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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 18, 2019 1:30am-2:01am PST

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♪ tonight gwen and blake's holiday wedding plans? >> you have a rin picked out. >> merry christmas everyby. >> did john legend let a big secret slip? then -- >> iead straight int your mic. >> one on one wh taylor swift. yeah! >> plushe richest stars on tv. whose paycheck is the ggest? then skydiving with channing tatu on set with the cast of ncis. >> here i am with this guy. ourpecial gue co-host for the day. >> wheels up
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>> it's getting crazy in here. >> "e.t." starts right now. in our world she's queen of the cart wheels sabrina jalees. welcome to the lonnest hollywood. >> thankou. i'm like a scene borrower. >> tonight we'll see who steals th title on the voice and gwen and blake's duet hit number one. >> and maybe, just maybe, the music video will lead to marriage. listen to what john legend told "e.t.'s" cassie dilaura. ♪ i don't want to lovnody buyou ♪ >> blake did tell us last week that you guys have plans for a music video and you are like the king of music videos for love songs. >> im? >> hello? "a of me." ♪ all of me >>ou know, chrissy and i got married the week we did the "all of me" video. so who knows? >> oh, you did? swho knows? >> oh, my go that was crazy. >> he said the week that he filmed "all of me" he got married. >> oh, thank you.
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>> oh, my god. that is putting on some pressure here, legend. >>hank you, john. that's going over the top, to save money on a wedding. >> like we keep saying, it's not matter of if blake puts a ring on it, just wh. ♪ if i was a rich girl >> do yohave a ring picked out gwen? >> oh, my god. i have so many rings picked out. haveou seen my jewelry box >> she's not lacng for jewelry. >> butight in the two-hour seas finale, america wl pick the winnerf "theoice." >> it will be a bitter sweet night for gwen. the show will marker last day before nick jonas takes over her chair next sea i can't believe it's the last couple of days to end with being on the song with blake. it's le the craziest christmas present that i could ever imagine in my life. ♪ you make it feel like >> what e the plans? you guys are gonna go back to oklaho? >> yh, going to oklahoma, just hanging out with friends. >> ware headed to, you know, meet me in montana.
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we're very excited. 're gonna be snowmobiling. >> luna wants something ballerina related, but she also told me on the way to school the other day that she wants a red convertie. she wants a re one though. >> i think all girls are convertible girls if your dad was john legend. >> would like luna to drive m around. "t." was at two film premie premieres. we're starting off with rachel smith. hey there, guys, the much talked about "cats" movie celebrated its world premiere in new yo city. this cast of "cats" isext vel. and taylor swift told me it took zeroonvincing for her to take on this iconic cat role. >> did it take a lot of persuading to have you appear in a "cats" movie? >> no. >>o? >> no. it was very easy. l they had to do was ask. >> we all know taylor is a rea life cat lady wi olivia, meredith a benjamin, but did they inspire her on-screen character?
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to talk to me?u try to get her thank you. oh, no. >> the cat that they're most like in the moe is a cat called jennyanydots which rebel wilson plays >> te most of the crazcat lady. >>ay was gges in oscar de golden globe nod and didn't seem toare one bit that her song for the film was jt snubbed by the osca. hey, she and boyfriend joe alwyn are still celebrating her vent birthday and turng the big 3-0. >> i feel like 30s lookin' really good on you. >> tt's so nice of you. thank you so much. 's, you know, i've been in any 30s r likewo days. it been amazing. >> has it? >> loving it. >> and 30 or not, weere part of it all as tay had a fan girl moment when co-star idris elba passed by. >> hi, good to see you. >> how are you? >>ou know what, you lo good tonight. i'll give to you. >> i love . >> sorry about -- i screamed straig into your mic.
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sorry. i totallyelled. >> here we go. >> and james corden told me the rdest part of making the vie -- >> it's not thsingg and the dancing. it the being a cat. it's absurd. >> and from musical felines to new york to orm troopers in hollywood "e.t." was the first stop for the stars talking about the final saga of the "sta wars" franchise. >> thas right, rachel. this is the pce to be celebrating 40 years of "star wars"t the premiere of the risef skywalker. >> are we okay? >> we're fine. >> are we okay? >> we're five yrs going strong. >> harriso ford, mark hamill, the property brothers, jonathan sct brought zooey schanel. they shut down hollywood boulard last night just like theyid when the first film
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premred. >> we were standing in this very spot four years ago. >> look how young i look. i was terrified. i was shaking as i am now shering and sweaty. that's really attractive. >> what wasoing throu my head is i'm so scaredhat this really coolcool.f something >> do you remember what was going through your head in this moment, this night? >> no. i was drunk. >> do you rember what you were thinking? what you were feeling? >> i said i don't know who i'm hugging, but it feels good. >> what was the face you made when the credits rold? >> i was like i don't want to cry in front of you. i just want get in the car. then i had to watch some "friends" to windown. >> by the way, this movie, which is the last one in the skywalker saga, is expected to make as much at $200 million oning
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weekd. meanwhile charlize theron is feeling all the love for "bombshell." she screened it in new york last night and brought her fashion "a" gameoo rocking that eeveless jumpsuit and cape. but charlize also making news toda about one of the most terrifying nigs of h life. he shouldn't have been able to lk when he came into the house with a gun. my mom and i were in my bedroo leaning against the do because he was trying to push through the door. >> charle was 15 and her dad had just returned home from a night of drinking. as she told npr he was thatening her ander mother with a shotgun. >> he took a step back and shot through the door three times. us, which is jt a miracle. hit but in self-defense she ended the threat. i just remember my mom saying you have to run to the charlize's mom acted the self
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defense. charlize's m moved to l.a. and the two posed when she got her star on the hall o fame. charlize said in spif that night, she workedhrough it. >> it doesn't haunt me at all. i'm completely at pce. >> and charlize's -star nicole kidman is joining tv's million dollar club. >> "variety" reports when she gets to hulu in 2020 she'll get $1 million an episode. nicole's "big little lie co-sr reese and her "morning show" colleague jen already make but ste carell? $750,000 an epise app tv plus, but netflix will make m a million dollar man with the upcomi comedy series "space force." >> we all have parts that scare us. >> kry washington will match reese's million hulu's upcoming sers "little fires erywhere." but on broadcast salaries are smaller. "varty" rertthe pearsons
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all pull in $250,000 an episode on "this is us." while "modern family's cardi b got that on netflix. tranger thin" happen on streaming. wynona rider, david harbour and millie bobby brown, $350,000 an epise while most of the other kids get 250 by comparison rob lowe will make $50,000 less for fox's uoming "911" spin-off. >> i don't know how ts has happened to . >> doing tv used to be taboo for movie stars, but "variety" hints if leo, br or tom could fetch $2 million an episode. >> that's about right. >> chris pratt is already reportedly eyeing a small screen role with a salary of $1.4 million. >> that would be so amazing. >> where you hiding all that money? >> und my hood. >> people wouldn't nd mey to spend time with cnning tatum. >> unles it included this --
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his wilderness adventure with bear grylls. then only "e.t." is on the ncis set. i have all the secrets. and kelties cfting the perfect holay gift with busy phillips. what's she going to get me? but first -- >> i've decidetoo to russia. i wanto hearour voice and >> "90-day fiance -- before the ninety days" is backn 2020 on tlc. this season will cin tfranchise couple. wi they all live happily elf after? find o on tlc. ♪
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minutes away "e.t." continues theabrina jalees gone wil on the s of igpine and eucalyptusthat a. true fragrance crafted only bglad s.c. johnson.
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>> that is how we are used to seng chaney tatum -- showing off his magic mikeoves. but you want to know when channing gets really wild? when he hits the great outdoors with br grylls. >> ready, set, see ya.
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go! >> usually on movie se, you know, they calin a stunt guy and i always feel very asculated so i'm happy that the's no stunt guy so at the be like -- wheer it was a nd of success or a failure, was my faile or success. >> unreal. this is just bananas. >> channinjumps into the norwegian wilderness and sticks the landing. >> you're on your own. put this chute on. we're going up togetr. you've got to pullhis rip cord. >> that was absolutely insane. >> this is cnning's second adventure with bear grylls. the first was in 2014. >> what do you think ohis outdoor skills? now.hey've gotten really good i said you're no longer a roie. >> right, exactly. >> channing does kind of magic mike strip down to his thi before enduring a freezing water challenge. >> i feel fantastic. he also haso hunt for his own meals.
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>> so bear sent me out to forage for anythi that i think is edible. nothing isdible in mmind out re >> but che out what happens when channing encounters a ram in the wild. >> he looks a bit confused. >> yeah. what's up? you're good. >> let's choose our battles. let's ep moving. his close not ready for >> luckily it was a total love fe on ncis. emotions running high behd the scenes. >> it's going to warm your heart and shock you. then busy phills helps us craft theerfect holid gift. swapping scrubs for santa sweaters. sabrina showss around carole's seco act. >> "entertainment tonight," i like . >> closed captioninprovided by --
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♪ welcome back to "e.t." at the london west hollywood. tonigh a big one for "ncis" fans. zi is back and oy i was on set. >> how good is it being back here now? >> i hoped tt at some point something like this could happen and it just -- so e stars aligned and here i am with thi guy. >> cote's back for a two-episode arc begiing tonight. we last saw her in oober. >> i said give me a really good reason to come back. >> and no scars. >> no. that's not what i said and you know that. i love getting dirty in my face and all that stuff. >> you forget the energy she brought and how special this character is in many ways and how in so many ways it complet the show. >> how good is it to be with this guy? >> da da da da. what are you doing? just don't hit me. >> i've been doing it a lot. >> not to him, but to other
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ople. >> fans are hoping we'll get a surprise appearance and union with ziva's by daddy michael weatherly. but before that the's one thing she and mark have to do. >> i will tell you it's gonna ? warm your heart and it's going to shock you too. you may shed a couple of tears in tt episode. >> you must be special agent torres. >> will it be hard for ziva to walk away you cote to walk >> it's a different walk away and i' leave it at that. it's a beautiful -- it's a beautiful walk away. >> walking away from "carole's second act," but cart wels are a different stor how did cart wheels becom your brand? >> as soon as iealized you get attention from turng upside down, i said how often can i be upside down? shou i do it right now? >> d it. are we getting it?
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i visited you on set and youid th. everyone on their toes.ep >> this is like what it's like. don't get any rehearsal done. it takes a really longim because of these three clowns. >> it's carole's second t. it's carols second act. >> it's a ursday. it's cool. it's aay you wanna chill. >> that made me so nervous is anyone a real doctor? >> today you are doctors. oh, my, god it so exciting. >> okay. ishere chrisasong you gu like to sing together. >> a copyright free one. ♪ you see those sleigh bells ♪ san darling hurry and just change up theory risks just so ♪ >> what is your vorite christmas tradition? >> well, my wife's family is just so like irish a ready and wrapping and gift cards and so i feel like i counter it by being
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like aittle scroogy. >> okay. >> i don't like the way i'm painting myself. >> we don't want you to be left out. we have a christmas sweater for you. >> ah. >> scrooge. come on, scrooge. >>ome on. ca i getn the middle? we c do a red green. >> "entertainment tonight." i like it. >> y don't have any fun on set at all. >> very serious. now sabrina you're also a mom to adorable wolfie. he's almost 2. is wolfie the legal name? >> people have a hard time with it. they're like is itwolfgang. >> i like wolfie too. ktie was with another working mama, busy phillips.
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who's gearing up for a busy couple of months with bestie chelle williams. >> we're very excited cause we're just a few weeks away from awards season i know. and one ofy favori things is seeing you have a girl date with michelle and she's nominated. >> have yoalready texted and are like what are we wearing? like we're going? >> yeah. yeah. a 100% of course. yes. we are in it twin it, man. well, i'm it for her to win it. >> no doubt the two besties will be hanging during the holiys too and we teamed up wh busy and michael'for me creative holiday giftintips my goal is to put the gift kevin gave nischelle and me to shame. >> really? really, kevin frazier? >> no, thank you. >> this is a lump of coal, n a gift. >> can i give it back? >> of course michael's gift card is perfect for anyone. i chose to go with the more homemade feel. i want it to be luxuriously ridiculous, over the top. it would be cute because he's a keviand i'm a keltie, if i can find quick "k." >> they're festive.
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can i use these? >> yeah. >> they look expenve. are they expensive? i'm buying them for you. >>ou are a very crafty person. this sort of feels like th mother ship where you would come for inspiration. >> some of my earliest memories are going to michael's with my mom as a kid, picking t crts. it really has been part of my fe and i have in turn done thatith my girls. >> i think mine's done. let me see. nestly, it's really cute. >> i feel good about it. >> kevin, check it out. it's your face. >> the craftines is at a different level. keltie, thank you for this. i'll put it in my office. >> i'm keeping this. i always wanted a frame of my ex-husband. >> since we're giving you a gift, why don't you take one more and unwrap the "e.t." birthdays. thank you lauren. whh american horror story has a severe fear o flying -- the answer is next. try that.
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here you go. i'll put it right here. (gasps)
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j.c. penney. remember the little things
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travel consideration proved by --
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tomorrow on "e.t." -- off to rocky start?festivities what we just learned. thenur behind the scenes with oprah's big announcement. then we're with michael b. jordanoris hometow surpri. >> it's emotional overload. >> tomorrow on "e.t." in tonig's "e." birthday's which american horror story actress h a severe fear of flying? that's sarah paulson. her phobia is so intense she insists on meeting the pilot. >> maybe she loves pilots. kevin i'll ge you a plug if don't miss kevin and nischle counting down the top ten dog stories of 2019. >> there are stories tha will tug on your heart and make you
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cry. >> watch carole's secondct on cbs. you feel a cart wheel? >> let's do it. me and you. one, two, three. g
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>> you're watching "the wellness hour," the leader in medical news and information. i'm randy alvarez. today's topic, replacing missing teeth with dental implants. according to my first guest, no more dentures. and withs we have an expert the topic. dr. mark adams.ntist -- dr. adams, welcome to the program. >> thanks for having me, randy.


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