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tv   KRON 4 News at 5am  KRON  December 30, 2019 5:00am-6:01am PST

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trouble is filling in for john treat he's here yeah la monday they are guys less money the decade. i tell y i'm not going to lie, i'm sure other niners fans like me were exhausted what a game off to a new year with this with the already new year same fatigue >>game last night so out what's what are we facing in terms of mother nature this morninyes, i'm pretty calm morng overall there are a couple light sprinkles for a few spots in the bay and for southern california a little bit morethan some ight sprinkles we actually do have some shower acivity a right around la and even the great find this morning nothing th should snarl traffic like last week though berkeley is nice and clear this morning very minimal fog across the bay area we do have a couple of spots inland that are seeing it and that just a sprinkle or 2 around san jose and right out along the coastline. now let's zoom out and look at southern california because we
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do have the storm system or a here it's a weaker one than what we saw last week but enough to result in some rainfall in the l a area s well as a touch of snow rain snow mix right along the grapevine this morning just some lighter stuff than last week though nothing that should be closing down at route but we are going to keep an eyeon it for you throughout the course of the morning. 40's and 50's for your current temperatures right now berkeley in conquered egyp, 48 degrees oakland and alameda at 51 each while nevado one of our cooler spots just ave the for the 30's at 41 degrees for your current temperatures after a cool and clou start to the morning li we do have r a few areas by the afternoon ahead, it's cool d sunny with daytime highs in the upper 50's low 60's. clear than yesterday warmer than yesterday too. robin. >>all rht, thank you john, around the bay area we've been warning you pleasebe careful slow itown because it's very soggy and you could easily spend out happens every time. the is a minor folks are
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heading back to work this morning into san francisco. so we have abit of a crowd at thbay bridge toll plaza, but it looks like they're behaving so no problems no major troublepots just a minor wait at 9 minutes off to 92 to busy coute for you leaving hayward working your way over to the peninsula but all is well into foster city and san mateo and to the richmond sandra fell it's wet here too so once again watch your speed out there's 7 minutes right on time from the pay gates over to nt to watch we'll check little bit later well. up a breaking news this morning, a pedestrian was hit and killed by adriver are northbound one oh one in sajose. here's a map easy know the lotion that we're talking about this happened about 5 hours ago in the broke off ramp that is right across the higay from bay casino bay, one oh one casino. the scene had to be ut down for hours and that part of the highway as the instigators went out there they had to collect idence hoping to talk to witnesses and then finally at around 2 o'clocin the morning. it was
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reopened to the publi but the search continues for that driver. >>another big story that we're foowing for you this morning, it's going to cost you more money in the new year to write an ac transit bus in e east so this is the last day for 209 new laws all we start on the first every new year. kron 4 rah stinson is live in san this morning with how much you can expect to pa come january 1st. >>yeah that's right i'm ve here at the san leandro bart station where one of the ac transit subs are and where customers will soon pay $0.50 moreper ride that starts on wednesday can't belive that the new year's already here let's take a look a number breakdown you can see on your screen. we rode all out for you as you can see just how much more you will be paying you can see adults will be payingwith o will be paying with cash will pay $2 and $0.50 and youth seniors and disabled passengers will pay a
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dollar and $0.25 adults with clipper cards will pay $0.25 less than that. now l's look at the transbay fares bit because 14,000 people depend on the transbay service that kes them across the bay yo can see about 93% of riders use this for work puoses going into san francisco. you can seeadults will pay $6 and youth seniors d disabled passengers will pay $3 the same price goes for clipper card holders now ac transit officials say the ncrease is needed to pay for a 5 year planaimig to ease the overcrowding and reduce congestion on thbaybridge ac trant is coming up on the second year of this plan and have already added new 70 seat ouble decker buses and re trips to popular transbay lines now this is the fit of 2 base fare increases the next one will go into effect and the beginning of year 2022.
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well let's not go too fast, le's start with 2020 to be talking th some passengers seeinhow they feel about this increasing know people are feeling the pain in their wallets because of the new increases not only here but also with bart for now i'll send it back to you in the studio. all right. thanyou sarah. well, more changes, big transportation changes are in effect in the south bay vt the valley transportation authority's new bus and light rail svice. >>has already started so riders can expect more buses to arri on 20 of the agency's most use burouteso a new light rail line also debuted over the weekend. some of eta is existing lines have been canceled completely. spoksperson says that thse changes have been in thworks since 2016. one writer says that these are necessary changes. >>spending the society put me see if the mom. i'm mara, skeh arms. not too much weight put a be ever mass
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that's put me that's bad things. >>vta says that they hope th these changes will allow riders to take more direct routes to their destinations. they're also offering free rides we like free, this is going to be thrgh tuesday. so the buses and trains are free. you can fi a link to the list of new routes on our com and check it out. well if you're taking part thisweek there is a n schedule to so listen up on newyear's eve, bart trainswill run until 03:00am a great option for you if you don't want to drive antioch enrichment rains will skip the embarcadero stop. montgomery will be your station now dublin and warm springs trains heading to san francisco. those trains will skip montgomery embarcadero will be your station new year's day, they'll run sunday service meaning you have fewer trains throughout the system and service will t start until 8, but will a great option for people who did not want to be driving on new year's eve and neyear's day always scary on new year's
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eve. in the north bay about a police are searching for a man who they say robb a woman and then groped her. >>this happened right in front of the womas home aloe all of avenue near 4th stet. now get this the womasays she was getting out of hercar when the man came up right behind are placed an object which they believe was knife to her back. police sathe suspect then groped the woman ile she was remong her purse. e woman was able to cry for help when a car drove and during the asult when it was all going down neighbors in e area tell us they're surpsed that this happened. >>theyhave been here in lake and 12 year >>i may never hear anything you know i mean that nothing >>this kind of red is yes combine rely random unlike this town so thismostly quiet everything's. >>police araskingpeople to check home surveillance cameras toee of those cameras were able to capture the assault on video and if over to the police department.
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>>well in san ancisco, a repeat robber is back behind bars this morning for the second time ts month. just before midnight on saturd. there's this photo, sthen mills. he was trying to break into a r near the intersection of hide and fulton that in san francisco's tenderloi district. so a woman was alking to her car she saw the meals th tools and some of her belonging >>she called police they were able to track m down he was alsbooked for grand theft or just a week ago. well also in people right here that you see they were taken into custody for steang a variety. vehicles michael brinks rrance tolliver in james prose a they're accused of stealing an suv they took a motorcycle and a aul van in that area. all 3 suspects were booked for vehicle fact 2 of the 3 suspects are considered coty fugitives. moments in the skies for the university of kansas men'basketball team, their plane. how to make
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an emergey landing at e san jose internatiol taken off from san jose on sunday. when one of the engines failed about 20 minutes into the flight this pretty scary. the team was heading back homto kansas after their win against stanford. the pilot was ab to land safely. thank goodns, the team stay the night in san jose. and we'll finalize their plans to head back home later on this afternoon. will go through santa clarwl and the 49 ers a big win ast night againsthe seattle seahawks and that means the niners are waking up this morning as the champs of e nfc west and moreimportantly they're the number onseed in the nfc and they have ome field advantage. play while is stopped inches. ight and he >>from the goal line they reviewed it and it literally maybe 3 inchefrom scoring
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the niners they start off really fast sears deebo taking i've the handoff spins in the end zone and look for a while that the niners were going to pull aw anthis will be a lah or instead, the seahawks hung aroundcame back in the 2nd ha thrilling game, 2621 san francisco. here's jimmy g in george kittle with reaction. >>yeah it's a it's histy incredible, especially just to you know from the srt of season, here saying everything of our team and at we're going to doing and come out here to the one seen it's a 's pretty nice feeling, but right direction we still got a long way to go feels great to doesn't it. holy just incredible feelini guess appreciation is where the next feel. >>just so you know ha work we put plus 3 years and faly, no mattersomething tter sound. and we're definitely not gone but the system that will defeat celebrate for 24 hours in. play mo at levi stadium some really exciting implant from
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her fans in the first 9 years finish the regular season, 13 3 the next time you'll see that display at home will be on january 11th for the disional round of the playoffs. >>and possibly once again against the seahawks the xt stop for the raiders that uld be las vegas after the silver and black are now packintheir bags and leaving oakland. the raiders had a slim chance before las night's game against the broncos. they needed to beat the broncos and get some help from other teams around the league, but neither of those scenarios played out the raiders lost to the broncos 15 to 16 the finish the season 79 that's the last king that will ever play as the open kron 4 morning news, a rare disease is thatening the life of the bay area teenager. >>we'll hear from the teens father about his conditionin the hospit. plus 2 people are dead after shooting at a chur in texas, how it all unfolded and it was caught on came. also after thbreak
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with new year's eve just ound the corner, a whole lot ofholiday traffic canbe expected especially on i 5 it's pretty much unavoidable we'll take a clor look at the conditions coming up john california winter wonderland right there robin unless you' traveling in it which case it is a nightmare this we do haveings are betterbut
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>>welcome back me now 5.15 we're taking a live look at the great find this morning we've been tracki it for you for the past week or so we're happy to report that it is deed open but chp has been escorting traffic through the area, it's still a tough drive. and that's because of the snow the icy conditions and a winter weather advisory is expected to remain in place until 04:00pm at least it's open remember last week itwas a shut down completely for days but you can use a now traveling into and out of southern california and with that new year'seve just around the corner of course holiday traffic on i 5. it's
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unavoidable i christina pris has a closelook at the conditions. on a peak travel day and sow cow with in, snow and ice on e way. >>thers a major concern for packing up a driving home from the holidays >>make it up there before the close of a when drivers keeping a close eye on the forecasted storm hong to trying to go home to san and francisco and we left a day early so that we could completely avoid the traffici didn't want to get stuck on the freeway and it would have tostay with my mom next door this so. yeah we left ear. jamie greer and thousands of unavoiable they did look like there is a kind of an exodus coming up the hill are going do the hill trying to get ahead of the orm definitely the great find was shut down around the thangiving holiday d then again around christmas this drone video showing. >>not a soul in sight over the
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past friday. i was going to bowlof nora. o the word. >>my guys in and make across the great so our job was cancele >>some drivers that it would be eier than flying now wishing, they would have to post i'm here for. >>until it clears up are traffic what have no choice and it was how is our car flies >>there is no possibility another main concermonday morning's commute on frid black ice and drivers sliding all over the 14 in palmdale one person was killed after slamming into the back of a big rig. officials warn of snow anice on e roadway. and y if youe traveling you need to be prepared. though what mass. that snow here though ray i mean drivg conditions little wet this morning but nothing too bad yet just a couple wet spots nothing t bad at all this morning across the day. we are seeing some rain in southern california. it's nothing like last week so so we can be thankful for
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that. here's your look outside at a san francisco right now skies, nice and clear overhead not looking at much fog we just got a couple of those spots inland and then for the south bay which saw a couple of sprinkles earlier this morning, even ou have cleared out but as will and robin have been mentioning do thisa few overnight showers there are still couple of wet spots on roadways. so this is what i'm talking about about southern california right here. it's really the weak system in fact 's already losing a lot of its team currently, but you are seeing some rainfall right arou the great find and that does include some rain snow mias you head up into the you do have family that's o if maybe traveling back up to th bay, this is what they're going to be looki at. >>so do tell hijust to take it slower route is still open and the storm not measuring to what we had last ek clear skies for the rest of the day after those morning spriles you saw earlier and into tomorrowyou're going to notice a more clear skies to in fact new year's eve and new year day really good travel conditions if you do ha plans on getting to the roads
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or a maybe get into a festivity or something for e new year. 50's for most of our daytime highs today getting a lite closer to the 60 degree the 60 degree mark ina few spots across the bay such as in san jose right up to 60 deges campbell in santa clara up to 59 each while union city hayward and fremont all up to for your highs oakland conqued and walnut sonoma napa and santa rosa. le each up to 60 for your daytime highs now tomorr going to be a lot like today, mostly sunny skies upper 50's again for your last day of 2019 we kick off 2020 on wednesday with some lo60's and thursday and friday will continue those low 60's only one chance of rain aad miss forecast and that is just a slight chan of showers on friday robbed al right sounds good for folks heang back to work this morning we're checking inon bay area bridges and they are a little busy but not bad with no bad news to report.
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>>you'll have to wait in line here paying cash at e bay bridge toll plaza there is an extra lane open we have3 cash lanes available right now it's en a great trip all morning. but we've not just within the last maybe couple of days week day said a lot of folks have started to return back to wok but a lot offolks are still off toso it's not bad headi into san francisco 92 is going to be a little busy for you leaving hayward over to the peninsula. there'your crowd on e flat sectn but the high rise looking good it's a nice transition into foster city and send the tale wes 5 80 to the richmond sandra fell you may notice of the roads are very soggy out here so this morning so just be on the lokout for a debris and in puddles because you could easily spend out 7 minutes to the north bay want to want to cross the golden gate, nice trip or excuse me 18 nute e trip novato to san francisco will ron developing news out of texas this morning 2 people are dead after a gunman opened fireat a church in fort worth which is a suburb of dallas. >>a livstream from the
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unfolding. e deadly attack was over in just 6 seconds the gunman was killed by armed parishioners. lice are praising their actions were stping the gunm and saving more than 240 peopleso far the tive is not known at this me, according to the fbi, however, the gunman was not on a watch list any kind and it's not clear who he was targeting and y he went after the victims in other national news police are invtigating an anti semitic attack at a hanukkah celebration in new york. sinc december 23th, there have been 10 attacks against jewish in new york. since that partular time so they are beefing up security at synagues more than 100 people were at a rabbi's home on saturday nig when police say grafton thomas stormed in and started stabing people. thomas was arrested following the attack right after midnight, the governor of new york says there have been
5:22 am
dozens hate related incidents against e jewish community. just this month alone. >>these are people. who to create. >>mass mass violence. >>that generate fee year based on race color creed. that is the dinition of terrorism. >>so far authorities are not saying directly if there was a hate are related crime. the suspect you can e right there appeared on in court on pleaded not guilty. he authorities are stepping up security, not just at synagogues in new york city but all across the cotry. >>coming up next on the kron 4 morning news and east bay counity cometogetherto member the victims of a crh in pleasanton we'll have the latest on that and also after the break. the latest on the deadly helicopter crash in hawaii as ficials suspend the sear for e
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>>in hawaii, the search for the bodies of the victims in the deadly helicopter crash th search has been suended. the tour helicopter went down on thursday off the coast of hawaii. the pilot and 6 passgers on board and survivors the chopper was reportedly quipped with a locator but officials have not been able to get a signal from it. investigators did find somdebris in a remote area of a state park on the island's north west side. >>civil rights icon and mocratic congressman john lewis of georgia has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer. his offi announced the diagnosis lewis who is 79 years old said that he was diagnosed follong a routine medical visit one subsequent tests read confirming the diagnosis. he the coming days to begin his treatment plan which wl last
5:27 am
several wks. lewis said that his doctors told him tht with recent medical advances he has a fighting chance. still ahead on the kron 4 morning news body camera video showing what led up to a fatal polie shooting in the east ay. >>we'll have e details and
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>>welcome back to the kron 00:04am morning news. let's art the half hour with a check of traffic in just a few moments banks rise all over of trying and the king of weathe. some like just a frnd are a lot of russia pressure on a monday to but yes, this monday, nopressure on the roads that's for sure we've been pretty calm so far. we do have a couple of slick spots as we've noted with light sprinkles overnight, t overall we're starting things off pretty good golden gate spots across the bay area and there's your look at the east
5:31 am
bay right here in beeley also another one of our clear spots you do see just a couple of light sprinkles as i noted right alg the coast in a couple areas of just a little bit of izzle a lingering further south of sajose now for southern california. there's a weak system jt write off shore this has resulted in some rain and even a little light snowfall right across the great find. >>sn't shut down traffic down there just yet the system not packing the punch like st week's ted 40's and 50's for ur current temperatures across the bay with oakland and alameda right nowat 51 degrees while berkeley conquered in dublin anywhere from the mid to upper 40's, currently nevado and see holding know you are2 spots fairly mild considering where we coulbe you remember last week being in the 20's and some of these areas by the afternoon cool and sunny upper 50's to low 60's, definitely not a bad day ahead with sunshine returning later on. rob. >>all right, let's check in on those soggy road around the
5:32 am
bay area this morning, the bay idge traffic is a little bu often on its and backing up in some of your cash lanes but overall it's been a pretty nice and quiet trip coming in. we're oking at roughly 8 minutes that's a pretty good averageto make it from the maze through the tolls and over fremont street exit 92 busy as well more more brake lights here rolling west, but no big problems heading over to the peninsula and checking in on that soggy richmond sandra fell just watch your growing from the pay gates out a one on one lookat some more bridges freeways and drive imes coming up a little bit later well. >>story out of the east bay hundreds gathered to remember the victims of a horrific night time crash on christmas 3 double high school students were killed 2 of them robin we've been all over the story wee actually twins yes they were kron four's dan thorn had a chance to eak with family and friends at a candlelight vigil. >>and holding candles and holding each other hundreds paid their respects to 3 dublin high school students
5:33 am
who were killed and 2 others brothers mark and michael your easter died along with their friend javi everybody out >>the twins mother and a so remembered her boys as energetic kind and caring thinking did did an amazing job ey have impacted very bit of truble me a little >>the 3 victims left behind many friends who also shared their thoughts and along foothill road when their car careened off of the street christs night. they struck a power pole and then a tree at wins 16 year-old cousin, jed reynoso remains in a
5:34 am
coma following the crash. >>asking for prayers sharing. >>another teen and dublin high school students, a man to our ceo is also still hospitalized. >>the had better r well as will just grateful that she >>reporting in dublin, dan thorn kron 4 news. >>on the peninsula rare disease isthreatening the life of a bay area teenager from south san francisco. 19 year-old emilio you re t regain consciousness. last month after slipping into a coma, 2 and a half months ago. he has had so far 4 brain surgeries after being diagnosed with the rare auto immune disease that causes inflammation in the brain fluid leaking into his spying you can see with the hospital with their meaning his family have not left his side ever since this whole ordeal started >>pa's toughest time of
5:35 am
life for me and my wife. terrible. things are looking up how this happened have son here with us. he was if your kids are ever sicker funny thing ever. easing even minor don't neglect it. and take a sees that started with a headache. >>new yo is current being treated at a saratoga pediatric clinic nearly $12,000 have been raised so far online to help with his medical expenses. a link to that formation can be found on our website kron 4 t com. >>well over to the east bay now 2 people have en arrested r stealing merchandise from a jc penney store in concord take a look at everything that they walked out of the store we look at all that stuff close air boxes shoes. officials say that they were patrolling the sun valley mall when officers they potted a man and a woman. running away from the store they jumped io a car they sped off down highway 4 ficers were ahead of them they have already place to set
5:36 am
up spike strips out there on thestreets and one of the exits disable the vehicle 3 of 4 tires, a pop. both of the thieves are from bay point and are facing multiple theft charges. one of the longest running newspapers in the state has printed its final edition, the martinezews because at indeed 161 years of publishing news abouthe city of martinez. the editor of the paper says that he's not certain whether the news outlet will contin publishing online or not newspapercirculation in the us has been on the decline for the last 3 decades. the reason the gazette is shutting down is unclear. begin printing back in 1850. well to the orth we now are reckless writer who led police on a pursuit has been arrested. center is officer caught the motorcyclist jonathan torres eeding on guerneville road near still lane. police say the driver iled to stop when directed eventual driving right into the sidewalk of the
5:37 am
bay village circle shopping nter even at one point the driver abandoned his right and was taken down by police. the touris now faces charges of dui and also driving on a suspended license. >>take a look at this body cam vio of the moments leading to the killing oa 60 year-old conquer man dona james everson this ppened back on december 1st on oasis dry if an elderly couple called police saying their son was ting a radically police also released the 911 call made by his parents in which you hear have a son in the background thrtening kill any officers who show up to the scene. >>you better him to outside with loaded 45 you better of going to kill to you >>police triedto get everson to come out of the house instead has 90 year-old father who was bleeding from his face came out of the home. he told officers his 85 year-old wife had also been hurt. that's
5:38 am
when officers kicked down the front door went inside everson was shot and killed a short time later. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news, it's the enof an era for one iconic san francisco show beach like about along clsing it's curtains for good. plus a ook at the new laws in 2020 that will impactlaw enforcement agencies all across the state. and a pretty calm morning acss the bay area we do have
5:39 am
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>>starting january 1st new year means new laws affecting police and other law enforcement agencies that will begin and that includes a major change in policies regulating police use of deadly force. ur state also will ohibit police from firing their weapons on fleeing felons who do not pose an immediate danger by the year 2021 all departments must establish clear and specific
5:42 am
use of force guidelines, califoia peace office commiion will develop mandatory training fo officers that includes de escalation tactics, explic and implicit bias along with culturacompetency and mental health policing. as we head to break, here's a live look outside at sfo. >>it is not raining at this and you see the movie the runway a little slick always call ahead of course sfo it doesn't take a lot. cause some delays. to health coverage,
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it only takes 5 minutes. the longest running musical review in the world, it's closing its curtains the show between about lot i'm sure you've heard of it. >>will have its last show on new year's eve. kron four's taylor'ssacking has more. >>magical it's like the golden gate bridge are quite how e
5:46 am
you know it's a part of the fabric othe city, it's become the san francisco tradition over the last 45 years beach blanket babylon started as a street performance in from his home in north beach is club from ghazsince openg day on june 7th 1974 decades later, they're closing the curtains for good with its last show on new year's eve. andthat's a real big deal there isn't anybody else in the worl broadway london. you know we've been to london and nobody has surpassed those. >>john coming on he has been with the show for 40 years as i ste manager. he sa the show's dubbed the longest runninmusical revue in the world creatorsteve silver passed ay in 1995, but his wife jo continue to run the show earlier this year she told us they're not closing for financial reasons or rhyme or reason i'm glad thatwe have the cast and crew that we have now because we really are going out. on top there are the best shows known for its crazy costumes and hats and it's proof and political and
5:47 am
pop culture change is a daily or monthly anges over time if you see something a newspaper in e morning, it's going to be on stage th night it sweet every show dierent than the last with more than 17,000 performances. >>beach bnket babylon was seen by6.5 million people ab sorry to see it go and wish it would last forever, nothing lasts forever. but those people who got to your the lucky ones the cast will perform for its la audience on tuesday. in san francisco taylor bus aqi kron 4 news. now we want to say hello to st john and see how the weather shaping up it's a new week we have the new ar rolling in what to expect on good weather for it all solid start to the week so far today guys you call that the ra on sunday is the faucet turned off now. >>that the fossett is trip it's even worse either do it or don't drip tripp tripp that's annoying it is a big it gets a little rough after a
5:48 am
while but fosouthern california, there's definitely still little bit of rainfall to be seen today and even just a touch of snow in the great pie this morning. this is your look outside alcatraz right here are look down across the bay shows just how common cleared as across the bay area what we do have across the bay is a couple of those sprinkles again just mae a windshield wiper time or 2 and you're good to go. but enough to make roadways wet after having some overnight showers last night now zoom out across the bay area into southern california where you do see some rain and some snow mostly across mountain passes, let's zoom in on the grapevine because that's the all important around a lot of people probably hadn't back up this way today. we do have just a couple sprinkles and flurries along it right now nothing that's going to closeit down very likely so. good news for travelers down there is weather is better than it was lastweek but still tell your family at may be traveling back up to take itslower that they're heading up by 5 skies, niceand dry today looking nice d dry tomorrow to and
5:49 am
really into the start of the year we're going to keep that trend going with not a whole lot of change skies will ffer little chance of rain into the start of 2020 50's for most of our daytime highs today, although a couple of spots getting into the low 60's with burlingame foster city down about view each of 58 san jose tod you'll be at 60 degrees. campbell santa clara and milpitas each at 59 east bay temratures not much different than that. we're hovering right below the 60 degree mark today with lots of suhine overhead it's going to feel pretty good all you need is the light jacket you'll be just fine napa on over to sonoma and santa rosa each right at 60 degrees tomorrow, very similar to today holding on to the sunshinen the upper 50's 20 st day of the new year on wednesy and a little bit warmer for the new year's low 60's for your highs wednesday thursday and friday and ur only chance of rainfall this forecast. coming on friday. robin. >>all righttaking a peek at that monday morning commute
5:50 am
backto work as some folks are indeed heading back to work. earlier we had a line at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's gone thcash lanes are stacking up, but that's no longer the now's a great time to make that trip just remember when you get out there you should be driving at a reduced speed because the roads are still slick so 8 minutes to fremont street. much busier on 92 lot of folks are packing up and leaving the eastbay rolling to the peninsula. so it's a little busy a little crowded, but not bad at all 14 minutes over to oneoh one richmond sandra fell slick roads here to 7 traffic tracker showing you good numbers are right on time for the e sure 24 5 80 d the minutes well robin for your money this moing mo than half of the united states will see a minimum wage increase on january 1st 26 states in all includindc andcalifornia will be enacting an increase. >>come wednesday here in california nimum wage ll see a one dollarincrease to $13 an hour in colorado, new
5:51 am
york georgia wyoming, all of those states and many others they also makea change. the ghest minimum wage will remain in seattle where workers make a minimu of $16 an hour. i'm from setle i start off a $3 and $0.35 wahington has a statewide minimum wage of $13.50 an hour. >>coming up the kron 00:04am rning news at 6 o'clock a major new privacy, privacy law goes into effect come january first will have the details on the next hour of the kron 00:04am morning news. kronour's end of the year spectacular is back joining us new year's eve staring at 08:00pm with our counown to new year's eve live from las vegas and then join me grt lotus and need justine waldman starting at 1130 live from san francisco as we bring in 2020 with fireworkover the very building but we're not ne wake of new year's morning with the tonament of roses parade live from pasadena our coverage starts at 06:00am
5:52 am
with backstage at the parade. >>then see all the pageantry of the 131st roseparade live commercial-free m 8 - will invisalign aligners really work for my smile.
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and in many cases, it works faster than braces. office report ought to you by the new luxury lounges at century san francisco center >>the force was not strong ouengh for a handful movies trying to take down star wars from winning its second weekend at the box office, rick damigella takes a lk at the top 5 flicks. >>spies in disguise starring the voices of will smith and tom hoand opened low expectations, but manageto break into the top 5 with millionts animated competition frozen to contind its box officeun in 4th place on ticket sales of 16.5 million. camp because.
5:56 am
we will tell. the scorched my dress the latest adaptation of little women placed 3rd just barely ahd of frozen 2 with 16.5 $2 milliojuman the next level held on to second place this weekend bringing in an additnal million to its the rise of skywalker easily surpassed its competition over the holidays, repeating in first place wi an estimated $72 miion the 9th and final film in the ywalker saga now coands a milliodomestic gross and over million at e global box office in hollywood, i'm rick damigella. coming up next on the kron 4 morn ng news, authorities are arching for a man who robbed and groped a woman. >>plus a few transit fares. they're increasing for the new
5:57 am
will have all that information coming up and we'll break it dowfor you and live report and the road to the super bowl highlights from last night's games after the eak. we made usr members like kate.
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>>from the area's local news station. yore watching kron 00:04am morning newsat 6 >>well hello there anhappy monday. thank you for waking up with us on t kron 00:04am morning news, i'm robin winston filling in for rya folsom and i will tran in for james fletcher on this last monday of 2019 this owned they just getting out of bed on a monday out of little extra that's what call them owned a cause or moang and groang i had this great i willsay i kept a sleep schedule. thiswere good i was a very relaxed i was in


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