tting tonight tomorrow. saturday's the to kind of watch we're not exactly sure on win that will happen this piers bill but more juicy and it a predecessor and mae some rain lingring into sunday too. then middle of the week i asked christmas morning might be a t one as well as we watch a new system notice the snow to higher elevations of the mountains withall of that too so we have some systems to watch upstream. what does it ok like in your 4 zone forecast tomorrow, 50 around san francisco, daly city of 56. we'll do54 for burlingame and out of the uthern end of the peninsula, 56 palo alto to the south bay 57 for san jose because of the rain and clds we have a lot of you for money and temperatures 56 force in all looks like waller creek terrified along with concord and san leandro also 55 sonoma 5355 for fairfield santa sa at 50 to talk about the rain coming and going right ok we do get a break there now maybe perhaps by friday and then boom another dose there look
8:37 pm
t for on saturday sunday and more by mid week back to thank you dave, this just in we have the winning numbers for the mega millions jackpot ich is million here are the numbers, 20 to 3053 5556. >>the mega ball drawn was 16 with a makeup liar of 2. 2 bay area teenagers walkg home from work killed more than 3 decades ago. now police have answers for thr loved ones as to who is respoible fo wimpy trash bags? c'mon. hefty! hty! y! hey ladies... buy hefty® ultra rong™ at a low price. da! i wish... get hefty®ltra strong™ costs less than glad® forceflex where ld head to head.
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>>the freeman family is finally getting some answers tonight in the deaths of 2 were killed 37 years ago while they were walking home from work. kron four's rob fladebo explains how police finally cracked the case. >>on december 20th 1980 to 16 yearld jeffrey a top and his 16 year-old cousin mary jane
8:41 pm
in fremont 37 years later this man the late clifton hupeth has been identified as their killer says fremont police ways been on our radar s something that's always been is is a big deal with to 6 y year-old kids being killed on the night oftheir murder of the teenagers left their jobs at the rah theat in milpas. last seen walking home here on north able road. jeffrey a touch body was found near the intersection of green valley road in scott creek road. >>well mary jane mallott eggs body was found at the corne hunter wrote in mission boulevard after all leads were exhausted. the case wentcold singleead he talking all the family talking all the friends at the time anlooking at all theevidence and back then there is no dna that was then >>last year freeman's cold case un began to take >>they initiated dna testing investigative genetic
8:42 pm
genealogy and that led them to clifton hudspeth who live near the 2 tens who was living in. >>noat the time where these kids were abducted because it's especiallwere started and then we start going down that pa and kind of doing radius around who had similar kinds most you know where they do lower, assaulting people or ar having homicides it turns out has spent who died in 1999 had a historof violence, including atteted murder. dna extracted from his santa clara grave confirmed him as e ller of 8 up and mallott looking for their their their peace and just trying to deal with what they got to deal with at this point time and asking for privacbut they're thankful for the case and we just sold the instigation continues as police suspect hudspeth may have been involved iother crimes around the time of those murders. >>the dna testing that hps all this cases similar to that used in identifying the suspect in thgolden state
8:43 pm
killer case in fremont rob fladeboe kron 4 news ahead his forc, the 49 ers get ready for a saturday ght showdown th the rams. >>the team feels a strong contingent in this ar's
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>>the controversial new in san francisco is close to opening his ors and accepting homeless residents around the end of the moth kron four's maureen k was there as mayor london breed toward the new facility and address neighbors safety concerns standinbefore the new embarcadero navation center mayor london breed for the yankees state and city officials flanking r for helping make this facility a reali she also thked south beach neighbors, even though some had pusd back hard againsthe project. even filing lawsuits in an tempt to stop it from going forward. i know thisasn't been easy. but i will say that
8:47 pm
we are still coitted now that this place is open and available. >>to working with this community to making sure that we fulfill the promises around safety and the number of other concerned about those concerns were amplified after an august attack of a female resident entering the lobby ofthe watermark condo building rig next door the frenzied encounter was captured by a surveillance camera the victim says her alleged attacker told from robots. ng to save her >>austin vinct seen here in his mug shot shortly after s arrest, he's being held witho bail for being a public safety risk the mayor got a guided tour of the 200 bed facility which will start offwith 30 temporary residts gradually adding re over 6 months until reaching ll capacity she was joined by a deputy police chief who talked out how they're boosting patrols additional police officers to the station here. >>that polices the area they
8:48 pm
will have tse officers working 7 days a week in a in safety zo around here it extends about 2, 4, blocks and they will be out here highly visible unable to respond ere's concerfrom the neighborhood one neighbor who did not want to appear on camera says there are still concernamong residents. i think we're very aware that center the city has ever. opened and 's in a very densresidential area. so we just have some concerns about wh the impact is going to be for us the first homeless clients of the new navigion center are expected to move in at the end of the month. maureen kelly kron 4 news. >>the bay ea air quality management district has settled a whistleblower case for million in their claims michel bachmann d sarah steele accused the strict of illegally destroyed documents critical to the district's ability to monitorregulate and enforce air quality for the bay area. they say they
8:49 pm
were wrongfully fired from the job after filing internal whistleblower complaints as a part of the million settlement bachmann status was changed to retired. >>time now >>and let's open night with the 49 ers some positive news loss to atlanta sunday, pro bowl rosters announced this afternoon and there's a heavy contgent of red and gold for 40 ninerhave been selected to the roster, including nick bosa how use check george kittle and richard sherman bosa is the first 9 ers rookie to make the cut since 2014. at was eric reid and there are also 8 alternates a field that features jimmy garoppolo eric armstead and deforest buckner but this team isn't thinng about the o bowl instead priity one going back to work after slipping against the falns richard sherman at practice today, we'll see if you pla shortly for the team as they host t rams to saturday shanahan is it freaking out abt one bad
8:50 pm
game. >>the neat thing about today hours talk to the team the 4 to say the team of guys and last we before we played on we control our own destiny. ugh loss that we feel we are going up whn they t it done. we still control our own destiny so harbaugh not too states but what about the legal saturday. >>now for the lexus pursuit of rfection ultimate highlht. want to mention trent brown and ron the hudson other readers pro bowrs lexus, ultimate highlight and all bay area matchup golden in the dons had to the farto visit th cardinal. >>the 2nd half defense to offense. jamari bully a steel to the rack usf takes an 11 point lead the staffer would come all the way back 4 nutes to go tied at 46 days davis the drive and finish cardinal take the lead chair and in it. the stanford 20 look back encer jones stocks down the 3 ball that ends up being the dagger 6456 stand f your final they improved
8:51 pm
to 10 in one of her main undefeated home finay hole in the show with images will never fully getused to madison bumgarner has an arizona diamondback madbum formally introduced today as the neface of the snakes. the former giants superstar signed with arizona ona five-year $85 million deal less than what he was projected toearn onthe open market. he's always haan affinity for the phoenix area d it's long been a second home for him. yet he hasn't forgotten abouts magical 11 seasons in san francisco around that includes 3 ties and world series mvp honors in 2014. madbum what the word of thanks to the fans. >>they've always bn as good as they can possibly be to me and never forget that always be thankful so yeah, i mean that part of those tough but you know coming year so far this this ple is exceeded all my expectations in order
8:52 pm
said ally excited about. >>going tob
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>>check out this video. the mane mammal center share the video of exrts rescuing a young humpback whale last week. the mammal center says the ung whale was tangled in ome fishing debris. >>that's first approached the whale in the small inflatable boat and successfully cut that debris from the whales back and that alowed thehale to swim away freely. investigors are still looking into the sourceof that entanglement but thankfully they st the way i know they didelay the crab season because of that reason a there you go there you go and th wraps kron 4 news in a reat lotus and vicki liviakisare here with kron 4 ws at night there you go thank you pam, thank you can coming up next and 9 tired of people stealing packages from. >>folks homes in your neighborhood porcpirates well tell them to be more like
8:56 pm
milpitas pd the operation use their to tch an over eager kroc according to police in the act. >>plus the new technology genie's testing that coul predict power problems that can cause fires when we might kn if it will help right here in the bay area meteorologist dave spahr is here and he says we're going to be seei pretty significant rain system that will affect tomorrow morning's mmute. >>keep it here. on 4 news at 9 is next.
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>>watching kron 4 ns at 9, but we did a good and we're happy able to. >>tonight people in the south bay are praising the efforts of bill petersolice the police department there used what they ll bait box one of those items ey're using to try to catch these porch pirates apparently and work this all happened last week but police are just announcing that developmenttonight it happened near the great mall, thanks for being with us tonight at 9 o'clock everybody i'mgrant lotus and i'm vicki liviakis a dare stone is following the ory for us. >>he joins us now live from a the south bay whe the suspect is from a j r what have you learne >>well vicki i spent the evening trying to make contact with that suspect she is from here in san jose i wasn't able to t her side of the story. the


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