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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  December 18, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PST

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i'm mike bloomberg a i approve this msage. >>good morning and thanks for joining . and you can see oh we've got a lot of heavy the north and red county, yeah they're not alone, we're looking at rain elsewhere as well all around thebay d it's going to be sort of that on again ofagain shower activity for most of the morning and into the afternoon but let's find out for sure good morning. thanks for joining uson james fletcher and i'm darya folsom john and rather are re not to judge a bake-off but to lp us get to
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work or school or whatever you got to go maybe to office party maybe had to bring a pot luck who knows. robin has it out there there'a hot spot that i'm rking on it on 24 enter into another spin out and an overturned tht's been happening a lot salt check in on 24 t the rain inside get a slow you down a little bit as you're getting outside roadways. they are very wet across the bay area even though has tered off for some it is definitely contributing o some slowdowns out there for sure looking at san francisco skyline some w clouds and some showers ill continuing for the city some of our heaviest of rainfall is ght there along the coast highway one on the peninsula zooming in the bay itself you do see me lighter showerover san francisco moderate over into oakland down through allen needed to san leandro >>urthersouth in the bexar for the north rather let's sonoma, you're looking at light to derate rainfall so what we're ing to be eing through the day today as the showers that we're currently seeing pressing out you're going to have a nice lite breathr in the midst of it. and then some rainfall pushes
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back into the early afternoon. round 3 or 04:00pm today do expect an uptick in rafall right before your drive home frowork and then after that we should be wavinggoodbye to the rain at leastor a few days as thursday and friday with to be dry ahead of 40's and 's for your current temperatures, redwood city palo alto at 48 degrees each alameda and hayward at 51 san francisco and berkeley each at 50 degrees for your high temperares. later on today look for to daytime ighs back into the 50's a lot like yesterday bit of sunshine tween those showers that afternoon. rob. arly >>all right. thnk you john we have a couplef problems working right now actually to hot spots to talk about walking up. this one is that i'm tracking it's in our renda this is eastbou 24 at communal pablo it's not too far from the hour in the bart statio this is the overturned the ight lane is closed crews are on ene an starting to back up traffic toward the caldecott tunnel, thwestbound side the opposite side of thecrash was already quite slow, it's
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jammed out of walnut creek so heavy in both directions her at 21 minutes now from one at creek over to oakland. just getting word of another hot st, this one popd up in hayward recalling this 8.80 northbound and a street the 2 left lanes close a single alert issued for this traffic is already pretty tough out of union city so 8.80 north crawling from union city all the way up street exit there in hayward where an injury accident house the 2 left lanes blocked 2 great examples of how bad things can be thi morning so get out there early if you can and make sure you watch yor speed will check in on more problems coming up darya james all right, let's see tpateam coverage going on e weather and take a look at those conditions in nortthey resumed in on and on the rada but what's it really like out there, let's find out from fo's will tran is our live weather his system and on the road and will wh are you. >>picking up. >>the stormtrackerwith feet so out here boots on the
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ground literally the show you what's going on and while i was waiting for you guys co to me it has picked up intensity. i'm in nevada olaf of a may see or not boulevd i should say and. >>it is slowing go e i'm sure it's always tough top on to the freeway at this location. but the rain certainly not helping things also you can clearly see gray skies off in the distance the car slowing go and all su min on the grou you can see just how hard the rain is coming down this time and the intensity as far as the gusts. >>slowly but surely picking up not too bad you can see the leaves swaying back and forth to get to just the careful not too bad. this is not the end of the world rainfall but enough to cause you to have some spinouts my buddy robin winston is sy with that. just got to take it easy. thank goodnesthat people come from gas underneath this
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cover there just sl and go a lot of patience today just hopping onto the freeway from ignacio boulevard that is a lot work i think daria used to live in novato my goodne no wonder why you were happy to get to work because there was already a feat ju a hop on to the freeway at this location just take it easy please 90th out afic out there and really well. >>anothebig story that we're following this morningcomes at a san francisco, where police have just released new body camera video of an officer being tacked in the mission. that atck ultimately ledto police opening fire on the attacker that was earlier this month. >>and we'll take a clelook now at that vid warning it is graphic roers christina teacher has been falling us live from san francisco all morning to walk us through what we see christina. >>that's exactlyit the video definitely graphic in ot, definitely also a bit shocking in the videyou see actually
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a man attack officers with a glass bottle and then you see officers try to fight back. you see the chase as well shots fir, les go ahead and cut to that video right now you casee and hear it so we'll get to that right here. the suspect to the man attacking policeofficers chasing one officer with a bottle inand. officers ordering him to get on the ground multiple tis you heard that in the video. well it's en fired. this al happened december 7th around 8 in the morning at 23th and mission. the officers involved in the shooting had both sponded to calls earlier in the morning and they believe the suspect in both was the same person, a hispanic man mid 30's in black leath coat under 6 foot when looking for them and the 2 officers spotted who they thought was him crossing the street. officers pulled over tried to get his
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attention that man he then attacked one of the officers by being him with a glass alcohol bottle. th officer kicked back and that's when the che and shooting happened. the man's name to make a hamptons police officers. lisa tell us officers actuallshot 3 times to get him on the ground this taken the hospital and is expected to be okay with you you're going tobe seeing pictures actuly also of the injuries, the officers, especially one officer did the guidance either lacerations to the head the face the neck. >>a very gruesome ene there and so again that's what one luckily back outhere live we are told that that officer is expected to be okay with this se is still under investigation. reporting live here in n francisco christina >>now to more breaking news this morning as we take you to washington dc, e house currently debating 2 articles impeachment agains president trump. those articles include abuse of power and obstruion of cogress democrats and republicans will get eql
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shares of this 6 hours worth of debate on the floor today our washingtodc corrpondent trevor shirley is on capitol hill now and has the latest. >>today preside donald trump faces the beginning of the presidency, a vote on impeachment we altook an th. >>not to defend a political party, but to uphold the constitution of the united states democrats continue tir case for impeachment on tuesday. >>as the house rules committee worked out the debate and voting process. and republicans took aim at the investigation were not entitled lawyersere not entitled to anything in the >>it's a l sham. >>this is not the result of a fair procs and certainly not a bipartisan the full house is expected to vote to impeach the president following what could be many hours of debate. the president's continuing course of conduct constitutes a clear and present danger to. >>democracy in erica, the
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clear and present danger right now in this room. >>is the patternf. attack in abuse of rules. decisions to get this president if the impeachment vote passes the senate takes up a trial expected to start in january >>well demonsttors held pro impeachmt rallies alacross the country yesterday in fact we hava sample of some of occurred we've got video from portland. as you can see the upper left seattle long beach and of cour here in the bay area as well where we saw rallies in oakland and albany. and san francisco. and we al have video too of the rally in san francis from rally at the federal building marche later made their way all the way of market street to the offices osenator kamala harris and senator dianne feinstein rket stret was temporaly shut down in fact as people poured into the streets you can see that there. they say they're there to show congress that voters support this impeachment.
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>>want people to reallyome out and march for the first time this is my first time marching i've never i'm ot a political activists, i'm just a mom but not anymore. everyone needs to do what ido to be as angry as he and as me we want people to pay attention. >>well the demonstration remain peaceful, o thatnever did get out of control pro impeachment llies were also held as we mentioned in napa in oakland and in san the tale and we will have continuing coverage of today's historic vote along with live reports from washington later on this morning will be carrying that decision that vote result live when it comes down to make su you download the kron on app from the app store today. and watch our 24 7 live local news streaming service will be right back john. rainfall that we continue to see across the bay area this morning light to moderate showers for the most
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>>the 14 right now and we're checking ut the weather for you this is is a fast mover yeah getting her soon, yeah, it's one of thoskind of train storms as you getone pay a so a daof rain and then it's back to the easy drive story that we've been enying does far this week until today this rning though slick out there with plenty of rainfall overnight. that means roadways and very wet. sump huddling of water on roadways. up in the north bay we are n stl seeing some heavier showers right along the santa cruz mountains and in the vicity of the south bay to
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the north bay quieter than it was earlier you're still holdi on to some derate showers firms conquered 6.80 as well as working their way on into berkely right now just some really light stuff. well to be passing over milpitas someeavier rainfall a little bubble of heavy rainfall right around 92 on over towards hayward in the east bay, so showers continue on and off by 09:45am we're taking a t of a break for a lot of the bay and into the back through around 3 to ilter 04:00pm so as you're driving home from wo. still expect some areas with lighte rain fall after which point though eally starts to die down fizzling out for the rest of the day. and the evening tonight, nice and dry thursday and friday ahead s als looking pretty dry. so short lived round of rain definitely and a good chance to just keep in the rain ahead of what will be a rainy weekend too. 50's for today's daytime highs that a much diffent than yesterday we're going to keep those 50's thursday and friday just not keep the rain saturday isyour first day of winter and showers arrive
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again for the new season sunday wl continue to se rainfall monday and tuesday though as we near christmas eve on tuesday. we will be looking at dry skies. >>robin all right, there's a lot to talabout john want to take you over to hayward where i'm tracking some delays on the nimitz freeway so take a look atthe right side that's the north at 80 traffic treling through hayward those folks are stuck behind a backup a hot spot which is right here 8.80 northbound at a street in hayward if 2 left nes are closed its an injury accident and e traffic was already pretty tough your backup spills through hayward into union citand almost fremont now it's almost back from highway 84. so it's just one long line of heavy traffic leading up to the hot spot, the southbound si just as bad from to 38 all the way down through fremont so heavy in both directions. here's anoth hot spot. this is a renda the counter coute direction of eastbound 24 and communal pablo not too far fromhere in the bart station a sick alert issue here for an
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overturn accident. the backup often ofrom the caldecott to the scene but westbound opposite sideis much heavier you're backed up all the way into wanted creek and it's spilling over o 6.80 as usual so rouahly 22 minutes there fr wannacry to oakland once again overturn us eastbound crews are still trying to get that out of your way bridges are soggy and slow this morning expect that 12 minutes i hear the richmond sandra fell from the pay gates off to one one at least it's quiet. we don't have any extra problems in your way here's another slew d soggy bridge wh an extra high drive time. it normly tes like 30 minute so 30 t35 minutes to make it across during this time the morning. >>but right now we're at45 and it's all beuse of the rain so major delays here west 92 crossing the soggy san mateo bridges over going to call it the foggy san mateo bridge this morning king it over to the peninsula darya mes thanks a lot robin 8 17 in afc east b that is pleasanton police want your
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help to identify this man who spent more than $200 in a safe way using credit cards that had been stolen from a parked car. also in the et bay police seized a massive loadea gun and cash. >>look atll came from a hoe hayward where they arrested one rson in possession of cocaine mass mushrooms annex and $20,000 in cash. in the south bay, a woman is in custodfor stealing a bait package that was put on a doorstep just minutes before floor hernandez was arrested on tuesday for grand theft and usg a car without a license lpitas police put a bait package out front of a home n mccandles drive. last wednesday 8 minutes later hernandez drove up and iped the package it happened so fastpolice didn't even need to use the gps to track the package they saw right there anarrested her and neighbors are praising thir ick play
8:19 am
>>reading well the police did a good and we're happy a lot its people to christmas presents gifts and some people has a. i'm pretty goal of medical supplies. >>hernandez is out of jail now, but police say this is a felony case bause the contents of the package was more than 50. >>the police police are a packa from a front porch ole take a good look maybe you can help police identify who this is home surveillance video showed a it happening this was december 7th home owners were away on vacation at the time that you see in the video he comes up on thporch takes e box and that is later seen driving off in a white toyota camry. to follow through with its 13 and a half billion dollasettlement wit wildfirevictims without the governor's approval. the utilities reorganization plan but governor newsome rejted the plan saying that he wants a comple overhaul of pg s board of directors and more oversight of the company. yesterday in bankruptcy court
8:20 am
pg asked a judge to consider removing the governor's approval as a requime for theiplan. utilities hong to meet its deadline of getting out of bankruptcy by jue 30th. by the way will have to defend itself an upcoming civil case over the go ship warehouse fire. a bankcy judge sided with the fire victims families who ask to have their dain court with pg name 33 family members of some of the 36people killed in the warehouse fire filed that civilase against pg e he city of oakland and the building's ownes that trial is expected to get underway in may. we head to break, here's another quick look at stormtracker four's we're acking the rain across the bay area we've got a hey line of it mong across the southern peninsula right now heading towas san jose. >>we'll be tracking abidjan triple inthe weaer center ju
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♪ ♪
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♪ if you're living with a condition, kaiser permante's integrated care team will help you get through life without missing a be. >>well food and drug administration has approved themarking of 2 new low nicotine cigarettes now these
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are the first of the kind produc to be approved under a new process was put back air put in place back in 2009. and while the fda has allowed them to be marketed to the public they stress that th does no mean that they're safe or approved by the agen traditional cigarettes have between 10 to 14 miliams of nicoti. chthese new cigarettes will have a nicotine level below 0.2 and 0.7 milligrams. also in the news 5 barrie school districts are suing juul labs. the lawsuit claims the compy is targeting minors school districts are seeking damages for marketing efforts that they say specifically targeted use under e age of 18 with adversing and marketing messages that were designed to appeal to younger people. a number of parentsnd use are also challenging jewels practices. >>it's a 24 and as we head to the break. we'll continue tracking the storm in the bay area as you can see wl the north is getting a little bit of a break but not south there these they will be back with more on that and flu activity in california. so widespread
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in now tolamed for 2 deaths inthe
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>>a 27 right now we're looking at weather and traffic for you roll and it's busy out there. have to hotspots 24 and the nimitz and hayward a tough ive an extra slow on the san mateo bridge so to say how are weathering a little bit better as far as weather goes so well i definitely say robin has the the hot spots now because this car as the rain goes still holding on to it but none of the heavy stuff like earlier lookg at the golden gate bridge look at that there's ttle miss sunshine making its way dn kind of nice to see that skies clearing just a touch. there are some heavier shows on the santa cruz mountains but for most of us in the bay area, they're looking at dying down conditions are holding on to light to moderate showers no do watch out for this ne of showers likely to be skirting the southern part of
8:29 am
the south bay here temporarily see i should just sort of the golden gate bridge starting to you oseshowers moving toor the east of san leandro now north bay also looking at some conditions that are showing signs of clearing up so we are about to work our way into a lol of rainfall ahead of wh will be an uptick in it come 03:04pm, today which point we could still see a couple isolated spots with so heavier rainfall pushing through st before your evening commute tonight after that we officially can wave goodbye to it for a few days tonht will be a dry nit tomorrow and friday will all be dry days too. >>as far as today's temperatures go we will rise fuher into the 50's this afternoon right now we're in the 40's and 50's was san francisco berkeley oakland and ameda in the low 50's. petaluma nevado each in the mid to upp 40's. here's a look at the afternoonhead and even though we're keeping owers today, we're also keeping the 50's so not a big change in temperatures. >>robin all right a little bit of goonews, a chp just cle this hot spot in haywd 80 to
8:30 am
northbound at a street was the lanes closed with the special alert in ace so at least that's one thing that's out of ur way but you're still backed up through hayward and union city almost into fremont so the slow traffic is still there even southbounit's down from 92 and hayward in pockets all the way out to milpitas we're checkingout eastbound 24 and all lanes open re in orinda camino pablo after an over turn that will just clear to so now we're just focused on the westund side which is wanted creek. it's on to 6.86 80's backed up to 2.42 so a long line of traffic there just under 30 minutes wanted creek to oakland and a very slow san mateo bridge, your ive time higher than noal averaging between 3540 minutes with no problems it's just psaki so a slow dve across the bay to the peninsula daria chains. thank you robi 8.30 and for your health this morning 2 people have cently
8:31 am
died from the flu here in the bay area kron 4 sarah stinson has been following that sto for us she's up in the north bay in marin county now with more sara. >>pulic official health officials here in sandra fell they tell me that onof those people th they died in the end of november andone of them died in the ginning of december they haven't been specific out ages or anything but they said that now it's 2 people died of the flu and that's where they're puttinout an urgent reminder to everyone that it's not too late get vaccinated they've seen a incrse in risin nbers of people who hae died from the flu. an early season this year so take a look at these numbers nationally can see just how many people who have died and you have the flu across r country. you can see t numbers there 1300 people have di from the flu 10 of which are children and of those numbers 24 people have died just in california 3 of them being children 2.6 million people so far have had the flu
8:32 am
and the holidays can put you even more at risk of getting the flu as we travel more were hanging out at family gatherings for the holidays so it can denitely hd to avoia reminders and as you forget what the symptoms are likely get confused between a ld and the f symptoms would include a fever that aches chills. coughanre body overall just got that public health officials say this season's vaccine is protecve against the most common types of the flu and yond the vaccine you can make sure to wash your hands more than you would normalland if you have someone in your householthat that you ardisinfecting the kitchen bathroom to make sure you don't get it as well if you do have the flu don't go work make sure that you protect your fellow co-workers now abt to have an interview with public health official here in marin county and he's going just tell us even more
8:33 am
why they want people to get the ccine explain why the vaccine is more effective this year for now live in sandra fell sarah stinson kron 4 ws. thank you sarah. >>a breaking news that we're llowing out of washington dc the house debate on th ticles of impeachment against president trump. >>anthese are debates that are going to be l day long last well into a late this the afternoon for us here before they finally of acally vote on the actual articles of impeachment democrats or republicans are gettg equal of this 6 hour blo of then as i said this afternoon they' actually ve the vote on the one for abuse por and the other 4. obstrucon of congress as they were trying to investigate what the president was trying to dowith ukraine in terms of launching an investigation into his poliical rival joe biden so be sure to keep it tothe kron t president will be the if president ever impeached. so d
8:34 am
if seattle comes down which we will carry live by the way on following that so download the kron on app for. >>commercial free coverage. >t's a 33 and we ave team coverage almorning long here on the kron 00:04am morning ne about the conditions that you can drive through. it's been a mess and the north bay it has been d that's why we sent our mobile weather station there to give us a read on the soundtrack for also known as anybody >>the look you give when it stops raining all stop the reigning i can honestlysay right now. it has stopped raining no more pitter patter no more pollen grain and definity no hard rain i am stillin novato. >>i chose this location, one cause the roads e slippery still so you got take it easy much safer obviously on city streets but i want to show you obviously thousands of people commute on one oh one those
8:35 am
cars near us. 2 us those ofb cars heading northboun on one oh one and slowing on the other side for one oh one southbound but look at this james darya short but sweet not just a cliche a way of life for this 8.30 ive shot for me look at the sunshine. no rainfall on i have proof because i will show you the ground do you see dip it in batter deal do you know so stmtracker 4 th feet signing off. >>stormtracker so much oil so opll i let's go to tracking from the like as this is nice, but it's also improved out there as well you are looking at the north bay looking pretty dry now just as well noted, we are still holding on to some showerfurther south right in the santa cruz mountains they're worki their way out of the east y prestly so we're all experiencing a nice little bring the from the rain. your forecast is still to come
8:36 am
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8:40 am
robert thank u john looking go across the golden gate but stl busy leaving them on the north bay. >>novato from 37 to central sandra fell and then after that you're good making your way tosan francisco. so no problems here coming across the span but you're holding at just under 40 minutes for your trip in richmond center fell brid. calm and quiet so this creates actually winding down a little sluggish om stro, it's only 11 minutes to the e north and that's od oh bridge 92 s one of the . 70 slowest were 34 minutes from hayward to send the tale. that is at was that is a juvenile humpback ale and they're trying to help and it's caught fishing here in monterey i guess ah that's the coast guard out front little inflatable boat out there to lp now experts say that even with the lo of back bail
8:41 am
would ha a huge impact on the whale population level and that's why they were desperate to get out there and help this. >>let's a little guy they don't want disrupt or scare are freaking out the whe i freakedout to be on anything like a little brother like that to the now wales, ge 40 feet long and has hearing. i mean we need a bigger boat parties that i right now and we'll be back with more in just a few minutes you'll nd a vote today. >>because will says e rain has subsided and u can tell it's my body and just a little offshore comi will find our find said when they got to
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
welcome back 8.44 still looking at some showers out there but definitely not many as what we had seen earlier in the morning. what camera here at timber on but that'sjust from raindrops that youhad been saying because it is actually clea now pretty good up there in the north bay at this te so north bay we are sketching a break from the rainfall sou
8:45 am
bay, you're still holding on to it. you know those showers offshore so those are presng immediately to the east that's going to be working its way down towards san jose liky to be picking up some times of light showers here and there for areas further north like san francisco. there you go just a few sprinkles remain for marine countof some napa and sonoma coties at this point with 6.80 stillolding on to some light to moderate showers from concord sout through san ramon. these areas are soon to be clearing out catching a breather from the rain before we do see some afrnoon rush hours ahead of you to a dumb burton bridge still seeing some lig ra as you are on 2.80 as well, san jose just some light stuff in fremont also holding on to some liter stuff. so you catch that break this is 10:15amight here, nice and dry for most of he bay area by this point that wework our wa into the afternoon and aftesome spotty showers here and there rain definitely a season increase come 03:04pm, today at which point roadways tocontinue to be wet. so it's still going to be a wet drive home fromork. but your
8:46 am
impacis less and compared to the heavy rain that we did have this morning which really slowed you down you're getting outside. now tomorrow heading up into mendocino 're county at the holden showers there but for us in the bay area. we are nice a dry for your thursday and your friday too. now today'daytime highs not a lot different from where we have been even though we are on that are a new trend today. daytime highs not changed at all hayward and fremont each at 56 thursday and friday temperatures remain very similar again as we drive back out. first a winner on saturday and looking at a few showers like that to be increasing into sundaymonday, mostly sunny and th tuesday christmas eve in sight now and also looking at a dry day there robin checkingout the south bay. my cameras freezing up, but we have like a little snapshot of one oh one this is what it's looking like northbound. >>passing alum rock it's going to be sought of south san jose through downtown that continues to thepeninsula over to the richmond ndra fell bridge, it's winding down and looking ch much better,
8:47 am
it's really not d compared to the early rning hours where 12 minues now to make it to the north bay for checking in on traffic tracker does not include hot spots but some busy freeway so low that it still crowded but it's getting a little bit better than him. it's 53 minutes frm to 38 to 2.37 highway 4 westbound 26 minutes antioch to concord so that's considered pretty normal. both one oh one and north to 80 will be busy as you make your way into downtown san francisco so it's almost like you know the normal crawl we don't have any jor problems. >>both roughly a 17 to 22 minutes to dntown san francisco of course we'll bit tapes. oming up in just a >>all right, thank you very community finally gets closure 37 years after a double murder on deceer 20th 1980 to 2 teenagers were killed on their way home from work.the victims were jeffrey act up an cousin mary janeallo t now one of the victims was found on the street in the heat is the other was founded
8:48 am
emont and now dnevidence has helped solve this cold case poli say clifton hudspethhas been identified as theikiller he lived near the 2 teams. but he died back in 1999. he had a history of violence, includg attpted milpitas at the time where these kids were abducted because it's especiay were started. >>and then we start going down that path and kind of doing a radius around who had simil kinds most you know whe they are cooler, assaulting people or are having homicides. >>police believe that outspent may have been involvedin other crimes arund the time of those murders. all the pundits. look dumb and now und arrest for using a knife to threaten someone in palo alto the victim says that he was verbay assaulted by this man michael ys. this happened at the townnd country village parking lot last friday, the man says he's shed him pulled out this was going to physally harm e them and keys has now been booked for assault with a deadly weapon and criminal threats.
8:49 am
>>a south bay, a man was rest for arranging to meet with a minor for lewd acts. police say kevin snyder contacted an undercover officer through the app grindr snyder, a posed as a 13 year-old boy explicitly stated that he wanted to engage in acts. snyder who is also a lyft driver told the boy to meet him and campbell he's been booked into the santa clara county jail. music history was thrown nto the dumpster in a bay area high school band alumni of and so high in alameda. our hour range. after all these trophies and awards were the band room, some alarm in took it upon themselves to go to the dumpster and dig as many words as they could and stuff them in the back of their cars. >>it's just the's much that goes into. this yeah it's it's really disheartening that.
8:50 am
>>everybody's forts not just the students sent to that everybody's effort. it st seems like it was thrown in the trash we're certainly very sorry that it happened this way the intention was all good. >>but we definitely understand that having trophies put into a dumpster with could feel very very bad to people high scol memories are precious and we we would not ever want to be a part of harming hose high school memories. >>so i'm not sure how they were going to spose of them but maybe without making a scene they're going to ge them to the people thatone number one, but moving for the district ys they will ach out first to all of the night awards are discarded. e >>but as we headto break we are tracking the storm of course that's still bringing rain to the bay area looks like another batch of wet weather just offshore steaming its way towards us pledge on travel and weather center with a full look at that and we're also keeping aneye on washington as the impeachment debate happening right now on the flooof the house of representatives this is a live look we'll have continuing corage throughout the y.
8:51 am
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>>welcome back 8.54 on this wednesdaymorning we saw a big change from the past few days this morning as we we made our way from dry conditions monday and tuesday to such a wet morning now the storm system that's bringing us this rainfallis gradually working its way to e east in the process you're still going to pick up some light showers into e afternoon, some heavier rainfall to the south and to the east ofus but not rely picking up that snowfall in the sierra as much as you'd expect to do a storm like is really only about an inch max that many of the resorts around hoe, so today, a drier day now thursday and friday, mostly cloudy to partly cloudy and saturday, although we start the day dry. it does look like saturday night into sunday, we'll start to pick some snowfall there at the la rob. >>it's still a pretty slow commute heading intsan checking out the caltrans camera that's right above the tower on e tower its position over a the western
8:55 am
span heading toward san francisco of e eastern span excuse me approaching the tunnel tt said the traffic it's going to e stopping go not only leading up to the tunnel but behind the toll plaza, so it's backed up through the maze slow approaching the tunnel slow on the suspension as well, but still under 25 minutes to make and then we'll check more bridges coming up james darya. thanks a in the 40 niners have their eyes set the super bowl of course but until en we do have a few players that could potentiallbe making the pro bowl appearance. >>for 49. ers if activists elected to the roster, including defensive rookie defensive end ick bosa fullback kyle hughes check. >>and tight end george kittle andalso cornerback richard sherman bosa by the way the first 49 a rookie tmake the cut since 14. there are also 8 alternates fothe pro bowl, including jimmy g and defensive players, eric, armstead and derest buckner the niners will be hosting the rams this saturday don't forget 05:15pm it's a saturday nighgame don't miss short
8:56 am
time as the raiders also have a couple pro bowlers to players selected. >>starting right tackle trent brown and that wi be his first appearce and center rodney hson making his 3rd o ball and they have 4 alternates all from the offensive side of the ball. >>and the raiders will go on the roadwith their the chargers and they will continue on the road to us for and that's right all right cong up in the next hour, another strong. >>rain throughout the bay area with more on the way we've got a live look heret the golden te bridge, dark clous on the horizon john travel with a full look at the forecast getting a closer look at what happened to an officer. >>that was involved in an ficer-involved shting when he s attackedwith aottle by someone we're goin
8:57 am
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pretty good we tually have some spots where you're seeing a little sunshine now. >>between those clouds at least on the bay you can see some of those clear spots a little bit brighter with some areas than others but there's definitely still lot of cloud cover and some showers in the cinity you see those showers offore that are going to be pushing in making fosome light rainfall here and the next cple of hours. but yes we are in the midst of a nice ttle all in this rainfall a lot of that heavier stuff having to pushed out of the bay so north bay, nice and quiet couple of sprinklesown around timber on and sausalito as for the south bay,some moderate rainfall as


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