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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  December 30, 2019 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>from the area's local news station. yore watching kron 00:04am morning newsat 6 >>well hello there anhappy monday. thank you for waking up with us on t kron 00:04am morning news, i'm robin winston filling in for rya folsom and i will tran in for james fletcher on this last monday of 2019 this owned they just getting out of bed on a monday out of little extra that's what call them owned a cause or moang and groang i had this great i willsay i kept a sleep schedule. thiswere good i was a very relaxed i was in bed at
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like sunset, boca. fall he slept more than i did all week and one day so last ght tonight is key. >>right just wang up you're probably tired to thatas an adrenaline rush. yeah, definitely a good game last night anit was a good one o stand side for the gameo because it's kind of rainy kind of a gloomy day yesterday after what was such a nice frid and saturday finished e weekend off with some good sleepi weather last night. you look outsideat e golden pretty clear skies overhead as we begin this new day the last monday of the yearand well pretty calm for about out across the region you do see showers insouthern california. it's actually a touch of snow on the grapevine small not really measuring up to what we saw last week so yeah we are seeing as much of a travel impact as we saw last week during that storm system. >>30's and 30'to 50's for your range of tempatures novato santa rosa saint helene
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and napa in the 30's while oakland and alameda each the low 50's right now later on today will even things out be a little bit er than yesterday to with daytime highs back into the upper 50's to low 60'slots of sunshine and some pretty dry skies to kick f this last monday the year robin all right, thank you john checng in on affic a lot of folks are still out of town off from work so. >>we're notseeing the usual gri into san francisco, normally we'd have a big backup here at the toll plaza, but that'just not the case. the only thing you need to watcout for are the slick roads right. it it's pretty slick and slippery we've seen a number of puddles we've had some minor spints so just be careful 8 minutes here to make it into san fncisco where over to 92 we're tracking the drive from hayward to the peninsula. it's busy. it'snot bad. it's 14 minutes and growi to make it off to one on one. we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell and that's a pretty good looking commute as well no hot ots, no trouble spots to worry about it's an easy 8 minutes here to make itfrom the pay gates up to the north y
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connecting to one oh one we'll check more coming up a little bit later wl. we are following breaking news from overnight a pedestrian was hit and killed bya car on northbound one oh one in san jose. >>this happened about 6 ho ago near the brokaw off route and that's right across the highway from that they want to one casino the ene was shut down for a coupleof hours as chp they came out there they had to lok at the scene talk to witnesses do their measurements and finally it o'clock this morning the cause place is still under took investigation. fr san jose to the north bay, nevada police are searching r a man who they say robbed and groped a woman this happened near downtown novato kron four's gayle ong breaks it all down. >>a terrifying ordeal for a woman right in front of her home it began th the demand for cash from the woman's purse, we spoke to thvictim o was too shaken to speak on camera but lls us she hopes police find the n who robbed and assaulted her the incident
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happened on olive avenue near fort street just a few blocks awy from downtown of otto around 30 saturday night the womatold police she was exiting her car next thing she knows the suspect comes from bend and places an object believed to be a knfe to her back police say the suspect broke the woman while she was removing her purse a vehicle drove by during the assault and that's when the woman cried for help e suect ran towards fort street others in the area a surprised to hear this happened. i have been here in lake nd 12 years. i i never hear anything you know i mean that nothing >>this car yes combine al random like this town so thismostly quiet everything's. >>the victim was treated for minor injuries novato lice the wake of the incident by sunday. a policeman walking. we su us really strange to me. the suspect is described as an adult ma 5, 9 to 6 feet tall weighing approximately 200 to 240
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pounds in al black clothing a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood pulled up black sweat pants and blk leathe gloves. police are asking anne to check home surveillance cameras to see if they captured the assault or uspect in the votto gayle ong kron 4 news. san francisco no where a repeat robber is back behind bars thimorning for the second time this month st before midnight saturday. >>the sky right here stephen mills, he was trying to brak into a car near the intersection of hide and fulton and thetenderloin district. there was a woman that was walking to her car she saw him with tools and some of her belongings in his hands. so she called police theywere able to track him down. he was arrested and booked for grand theft just a we ago. well also in the tenderloin these 3 people were taken into custody for stealing a variety of vehicles, michael brinks torrance ta bron james repose a they're all accused of stealing an suv they took a motorcycle and a uhaul van in that area. all 3 suspects wee booked for vehicle theft 2 of
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the 3 are considered county fugitives. well to conquer now are 2 people hae been arrested for stealing merchandise from a c penney's take a look at what hey got a hold of all of this merchandise look about officers say theywere patrolling the ballsun valley mall. when they spotted a man and awoman running from the store so they jumped in the cars, they sped off down highway 4. but officers already have place a set of ike strips on t street at one of exits there. so they dissed able 3 of the 4 tires at how they caught him. both of the fees are from bay pot and are now facing multiple theft charges. another big story that we're following for you this morning, it's going to cost you a lite bit more money starting january first to ride ac transit inhe east but right kron 4 sarah stinson is live in see is san leandro to break down. >>how much is going to cost writers sarah. >>the ad is going to impact thousands of people who ri ac transit every day, i'm here
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at the san andro bart station and there's an ac transit bus stop here. let's take a look at just how much is going in factpeople it's $0.50 more peride you can see a breakdown of the numbers on your screen adults paying th cash will pay $2.5 and you seniors and disabled passengers will pay a $1.25 $0.25 less than that now let's take a look at the transbay fares about 14,000 dend on that transbay service every single day to get across the bay mosof them heading to san francio. you can see you seniors and disabled passengers will pay $3 that's the same price forthe per card holders ac transit ofcials say the increase is needed to pay for a 5 year plan aiming to ease the overcrowding and reduce congestion on the brain that the bay bridge somethng we see every single day ac
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transit is coming up on he second year of this plan and have alreadhave added the 70 seat doube decker buses and more trips to popular transbay lines now thisisn't thonly crease we're going to see starting 2022 ther wi be a nother $0.50 increase for now i'm live in san leandro sarah stinson back to. >>okay thank you very much sara for that report. well transportation changes are in effect the vta the valley transportation authority's new bus and light rail services have already stard. >>so riders can expect more buses to arrive on 20 of the agency's most used bus routes a new light rail line also debuted over the weekend, some folks are excited about that some of eta is existing lines have been mpletely cceled. a spokesperson ays that these changes have been in the wos since 2019 excuse me 2016, it is 2019the dta says that they hope these anges will allow riders to take more direct routes to their destinations. they're also offering free rides through
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tuesda so yeah it is free ght noyou can find a link to the list of neroutes on our website kron 4 dot com. well if you're taking bart's us we take a peek at the schedule so on new year's eve. bart will run trains until 030am take advanta of this don't get out there and drive antioch enrichment trains will skithe embarcadero stop that's something you havto montgomery instead that's e going o be your station if you're iding the dublin warm spring line into san francisco. that line will skip a monomery and it will stop at the embarcadero that's going to your station. now new ye day that will run on a sunday service which means services and start unl 08:00am so keep that in mind. >>how the st was won the 49 er went to seattle and they as skate with a victory just inches from losing the game, let's get right to the highlights the are going to stay home in santa clara and not play next week.
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>>it's the play we're tking 3, 2, inches from the goal line the niners stop the sea august one the west 2621 the seahawks kind of close the 4th quarter. >>but you can see the niners thewere at touchdown scoring machine there's deebo with this spin it looked like it was going to get ouof hand seahawks came back is most or with uchdown as well nip tuck all the way own towards the end shannon hand all excited on the sideles and excited at the news conrence. >>thomas it is great feel you know grateful and just o. to get the once the problem to to the nfc west champions, you know, let's go come into let's first go you go to nferences to get home game in playoffs. we worked hard, you know, it's a tough season is love teams playing really welldone stretch on to real good about all year. i mean it's always
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the goal going just to get in the tournament and. >>to get in there with e number one seed feels very good. >>here's the thg the niners they have abye they're the number one seed in thefc west as nfc altogether. but if the seahawks go to philadphia beat the eagles next week. they will play possibly the niners in 2 weeks for round 3 and that will happen on januar 11th for the divional round of the playoffs andhe niners just have to win 2 more games an they're in the super bowl. the next stop for the raiders sin city after falling short of the ayoffs. the silver and black no longer being able to be callethe oakland raiders the raiders they had a slim ance starting the game against the denver broos in denver started off well and then get that they turned the ball over. the broncos ended up winning 16 15 after the raiders went for 2 point. version and that is the last game ever as the oakland
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raiders nextyear of course they are being called the las vegas iders. stl ahead on the kron 4 morning ne a rare disease is threatening the life of a bay area teenager will hear from the am's father about his condition. >>and then 2 people are dead after a shooting at a church in texas. how it all unfolded and it was caught on camera. wre everything gets a sequel.
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not the leg! you dang woodchucks! >>welcome back 6 15 on the last monday of the year of the decade really looking outside this morning. we do havesome pretty clear skies from the lick observary you can make out those slopes in e distance starting to see a little bit of sunlight as the nears a reaching the horizon you can see a couple of rinkles right along the coastline, but it has come down lot since yesterday with our rainy conditions on sunday, still holding on to rain for southern california though it's lighter stuff for st of the la area out towards santa barbara and then
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we do have just a touch of snowfall that's fallen right there on i 5 through the grapevine the route is still open now. the storm not packing the same punch that we saw last week which snarled traffic all across the southern part of the state of course t great find. now today skies are only going to grow increasingly clear tomorrow you're going to see clear skies yet again with mostly sunny conditions overhead for the most part acss the bay as we work our way on into e middle of the week new year's day on wednesday skies do remain clear slow holiday ahead new year's eve and new year's day looking great for any travels you may have or any plans outside you may have to upper 50's to low 60's for today's daytime highs, san jose napa and santa rosa each year. i doubt 60 degrees while hayward freeman oakland, each today, a 58 tomorrow very much so the same us today for the last y of the year and then come new year's day a little bit warmer with low 60's when say thursday and friday and the only slight chance of rain we even do have in this forecast will be on friday. robin all
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right, thank you sir,let's check in on trafficking want to take a pe of the drive. >>into san francisco there it is we're checking out 80 west, it's nice and light and smooth and quiet so we're off to a great start. we don't have any problems that you need to worry about just kn that the roads are very slick and slippery and you could easily spend out. >>9 minutes here into san francisco, 70 oh bridge 92, definitely crowded mostly on the flat section but a great trip into foster city, richmond sandra fell now we have some crowding and lots of it here at the toll plaza nothing reported but all of a sudden it's heavy from the pay gates approaching mid span, so there may be something looming on the bridge that has not co in yet i'll keep tracking it. but we're at 9 minutes and growing off to fremont street your way out of sonny bill k heads up for an accident on expressway. at last check this was blocking several lanes of traffic and we can definitely see the backup. have injuries reported and it's crawling fr fair oaks up to lawrence exprsway exit. northbound you're looking good that's a coute direction,
6:18 am
it's still at the limit 28 minutes from san jose to menlo park will check more coming up a little bit later well. robin in texas is an open carry state and that came in ndy after a gunman walked into a church over the weekend. >>and started killing. people ended up killing 2 people he eventually was stopped armed curity guards, the whole thing was caught on the churches live stream camera. he will not believe the video reid binion has the latest. we must warn you the video can be disturbing to some. >>a lone gunman opening fire insi a texas church sunday killing 2 people. west freeway church of christ. what's on the texas. >>during the church service one witness aid she thought there was something suspicious about the man from the start and you knowsomething was just telling me something is not right trust and. where looks so fake the deadly
6:19 am
assault was over in just 6 seconds a couple members of tracking the suspect who died at the scene lieutenant the fast response of the armed parishioners, this hurch had its own security team, he heroism today. this unparalleled. state law enforcement also praising their actions. the citizens who are inside that church. undoubtedly saved 242 other. >>firs >>the church is senior ministerexpressing gratitude for the lives at were saved while honoring the mery of the slain victims today is one sermon on breach. >>leaving a gacy. and tune in to the left like this i'm reid binion reporting. >>police are also investigating an anti semitic attack at a hanukkah celebration in new york 5 people were stabbed over the weekend you can see the crime
6:20 am
scene there. ore than a 100 people were at a rabbi's home on saturday night when police say grafton thomas. he stormed inside and started stabbing people. thomas was arrested following e attack after minight. the governor of new york says there have been more than a dozen hate related incidents against the jewish community since december 8th. >>these are people. who to create. >>mass mass violence. >>that generate fee year based on race color creed. that is the definition of terrorism. >>the suspect in the areas right there. he appred in court on sunday morning where he pleaded not guilty authorities they are ramping up security around synagogues and other places of worship not ju in new york city but all across the country. >>well coming up next on the kron 00:04am morning ns and east bay community mes tooether to remember the
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>>welcome back from for his neyear's eve spectacar that's also back yeah it's going to be exciting turret lit as a young people say at all and party on your couch with grant lotus and just a moment at 1130 as we count do. the new year right here in san francisco, a beautiful reworks shothat's going to happen over the ferry building as well as the other fireworks shows happening all across the the only live fireworks show in the bay area. so don't miss it will be at he watching. still ahead on the kron morning news at the end of an era for one iconc san francisco show ere it is beach blankebabylon were saying if i they're closing the curtains for good.
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>>welcome back the time now 6.27 and thanks for waking up with uschecking in on the forecast and we have some showers tapering off s been a little soggy out there. >>yeah a little bit of a soggy start but like you said they're tapering afternoon partly last sunday a lot loving my afternoon jogs oh yeah it's been great jogging weather recently escially friday saturday were great days. >>yesterday got little still people out there, yeah people were definitely enjoying some of thalighter rain that we had yesterday for the most part of the ways couple spots of did ck up you can see out there this morning thatwe do have nice clear and drying conditions for most of e bay there are just a couple of spots where some sprinkles hold on right at the coast, ut nothing more than just light sprinkles in the bay area least to zoom out across the region. this is our storm stem a week one that is tracking through the southern
6:29 am
part of the state resulting in light showers even a bit of light snowfall the grapevine not closing anything down though so your travels a lot better than last week's 40's and 's for most temperatures across the bay right now fremont alameda in oakland, some of our warmer spots in the low 50's while a few 30's up in the north bay like in santa rosa in saint helene a at 3837 degrees later on today do expect daytime highs to be a bit warmer than yesterday d part of the reason for that when you've got all hat sunshine. they are going to be enjoying today, mostly sunny skies and a few low 60's for highs, i've got more onyour forecast ahead all right. thank u john. now let's check in on the commute which is holding up fair well it's going to be great trip into san rancisco. >>we don't have any proems span or downtown earlier we e had a little bit of a backup. and the cash lanes so that's gone so a great trip coming in because so many folks are still off for the holidays over to 92, it's definitely our busiest brid right now with the crowd leaving hward
6:30 am
west of the tolls is going to be pretty right along the flat section but it didn't sound up and over the high rise 1, 1, across a building a picking up a little bit too. we have more folks ading into san francisco on the left whichis south 1 one, but it's only 20 minutes to make it to the pay gates, an cident wrapping up in sonny bill i talked about this earlieone oh one south right lanes are blocked so it'sheavy from la one exit fair oaks but something you should look out for if you're heading frothe peninsula to the south bay. well. >>we are getting chilling look at what led to the officer involved shooting of a 60 year-old man in concord back on december 1st concord police they are releasing body camera video of the moments leading to the killing of donald james the 911 call made by his sed parents in which you hear erson in the background threatening to kill any officers who show up kron fous catherine enan shows us the video.
6:31 am
>>yobetter on to outside with a loaded 45you better going talk to you >>when police did arrive they try to get donald ever sent come out of the house that didn't happen. the man who d eventually walkout was ever sons, 90 year-old father who was bleeding badly from the face. he told officers his 85 year-old wife had also been hurt. >>my wife i help her. she hurt first start. >>that's when officers kicked the front door open and went inside on the body cam video you'l immediately here ever since saying i'm going to kill her. he was in the kitchen, holding a knife over his injured mothers had 2 officers opened we fze the video before you see everson being
6:32 am
shot he died the scene. his parents had told police the phone he was mentally disturbed saying alcohol and drugs make it worse. catherine heenan kron 4 news. >>in the east bay hundreds gather to remain i member should say 3 teenagers killed in a horrific crash on christmas ght. twin brothers mark and michl your wrist to along with their friend javier ramirez died after their r crashed along foothill road to more teens were in the car at the time they were all duin high school students. they remain in the hospital a calelight vigil was organized last night to lp bring peace to the community. hundds paying their respects holding candles and each other the twinmother remembered her boys just 16 years old as energetic kind n kerry. >>we have impacted erything are doing a little bit of
6:33 am
trouble meet everybody out >>she's concerned also about her nephew who still in the far they don't know the cause of it. but it looks like drugs and alcohol were not factors in the crash counselors we'll be of a high school when classes resume after the holiday break. >>well to the north and now a reckless writer who led police on a pursuit has been arrested santa rosa officer caught the motorcyclist jonathan torres speeding on guerneville ad near still lane. so police say that the driver failed to stop when directed eventually hewas driving on a sidewalk near the bay village circle shopping center. and one point the driver abandoned his right and was taken down by police torres now faces charges ofdui and also driving on a suspended license. well to the south bay now pa ao ssage therapist is under arrest accused of sexually assaulting a customer. now it happened back in august palo alto gang wing he inappropriately
6:34 am
touched a woman while he was working at the body needs d spa. e victim was in her 30's and she told police that she was weighing sexually assaulted her twice while she was ceiving a massage. >>lot of police department investigated and we were able to link edence to the suspect supported that a assault did indeed take place. >>well the owner of the spa declned an on camera interview but confirms that weighing rked at spot for more than a year. but he was fired. >>the ntsb says no distress call was sent for the airplane that crashed in lafayet, louisiana on saturday killing 5 peopleon board. the plane took off from lafayette regional aiort reached an altitude of 900 feet and then started left and the descending turn her traffic alert. issued a low altitude >>our initial information is that the airplane climb to 900
6:35 am
feet. the warning came when your plane descended through 700 feet. there was no distress ll and what we know now the luminary is a there was no conversation with the crew >>one person on the plane survived and isin critical condition, 3 people on t were treated for smoke e 2 inhalation and are doing find the cause of the crash. still too early to tell the ntsb says at this point of the investigation. there's noa lot to go on. from louisiana to maryland. one person is dead after a small plane crasd into 2 homes on sunday news video from the scene the plane bursinto flames igniting a car and damaging both homes in its path. no one was hurt. inside thhomes. the ntsb is currently investigating the causof this crash as well. a san francisco family is hoping for a miracle as a rare disease threatens their sons live.
6:36 am
>>the 19 year-old he's been in the hospital since labor day kron forcefully to call has more. >>19 year-old emilio a route here regain consciousness earlier last month after sliping into a coma on labor day. his mother father brothers and sister have never left his side the >>the much-maligned run a route he and his family live in south san francisco but have been bouncing from hospital to hospital since his son became ill when a works for s though both he and his wife have taken leave from work. well a million recovers i had started off with a headache vomiting. renee says amelia remained in a coma for 2 and a half months undergoing 4 brain surgeries ter eventually being diagnosed by a neurosurge with the rare auto immune disease acute disseminated or a dam that caused inflammation in the brain and fluid leaking into his spine. before all of this graduating from el camino high
6:37 am
school where he played football for 4 years since being hospitalized he hadn't spoken until around thanksgiving. i finally woke up. and started talking. >>had is for memory d'amelio is now ceiving care at saratoga pediatrics of acute where he'll stay until beginning speech and physical therapy and kaiser hospital in vallejo next month. an online campaign set up in october to help the family has raised nearly $1000 so far on go fund me dot com. e route hears are grateful for the help for kids are ever sicker funny thing ever easing. >>even minordon't neglected and take a series that started with a headache. and my son so i don't even i didn't thi it was that serious when my wife brought him to the emeency. and now here we are 4 months later the route he has a one and a quarter million people are diagnosed
6:38 am
with the dam. >>theisease that can sometimes develop into multiple sclerosis. but they have tremendous faith that a will make a full recovery. in saratoga feli gaulle kron 4 news. >>seattle public schools ar no lonr going to lead unvaccinated students return from winter break under a new state law and students will not be allowed treturn until they are fully up to date. now the district says at least 2000 students to not have up to date immunization rords but to try d prevent students from missing class are offering free vaccination clinics through the winter break. and democratic congressman john lewis of georgia has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer his office announced the diagnosis lewis who is79 years also said he was medical visit with subsequent tests rican firming the diagnosis. he will return to
6:39 am
washington in the coming days to start his treatment plan which will last seral weeks. lewis said that his doctors told him that with all the recent medical advances he has a fighting chance. >>one of the longest-running newspaper the state has printed its final edition martinez news because it ended 161 years of publishing news about the city of martinez, whi has a population of abo 40,000 people. the editor of the par says he's not certn whether the news outlet will continue doing work online we all know newspaper circulation in the us has been on the decline r about 3 decades now o many people get their news online the reason the gazette however is shutting wn they're not really disclosinghat get this it began printing in september of 1858 happening tomorrow, the longest running musical review in the world, it's closing its curtains the show beach blanket babylon will have its st show tomorrow after more than
6:40 am
17,000 performances over 45 years. theshow is known for its crazy costumes hats and its spoofs a political and pop cuture. it's made every show dierent the past year, it's been a san francisco staple and a huge tourist destination whever people come to town. >>i'm sorry to see it go and i wish would last forever, nothing lasts forever. but those people who got to your the lucky ones you always ve a memory of it. >>a lot of people showed up and i know that the ticket sales ave been on fire as we are winding down tomorrow that is it if you have a ticket consider yourself very lucky. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a look at the enforcement agencies on how they tackle suspts. and then we all know tech companies collector digital information but what if you could ask them to dete it all will tell y
6:41 am
about a new a major privacy law that goes into effect come january 1st, plus we'll tell you which states are set to raise the nimum wage come wednesday at how much more people can expect to see in their paychecks and a nice calm forecast ahead of us after rainfall yesterday and you shoun't have to live with pain.
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u shouldn't have to etend you're fine. you shouldn't have to be the ambulance. you shouldn't ve to be thinking about the cost. you should just be focused on her. covered california can help you find a health plan that fits your needs and budget. because we believe you shouldn't have to choose
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between the life you've bui and the care you need. the time now 6.44 checking in on the forecaslooking pretty good as we start this new weekend head into the new year it's not too d not bad at all a really dry forecast ead of us actually. >>i love it's not cold in the afternoon. it's that's the st part so you get big fat cold start next year to have good we do have some really nice afternoon is ahead of us guys we do have a gold star afternoon for sure. is is your went outside at the golden te bridge. it is beautiful and clear just as the rest of the bay area is we've seen showers clear out
6:45 am
gradually through the morning skies that's more than southern california can say ju yet you still do have some showers out there right around los angeles. >>and a fewhite areas of snowfall right around the grapevi that have tapered off but still ome slick spots for you traveling over i5 this morning shouldn't expect any osures on i 5 those so travel is better todaythan it was just after christmas last week when everything was so snarl down south. we are going to see a few clouds later on into the eveningand into tomorrow morning but herwise today and tomorrow, nice and clear days finishing off 2020 on a really nice noticefar as weather goes daytime highs todaywill be in the upper 's to low 60's, lots of sunshine and that's going help temperatures to rise a bit furtherthan they did yesterday millbrae in san bruneach up to 56 for your high temperatures seeing carlos foster ci redwood city 58 and for san jose one of our spots in the low 60's at 60 degrees definitely a good day to be getting out and
6:46 am
about a nice aernoon as well as mentioning oakland, san leandro nquered and walnut creek all at 58 while sonom napa on over to santa rosa eat right at60 degrees. so we are srting a new decade on wednesday and look at that going to be some nice weather to ck things off low 60's dry conditions at least until friday. we have just a slight chance of showers will keep a close eye on that e, but as of right now this forecast is definitely lookindryer than not. >>robin and we like that thank you johnheading over to the richmond center fell it it's a ttle busy here. i was waiting for something to pop because all of a sudden got reallslow and the cash lanes and fast traclanes all the way out to mid span but nothing ever popped up on the chp incide page but we still have a long line so over to the left there is a bit of a wait. but overall it's about 10 minutes to make it to the north bay, but definitely crowd unfair to the baybridge 80 west the complete opposite wehave a nice steady flow of traffic. no problems to worry about here making it into
6:47 am
downtown san francisco. an accident still wrapping up and sonny bill i talked about this earlier 1, 1, south lawrence from the 5 o'clock hour at last check they were clearing those from the 3 right lanes that's why you have that backup which spills out to fair oaks and then right after that traffic is going to be back at the limit northbound looks good. no problems from san jose to the peninsula just keep in mind if you're hopping on vta they have a new schedule they've changed some things around but it's also free vta buses and light rail service will be free until the 31th he will not need a ticket. just ke in mind that they are operating on a holiday schedule so something to occupy mind as you're driving around the bay area if you want to use mass transit, complimeary their vta well, robin starting on wednesday, several new state laws will began that affect a lot of people including. >>law enforcement agencies capitol bureauashley zavala has the details. >>2020 will bring a majo upte to police use of deadly
6:48 am
force licies and training across the state the new measure updates language in the law that changes the standard for when police can use adly force from one reasonablto now when necessary how those 2 words differwill still be up for prosecutors to interpret in addition to setting one of the strictest use of force standards in e country california will also prohibit police fr iring thei weapons on fleeing felons who don't pose an immediate threat but 2021 all departments must establish clear and specific use of force guidelines including a minimum standar for using deadlyforce and specic situations in which officers may or may not draw were point their firearm at a person california's peace officer commsion will develop mandatory training for officers thatincludes de-escalation tactics, explicit and implicit bias and cultural competency and mental health policing the new set of laws was inspired by the death of stephon clark, police shot and killed a sacramento man after officers mistook his cephone for a gun state leaders ve said the new
6:49 am
standards are a symbol of compromise after years of conntion between police and civil rights grou in sacramento, ashley zavala kr 4 news 40 million people in our state will soon oain swping digital privacy rights come januy first beginning on wednesday. >>we will be able to see what personal information companies havecollected on us and then request them to delete it. but of course it's not that easy. there arseveral legal obstacles. the w is the strongest fain the country and companies across the world they are preparing for it to go into effect. >>before your money this morng more than half of the us will increase minimum wage in 2020 26 states in all includinthe district of columbia and californi we'll be in acting in crease come january 1st so here in california, minimum wage will see a one dollar increase to $13 an hour colorado, new yk georgia and wyoming are all among the list of states to make a change the highest
6:50 am
minimum wage wi remain in attle where workers maka nimum of $16 an hr, washington has a statewide minimum wage of $13.50 an the government could go up om nearly 500%. the us citizenship and immigratio services they want to increase es for a number of applications anddocuments currently it costs about $65 to have the government pull your ancestral records but under the proposed increase that costs uld increase to about $350 that's lot. a group of historians and at the kids are organizing a public campaign to convince the agency not to hike the seas. but us officials say that the fee increases are need to cover operating and processing cost. still ahead on the kron 4 morng news coming up at 7. mcdonald's employees at a northern california restaurant th come to the rescue of a
6:51 am
threatening to kill or we'll next. hat story coming up can my side be firm?
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only $1299, save $400, plus 0% interest for 24 months on al beds. ends new year's day. we are looking at clearing skies across thbay area this morning. the storm system that but its way through yesterday gradually working its way to the south somealm conditions and no weather related delays atany of our airports so a smooth start to the workweek and a smooth start your travls today upper fit a 40's to low 50's for most of the day, although we are in the 30's right now for nevado napa andsanta rosa. the areas, the coolest in the baywhile oakland in half moon bay tumor warmt spots in the low 50's. nowinds are breezy this morning out a lo summer coastal spots, but they'll come into the afternoon and overall we have a nice calm clear and pretty comfortable daahead of us robin. >>all right, thank you john checking in on traffic not
6:55 am
much nothing to worry about at the bay bridge toll plaza quick trip into san francisco busiest a little bit of a crowd here leaving hayward 14 minutes off to one oh one and i just spotted a new accident in the santa cruz mountains south 17 south of the summit. we may have both lanes blocked so chp heading er to check it out northbound you're looking good. it's pretty smooth at 23 minutes santa cruz to los gatos will. >>happy news out of the united states women's national soccer am over the weekend ashlyn harris and ali kreiger and they got married the 2 tied the knot saturday at a ceremony in ami attended by many other teammates including the reigning play of the year and world cup mvp megan ruh-pee-noe and she was sports year. it comes nearly a decade aftethe 2 began dating each other they met while playing r the us national team. back in 2010. congratulations astronaut christina cookshe
6:56 am
sets the record for the longest single spaceflight by a woman over the weekend surpassing the former record of 288 days said by peggy whitson her long duration mission is helping us learn how to keep astronauts healthy for deepspace exploration. and the moon as well as mars. searching for a man who robbed and groped a woman will have anupdate on that story. >>plus ac transit fares on the increase for e new ar, we'll have a live report will break it down to talk about the prices and increase coming up next. also the road to the super bowl will go thugh the 49 ers slauson highlights from last nighs game.
6:57 am
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>>from the bay area's local
7:00 am
news station. you're watching kr 00:04am morning news at 7. >>morning everyone and thank you for waking up wih us on the kron 4 morning news i'm robin winston filling in for daryn also and i was reading in for james fletcher we'll hear from you in just a few moments in terms of traffic, let's go to john trouble now for what you can expect in terms nice calm day ahead of a skies we w some rain yesterday just briefly over the weekend. >>after friday and saturday we're nice and we're back to the nice weather today, berkeley out to the east bay looking nice and clear this morning skies will remain clear across the bay area today and will start to clear out for southern california after what has been some in and snow above 4,000 feet this morning we've seen a touch of that snow on the grapevine some chp crews escorting traffic over e grapevine but no closures just yet so that is definitely good news. 40's and 50's for your current temperatures at least for most of the day you head up nto the north bay and there's your 30's up in


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