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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  December 18, 2019 9:00am-10:01am PST

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pretty good we tually have some spots where you're seeing a little sunshine now. >>between those clouds at least on the bay you can see some of those clear spots a little bit brighter with some areas than others but there's definitely still lot of cloud cover and some showers in the cinity you see those showers offore that are going to be pushing in making fosome light rainfall here and the next cple of hours. but yes we are in the midst of a nice ttle all in this rainfall a lot of that heavier stuff having to pushed out of the bay so north bay, nice and quiet couple of sprinklesown around timber on and sausalito as for the south bay,some moderate rainfall as you head
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south of san josend up into the mountains east of sajose as we make our way rough the later part of the morning you do see isstill a few sprinkles can't rule those out bufinitely calmer then into the afternoon 03:04pm, some heavier rain begins to fall again on just before your evening commute tonight tonight we remain drthursday and friday we continue to remain dry ahead of what will eventually be the return of rain thisweekend 40's and 50's for your current temperatures across the bay alame in hayward at 51 degrees each oakland, europe, 52 right now while double in oncord pittsburgh and fairfield each in the 40's and into the aftenoon there. he goes some sshine there looking at the city hall we are seeing dayti highs in the 50's mostly cloudy but a still a few shows into the d later part of the day. robin checking out the ow traffic on southbound 6 say they were taking a peek at the commute through one creek. this is a caltrans camera right above the soh 6 8024. interchange these fos are heading south
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on 6 ad. >>approaching 24, but the backup actually spills into conquered from to 42 still sout 6.80 slows from to 42 wannacry and then if you plan on staying on 24. it's going to stay heavy out of wanted creek through lafayette and into orinda this is 92 which actually looks a little better at one point we were all to like 50 minutes toake it across and that was without any problems just a soggy roads right now wre at 35 minutes the peninsula will check more bridges for you ming james darya thanks all so another big story that we're follong this morning is out of san francisco where pole have released new body camera video of an officer being attacked. >>this was in the mission and that attack led ultimatelto an officer involved shooting earlier this month we'reoing to take a closer look at that video which is we want to warn you graphic conference christina tate was following it ve in san francisco. >>yeah really to reiterate that video a bit graphic in very shockingto say the least
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you acally see a man attacked officerwith a ll glass bottle you then see officerschased him and then shots are fired,let's go ahead and cut that video right now you can also hear the interaction. the suspect t man attaing police officers chasing oneofficer with a bottle inhand officers ordering hito get on the ground multiple times well it's been fired this all happened on decembr 7th round 8 in the morning at23th and misson. the 2 officers involved in the shooting had both sponded to 2 calls earlier in the morning and ty believe the suspect involved was the sameperson. a spanish man mid 30's in a black leather coat under 6 foot when looking f them and the 2 officers spotted who ey thought was him crossing the reet officers pued over tried to get his attention and then he attacked one of the officers by beating him with a glass alcohol
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bottle the officer kickback you see thain the video and that's when the chase nd shooting happened. the man's name jamaica hamptons police tell us officers shot hampton 3 times to get him on the ground. ou stay in the hospital and is expected to be okay. th also weave some pictures here of the officers and th wounds officer injured after being shot excuse me after being. hurt by that glass bottle after being attacked by hampton we are mccully told that that ficer is to expected to be okay. reporting insan francisco christina tetreault kron 4 news. >>all rightthank you christina, 9 4 and for your health this morning 2 people have recently died from the u here in the bay area it's a story we've been following in for sarah stinson has been upat the public heah department county following the latest. sarah. >>well i just spoke with the doctor here at the marine county public health department and they tell me that both people who died the flu. they were elderly
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and it's unclear both them were unccinated but at leas one of them were unvaccinated they're trying to confirm the second one at the hospital right now. but they're saying that's why there's this is an importnt reminder to those from these health officials to get vaccinated it's never o late. actually eing a rise in flu deaths because the seasonis still early and they haven't seen it likthis before but take a look at these numbers we have the national numbers om the cdc about how many people are dying so r from the flu. we know that 1300people have died from the flu, 24 of which just here incalifornia, 10 children havedied of the flu across he country 3 of which from california as well, 20 are 2.6 million people have had the u across our country that's a lot of ople and again this is early in the season. the holidays can put us even more at risk of
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getting the flu as we travel more and hangout with family members as i just heard from the doctors who i di interview withme he said that you know, let's not share t flu. this holiday seon, let share the holiays, but if you have the flu. let's stay at home don't go work if you feel like you havethe flu eitr now reminder casino you can either have a cold or the flu. the symptoms include a fev that about 4, 3, to 4 days severe body aches chills. a cough and that heavy fatigue that yoll feel now les hear from that doctor about this vaccination how fective it has been. >>in more cases early in december than we've seen before. so i think it's really important time for people to take that tep if they've been on the fence or just have been too busy to get vainated to go ahead and get accinated most pharmacies have the vacce, anyone's position be thrilledto have them call and say i want to come in to get my it's a good match thiyear we know that the vaccine well to the strains that are
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>>and that's whthis doctor in the tire public health county is speaking out n reminding people get the flu because they say it's a good match this yearand also they just n't want to see any more deaths here in marin coty or at all across our untry. now another way one ski racks a vaccination to a avoid getting the flu making sure you're washing your hands even more than you someone in your household who does have the flu make sure you are dinfecting all the surfaces that you protect yourself and others in your home for now live in murray county sarah stinson kron 4 thank you sarah, 9 oh 7 right now andlet's continuour team coverage now of the weather. >>and see what it's like out there because things sure have changed since he went on the air for punishing to see what in nevada there was hvy rain p at times light rain sunshine what abounow. >>john denver, there's
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sunshine on my am i i so i'm good loopy he forgive me i've been on the rain for most of the morning but the last 30 minus or so no rain so i'm a little bit giddy because get to dry anbandoned so do the commuters i will zoom in the cars nears us tse are cars heading south northbound on 1, 1, on the other side look at this obviously that's the key new direction you see that green band there that's going southbound on one oh one that's the commute direction and you see it going a lot faster that even before so coincidence, i'm not sure because the rain has stopped the sun is out so maybe that's why driving conditions are buddy robin winsn will fill us in the media that's why the driving conditions have gotten a lot better i ot to tell you guys i never fully wh because even though the rain
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has stopped its gotten colder d windier so i can never fully 100% wind. when i should say because we have wind at this time but all good to go. i'll send it back to john scher able back in the studio you guys all of you, i'm serious i'm the chief is a radar in the history of t world all you need is a semi out there and i'll tell you exaly the conditions and leave you with this i'll show you the parking lot you don't even see hitter patter atll and all men. >>the north bay is arting drout maybe it's you know what well it's like it never happened like this morning you thought you were going to you're running for your life from a river of rain and now you that does great. because you see your life last righyour eyes. you should semy steering wheel dangerous trials are still
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stuck it someby's got to do this change or us job, thank you all right, thank you very much well. all right we'll take a break tonight on 9 is the time coming upith hundreds of high school music trophies tossed in the trash. >>we'll move now is not too happy about that we'll he the latest on that story. and checking the markets this morning winners and losers with raw black coming up in just a moment as the dow. mildly positive 9 points that will be right back.
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>>history and again we're looking at live pictures here from the floor of the house of representatives as they're debating the articles of impeachment that they're expected to vo on later this afternoon house speaker and very con congresswoman nancy pelo speaking ght now, let's listen and we'll have witness for the wrong for the the second article of itate impeachment. struction of
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congress. when the president's wrngdoing was revealed. he launched an unprecedented indiscriminate and categorical caaign of defiance and obstruction never beforin the history of our nation have we seen a preside declare and act he is above the law. the president goes even so far as to say and act on this when he says artie 2 says i can do whatever i want. no it doesn't that recklessness is a profound violation of the constitution. and our republic which indoor beuse of our system of separation of power. 3 co-equal branches, a check d balance on the oth. a republic. again if we can keep it. the founrs great fear of a rogue are corrupt president is the very ason why they and shrines impeachment in the constitution. as one founder william davie of north rolina unless the
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constitution conined an impeachment provision, a president might no efforts for maine's, whatever to get himself reected. anotr founder george mason again we're following live developments here. we will have of cour live coverage of the vote in when it comes down later this afternoon is expected metime between broadcast to make sure you download the kronon app so that no matter when it comes down even if it's between ur oadct and stream it live for you as it happens a 9 15 is the timeright now and we want to get a look at the ather things have changed a lot since he first won the area while got the bridge of i knew and the sfo and the desk st looked terrible not lookinbad at sfo test for that we better at earlier this morning. >>as the resttarts here commute if you are one of those late risers good fo you you really missed it today we are still ing to see some rainfall ahead of us but the heaviest stuff that hassince moved through. >>the golden gate bridge looking really good. we d
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have some sunshine reaching its way down to the ast, san jose even starting to clear out you've got a little bit of clearing between those low clouds this isn't although still holding on to some cloud cover and some showers so we're not all clear yet there are still a few spots ut in the east bay and a further south that are lding on to rain and we stildo have some light showers to our west that are slow making their way our direction so do exct scattered showers through the morning just beuse you are seeing sunshine in some areas doesn't meanyou can step outside without the umbrella, rain jacket just keep it hand with the a light showers on portions of 92 ridge, a hayward bridge as well as a further soh on the dumbarton bridge, n jose looking at some light showers too so often showers to the day today we're in a nice low that's going to last for a while just a few sprinkles here and there and then we work our way towards 3 or 04:00pm and that's when you're gng to be looking at some ain pushing back through thas going to be more widespread, so timing it out for you right there 3, 04:05pm, today right there at the start of your evening will be more widespread not as
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heavy as what we did have this moing though w into the evening tonight, dry conditions anwe stay dry into thursday and friday ahead of us ahead of some showers this weekend daytime highs today, even though we've seen some rainfall are really unchanged. we're back into the 50's so san jose again one of our warmer spots up to 58. tomorrow and fday really not much different either mostly cloudy, but we are going to be looking at dry ies in this case as for saturday and sunday saturday evening showers turn and sunday looks to be our next rainiest y in the forecast. >>robert all right. thank you john off to 92, which looks a lot better were looking at a 30 minute trip right now making it from hayward over to the peninla. so it's not bad and as the rain s tapering off the traffic gets better who would have thunk it her peninsula will bequiet as well so about 30 minus here i'll take that to make it off to one online richmond center fell bridge looks much much better your drive time down to 10minutes that's pretty quick through the tos across the
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span it's going to be a nice trip for now heading into the north bay and i don't have any special alert to report so that good. if you're traveling on 6.80 south dublin to fremont that's 22 minutes than nitz that drive time going wn 46 minutes making it om san leandro to milpitas and just really quick mention of residual ba delays we have some equipment prlems on a particular train inside of the transbay tube. so bart is reporting a 20 minute residual delay through san francisco millbrae and also daly city so make sure you pl ahead. >>time to talk winners and losers on wall strt now with financial expert rob like helping us understand what's happening on wall street. so we have stocks mildly higher this morning bring us up to spe what's the news that's moving the needle much ok so it's just the same old same old it's positive sentiment end of the year. >>china deal kind of got through that phase. one area we think or not a 100% sure, but it looks like it has the qustion is will the trump
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ministration now take target at the european unn and go tariffthat direction maybe it could be a negative but. i'm clear sailing right now it's very very on what's driving the market is positive sentiment. >>and as the trading year winds down we can continue to melt or am along. how we had an amazing 30% year on the markets, 25 to 30% of our work it looks like we're going somewhere that thatracket that's a great year, but thing really pushes for right now other than sentiment. ok all right well onthe whole folks will tell you the economy is doing. >>ut more more people are just had a harder time getting auto loans that's the second topic to that is second topic that's probably a good thing bad thing trying to curtail e by people a crack n us consumers have great jobsat this point in time the november jobs report was nothinshort of spectacular. >>but the consumer credit survey th came out basically said auto lon rejectis rose to 8.1% in october from 4.5% the same month last year double. it's basically
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different types of way of looking at credit is impotant home high debt, a mortgage refinancing credit card debt, all issues and all of our ultimate the scene, i'm a and it's interesting to no what could be bad for the auto market the automakers ste industry, he financing could ultimately be sitive consumer so and honored and sure enough i di't alize until i went to go get a car loan, but i guess they may have a whole different credit score. for autoloans that they do for like home loans are r everything else so that each industry seems to have its own algorithms to what your credit worthiness is soi walked d taken my credit score was much better than they thought it was. >>so that's kind of a shocker so just keep that in mind too that my team really want to work in media that he cod be fired tomorrow and replace with younger smarter faster and that might th might be part of the so let's talk a little bit about disney plus launched the app is got
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increasing numbers of people are signing up for you're sing increasing number of people are thinking maybe they'll just keep that and dump netflix going ere's a survey and one of the things that might cause a sudden is to return anstudy them and figure out when they're going to be i'a small but significantgroup of netflix shareholders users excuse me not sure say that you know just the pses all that and market check and so we can cut the cord with our old netflix 6.5% of respondents said that they plan to terminate their netflix accou if they're using rightnow on the bullet >>some analysts are prepared for this so if i'm thinking about 67% turn right. it's a 10 to 0 sum game, you know netflix and stan business are not going on business does not a tflix killer that's not a netflix killer. and ultimately create a heck of a buying opportunity in 2020,i'm looking at it because mosthe analyst have about a 35% upde on the stock en factoring in higher churn for the record the first 10 the
9:22 am
are the last 10 days of november were e first days of disney netflix didn't notice any material cancellations an l right to be an opportunity to see them duke it out in 2020 speaking of 2020 our viewer has a question for rob this morning is coming to us from corey. >>and corey rob wants to know how will marijuana stocks do in 2020. it's interesting question is 28 was a huge boom 2019 was a huge bu. there's an etf which is a collection of called in keep and i get down 27% not not down 27% thisyear down 35% always yeah so maybe there's a little bit of a bound. it's been a wild wild we who wins the presidency uld have a big inluence every democrat said they would support legalizing marijuana except for. joe biden is probably leading hedemocratic field. so it it's it's maybe trading stocks but not interesting okay. so lots to look forward to in the minyear, we'll see what all plays out robl.
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>>be with us all next year to walkg us through it keep the questions coming just come the 2020ome every e-mail rob at r
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>>a woman is in custody fo stealing a package that was put on a doorstep just mutes the for florida and as was arrested tuesday for grand theft and beingan unlicensed driver milpitas police put a home at mccandless drive last wednesday and 8 minutes later, shdrove up and took the package it happened so fast poli didn't even need to use the gps traer that was in that package neighbors are praising thr quick action. >>play bill we're eating >>well the but police did a good and we're happy a lot its people to christmas presents gifts anthen some peoe has a. i'm pretty gold medical supplies.
9:27 am
>>hernandezs out of jail now the police say that this is a the package was valued at more than $950. >>and on the kron 4 morning news, the deadline for pg need to present a w pl to get out of nkruptcy is he will
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>>time check in weather and traffic all morning long with this in coming getting in our way and getting inthe way the commute things are right much better. it has finally come down we'll check back on stalled truck but the drive better part. eased so it's >>and th on the weather front we've been having waves of shower activity all morning ng yeah we're kind of on the ttom of the so if you're surfer you be taking it easy currently looking out there at the day there's actually some sunsne making its way down and hey you do still have some cloud cover but that looks pret good out there still keep the umbrella and the rain
9:31 am
jacket on nd though as yo can see on satellite radar. there's still plenty of moisture sitting offshore that's going to be working its way our direction so we may be in a low right now but into the afternn ahead we do have some rain that pushes through around 03:04:05pm, today that's ing to in the midst of your evening commut not nears heavy is this morning's enough to keep roadways wet though 50's for today's daytime highs times of sunshine, but also se showers ahead says i mentioned the prepared for them. robin all right, tnk you john back to 92 where a fedex truck and moved off to the shoulder here, a west founded just west of the toll plaza at least it's on the shoulder and not blocking we don't need like it may have just stalled and maybe having some mechanical problems overall it'sa decent commute to the peninsula. so we're putting it at 30 minutes to make your way over to a ighway one o one checking in on traffic tracer the shore freeways, winding down 24 minutes from crockett to oaknd, 24 looks better. but it's not clear it's about a 25 minute trip on one reet
9:32 am
heading toward the maze a lot of those folks whore stuck on highway 6.80 and remember bart is recovering from an earlier problem, they're reporting a 20 minute delay on the san francisco line to sfo millbrae in daly city after some equipment sues james darya. >>thank you very much rob and san franciscois taking acti now to clean up the steets. but what about the grocery stor. which shoppers a safeway in them are in district ofmarina district ey got a disturbing rprise inside their store prop for well bello s action from shoppers. in our last word i've ever is okay in the safeway on the af isle it's the cleanup on aisle hear sunday morning around o 7.45. a man was spotted using i'll 10 inside the marine, a safe way. >>as his own persona bathroom, leaving his feces next the cleaninsupplies makes a surprise this happen, mean there's just a lot of
9:33 am
people not hang a place. >>i guess office lead to >>the arms of my ability to really the behavior must be like mental component to it. so wneed look beyond actual action and see the urce offered there are 3 pit stop rerooms in sa francisco now open 24 urs a da >>and the tenderloin castro in soma district. but this image illustrate what logtime residents like joel rosmasay is a very real roblem not only in those areas but all over the city i don't know the answer. >>but it's inappropriate and it's really huing peop people in the neighborhood to outside their door similar events happened. >>absolutely high seen it grow on this side of town and now i'm seeing it more and more and chestn street and i'm reading aboutt in the marina where those folks are having people. ne there. yards for a bathroom this ear alone the city has received mor than 25,000 coop complaint
9:34 am
>>d they now have a pump patrol crew on call to cln up t waste across the city. but marina safeway shoppers feel all ofthat is clearly tfixing the root of the problem i guess is park up to the politicia. i know people say that we have to take care of our community. >>how howe knew that's how. they can't you know if they can how can we. >>we did reach out to safe way to see if whether or not this man tried to use the bathroom inside the store. did not hear back from safeway now there are 24 of those public pit stop restrooms across the city. however the marina district does not have any of them. the closest is in north beach in san francisco. noel ellow kron 4 news. >>our live breaking news from washington dc is thhouse of representatives debates, articles of impeachment against president trump in these debates are expected to last most of the morning and well into thlate afternoon again, democrats republicans
9:35 am
are being given equal time, to 7 hours worth of debate. then later this afternoon the house will actually vote on impeachment which include abuse of power pressure and withholding for for withholding foreign money from ukraine unless the investigate vice president joe biden and and then the second charge is obstruction of congress for refusing to turn over documents and witnessesduring congress's be in for an front the all day are we've got on kron on's we've also got a streaming on our facebook com facebook so you're going to be keep up with the continuing coverage on the go all day. >>with kron on. al right on wants to folw through with its 13 and a half billion dlar settlement with wildre viims. >>despite the fa the governor doesn'approve of it. the settlement is part of the utilities reorganation plan and governor newsome rejected outright saying that he nts instd to see a complete ovhaul of the pga new board of directs and more oversight or the company. yesterday in bankruptcy court pg askethe
9:36 am
judge to consideremoving the governor's approvalas a requirement for their plan. utilities hoping to meet its deadline of geing out of bankruptcy. next m pg e by the way will have to defend itself in an upcoming civil ase over the ghost ship warehouse fire. a bankruptcy judge sided with the fire victims families whasked that they have their day in court with the genie 33 family members of the 36 people who were killed in the warehouse. fire filed a civil case they have not only cited pg but they're al filing against the ciy of oakland and the building's ners that trial set to begin next may. >>is 9 36 in an east bay community finally has closure 37 years after a double murder on 12/20/1982 these 2 enagers were killed on their way home from work. the victims were jefey a top and cousin mary jane na tag nd one of them was found on the street milpitas and the oter was found in fremont now dna evidence has helped police catch you they think was the killer clifton hud spath he's
9:37 am
been identified as the killer e live near the2 teenagers and he died in 1999. they say he had a histy of violence, including attempted murder. >>who was living in milpitas at the time where these kids were abducted because it's especially were started and then we start going down that path and kind of doina radius around who had simiar kinds most you know where they are cooler, assaulting peoe or are havingomicides. >>police also believe that as best may have been involved in other crimes are around the time of the muers. >>a man is under arst for using a knife to threaten someone in pa alto the victim says. >>that he was rbally assaulted by this man michael keys. he says it happened at the town and country village parking lot last friday. he says ys pushed him. to the ground pulled out a pocket knife and started waving it around and he says he yelled that he was going to physically harm them and ys was booked for assault with a deadly weapon and making criminal threats. >>well here's live look
9:38 am
outside the san mateo bridge as we go looks like some sunshine here all the traffic's hardly moving. all really we're going to get more from robin and what'going on there looks like a tow truck on the right, i'm told oh yeah there it is on the bottom right corner. have more on that coming up in a minute the weather going to st wet throughout the day jo travel throughout the day jo travel in just a minute kerrygold haa taste so rich it can take you toreland's lushgreen pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste tt takes you there.
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>>well 30 years of music history was tossed into the dumpster at a bay area high school and banned alumni it ansmall high school in seeing years of trhies and awards just being tossed in the dumpster make space in the band room. some alumni took it upon themselves to go dumpster diving to recor as many as they could stuffing those awards into the back of their cars. moving forwarthe school districtsays it it the outragethey will reach out first to alumni to see if anybody wants the trophies before they discard
9:42 am
>>9.41 and coming up on the want to impress the ss at ink judge the luck party. you
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>>9.45 on this wednesday morning we've cleared out a lot nce earlier that includes sfo look at the sunshine making its wawn but the damage has been done and we' still sitting pretty delayed out of sfo over 2 hours for your cuent flame right now, not so great out there, but conditions have calmed down so pefully that result in improvements nowou dohave showers offshore those showers are ing to drift their way into what is a calm bay area later on today you are seeing just a couple of showers aswell right of a free month so around 03:04:05pm, that's when the next line of showers comes in it'sgoing to blighter than what we saw ovnight and into this morning but enough to push through yo evening do commute tonight. now into the eveninitself skies will dry out and that sets us up for
9:46 am
thursday and friday is dry weather around the corner 50's for today's daytime highs across the bay and we're going to keep those 50's inhe days to come first day ofwinter on saturday will also come along with the return of some rainfallthat should most noticeable on sunday. >>rob all right. thank you john back to the samateo bridge where we have a stalled trucon the shoulder just it is right there on theflat section you can really see it but there's a tow truck i front of it looks like they are trying to hook itup so they can clear it. you know any little thing any little bit of a flashing light tracts a lot of attention moving here they're moving right now so that'even better at least it's not blocking. >>but it's just one little tra thing to attract a lot of attention your drive here on the n mateo bridge 33 minutes to make it o to one on one. >>bay bridge look at this back up if you come from 5.80 it's solid all the way up through the maze up through the bay bridge toll plaza lot of folks still squeezing into san fraisco. if you come in from the east shorts jam from richmond all the way down to
9:47 am
oakland at 23 minutes to the mace. >>just like great british bake off. we knocked it off better is bake off where the contestants and the judges have no qualifications whatsoever he and there are no prizes debit general that i could not a baker james, d neither are yowhich is why were the judges didn't qualify start yesterday content becae we eat i have it on the contestants are our morning show staff who work so hard to write and produce the kron 00:04am morning news. here they offerings you never get to say it right.
9:48 am
>>it's also yes, so it does so they baked all that stuff including now some of was baked as well by hour. >>technical team. the people who sh the buttons to take the cameras and just took ok this really isn't it hit you get konkal to it's like an uncle or so it's not a it's not a team saying it's more like your workpla, you know you you say everybody let bring in food tomorrow and then things got out of hand before you know yore being judged by her co-workers on all the time feel the pressure love how we had no shelley i preproduction meeting so i ranking the you watch the we're nojudging a resentation presentation. the firstay we're going to hit is this all right, l's hold is all fo the price is a log of some sort to see that what yocall in this world, a law so what do you call it. so that's a different flavors ing now are more. >>so the only the only thing we said as we're going to
9:49 am
have some sort of a ugh cookies, cakes whatever so we got alittle owing and think by the way we dot knw whose is >>so i'm afraid to say are you i my best did you like it to and it's a nice night 7 me. i like it. i dot i'm not gonna say why i don't lit his little dry to me but i haveno idea who won the funding this is when beautiful linen can oh i ha to mangled this might look like a beautiful blueber somhing see you can high. >>all right you see that holy got that really all i see doing it, we don't know much him. ok oh my god that's good right quicy dig into the pies all starting th site. >>thesare and i really don't make anything which is why i didn't i d to be the you cannot d that around ivan kevin utheir careers and ok that's that's quite good and this year's to look better but i couldn't get off the pan. >>so what is this again this one meme. chocolate
9:50 am
verything. i've heard jobs every nth that is like putting like when i was a kid, when the dig into the red bell because of your public okay we're tir what you eat, does this is what they do on the a little more critiqug the t i was a key lime pie and was green. and this is not you have to hold off on a seriously well you got a free what i was expected to threw me for a loop while a look at term couldn't revela cooe is and you know a bit for the camera. >>i happen toow that was a . now qualified don't even need a we not only have all isms a white. of yes, i know it's cool that. they play every worker has something like th to try and cover this up. so this is a chocolate could give some sort and i'm told that this was a bread bowl site
9:51 am
bread was some kind of ship senate i'm goin happen time for >>think >>hear a lot chip injuries >>as a reason make a mess we're almost ready to judge right. custard on that thing. >>rajon rondo and are really good. >>oh my the chocolate cookies gov. my hat. file grt elevating all you hear is i don't really got start to do mean like the breakers right great british bake ofa gun on him. >>you know a lot of production and that because f this that mangling is a beautifully. appointed judgcheese cake of some sorts. but it's honestly so big that i'm going to do a little. by it and en i'm going let you dig into it. on and want to take one think not going to start make my judges oh my i'm gonna tell you right now cause it was
9:52 am
so appent to me about to see what your favorite yeah we had that same time we do like heavy okay, first i would it taste like ocolate cake put them all up it is racing. it hands and when that your favorite cook who made it lori ook at my farm director wasn't even in the picture. >>this chocolate cake i mean this truck runner-up does are on a woman who made the trk the cookie with a. >>i'm jason our producer. he sears our executive or u know it's sort of like an office all the ice issues with the went ok, what said i'm not arguing. i'm just explaining why
9:53 am
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teresa standing by. >>good morning. james and be talking are taking rather a closer look at some of the big stories for today. the officer that was brutally attacked in the mission that ultimately led to an officer inlved shootinghere and the first flu related death. >>n plusa national of course predent trump's impeachment well be talking to some experts about today's vote so be sure to download the app because i know daryn you're going to be going to the gym and watching us all here all in on thank ladies, thank you for tching we'll be back here tomorrow morning starting at 04:00am keep the umbrella with you just in talking about rain staying with us all day long so. >>just keep that in mind how onback here.
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