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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 19, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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for waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher on this thursday morning hope things are going well for you lks like things are. >>kind of drying oujust a little bit yeah, not so sure i guess find out ifhopefully no much better than yesterday ow since it's dry now sterday we had so many hot spots and spent out, it's pretty calm this morning, itwas a little crazy at times i must say for me rain kept short just a litt like i was saying, but this was was window and window was so more of wall wide open yeah of that yes we are looking at a calm down finally after what did turn out to be a very tive day this morning. we have some fog this sitting across of the bay, but it's not really in the y, it's more so in the hillsjust arounit so do be watching out for some visibility pacts a little higher up such as here in the berkeley hills. >>their crossing t bridges
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going to be looking at too terribly much as far as visibility concernsgo so some mostly cloudy to partly cloudy skies today it is a nice and dryne ahead of us much better one for getting outside than yesterday was 50's for your current temperatures right alongside the band right along the coast, well 40's further inland and then up into the north bay saint helene at 46 snap up 47 well conquered and dublin. >>48 for your current temperatures. later on not too much of a change we're already off to a mild start and daime highs today wil continue to be very mild a nice afternoon with some spots spotup into the low 60's more on your forecast just around the corner robin, thank you john traffic, philly and quily at the bay bridge toll plaza not only do we have a backup. >>in the cash lanes with the fast track lanes to so there's a little bit of a crowd and it's growing it's already spilling beyond the end of the lot out toward80 over crossing so just get out there a litt early and especially since he'll be driving at a reduced speed right because the roads are slick so be o
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your best behavior 10 minutes isa great average into san fransco. we are hot spot free. no alerts aremajor problems you're on time for westbound forced to 42 south 6 the and one on one looks really good from san jose heading to the peninsula will check more coming up james darya thanks a lorob and so breaking news out of san jose to tell u about an vestigation under way at the mont after a car slammed into a business cover sarah stinson is live in front of that business this morning with more sara. >>earlier this morning, a woman crashed her car righ into this cash one loan office you can see right now they're boarding up the doorway, obviously this is a cash business so they can have this open and exposed. so they're boarding up right now making sure that it's all contained in everything police have left the scene b look at this video from one this happened at one 13 this can see the cadillac sedan st right into ts cash, one business.and
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san jose police respond and they began investigang why this woman crasheinto the accordin ofcers on e lear scene the hicle and the capitol exesay when s crashed into thisbusinesson 7 ees boulevaranthe woman was actually taken to the hospital with some minor threatening at all, but fe officers are still trying to fure out why she crashed in to the cash e, and maybe it could be do yolive as they are investigating if alcohol or drugs are involved t right now policehave not responded in terms of what theyknow isthat issues e all driving crash in the cash one doesn't appear that she was for long coopating with police but they were trying to figure out why she did this so we'll say keep asking these questions were waiting for spawns from the san jose police department to see what ty think happened here but for now they're just tryinto
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get this busins all brded up make sure that is not will will continue to fall this all morning long lien back to you. >>thanksa lot. carol check in with you later, and at 5 oh 3 new this morning, a san jose and officer had to be taken to the hospital. last night after he wasat the reid hillview airportand he was conscious and speaking officers when he was loaded there on the gurney they have not told us what happened ju that it did happen there in san jose at the airport and he had to be transported. >>all right, let's get you updat on another big story this morningpresident trump now just the 3rd president in us history to be officially impeached however, speaker nancy pelosi won't commit to sending arties of impeachment to the senate just yet karin caifa has a look at what happens next. >>a nearly 3 month in korea launched by house democrats lling meeting in those 2 votes last night and this morning president trump wakes p at the white house just the 3rd president in us histo to have been impeached charged by
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the house with abuse of power and obstruction of congress >>a moment in american history. >>article e is adopted. >>part of a dramatic day that ended th a stunning political juxtaposition president trp on stage for a rally in battle creek michigan doesn't really feel like we're being impeached as the house of repsentatives voted on 2 articles of peachme against him hours of emotional partisan florida on a wound down with a final republican rebuttal by house minority leader kevin mccarthy is this why we came here to serve. >>to trame on due process rights. to issue more subpoenas than last d the last word from use intelligence coittee chairman adam schiff who had a lead role in the inquiry, we should care about our allies. we shld care about ukraine. should care about a country struggling to be free and a democracy. >>we use to care about democracy the votes to upper
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vote articles, one abuse of power thesecond obstruction of congress fell largely along party lines president trump defiant after the votes. we did nothing wrong nothing whatsoer. this is just >>speaker pelosi not out in the victory for democrats but for erican democracy have done what we have set out to do. >>the house has acted on a very sad day. to protect and defend the constitution of the united states. >>the next st in the impeachment proceedings expected to be over on the other side of the capitol in the senate, but first there are some things that needto be ironed out between house democrats and sete republicans and senate republicans and senate democrats we expect to hea from senate majority lear mitch mcconnell on the topic a little bit later on this morning and house speaker nancy pelosi and nate democratic leader chuck schumer are also expected to meet today on capitol ll, i'm karencaifa. >>will president trump's impeament could come up during tonight's democtic debate in los angeles we have
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7 candidates, sharing the stage in there they are they inclu joe biden people to judge amy klobuchar our bernie nders tom styer elizabeth warren and andrew yang. tonight's dete is nearly year was nearly derailed by now resolved. labor dispute between california union and a tering provider all 7 candidates said they wouldn't participate they would cross the picket line had the protest continued, but again they have the results of e >>a doordash delivery driver left wi much more than a tip in berkeley after delivering the food, the woman lingered in the lobby. anthen stole at least 7 packages. >>so she deliver the food then took the packages and en lt that happen apartment complex on ha street. saturday night. >>welljust to the mall. authorities believe that her name is cheyenne >>you can see the video pretty clearly. >>we've had our share package that'sbefore but this is
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definitely a faly new one where someone deliveri food to the building stole. >>half the building's packages on one day pretty crazy. but is states how vulnerable. it is when people st come in your building it back. >>doordash haremoved the woman from their service. >>and they're working to get the package is bac speaking of packag of course was arrested in the soutbay and take a look and video here this happened in morgan hill. not only can you see the person here but the license plate was captured as well and police have since returned. the electronics and other things that were in the packages that were >>happening now police are looking for man who stole thousas of dollars worth of jewelry collection of video from surveillance cameras showingthe man walking into the park jewelers. story this is in downtown alameda. check it out happened back november,
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26 goce store owner says the man me into the store a few times before and then got awaywith a diamond ring and a gold necklace combined with about $30,000. in the north bay a registered offender is back in custody now after going to a high school and inappropriately touching 2 people police say that llie joneswalked on the campus of terra lindaigh school wednesday morning and follow the student into a hallway, an adult and a child were inappropriately touched. police say that they are there are possibly other ctims out there the schoowas put on ckdown as jones was taken into custody. let's go to the east bay were community of seniors in san pao are rallying to stay their hom. the brookdale senior living communities slated o close at the end of january after the lease with the property oer was not renewed brookdale filed lawsuit ainst the property owners for violating the terms of the to turn the oper into pushing someing other than a senior living community. the lawsuit may delay the shutwn but senior residents e still some pretty stressed out about this ole affair.
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>>well'm a new era that there are people o lived in as late as november first planned city already news closing they took their money priotolet their families put this effortin coming here relocate some very old and the time that they're gointo be moveagain. it's just tragic. >>some residents say that brookdale should just renew its lease and keep operating e facility other say they won't wait for a deal to be worked out and they intend to movwithin the week. >>and san francisco city aders want a homeless shelter in every district in the city including a new one in the tenderloin we'll tell you about heir plans in a new rept. and the teenager in california arrestedor stealing and crashing plane but she never did even geoff the ground. and after the break a puppy stolen from a van in the east bay is back with her owners but police say another dog is still missing.
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with lots of great toys. it is 5.14 right now we're checking out the weather for you this morning and it's still kind of lingering the on the wipers once or twice on the way, but when th went badly you li to hold out and wait for it to get to the point you could hardly see for that. >>and when area was non-stop definitelyisty out there and that ms collecting on their windshields i also ran my wipers that really t a lot of rain falling though for the bay that'sto our north right now so we have worked our way it which was pretty much all f day yesterday. >>you look outside of san
5:15 am
francisco, it looks to be and definitely on the misty side that's what you're drivin through across the bay area visibility hasn been an issue for bayside areas but once you ad up into the hills around the bay. >>that's where you're definitely lookng at some spots that are rough some drizzle out ang the coast as well as up into the north bay but the rain that we saw yesterday we're still seei some of that up acrosthe northern part of the state from ndocino county on over in the northern sierra were me snow actively continues to fallo high pressure is in the process of building back in now and as that low that brought us yesterday's rain starts to scoot out of the region we're going to look at some nice dry weatr ahead of all the rain continues up at north we are looking at nice and dry conditions leading a sawed through the day today excuse me t a sneeze and fighting back we are loing at some mostly cloudy skies today and tomorrow and then saturday and sunday rainll really returns you can see that line of showers out there just offshore that ill eventually make its way in on into saturday afternoon.
5:16 am
mperatures today upper 50's to low 60's a little warmer than we have been the rmest day of the week so far burlingame 60 degrees today, foster city, san carlos each at 61 palo alto at 60 degrees south bay temperatures in the low 60's to upper50's just depending on where you'rout east bay also on to the warmest day ead of us that we felt this week so far nothing much but when you start to e 60's on the map that is warmer than we have been bill and pa each 56 for your highs. well santa rosa novatin petaluma mid to upper 50's. here's a look at your next 7 days today and tomorrow upper 50's for average across the day saturday first day of winter and srts try but doesn't and that way showers coinue into sunday with a chance of showers as well on into christmas itself christmas eve on tuesday and on christmas day on wednesday. that's your forecast robin house traffic holding up traffic looks pretty good john much better than yesterday. it's prett calm and quiet out there we're
5:17 am
checking in on 92. >>this is your drive ross the san mateo bridge and it's getting busy some or mor traffic heading to the peninsula.but you know quiet. no problems no accidents, it's a little crowded so we see more and more brake lights heading westbound right there ading into foster city and san mate but once again without a problem and you're clocking in at 13 minutes, checking the drive from oakland to san francisco cash lanes fast track lanes e all feeling and and now look at that it's spreading just beyond 8.80 ov crossing so more folks heading in on westbound 80, but it's noa problem 11 minutes to ke it off to fremont street. i'll take you to the north bay where we do have reports of an overturned crh with limited inrmation. it came in a south one oh one near north san pedro with injuries crews just be on the lookout for it as you head soh bound on the rest of the trip though leaving sandra fellooks pretty good to sausalito los good up to the goldengate, you're fine. so even with the crash there it's only 23 minutes novato to the toll plaza, you're looking go on
5:18 am
the sure 24 5 80 and the nimitz all on time will check more ming up mes. >>and 2 people in custody now after shooting in the south bay. sunnyvale police say that carlos durand on the left there was shot the victim as he as trying to run away from the shootg happened along columbia and roosevelt aven is the woman on the right pamela pedraza mel got so drove the getaway car. e victim was picked up by an ambulance and taken to hospital. he was released. later that day. in petaluma police looking for man who robb a hair salon at gunpoint so this happened on tuesday was at the super cuts on north mcdowell boulevard, the man forced employees to give the money from a fe and then he took off. he's described as hispanic male wearing a yellow neon construction jacket when he committed the crime. >>and say a poppy missing from a transport where the van was stolennd all the dogs were inside now that pup is home for christmas a pole found. ts a puppy at unique th
5:19 am
color after she wasold in oakland the dog's name is unique. dozes of other dogs also soldout of that vathat was stolen from a hotel in fremont most of the dogs have been recovered and the van was found in oakland, but there are still 2 dogs missing one this little guy named jimmy. >>anthere's award of $400 to find m. so te. in santa rosa. it is going to be behind bars for at least 45 yeas for committing a number of felonies and the fonies related to a shooting that happened at a home on mohawk street. >>in 20 17 in santa rosa. yonas go brain miriam confronted the vtim and fired 3 shots. the victimwas in a coma for 3 weeks after several surgeries. >>so california teen is accused of stealing a million-dollar plane and crashing it the frno airportith that liz gonzales now with the story.
5:20 am
>>it's a call as bizarre asit is oubling. fresno airport police say a 17 year-old girl jumped defense got into and started is beechcrafking air 200 wednesday morning around 7 aircraft began >>crashed into a building and a fence on airport property. the airport never became airborne. and there was no firebut there was plenty of smoke from the gine inside e female appeared to be disoriented. >>it was uncooperative with police when she was taken into custody. irport police say this happed in an area known as general aviation full of mostly private planes. >>this million dollar plane is registered to a farming operation. the airport's police chf says no commercial flights were at risk and it's about a quarter mile from the military portion of the airport or there's no indication of a domestic terror. >>terrorism related motive.
5:21 am
>>the teenager'mother showed up on side after she got a call froofficers. s tells fox 26 news she ha't seen her since last night she ys the girl don't know anything about rplanes and get this she doesn't even know how to drive nothe teenager is juvenile hall. as airport ficials work with feral agencies, including the fbi to figure out ow thihappened and prevent it from happening again. >>in fresno california i'm liz one son is reporting. >>5.21 coming up here on the kron 4 morninnews food banks across the bay area need help for the holidays, including one in concord th's helping feed hundreds of families. we'll tell umore about that d alsotill ahead more trouble r ring security cameras toamilies cameras were hacked that of course leaving them pretty uneasy this morning. here's a live look outside the babridge approach traffic definitely tacking up here at the early hours, not even 5.30 and it's already backedthe maze robin was done with the complete traffic check in just a men
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>>a family from virginia is demanding answers after their ring home security system was hacked a stranger access. the cameras and made inappropriate contents to the nanny. >>i am they did call the cops and as you can see took down the ring camera system and then reach outo ring. >>andres said they would allow them to cancel their subscription or return the stem either get the money back. the company says hey found no evidence of any compromise in the system. but if they e aware of other instances, manyin the news of the accot inrmation bein swiped and of people cking in and say weird things on your ring security system. and
5:26 am
a family in washington get rid of thr ring system after they got hacked the hacker went in. ani was lking to the dogs in this ase in the living room, let's listen. you know. >>i got really get up. >>didt bother the dogs, but because it's creepy and 's a compromise ofsecury also the hackers set off an alarm in their rage and the family contacted ring and the company told them the cama was accessed by a 3rd party mobile device ring saithe password was something that they were able to guess it was too e experts say the you need a strg ps where you've heard this many times. but unfortunately keep hearing more d more of these times when specifically rain system had been hacked so we don't know what the commonality is at this point.
5:27 am
>>this san francisco homeless shelter is set to op up days from now now there's a proposal to open up more sarah's la tuition payment, sent off. feeling od? oheah. w i'm ready to fos on my oject. ♪ this is why welan. ♪
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>>right now checking wther and traffic for you o >>thursday december 19 that yes we getting closer and closer to the holidays and vacation and friday but the roads are friday like for sure thing, yeah picking up in several spo and i just got word of an over turn on e oh one says in the north bay so little bit of slow traffic they're all check in on th and the little biof rain left over from yesterday, yeah but definitely better than yestery yesterday was rough as far as your morning commute goes and even your evening commute it was not the best day for travels this morning. we've got some low clouds and drizzle definitely is a time or 2 or you can turn the windshield wiper on but
5:31 am
definitely an improvement from yesterday really across the bay you can see the bott half of san francisco, those low clouds sitting right above the day anthat's causi and you're also going to hills encounter some of those misty conditns up in the hills as well rafall is really tapered off though soa much easier commute to work than what we had for your wednesday temperatures are nice and mild most ous in the 50's in london in the north bay you are in the 40's though say only that 46 nap at 47 so do get the jackets ready to go. >>don't need to worry so much about the rain jket today she will just a nice warm layer into the afternoon. some our warmer temperatures of the week but not byuch just a few areas into the low 60's most of us in the upper 50's robin all righ thank you john off to one on one we're checking the drive outhbound which is thcommute direction ecause there's a report of an overturn accident 1 on south. >>near north san pedro we have injuries reported very f details on the it's unear if it's blocking several lanes or not but you plan on traveling from the north bay tosan
5:32 am
francisco. it will be in your way we have crews on scene you add your southbound drive time you're lking at 21 minutes and growing novato to the toll plaza checking in on the bay bridge. there's your long line sh lanes fast track lanes stacked up and it's filled all the way back to west grand getting a ttle busy highway 4 but on through pittsbgh 22 minutes to make itrom one 60 out to 2.42 darya james.thanks a lot rob and 5.32 and a big story, san franisco aders are calling for more homeless shelters, including one on the edge of the tender kron four's will tran the sto for us this morning live from the city with the latest on these plans ll. >>james darya on along the embarcadero and this homeless shelter is scheduled to open days from now is just short of opens th're already talking ne about opening another one this one inthe tenderloin area t me quickly pull up a map for you so you know the location is 8, 8, 3, 8, 8 po st. and
5:33 am
it's in an areahat's highly concentrated with homeless perhaps more than any other location within the city, so it's not a coincidence that they're talking about this particular location. >>if it happenst will open up the end of next year and hous 75 people under 25 years old so it specifically targets them and that is the first for san francis as far as the one along the embarcadero there was so much. im gog on througut the year whether or not this place where even days from now becae there few are multimillion dollar condominiums located right next to it many people said they did not choose to move into this location to have a homeless shelter. eventually open nextto them, especially witthat spectacular that attack that de national news eaier this year involving homeless n a man in san frcisco and
5:34 am
a woman trying to get into her location that caught all kinds of headlines and people o did not want the homeless shelter and new mission. the stop itfrom happening. but nonetheless it is going to happen and when it does 200 people wille off the streets. the goal now according to many supvisors in san francisco is to open up homeless shelters in precincts in the city. they currently don't have one. they want everyone to be a part the solution we want places for people to go so that they can not just get off the street tonight, but that they c transition to be abe to stay off the street and have a permanent ple that they having a navigati center in each district in san francisco. >>will help us address this citywide crisis what a ciwide. >>strategy that goals ross the entire city. >>city of san francisco james syria has come under fire locally as well as nationally
5:35 am
for not addressinghe homeless situation and even with all the homeless shelters openg up this one the one possibly on post street and many others. it barely makes a dentperhaps around 1000 people will be off the streets by san frcisco's own numrs. they think proximately 8,000 people in san francisco are homeless, but they say aleast they're trying to take the step in the right direction to address the issue that too. >>okay, thank you well, 5 35 the east bay eds more help to provide it to people who need this holiday season, the food bank of contra costand solano in concord. >>feeds more than 2 million people eve year. but the is the donations that help them at of slow down. and the years coming to a close is not a lot oftime left frederick right of antioch slight ministries urch says the food bank is helping his church serve more a mor families this month.
5:36 am
>>a 100o 250 families a month, who are in dire ne right now and we're here to lp the we could not do withouthe bank country casas long-service and one in 9 people living in th 2 couies we serve a 178,000 people evy month about 20% of ouannual budget comes in betwn now and the enof the critical right now did you hear that th serve one in 9 people that's a lot of people that they help that need help and they say thatdonations are always ncouraged and desperatelneeded. >>of both food and more so monetary donations and you can dthat easily online in the north bay, a man who fell from his mountain bike. and an adele park had to be rescu. and the crewgot there within minutes. we went to the rugged terrain a danny used a helicopter to you can see there are a 100 foot long line lowered it got the man unable to treat his injuris right there and fly him out.
5:37 am
>>for your health this morning californians who want ste heal ce covera by the up by tomorrow is year the n state brought back a mandate require california to hav health insuran or else pay a fine and now there's been a 16% increase in he number of people signed up for say health care coveragecompared to last ar covered california says that a billn dollar investment in the subsidies also help to boost sign-ups. >>but we know they're middle-cla cohort is spending 25% of their income healthcare we're going help thospeople up to 600% of poverty that we all the people some of things that. healthier people sign up heah care cost up for everyone that's the equation that led to us having the lowest premium incrses. >>the nor'easter. >>thetate also expanded coverage accs to undocumented immigrants unr the age of 26. still aheaon the kron 4 morning news, a student calls police on e bus driver fodriving under the influence not far actually from the bay area will tell you where and a niners pro
5:38 am
bowlers returning to the field for this weekend's game we'll ll you who coming up. >>and next an earthquake strikes near the central coast and people got a warning about it secondsefore. >>and rainfall having med out of the bay area now we're on towards a dry day ahead of us, i've got your forecast and exacly what to expect. >>i'm tracking the commute around the bay area it's getting busy out there. we have a big backup here at the backbridge toll plaza spilling ♪ running out of giftdeas, seekinsomething more. ♪
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well, california's new early warning earthquake ap sent out its first public alert, the maisch a ca sent an alert to more than 40 people thursday or tuesday i should right before this4.3 magnitude quake struck between the centracoast in san joaquin valley. the app as developed by u c berkeley and was released in october d it's designed to quickly take data from seismicensors and sent out warnings in advance of big earthquakes. and it seems have worked at least in this
5:42 am
case.all right as we head to break, here's a ve look outside this and just go international airport we've got john travel looking athe forecast for today, we'll find out what kind of weather is in store and then. >>robin was in the course of the traffic center keeng an eye on the commute find out where the sw spots are. ♪ (vo) i kn what you're thinking. electric, it's t for you. and, you're probably right. electric just esn't have enough rang it will neve survive the wint. charng station good luck findinone of those. so, mae an electric car isn't for you afteall. or, is it? ♪
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so you just toss them in before the clothes. de pods dissolve even when the water is freezing. nice! if it's got to be clea it's got to be tide.
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>>i'm 45 and there's a shocki story out of san county a woman driving a school bus with dozens of kids on board rested for driving under the inflnce. it was a student actually who called 911 totell him that their driver was. perhapsnot all their doug johnson has the story. well according to california highway patrol this was not a dui involving cohol, but instead one involving controlled subsnces. thewouldn't say any more than that, but the parents at several of e schools where these kids wre headi are horrified tohear this happened its shocki that. >>i don't know. what went through people's minds, david virgin was next to bonita
5:46 am
elementary school crows landing worse2 nephews also go not just my every ki every kid's parents. >>i had my n kids to go to school here and i hope that no that never happened to us what happened according tothe chp is 55 year-old carolyn denise re a schoolbus driver was for driving under the sted influence while on the job and with ks on the bus at the students all ranging. to 50 >>from kinrgarten to 5th grade in fact it was one of those kids whcalled 911 to report raised writing through the apple ground a neighbhood we are relieved that the child knew who to calln an emergency situation. so i consider this kid here. ray was charged with dui as well as child endangerment, however, the chp is not yet saying what type of drugs she was on nor how far over the limit she was a chemical test was taken the sampleswill be forwarded to the department of justice for further analysis thchp say the school bus was serving bonita elementary crows landing in van ryn are elementary in newman new leading unified school
5:47 am
district ss ray works as a subcontractor for first in transportati. >>that company declined to comment on her arrest from that could happen th wreck killed on the kids or she should be banned for for life have anything to with kids special school. doug johnson fox, 40 nws so good his kids want to do getng 5.46 right now and the roads are a little slippery this morning that is that just leovers from yesterday. >>like turkey, i mean you a whole new thing sthat the yesterday was like the actual turkey is yet to turkey sandwich the dow there definitely is some drzzle still falling that makes roadways still very wet. so yeah you still want to take it slowut compared to yesterday's conditions, it's definitely improved. >>drizzle in san ancisco low lyi clouds throughout the city in your specially seeing th up and down the coast and not to be detected by radar d that actually shows you that we are definitely looking roadways this morning you can
5:48 am
e those little bli of green out there stretching all the way into the uth bay. >>and especially the north ba where you are right at the edge of some showeractivity that's actively rain falling of mendocino and lake counties high pressure is buildi back in now and as this low pressure area does leave the region. we are set up for drier conditions ahead of us and much of the rest of the day ahead wl come along with some clearing skies at times mostly cloudy throughout much of the day though as you see on futue cast. rainfall does linger up furthenorth tomorrow a repeat of today a little clear but still holding on to partly cldy to stly cloudy conditions and then come saturday, although a dry start to the new season as it is the first day of winter. you do have showers that wi be pushing in come saturday afternoon as for day daytime ghs will rise a little warmerthan they did yesterday mostly into the upper 5s, although a few of ustoday tapping into the some low 60's like burlngame right at 60 degrees today, foster city, san carlos each at 61 degrees for your highs and then
5:49 am
looking at some warmer spots in the south bay such as santa clara milpitas each at 62 east bay temperatures upper 50's to w 60's for you looking at upper 50's over in oakland wheryour daytime high today will be 58 or into 57 north bay temperatures really not too much different. we are looking at 50's for you as well allthe way out to the coast in point rays at 56 today. tomorrow very milar staying dry now saturday. it's a dry start to winter but we are ing to see showers later inthe day on saturday sunday will continue to e those a chae of rainll as well on into christmas with tuesday and wednesday christmaseve and christmas day. both looking at mes the sunshine and times of rainfall looking likely to robin wright, thank you john over to the richmond sara fell it's still very light very quiet. we're checkig the trip to the north bay. >>and far no problems so get out there now we're looking at 8 minutes picking a little bit but still a nice steady ow of traffic into the north bay from oakland, san francisco. we
5:50 am
have some raindps on the camera here it is going to be a soggy mmute this morning. so he should be drivin at a reduced speed, you're back up its growing it spilling beyond the end of the over crossing so some heavr traffic coming in stacking up be on west grand still unr 15 minutes after fremont street taking it t of san jose because here's a crash th's clearing north 87 at kerner you see that little back up ther this is north 87 it's almost solid from 85 because of that crash, it looks minor, but it's finitely slowing it down there through san jose. you're looking good from livermore to dublin on 5 8680 picking up that happened not bad at 17 minutes, dublin to fremont james all right. thank you robin. >>ners pro boler richard return to play for saturday's game at levi's stadium. he missed a game last with a hamstring injury. but yesterday he practiced as you can see there he was moving around fairly well it's not. there'sno official decision yet honest as for the game bierman says he expects to be ready to go against the
5:51 am
rams san francisco needs to win saturday's game in the final game against the seahawksto secure the number one seed. >>in the nfc. >>all right now the raiders yesteay yesterday storm force the team to move to their practice a facility indoors. th're visiting the los angeles chargers on sunday but they're going to be without starting running back josh jacobs, he has a shoulder injury pro bowl tackle trent brown is also out after being placed on injured reserve. the raiders ve lost 4 in a ro but they're still not completely out of the playoff hunt. we'll e if they can get a win now the warriors ste cannot wi >>they were planned the trail blazers in los worries kept it close. but oakland nati damian lillard too much for golden state scord 31points final score this one the warriors go down to the azers 22 to one >>there is just i courage just like looking at a way e warriors come back home tomorrow and they're ing to be hosting the new orleans
5:52 am
tonight. coming up in the 6 o'clock say fighting to stay in their homes we're going to havethe full story of whether being evic yep, it's 1850. colonel james, you're under arrest for drinking co- yep, ♪ s 1850.
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the this thursday morning getting closer to the weekend now and a look ahead at what we're seeing as far as an short of delays goes shows that. across the baarea this there morning think the graphics finally just caught up with me so there we go this is what was meaning to show you. berkeley here is lookingat some cloud cover that is sitting over the bay, it's just some low clouds not blocking out visibility for most areas today we do have some morning drizzle nice afternoon ahead of friday tomorrow similar day to today to kick off the weekend now lot of the going to be on the roads tomorrow, d it will be a good day to be doing just that as the rest of the weekend after that does start like saturday starts dry. but showers arre late on
5:56 am
saturday and then rain looking likely to continue into sunday and as showed you just a second ago no delays at sfo this morning or any of our other airports. sthat's great news. robin. >>all right, thank you john check in on the y bridge traffic, it's stacking up avier and heavi by the minutes of the folks are already sitting in traffic here on westbound 80 spilling back into the maze so now it officially spills over to the east shore freeway connector problems just some increasing numbers for t nimitz at 30 minutes to milpit and 6 8020 minutes for jayco todanville. >>ming uin the next hour a car crashes into a south bay siness will have a live report on what happened and there's new plans now for a homeless shelter the tenderln neighborhood of san francisco are upmore detai that in a live port. and president trump now the 3r prent in history tbe imachea breakdown owhat happens comingup next and
5:57 am
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thanks for waking up with us a thursday james fletcher well we've got john and robin which exiteather and traffic to start us off on the 06:00am hour how are the real drama off to a great start we haven't had any major issues but it'picking up so getting heavier and heavier i'll do a little bridge you see how that works so when the bar is so goal stajust for nearly the dayyeah that's what i'm talking about i set this up you don't have to do a i know that it's a little rainy out the was going to be or you knowhat we still got some drizzle this morning at a leftover turkey after thanksgiving as we compared to


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