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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  KRON  December 29, 2019 7:00pm-8:01pm PST

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♪ we are with the htest stars in music. >> it's hot. >> flames. >> helping "e.t." bring in the new year. powerful women taking er vegas. shaniya. >> are you out of your mind. >> and kelly. plus nick to jonas taking the spot on the voic >> he replaced my girlfriend and that's unacceptable. >> and the next big prect. >> we got a couple ideas. they're pretty good. >> then tradi guitars for hammers andaws. garth and trishia's insping
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hometown projects and jen annist anniston's mission in need. >> we were going to look for johnny depp. >> yeah but me first. >> of course. >> tuesday night right here in time square we'll sayood-bye to 2019, hello 20. >> alanis, post malone and many the new year. help us bring in >> and plenty heating it up in vegas this year. including sniya twain. >> the america music awards audience got a taste of how awesome her new residency will be. >> think it's very shaniya today and looking back on the classics we grew uto. earning 24 l theumber one female artist 2019.
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as creative director also designing the costumes. >> do you feel the pressure. >> oh, no, no pressure. i'm read it's like studying forhe exam. i feel like i wrote the exam and now i just have to get out and present . ♪ you. avites might surprise is >> i love drake. ariana grande. my first platinum party. we're f. >> now 54, we almostet shania almost 25 years ago. >> i wonder if elton john knows who i am. .
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ha. he might. that's really cool. thank you for sharing that with . >> listen, shania is in great company in vegas, withcher, sting, bile idol. lot of legends and two voice coaches on the stripight now, again stegwen stefani and kelly clarkson. >> i'm very excited. >> w was now a moment like this a time to do residen. >> nice tie in. i'm not going to be able to tour because of all of theobs so it's 45 minute right now and i machines.wheel of fortune slo that's where i was winning all my paychecks. >> y're going to destroy it. >> tnk you. >> you're going to be the new wayne newton. >> kelly's invincible residency kicks off at the pnet
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hollywood as gwen stefani's shows wrap in may. >> i'm going to be sad when it's over. >> any advice for her. >> make sure to put hand sanitizer onhe stage. it's vegas. there's a lot of germs. keep hand sanitizer on deck >> oh, that's true jt now in general. >> and what the voice returned february 24th gwen will be replaced by nick jonas. becky's boyfriend blakeome big feelings. >> gwen said sheidn't have a say with nick joing next year. >> are you going to be even more competitive to mr. nick jonas. >> he' going down. he replaced my girlfriend. that's unacceptabl we're going to be coach to coach, he's going down. >> kelly will be joining justin timber lake for the sequel to trolls,,rolls world tour.
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we want this kpru to reunite. fellow mouseketeers could it happen? we asked if he would invite -"e >> memphis. how's it feel to be home? >> it' great. it's hot. ♪ got the sunshine in my pocket ♪ ♪ got that good soul in my feet ♪ ♪ to give back?important for you >> well, i mean,listen, you know, i've been lucky enough to have this platform and that privilege and so music is the most fun way to do it. ♪ can't stop the feeli ♪ >> only "e.t." was invited to see justin inspirehe next generation of artists in his hometown memphis. >> don't worry we're not going to son cowly on you. >> he 4red a two day work shot at the stacks academy in partnership with the leveei's
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music project. >> we'reoing to judge them. they'rall so good. we could have the next beyonce or john legend not just a john legend, any te of legend. shouout to john. >> as for justin's introduction to the music business. >> i believe the shot comg up >> that was 199 whene was cast in the mickey mouse club. >> that washe most influential experience i ever had. ten years old, learning how to be upon camera how to write, dan dance, sing, act, iwas ultimate. >> ineparate interviews christina and brittany would be downor a union. >> i would definitely show up. we definitely need some kind of reunion. >> would you ever be down? >> sure. >> he's also down for a mic collaboration. >> you know, i just want to work
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with young, fresh people, and i want to llaborate more. there's someone i met, and i was ke i'much a fan if you ever want to write. i think she thought i was lying. but we got in and got couple ideas. i don't know when they're going to com out but they're pretty good. >> so does that mean new music on the way? hopefully soon? hopefully this year? >> you know to be hone, i'v finished the tour,y 38-year-old body neededost of the summer to recover from that. it really overtakes your whole system. >> you talk about the tour and what it takes out of you. last year you had to take vocal rest. >> i did. >> how hard was that for you and how scary? >> i feel like i have to take vocal rests every day. it was just a culmination of
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being a little bit, you know, the same schedule was a little bit of an older body. i think just needed a break. whic is tou for me to swallow becaus i'm like let's get goin my doctors were like, eh-eh. >> it makes me feel how supportive jessica must have been through that time. >> sure. in so many ways. anybody out there,f you go through anything to have somebody by your side, once you find that person it's like a baptism,ou can't go back. >> it's a beautif thing. >> i'm just enjoying the ride. >> can we talk about two country stars who always give back, garth brooks and trisha yearwood the husnd andif have been spreading a lot of lightn their hometown of nashville. ♪ >> the couple teamed up with
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habi habitat with humanity to build 21 affordable homes. >> it's a big reflection of this right here. that's what it is every sound you're hearing is love. >> we are muddy. >> take a look at this. >> look at this. i'm inside the house. he's outsi the house in t mud. ha, ha. ♪ >> my responsibility is everything that went rightt the end of the day, a everything that didn't i probably think it was somebody else that wasser pat of the house build. >> joining the hundreds of president jimmy carter who didn't let his injury from a fall keep him from helping alonide 74 years wife rose lynn. >> i think we're going to have to start eating better. >> from the cook. >> last month garth came to "e.t." and talked about the
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experience. >> tell us, it was a special day wasn't it. >> it was great. like you do all this work, you're sweating and you look overt the carters, 93, 95,s theresident and former first lady hmering away, so you can't complain because they're right there beside you doing it. >> right now garth is continuing his stadium tour while trisha showing but they'll always make time to give back. >> people think because youe doing this you're doing somebody else a favor when the truth is i'm going to walk away feeling better tn when i came here. tell me how many things can you do tha with? an more celebs are changing lis, including jennifer anniston falling in love for adorable killeds. >> i'm going to look - adorable kids. >> and few othertars make these little one's dreams come true. >> i've been in and out of the
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hospital for three years. it means everything. >> plus. >> the reason i thinkost of us do it is the looks on their faces. >> our day at disney with the faces. >> our day at disney with the avengers having frustrated that clean clothes yonext time try bounce wrink to neguard dryer sheets. st toss it in the dryer to bounce out wrinkles. we dried these shorts with bounce wrinkle guard, and a pair without. the bounce wrinkle guard shorts have fewer wrinkles and static, and more softness. the bit's the world's firstorts have mega sheetkles and static, that does the job of three dryer sheets. it also comes in unscented. the bit's the world's firstorts have mega sheetkles and static, if you don't love bounce wrinkle guard, we'll give you yo money back. you have per ovepain,
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and more pillowy softness, to cushion your nose. don't get burned by ordinary tissues. a nose in need deserves puffs, ined. ♪ > avengers. >> you know, avengers, end game, did okay at the box office, actually a massive success, they pulled in nearly $3 billion at the worldwide box office and avengers became real life superheroes at disney's california ad vent your. >> while the avengers gathered outside, some were playing near by in the lego house when suddenly in came our heroes to hand out avengers toys.
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>> it's got to make you feel really good. >> it does. she had t explain who are you. like, thor. where's e hammer. the outfit. >> being able to provide any opportunity for kids to do exactly what they do best, jt be a kid is awesome. >> these avengers are parents in real life. paul rudd with two kids chris three and skarl let and jeremy one each. >> encourages me. she just knows i'm an actor and i'm on her pajamas. >> do your kids have thor paj a pajam pajamas. >> one of them think it's cool he's my favorite. the giveaway was part of a $4
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million gift of toys to children around the country. now the chairman. >> i think mos of the reason we do it is the looks on their faces. >> say avengers. >> avengers. >>ow to more supervisor heroes give . >>ow to more supheroes the make a wish foundation hooked up se ks with their l-star idols at comic con. >> you have questions? >> oh, my go. i have plenty. i love your work. ways going to dragomething but too busy with this. >> get a photo. look at them. eyes up. >> nice to meet you. >> watching these kids light up waan amazing experience. they were a ltle shy at first but so excited to be there, like
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14-year-old who has severe epilepsy. she took over myjob. >> i know youressed up as anna one time, one of your daughters, it was so cute, is there anything elseou'd do for them? >> well my dghter likes to draw. she draws when she's happy, when she's sad. we get into an argume, she's six years old, sheill six down and draw aerrible version of me with like bubes saying no, no, angry momma. it's like one o her outlet so we do a lot of art in our house. >> [ inaudible ] >> i would have killed off ruffal to, and taken the hulk. >> how was it getting into character. >> it is hard like i don'tnow if i will ever learn how to throw that spear, but some days you are dropping that spear in
7:17 pm
your apartment and pple knocking like what you doing in here. all types of things could be rd and tricky but ultimately so cherished so much joy joy joy. it was really cool. >> the highlight for these kids a walking ad exhibit. >> whats what the best part of today? >> meeting norm and rita. >> this was your wish to come here and see these guys , what's it mean to have your wish granted? >> it means everything. we -- i've been in and out of the hospital for three years and to have sething like this, get all the special vip passes, it's just, it's amazing. >> it was such a special day with those kids, one of those days you never forget. by the way there's so many other stars who continue to give back. >> yeah, yeah, of course. >> our exclusive withjen's tinit fans and tough g ll cool j turns into a softy and
7:18 pm
emotional interview with his wife. she's definitely been a boss. >> and how she's inspired their project. >> i was
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♪ welcome back to new rk. january jennifer annisn returned to new york for the morning show. >> and next for jen, a frien reunion is finally in the works. for now, we love that jen's using her star power to help kids in need. >> nic to meet you. >> thank god for rlowin thomas playing my mother on friends. >> look at that ce, just like when you were in high school. >> and introducing me to this incredible organization. >> st. jude's children's hospital. >> jennifer is a very nice person. >> i love jennifer. >> ts is one of my favorite
7:21 pm
days of t year because i get to meet these incredible, beautiful, brave children. >> jen's been supporting st. jude for 13 yearsnd still keeps in touch with some of the families she's met. >> we ar going to look for your name on thetarnd for johnny d depp. >> yeah. but me first right now. >> yeah, yeah, of course. >>ut sofia investigator helping to raiseun for the hospital. >> givet up everybody. >> i come in and get a chance to hang out with these kids, the strongest people i ever met. >> it was gat to help a little bit wh the english. >> st.ude is incredible hope. no family has to pay for treatment. >> 1, 2, 3. >> how many tim carson has beat cancer.
7:22 pm
>> yep. >> st. je is on a mission to cure childhood cancer forever. >> high five. >> nba superstar steph curry may be one of the best shooters all time but is ao a very good golfer and michelle turner met up with steph in san francisco to do a little giving back. last time we talked he wasn't here. >> he's been begging me for like a year now. >> do you want more babie or secretly you want a boy. definitely want a boy. >> i thought that may be a conversation that would get sparke we talked about it and couple months later surprise here we are. >> he's coming around as a young fella i'm enjoying it >> old her daughter rile >> all about taking care of him. >> steph's reason is big reason why this charitiy golf
7:23 pm
tournament bind his foundation eat, live, learn, play. >> a lot of it is setting kids up for success. nutrition. continuing education in college. go to a park or community center where you can be around other kids, grow confidence, relationshs as well, have the safe space to do that. and when ais ha and i really understood is itakes a village that's one of her sayings. >> i had a surprise for steph. i remember these days. >> what would you say t this little fella? a young steph curry. >> got toix that cheesy smile. i think i still got it. >> but will the grinning dad toad his family? >> i guess you can never say yore done unless you do something to fix that. but right now we are very happy and content with our family. >> well, ifhey dchange their
7:24 pm
mind there's plenty of room for more in their bnd new $31 million home. >> this is home. so we're enjoying it. can i come stay in the guest house. we got you. we got you. >> for more information go to >> another couple we absolely love ll cool j and wife of 24 years, sine. they have bn through a lot together most notablen 2004 simone w diagnosed with a rare form of f cancer. but hasn't stopped them from counting their blessings. >> i learned you got to be grateful you can't take things for granted. how's my wife going to beat cancer. li a boss. >> h a 15-hour surgery. a two and half year recovery i had to learn how to walk again. >> what kind of rock was you. >> rock the bells. >> do do do do, ha, ha.
7:25 pm
>> he was definitely my rock. i remember sitting in the back of his offe and he wanted to give me his fibula bone bause he felt it woulde about bigger and smaller. >>hy would you tell that. >> why not it's too mushy. >> a little bit. too mushy. >> don't call it a comeback. you know,eople come to the house when i first came home they came to the house crying and he' say you can't gon there crying. >> people don't intentional bring negative energy but when you come around all that, it's just like, i just need you to go home. >> simone has been cancer free for 15 years and the ordeal inspired an act of good works. american cancer society is part of the beat cancer like a boss campaign createder own jewelry line with a portion of the proceeds going to fight the disease and she's recruited
7:26 pm
famous friends like mary jblige to help her out. >> one of my favorite was sweet lollipop it was disfigured because ty had to do a skin graft. >> you as a family is about paying it rward, i see it in your kids what do you teach them about this is how we have to walk in the world. >> the world should be betr because you're here. you should make a real contribution to society. >> simone is a power house and by the way more iormation visit and donate. >> and there are also celeb mommas paying it forward. >> in vegas with gwen stefani what she's doing off the strip to make you love her even more. and another feel good story from baby santiago. >> this is my life's work. >> we had the most awkward
7:27 pm
ending eight years. good-bye to costars the new crew open welcomed her wh open arms. >> it's been eye opening. >> closedtioning provided >> it's been eye opening. >> closedtioning provided by -- it's laundry truths, with cat and nat. i have so many kids and so much laundr i don't have time for pretreating. what even is this? it looks like cheese but it smells like barf. with tide ds, you don't need to worry. the prtreaters are bui in. so you just toss them in befor the clothes. tide pods dissolve even when the water is freezing.
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olay regenerisfaced 131 premium products, from 12 countries, over 10 year olay's hydration was unbeaten every time. olay, face anything. ♪ put me out my misery. ♪ >> absolutely no pressure to blak shelton because his gifriend of four years is performing in the marriage capital the world. where's blake. we're ready. >> gwen stefani's residency resumed in 200. 20. -- 2020. i under . >>ou know what i'm so grateful. i get up on stage a think what am i doing but something just clicks in and just have this need for attenon from these people and i don't know. ♪ ain't no holler back girl
7:31 pm
♪ emotional, it' so draining but it's so rewaing and i feel so honored. >> i caught up with the holler back girl in vegas for a very special ribbon cutting and coincidently blake shelton with scissor celebrating the opening of his third restaurant. gwen's project cure for the kids foundation ccer treatment center >> i saw this woman on stage twelve hours ago and she's back doing goo work. to have someone like gwen stefani support our organization and bringawareness is remarkab. >> there's one star in the room, right here, she started foundation on her kitchen table 12 years ago for children that are sick that shouldn't haveo deal with this but she's making this amazing environment for them. >> so i want to know about the >> i work with the local artist with a little bit of a vibe
7:32 pm
going on. eananas. a l of the vegas show looks like. it's just very bright. it makes you feel good when you get in there. >> yeah. it very whimsical. and there's a hidden mickey in there. >> he's a huge fan of disneyland which we all know so i am. so. >> okay. so first come loves, then marriage, hint hint, then just ask eva longoria, she's making a difference and makingeautiful babies. >> i saw on your instagram you gave your little guy a director's chair and said maybe one day. >> santiago's got a few me birthdays to celebrate first. he turned one in july. >> it's crazy. it's gone by so fast. >>nd boy those first twelve months were busy, globe trotting the planet withmomma. >> i have a amazing husband and lucky i can travel with my son
7:33 pm
wherever i need to g to do work. >> while much of eva' work is on screen what many don't see is her passion for charity work including helping those with special needs. >> my oldes sister has mental disability and my mother and sister a special education teacher so i've always been around those who are in need. >> she was honored at the 21st annual design gala. >> i'm going to make thisuick because i know a lot of us are wearing spanx. >> the surprising thingbout motherhood to me is now, i have to leave the wld a better place for my son. >> eva is also making the world a better place through her foundation dedicated to empowering young women partnering with a place called home for special mentorship program. >> this wl be my life's work, philanthropy.
7:34 pm
unfortunately women have a shelf trying to ride that wave to the beach, once i'm athe beach the laes come off. >> i really sustain my celebrityism to do this work. it is a means to an end. >> well, it's all aut motherhood, as he sh raised three kids and fuller house actress has her handsull. >> she ds. her costar is wrapnd up in a horrible college scandal. i spoke to candice before all that a the main thing is on herrera mind the fifth and final season of fuller house. >> is it harder to sayood-bye to dj since you had her back. >> it probably will be. i probably cry a lo it will be hard. >> it was emotional on last month's wrap on set. >> nothing worse than not having make up on and crying too.
7:35 pm
>> so there's going to be a lot >> to a job well-done. >> here we go. >> last time i said good-bye to this stage is when i was 18, now i'm 43. it was hard then, it's even harder now. >> she says the silver lining was getting the head's up this season was their last >> we didn't have that on the last full house it was the mos awkward ending of eight years. won't have that on fuller house. >> any chance the twins will comen for the last thing. no chance. >> duh. >> t actress and advocatend momma of three has a full plate but makes giving back a priority. i caught up with her at shelter in l.a. >> what are you doing today? >> they have an achor and half garden to produce organic fruits and gej tabvegetables gives everyo job opportunities.
7:36 pm
so we cooked a little roasted vegetables this shelter serves over 6,000 meals a day. >> nowo this tv star paying it forward. the marvelous. >> two golden globes, two sag, an emmy, literally everything but she's helpi those who have nothing, supporting shelter for these kids. >> home -- the organization for six years.h we were with her when she visited the l.a. location for the first time and got a tour with the former president who is now a member of the board. >> i want you to see the love that's he. ♪ >> right behind you is actually a kitchen and when ias here i hated cooking. so. yeah. >> you are a shining example of
7:37 pm
everything that someone who comes and lives at coffin covenant house could accomplish. >> another powerfulxclusive in rwanda and changing lives. >> and the stars interesting
7:38 pm
7:39 pm
7:40 pm
♪ okay my mom's been teaching at my school for a week now so i'm doing the only logical thin exploring alternative means of education. >> we first met clarissa explains it all. the 43-year-old has kept her career going while raising three boys and making her nex move a family one, and "e.t." joined them in africa for a good works >> hey "e.t." melissa joan hart with my husband and son, we're in zambia with world vision. thanks for joining us. >> i wanted to go to africa since i was really little. >> as far as the mission part goes i said this is a mission
7:41 pm
trip not a safari he's like i'm there, i'm doing it. >> whoa! >> you okay? >>he trio got right to work in this remote african vilge. melissa and her family have age 6 to 16 and they brought supplies. , socks, food, goats are the really big thing that makes a big change so that they can then learto farm and then teach others and share the goats. mason broug five footballs and they taught the kid who you to throw properly. >> i told mason i wish you would look at me theay these ks do instead ofoing i got it dad. >> one of most powerful moments is meetingthree-year-old maria. >> she had gone the first three years with bad nutrition and the
7:42 pm
size of a one-year-old. she's not absorbing the nutrition d they're rlly worried and concerned about her. >> she hopes by making the trip can help others. >> you can sponsor a chi or send a family a goat or a bicycle so those girlsan get to school or the mom can get the crop to market. in our world it is not much to make a huge difference in their lives. >> morenformation on melissa is not the only actress helping out in africa. >> can you say hello. >> exclusive. our emotional journey to ruwanda th patricia heaton. >> i see so much love coming off your faces. >> and amy schumer gushes about her new born. someone that much. cou love no offense to my husba. love you. you're thebest. >> plus. >> i built a dungeon in the
7:43 pm
basement of my house. >> a magic man cave, sexy husband is explaining what he's dog in the basement without her. >> it gets him in the mood i thk. >> that's next. but first who has three oar nominations but first who has three oar nominations pling real life it's laundry truths, wh cat and nat. i have so many kids and so much laundry. i don't have time for pretreating. what even is this? it looks like cheese but it smells like barf. th tide ds, you don't need to worry. the pre-treaters are built in. tide pods dissolve even when the water is freezing. nice! if it's got to be ean, it's got to be tide. ♪the beat goes onp for heart ilure look like? it looks like emilycookin. ♪the beat goes on it looks like jonathan on a date with his wif ♪la-di-la-di-di
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charlize then has been rocking a lot of red carpets. >> but one close to her heart. >> we invest in the young people of africa and their own capability of keeping themselves safe and hiv-free. >> we interviewed her in the outreach project and decided to have fun in what we call "e.t." up. usually stars ask questns we >> your go to fast food. >> we do a lot of in-n-out. >> would you like to pose another question. >> i feel like you're ming me do your job. what'she most rebelloius things you've everone. you keep giving me the same questions. i'm catching on to you guys now. when i was maybe like 19 stole some alcohol out of my parents house. you can drink in south africa at it wasn't that -- i stole.
7:47 pm
>> one of charlize's charity est guest, new mom amy schumer in her new jumpsuit. >> you look awesome. >> thank you so much. i feel good. this is my first baby. post gene. >> it's the best. i'm so lucky. i didn't know i could love someone that much, no offense to my husband, but, yeah, love you, you're the best. >> well, amy not done with boys. doing just fine. a very special man cave coming up. >> or a dungeon. >> just about everyone in hoywood, director, actor, writer, producer, all grew up pling dungeons and dragons. i built a dungeon in the basement of my house in beverly hills and everyone comes over to play. >> yeah joe is that obsessed
7:48 pm
with the game and while his wife is not as obsessed with role her hoe. s okay with dungeon i >> suddenly over months he has gigantic heads of dragons hanging from the wall. i love being part of it by organizing the room, bringing food there, cheese, crackers. >> the nearly 43-year-old started dabbling with dnd when he was ten and now showing his love of the fantasy game with kids at the children hospital. >> i want to learn how to play this game. >> the pittsburgh native donated dnd mes and books and spent several hours how to play. >> the heart of this game is about being able to step out of reality for a little while. you're going to stop the wan. >> stop the wagon. get out a see what happens. >> i think it's so impornt because it allows the kids toe kids while they're going through
7:49 pm
these medical issues that are forcing them to not be cuds, to be grown ups. >> so get this joe is also a dungeons and dragons consultant nota wear that's a job you could get. he's written material for the game and even a movie script. >> he's deep in it. things you never knew. anyway, now to another celebrity superhero, patricia heato "e.t." travelled with her to witness her commitment to providing people clean water. ♪ >> can you say hello >> you know how in ameri every kid you look at is going like this. that's not happening he. they're all going like this. jumping around and playing. they have so little and they're having so much fun. >> imagine having ly one meal.
7:50 pm
a single cup of milk a day. wearing e same clothes over d over because that's all you have. or walking over three miles, carrying a 40 pound jug on your head just to have water to drink and 's dirty. >> we reall take for granted what we have. we just, our kids get up in the morning and have water to brush their teeth, can fill the whole bathtub for one person and don't think ice. but when you go to an african country you can see the poverty ound you. the water when it comesut of the tap looks so sparkling like diamonds coming out of this faucet that's howrecious it is. >> that's why this trip meant so much to me and to the 3,00 people in ruwanda where world vision worked six years to build the water pipeline and this day was the celebration. >> when you bring clean water t a community you're doing a lot more, you're saving women
7:51 pm
walking six kilometers, hours a day to pech fetch water. duringhat time they're open to violence or sexual attacks. they c't send the children to cool. >> i had to wake up the kids at 5:00 a.m. to fetch water before going to school. today is muc better, because of water my children are eating ll. they shower every day and so grateful to world vision. >> well, patricia stumbled a story on two men who knew each other all their lives uil a tragic event rippedhem apart. >> i see so much love off your faces and it's astounding that's possible after what you've been through. >> it' a story of forgiveness you would think is a hollywood script but actually real life. two men who we childhood friends in 1994 when genocide
7:52 pm
happened the unthinkable happened. he was part of a group that murdered and rue's wife family and wento prison afterwards for 13 years. >> he was in prison. i hated them. truly hated their children. when i got in prisoi spent a lot of time in grief. i repented my sins to god and also to my friends >> while in prison he got bac together because their children were sferingnd the women were able to overcome the hatred. >>ou know, a wonderful thing is, we say strong women, strong wod. often it's the women that help bring peopleogether. >> god touched my heart one day and i felt i had to take a step and move forward and reach out to her. >> eventually as he's getting out of prison and raw was able to forgive him.
7:53 pm
>> more than ten years later that forgiveness gave way to love. two of their childn are engaged and plan to get married. this family is bins partners owning coffee and cattle. >> it reinstores your faith in man kind and shows what people can do when the work together and we should reay overcome our differences to help678 each other. >> world visio does great work in nearly 100 country res and what they do reaches three more schools every day with
7:54 pm
7:55 pm
7:56 pm
>> travel consideration provided by -- a few stars with birthdays, john legend is 41, and jude laws celebrating turning 47. now look at your final chois, which star with three oscar nom nags for playing real fe figures is denzel washington who is 65 this weekend. >> now aka lieutenant dan serves vets and military families. >> we love you. remember that okay >> they've all lost a parent in
7:57 pm
military service. they go through a lot of difficulthings throughout the year but we bring them together and show them a lot of love. >> the smiles on these children's faces of our fallen heros are the ultimate goal of this foundation, snow ball express. during the holidays they're sending over 1700 kids to disney world. >> we wt them to know we remember them and don take it for granted so wrapping our arms around them is really special. >> all right we're going to leave you with something that will warm your heart. >> yats an update on a story from y, soul asylum run away train video helpe solve 31 cases and was remade this year. >> yeah, with help from t national center for missing and exploited children added fes of today ace missing to the video and now found additional 12 kids. so great. >> listen we're proud to continue to supporthem a
7:58 pm
hope the others can also have happy endings. take care everybody. >> good nit. ♪ ♪ run away train never going back ♪ ♪ wrong way on one-way track ♪ seems like ihoulde getting where ♪ ♪ somehow i'm neither here nor there ♪ ♪ run away train never going back ♪ ♪ you use the latest technogy to treat patients.
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