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tv   KRON 4 News at 630  KRON  December 23, 2019 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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>>and this is just 2 days away a lot of people still rushing to buy those last minute gifts the stores in the malls were packed this past weekend with last minute shoppers and for you online shoppers today is the last day to get your packages shipped if you want them to get there by christmas. if you're using ups you want to use ups next day air shipping. if you're using the postal service use priority mail express if you're using fedex, you can still use standard overnight mail and if you order on amazon. you can still use one-day shipping for charles clifford was at a livermore shopping center today catching up with some last minute shoppers. well it is the monday before christmas and i'm here at the san francisco premium outlets in. >>livermore where thousands of people trying to get in some last minute shopping. here at the outlet mall to have about 180 plus vendors, lots of the weather is great today. i asked a few people you know why you waited so long to do
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your shopping in who you're shopping pretty last minute there you >>yeah, but i mean i'm getting it done still many the best deal mckenna. >>we see a home so there's only time that we come here mostly my family so and have family from ryan and so find something for them as everyone in my family mom dad brother god bomb. >>they want everyone now the outlet mall here is open until 10 o'clock on monday, it's open till 6 o'clock on christmas eve. it is then closed on christmas day in livermore charles clifford kron 4 news if you plan on taking barge during the holiday week, the train schedules a little bit different all lines will run on a normal weekday service today. >>tomorrow and thursday and friday, however marte will trains on the antioch line and on christmas on wednesday, the trains will run on a sunday service schedule this all started around 08:00am i this take a live look out at sfo tonight. we have clear skies over the bay area at least
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right now in fact the airport tells us today was not as busy as this past weekend sailing at the airport time for the 4 zone forecast with our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow yet really so far so good right now it's a nice and clear of anything it's just a little cold out there, but the great news is yeah they're moving in and out without a problem at sfo, no clouds to worry about there today and so yeah certainly looking good in fact not much in the way of wind either so. >>we're talking about 50 degrees center around the country not bad either if you're traveling. well there you go san jose and oakland looking good laguardia all open and clear chicago great little bit chilly down to 39 degrees right now jfk, 42 and los angeles they have some scattered showers there but even that has not slowed things down still there may be one place that might slow you down a little bit that's the high country little snow falling up there. that will continue to diminish and decrease overnight tonight. but certainly if you're headed that way. yes, south lake tahoe, reno, those be prepared you're likely run of some snow in the next few hours. but you can see the storm system in
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southern california brings some rain in that direction we've got another one off the coastline. this will impact the bay area starting tomorrow. we'll see those clouds on the increase throughout the day and a chance of rain developing throughout the night. temperatures right now getting a little chilly in spots already down the 40's in many spots bundle up this could be one of those cold nights outside with some temperatures dropping near freezing overnight tonight. lori forecast somewhat progressive is we're going to see the first system approach the coastline and there you go by tomorrow night christmas eve, we're talking about some rain moving into the bay area code system moving by to likely see some snow dropping down maybe about 3,000 maybe 3500 feet locally in the bay area. so certainly a chance of some snow over the mountain tops that another area of low pressure kind of scoots right behind it it's going to move near the coastline. if we see the activity of it all probably just near the coastline and then it moves all the way down in southern california bringing them another round of rain and then going to get a little bit of a break before we see that next storm system move in but that will be tell sunday probably sunday evening bef re that system moves in so that all
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being said it looks like we've got some coal unsettled weather ahead. as we head toward tomorrow night certainly chance of some rain drops a living in right about midnight in the bay area may just a little bit before slight chance showers on christmas day dry and sunny on thursday and friday more rain expected late on sunday. thank you lawrence and world news emergency teams in the galapagos islands are working to contain a 600 gallon oil spill. >>that spill happened on san cristobal island, a cargo vessel in crane overturned while being loaded with containers today look at this. >>watching you see the crane collapsed into the water and caused the boat to capsize you can see man jumping off the boat into the water scientists and environmentalists are going to great lengths to try and protect that area which is part of a unesco world heritage site a united nations designation. >>the coast guard announced that it has activated an emergency plan to contain the spill there are no reports
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tonight of injuries, saudi arabia has sentenced 5 people to death today for the murder of journalist jamal khashoggi. >>khashoggi a saudi journalist and washington post columnist was critical of saudis ruling family and particularly crown prince muhammad bin solomon's policy showed he was killed and dismembered on october second 2018 inside the saudi consulate in istanbul in was close ties to the highest levels of the saudi government. in a news conference today, the prosecutor also said that the former royal court advisers hollowed out khatami was investigated, but quote no evidence was found against him and that has prompted international outrage 10 defendants were released. due to insufficient evidence that's according to the prosecutor after more than a year of setbacks including 2 fatal crashes the ceo of boeing airlines are boeing is stepping down the company announced this morning that dennis muilenburg has taken taken off of his job. the chairman dave calhoun will take his position beginning in january. the company has
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suffered suffer several crucial and costly setbacks was it 7.37 max airplane. 2 fatal crashes killed 346 people and caused going to ground to that plane. moberg testified before the senate back in october over the issues we've made mistakes and we got some things wrong. we're improving. and we're learning. and we're continuing to learn. but things have not gotten much better for the company earlier this year boeing suspended production of the 7.37 max, this after spending months trying to get the plane recertified by airline regulators around the world. the last week's test flight of the boeing starliner capsule malfunctioned forcing the company to end the mission early. boeing is now looking to not only restructure its leadership but also restructure its reputation. >>coming up tonight at 6 a fish falls from the sky and breaks a woman's window. she explains how all of this
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happens and it's 6.40 win 6, year-old open a christmas card. she was greeted with a hidden message. >>what that message says and why china says it's you work hard. you play hard. a drink with friends can turn into two.
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and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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a drink with friends can turn into two.. and a prescription can be stronger than you thought. stop! there are a lot of ways to get a dui. and a lot of ways to go. text a friend. call a cab. share a ride. whatever you choose to do, go safely, california.
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>>the united kingdom base grocery chain tesco has stopped production of christmas cards at a factory in china. after a 6 year-old found a hidden message inside here's little florence when it com holding the christmas card that had this message written inside quote we're foreign prisoners in shanghai queen to prison china forced us to work against our will please help us and notify human rights organization. beijing is denying forced labor is being used at one of its prisons in shanghai. a chinese spokesman said the whole thing is a farce made up by a journalist in china named peter humphrey here's how humphrey reacted. >>over the last year and a half. >>this president has been gradually introducing a much harsher regime to for foreign
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prisoners to work in the same way the chinese prisons across the country and every chinese president hu. >>participating in manufacturing labor. we benefits the prison system but green profits to it's an economic enterprise run by the prisons. >>the little girl's father told the bbc that at first they thought the message was a prank but then they realized it was potentially serious. the company tesco which supplied the card says it's shocked by the discovery would never allow prison labor in its supply chain. next on kron 4 news at 6 foggy conditions and icy roads lead to a huge 69 vehicle pileup in virginia we talk with one of the drivers in the pilot who says he's lucky to be alive and if you are streaming us on kron on the news continues during the commercial break go to
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe. >>chaotic meant the same time news, a presence you could feel the energy use it and i was president.
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>>a traffic nightmare, 69 vehicles piled up on top of each other on an interstate in virginia sunday morning left more than 50 people injured authorities say heavy fog and icy roads led to that massive pileup and california is familiar with that fog problem to one man in that accident says he's lucky to be alive reporter tamaris got caught up with the man in the hospital and tells us what he thought as the accident unfolded. >>i just want say i'm really appreciative and i'm thankful that god allows me to be this even share this story with you there. a butler spent his evening in a hospital room. but that's not what he expected when he started his day just before 08:00am just another day was going to work. >>about 3035 miles an hour and the fog was really do. >>and the person behind me has been going about 70 or 75 and just seconds everything changed his life threatening a perceived to slow down and they did not slow down. >>and i was hit, i was struck
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from the to the extent that both of back and so with class police say heavy fog and icy road conditions may have played a role in vehicles slamming into each other one after another after the initial contact struck again about 6 or 7 times. >>they a. ford f one 50 foot boat, the mayor darryl just one of 51 injured in the accident was chaotic but the same time news, a presence you could feel the energy use in and i was president he says his faith is what keeps him strong, especially now a kind of get a little emotional about this to my mom passed away in a car accident and to watch my life flashed before my eyes and on and i know that god. >>still allowed me to see today and talk to you guys in those on here for a purpose. >>that was hammer. scott reporting authorities say due to the size of that accident and the number of people involved it will take a couple of days to make an official report as of now no charges have been filed.
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>>bay area news today 6200 children received toys books and stocking stuffers from sacred heart it's happening along south first street san jose. the goal is to distribute more than 18,000 toys for the holidays. circuit sacred heart is partnering with bank of america and a team of volunteers to make this 20 room dream a reality, having parents the opportunity bill to choose something that's really special for their kids. >>is a delightful thing to fail to see it is really important for families to feel that sense of connection with we're really really excited about how everyone come out over still in need of. volunteers and donations to come help us through this process today and tomorrow. if you'd like to help out and volunteer there are still some ships available on christmas eve for you can donate new unwrapped toys. >>for more information you can find a link on our website kron 4 dot com. the lookout for bad drivers and objects on the road while you're driving on a north carolina woman says
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her car was hit by something truly unexpected of fish falling out of the sky tyler harden explains. >>and the way home from her moms resell also was driving this suv when she got a surprise from right out of the sky. i couldn't stop it and she come come in day out and that was the sound of a broken windshield furry so austin and from what you least expect a bird got a fish think oh my gosh, the catfish. and about that time he dropped it and lands on my windshield and tiny glasses goes. >>everywhere lawson says it was unbelievable this real like did i really just because he's going to believe that i had a catfish in fact hand time the catfish it was real so after she safely pulled off the side of river road in washington. she went on the hunt for it but the help of a few friends snapping this photo of the evidence i prayed for now. lawson is thankful.
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it didn't cause more damage. her daughter breeland was in the back seat she saw it all to get how a hole. wasson person her wild experience on facebook and it went viral and now has more than 117,000 shares and 12,000 comments, it's urging people all over the world she says she's always wanted to be famous but not for ridiculous for somebody who's never had more than 5 shares 100 pictures says serial her best piece of advice for drivers now account for fish as never know when you're going to see one. >>christmas is this weekend of course that also means are only a little weak little over a week away from new year's eve in the beginning of 2020 already. >>kron 4 celebrating all night long into the new year with the help of our sister station in las vegas, here's a little peek at what you can expect from that celebration.
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>>and i'm brian lost his will be hosting countdown to 2020 from pier park inside harrah's hotel and casino live from las vegas. some moves. said i shoot free throws like that. all this in their car. >>we'll be joined by 330,000 of our closest friends at parties got up and down the strip including this. of course, we'll count down to the big fireworks show in las vegas. but you are also going to see the ball drop live from new york city. >>dallas and denver to. the
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las vegas strip so join us for the best and brightest party on this station on new year's eve. >>and make sure to catch our new year's eve celebration right here on kron 4 it will be hosted by our very own graham lotus and justine waltman will be showing fireworks from all over the bay area that starts at 1130 on new year's eve. >>looks like the seahawks may be bringing in an old friend, another none other than marshawn lynch to play as the 49 ers on sunday marking kate was such bay area sports night. we'll talk about beast mode coming up.
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>>well who would have guessed that marshawn lynch would be in the pretty much nobody and yes right mark and kate. >>it is absolutely remarkable
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alright so much to talk about tonight on bay area sports night 7 o'clock on the kron on app so kate the seahawks lose yesterday to arizona, not only lose the game but they lose 2 of their starting running backs we need to make adjustments are getting desperate. this morning i wake up i see the big headline marshawn lynch are right in possible talks to reunite with the hawks and would play sunday against the 49 ers just considering everything that has transpired this year between these 2 teams, how appropriate would it be that he comes back for this and it would certainly add to the pomp and circumstance is already leading into this game ypbecause there are 2 that really have developed an incredible rivalry over the last 1015 years and. >>even more so than just by virtue of being division opponents we've seen. so many of their series come down to which of these teams going on to the nfc championship right so. marshawn lynch back in there a crucial piece of so many of those matchups during the jim harbaugh by years which just to be a fitting way for the seasons and we've got
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richard sherman playing for the 49 ers and marshawn lynch possibly back for a week 17 game here that has so much attached to right so many high stakes years we're going to break it all down also be talking about the oakland raiders still alive in the playoff conversation, however, a lot needs to happen so map out all the scenarios bay area sports night 7 o'clock on the kron on app see their content out all right. thank you mark and kate. >>hey guys we've got mostly clear skies outside right now up toward the golden gate bridge sharon is mostly clear going to be a chilly night ahead tonight as the skies going to see mostly clear some clouds moving into early tomorrow morning live these lows overnight lows dropping down the 30's and the 40's in 30's inside the base or waking up to a couple of patches of frost that will be early on tomorrow the kind of be a chilly day around the bay area eyes generally in the 50's but some 40's over the mountain tops next few days will here we go we get ready for all day. if santa coming to town with some rain moving in right about midnight tomorrow night
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showers possibly in the christmas day. thank you lord. thank you
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the paramedic accused of murdering his wife with eyedrops. >> it didn't have the traumatic effect on your heart. >> did he do it for the insurance money? >> eddie murphy versus bill cosby. >> who is america's dad now? >> what bill cosby's rep is saying today. >> it was hurtful, it was disspairming. plus, super cop to the rescue. how he stopped a runaway suv. and new questions about injuries harvey weinstein claims he suffered in a car crash. >> mr. weinstein, are you faking your injury


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