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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 26, 2019 7:30pm-8:01pm PST

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tonight, the biggestv and movie reunions of 2019. >> 20 years later, still at it. >> from our exclusives with the cast of "american pie" -- here, huh?overing set secrets >> this is like exclusive. >> to "troop beverly hills." ♪ beverly hills, what a thrill ♪ bevly hills, what a thrill plus, the comedy classics ready for a tv comeback. >> it's like a time warp. >> "e.t.'s" reunions with the "drew carey" and "cheers" stars. >> man she's bleep ] lost it. >> kirstie alley reveals set secrets that will shock you. >> wwere horrible. you can't even imagine the stuff we did. >> plus, the "happdays" stories you've never heard. >> my contract was up. i wanted to become a director. >> how did that work out?
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>> hello, and welcome, erybody. the end of the year is the perfectime to reunite with old friends, but we've been doing that all yearing on. >> we absolutely have. we got some of your favorite casts ba together, and let's start with a comedy classic celebrating its 20th anniversary, "american pie." >> what doe it feel like being ba together again 20 years later? >> kind o crazy. >> pretty great. whenever i see this group it just really takes you back and feels like no time has passed. >> did you have any ide when making this movie it will still stand up0 years later? >> personally i felt likee were part of something special. it was really interesting because the ternet was kind of happening,ut not obviously the way it is today. >> [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> i'm at a with moms and dads
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and they're like, you got old. i'm like yeah, 20 years ago. >> let's talk about the pie. the's pies everywhere. that scene -- >> yeah, it was. >> jim? >> it's not what it looks like. >> it' funny, when iead to script and do go to tt scene, i laughed out loud -- this is befo eugene was even cast, so i didn'teally fully know the degree to which it was going to be hilarious. >> we'll just tell your mother that we ate it all. >> when you guys were on set, what was it like on set? what was it like, the camaradee like? >> iwas like this. >> that's actually true. all the dynic thaare happening now. >> yeah. i was thinking abo scott. into this, b i remember a o get
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phone call, that you called me once -- a what? >> a zany phone call. you kind of know where i'm going th this. >> i want the know. the phone call.ry flattered by sean, do you remember what happened >> i mean yeah -- >> oh! >> we're uncovering set secrets here, huh? was this a little something going on? i don't know that anything happened per se, but -- >> do tell. >> this so cute. >> none of us kw this! >> new news. >> i remember that. >> did you hunt him down? >> all iemember is that how sweet is it that wwere young engh but we recall all really -- >> why didn't you -- i know. he's stilleally cute. >> is there anyone who had a moment together?
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when had hookup or dating? >> a missed moment. >> yeah. >> i had a crush on chris. >> aww! >> i always had a bit of a crush on eddie. >> i had a crush on alyson. >> that was a missed opportunity for me. >> i was little fresh on alyson. >> you did? >> aww. >> if i could go back i would tray to hook up withddie and shawn, and i feel like that's >> i'm right here. >> i'm still caught up you had a crh on me. >>hat do you remember about thatpremier? because there were a lot of famous folks. >> so autiful. sorry. oh, my god. how are you? >> ben affleck. >> sorry. what are you going to do? >> that's when it hit me. wow. >> this big. >> yeah. >> scary thing, they all look
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exactly the same as 20 years ago. >> y look great. well, you really can't say that abo our next cast, because most of them were little ds when the movicame out 30 years ago. all my wilderness girls drms came true the day i got the stars of "troobeverly hills" together again. >> look at all these beautiful girls. >> i do want to start out giving you a littl gift. we got you a little gift. is there a momen that stands out shooting this for you all 30 years late >> cookie time. >> oh, my god. ♪ these friends of mine ♪ we're wildneress girls and its cookie time ♪ ♪ we wor hard and we play fair ♪ ♪ so buy a box and do your she ♪ >> she wasn't lip-syncing. >>o, i was not lip-syncing, you guys. no. >> so how many people come up to you and ask you to sing that though? >> everybody. >> do you still get it?
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i get that, and i get, excuse me, officer, don't you know who this man is? >> he's the best. he's the greatest. he's my dad, james "the >> who are you?kar. >> phyllis nefler, troop beverly hills. >> i do want to gush about shelley longor one second here, because for me, this role -- and i really believe it was underapeciated in so many for a comedic actress. >> i maye a beginner at some things, but i got alack belt in shopping. >> the physical comedy was so fantasc. >> i love the smell of cookies in the morning. >> betty thomas played the red feathers' villainous leader, velda. >> right, mom? >> nix on the mom busiss. >> i would call you mom, but you always said nix on the mom business. yeah, right. >> if i'm at the airport and i start saying, hey, hand me that thing. there's a blue light special.
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>> attention kmart sppers. >> i have a favor to ask, please and thank you, if we could end with a lite "beverly hills, what ahrill." can we do it? >> so, you ready? are we ready? five, six,even eight. >> all: we're the girls from beverly hills. five, six, seven, eight. shopping is our greatest skill. beverly hills what a thrill. beverly hills what a thrill. >> you may have noticed th some of the original cast members were missing, t they did send messages, including this onerom actress carla gugino >> happy 30th anniversary to "troop beverly hills." i can't even belve that. i don't think i've been alive i'm sending lots of love from ? new york city. chica barnfeld, ov and out. >> we misyouiss you, carla. so sweet, right? another sweereunion we s happen, e cast of the original "beverly hills, 90210" together again. >> i love whene're all togeer. >> jennie and i wanted to work
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together we've been best friends ever since thsh, we've been best friends for 30 years. we raised our kids together. >> out of control, girl. >> we're like, 90210? hmm, i don't know. no one will ever do that. and thene're like, wait, what if we do it a different way? what if it wasn't a straight reboot? ♪ >> we were first othe set of this not-so-straight reboot that had the cast playing heighted versions of themselves. the scripted drama bnded details of their real lives with their characters. >> to me it's exciting to watch the show and for yourself figure out what's real, what's not. >> we should do this for real. what dyou say? >> yo, mr. and mrs. silver, grab a booth. >> thanks, man. >> full disclosure -- thiset is a lot bigger and a lot nicer than the original peach pit was. >> this is so iconic, right? thiss like- this is the soul >> didn't your daughter put on a
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"90210" t shirt? she looked like kelly taylor. >> they had a '90s themeddance. put on a "90210" t shirt. went as kelly taylor. cutest thing i've seen. they were projecting '90s images on the walls. there were pictures of me. i was like, i got to go. it w also good to see a mini "cheers" reunion go down on "the goldbergs" set, but r kirstie alley, it also brought back some terrifying memories. >> i was freaking out last night. it's really horrible when you're on somebody else's show and you screw up. and you see the people in the background like [ eep ] she's lost it, she has dementia. i never remember my lines. my lines were writt 678 i always used to carry a cigar box with me.
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they were written in the box >> "cheers" ran for 11 seasons before ending in 1993, after 275 episodes and 28 em wins. now kirstie's droppinget secrets from the show where everybody knows yourame. >> we never paid attention. we were always in trouble. we neverhowed up on time. we didn't want to work. we had to work. if "me too" had been around when we did "cheers," we wod all be in priso really. i'm not even kidding. we used to take nudies of each other. we'd kick open the bathroom doors and take -- were horrible. you can't even imagine the stuff we did. thatas really good. >> things were very different on set of "the goldbergs" where kirstie, rhea pearlmanjohn ratzenberg and george wendt reunited for the special episode. should they bring back "cheers"? should you get oneore crack to go to the bar? >> it doesn't make any sense not to, because we're old people and old people sit at bars. >> that's right. >> they should do it because it woul be great. meanwhile, it was just lik old times for the stars of "the drew carey show," and it's all thanks to anmerican housewife. >> like putting on an old shoe or something.
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>> could this reunion lead to a reboot? then -- our exclusive with the "happy days" cast. >> i know everything about them. >> everything? the major movie star first picked to be potsie. >> i saved his careeby getting it. >> and will ey reboot the tv classi >> who wld you want to play your character?
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"e.t." from the london west hollywood rolls on. >> welcome back to our look at the best cast reunions of 2019. the gang from "the drew carey show" got back together 15 years after their last episode. it was all for a speci episode of "americanousewife," and only "e.t." was iited to the set. >> hello, boys. well, ou've done quite a good job here with your little posters. >> diedrich. >> yeah, it was deidrich's idea. >> we're so gratefulou're here. we tried everything. won't budge. >> i said, yeah, sure. that sounds like fun >> it's like a time warp for all of us to be back together. ♪ let do the ti warp again >> for me it's like a time warp, like we dropped right backnto it. i dot know how you feel. >> i've forgotten how much drew overacts. yeah. ♪ brotherhood of man >> "the drew carey show" was one of the '90s' most innovative
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sitcoms. ♪ feels like things are en why, like really high. they had a coach and the coach you're flat.can't you hear that and i was like, no, i can't. if i could i wouldn't be flat. >> through nien years the sh was fearless -- producing live episodes, improv, and breaking into outrageous song and dance. and those drew/ mimi insults? >> it sure ilooking scary out there. not lookg much better in here. >> like putting on an old shoe or something, right? >> i keep saying likriding a bicycle came back. came back how to be mean to him just like that. >> i'm the bicycle. >> this could get ugly. if yore talking about your suit, you're right. >> the "americanousewife" reunion got us thinking -- could they launch a "drew careyhow" reboot? >> i'm not going to say no to anything if the money's right.
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but, uh -- laughter ] >> who's got the deep pockets? because here'sn idea -- maybe they can get together again next year to mark the 25th anniversary of "the drew car show." and when we come back, happy days are here again. >> the cch phrases, how did you dream them up? >> ayy! >> never-before-told stories from the tv classic. >> tre were 25,000 people. i just said to the crowd, you're going to part like the red sea. >> and ron howard's not-so-happy days behind the scenes. >> i said, well, i don'think i want to be in that show. plus, ron's daughter bryce dallas howard on a classic "jurassic'" chacter's big return to the franchise. >> yeah, it's happening! it's theltimate. closed captioning provided by --
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laura dern cing to "rassic world 3." >> it's the ultimate. i've known for a little while, and it's been really hard.
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like, if you look back at interviews, you just see me being like, yeah, it's happening! >> oh, it's ppening all right. we cannot wait to see the o.g. "jurassipark" cast reunite for "jurassic world 3." by the way, i caught up with bryce dallas howard's dad, director ron howard, for reunion to end all reunions. come on now, the cast of it really was a epic "e.t." exclusive. >> i can't believe it. i recognize all of you. >> this was a ry rare and very special reunion, the fonz, richie, rah malph, potsie and what is it like when i all get together? i st watched you come in the room, and it's like family. >> we play together, we acted together. >> i know everything about them. >> everything? >> wt's everybody doing, taking a holiday from being cool? >> the catchphrases -- how did you dream them up? >> okay, all right. "ayy" was written. >> ayy.
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ayy. ayy. >> so for ten years i went "ay"" and i added a word i got from my favorite sport at the time -- whoa. which was horseback riding. >> whoa. whoa, whoa, whoa. >> once u guys had a hit show, what was it like? because i heard you guys went out on tour,nd it was like you were rock stars. >> and it was an azing chae in your life. people wanted my socks whout taking off my shoes. >> they wanted more than that. >> it was i kind of like the boy band of the moment. it was that kind of pandemium. a lot of it was just focused on trying to get hisocks. >> somebody grabbed my hat, and even back when i had hair i but they grabb my hat. i actually went and got it. >> hey, you don't wanna go out me, do you? >> the four of us were together was in dallas. there are 25,000 people between limousine.f us and the everybody was, how are weoing to do this? and i just said to the crowd, i said, i'll tell u something --
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we're gonna part like the red sea, and youe not gonna touch us, anwe're gonna walk to that limousine. and everybody went, oh, my god. and they -- >> people jus got off the way? >> they got off the way, and we got into that car. >> hey, what is ts? >> back then there were three networks. i mean, we'd have 55 million, 58illion people a week watching the show. >> more and more we're startg to see young kids whare being introduced to the show, so it's like generation after generation. >> a few other things you didn't know? the original pilot failed, and anson wasn't the first choice for potsie. >> you don't have to prove anything to us. >> john travolta auditioned for potsie. and i said, i saved his career by getting it. laughter ] >> good luck with it, fonz. i gotta go. i'll see you later. >> there was aoint where you almost left the show, right? they wanted to change the name? they did come to me and say, well, the network would kind of like to change the name of the show to "fonzi's happy days." and i said, well, don't think
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i want to be in that show. the one oducer who wasn't there was garry marshall. and he in fact was staing outside,nd he said, it's not gonna happen then. and that was that. >>ho walks out? >> nobody, fonz. nobody. >> the stars reunited at the jonathan club for the rry marshall theater's third annual founder's gala. garry created "happy days" and passed away in 2016 after a stroke. you are here tonight because of garry. i'm going to play this for you. >> "happy days" to me was the ow where the cast had the best chemistry on and off the stage. >> that means lot. >> oh, my god. >> anoth secret -- early in the series, the network wanted the fonzo wear a cloth jacket, not a leather one, because they thought it made henry look too tough. but garry stepped in to change history. >> so he went to abc, he said, you kn, he could be hurt if he wes the cloth and he's riding a motorcycle. and they said, okay, when he's leather. bike, he can wear
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he went down to the payphone, he called the writers room. he said, never write another scene witht his bike. >> garry organized the show's famousoftball team that ron still played long after departing "happy days." >> a few years before the show ended, my contract was up and i waed to become a director and -- >> how did that work out? [ laughter ] >> sti working on it. >> you might make it. >> but i did literally -- i did say to garry, do you thin i could still be on the team? and he said absolutely, and so i went -- i continued to go to those trips. >> this cast still is still ry tight. and props to mrs. c .who is still acting a looking fabulous at 91 years young. so, let's say hollywood gets crazy and they say we're going to redo "happy days." we're gonna do a reboot. who would you want to play your character? >> there's nobody that can do it.
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[ laughter ] >> i agree 100%. >> she's right. she's always and forever the mrs. c. can we also celebrate tonight's "e.t." birthdays? >> which "game of thrones" star's real name is christopr? is it kit harington, richard madden, or peter dinklage? the answ is next. 3 britto is a fully automated robotic tere and so we're able to grind everhing fresh order use real dairy gourmet sheriffs to make each drink. >>fueling a flight crews and passengers who need that. >>others online but girl i just hear from terminal one to checkout. >>you can preorder from your app or a touch screen. >>that's good for crime.
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in our "e.t." birthdays, which "game of thrones" star's real name is christopher? at is kit harrington, who turns 33 today. kit is short for christopher. ion't get that one. >> well, my nickname isshea, so -- >> good point. >> and he didn't knohis real name until he was 11. kit says he was a bit mad at his mom. >> i understand that. what happens when she getsad at him and she's like,
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>>watching kron 4 news at a time. the san jose woman is behind bars tonight after nning over a man early
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christmas morning good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i'm catherine heenan in for pam moore it happened easter. >>santa clara street insan jose yesterday not far om roosevelt park. the suspect took off. but was caught last night kron four's michelle kingston joins us now with more on what led to the accident. >>we're learni a lot of new details tonight, police say the man who was run ver had actually just shot a man in this fleeing on foot whea the man he shot ran him over with her car under arrest now 22 year-old san jose resident sabrina murray could tear is investitors say her relative was shot and she then drove her car onto e sidewalk and struck the shooting suspect as he was running away lice say when they arrived on scene the shooting suspect was found lying in the street with a loaded firearm near him gutierrez fled the scene but was arrested last night. she was booked into the santa


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