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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  December 25, 2019 7:00am-8:01am PST

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local news good morning, everyone, i'm will trade in for james fletcher merry christmas expect and i'm robin winston filling in for darya folsom unfortunately starting off with some breaking news, bad news coming from the east shore frway there is a major accident where at least one lane of 80 in berkeley is open right now after a deadly crash. it happened early this morning at around 5.20. this was near the gilman strt exit off wraps so as of right now all but the right lane is clos the investigation still
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underway chp sas that one person was trapped inside of a car when it caught fire, so you can see a photo here the traffic will just at a standstill. no wod yet on what led up to the crash or when the anes will reopen and of course the cause of the crash is still under investigation. >>so we're starting f christmas but the tragedy, yes, yes, and you and i were talkingabout our drive into work in. we can't help but to think that the wet roads and the rain could be a contributing factor i saw so many accidents so many spinouts out there it is dangerous driving around the bay area right now it is raining the roads are slick we've had many reports of hydroplaning so if you have to take 80 y will be delayed this morning. here's a lookat traffic tracker showing you the crash on the map once again a fatal accident. 80 west right before that gilman street exit your backup already spilling into albany. so if you don't want to use shore freeway right now. you can hop off and take san pablo avenue that runs parallel to the shore freeway that will get you down to berkeley
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emeryville and also oakland and once agn all but the right lane is blocked here because of this fatal accident in berkley 80 west before gilman street. here's a look at ur back up you can see the rest of the shore freeway lookgreat sir for coming from the upper east shore or t of crockett hercules kn that portion looks good until the 18 minutes to make it down to the maze beause so many folks are off. we don't have that much affic on the roads ut that fatality is still there also following news out of oakland when the's an injury accident on northbound 13 at the park boulevard off-ramp this involves a police ficer with injuries who's already been trsported off to the hospital that ramp is still blocked there are no major delays on 13 when you get off and you're near park in motain you will see area called off as they are still investigating we're checkg in on san francisco are talking about the weatr and the rain so we have issues with flooding on one oh one at cesar chavez in san francisco. it is completely sold so you need to be extra cautious drop
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aveling along the stretch we've already had some spinouts their quick peek at bart just keep in mind that service does not stt until 08:am this morning there are a modified holidaschedule so a sunday schedule today paing it's free no a strain service carans on the holiday schedule and muni is on a sunday schedule so make sure u pay close attention to those announcements wll check back in on traffic coming up in a bit meanwhile we want to check in with john trouble and get a look at your forecast, thanks so much rob d yeah, this is your view from center on this morning as you mention roadways very have rain actively llowing do for parts of the bay area and cloud coverstill pretty parents across the region, ths is what we're seeing right now across the region, let's zoom in on a couple spots here that we e seeing rainfall still actively faing and that includes right around oakland w the showers are moving most to the east at this point so you can expect rain to increase here in just a little bit and walnut creek down to nville but yes showers currently in the oakland area right no if
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we zoom out east bay area's actually looking at some of our most intense rainll right around rio vista bethel island brentwood little bit further south from there and the ri valley also getting some light to moderate showers right now if you're crossing ov into tracy over the altima. at some wet spots on roads. there's some rain snow mix occurring right now across the mountains just east of san jose not really looking at a ton of snow at the very moment, but yes a little bit of action up there as far as that goes and then if you're crossing 17 down to santa cruz, it's very wet.most of the showers have now worst were to east scotts valley and 17 itself out across the region you do see actually some cloud to ground lightning but it's hanging out offshore to our south. >>we do have thunder and just west of the bigur coastline and then well offhore of us we are expecting conditions actually from this point for thbay area to calm down as much of this energy real does pass to the south of us so what we're going to be
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seeing from this pot on is actually showery rainy conditions but then skies actually clearing out prty nicely not io the afternoon ahead of us now as far as temperatures go we're not as cold as we were earlier this week as far as those 30's and even 20's yesterday are concerned t really looking at him on the map today, oakland you're at 49 right now napa at 45 sure beats e upper 20's that you had a point berkeley of 44 in san francisco for your chrisas morning at 47 degrees now as far as your change from it's pretty obvious, especily for north bay area's just how much warmer. we are i think the rain in the cloud cover for that keeping us pretty mild as we work our way throug this new day as far astemperatures go later today, keep in the same so warmer morning but a milar afternoon with high temperatures back into t low 50's a lingering showeror 2 this afternoon, the best chance of any sort of rainfall as this morning. so that's what you got to watch out for gradually conditions just get better and better later in the
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day and by the day tomorrowe are under some sunshinwhich will talk more about still to come in your forecast back to you all rht, thank you john john every year hundreds of volunteers they get up early for christmas and has said opening up their presence they had to glide memorial. >>in san francisco to pass meals and presents to families in need. that's right trump for serious incident there right now she's live. >>covering thatstory for us this morning with a look at the good that's being done you guys i walked my car and i notice just how wet and cold it was and that's what a lot of people are waking up to on the streets in san francisco this coming here to live you can see we're all in tears and they're working on making sure these people have a warm meal is is something that you know these people will cherish today on christmas. >>and joining us no is marvin white he is a minister of celebration here tell us you know what the like to see these volunteercome in and
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then it all helped in the just it is an amazing thing to watch people leave theirhomes on christmas morning and to open their presents here at cle which is their community service they want to share the love and and community and and gathering in bologna, what folks and they do it they do it here at clyde they make this a part of their family traditis and it's an exting thing to watch them share with this community of yesterday you guyspaired with a primer and the surf which is also part of the of prime b yeah we will be donated over 2000 pounds of prime rib this was their 26 year of doing so and there's nothing more special. >>than seeing folks who are homess in who are challen dowon expensive cuts of meat as theyshould be able to and it's an amazing thing to watch i bet those really nice. the christmas eve and now it's todas christmas they're
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going to the turkey male understand him for mygod, you know in addition to the brkfast that happens this morning. at our brunch still have will ha him so there's been a 120 turkey's roasted. the 200 hams will be all the fixings dressing mac and green potatoes rolls you're making us hungry in green ok know yet agree they're ok i but yes, so then you have some odd yes and year and a is me more lar to be more later they'll be over. ov 300 volunteers today that will be in and t throughout the day so yeah people people have made this a part of thir their chrimas tradition and are bringing their multi generations of therare people here for the first time with their children and peoe unt people at home even be don't know about cloud even though we're here like every hoday but tell
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them what you guys do on a day-to-day basis on a day to day basis ys sit on the corner of taylor and we provide social services, social justice spiritlity to this community to this block into the city. so you can enter into thibuilding to get a spiritual needs a metaphysical needs met and get your political fight on as that's amazing. thank you for these for joining us and we're going to be here live all morning long withthose marvin light, the minister of celebration hereat glide remiro morning so join us let us be a part of your christmas day will just show you a snapshot of what's happening here i gli for now isn't it back to sara really quickly, and ask can i volunteer or do they need morevolunteers at this particular point. >>our gang kerr will want to know if you need more voluntes do we need more volunteers, no not this time, but we do have a community engament in volunteer
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department and folks should think about signing up online for future volunteer opportunities, we need 20 voluntes per meal and we serve 3 meals a day so we're always need volunteers today is pretty ok at's good to know everyone so we're all making our new year's resutions were thinking that we do next year which we do we should want or glide as you saidthat's a lot volunteers and the need 20 per meal they do 3 meals a day so maybe ou're not going to come by day you enjoy your family ut may become by tomorrow or the next day just go to clive website and you can volueer there. that sounds good it's always great to see folks out there helping you are talking about momentary yeah got into that i'd love to on the sign up still ahead on the kron 00:04am moing news, a south bay church is looking for answers. >>after thieves stole all of their holiday donations. a health warnin for holiday travelers. we tell you the us airports reporting a possible measles exposure. and the
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>>and welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning ne on this christmas edition, here's a live. look at sunnyside resort. it is a winter wonderland looks so cold john even in the picture, yeah i know right book at this nice of a little white christmas up there. it's a lake tahoe looking of really etty right now makes me want to go up there and spent some time up there today, but if you are one of the people that are driving up to lake tahoe. >>elsewheracross the state do be mindful with that rain and then snow does co some slick conditions as cfo is one of our spots that is actually starting to get some clearing skies. overhead and we are not too too bad, especially not on such a rainy morning as we've ha 39 minutes for your current to lay out of sfo skies are clearing asyou saw
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on the peninsula the north bay actually lookg at a bit of clearing to now east areas are the areas that we'rreally looking at that are still holding on to some rain that includes the tri valley right around so no one know pete us the showers even though are moving out of the region so generally we're on a ying trend now as we work our way to the rest of the morning. that's noto say we want spotty showers are just not going to be near as widespread north heavy as what you'v already seen so far today i find troubling to the grapevine currently seeing some snow up there. so if you're headindown i 5 today do be mindful of that it is slick on that route and also looking at some slick conditions on a tie-up to tahoe which you just showed you a second ago, snow actively followi up in the sierra nevada, so yes we are seeing a busy day as far as travel goes today. a lot of people may be heading out after christmas lunch or nner ahead to get up to tahoe be mindful that you're going to need some chns up there as we did see some ne snowfall overnight. they're still looki at it so here's future cast the bulk of this energy is passing either to
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our east or to our south now we are going to see spotty showers throughout the rest of your day to day look at some of our heaviest ofrainfall. it's eyeing the central coast immediately to our south. we'rrain and thunderstorms can be expected along the big sur coastline along one oh e and eventually 99 and i 5 through the centravalley, just passing too far south to be picking up on it here in the bay area. so we're actually going to stay pretty dry compared to some of our air our neighboring areas, scattered showers nothing super heavy for much of the rest of the day had thursday friday and saturday all nice and dry and really sunny on these days too so your post holiday days or post holiday travel days, they're looking really goodmy advice to you keep cozy this christmas don't do too much traveling enjoy the time with family and friends and save the travel for tomoow and the rest of the week after that 50's for your daytime highs day, oakland hayward and fremont each at 53 san francisco right there with you know well the north bay just a touch cooler n the low 50's for now but novato and sata rosa. the
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breakdown of your next 7 days after today skies, a really clear out thursday fridayand saturday looking great looks like sunday as our next chance of showers and only a brief chance of rainfall after that monday and tuesday we clear out right away things improving in the forecast and definitely going to see plenty of sunshine to round out the year robin all right, ank you john unfortunately, it is not improving on the roads, it's been a tough drive around the bay area this morning with the rain and the polling and the slippery conditions out there we're still following breing news out of berkeley. >>where one person died aft a fatal accident here on the st shore freeway. now this happened at around 5 22 this morning, it is still under investigation in hi80 west right before the gilman street exit. there only one lane open the only lane that's open right now is the right lane. that's all you have to squeeze by and they've already called for a rner but we do not have an estimated time of clearing so a special traffic alert remains in place 80 west
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at gilman to investigatethis fatal crash which resulted in a car fire if you don't want to bother with the shore freeway you can take san pablo avenue which runs parallel to the shore that will get you down to berkeley and oakland in that way you can stay off of 80, but traffi is still quite slow and backing up into albany, your drive time only 18 minutes from crockett down to the maze because of course we don't have as many commuters on the road this christmas morning checking in on an empty bay bridge toll plaza the drive to san francisco looks good. but now that the sun up and it's how soggy those roads are 92 t lookgood too it's nice and qui to the peninsula. it's a 13 minute trip overto one on one which is fantastic. >>an accident under one involves an oakland police officer. it's northbound 13 at park boulevard at the bottom of the ramp a little bit closer to mountain very few details but we know that the officer was already transported f to the hospital but lanes are still blocked at the bottom of that offer him soyou should avoid
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park boulevard ifou can just get off before or after we'll check back in on traffic coming up in a little bit. well for those of you hopping on park this morning. if you plan on taking part today or the restof the week. here's a look at the schedule you want keep in mind that trains will be running on a sunday service chedule today, so services and even start unl 8 o'clock but the parking is free and then on thursday and fridait will be ba to normal scheduling barton wl also reduce some of those trai on the antioch line so be prepared. another breaking story that we're following for you from overnight police respond to a shooting in e tenderloin late christmas eve. you someone, thfolks in the neighborhood heard multiple shs were fired on o farrell street at around 11 last night right down the street from union square you can see the video from all the activity in the streets blocked off. when officers arrived they found one person shot who later died at the scene. another man and woman were lso injured, but they are expected to fully recover. investigators have not sd anything so far about the motive or if theyhave
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anyone in custody yet. a travel warning this morning for your holiday season heth officials they are warning of a measles exposure. >>at 5 us airports reid binion tells us those airports. >>one more thing to worry about this travel season, a measles scare healtofficials say an unidentified pern believed to have contracted the disease whe traveling in europe in late novber visited the austin-bergstrom international airport in austin texas last week that individual became ill on december, the 14th and developed a rash on december, the 17th on that same day december 17th, he boarded a flight from austin chicago united flight 7.. i was a connecting flighto virginia health ficials in chicago and viinia are also investigating possible exposures at o'hare airport and richmond ternatial that on december 11 3 ls say unvaccinated children wit
7:21 am
measles visiting from new zeala likely exposed travelers at denr and los angeles international airport's, 's important to remember measles can be a deadly diseasimmunization remains the best protection. against measles and other vaccine-prevenble diseases. the measles virus sprds through coughing and sneezing and can live in the air for up to 2 hours symptoms can include a high fever cough runny nos pink eye and a red spotty rash. i'm reid binion reporting. >>elementary school studts are giving back to their local roes this holiday season that story coming up after the break. and it's a yearly tradition here on the kron 4 morning news, we want to see how you and your family will be celebrating this ristmas. we've got our very first photo take a look how cute is that paul sent this photo. the puppy that they t last christmas all grown up now and so send us your christmas
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morning photos you can send them over to kron 4 dot com do it right now we'll show it on and we'll be
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>>welcome back ementary scool students in california, they're making sure at they give not just received students at canyon elementary in santa monica right next to los angeles of course helped raise $2500 during a recent fundraiser, the money was meant for their school but the students decided you know what let's give the money to the los angeles fire department they're the epitome of bravery and my world they're just so brave they'ramazing and. >>also rates. the donation comes less than 2 months ter they get the wildfire. the firefighters say they will use the money to help pay for new gear that will keep crew safe. >>during let's face it the
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next wifire great kids absolutely coming up next on the >>a live report from the salvation army as they delir mills 2 people for christmas morning. kerrygold haa taste so rich it can take you reland's lush, green pastures. where grass-fed cows produce rich, creamy milk for a truly delicious taste. kerrygold. the taste that takes you there.
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and thanks for waking up with us on this thunderstorm activity. i've , heard about some hails from snowed-in expect all of this fall that yes we do have actively thunderstorms right along the central ast right now guys we have a little bit of snow at the top of our mountains and then especially over the grapevine 80 is across donner pass say yeah. >>is it going to stop raining at least in the bay proper the
7:30 am
bulk of the rainfall is behind us but still have a few scattered showers remaining throughout the rest of the day today. so yes, you can say the rain the core of it that is passed, but i n't want to say that you're done with sprinkles or light showers entirely awe will still see the opportunity of some light brief showers to be pushing across the region on into the latter part of the day today as fort ever on this morning, you are still looking at those cloudy skies, but you also see some ts a blue out there overhead as far as we across the bay look at how quiet it has become. >>we are seeing just a fe sprinkles right now most of those a moderatshowers and a pointed out to you out 30 minutes ago have moved further to the east now so there are just a uple of spots like the tri valley on into the nd delta at you are still showers as far as temperatures go ght now we're in the 40's with akland at 49 alameda and haywa 47 each berkeley, europe, 44. this a lot more comfortable than worry had been the past couple of days as far as temperatures go
7:31 am
remember ose 20's and 30's we had for the north bay well today napa in novato starting off 14 degrees warmer than that santa rosa, up 12 degrees warmer so pretty mild morning, t it is a very wet morning. so you do want to ta it slow on roadways outside. we do have some very wet conditions invest some slick conditio by the afternoon ead we're talking low 50's for ur daytime highs a lingering shower too. the core that rainfall having passedthough, and us we do have calming conditions the rest of the day. robin. >>thank you john back our biggest trouble spot of the morning, a fatal accident on the shore freeway still under investigation. this is westbound 80 right before gilman street and happen at 5 22 this morng and crews are still out there at last check there was only one laneopen and that was the far right lane, a special traffic alert has en issued and it's definitely at a crawl. if you plan on traveling out of albany into berkeley it's going to be a tight squeeze as he passes fatal accident. it
7:32 am
was a ash that resulted in a car fires are a lot of folks are just dumping off the freeway and taking san pablo avenue instead ich is a great alterte if you want get around that looking at the upper a short spine 17 minutes total from crockett down to the maze our bridges look good they're just soggy and we've been talking about the dangerous dring conditions. this morning. so many spinouts out there folks arejust running off the road up the hillside going too fast in this wet weathe so don't let that be you but it's light you know it's quite into san francisco, 80 looks good. it's only 8 minutes over to the fremont street exit but flooding is another issue this morninand it's happening in the normal spot. what i wanted cesar chaz lanes or flood affair, so you ay want to use to 80 instead of one oh one 1 on one in the north bay through quartermidair near lucky that's a normal spot. it is flooded as well so that is a stretch to avoid as reminders hopping on board this morning service does not start until 08:00am they're on a special sunday holiday schedule parking is free. you ca say that mone strain
7:33 am
service today both caltrain and muni operating ona modified holiday schedule. well. >>probably christmas is all abt giving and this morning voluntee around the bay area there are about to deliver meals to people in need and it's always great to see this during this time of year kron four's cistina take charles she's live in san francisco this morning where she'll actually be riding along with christina. se folks and their >>i mean i won't be driving don't worry because you don't want to see that on the road driving through the city being lost everywhere but i will be with the experts the volunteers this morning. we're going there spending their christmas morning taking time to deliver these prepackaged meals to different agencies around townto go ahead and hand those out to around 4,000 people across the city today on christmas day and this is the type of news you want to hear on a holiday like this people giving back and giving back not just money but their time on a very special holiday
7:34 am
but actually with this meal delivery service i'm joined here live with jennifer bird some more information jennifer thanks for joining us this mornin thank you for being here is a help us tell this wonderful story well, i love his because i walked in this morning and i already saw hundreds of volunteers here they've been here since about what time 4 30 in the morning which is amazing and so they started packing up some of the meals tell us about how many meals were package just over the past 2 days so 4,000 meals we had a group of volunteers and yesterday packaging 3,000 of those meals to get a jump, the head start and the this morning the remaining volunteers came to package the rest of th1000 meals that ere going to live in total 4,00today. >>and so this next step right here is the militant meal delivery service, how does that work so we will be taking not me. but our volunteers our wonderful volunteers grace's motors will be delivering these meals like fanning out throughout the city of san francisco delivering 13 to people who who can't get out toy for whatever reason maybe they're sick there from just can't get out today and
7:35 am
they will be getting a meal from e salvation army volunteer will be getting a will visit them for many ebody people today that they will be alone and the salvation army volunteers, the only person they're going to see how you know when you mention that there are 2 things and i really like first of all these volunteers are fanning out across the city i think that's a great visual people this is here the b of paris in this parking lot is people right now their cars gettingready for this so they're about to completely basically spread this holiday cheer out ango all throughout salvation army els if you well and al that such an thing to remember that you mentioned that this isn't just a meal for people, it's also community it is in his community and the salvation army is all about community and bringing to san francisco values in the city of san francisco and making sure that everybody knows that they're loved their value cared for on aand every day but especially to a daily christmas yes, but if people need on christmasthey need to they need they need a caring hand they need a smiling face
7:36 am
the they need happiness, they need they need companionship you ed to know they're not alone and food everybody likes and also of course today here in across the entire bay area it's raining. it's cold so thisis a warm meal. yes is a warm meal anit's we've got ham collard greens potatoes anthen there's also some chocolate milk and which is a cookies for you you can't go throughout christmas without having some chocolate exactly exactly my son go by that, you're a good rinder for everyone thathe year to help the year to give does not end today on christmas there still more opportunities for people to get involved with salvation army if they didn't sign up today, exactly yes, thank you for that, so we like to remind people we have a year left to give to salvation army or your favorite charity really in year ends on december 31th people want to donate to the salvation army they can go online to san francisco dot salvation army dot org and there's lots of opportunities for volunteering there but mostly to get here and giving tax donations and are tax free
7:37 am
donation things like that you know people need to remember that great jennifer. thank you so much being with us this rning. and just a reminder for everyone as jennifer mentioned again that year doesn't and today i think a lot of people get really excited to give give give donate their time their money until chstmas, but of week left here of the year and also reminder too that they need volunteers and alsogives the rest of the year as well there are lot of programs going on here at salvation army as well as any other charities that may be close to your heart so you don't forg the rest of the year as well to ke radical, but we could all the inormation for salvation army over online as well at kron 4 dot com for now reporting live here inan francisco christina teatro kron 4 news all right, thank you so much christine a. >>the arch continues this mornin for thies after a theft inside a san jose church in here surveillance video. the money was supposed to actually go to buy toys for ds in need. now they'll have to go without dung the annual 3 kingscelebration, the theft happend last
7:38 am
saturday may just finished a bapsm ceremony when you can clearly see a man and a woman there that's what investigators believe when through their picked up th money and just walked out the front door. thiis the spirit of giving. >>and for somebody to hit the church like that. >>is the lowest of the low there's a lot of needy kids and a lot of homeless families to livein trailers. the live on the street to live in part to live in the creeks that that that are they come here to get toys crime by to the community is to pray for these 3 individuals, i hope and pray that they would listen to his message might hold. >>they wereweak and i think goes with the spirit of christmas which is a combination of hard a change of het and hopefully they will return the money. >>the urch esmates that the thieves got away with about 2 o $3,000 the good news is that ere's a little bit of hope that their annual got 3 kings celebration does not takeplace until january 6 so they're hoping that the thiev will come back and
7:39 am
just drop the money in the donation box. no questions ked no we don't like seeing that sort of stuff, especially during this time of year hopefully they will come for the pick-up cider big weather story this morning is the rain but there's a little bit of sunshine peeng through slick roads around the bayarea john let us know when this storm will pass orif it's pain after these eggos are so warand fluffy, golden and crispy
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i wondf they're looking at me they're looking at me. eggos this good shou be shared. here they better ta care of me when i'm older. woulyou l'eggo yoggo?
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christmas morning. it is wednesday and it's looking good out there compared to where we were at earlier which has to remember if you're up early maybe making some of thathristmas dinner early on it was raining pretty hard we do have some cloud cover city across the bay area but you can see all the excuse me of a fight than other got the christmas sneezes of who you're looking at some sunlight making its way down to berkeley right now. >>thank goodness that passed ok so we're working our way through the morning now and we
7:46 am
do have some light sprinkles out there the heaviest of rainfall it's worked out of the region now out into the ceral valley and you are looking at some just areas of light rainfall along one o one south of san jose little bit of snow right at the top of the mountains east of san jose and if you' crossing the ultimate you're running into some light rain asell now really encountering are issues elsewhere across the ste so once you leave the bay area as seeing some slick spots such as along i 5 over the blue indicating snowfall up their winter weather also up in the sierra nevada as you head up ta ho up to up 50 or 80 both these routes are conditions and bring the chains with you and be prepared for some dela up there rainfall for the rest of e day looks light and scattered futurecast shows you at rainfall that we do see is a good amount to too terribly ch in the heaviest of showers saying oujust to our west will actually passing to our south onthrough the evening todayand into tomorrow that's thbay area should remain dry or to some
7:47 am
of our surrounding areas like the central coast in the sierra which are still going to continue to pickp some heavy rain in some cases, snowfall through the day today dtime highs today up into the 50's ohayward fremont and oakland at 53 while san jose at 55 degrees a look at your next 7 days shows temperatureremaining in the 50's for your daytime highs and look at how dry this forecast appears comparedto what we had been seeing thursday friday and saturday all nice dry and sunny befor next cnce of showers on sunday. rin wright thank you john heading back er to our fatal accident in berkeley that's still under investigation, we've just learned that crews have. >>oped an additional lane. so we've gone fr all lanes shut down to now traffic being able to get by in the 2 right lanes but it's still causing a backup. it's 80 west. it's before e gilman street exit and crash is still under investition, you know it takes a little bit longer when it involves a fatality so they have yet to cumplieron completely clear this in your
7:48 am
backup spilling through beyond that 5.80 split there so just ke that in mind if 80 is your commute will let you know when they have it cleared your drive time here is 16 minutes working your y westbound from crockett down to the maze and then 80 east at pinault valley road. a car fire house the 2 ght lanes blocked so that's jamming up your ght we'll check back in on more trouble spots coming up. >>this year is almost over we're looking back t the biggest stories that we're trending or went viral over the past 12 months. jeremy roth takes a look back. >>t was a year of a wide varietof topics what better place to starthen the check in. >>the 2019 popeye's chicken challenge the pecking order and dropped a sandwich on their menu taki on the theme chick-fil-a th was hardly potry emotiofact got a little ugly chicken chain's trading jabs from social media. just as popeye's got a marketing momeum. they sold out of th sand. officially it
7:49 am
did come back, but amid the fast-food the fervor there were shouting matches assaults and >>it's justkicking people off. they say art imitates life 2019 lifimitated art with lady gaga and bradley cooper performed intimatlive rendition of shallow from a star is born at the oscars the performance ignited and are they aren't the avalchon twitter but the romantic to recruit shallow got to address the trending topi suring fans the fireworks were justified product of 2 and instagram users mission to get the most likes for a photo of an egg turneout to be no yolk. >>the pick was posted with the caption, let's set world record together and get the most like to host the g didn't just get over the previous record holder kylie jenner's number it got over easy. it be jenner's 18 million likes with a whopping 53 million th's what i call gone viral.
7:50 am
>>league video at tick tock crossed the billion downloads ma in 2019 whilit was trding stuff spawn from another >>i'm a sexist old town road with the longest running number e on billboard's hot 100 it inspired a slew of 3 mixes and imitators and a bunch of stolen old town road signs. no really. >>rah was baby shark, look you heard itfew 100 4.1 biion youtube ews later tried to forget it but couldn't so let's just move on. >>his jeopardy and this was bananas week in and week out viewers watched contests to james holzhauer go on a episodes tear and break single game earnings rords for the iconic game show t before you could say in your face ken jennings holzhauer's earning streak came to an end just a $8,000 short, the know it all champions 2.5 $2 million
7:51 am
homes. >>so did you try the bottle cap challenge in 2019 thidea was simple tried to remove a loose bottle cap with a rounouse kick without knocking over the bottle it stted in the world of mixed martial arts fighter x holloway but before you knew it everyone from singer john mayer actiostar jason got kick out of it. what started as a facebook event posted as a joke totorm area 51 and see them aliens. >>turned into a ll-on raze with over 2 billion users clicking either going interested brought tons of tourists to the area but ultimately there was noraid the event organizer eventually expressed regret that the monster he created. >>speaking of creating a monster. ahead f the holiday season pella tom released an ad showing woman being gifted one of their pricey exercise bikes. >>in baing on a yeaong fitness journey and it did not go over well. critics ripped everything from the husband seemingly tone deaf choice of
7:52 am
gift to the white stunni attracti woman to a fit t tractive woman it wasn't all bad though madea budding star at of the actress was quily cast an aviation gin ad shong her ironically drinking for sorrows away. and up both of those when in atlanta. i'm jeremy roth. >>we have a special tradition like we like to do this every year so we like for you to send us your photos because we want to see how you and your family are celebrating this morning we got this one from shea shea drummer she sent is photo of her and her family celebrating christmas this morning opening up the president. but like ty're having a great time so send us your cistmas morning photos to it rig now send them over to kron 4 dot com we'll be
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>>welcome back well, a ups driver was caught on camera just going above and beyond to
7:56 am
ensure that a christmas delivery will not be spoiled for the children inside of heart always center robin not all heroes wear capes or ke a look at this video you can see the delivery man hiding. what is obviously a large kids toy he stash is that then the garbage cans to keep the kids from seen look that above and beyond the call of duty, the homeowners get alerts on their ones when they're rain camera pickeup his movement. ups i ups issued a statement saying the delivery driver did the right thing encouraging her ivers to use same judgment if they can possibly do that because and creativity a4 surprised this morning. love it love it love it. >>rry live from gle in san francisco showing you how people have a warm meal this christmas all have a live report coming up. and it's a day tget back on tears here
7:57 am
is how they shun army getting ready to deliver thousands of meals across san francisco, we'vegot more details coming up.
7:58 am
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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for joining us on the kron 4 morning news, i'm robin winston fillg in for daryn falls and i will trend in r james fletcher merry ristmas everybody. it's been a very busy very christmas morning for so many of the first responders and you've been all over that story that's right we've been talking about the rain the dangerous driving conditions around the bay area roads are slick. we've had so many crashes out there, including a fatal accident in berkeley this happened at 5 22 this morning on westbound 80 right before the gilman street exit and this was a crash that resulted


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