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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  December 27, 2019 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 i know how many people were in there as they were in their all. so my first concern was to take it out. >>now at 10 a red g warehouse in west oakland catches fire with people illegally living inside at least 8 forced flee. >>good evening. i'm ken wayne and i'm michelle kingston in for pam moore, firefer battled the flamesat the building on app garden west streets. investigators say one person was injured, but the
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bigproblem is the building was supposed to be empty kron four's dan tho is live in oakland tonight, he joins us with more on this story. dan. >>we're showing can neighbors tell us this warehouse was a problem spot and people were place, homeless people are is being allowed to live in this place illegally in the assistant fire marshal says it was also on their radar and it was deemed unsafe for people to be living there back in november, but when firefighters arrived on scene this morng. they found people living there who are forced to escape. >>ripped through an oakland warepouse, corps said 8 people to escape. >>the early morning fire happening on the corner of the app storin west street. >>one person was treated for mir burns, but no one was suppod to be inside the warehouse s been a concern for neighbors warehouse has been a fire trap for a number of years mariah cochran says
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the owner of the warehouse would allow homeless peopleto stay there for a small fe for the building was red tagged by the city in nomber eming it dangerous and hazardous for people were found to be living there any way people say similar to ago ship i don't think it's. >>that extensive because we had on e radar oakland assistant fire marshal emanuel known asa problem sp. g was >>firefiters have previously responded the warehouse for another albeit smaller fire in 2014 one medical emergen last october. now after this fir the plan is to completely close itoff to keep people from getting back in to the buding is now >>and it will be taggeagain. >>for no wintery i just hope that the authorities actually. persist in making sure that no one goes back in there >>investigators say they have
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been in touch with the owner of the warehouse who says they are heartbroken to hear about what happened. but it is ill unclear tonight as to what caused this fire. reporting live in oakland dan thorn kron 4 news dan ank you oakland city council member dan kalb went and visited the site of the fire today and tonight he's responding to the incidet in a statement ying quote. >>i my office staff and opd officials met with residents ofthe neighborhood regarding this very building been working to make this neighborhood safer a ensure that residents and neighbors concerns are heard and addressed by the appropriate offices. this building was red tagged as uninhabitable in november along with an eviction notice r the owner and temporary occupants of the building. some of them did come back into the building illegally. other news tonight, we're gettin a chilling look at what led to the officer involved shooting of a 60 year-old main concord on december first conquered police have released body cara video of the moments that led up to the killing of donald james evson also a
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911 call made his parents in which you hear everson in the baground threatening to ll any officers who show up. >>kron four's catherine heenan has the story. >>to lead to outside 145 killed you better kill up to morgue until toyou >>when police did arrive the try to get donald ever sent to come out of the house that didn't happ. the man who did eventually walkout was ever sons, 90 year-old father who was bleeding badly from the face. he told officers his 85 year-old wife had also been hurt. >>mywife and i will her. she hurt her she hurt. >>that's when officers kicked the front door open and went inside. on the body cam video you'll immediately re ever since saying i'm going kill her. he was in the kitchen,
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holding a knife over his injured mothers had 2 officers opened we froze the video before you see everson being shot he died at the scene. his parents had told police on the phone he was mentally disturbed saying alcohol and drugs make it worse. catherine heenan. kron 4 news. >>ever since parents are recovering from their injuries. they're both expected to survive. conquer police say they're releasing the video today becau they want the community to know as much as possible about what happened. they confirmed they'd been at the house before including a welfare check just last month. >>immediately td the suspect to stop but he continued to texture of a manner. >the palo alto massage therapist is under arrest tonighaccused of sexually assaulting a customer. >>the incident happened in
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august at the body needs day spa kron four's gayle ong live in palo alto with details from pice scale. >>michelle can the massage therapist was aested this morning. he's in santa clara coun main jail facing felony charges. palo alto police say 46 year-old a gang weighing inappropately touched a woman while working at the body needs day spa the incident happened on augut 23th around 08:40pm. >>police say the victim is in her 30's. shtold police a gang sexually assaulted her twice she was receiving a maage detectives got the to police departmeninvestiged and we were able to link eviden to the suspect. >>so part of assault did indeed take place wing went by the name adam and thowner of the spa declined an on camera interview but confirms weighing worked here for re than a year. the owner says they ke the allegations very seriously and are coopering with police on this investigation play has since been tminated we wanted call attention to this case because
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many individuals so there is a possibility that there are dditional victims. >>anyone who believ they may have been a victim is urged to call police reporting live in palo alto gayle ong kron 4 >>new at 10 bay area native and producer of a charlie brown christmas has died lee mendelson died on christmas day this week he wrote the lyrics to the christmas classic christmas me is here. mandelson was bo in san francisco and grew up in san mateo mendelsohn was 86 when he died from cancer in los angeles radio host and broadcaster, don imus has died at the age of 79 today's family confirms the controversial imus. >>had been in the hopital since christmas eve. he spe almost 50 years on the air before retiring in march of 2018. he began his career in southern calirnia with brie stints in stockton and sacramento. imus was inducted
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into the national radio hall of fame in 1989, he is survived by his 6 children. >>happening now full chp in san francisco police officers are out on patrol in san francis looking for people driving under the influence. these patrols we into effect at 00:07pm tonight andill continue until 3 tomorrow looking for driver showing signs of alcohol or drug impairment. according to th dertment crashes involving an impaired driver can be reducedby up to 20% when well publicized dui checkpoints and patrols happen often they also said 30% of drivers in deadly crashes had at least one drug in their system. just over christas chp officers made 271 dui arrest in california in 10 people lost eir lives from a drunk driving crash 3 teenagers, including a pair of twins were killed christmas night in a horrific carcrash. >>now the communy is coming together to honor them kron
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four's has mind talked with the dublin unified school district superintendent. >>about wh's being done to comforts the friends and family. >>it was an emotional scene as people continue to come to lay flowers and candles at the deadly crash site that claimed the lis of 3 dublin high school students twin brothers mark and michael your easter and how the air really or is 2 additional teenage passengers, one male and one fema were also hospitalized with major injuries and they're all aveling to the safe vehicle aveling to the safe vehicle when it lefthe road her foot he'll in easanton christmas nighthis mother says she didn't know the victims but felt compelled to come see where the tredy happened just because of the horrible loss, no parent wants a looser children and chris mentioned. >>from there we can do to support night was very and job as word got out to our communityt just has absolutely vastated. spoke by phone with dublin unified school district superintendent
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dave market who told me the students who lost their lives a grew up in the dublin unified school distct for students at. right they worked together at mit elementary school, middle school anhigh school so they a large network of friends and family, the superintendent talks about how the school district is offering support to the families of the victims their classmates and their teachers expressed our. >>says and our concern and our luck to them and their families there e counselors will get some outs all. opportunities for teachers depending on their grade level d what they ach to work with their students so now the together. eet with them >>this week in a public vigil wilbe held in memory of the students who lost their lives that will take place at 05:00pm here on the campus of dublin high school. in dublin has the lead kron 4 news. >>now to some developing news out of colorado police are
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looking for the gunman who opened fire inside a mall in a denver suburb today killing a 17 year-old y. aurora police said it happened inside a jc penney store police cod not immediately confirm how many people were volved in the shooting. >>further details on the teenager who was killed police say it was the second shooting in the aurora mall this month. >>interstate 5 is open tonight at the great fine after bein closed for more than 36 hours due to a powerful winter storm several inches of snow was dumped across the area, causing traffic problems particularly in the mountains between bakersfield and los geles. many drivers spent the night christmas night in their cars because the freeway was closed. earlier tonight kron 4 grant lodes and vicki liviakis tk with chp officer and the dalton about the possibility of a sudden of another road closure. >>well i actually just talked to our partners or caltrans and the traffic management entre here for district as district 6 in the central
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valley and they actually let me know that there is a possibility they may shut down the grapevine and the 58 again tonight because ocold temperatures. >>well it and so our guy was saying in our weather guy was saying that might be the case sunday night maybe into monday with snow you're saying even tonight just for cold temperatures. >>yes, because the residual effects from the previous storms they still have a lot of ice that they were fighting and with the elevations, especially up over the great find it's a lot colder up therthan it does down the central valley. and unfortunately with that you get frzing temperatures you can to get black icand they may potentially shut it down ifit starts getting bad enough. >>well let's see how it looks righnow as we are giving you a live picture from interstate 5 where show you this picture last nig at this time and the headlights are actually ic being diverted off of the freeway they're forced to turn around that's a southbound direction, you're looking at witthe headlights a near the
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grapevine but it open right now for now but stay tuned if you're traveling to southern plan on taking i 5 check ahead because there's a possibility it could be shutdown might wantto think about i want to one instead i think o i mean specially lot of part of this ekend we've got a cold storm coming in will see ow levels dropping down to about 3, to be a problem there. i think as we getto the weekend t bay ea though >>yeah we're looking good here look at this storm system approaching the coastline some high clouds mo in by tomorrow afternoon staying dry. but there mes get into some rain by nday afternoon, the same storm system going to dive all the way into southern california fast and you can see right there that is snow developing over the great find some heavy snow in fact. winter storm watches have already been issued yousee i where people get trapped is yesterday and well andyou could see the summer situation may be as much as 6 inches of snow maybe more and some strong gusty winds as tha advisory is in really all the
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way until tuesday, so epect a significant event if i real miami bypassing i 5 i late thisweekend and go now want to one better chance going get down there safely and probably even faster we're looking at mostly cle skies out there right now and that is keeping things up pretty chilly out there as we get ready for a very frosty morning. look at ome of the numbers outside right now. it is 39 in palo alto 40 in redwood ty, 38 dublin 39 in livermore right now 42 in concord 44 in oakland now in the 40's in san francisco, then you've got 36 degrees in fairfield 36 in napa 39 degrees in petaluma 36 to save alina and 39 degrees in santa rosa. so we're on the way down and these temperatures probably goi to bottom out slightly below freezing in many spots we've got clear skies we've got a little bit of a northerly component to the wind and that's been just enough to bring in that cold dry air here in the bay area and that is going to add to those chilly temperatures overnight tonighso bundle up it is going to be one of those cold
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ones things begin to calm down a little more of a northerly component you see right there to the wind and that wi usher in some that very dry air and that drier will drop in a hurry. ai is could be clear and cold tonighwith some fog a possibility, but it's ing to be very patchy outside the frost is going to be more prevalent tomorrow morning, frosty start to the weekend and then partly cloudy by the afternoon sunday, a big change in the pattern increasing clds and then we start to talk about some rain overnight lows forecast down o about 30 degrees in santa rosa, 31. and freezing in the napa valley, 32 in the bottom freezing their 30 in livermore even inside the bay, some of these temperatures hovering just above freezing certainly cold enough likely see some ice some cars even inside the bay and some frost er many roofs. we've got high pressure will ake care of for the first part of the weekend but after that you can see that stormsystem are riding in on the backside of that that will be rolling in on sunday to bring some rain. how can.
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>>we stop something that so one person's. ve because of >>the holiday spirit to go a little biof hit this week at a place is usuly filled with joy thieves stole items om the famous christmas house in the motto. >>home that for almost 3 decades has hundreds of and figurines kron four's nts justine waltman alks with the famy who makes this all happened about how they won't let the grinch's steal their christmas in this kron 4 exclusive. >>the christmas house here in the motto goes all out when it comes to corating for christmas both outside and inside the house it takes months to set up and 10's of thousands of people come and visit every holiday seas. but this week as the family was closing up they noticed th some of their personal items from inside the house were stolen and now the staff has made them question whether or not they want to continue spreading all this holiday to this is the family room so this is where we celebrate our
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christmas there is not one that is not decorated for chstmas we love christmas on christmas is definitely in our hearts. >>the love shown in a filled with trains and has low in angels and shiny ornames for almost 30 years the family has invited the community inside for free tomake spirits bright. >>3,000 people have a the see all of this it's wild. it's a wild ride thas what i can say. >>the family just won a nationalholiday lights contest the crowds have poured in. >>unfortunately sunday night a visitor swiped happiest parents phon from the kitchen when i wenback to look at the phones. they were no longer he. the theft has put a damper on the holiday cheer for someone to come in and just grab the phones jt like that it really hard to swallow to be honest. candy
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cane cost purchasing ne phones was not on the wish list well, the trust has been broken. it couldhave been worse, i'm glad that it wasn't something more you know valuable or decoration that mean something to 4 minute them of their is considered shutting wn but a cellphone stealing courage is t going to take the mary out of the christmas hops we don't want to stop what we're doing because we know bringing joy to many and it brings us joy. >2,000 people can visit the christmas house every holid season. and now moving forward the family's going to b putting up security cameras that we santa will always know if you're not for nice in nevao i'm justine waldman kron 4 news. >>now that christmas is passed christmas tree in san francisco, the city's asking residents to recycle their trees and they're ying to make it as easy possible by holding their th annual christmas tree chipping event.
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we call a g will pick up your christmas trees starting january 2nd through the 15th, everything needs to be taken o the tree, no decorations are tinsel and don't forget to take off the stand. we call a jewel in mulch the tree and use it in a number of city projects. what about e night before and we'll come by your schedued collection day pick them up. >>the ship i'm going ta those chips and mulch and it's going to into landscapg projects in city parks to great way to participating kickoff or cycling for the new year. apology says it ans to collect about 500 tons of christmas trees this year. >>again the pickup dates are january second rough the 15th. >>and these say that martinez news gazette is closing its stores after 161 gears the final paper will be printed this sunday december 29th management told staff late last week, currently there are no other details that give that began printing in
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september 1858 making it t oldest continuous publication in contra costa county. the staff of the gazette wish to thank the countless thousands of people ho have suprted and contributed to this community newspaper for over 161 years. starting in 2020 several new laws affecting police and other law enforcement agencies ll go into effect he in california. our capitol bureau rerter ashley zavala has the details. >>2020 will bring a mar update to police use of deadly force policies and training across he state the new measure dates language in the law that changes the standard for wn police can use deadly force from one reasonable to now when necessary how those 2 words differ willstill be up for prosecutors to interpret in addition to setting one of the strictest used of for standards in the country california will also prohibit poce from firing their weapons on fling felons who don't pose an imdiate threat by 2021 all departments must
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e force guidelines specic incding a minimum standard for using deadly force and a specific situations in ich officers may or may not draw wee point their firearm at a person california's peace officer commission will develop mandatory training for ficers that includes de-escalation tactics, explicit a implicit bias and cultural competency and mental health policing the new set of laws was inspired by the death of stephoclark, police shot and killed a sacramentman after officers mistookhis cellphone for a gun state leaders have said the new standardare a symbol of compromise after years of contention between pole and civil rights oups in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>on kr 4 news at 10:00am all for all all is caught on camera an estimated 200 teens were involved and to malls had a close we have reaction from family beat it by one of the grup's denies around sharp and ready serve up theest as chs compete to take on the world and 1045 vicki liviakis takes us to napa gives us an
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inside look at this high level competitions and still ahead flu deaths to rise again what could be driving the spike in illness. kron four's end of the year spectacular is back joining us new year's eve starting at 08:00pm with our countdown to new year's eve need grant lotus and need joy justine ldman starting at 1130 new ar's live from san francisco as we bring in 2020 with fireworks over the very building but we're not done wake of new year's morning with the tournament of roses parade live from pasadena our coverage starts at 06:00am th backstage at the pare. >>then see all the pageantry of the 131st rose parade live commercial-free from
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>>we're health tonight officials say more pele are dying from the flu in a new cdc port an estimated 2100
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people have died from the virus. that's 300 more an last week's those deaths include 3 more children, totali 22 child flu deaths so fathis season. the centerfor disease control than noal for this time of year and more than 4 and a half million people have gotten ck from the virus. since the season began at the end of september. california since thstart of the flu season there have been 46 flu deaths. >>it was a tough year for infectis diseases in the united states ther was an increase in ported measles and hepatitis a cases. there's also an uptick in cases of rare but deadly diseases that spread by mosquito bites. but there is good news. there was a decreasof reports of legionnaires disease.a columbia university expert says there is a worrisome trend of growing resistance to vaccis and other prention efforts. >>kron 4 newsat 10 there ar new developments in the controversial navy seal who
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posed with the dead sis obtained video with you newly stimonials from his former navy seal platoon next the bodies of 6 victs from that hawaii helicopter crash been located one is still missing. we'll hava timeline of the crash and the latest the investigation in a live report at 1030. and we've got clear cold skies right now but we've got storms rule what about the forecast and out 2019. >>and the begning
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>>a missingtour helicopter in hawaii has been located and remns have been recovered there were apparently 7 people on it, according to officials no indicaon of any survivors grant lotus here in the studio has the latest on this tragedy thisin look good and now we know it's tragic indeed there is an 18 hour search authorities have now confirmed that the remains of 6 people. >>have been found after that helicopter was found here it was heading to one of the most
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rugged and remote coastlines in hawaii. the hecopter crashed on top of one of the mountains on the island of koh i e we now know that a pilot and 6 passengers were on board 2 of the passengers believed to be children. authorities have not identified e remains yet again 6 of 7 on communications from the e last aircraft made it 4 o'clock local time yesterday and that was about 40 minutes before the chopper should have landed that its original destination. 2 hours later an official search began whether hinder that wind in fog here now the latest from khweis fire chief. >>we're focusing on identifying and establishing contact with family members of thpassengers on the flight manifest. the n t s b has also been notified. and the lead investigator is in upon our requt. the fda has issued a
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temporary flight restriction. in the vicinity of the search area. >>again we still don't know these people's names, we don't know where they were from the chper was reportedly equipped with a locator but officials were not able to get a signal from it. though those locars are supposed to operate in crashes survived sometimes extreme impact can render them ineffecti will keep you posted there can and michelle back to hugh grant. thank you. >>there are new developments tonight in the controvey over a former navy seal platoon leader named eddie gallagher is case to the attention of president trump as he was tried and acquitted of murdering an isis fighter and now videos obtained by the new york times shed light on his fellow seals accusations against him. >>cnn pentagon correspondent rbara starr repos and we need to warn you this report contai some disturbing images. >>members of seal team 7 pha
10:33 pm
platoon broke their own code of silence in 2018 with their opinions about retired special operations chief eddie gallagher and some making accusations that the elit feel committed murder and potential war crimes the i pray these are percent of reported navyseal interviews. published by the new york times where teammembers tell investigators eir views on petunia gallagher was acquitted of premeditated murder when a key prosecution witness changed his story and testified under immunity. >>that he caused the prisoner staff, not gallagher did you >>scott described the killing an act of mercy because he prisoner of iraqi forces would
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be tortured by th gallagher was convicted on a charge of taking a photo with a dead isis fighter and was tend didn't rank.a decision presidt trump reversed with honor. seal to retire >>even after pentagon leaders, a search the president not to interfe. >>through his attorneys gallagher told cnn my first reaction to seeing the videos was surprised and discussed that they would make up blatant liesabout me but quickly realized that they were scared that the truth would come out of how cowardly they acted on deployment, his defense attorneys says the tapes were que a road map to acquittal because they show there were conflicting stories about allegations have gallagh killing civilians and other misconduct really are only seeing one very small slice of the story. >>in a way thas you know not reflect of what the ultimate
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result president trump's dermination to reverse the militaries punishment. >>of gallagher gainst the advice of top pentagon officials was so controversial navy secretary richard spencer was ousted the chairman of the joint chiefs staff th discipline and if he runs to the laws of war will not suffewe do maintain and we will maintain od order and discipline. >>we will not. >>turn into a gang of rapg burning and pillaging. >>but some say it's all that have festering bad feelings though it's just kind of did this of miss the president's actions have been introduced in the seal community i think better of the most damaging and will have long-term effects gallagher met with trump over the holidays at mar-a-lago. >>and it's possible. he will campaign for trump. if asked those who know him say. barbara strr, cnn, the pentagon. gears and get a check on the weather with chief
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meteorolist lawrence karnow yeah guys getting cold out there tonight going to be a frosty night ahead. world. start to wind down on the year 2019 almost coming to a close so. >>here's long range forecast as we head throughout the weend the models picking up on the front off the coastline. it's not ing to be this one that is going to bring rain over the weekend it's going be the one right behind it and that develop in the gulf of alaska that is going to be dropping down bring all that cold air and the showers in the bay area. the possibility maybe some understorms as the system mes through and maybe even a dusting some snow over our local mountains that is going to plunge all the way to southern california. that's why we're talking about trouble possibly again along the great 5 behind thatigh pressure wants to take over that is some od news don't want to get all the rain gone, especially awe head in toward a new year's eve. and new ar's day and looks like it will stay dry there just after midnight on the new year's day we're going to see dry conditions just partly cloudy skies then things get wet again late in the weekend looks like a chce of rain after that the models kind of verge a little bit this model want to bring a little
10:37 pm
more rain and some snow as we head in toward the weekend. but we'll have to wait and see right now your tenant and looks like rain for certain sunday dry weather expected on nday and dry weather to start out the new yea >>dhaka recipients while they're supposed to be protected we're seeing th they are actually being targeted in se cases. >>us immigration and customs enforcement has begun asking immigration courts todeport some young adult immigrants who have remained in the us under the program known as dhaka this as the us supreme court is considering the fate of dhaka some dock opponents applaud the fact that ice is going after so-called dreamers they say theybelieve it means the trump administration expects a favorable ruling from the high court. >>if dhaka is wiped away then everything is back on the table and all the cases are really up for you. >>proponents of dha and the actions ice are king now have prompted activists and legal defenders to mobilize in defee of dreame the supreme court's decision on
10:38 pm
the fate of dhaka is expected to be decided. no later than june of 2020. >>families said they fought back it's a group attacd them at a mall it happened st night at the weather is towne mall whle a 4 month-old baby was in the car kay recede has the story. shared with fox 40 shows a whirlwindof violence at stocon's webber's wne mall area roar says all she and her family nted to do was shot on the senate would like 30 people just mock me she says she and her family tri to leave the chaotic scene and pleaded with the crowd with a here's the situation. i have a 4 month old baby a handicap grandma d some other family very young impressionable and already have trauma. n you guys please just let us at's all we're trying to do frustrated ariana's mothr came the hawks her horn at's when the group well who do you think you you're not going to talk its all bus the windows out your caariana says she found herself in e middle of this pete and terror and then all of a sudden some of crypt. >>i ink itas because of my
10:39 pm
hair which i had no gang affiliation kayleesays she found herself in e thick of t it by accident. my vehicle obviously i'm going to proct my 15 year-old because you know these ople think they're so big and bad you go after a kid with a teen an her mom were pummeled they say someone tried to steal her car all while ari on his newborn baby and grandmother were inside somebody tried to carjack our car. my grandma. shhad a whole conversation convincing them not to after several minutes, the attackers left. arianna says she was ft with a concussion and cruises while kelly says someone had ripped apart of her hair after a family who was visiting from reno says. >>this indent wilkeep them living in fear, i'm not intimidated. i'm not scared. >>i'm just you know. i'm going to prott my family. that's just my goal that was on the michael was last night. >>that s kay recede reporting for us tonight people under the age of 18 wernot allowed the mall today without a guardian due to the fight.
10:40 pm
>>check this out first responders from the scene of highway when a well look at this a semitruck flips right next to them. the pilot came to a stop on its side right in front of a news camera texas department of public safety trooper was hit by the truck and another person was trapped inside their car hos them were taken to the hostal. the good news is they are expected one last look thy are expected to survive while. >>the days away from ringing in 20 20 in this new year's eve. we will becelebrating in a course in style that's the way we do it here our countdown to 200 will feature live bands entertainment fireworks from across the country. reporter alex baucus has a look at one of the best views in the country from las vegas. >>one of the best news fothe enre country right here. it's 1149 feet tall making this the tallest building here
10:41 pm
in nevada and the tallest freestanding observation tower inthe u s we'll be up here on for for you'll havegreat you write down the las vegstrip the fireworks show will also be off this group 6 hotel. >>drive like this roller coaster. this ll be just one of the parties we will be at our countdown of the 2020 live fr las vegas. in addition to the fireworks sw in fabulous las vegas, we'll be at hot spots like the deer parkat the paris, ooklyn pull the hard rock fe on this trip and south pointe bringing you live bands and entertainment throughout the entire e and we'll be celebrating new years as week'across the country with the ll drop n times sqre, fireworks show from dallas and denver and of course our own fineworks show here in last nht. the party starts at 8 o'clock right here on this show.
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kron four's new year's eve. spectacular is backjoin justine waldman a grant tus at 1130 as we countdown the new year here in san francisco with fireworks over the ferry building. it is the only live reworks broadcast in the bay are >>kron 4 news at 10 all know to keep her hands and feet inside the ride at disn world. but now isney is saying to keep your hands off the disney characters, we'll tell y about the recent police reports of people groping the chacters at disney world so goodto and ahead in sports is suddenly red-hot warriors are looking to push thr win streak to but mark h the highlights from chase center plus he gets
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>>several disney characters at disney world have filed police reports saying tourists had inappropriatelytouched them while they were in costume. employees who portray mickey mouse, minnie mouse and donald duck at the orlando florida
10:46 pm
the park have filed reports with police. the 36 year-old disney employee who portrays minne mouse posed for wife from minnesota, many is claims the has been oped her chest 3 times. this is just one of several incidents at this particular park to see why cast members are declining to press charges head to our story on kron 4 dot com. a disney spokesperson said in a statent everyone should feel safe at work and we encourage cast members to come forward and any uncomfortable disneyland temporarily stopa selling tickets today when the anaheim theme park reach capacity during the busy winter holiday season. >>the los geles times reported that the theme park mporally reaches capacity a few times a year that usually during the peak tourist seasons in mid-summer and around this time around christmas. the park issued a statement today saying disney's california adventure whichis right next to disney land did remain open so that visitors could go there
10:47 pm
instead. so you've obably heard of ron chef chef spy nature can be pretty competitive. >>in tonight's dine and dish vicki liviakis takes us to nap and shows us the ultimate in cooking competition. it probably have never heard of. >>witness the spectacle the olympics of cooking competitions mbatants go toe to toe battling it out to beco team usa. this is serious business. so laes general of the judges ar indulging show the chefs are competg against each other be judged by their peers. >>each team of 2 hoping to make it to the big cook-off in it's lled the boat crews and more world cooking on applause for everybody ladies and gentlean. this is the elimination phase happening in napa the colaneri institute of americs copia campus. the plate retta to there to everybody with eggplant serene base. >>the platter theme whole back in the kitchen, the knives come out the pressure is on
10:48 pm
for right here wego. >>out on the judging stage, the tough task of taste testing and no taking. this napa event heed up by famous chef thomas keer of french laundry fame. some of the other judges you may be familiar with and dine and dish why and chef michelle cardio ca and french chef role on show the end thchef geoffrey i yeah she of setting a restaurant in honolulu will be head ef william barrera who work for roy's in honolulu will be his second in command will be sharpening their skills in full training mode to be ready in justover a year. team usa up against the world and ocuse d'or 2021 in napa vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>time now you might making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>big game tonight for the warriors yeah, this is a team
10:49 pm
we remember absolute mtape if the season started in mid december. all right the waiors would be undefeated ok, let's just forget abt what happened for the first 2 months rent unbelievable run right now r this teen of the warriors closing out the calendar yr with some positive momentum. winners of 3 in a row heading into tonight and the chances of 4 straight looking od agait the nix team on a 7 game losingstreak warriors sons at chase, alan smile and each making his warriors debut at 19 years old the 4th youngest player in franche history the logs of 8 minutes. makes e cut for his first career basket. the 1st half dominated by someone whs made a living of scoring devin booker to the rack was easy finish with a game high 34 suns led by 10 with 7 minutes to go in the 4th. d'angelo russell 31 points for him tonight golden state within 2 it's 40loves it. a couple mines later, russell. glenn robinson, the 3rd throws
10:50 pm
down the foot bath warriors take the lead and they want to look backdraymond green watch is topic he i says it om downtown automatic for him now all a sudden and that's enough. for everyone to t off their seats steph curry get off the bench. warriors outscored the suns 39 18 in the 4th for a one oh 5.96 victory goen state has now won in a row. quick turnaround, however wi the dallas mavericks tomorrow night. now to the 40 niners, the last time this franchise left seattle with a victory december 2011 jim harbaugh w the head coach and russell wilson was still college. >>noan opportunity for the niners to end of that awful streak and clinch the nfc is t seed 9 or seahawks sunday night dee fod will not be making his return doesn't look liketo cost the tar will be suiting up either. last year in seattle the niners lost by 27 this season, they fell on the field al in overtime. what a heartbreak here in the good thing is george kittle will in the mix after
10:51 pm
missing the fit meeting with the hawks and kine knows what kind of oud atmosphere to expected century link is second to make the call not be you know really affected ofen tessa click on it as make big e come out of the end zone, so. >>we've got to keep playing our type of football and i know hopefully we can take righout of that level of intensity of these games as a itreal thi. >>if you n't know that going so i think just our team's ot. mindset. when started these guy was a shell of atmosphere too so i know what you're getting into. >>kickoff just after 5 sunday night to the raiders highly unlikely josh jacobs will be sitting in the regular season finale of denver, the rookie running back did not practice today in line to miss his second straight game with a shoulder injury. oakland ha an opportunity to make the postseason wi a win and a number of other scenarios, including losses from the titans steelers and jaguars. all those games will be happening at the same time so e raiders on have much flexibility for scoreboard watching. derek carr takes
10:52 pm
that as a positive. >>i try noto look up anything you know. it just get your mind onsomething you don't need to the matter that moment why i guess t is a good for r team, you know a anyone we'll see at stuff or anything likthat they can keep their mind on the now football game, a because if we don't win nothing matters. >>finally let's wrap up at the tank, the sharks ck from the holiday break and hoping to spark a run that turnthis season around san jose hosting the kings from la pick it in the second stanza sharks up one nas joe thornton's converts on the tic tac toe jumbos first goal of the season, san jose takes a 2 nothing lead and he d kings made their move. martin you guys watch us play they pulled the goalie cuts the sharks le to one. and with one to go he strikes again tie game 2 goals for first who is bonus frame sharks, they fell
10:53 pm
apart, talk gets loose in front of aaron dell jeff carter for gamewinner. start small 3 to they have now dropped 10 of their last 11 but caon michelle, how about 49 ers-seahawks down is on can't wait you're predicting big win i am predicting a big win and you know the 40 niners have struggled historically in seattle righnow i think they're healthier team. i think george kittle makes a big right looking forward to it they are i won't be well will be on the tv. >>check it out it's all going to be this weekend. the last weekend 2019 if you're looking ♪ here in the club i n't even hear my own voice. ♪
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♪♪ should have gone to jack, a th've got it all. ♪ head to jack in the box and experience the ge♪ only at jack in the box! with doordash. >>all right time for r fun things how about this the festival of lights in san francisco beautiful all they recommend you go at night to see those lights better, but temperatures are going to be ool it will be rain on sunday. graham a more lighting ceremony that will be taki place in emeryville if you want to head there. but yeah plan on some showers also hanukkah feival impala
10:57 pm
debris, an umbrella don't forget to go to the zoo, the zoo,illions upon millions of lights got them all and all for fun things have a great weekend. >>and i
10:58 pm
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