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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  December 18, 2019 4:00am-4:31am PST

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you r joining us on a% the kron 00:am morning news, i'm robin winston we want start this morning with a check of weather and traffic and theorecast is very important because for some rain out ere for some folks good morning to you now where that rain come yet did move in overnight and we dohave some moderate to even some heavy spots of rainfall this morning. i it's definitely about to get those roadways wet so slow it down if you look across the bay this
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morning does show a pretty wet camera here looking down past catraz at san francisco can see much as that in is currently following. >>right across the core of the bay look at that snow up there in rtions of the lake an mendocino countieand if the camera spread out wide oryou can see it in thesierra to but we have some spots here in the bay area that really cars and some especially t roadways right now let's take a look at san francisco in the east bay first right across the bay bridge to be excting to run into some heavy rain as you will in san francisco into alameda oakland berkeley richmond all the way up 24 throh arin the now into walnut creek and about to be stretching up a little bit further north some the towards whole a whole here within a few nutes, some dry patches in their tdenote such as up in marin county right now where conditions ar lighter at least for the time beg napa also looking at a spot of heavy rainfall you're seeing at northup northern at the county and say alina and rther south in the bay redwood city on over wards 2.80 down to sunnyvale and up
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towards milpitas unionity in fremont also looking at some spotof rainfall that are se bringing really those downpours will ctinue off and on through the interspersed by some more moderate to light rain showe this is going to continue on into a arod noontime today after which pot you can expect conditions to be a little on the ier side still a few rinkles into the afternoon so keep the umbrella you even as we do step out th later ontoday. tomorrow, nice and dry one ter what will be thursday and friday some really good travel days before some weekend rain around the corner 40's and 50's for ur current temperatures right now it's a denitely a warmer day than yesterday was as far as our morning lows go berkeley oakland and alameda only in the low 50's will look at this the north bay, no 30's up there. all across the board except for just few spots we are well above yesterday's morning ws, san jose livermore and santa rosa. at least 10 degrees warmer than at the same time yesterday so
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from the 40's and 50's right now to some 50's ts our highs holding on the cloud cover mostly cloudy skies by 03:00pm just a few showers by then most of this rafall will be seen during the morning. ck to robin wright. thank you very much johnow let's check in on those slick and slippery ros out there be carul reduce your speed please it is very soggy and very slpery especially on the bridges. >>on and off ramps as well around the bay area we're checking out , we can see the soggy a pavement here leaving hayward heading over to the peninsul i don't have any problems to report so for now it's nothing but good news and smooth traffic we're putting inat 13 minutes to make your way off to one on one. we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell we have some raindrops on the camera no problems through the tolls across the span intothe north bay. it's a good trip now so use it no8 minutes to make it out one on one and don't forget you need the adlights you'll need e wipers make sure you have those on a lot of hopes for good. during the rainy season. i see so many
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people driving without headlights about wipers so don't let thatbe you bridge rews moving out of the way here you see that truck backing up the wrapping up their oad work northbound heading out of san francisco, they're picking up the cones right now trafc oks good in both directions at plaza peek at the bay bridge 80 west mill delays for you, but it's windy. i felt the winds driving across the span so reduce your speed heading a ecial high wind advisory in place for the bay bridge. so be extr cautious if you're a motorcycle are driving any sort of gh profile vehicle, we'll check back in on re bridges and more drive times coming up in a bit. well happeningoday, the house faces a historic vote to impeach the president of the united states trump who would be just the d president to be impeached shared his thoughts on the vote in a scathg letter to house speaker nancy pelosi katelyn collin ports. >>to impeach the president of the united ates for that is disgrace and it's cannot country on the eve othe
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house vote to impeach him president trump fired off a missive to housspeaker nancy pelosi. >>accusing her of violating her oath of office d cheapening the importance of the very ugly word impeachment writing in a six-page letter that read like his twitter feed the president claimed you are declaring open war on american democracy, the preside accusing pelosi of offending americans of faith by sayinshe prays for him the que when you know the statement is not tr unless it is meant in a negative see that still pray for the president in his crusade against the 2 articles of impeachment printed on white house etterhead the president aimed more due process was afforded to thosaccused in the sal witch trials, the president enng his letter by telling pelosi that th american people will not soon forget your perversion of justice and abuse of power. as house democrats head toward the impeachment vote, the preside told reporters today he hasn't been paying attention but made no mention
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f his scathing i've not en it look it's a hoax the who impeachment thing. >>is hoax and he made car he takes no responsibility for potentially being the 3rd president in us history to be impeacheknow, i don't take any 0 to put it mildly. >>took a perfect phone call that ahead with the president of ukraine and absolutel perfect call you know they all nothing was said wrong and that call. >>well that was kaitlan collins reporting for us this morning. now it's unclear how the president will respond to toy's vote. but as of this morning, 's not expected to deliver any type of formal speh. peachment rallies all across the country yesterday take a look at the video here this thisis video from the demonstrations that happenedin portland. others wanted seattle long beach. they're alo raies right here in the bay area oakland alba and also san francisco kron four's taylor, the
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francisco in support of impeaching president trmp we have to hold the president accotable for his misconduct make a statement. >>the president only cares abt himself. >>a pro impeachment rally is one ofmore than 20 across the bay area alone. demonstrators say they're here to show congress th voter support this impeachment mean one of their child i just like we want to we won the presiden said all along ihink people are tired. >>and marching in sayinthis is enough a it keeps running us over. >>and people to really come out and march for the first time this is my first time marching i'venever i'm not a politic activists, i'm just a mom but not anymore. eryone needs do what i do to be as angry as he anas me
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a one that him in shooters like elizabeth kim emotional on tuesday, so by saying she's here to not only support >>but to also stand up for the family separated and destroyed >>for the kids, you know. he's a it could easily be going to be anyone from the rally at the federal building. >>mahers leader made their way up market street to the offis of senator kamala harris and senator dianne feinstn the rally and march temporarily shut down market street on tuesday there were other pro impeachment rallies held acrossthe bay area cities like oakland napa san mateo and re in s francisco tailored to sack kron 4 news. >>well, the house rules committee approved 6 hours of bate on the house floor ahead of today's vote. >>now the 6 hourwill be vided equally by democrats and republicans the house ll so have one hour of debate
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before taking the procedural vote of course we'll have continuing coverage for you on today's historivote. along with live reports from washington that's going to happen later on this morning. so you need the kron on app be sure to download the kron on app that way you can stay connected and get all of th coverage as you're on e move throughout the day. well in the east bay community finally gets closure after 37 years this is after a dole murder. now it happeneon december 20th back in 1982. 2 photos they were killed on eir way a home for work. the victim we jeffrey add up and cousin mary jane, mel attack. now one of the victims was found on the stets in milpitas the other fremont now dna evidence has help sol this cold case pole say that ifton hudspeth session there's is picture right there he's be identified as the killer. he lived near the 2 ens and he died back in 1999. he had a history of violenceincluding attempted murd. >>who was living in milpas at the time where these kids
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were abducted because it's especially were started and then we start going down that path and kind of doing a dius around who had similar kinds most you know where they do lower assaulting people or are havinhomicides. >>well police believe space may have been involved in other crimes around the time of those murders. over to the peninsula now a man has been arested for assaulti someone and palo alto the victim says that he was verballassaulted by this man michael keys. it happened at the town and countryillage parking lot last friday. the man says and keys see he pushed him, he pulled out a pocket knife and he strted swinging at him or swinging a knife at him he's even yelled that he was ing to physically harm the man keys was booked r assault with a deadly weapon and also on crimin threats. well coming up next. package thefts they continue to be a problem this holiday season. how police caught a porch pirate thin just 10 minutes of him committing the crime. so after the break the deadlie for pjd to present a new plan
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to get out of bankruptcy is here what's next for the utility if it fail before we go a littlpeek outsid rain is our big story th morning, it's back roads are slick and it's moving through the bay area john trouble tracking your forecast tolet you kn what to pect afte
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for waking up with us this morning, a beautiful shot outside we're checking ion
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your forecast we' taking a peek at san francisco. this is one of my favorite shots you can see the skine. the water, the beautiful ba bridge there in the background, but you may not be able to see i guess much of the sky today because it's raining it's cloudy outside, but i left home it was like completely dry and then as i got closer to san francis. i noticed the wet freeways and then the rain started coming down. and it's so windy on the suspension span of thbay bridge. so of course you want to check in with ouexpert meteorologist john schreiber us, yeah it is definitely for rainy. we got e wind on top of doesn't help as ou notice, band ght in the middle of thmorning commute to that's going to be tough r both t to strike safely. i think that's where we acd tied together othis one right herebecause yes, this rain will have an pact on your drive into work and t's not something you want to be stepping out in without being prepared he need the rain jacket this morning might as well get that umbrella on hand to do it. despite the winds as robin said to. >>this is your look outside at
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the east bay berkeley connect least actually e down below so there isn't really any fog to be ted out there, it' just the rain in the cloud ver. let's point out some of these areawhere we are seeing some heaviershowers current you do see heavy showers pushintheir way on to san francisco right now areas right around the presidio out towards inner rimond out or richmond seng some of our heaviest of rainfall. those of you in da cityare also looking at some heavy in, let's focus on the east bay, too because en more a heavier areas of rain are seen out here now. some of those heavier showe passing north of walnut creek now now towards pleasant hill conquered if you're travelin along for between hercules in concord you're finitely looking at some heavier spots and then oh 5 8080 all definitely on the slick side has some heavier rainfall falls in thes areas, half mo bay. those of you traveling along highway one this morning do expect some heavy rain through the cour of your morning. it's often on for thesouth bay right now nny bill yodrive back out from when i showed you this map last jst a few minutes
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ago milpitas on up towards fremont union city you are definitely looking at some heavier stuff at the moment, the zooming out tri valley getting into some rain rrently and south of hayward between fremont and hayward is also you'reloong at a crossing 92 this morning. you are also looking at so heavier stuff, so yes, a lot of us this morng. definitely a seeing some of the stronger showers making their way through and that is something we'rgoing to have all for your morning commute, not just r the start of that right now, but as you're tang to the roads later to you can expect these conditions to last as future cat shows you just how long this rainfall does last for this is 07:00am righthere by the time we work towards a 30 so lighter stuff picks back right before noon and then after that we do see lighter stuff into the afternoon. so the heaviest of rainfall to phillyfor your morning hours after which point conditions do begin to taper off and you actually in with cloud covers towards the finish of your day to day after the showers should remain isolated to the north
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coast north of soma county up into mendocino county if you're ading that direction this weekend do be expecting some rainfall as for those of us here in the bay area thursday and friday are going to be nice and dry and good travel days here in the bay your daytime highs today will those will eventually rise into the 50's a lot ke yesterday san jose pretty much the same as yesterday from 59 to 5degrees mountain view in redwood city 57 while oakland and hayward will rise to 56 degrees. here's a breakdown of the next7 days. we dhave christmas eve insight next tuesday while kind of crazy to be seeing that youseven-day daytime highs will for the most part be in the 50's but a couple 60's by saturday. now thursday and friday and nice and dry winter begins on saturday and will begin with a few showers but also bit of sunshine peeking sunday los likely to be rainy monday and tuesday ading right int christmas do look to be drier. robin all right. thank you hn be careful driving ou there we already have a few spin out. >>around the bay area because
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ros are nice ansoggy with the rain moving in it's not going to be a fun commute. that's for sure. so you ow what happens there's always an increase in the number crashes spinouts and overturns really what we have a wet road. so don't let that be you be exra cautious. i know you get tired of hearing it but plse slow it down we're looking at 13 minutes here san mateo bridge. we don't have any problems to rert so far it's only 13 minutes to make it over to one on one a web camera at the richmond sandra fell we're going to be seeing this a lot we have the raindrop on the camera on the ground just a couple of vehicles rolling through the tolls what it's beenice and quiet to the north bay. we are starting off hot spot free so no alerts, no major problems at the moment. but you know that's going to change as more of you hit the road check out the soggygolden gate bridge crews are finally out of th way so 20 minutes right now evado to the toll plaza we're checking in on traffic tracker and it shows some goodnumbers for u we have a short 15 minutes from crkett oakland. 24 nice and lig a good looking trip here westbound on wannacry through the caldecott
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5. is at the limit the number it's looking good too only a 10 minute trip from san leandro todowntown oakland will check more coming up in a bit. a follow through with its llion settlement with wildfe victims without the governor's approval. so the settlement is part of the utiliti reorganization plan. governor gavin newsome rejected at an as ying that he wants a complete overhaul of the pg board of directors anmore oversight of the company. so yesterday in bankruptcy court pg asked the judge to consider removing the governor's approval as a requirement for the plan. the utility is hoping to meet its deaine to get out of bankruptcy by june 30th. well wildfires and widespread power outages could soon be more prictable. p g is testing helps identifyfailure onthe at power grid before it happens west rapoport talk tothe researche behind the new technology. >>hi there think of this technology has the cutting
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ge tool in the tool box veloped not far from austin texas. it'designed to work in sync with power systems and it will soon be tested in some of the area's most prone to wildfir like the west coast. wh conditionare fit for flames, some utility companies pull the plug on entire communities to avoid power lines sparking and torching towns it white still a bad thinghappens then ey go. >>c off the power find it all that could change this device has the potential of saving liveand proper. in a very big way doctor don russell and his research team at xas anm develop what's called distribution fault anticipation or dfa before a catastrophic failure on the utily syem. there is a precursor dfa hooks up to wer systs to identify failures and lert the power company it looks continually at the circuit and says i want to see the very earliest stages of a failure. so that i
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n tell an operator you need to go find and fix this. so that you avoid a downed line or someone getting electrocuted later because there's a lot on the groundor a fire started russell started working onthis in the 19 70' after the fires in bastrop texas 8 years ago, the most destructive fires in texa histor, the state approved fundingfor this wildfire prevention research now to major california companies e testing the tech southern lifornia edison and pacific gas and electric if we can. >>stop just e. major while far you're talking hundreds of >>that was spokesperson for p g and he tells me thcompany has installed the technology and plans to run it in a trial period through july meanwhil a spokesperson for souther california edison tells me hey plan to start testing dfa next month and according to texas and university researchers plan to test the technology in australia and
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new zealand soon reporting in news. i'm was rapoport kron 4 >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, hundreds of high hool music trophies were just tossed out in the rash look at that. what a lot i are doing to get those rophies back on the shelves. >>kron four's end of the yer spectacular is bacjoin us new year's eve starting at 08:00pm with our countdown to new year's evelive from las gas and enjoy need grant lotus anneed justine waldman starting at 1130 new year's live from san francco as we bring in 2020 with fireworks over the verbuilding but we're not do wake of new ar's morning with the live from pasadena our ade corage starts at 06:00am with backstage at the parade then e all the pageantrof the 131st rose parade live commercial-free from
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>>backo the kron 00:04am morning news and thanks for staying with us let's chk in on those entertainment headlines. is morning. and we go from memories of a star wars veteran to rock and roll legends teaming up here's david daniel ofthis morni's hollywood minute. >>they do in bill. >>anthony >>daniels has pled c 3 o in star wars film since the original in 1977 something he
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reflected on at this week's wod premiere for the se of skywalker that it has been a long ride since i first said time. >>and c 3 human cycle relations and this is my count too. on tuesday to a gher. stildoing it after all these >>is getting a special guest on the final leg of its end of the road tour the rock legends have announced david lee roth will inthe band as it hea toward its farewell. no word yet en roth will jo the towhich runs until july 2021. here your latest look at onward disn pix as mashup of magical a modern li. chris ratt, tom holland octavispencer lead the voice cast of the animated adventure which is apps inttheaters march 6 in hollywood, i'm
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david daniel. >>beforwe go little peek outside at soggy coditions around the bay area, it's raining. i guess for some of you it's raininsome spots, it's try john trouble trking your forecast. he has everythi you need know about e system m
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>>welcome back to the on 4 morning news and we are welcoming the rain yes, it's here for se of us some not so much and i y that because
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like when i left home this morning, john. well sir i like it didn't rain is not raining right now and then as i got closer to san francisco. it was windy, it s raining roads or so goes like oh okay the it is wherever you are even if it's not raining right where you're it definitely nt to be ready for it because true 5 minutes yes, definitely one of those mornings robin, where you want to give yourself a few extra minus as you step out the door always just helps on ese days you want to take it slower on the roads. >>they alsoant to make sure you're prepared with the umbrella and the rain jacket golden gate bridge this morning well it islooking definitely on the cloudy de and there is rain actively falling at the golden gate. light to moderate shers for most of the bay, but we have a few spots and their litter definitely packing the punch right now that includes san francisco on the north side of the ty on across the golden gate bridge through sausalito timber on on up towards the richmond sandra fell bridge now over into the east bay you're al seeing some heavier showers


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