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tv   KRON 4 News at 5  KRON  December 23, 2019 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>>but 5 were hearing from east bay market owner who shot and killed the robber attacking him in his bay point store at first, i thought it was just some of plane or a joke. realize that it was not her real why he says instincts took over during the scariest moment of his life plus face with an out of control homeless population sonoma county supervisors are taking action other spending millions of dollars to fix the problem and alameda county unanimously votes to sell the coliseum to the oakland a's. what the vote means for the team and the city of oakland kron 4 news at 5 starts right now. a local news now at 5 we are following
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breaking news in the death investigation of clayton best 3rd he is the younger brother of 49 ers quarterback c j that 3rd thanks for joining us tonight at 5 o'clock everybody. >>i'm grant lotus and on vicki liviakis clayton beth 3rd was killed early saturday morning. >>after he and 2 other men were stabbed outside a nashville bar police say that beth 3rd and several others got into a an argument over a woman at the dogwood bar kron four's michelle kingston is reporting live for us tonight in our newsroom. michelle what's the latest here. >>well right now we know that michael mostly is the person that they're looking for police say they have not been able to find him. but right now he is the focus of their investigation. >>and this investigation is very much continuing just because the warrants are being issued tonight against mostly does not mean that it's over and there's still a lot of
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work to do. >>now we'll have a lot more information coming up for you tonight at 6, but we do know that mostly does have a criminal history and police are also looking into that back to you guys, i'm michelle kingston live for us tonight. thank you michelle. >>another big story we're following tonight an armed robbery here at a little market in bay point turns deadly when the store clerk. >>fights back yet right behind us here is that a surveillance video the incident. >>and you can see the robber pistol whipping the clerk in the head kron sarah stinson spoke with the store's owner about what he says was the scariest moment of his life. >>the employee who shot and killed the armed robber here at cannes market says this is the scariest thing he's ever been through and he's an air force veteran this car just curious at first, i thought it was just some of plane or a realize that it was actually real the armed robbery happened at 11 sunday night
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here at kim's market on port chicago highway in bay point you can see in the security footage a man hopped over the counter and told the employee give me everything you can see he starts to grab the money from the cash register and pistol with employee several times and throws him to the ground in continues to try and steal the money he then told the employee to stay on the ground he started putting money in a box that he found next to the cash register. that's when the employee realized he had a moment to react he grabbed the gun in the drawer by the register quickly i knew that we had it on hand and. >>you know nancy just kicked and just grab it with my free arm. >>we can see a struggle between both of them occurring the employee got his swift several times again that is when the employee shot the robber the man ran outside of the store and died from his gunshot wound outside on the sidewalk by the store, the owner of the store says another person was involved in the robbery but got away. the
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owner says unfortunately this is not the first time this has happened so they have this sign hanging above the counter that reads no trespassing violators will be shot survivors will be shot again and the owner says he means it. >>yes a strong message the protect our territory and when these people come in they think we're >>and so sheriff's investigators here at the store collecting evidence and statements from people who may have witnessed the armed robbery go down, but they still haven't reach back out to us with more information or any statement about what happened so stay tuned as we continue to follow this developing story in bay point sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>all right time now to talk to about the forecast and it was a nice day winter day crisp clean air out there really chilly a chief meteorologist lawrence karnow here to talk about what we can look forward to the rest of the evening, they have more
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going to get cold out there tonight we are going to likely see some patchy frost elise and some of as we could even see a little bit inside the bay that is how cold it is going to be outside looking towards san jose right now you've got nice clear skies there we will see a couple of clouds float on through overnight tonight but otherwise, yeah got the cold air already in place and it is going to get chilly big time storm spinning off the coastline of fact you see to home you see one front. i'm not too far away and then another swirl of clouds behind that that's a secondary storm that is going to get closer i think most of that is going to miss us and actually had in the southern california. so. yeah here we go i know a lot of folks traveling and there you gone, 7 northwest still some scattered showers continuing there but things have eased off just a little bit but yeah they're around the bay area, the al we have some more storm clouds moving on through in southern california. we have more rain drops and look at that the snow continuing to fall across the high country to up there looking good there's of fresh powder and there is more on the way. but here we go we're going to see another storm
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system all the way so you want to time it out if you are headed to the high country one storms rolled out of southern california tomorrow doesn't look bad on christmas eve, maybe a couple pop-up showers over the coastal ranges but that's about it and then as we get in toward tomorrow night right once and is common there you go a chance of rain. it looks like it will be coming down very heavily right around the midnight hour guys that's the latest back to you. all right, thank you lauren to if you plan to take part during this holiday week the train schedule is a little bit different all lines will be running on. >>a normal weekday service today. tomorrow tuesday as well as thursday and friday, however barr will reduce some of the trains on the klein and on christmas wednesday, the trains will run on a sunday service schedule this will start at around 8 in the morning. the alameda county supervisors voted today to sell their half of the oakland coliseum site to the a's for 85 million bucks kron four's maureen kelly was there as the vote took place and. >>she has the latest now on what this means for the team's
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future. >>5 guys congratulations. the great city of oakland calling it a historic vote. the board unanimously agreed to get out of the sports business and sell their stake in the coliseum parcel to the oakland a's many of the supervisors saying a big part of their motivation is to keep the city's last remaining major league sports team from leaving town 2 teams have already left and we really look for the fan base is very enthusiastic about it. >>creates jobs creates excitement. keeps oakland on the map the a's want to develop the piece of property into a mixed use development, including affordable housing parks office and retail space. >>this would fund the team's construction of a new waterfront stadium at howard terminal. it was pointed out that the coliseum site can also be a backup location for a new ballpark if that doesn't work out and there is a lot of push back on the idea from businesses at the port of oakland who fear it could get in the way of their operations there was some public comment
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at the special meeting worrying that the construction of a new ballpark might spur more displacement of the african american community we really think about selling public land we need to be concerned about those individuals that are currently in this city and how it will affect whether they were able to remain in the city, the team's president says the a's are committed to oakland and its residents are project can actually be a catalyst to provide on really solutions because if nothing happens we know that this displacement will continue. >>the media project of this scale with this size with all its resources can actually provide the resources on to ensure that those communities are protected today's vote comes after months of fighting with the city of oakland which filed suit against the county to try and keep them from selling their portion of the land a suit which was later dropped. >>well, today's deal was called a christmas present 14 supporters the a's president says his new year's resolution involves beginning negotiations to buy the city of oakland's share of the site
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in the next few months, but he also says the team would be just as happy going forward as joint owners of the property maureen kelly kron 4 news and out of the north bay faced with an out of control homeless crisis sonoma county supervisors have agreed to earmark millions of dollars to provide housing and supportive services for those. >>with no roof of the day head kron four's dan kerman been following this story is live for us tonight in santa rosa. >>so dan elaborate on this new plan. that's right. it's a big chunk of change almost 11 and a half million dollars. but the timeline is really tight. >>well for permanent housing and for sheltering they have very little time to get this going. >>faced with an unsafe an out of control homeless problem along that show rideau to trail sonoma county supervisors have agreed to spend a living and a half million dollars to shelter and provide supportive services for the homeless we're in a public health that trail is not for sheltering people
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there and our goal is to provide the resources and the supports to get them in a more stable environment where we can help support. >>their medical needs the public health risks that are associated with what's happening on the trail. the plan calls for buying and leasing 6 multi bedroom homes within a 100 days to provide permanent housing for 60 people. >>in addition indoor outdoor shelters will be created at 2 yet to be determined locations to house another 80 people that should be completed in 2 to 6 months. if we find the appropriate site. >>you know we can in the an initial phases where folks are able to bring their teens or we can i have structures some of the information we've gotten from stakeholders in volunteers. it's been great information about the types of resources that could be quickly stood up tiny and things of that nature so we're confident that we can move rather quickly to address the issue once those indoor outdoor shelters are open people would be moved off the
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trail until that happens the area will be cleaned up we are bringing additional by the end of this week so additional hand washing stations bathrooms security to help support and provide security resources to individuals that are residing on the trail. needle disposal, a band. >>we also tell you as far as where supportive says shelters will be located everything is on the table including the fairgrounds which has been mentioned before but talk about housing people in the stables that is off the table. now once they settle on 2 locations that will have to go back before the board of supervisors for a vote live in santa rosa dan kerman kron 4 news. >>thank you dan coming up. new laws will take a look at what will be changing in california in 2020 and a temporary plan to help house california's growing homeless population, the tactics different parts of the state are using to tackle
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>>i welcome back time now to talk a little football we're entering the final week of the regular season and both the niners to the raiders are playing for some pretty secure its stakes are double he the you think about 4 weeks ago, you wouldn't thought the raiders will be here but the silver and black in their last season in oakland find themselves in the playoff conversation it could happen 49 ers might be seeing an old friend to when they head to seattle mark carpenter joins us now get to the raiders though. >>first i woke up today and heard that marshawn lynch oakland zone, pay back with seattle is like what is going on we can talk about all of this for the next 5 i do to our ideas because seeing how this new cycle has developed over the last 24 hours or right. >>and how appropriate right that marshawn would be back in this game now 4849
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ers-seahawks sunday in seattle and niners when it gives them the division and the top seed. it's great to have this rivalry matter again, and it's only appropriate one of the central figures could be making a return over the weekend seattle lost 2 of its starting running back so the desperate hawks are exploring a reunion with marshawn lynch the 32 year-old oakland native was thought to be retired, but he never officially filed the papers and is free to sign with any team. he was expected to take a physical this morning, according to head coach pete carroll, there's a quote really good chance he will come back and play this weekend of the 5 time pro bowler has a storied history with the hawks leading them to 2 super bowls winning one of them they could have won a second one, but that's a touchy subject to 40 niners fans know him very well through all of their showdowns and as of now there is no news of an official signing but they did sign robert chosen so we'll see what happens on the lynch front, a switch in the conversation over the raiders whose playoff chances still have life a lot needed to
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happen sunday for open to remain in the postseason conversation and all of them dead, including a raiders win and losses from the panthers steelers titans and browns and heading into this weekend there needs to be another perfect confluence of events but they are in the mix and jon gruden welcomes the opportunity. can control. >>what's going on you know we lot of young players playing we've been from the beginning we're going to try uses as opportunity unleash isaiah johnson a little bit. hopefully can continue to develop our our roster in our team and try to win games and if we get some help they'll be great that would be awesome so here's the road map of the help the raiders need first off they need to win sunday against denver at denver combined. >>with losses from the steelers against the ravens titans who are playing the texans the colts need to beat the jaguars and a win from either the chargers and new england, chicago or detroit. and how about this wrinkle friend to keep this makes us
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really exciting most of these games will all be happening at the same time right so there's no school building watching earlier in the day. ok it's screen tv with divided up or how do you do that. this is a key red zone today are because there's going to be so much going on is going to be really chaotic. >>you know anybody with a bunch it's taking that with the raiders the fact that they lost 4 straight all right they have that disappointing exit from the coliseum in oakland in here they are a chance to make the postseason that's the craziest they could be playing in new england against the patriots if they make it yes so how it's kind of shaping out right now is so you got the ravens at the top seed in the afc, no matter what happens they're going to be resting guys on the chiefs are going to be you know they're poised to take the 2 seed new england at the 3 spots so if it worked out where the raiders got into the playoffs. game one at foxborough against the defending champion. so congratulations what it would be like roller coaster of
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emotions not seahawks in prime time sunday night they wait a queue mark carpenter, all right well we want to take a look outside right now as we check on the 4 zone forecast. >>bring in the biggest raiders fan we know, chief meteorologist lawrence days are getting longer after the salsa saturday, but there's a storm number one there's a right in time for saying that would you know what i'm exceptionally good this year and so i would want to miss the best plans but yeah, i mean it's going to get cold out there tonight right now it is mostly clear with the golden gate bridge and a beautiful out there tonight looks like it is going to change just a little bit we'll see a couple clouds floating in little bit later on that storm clouds yeah they are swirling around in southern california, how about that headed to los angeles and the clouds going start to move out, but they're still seeing some rain and you can even see some snow san bernardino mountain range there snow. >>a continuing up over this year that as well the bay area now looking dry and that's why it's going to stay for tonight, but the cold air is in place of these temperatures going to get chilly so overnight tonight, partly
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cloudy skies. a cold but some patchy valley frost you get into parts of the northeast bay, maybe even a side debate tonight we could see a couple patches of frost increasing clouds tomorrow, then a chance of rain coming late. i'm kind of an unsettled weather pattern we've got a chance of showers on and off as we head through the week. temperatures for overnight lows. yeah, it is going to be chilly 33 in livermore about 38 in san jose 39 in fremont that's pretty cold inside the bay, 35 in the napa valley about 33 degrees in santa rosa, certainly wake up tomorrow morning look to the roof tops you may see a little frost on top the roof and some of the cars as well maybe have to chip in the lights off the window early tomorrow morning. right now temperatures already getting a little bit chilly, you've got some 40's and some 50 stepping outside right now. and we've got a storm brewing out there you can see off the coastline. high pressure just kind of scoot on by the mostly dry day throughout the daytime hours, there's a slight chance of a couple pop-up showers along the coastal range for tomorrow afternoon. then we get ready for that next storm system the timing on that one is going to
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come in right about midnight so here we go through the night tonight a few clouds float on through tomorrow again a chance some pop-up showers mainly along the coastal ranges and then mainly dry but then things change we get into tomorrow night it got some plans. the head out the door grab that umbrella right there as we head toward midnight shortly thereafter that front comes on shore expect a brief period of some heavy amount of rainfall turning to more scattered showers you notice some the colors here this is what's really neat guys is this is going to be a cold system coming through some cold air already trapped here. there's a chance when we wake up on christmas day we could be looking up to some snow on some of our local mountains live forecast guys back to you. pretty interesting thank you lord. still ahead, women represent we take a look at a new study examining a gender change in the medical field and with the new year comes new laws here in
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>>tonight we're learning more about several new state laws that will be taking effect
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next week our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explain some of the new impacts on renters landlords and housing. >>the new year will make way for a new way of doing business for california property managers, a handful of new laws aimed to protect renters as the state tries to tackle its housing affordability issues, the biggest impact is likely to come from california's new anti rent gouging ban you stories of 60% increases that have resulted lot of their out of the state onto the streets, california's new anti rent gouging ban caps rent increases at 5% plus the cost of living for buildings that are older than 15 years old, but the california apartment association says it's already rare photos property managers to increase run beyond that he yet keep in mind that in california there's 6 million rental units. >>i would say that you're probably looking at less than 2% of the landlords that are
5:26 pm
part and you go back and roll runs back other new protections taking effect in 2020 include prohibiting blanket ban policies to refuse section 8 applicants increased notification time for some rent increases and requiring landlords to prove just cause to evict a tenant we have to watch the rest the laws in california is we want people to continue to investigate the laws are too stringent, i'm at same time you want to protect residents and you're too stringent. investors want want to invest in the industry will be housing. >>to try to increase housing production, the california housing crisis act goes into effect next week to speed up construction within the next 5 years safe require cities and counties to scale back on restrictions in process is that typically slow down development in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>next at 5.30 giving back to kids in need this holiday season, how you can help the cause in the south bay this week and gas prices are down for the holidays, how long you'll be able to enjoy the
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discounts before they shoot back up again in 2020 and working to ease california's homeless crisis. why people living out of cars in rv say
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>>right now nearly 130,000 people in california are homeless and for some of those residents sleeping in a guarded parking lot bring safety and hope dan simon reports now on how different parts of the state are tackling the homeless crisis. >>someone comfortable, you know, and coming and all now and uncomfortable each night lauren kush climbs into the back of toyota prius turning it into a bed my knees basically get our to hear my torso barely fits in here, so it's like this. she is part of a surging population of homeless in california living in their vehicles cars and are these. >>16,000 in los angeles count


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