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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 22, 2019 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 news at the 2nd half was a little bit bumpy. i would say. well the 1st half was pretty smooth. there are there is there is weather going through the across the country. >>now a day a day of delays at sfo were holiday travelers were forced to pack their patience as they fought off more than crowds. a storm system rolled in and made for a very soggy and slow start to the day. good evening and thank you for joining us tonight at 8 i'm justine waldman and i'm j r stone this morning's wet weather led to delays up in the air. >>we have team coverage on the travel troubles began with
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kron four's gayle ong who joins us live from sfo with an update on the situation there. gayle how's it looking delay, wise tonight at the airport. >>with jr and justine so far the boards are showing that all the flights are on time this evening, but there are so many delays for over an hour this morning as people rush to get home for the holidays. >>san francisco resident season to grado made the most of the travel setback as she waited for her brother and niece to arrive from chicago, there were lots of delays and so some of it was very useful, i got to go to costco right near the airport. and then it looked like it was coming long enough so i part to come in the soggy windy weather sunday morning caused hundreds of delays at san francisco international airport philip kelly felt the storm hit flight the 2nd half was a little bit bumpy. i would say. but the 1st half was pretty smooth. there are there is there is weather going through the across the country if you can sleep through thick sleep to take >>as i say what i have to if not that music else does.
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writing or everything was the music that usually helps me out. there were few canceled flights airport duty manager say 142,000 passengers are expected to fly in and out of sfo on the sunday before christmas christmas eve is expected to be busier just be that at this point many travelers happy to see their families before the holiday just bear with it you'll get through eventually. >>yeah except families get the flu now so we're going to stay hotel the state over in oakland passengers traveling during the holiday season are urged to arrived at the airport at least 2 hours early for domestic flights, 3 hours for international. >>libby child arrive to the airport 3 hours early for her fight to we aren't supposed to leave until 6 something that we decided to come early just in the event we had some trouble. >>and back here live you're looking at the united airlines
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boards or you can see again most fights here are on time which is good news for those traveling tonight and let's sling it over here over at security checkpoint you can see it is a manageable line tonight and there were 14 flights that were canceled today due to a mix of mechanical and weather related issues. but it's just always best to reach out to your carrier. before you head out the door we're live at sfo gayle ong kron 4 news. thank you so much gayle let's turn it over to our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez as she tracks the latest conditions for us right now him of recent high just saying hi gerri a very dry conditions and no delays for those of you heading out of sfo oakland or san jose airport so you're in luck tonight and rain summary we did wake up to quite a bit of rain this morning that was when the peak of the heaviest downpour started most of us got about half an inch of rain or less, but the winner, half moon bay more than an inch of rain within the last 12 hours in the rain summary outlook looking great, especially for
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those of you at santa rosa airport, 104% of average downtown san francisco near 70% of normal oakland airport, 50% of normal in livermore 31% of average so so far rain summary looking very similar to around this time last year and we are noticing very dry conditions out there right now in clearing skies and because of that a very cool air mass out there this evening where we could actually see temperatures drop to near freezing specifically for parts of the north bay but right now tracking widespread 40's and it's only going to get chillier tonight as you can see drying out monday into your tuesday, but rain could arrive as early as tuesday night. >>impacting your christmas day wednesday. i'm tracking the storm hour by hour as we take a look at your holiday week outlook in just a few minutes in my full forecast here in just back to you. >>thank you so much mabrisa on the peninsula, a man wanted for kidnapping and burglary has been caught. and is now behind bars pacifica police department responded to the
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1100 block of mensa need to drive for reported suspicious situation on friday morning. witnesses say 2 people got into a car and drove off. police believe one person was kidnapped at gunpoint officers were able to track down the car and both people involved 26 year-old ryan mcauliffe was arrested and has been charged with kidnapping burglary vandalism and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm the other person was unharmed and stolen property was recovered. >>in the east bay freemont police are applauding teamwork after they arrested several suspects in connection to several home burglaries these here are photos of the suspects as they kicked in the front door at a home in pleasanton that happened back on september 11th. the photos were posted on the nextdoor app and pleasanton police then reached out to neighboring departments to see if there is anything else going on that on halloween fremont police noticed a similar crime spree in their area. and then 3
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juveniles were arrested for the crimes fremont police says this highlights the value of partnership in public safety. happening tomorrow, the sonoma county board of supervisors will decide how to handle the growing problem of homeless encampments in santa rosa, there is a large encampment near highway 12 right on the joe ridout a trail. it is believed to be the largest encampment. one idea being proposed is turning part of the sonoma county fairground into a temporary homeless shelter. if the supervisors move quickly. the fairground sheeter could be up and by the end of this month. the meeting will be held tomorrow morning at the board of supervisors building. >>hidden card skimmers during the holiday season state and county officials expect to see increased credit card skimmers at the gas pump. most recently in moraine county inspector found this illegal credit card skimming device. at a san
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anselmo gas station. it was found at the gas and shop on sir francis drake boulevard kron four's tell the psac ii shares more details and how to protect yourself from becoming a victim. >>he's stealing your credit and debit card information through hidden devices at the gas pumps, terrible. i mean that's the people become vulnerable. >>and i believe it because i've seen all kinds of carter's in this station first recently. >>in marine county inspector found an illegal credit card skimmer at this and sell gas and shop on sir francis drake i think i have seen science to that effect before so i wouldn't be too surprised the illegal devices one of 286 gas skimmers found and confiscated a statewide sweep. >>this year skimmers are used to gain access to unsuspecting customers credit and debit card numbers is and zip codes and corn up to the pump
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experts advise drivers to use credit cards instead of debit cards. also take a close look at the pump is comes closest to the clerk window and pay inside with cash or card to shine a chip. >>spread my credit card around 2 this late in the best advice was paid in summer should alsd be aware of card skimmers while shopping this is a small place well let's talk targets and some of the places. >>too many of them in we're all vulnerable and those people are really evil because. >>i'm not technically advanced i'm not technically advanced such a thing that somebody will take advantage of >>a terrible thing in san anselmo taylor is at kron 4 news. and speaking of gas, the average price of regular-grade gas is actually dipped down $0.4 per gallon. the national average is now sitting at $2. >>and $0.61 but prices at the pump will likely not continue
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to go down so enjoy it while you can the average price in san francisco right now according to aaa is about $3 and $0.69 a gallon that's for regular. this is a little bit. higher than it was just a year ago. >>well tonight is the first night of hanukkah a happy hanukkah to you a day when jewish people around the world. light the first candle on the menorah. the eight-day celebration commemorates the 8 days and nights the maccabees kept their menorah lit. despite only having one night's worth of oil. there are a menorah lightings across the bay area today and will continue for the rest of the week you can find more hanukkah events happening across the bay area on our website kron 4 dot com. >>coming up at 8.30 a blind woman say she was robbed on farc what she's saying about it and how her family and
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friends are coming together to help out we'll have the story. >>and a scary sight at los angeles international airport puts a halt on holiday travel will be no but the buses that went up in flames. even though they didn't hurt anyone. plus if you're planning a tahoe for the holidays, this picture, perfect view is a good way to get started. >>details on the conditions that you can expect. >>kron four's end of the year spectacular is back to join us new year's eve starting at 08:00pm with our countdown to new year's eve live from las vegas and enjoy need grant lotus and need justine waldman starting at 1130 new year's live from san francisco as we bring in 2020 with fireworks over the very building but we're not done wake of new year's morning with the tournament of roses parade live from pasadena our coverage starts at 06:00am with backstage at the parade then see all the pageantry of the 131st rose parade live
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♪ nev♪ wish i was at jack, right their burgers are great. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 white cheddar cheeseburger combo. ♪ only at jack in the box! ♪ >>welcome back to kron 4 news today, one of the busiest travel weeks of the year is upon us right now and with that a wide variety of weather conditions from coast to coast you can see. so that right here. melissa rainy shows us how it's impacting travel plans. >>millions of americans are expected to hit the roads and
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the skies ahead of christmas this week. but in parts of the u s heavy rain damaging winds, snow and freezing temperatures could cause travel headaches. in virginia fog and icy conditions are believed to have caused a massive pileup on interstate 64 sunday morning. all lanes in both directions were closed as crews cleared at least 35 vehicles from the roadway on the west coast days of rain have drenched parts of oregon and washington state. the heavy rain has pushed into the valleys of california also bringing snow to higher elevations in the sierra mountains down south a storm system churning in the gulf of mexico is bringing heavy rain and gusty winds. in alabama and georgia wind gusts could top 30 miles per hour more than 10 million people are under flood watches across georgia and south carolina forecasters warn 2 to 5 inches of rainfall are possible some areas could see as many as 8 inches of rain. the possibility of severe storms in the southern tip of florida is raising concerns. damaging winds and isolated tornadoes
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are the primary threat but that system is expected to move out of the southeast by christmas eve. weather will be mild and dry on christmas day in the central us the northeast and southeast. i'm melissa rainy, reporting. >>now take a look at this that's happening in tahoe squaw valley alpine meadows posted this beautiful picture today a picture perfect site from one of the ski lifts the call that beautiful snow up and do you wish we were out there maybe night scheme to. >>get hot cocoa maybe ted yes, not that parts fun as well and help my out right right. i don't see many people there and yet there is one of handful of fun holiday activities planned for families this week this morning. >>winds in the top triple digits, justine there was plenty of good snow to make use but if you're heading up to the mountain for the holidays. officials have been issuing words of warning make sure to check road closures and conditions first with a chance to speak with alex speed house key from squaw
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valley alpine meadows about today's conditions and what to expect if you're tom hogue bound. you can hear how windy. it was says she spoke with us take a listen. >>topping out over a 100 miles an hour this morning so. >>a lot of the live. so when the cold but people are making the most out of behind me there's a lot of people out there start to the there was really no snow this morning around 10 o'clock is really started firing up here the last lot of his ability to this pretty fast pretty hard got about 2 inches down here is that these about 5 meadows said it's just that it's lightened up a little bit but still flurries still have to keep an eye on it as the day goes on pretty full let's picked up definitely around so it's not snow, it's very light
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and very lower right taking off across a circuit to help like yeah so now we're kind of into the previous weekend going into this week is colder slight are still packing that's actually call it right side up snowpack so you want to have your stuff on the bottom of the lighter somebody top and not right heal and stable snow conditions up in this so we're looking forward to say a little bit colder this week, i'm chance for you know just things like every day this weekend and we'll see what january brings us. >>for those winds right there and sometimes when it gets that windy out to have closed. some of the left as well well to catch the rest of that interview be sure to download our kron on app it is streaming 24 7. theresa. >>thanks to cnn, jr yeah, it's still looking like a winter wonderland out there right now in the sierra as you can see snow showers continue,
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especially along the western slopes and also for those of you at south lake tahoe stormtracker 4 tracking those bands of snow showers right now as i speak so that's why they're currently under winter weather advisory right now through 10 o'clock tonight. that's when it's set to expire and let's take a look at snow totals with this system specifically for south lake tahoe you can easily pick up 2 to 6 inches of fresh powder at elevations above 7,000 feet 5 to 10 inches of snow in the sierra crest more than a foot of snow heading your way and those snow showers are going to continue even through monday drier conditions on tuesday for your full sierra forecast and then by wednesday on christmas day we are going to notice the return of snow showers by christmas evening as another storm system makes its way to the sea air and speaking of storms a very wet and soggy start, especially for those of you commuting along the golden gate bridge this morning, thanks to the storm system that has now exited the bay area bring us drier conditions right now as we take a live look outside at golden gate bridge and
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temperatures already starting to dip in the double digits because we are noticing widespread cooling things of that lack of blanket a storm cloud cover temperatures will dip into the upper 30's and low 40's for most of the bay area but even colder for parts of the north bay specifically santa rosa, you're freezing temperatures. there are 34 degrees and napa not that far behind 37 degrees and livermore as well in the upper 30's and let's take a look at your microclimate monday forecast we are going to wake up and end the day with plenty of sunshine mild so very similar from today's daytime highs into tomorrow as well in the mid 50's so at or slightly below normal half moon bay also warming up into the mid 50's south san francisco and even know break 54 degrees for your monday afternoon highs, some breezy winds from time to time but overall 20 miles per hour less san mateo 54 degrees little bit cooler for those of you in palo alto in the low 50's and in the south bay, san jose 57 degrees santa clara 53
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degrees as his milpitas let's head on over into the east bay livermore 54 degrees hayward 56 along the east bay shoreline 53 degrees for those of you in berkeley low 50's for enda and conquered 56 degrees for your monday afternoon highs napa 54 degrees in santa rosa, 57 degrees. let's take a look at the full 7 day outlook because we're going to see rain return as another storm arrives to the bay area tuesday night through wednesday and right now rain totals look to be very similar to this storm system that just exited so expect about 3 quarters of an inch of rain or less drying out on thursday and friday and for most of this upcoming weekend. but there is a slight chance of possible showers returning to the bay area a week from today but overall looking like a much drier outlook but for your christmas day expect to see widespread light to moderate rain all day long back to you just in a jar. thank you so much, here's what's ahead tonight at 8 right during the holiday travel rush buses catch on fire at l a x how this
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impacted flights. >>plus officials call a certain candle dangerous tonight hallmark is pulling the plug. mike bloomberg's never been afraid of tough fights, the ones that make a true difference in people's lives. and mike's won them, which is important right this minute, because if he could beat america's biggest gun lobby, helping pass background check laws and defeat nra backed politicians across this country, beat big coal, helping shut down hundreds of polluting plants and beat big tobacco, helping pass laws to save the next generation from addiction. all against big odds you can beat him. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news at a for your money tonight, nearly 16,000 pounds of frozen beef patties have been recalled because they may contain. plastic the us department of agriculture's food safety and inspection
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service issued the recall the ready to eat products from cincinnati based can score foods which is owned by tyson foods. the products were not sold in retail stores but distributed from an iowa warehouse to institutions, including schools. it said the recall was issued after a food service establishment complained that it found soft green plastic in a patty. there have been no reports of any injuries. >>candle concerns forcing hallmark to recall more than 4,000 scented candles according to the consumer products safety commission, the ball some soy blend jar candles are dangerous. when the candles are lit the glass jars can break causing possible cuts and fire hazards, no injuries have been reported that homework has received reports of glass jars breaking resulting in fire damaged 2 items that are nearby consumers should immediately stop using these candles and return them to the store where they were purchased for a full refund
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and a $10 gift card. >>next on kron 4 news at 8 if you've been on the roads in san francisco, you know it can be dangerous. we'll tell you the top 10 accident prone streets. >>and a shark rescue caught on camera we will tell you how the victim is doing after a pretty bad fight. >>and a heartbreaking story of a blind woman having her phone stolen. well a live report i know what you're thinking.
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>>and going on by now. because you know i didn't feel like i was protected. >>one woman sharing her heartbreaking story us tonight and family and friends of hers are rallying to help this blind woman who says she was robbed while she was writing bart. the woman says an unknown man targeted her and stole her iphone at that. well street oakland station it happened on thursday afternoon traumatized by this experience. she's now getting help with paying for other ways. >>other than bart kron four's dan thorn is live in union city tonight with details dan. >>a 30 year-old sammy redberg may be blind but she's competent and independent. she also likes getting around. however recent experience on bart has her feeling unsafe about the transit system. >>very going on by now.
8:29 pm
because you know i didn't feel like i was redberg says someone yanked her iphone 11 out of her hands at the 12th street station in oakland thursday afternoon. >>unable to see the suspect she felt helpless i'm just saying there with the headphones in my hand and i stood up in. >>screamed help me please help me someone please help me help me on red birds says she was helped by people at the station but didn't get much help or respect from bart police already feeling violated redberg couldn't understand their lack of compassion. causes me to have a lot of here now. moving my mike. confidence in in in my independent. >>that fear is keeping redberg off of bart at least for now she'll be using ride sharing services like uber and lyft to get around but those rides can be costly friends and family
8:30 pm
are now coming together to help with those expenses a go fund me page has raised thousands of dollars online and she also got a replacement for her stolen iphone words can't even say how much >>redberg tells me that she did get a visit from bart police at her home and they apologized for how this case was initially handled that they did reassure her the investigation is going on. >>red bird says that she believes that more crimes like these could be prevented if there were simply more bart police officers on the trains reporting live in union city dan thorn kron 4 news. thank you so much dan also in the east bay tonight, an 80 year-old man with dementia who was missing has been found william finley was reported missing from concord last night but this morning. >>he was found in antioch and then went to the hospital as a precaution. his jockey lie who was also with him is also doing okay. >>the south bay, a suspicious
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death investigation is underway in milpitas in one neighborhood in milpitas just before midnight on friday, a man was shot and killed inside and alameda avenue home. neighbors say young group of adults rent the home and that sometimes they can get loud. there are aren't aware of any parties there though they say what happened is unusual for the area is kind of weird for his neighborhood >>house has been a known to the neighborhood was it was so some police activity os about 3, 4 months ago 6 months ago, i believe. >>at this point police are calling it a suspicious death investigation. and i'm not shared any other information. >>driving in san francisco can be rather trying between scooters bikes, bad drivers construction zones and pedestrians. one insurance company here in the city has made up a list of the most dangerous streets in san francisco and earlier today we
8:32 pm
talked with a representative from metro mile about the top 10 accident hot spots in the city. plus why all of these hot spots are conveniently right near grocery stores. what you can check. >>actually very specific to san francisco a lot of our cursory stores are very close by to kind of major shopping intersections or they have fairly compact parking wants and so if you think about the typical driving behavior in a parking lot. you know you're circling around to find a spot. a lot of us are actually parking in an unsafe way something as simple as taking a one 80 degree a lock rather than just focusing on your rearview your car has a rear view mirror camera please take advantage of that technology opie's lot safer. and second
8:33 pm
if you can actually a reverse ensure sparking spy when you actually get out you'll have a lot greater visibility. >>and you can check out the entire interview and a lot more on the kron on app download it right now on the app store, so you can do watch on your smartphone fire tv are also roku. >>in southern california a surfer has quite the story to tell after surviving a shark strike. coast guard says the 37 year-old was bitten by a shark off the santa barbara coast saturday afternoon. this is rescue video the coast guard posted to twitter a friend aboard a nearby boat actually applied that is a tourniquet to the victims lag until help arrived when rescue crews got there they lifted the man up and flown to a nearby airport for treatment he is in stable condition. >>the los angeles fire department getting into a big firefight at l a x because 3
8:34 pm
unoccupied passenger buses went up in flames last night you can see that fire fight right there and the amount of effort that firefighters had to put in to put those buses out so what happened was just after 9 o'clock emergency responders raced to the fired it took crews about an hour to put out the flames. thankfully, no one was on board any the buses at the time of the fire and there were no injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>the carnival cruise ship damaged in the collision with another carnival vessel is now back to its home port in new orleans carnival glory hit the carnival legend which already docked in cars and all mexico. 6 passengers were injured in the friday accident. passengers on the legends an announcement blamed currents for the crash. a similar announcement on the glory reportedly said high winds contributed as a result of the crash. the cruise line provided passengers with a $100 per room credit.
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>>tonight a san francisco restaurant boasts a michelin star and a decade of staying power ahead in dine and dish the king live after this will take us inside. and tracking dry and mild conditions out there right now but overnight lows will dip to chilly temperatures more coming up in your full forecast and i'm timing our christmas storm hour by hour after the break. >>and 500 oakland families got a special surprise from a local athlete and his wife. can you guess who this is
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>>more than 500 oakland families got an early christmas surprise from the currys stephanie should dressed up as the grinch in cindy lou during the eat learn play foundations, winter wonderland event yesterday. yeah that's them right there. it was held at the fox theater in oakland and families got to make ornaments take family portraits to some cookie decorating and they also went home with a complete meal kit that included turkey with all the fixins as well as toys books and games. eat learn play was founded by the currys and it aims to revive local families with tool so they can learn about holistic wellness and also creates environments for safe play. >>to do it here in oakland, a obviously have fun with it. so many kids out of snow. the grants isn't city lou. we always wanted to do prosthetics just us is just but to spread a little holiday
8:39 pm
cheer. this event every year is just magical too. >>so it took them 3 hours to get another prosthetics for them to be able to turn into these characters and about 2000 people attended the event so great right, wow he looks just like jim carrey from the movie. >>well happening tomorrow bay area families in need will be getting some special help for the holiday season, 6200 children will be receiving books and stocking stuffers from sacred heart it will take place at 1381 south first street in san jose. the goal is to distribute more than 18,000 toys for the holidays, sacred heart is partnering with bank of america and a team of volunteers to make this toy room dream a reality sacred heart has been hosting this annual tradition since 1964 now if you are interested in helping. there are ships available on christmas eve. or
8:40 pm
you can donate new unwrapped toys monday or tuesday. >>for news to hand implants. we will tell you why this man wanted electronic implants inside
8:41 pm
8:42 pm
>>inmates at san quentin were treated to a song and dance by a local story teller for the holidays, the artist says he wanted to bring light to a
8:43 pm
place where men are often forgot here's joe or rock in an interview with kron four's else i come on in. >>when people hear san quentin inmates a picture some bad guys have done really terrible things have been imprisoned so why are you one of actually several artists who chose to pay them a visit and bring them the gift of song and dance well i just think that they might have done something wrong. a lot of them have. >>and i just think there is. >>people do change and transform and what i heard from a lot of the. >>the inmate said that. some of them took 15 to 20 years to inside the prison to finally realized that the way they were dealing with light wasn't working and he has to. come to grips with himself through an internal investigation and people that did come to see us a lot of them have that but listen to them. 2 story of it too. so quite what we thought
8:44 pm
maybe when we to get our common ground and. i just think. there's hope for any work and so they were receptive and i think everyone needs a second chance. >>7 alright wants to make this a recurring workshop at the prison you can check out the entire interview and much more on the kron on app download it in the app store, so you can watch on your smartphone fire tv. >>or rocha and check this out a utah man has put some technology underneath his skin. it lets them unlock his tesla would just a wave of his hand and that's not all that he can do with for chips that are inside of his hands. jordan hogan has the story. >>then workman is one of the few people around the world who are turning to cybernetic implants simply speaking the different kinds of computer chips that let you do different things with his
8:45 pm
walkman can unlock his car. doors at work. log on and off of his computer. and share contact information using the same tactics used to apple pay and android pay you may be wondering what inspired someone to do something like this a workman it's pretty simple in all reality it experimentation curiosity the process to get the chips into work in his hands wasn't as simple as his motivation though on the first to actually didn't have a new one i tried going to the veterinarian to the doctor to a piercing studio. >>working ended up getting a family member to do it for him to get them in the coming syringes that you just play some of the the tags out. except that as the key to test the key for quite a bit a work said ben managed to convince a piercing studio to help him that they went too keen on the idea that fast with a piercing city was interesting when i think you that they would be fined of it. but they took one look at the thing i had in my
8:46 pm
hands and they said me welcoming also has a magnet in his left hand is literally just a magnet didn't really have any interesting functionality besides just magic tricks and fun stuff trying to get some of that man is the key and i held up in an up and the door with its practical jokes or practicality workman says he's excited to see what he'll be able to do next. >>okay that was joe jordan hogan reporting ben says that he wants to put a chip in his hand that lets them pay for things so we can go without a credit card or a phone. >>2020 right, i one where the health health impacts of that know us take a live look outside beautiful san francisco tonight. >>the quiet before the holiday rush of this week, let's check in with our meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez because there is rain coming for christmas. yes, we are going to notice a drying trend not just for the rest of tonight, but also for most of our tuesday stormtracker 4
8:47 pm
tracking a very dry and clear air mass out there this evening and future cast is going to show very dry conditions for your monday mostly sunny skies, but then by tuesday we are going to notice an increase in that blanket of storm cloud cover as our next storm system is set to arrive by tuesday night and it is going to be an overnight rain event as it starts to make its way into the bay area starting very early wednesday morning with light bands of rain and then by wednesday afternoon scattered showers expected for the christmas day holiday but by wednesday night we are going to notice drier conditions meant cooler temperatures and clear skies as well as the storm exits let's take a look at rain totals with this storm because not looking too impressive. we are noticing that it is starting to dry out as i speak so any rain totals that we do see will be about half an inch of rain or less according to this latest model run, but speaking of storms we did wake up to beautiful rainbow this morning as this morning storm exited the bay area beautiful shot taken out of cupertino so
8:48 pm
thank you so much for that great viewer picture daytime highs today clearing out very nicely and temperatures rebounding to write about where we should be for this time of year mid to upper 50's for afternoon highs but already starting to notice a plunging temperatures because of that lack a blanket of cloud cover clear skies right now. >>and the east bay over berkeley oakland 47 degrees downtown san francisco. the warmest location in the low 50's but everyone else already starting to cool down into the 40's with widespread 30's, not just for those of you in the north bay, but also our interior valleys of the east bay and south bay as well so near freezing temperatures expected for those of you in santa rosa and napa 37 degrees, nevada 38 in san jose 39 degrees for your overnight low. so let's take a look at your wake-up planner for your monday, plenty of sunshine to start and then the day but temperatures will be chilly even by midmorning waking up in our inland areas with temperatures still in the upper 30's so make sure to grab that thicker coat, but overall we are going to be
8:49 pm
right about average for this time of year widespread mid to upper 50's for afternoon highs in tomorrow's daytime highs very similar to today downtown san francisco 54 degrees oakland 55 in san jose 57 degrees to start out your monday and you can see the overall widespread numbers very uniform, 54 degrees for napa even hayward 56 degrees in mount view in redwood city also in the mid-fifties and let's take a look ahead at your full 7 day outlook because after christmas we are going to notice warmer temperatures as we round out the work week and also plenty of sunshine. holding steady so it is going to be a very dry weather pattern but we could see the return of possible showers by sunday a week from today but overall a drier outlook compared to this past week we just storm after storm making its way into the bay area but we will notice the return of rain on christmas day. but it is looking to be more scattered showers and a widespread rain event than what we had this morning. so that's the good news right
8:50 pm
there just think back to you thank you so much for a solo trendy restaurants can come and go, but there are some. >>with some real staying power tonight on dine and dish begin with the aca's takes us to a cozy also michelin-starred spot in san francisco that's called francis that is also celebrating decades of deliciousness. >>france is hardly a show in place but it's getting spruced up for a big birthday 10 years of serving up michelin-star food to the stokes beyond belief tell me how what is your secret to longevity fresh, i wish i had the answer to that. >>melissa perello is the renowned chef is bringing in other women chefs like today's yard and to make magic back in the tiny kitchen, really great to come out and i also like this chef like melissa who's done so much in the community has so much impact in so.
8:51 pm
embracing us are up do the best to celebrate the successes tracy you're along with chef april bloomfield are whipping up tonight's meal that black cod with absolutely one in a series of benefit charities like a scene out food banks and world central kitchen among others not only to celebrate our 10th anniversary but a great excuse to cook for her amazing female chefs and worries money for some fantastic charities. decided to include the bevy of all female guest chefs in somali a's because why they're just france's skilner series is open to diners from all over the bay area. everywhere e. >>and you can submit your favorite restaurant bar cafe, even a food truck to dine and dish just send an e-mail to dine and dish at kron 4 dot com. >>time
8:52 pm
>>heading into today the raiders needed 10 things to happen between week 16 in week 17 in order to make the playoffs. well. after today, they are halfway there and it all started with a win in los angeles the raiders beat the chargers 24 to 17 in front of a very pro raiders crowd in los angeles, car had a huge day 291 passing yards and a passing and rushing touchdown. the chargers ran for a 146 yards on 30 carries in the fitst matchup against the raiders today, the raiders run defense showed up only 19 yards on 16 carries now open looks for to their week 17 matchup against denver. they need to win they need the steelers to lose to the ravens need to tie to lose to the texans and they need the colts to beat the jags so a lot needs to happen is still but like lloyd christmas said you're saying there's a chance. we'll break it all down tonight on sports night live with j r stone and myself
8:53 pm
but an exciting day for raiders fans and cars will be breaking down the niners victory on saturday night on sports night live so good weekend for the bay area football teams last weekend it was awful. >>yeah, one tear well one t i mean we're talking about the niners being a possible top seed in the playoffs and then the raiders still in with a chance to get i mean this is exciting stuff right exactly so what a difference a week makes can't wait to thank you so much we'll see you at ahead tonight on kron 4 news today. >>winter is here we will take you to google in for a ceremony that has been happening for thousands of years to mark the beginning of there are those who will say that you're:
8:54 pm
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>>welcome back to kron 4 news a crowd of people gathered at stonehenge in england today to celebrate the winter solstice for people in the northern hemisphere that means the sun is at its lowest point in the sky. it's also the shortest day of the year and the longest night. many consider the ancient prehistoric site to be a sacred area. it's believed that is a yearly cycle is what inspired neolithic people to construct stonehenge in a line it. the movements of the side. >>pretty cool now happy winter solstice to everyone happy hanukkah happy hanukkah merry christmas to everybody i mean a busy week we've got going yet busy week fortunately, no major travel delays tonight at last check out of a cell phone
8:57 pm
our local airports in oakland and even san jose but wake-up planner forecast is going to show the drying trend continuing mostly sunny skies, but mild temperatures right about where we should be for this time of year mid to upper 50's and also dry weather for monday and even our tuesday as well even with that increase in that cloud cover we are going to be fairly dry for most of our christmas eve. but then christmas day we will notice scattered light showers so it is going to be lighter than this last storm that just passed. >>you know its next what you're excited about i know it's sports night live. >>we see in 2 minutes. payment, sent off.
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"this is kron 4's sports night live." things were looking real bleak in raidernation last week.....but after a win today in los angeles....coupled with a steelers and titans loss, playoffs....could be back on the minds of


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