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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  December 27, 2019 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>tears through an oakland
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warehouse. crews battlg the blaze an app store d west streets around :00am friday morning. firefighters say 6 people escaped from the flames, one person suffered minor burns. >>i was really woried that i don't know how many people were in there they were in there at all. so my first concern was to tke out. >>neighbor moriah cochran says the owner of the warehouse would allow homeless people to ay there for a small f, but it escalated to attracting drug users and other criminal activity. cochran says along with the warehouse being filled with unsafe electrical wiring. the owner was also hoding things making the spaceven more dangerous they had to have seen extensio cords running in a filling up that whole space. so they had to haveknown that i n't understand. >>why action wasn't taken. >>the warehouse was red tagged by the city in november,
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deeming it dangerous an hazardous for people to be inside but on friday people were found to be living there any way people say similar to ago ship i don't think it's that extensive because we had on the radar oakland's sistant fire marshal emanuel watson says this building was known as a problem spot. >>irefighters have previously responded to the warehouse for another albeit smaller fire in 2014 one medical emerncy last october. now after this fire. the plan is to completely closit off to keep people from getting back in to the building is now going to be a fenced. >>and it will be tagged ain. >>for no entry i just hope that the authorities actually. persist in making sure that no one goes back in there. >>investigators say they have been in touch with the owner who says they are heartbroken to hear about this fire and it is still unclear tonight. what
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caused it. reporng live in oakland dan thorn kron 4 news and thank you and oakland city council member dan kalb went anvisited the site of that fire today tonight, he is respondingto the incident. >>in this statement saying quote i my office staff an opd officials t with residents of the neighborhood regarding th very building have been working to make this neighborhood safer and ensure that residents and neighrs concerns are heard and addressed by the appropriate offices. this building was red tagged as uninhabitable in eviction notice for the owner and temporary occupants in the building. some of them did come back into the building illegally. tonight we're getting a chilling look at what led to the officer involved shooting of a 60 year-old man in concord on december first coer police have released body cam vio of the moment said led up to the killing of donald james everson also a 911 call made by his parents in which you hear everson in the background thatening to kill any offirs who show up.
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>>kron four's catherine heenan has the story better to outside with a loaded 45 you better stop a kill up to morgue until to you >>when lice did arrive they try to get donald ever sent come out of the house that didn't happen. the man who did eventually walkout was ever sons, 90 year-old father who was bleeding badly from the face. he told officers his 85 year-old wife had also been hurt. >>my wife and i wi her. she hurt her she hurt. >>that's when officers kicked the front door open and went inside. on the body cam video you'll immediately here ever since saying m going to kill her. he was in the kitchen, holding a knife over s injured mhers had 2 officers opened we froze the video
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before you see everson being shot he died at the scene. his parents had ld police on the phone he was mentally disturbed saying alcohol and drugs make it worse. catherine heenan. kron 4 news meanme ever since parents are covering from their police say. survive conquer because he wants the community to know as much as possible about what happened thesay they confirmed that they had been at the house before including a welre check there just last month. >>palo alto police arrested them uh seuss after investigators say he assaulted a woman she was getting a massage too. gang weighing is now facing 2 felonies for crimes. police say back in august a woman in her 30's reported being sexually assaulted by weighing. the suspect went by the name of adam at the body needs day
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spa. the spa cooperated with learning of the investigation. now detectives are looking into whether more victims could be out there right now we have a reporter working on this story and we'll have a live report at 9 with re let's step outside on this friday night and taken to the airport and see what's happening at sfo lile chilly out there tonight lawrence you step outside you may want to step right back inside i mean it's going to be cold out there tonight, we'll see those temperatures are dropping off outside yet clear skies you've got some very dry air now mixing in the bay area, the temperatures. >>they're going to drop like a rock overnight tonight back to numbers alrea you've got 43 degrees how about that in palo alto 45 in redwood city 49 in pacifa 41 in dublin, 43 in livermore still 52 degrees in sa francisco. but the north bay while we're looking at some cold temperatures will be longer dip into the 30's here probably in the next hour or so so getting very cold out patchy frost again overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning, here's the expected
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lows about 30 in santa rosa that's going to a cold start today freezing in napa 31 34 in 33 in conquer 30 in livermore but even inside the bay lot of 30's again waking up to some patchy frost on a saturday morning you get up early enough you see some of the ice may be on ur car, some of that patchy frost over some the roofs and cold temperatures even althe way to the coastline, so it's going to be a chilly start today but by the d will try to warm thingsp plan on highs still in the cool side only in the 50's. >>we stop something that so many people love because of one person's. >>the holiday spirit to go a little bit of a hit this week at a place as usually filled to the top with joy, see stole items from the christmas house in novato it's a home that for almost 3 decades stecher eights the night to the nines was hundreds of thousands of lights and ornamentsand figurines kron four's justine waltman talks with the family who makes this all happened
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about how they won't let the grinch's steal their christmas. >>the christmas house here in comes to decorating for hen it christmas both outside d inside the house it takes months to set up. >>and 10's of thousands of people come and visit every holiday season. but this week as the family was closing up they noticed that some of their personal items from inside the house were stolen and now the staff has made them question whether or not they want to continue spreading all this holiday to this is the family room so this is where we celebrate our christmas there is not one inch of the robe arrows home that is not corated for christmas. we love christmas christmas is definity in r heart. >>the love shown in a filled with ains low in angels and shiny ornaments for most 30 years the fami has invited the community inside for free to make spirits bright. >>3,000 pele have a night to
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see all of this it's wild. it's a wild ride that's wht i can y. >>anthe family just won a national holiday lights contest the crowds have poured p in. >>unfortunately sunday high a visitor swid happiest parents phones from the tchen when i went back to look at the phones. they were no longer here. the theft has put a damper on the holiday cheer or someone to come in and just grabbed the phone just like that it's eally hard to swallow to be honest. candcane cost purchasing new phones was not on the wish list well, the trust has been broken. it could have been worse, i'm glad that it wasn't something more you know valuable or decoration that mean something to us 4 minutes, the rivera's considered shutting down but a cellphone stealing courage i not going to take the mary out of the christmas house. e
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don't want to stop what we're doing because we know bringing joy to may and it brings us joy. >>52,000 people can visit the ristmas house every holiday season. and now moving forward the family's going to be putting up security caras that we santa will always know if you're not for nice about oh i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>we e sendg. >>following an 18 hour search, the wreckage of a missing tour helicopter in haii has finally been located now the coast guard is tasked with recoveng. the remains and how trolls are restarted its maximum enforcement policy for the holidays, safrancisco steing up the reason officers wider know they'll be having dui checkpoints out ere. and friends and family mourning 3 teens lost ty in
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if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from anyowned wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and keep the public safe.
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>>were with ea other. >>3 dublin teenagers killed in a horrific car crash are being remembered their car smashed into a power pole christmas night and then wrapped around a tree now a community is coming together honoring th lives lost far too soon. those 3 teens killed were traveling in a car with 2 other passengers who are now in th hospital with major injuries 4 of those teenagers. our dubl high school students kron four's haaziq madyun talk to the dublin unified school district superintendent. >>about at's being done to try to comfort e victims fries and family. >>it was emotional scene as people contie to come and lay flowers and cales at the deadly crash site that claimed the lives of 3 dublin high school students twin brothers mark and michael your easter and w the air really are as
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2 additional teenage passengers, one male and one female were also hospitalized with major injuries and they're all traveling to the safe vehicle when it left the road he old foot he'll in easanton christmas night this mother says she didn't know the victims but felt compelled to come see where the tragedy happened just because ofthe horrible loss, no parent wants a looser children and chris mentioned. from there we can do to support night was very and jobs as word got out to our community it just has absolutely devastated. spoke by phone with dublin unified school district surintendent dave market who toldme the students who lost their lives all ew up in the dublin unified schooldistrict for students at. right they worked together at mit elementary hool, middle school and high school so they a large network of friends and family, the superintendent talks about how the school district is offering support to the
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families of the victims their classmates and their teachers expressed our. >>says and our concern and our love them and their families there counselors will get for teachers depending on es their grade level and what they teach to work with their students so now the time to greet with them together this week in a public vigil will be held in memory of the students who lost their lives that will take place at 05:00pm here on the campus of dublin hi school. >>in dublin has the le kron 4 ne. >>starting tonight, extra offirs will be out on patrol in san francisco looking for people driving under the influence of patrol started at 7 o'clock tonight they last until 3 tomorroworning. officers will be looking for drive showing signs of alcohol or drug impairnt according to the highway patrol crhes involving an impaired dver. can actually be reduced by up to 20% when well publiced dui checkpoints and patrols happen
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regularhighway patrol also said 30% of drivers in deadly crashes had at least one drug in their system. over christmas alone. the chp made 271 dui arrests in california and 10 people losttheir lives from a drunk driving crash >>valais o 911 dispatcher lped bring a new life into the world over the phone. she helped successfully lead a franticcall the day after christmas. dispatcher susan hart got a call from a woman who was in a panic because her daught went into labor. she used her previous training as an emergency medical dispatch to guide the to step by step in the process are calm the situation by making sure to let the family know they were on heir way but at 8 oh 9 welcomed into the world all before paramedics arrived. >>tonight in southern california terstate 5 is open again through the grapevine after being closed for extended the weathe
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delays. a winter storm dumd several inches of snow on the area over the past couple of days and while it looks very pretty it did cause a lot of problems. the snow started on christmas day it affected roadways throughout the mountains between bakersfid in la ever sesse. a lot of drivers spent the ight in their vehicles near an entrance to the freeway. another storm is expected to bring rain and snow to cap a southern california on monday. our 4 zone forast as step outside take a look at the embarcadero. night but we're not getting at snow or anything that we're seeg there night we're going to see patchy frost outhere tonight for this weekend. i mean the latter part of weekend we're going to backto rain maybe some snow in our mouths. but southern califoria they're going to get hit again just to some advice don't go i 5 on sunday, you want to go one on one if you can that storm system going make a mess of things again if you'r traveling in that direction here you go, here's the very latest on the coutr model you see the clds rolling in morrow. >>a then we get onthe storm as we head into sunday afternoon. then watch what happens is going to begin to drop all the way down to
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southern calornia. you see the attached fees and there you go i 5 that's going to be pbably going to see snow all the way down to about 3,000 feet. inwinter storm watches have already been iued across much of that areac i 5 coming across the grapevine here in andy, they're looking at maybabout 6 plus inches ofsnow to along with some gusty winds 40 maybe 50 miles per hour. so i think it's going to be a mess their best to go one on one if you can that again coming in late on sunday around the bay area we are loing at some dry conditions and dry around the state right now tonight, it will be one of those col frosty nights outside especially early on tomorrow morning, 30's to start out your day then in he afternoon, partly cloudy skies, increasing clouds on the way in rain likely by sunday afternoon high pressure brought us a nice break in the stormy weather pattern, the jet stream staying to the north but that's abou to take a dip but not before we squeeze in, at least one more nice day en after that guess what we've got this guy coming in thatill likely bring some rain right here wel put it in the forecast models show you what we're doing is we've got the clouds rolling in lat
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in the day tomorrow not going some of those mid to high see level clouds moving across our skies. then as we head into sunday, the clouds thicken up and then we could get into some rain even by late morning in the north bay spreang across the entire bay area in the afternoon. a rain maybe some thunderstms go along with that some snow in the mountains. they a search for survivors in hawaii has turned into a recovery operation. >>after a helicopter crashed off the coast of kawhimost of the victims were found tonight after the chopper went missing yeerday during a tour kron four's allison mae and. >>is now joining us in e was an 18 hour long search and finally that wreckagehas been found take a look right here this happened off the coast of hawaii's called nepali right here that happened on thursday afternoon about one ofthe most rugged and remote coastlinein hawaii, which made this really challenging so one pilot and 6 passengers were all on board. 2 of them are believed to be children. according to the coast guard, the last communicaon was made at 04:40pm their time
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about 40 minutes before the helicopter was scheded to return when it didn't a multi-agency search launched just after 6 o'cloclow visibility and windyt all the more challenging. the chopper was reportedly uipped with a locator but officials were not ab to get a signal from it. authorities e now working to identify the victims. we're focusing. >>on identifying and establishing contact with family members of the passengers on the flight manifest. the n t s b has also been notified. and the ad investigator is in upon our request. the fda has issued a temporary flight restriction. in thevicinity of the search area. >>that means that no other aircrts can pass over the area of that crash site at this time, an employee with safari elicopters and declined to comment today. the ntsb aviationccident due to be list at 9 crashes of sightseeing flights in hawaii happened in the la 10 years,
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including 3 fatalities, the ntsb is n its way to help out with this investigation ile crews continues to search for that last victim. firefighters believe had fortunately did not survive back to you. alex thank you. >>a vaccine for hpv is recommended to be taken in 3 dose
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>>just one dose of the hpv vaccine could protect a person from inftion that new study suggests the medical journal jama network open puished the study friday, researchers found women who received 1, 2, or 3 doses of the vaccine. we're less likely to be infted with certain high-risk hpv types that's compared to wen who received none of the vacnations in fact they say even one dose of the vaccine protected better than oosing to go unvaccinated hpv or the huma papilloma virus is a group of more than 200 related viruses.
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that can spread through contact. it can cause cancer in so cases. it's estimated about 80% of people will ge infected with hpv in their lifetime. >>coming up new police laws coming to
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>>we are just days away from ringing in 20 20 in this new year's eve. will be celebrating it in style our countdown to 2020 will feature live bands entertainment and fireworks acrossthe country. alex baucus has a look at one of the best views ithe country from las vegas. >>one f the best news in the entire. making this the tallest building here in nevada and the tallest freestanding observation tower in the u s we'll be up here on for for you will have to raise you write down the las gas
8:31 pm
strip. shell also be off th group at 6 hotel. drive like this roller coaster. this ll be just one othe parties we will be at our counown of the 2020 live from las vega in addition to the fireworks sh in fabulo las vegas, we'll be at hot sps like the brklyn bowl the hard rock cafon this trip and south pointe bringing you ve bands and entertainmentthroughout the entire e and we'll be celebrating w yearas eek's ross the country with the ll op in mes square, a fieworks show from dallas and denver and of course our own fireworks show here in last night. the party starts at 8 o'clock right here on thisi had a dinner there one. >>and trump four's new year's eve spectacularis back joining justine waltman and grant lotus at 1130 as we count down to the new year
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right here in san francis with a big fireworks show er the ferry building it is the only live tv fireworks show in the bay area. 4 zone forecast as we get live view of downtown san francisco. >>are we going deal to see those fireworks are reveling in all these years passed and we cat believe we're going into this next decade, 2020, i fireworks around the bay area that is good news, it is going to be a little chilly though dress warmly if you're headed t some of those parties outside a a itis hard to believe but here we go 2019. it is coming to an end 2020 stting out on the dry side will be chilly though expect some temperatures dropping f into the 30's and the 40's overnight that night. new year's day though yeah we are going to se numbers in the 50's with some partly cloudy skies so here we go as you head outside now we've got some cold tempetures already 43 degrees in livermore 42 now in santa rosa 44 in the napa valley, 52 degrees in san francisco, high prsure taking over for now last
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weekd least the first part is looking good of 2019. a 2nd half well it gets a little bit wet watch what happens here will put this in motion tomorrow afternoon you've got some clouds rolling in you see e front off the coastline just kind of fade away here, but it's a scary here watching happens. it begins to take a southerly track drops right in the bay area bringing some rain some showers and cold enough are talking about some snow overthe mount ops behind that we start to get ady for the new year and guess what high pressure takes over just enough and that it holds most that moisture up there on a new year's eve in the first part of new year's day stl some partly cloudy skies which did should stay mainly dry and then the changes awe get into friday as another cold front drops and again this going to be a very cold storm system moving in bringing some rain and probably unsettled weather in the first weekend of 2020, so yeah enjoy the break. we'll have tomorrow looks like prey good day you'll see some partly cloudy skies, some rain returns on sunday dry on monday and tuesday the last day of 2019. >>starting 2020 several new police laws are going into
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effect incalifornia. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala elains. >>2020 will bring a major update to police use of deadly force policies d training across the state the new measure updates language in the law that changes the standard for when police can use adly force from one reasonable to now when nessary how those 2 word differ will still be up for prosecutors to enter britain in addition to setting one of the strictest used of for standar in the country california willalso prohibit police from firing tir weapns on fleeing felons who don't pose an immediate threat but 2021 all departments must establish ear and specific use of force guidelines cluding a minimum standard for using deadly force and a specific situations in which offirs may or may not draw were point theifirearm at a person california's peace officer commissionwill develop mandatory training for officers that includes de-escalation tactics, cultural competency and meal d health policing the new set of laws was inspired by the death
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of stephon clark. police shot and killed a sacramento m after officers mistook his cellphone for a gun state leaders have said the new standards are a symbol of compromise after years of contentionbetween police and civil rights groups in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. now that christmas is passed it may be time to recycle a christmas tree in san francisco, the city's asking residents to recycle their trees and so you try to make it as easys possible by holding his 33th annual. >>christmas tree chipping event recall a g will be picki up christmas trees starting january 2nd through th15th. they want evything to be taken off of the tree, no decoraons or tensile also take the stand off we college you will then muh the tree and use it in a variety of projects. what about the nigh before and we'll combine your schedud collection day pick them up. >>the ship i'moing take those chips and mulch and it's going to go into ndscaping projects in city parks, it's a great way to participating kickoff or cycling for the new year
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>>the college e says it plans on collecting about 500 tons of tree this year trees this year. again the pickup dates are from january second through the 15th. had the leader of north korea prised united states a chrimas gift. the reason offials say they're relieved. it hasn't come y and the knives are out sharpened and ready to serve up the best as chefs competeto take on the world tonight on dine and di the king of the august takes us to the north b and gives us
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>>maybe you've heard of iron we know at ships can be very competitive. yes, they can. >>tonighon dine and dish vicki liviakis takes us to napa and shows us the ultate in cooking competition you've probably ner heard of. >>witness the spectacle the olyics of cooking competitions call an airy mbatants go toe to toe battling it out to become team usa. this is serious business.
8:40 pm
so ladies general ofthe judges are indulging show the chefs are competing against each other be judged by their peers. make it to the big cook-off in it caed the boat crews and more world oking on camera no cause for evybody ladies and gentleman. this is e eliminati phase happening in napa the colaneri institute of america's copia campus. the plate retta to is there verybody with an eggplant serene base. >>the platter theme whole check. back in the kitchen, the knives come out the pressureis on all right here we go. >>out on the judging stage, the tough task of taste testing and no taking. this napa event headed up by famous chef thomas keller of french laundry fame. some of the other judges you may be familiar with and dine and dish why and chef michelle rdio ca and french chef role on ow in the end chef geoffrey i yeah she of setting a restaurant honolulu will
8:41 pm
be head chef william barrera who work for roy's in honolulu will be his second in command will besharpening their skills in full training mode to be ready in just over a year. team usa up against the world and bocuse d'or 2021 in napa vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>so we are trained on w to handle crisis situationlike that. >>using theirtraining day the clues, a group of mcdonald's ployees noticed and how they stepped up to help ve a sacramento, woman's life. >>in sports san francisco's last matchup against attle ended in heartbreak. but this weekend. have a chance to get evn and also make sure if you see wires down, treat them all as if they are hot and energized. stay away from any downed wire, call 911 and call pg&e right after so we can both respond out and ke the public safe.
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♪ nev♪ wish i was at jack, right their burgers are great. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the joy of missing out with my $5.99 ite cheddar cheeseburger combo. >>mcdonald's employees in lodi say they knew exactly what to do whena woman told them she was in danger. investigators say she was here with a man who had reportedly threatened to kill her as christy grosz
8:45 pm
reports the empyees were trained to handle this exact situation. >>she didn't come in pretty frantic workers at ths flag city mcdonald's help save a woman from a potentially dangerous situation she told the employees of the counter that she needed help she needed them to call 911 to hide her and then she use the restroom here at this location. deputy and raylopez says the victim and the suspect were traveng to at came out. and she went to the counteto place an order and the suspect was inside the restaurant with her and he said no you can place the order to the drive-thru in the drive-thru she made a silent plea for help came out help to themployees mcdonald's spokeswoman regina camera says workers jumped into action immediately calling 911 we are a safe place so we are trained on how to handle crisis situations ke that our retaurant manager had our employees actually hold up the drive to that we were then moving forward lopez says deputies rushed to the scene
8:46 pm
and spotted the car still in the drive-thru and ordered the victim in the man out the car when deputies made contact with the spects they also located a firearm in hit n the trunk of the vehicle, the firearm was loaded and it was a revolver puties arrested 35 year-old eduardo balance way le and learned he s a felon in the gun was stolen out of state it was key to the dogs contact us so quickly camera says she's pro of how the workers handled a stressful situation. they think they just kind of those one of ose fire fight and the things they just took over and they didn't hesitate. that was christy grosz reporting downs way low was later put in jail, he's now facing charges of makg criminal threats possessing stolen property. >>and being a felon in possession of a firearm a child on an airline ight was pronounced dead at los angeles internatnal airport last night the girl has en identified as 10 year-old. >>janice june, according to delta airlines, a flight from la to seattle was diverted back to shortly after takeoff. not many details about what happened actly
8:47 pm
police were called to an emergency at one of the departure gates. los angeles fire tweeted out of th child was in cardiac arrest and paramedics worked try to save the little girl but she died the airport. >>the threat of a christmas gift from north korea to the us has failed to materialize some had fead the gift would be a nuclear test so. >>it's a bit of a relief but just because north korea did not act does not mean the united states n't react. reporter david culver has more. >>silence from north korea instead of a promised christmas gift. but us officials are still watching kim jong un's regime closely for potenal provocations. a official tells cnn that the ump administration has preapproved a range of options to respond they could fly bomber aircraft over the korean peninsula start military drills of ground but all of thadepends on what if anything north korea doesin the next few days. earlier this month, the north warned it would give e us that
8:48 pm
christmas gift. >>ahead of the holiday the source ld cnn that the gift could be the adoption of a hardline policy taking denuclearization off the tables of us administration officials are sti brace for a weapons test in the near future. recent satellite images have shown movent on thpeninsula suggesting north korea. they be working towards an icbmtest, but it's unclear what exactly they would have respond with a show of to military force since may north korea has launched several short ran rockets and missiles that president trump has downplayed the spike their threat to us troo and allies as the year nears its and north korea gets closer toits self-imposed deadline for successful denuclrization talks with the us orelse. kim jong un has warned the past his country will take a quote, a new path. david culver cnn, hong kong. >>time now for >>well it's been a while sie
8:49 pm
the 49 ers have left seattle with a victory the last time to be exact in december 2011 when jim harbaugh was the head coach alex smith, the quarterback and russell wilson was still in college. now an opportunity for the niners to end tt awful streak and clinch the nfc east top seat, neither seawks and a 94 will not be making s return doesn't look like quasi todd will be suiting up either. >>now last year in seattle the niners lost by 27 this they fell on the field goal in overtime. good thing here george kittle will be in th mix after missing the first meeting with the hawks and kill knows what kind of loud this year to expect that centrally. >>me to come not be you know click on it as make big the o come out of the end zone, so we've got to keep playing our type of footall and i know hopefully we can take crowd out of it the level of intensity of these games as a its real think. >>if you dot know that going so i think just our team's ot. mindset. started ese ys is
8:50 pm
monday night here i was a shl of atmosphere too so because i know at you're getting into. >>kickoff just afte5 sunday night to the raiders highly unlikely josh jacobs suits up in the regular season final of denver, the rookie running ba did not practice today and is in line to miss his send straight game with a shoulder injury. oakland with an opportunity to make the postseason with a win and a number of other scenarios, including sses from the titans steelers and jaguars all those games will be happening at the same time so the raiders won't have much time to the scoreboard watching. derek carr. take that as a positive. >>i try not to look up anything you know. they just get your mind on something you don't need to the matter that moment that's why i guess it is a good for our team, you kn a anyone we'll see that stuff or anything like that they can ay positive and you know keep their mid on the football game, a because we don't win nothing matters. >>going to be fun and finally speaking of the raiders you may remember his guy former oakland in patriots receiver
8:51 pm
antonio brown worked out today with the new orleans saints. the all pro has been out football for nearly the entire season. currently being investigated for personal conduct policy violations as a result of the scenes are explorinhis eligibility to play in the postseason if they were to sign him to a deal wi stay tune. that is your look at sports back to you n in the show all right. thank you mark. >>coming up the reason this foster cat is getting national attention maybe you can see why d how threscue organizations wants you
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>>looking for aforever home she is this rescue cat okay the key thirescue cat in north carolina. getting a lot of attention for her resemblance to ba yoda the character from the disney plus star wrs series, a mandalorian has been used a lot of social media mes joy is this cat's nae she was found by rowan county humane society volunteer on december 15th, channel large neck
8:55 pm
wound. that's don't think it was caused by light saber battle instead it was likely the result of an animal attack or an accident. animal that's tread her for a number of illnesses, including a respiratory infection and intestinal parasites, she's a lot better now choice ought to be one or years old is very affectionate and sweet and loves being in laps. she's being fostered by an animal hospital worker until she's ready for her forever home. you can follow her on facebook we have a link to it on our website kron 4. >>dot com. she will be adopted in no time looat that face here a little tongue hanging t there tucci is that wraps up kron 4 nes at 8 grant lotus and they can the aac us are here with kron 4 news at night might be a new flying tale segment, right there that can nes a forever. home michelle ken thanks very much coming up next ted 9 this woman paid for a masge but she left the spa in shock and now the seuss is facing felonies what he's accused of
8:56 pm
doing at a local spot. and why police think there could be more victims troubles warehouse catches fire in the dead onight forcing 8 people to get out quick why they shouldn't. >>the been there in the first is doing right now and the and i'm grant lotus ief meteorologist lawrence karnow is right here is dialing up the 4 zone forecast keep it here. kron 4 news at night is next.
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>>when prime time. watching kron 4 news at 9. >>now in 9 of palo to massage therapists is unr arrest accused of sexually assaulting a customer good evening, evybody thanks for being with us at 9 i'm grant lotus a because of kiss th incident happened in august th the body needs day spa. >>kron four's gayle ong is live for us in palo alto with details from police scal. >>theking grant the massage therapist was arrest this morning, he is in santa clara county main jail facing felony charges. >>lo alto police say 46 year-old a gang weighing inapprope


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