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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  December 30, 2019 8:00am-9:01am PST

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from the the news station. >>you're watching kron 00:04am morning >>good morning, everyone i'm willrend in for james fletcher on this 8 o'ock hour, the kron 4 morning news and i'm robin nston filling in for darya folsom, it is monday 12/30/2019 the very last monday of the year so as we transition into the new year, let's see how the weather is shaping up hn trimble it's cooperating guys year eve looking great so get out there and enjoy it is going to ask is it it's not going to be foggy along the embarcadero because thousands of people will be there see it all and it shouldn't be so the cloud cover that we're tually going to see new year's eve should help us a little bit hoping to prevent some of that fog. >>so as of right w it's looking like he should be good going. we haven'tseen fog much the past coupleof nights and certainly not this morning very much skies have been very clear over the bay area and you canee it's of supreme snow here just toclear it is
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and will continue to be robin mentioned this last s monday of 2019 plenty of sunshine across the bay and you'll get there for southern california, even though some this morning that includes ing some light snowfall in the great find that is not going to shut down that route it is slick though and chp is escorting drivers across i 5 as it goes over the great find but a much better situation than what we had last week 40's and 50's for your current teeratures right along the bay with some 30's up north the novato napa fairfield saint helene and santa rosa right now. these definitely our ldest of spots. later today, you're going to see daytimhighs a bit warmer than yesterday should be no surprise on a clear day like we're about to see cool and sunny conditionwith highs in the upper 50's to low 60's over to you rob, thank you john. so many folks are off it's not so bad out there. >>if you do have some to get to work it is only 9 ed minutes making it into an francisco. a lot of folks packed up they left town last
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week and so we haven't seen that in the normal volume of traffic into san francisco. so minutes to make your way off to fremont street checking on 92 your trip across the oh bridge a little busy but not d. only 14 minutes to the eninsula richmond sandra fell 7 minutes to make your way from the pagates off to one on one so we're starting off hot spot free. we'll check back in on some more freeways and drive times coming up a little bit later well breaking news from overnight one oh one in san jose open now, t it was shut down for several hours after chp. >>rushed to e scene after a pedestrian was hit and killed. this happened right around midnight near the broke off route anthat's right across the highway from the bay on oh one cino. that scene that retch of highway was shut down at least until 2 o'clock in the morning as investigators had to collect all theevidence talk to possible witnesses. right now the cause of the collision we do know it was a pedestrian, but why thatdriver did not see the pedestrian is still under investigation.
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>>a big story that we're flowing for you this morni, it's going to cost more money in the new year to write ac transit buses throughout the et bay kron 4 sarah stinson is live in san leandro to tell us how much more sarah. >>well the bad news is it's going to cause ac transit riders $0.50 more per ride starting in the new year not good news for people who depend on the transit system every ngle day talked with a few bus riders who y this is definitely in the hurt their walets. let's take a look at your screen you can see a breakdown of just how much is will cost people and the updated numbers of the prices you can see adults paying with cash will pay $2 and $0.50 and youth seniors and disabled passengers will pay a $1.25 adult to put e cards will pay $0.25 less than that. now let's look at the trends mayfair's this will impact 14,000 passengers who depend day 92% of them writing for ry
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work purposes,mostly riding in the san francisco you can see adults will soon pay $6 and youth in senior and disabled passengers will pay $3. holders ac transit officials say the increase is needed to pay for a 5 year plan aiming to ease he overcrowding and reduce congestion on the bay bridg something people see it when they're writinac transit is coming up on the second year of this plan have already added a new 78 seat double decker buses and more trips to popular transbay lines.i talked to one woman she rides is every single day and she explned to me how she thinks this will impact writers. >>impact a lot of people y to day because not that many people i like extra $0.50 to get on the bus. this is just said itis in fact should what toget to do is not going to be affordable and more ar people going transferred.
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>>that's definitely going to be a worry for onique ramirez she's not the only one who told me that exact same thing that is going to be difficult to a pay $0.50 more per ride, especially when you're someone like r read it not only to workand then home from work but also to the grocery store to do erran and now will week unfortunately, this is not the only increae we can expect to see in the future. the next $0.50 crease will be happening and the beginning of 2022 weird to say that i'm not used toit we're still only at 2021 step at a time they'll send it back to you ys in the studio. >>$0.50 for a one-way rs, a dollar more robin that adds up throughout the year they're absolutely thankyou well, more transrtation changes underway. we're talking out the south bay vta the valley transportation authority, new buses andlight rail services have started and writers can expect buses to arrive on 20 of the agency's most use a bus
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routes and new light rail line also debuted over the weekend. so that's something different. >>and then some of eta is existing lines have been canceled. a spokesperson says at these changes have been in the works since 2016. one writer says that ese aren't necessary changes. >>but spendg the society put me see if i'm on i'm mara, put a be ever mass that's put me that >>we dta says that they hope these changes will allow riders take more direct routes to their destinations. they're also offerinfree rides so from now all the way up until to say it's free can find a link to the routes on our website kro4 dot com. well if you're taking part this week here is the schedule pay attention on new year's eve. bart will run trains until 03:00am so that's an option r you if you don't want to drive antioch enrichment rains will skip the embarcadero had to montgomery. instead that's going to be your station if you're riding
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the dublin, warm springs line into san francisco that line will skip montgomery and had to embark a daryl that's going to your station but also kp in mind. the new year's day they'll run a sunday service service will not start until 8 and that mes fewer trains will be rolling throughout the syem. >>how the west was won the san francisco 49 ers went into seattle and it was a fist fight right down to thvery last seconds couple of inches actually from winning or losing. you can not get closer than that last night. the seahawks had a chance to win come back, but there was stopped abou2 inches from thgoal line, the 1st all-nighrs there's deebo samuel takes the does at goes all the way into the end zone, it looked like was going to be all laughter but the seahawks han ultimately.
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>>and as when 2621 so they get to rest and the road to the super bowl goes through santa >>the huh it's story incredible, especially just to u know from the start of season, here saying our team in what doing and come out hereto the one seen it's pretty nice feeling, but you ow it's a step in the right direction we still got a long way to go feels great to be doesn't it. holy just incredible feeling i guess appreciation is where the next to some guy feel. >>just so you know the hard work we put in all. plus 3 years and family, no matter something matter sound. and we're definitelnot gone but the system that will defeat celebrate for 24 hurs sunday. play more at levi stadium some rely exciting implant from our friends peon that enters finished the regular season, 13 3 the next time you see the ners will be on january 11th. >>possibly against the seattle seahawks the hawks will be in iladelphia and if they beat.
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the eagles and the vikings lose against the saints will be round 3 of this instant the next stop for the raiders will be in las vegas. no longer the oakland. raiders if you do call them that you would be final game yesterday in denver against the broncos. they had a slim chancemaking the playoffs pollard scenarios didn't play out and the rate is ultimately ended up losing anyway 15 to 16 that went for 2 point conversion at the end didn't make it. >>so they are back home this morning and she for them will be since it broke. >>you don't always going to be very respectful where we came from an assessment real meaningful placed male plan another raiders as la mer is on there r the raiders and we're at where we're building our team of been saying that for a while and we're making progress and there a lot of
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progress yet to be done and how we wanted it to but a promise u organization is in great hands. >>before the start ofnext season on the raiders. they'll be heading into las vegas. but they should have more talent as they will have the 12th and 19th pick. picks i should say in the rst round of the upcoming nfl >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning newsnd east bay community comes together to remember the victims of the crash in pleasanton and also after the break with new ye's eve just around the corner off that holiday traffic can be rough, especially on hi fi which is unavoidable we'll take a closer look at the conditions out there coming up how about the conditions right here in the bay area little chilly outside we ill have some 30's on the map 39 in santa rosa 37 in napa 45 degrees in concord and in hayward so bundle up as y're leaving the house. we'll check those afternoon highs and also see how the new year's shapg up after the break.
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>>bk if you're heading to los angeles this morning, here's what you can expect obviously the grapevine a major troughfare and cars are moving along in both directions earlier the chp they're escorting people through the grapevine that it looks like least in the shot they're not there so you know see the escorts anymore you'll see cars being turned arounbut the grapevine. obviously we're paying close attenon and keeping a close eye on this because a lot of people go between san francisco and los angeles robin that's rig in hundreds of thousands of folks are using it last week it was close so what a mess we had in our hand. >>new year's eve rht around the corner so holiday traffic pretty much unavoidable it's christina pascucci has a closer look. >>on a peak travel day an sow cow with rain, snow and ice on the way the's a major concern for packing up and driving home from the holiday
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>>make it up there beforethe close eye on the forested a storm hoping to make it ove the great sine were coming from phoenix and tryingto go home to san francisco and we left a day early so that we could completely avoid the traffic i didn't want to get stuck on thfreeway and it would have to stay with my mom next door this so. yeawe left early. jamie greer and thousands of others making traffic mainly unavoable that did look like there is a kind of an exodus coming up he hill are going down the hill trying to get ahead of the storm definitely the great find was shut down around the thanksgiving holiday and then again around christmas is drone video showing. >>not a soul in sight over the past friday. i was going to bowl of no. to the word. >>my guys in and make across the great so our job was canceled. >>some drivers thought would be easier than flying now wishing. >>ty would have to post i'm here for until it clears up are probably juststuck in the traic what we have no choice and it was how is our car
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>>there is no possibility of another main ncern monday morning's commute on friday black ice and drivers sliding l over the 14 in palmdale amming into the back of a r big rig. officials warn of snow and ice on the roadway. and say you're traveling you need to be prepared. >>nd that's good adce, you're talking about traveling at southern california over the grapevine traveling to can be rough depending on the road conditions in the ice and the yeah, i got to say on top of it, especially when you're heading up to tahoe. >>this great mind whether then pretty odd for is time of year to see that much snowfall there what gets me is you stl had longer but you have one on one as an opon so many people call for the grapevi and that's where you get to watch news. top of it you've got to watch news. and hey this morning a lot of people have en wanting to know to how the greek finds ing because actually did get
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some new snowfall out there last night and right now chp is just escorting drivers but definitelyno closures today which is good heard through the waiting all morning to say of it sir, good job and they asked for the traffic through so people won't be just flying down i 5 with the roadbeing so i still like you do not wt to be flying down the road when there's icy conditions. we have temperatures in the 30's right here in the bay, so you know going to be chilly too. is is your look at any air travel delays that you might be saying and hey we're not eing any of of delay an see why skies are nice and to clear cross the bay area and are going to remain clear thughout the rest of the day today, what nice sunny conditions from the ast to our inland areas. >>there's your snow and rain showing up for southern califoia the system though continug to try further southward so it's actuall starting to die down for areas likethe great find. you've still got a touch of snow there which is why chp is taking it seriously. but i 5
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is still open as you traverse those upper elevations in the kern county motains now plenty of sunshine seen across the bay area today you've got more at into tomorrow to the last day of the year going out on a dry note we should be looking at great weather for your fireworks on new year's eve in san francisco or any other festivities that you may be dog start of the new year's looking great to continually dry into wednesday. daytime highs today a little warmer than yesterday's and no big surprise there consiring we do have sunshine are turning today. burlingame down through 58 degrees each while down in the south bay, san jose up to 60 degrees today that's a denite warm up from yesterday hayward union city andfremont each 58 along with oakland and san leandro al rising to 58 degrees today. sonoma napa on over to santa rosa all at 60 degrees so feeling really get out there across the bay area and we're going to keep these temperatures in th days to come if not just a little bit
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warmer on into new year's day on wednesday. ard best chance of rainfall which is only a slight chance will be friday. besides that it is a dry recast to come. >>robin all right, thank you john taking a peekat the richmond center fell don't rget you are traveling on soggy roads this morning so we're going to be remind you throughout the morning commute to slow it down because it's very slippery.we are hot spot free and that's a great way to start this mondamorning drive 7 minutes here from the richmond sandra fell bridge up to one oh one in sandra fell checking in on traffic tracker nothing but good news. we have for the south bay 8.80 from san jose to milpitas that's going norththat's about an 8 mine trip. i don't see any big problems leaving the south bay heading to the peninsula. that's real good news if you have a flight to catch are you heading up to as a f from san jose to cupertino northbound 2.80 looks good as well a quick 11 minute trip to make it from the one oh one split to the 85 split will check more traffic and freeways coming up a little bit later we'll. >>robin developing news out of texas this morning 2 people are dead after a gunman opened
8:20 am
fire inside a church in fort worth a live stream from lights task is me a live stream from the church showed the attack unfolding. >>john even though >>you see right there he's coming in theron the p of your screen. the deadly attack just lasted 6 sonds the gunman aually was killed get police are praising their actions for opping the gunman and saving more than 240 people re inside the church at the time. so far no motive on why thisperson burst into the church and started firing. the gunman was not according to the fbi on any watch list and it's not clear why he targeted the victims. >>so another national headlines police are instigating an anti semitic attack ata hanukkah celebration in new york, this is where 5 people were stabbed over the weekend. there are more than 100 people who are aa rabbi's home saturday night. police say thatrafton
8:21 am
thomas you just stormed in. he started stabbing peopl thomas was arreed following the attack right ter midnight. e governor of new york ys that there have been more than a dozen hate related incidents against the jewish community since december 8. >>these are people. who to create. >>mass mass violence. >>that generate fee ar based on race color creed. thats the definition of terrorism. >>well, the suspect appeared in court sunday morning where he pleaded not guilty authorities have ramped up security around synagogues and other places of worship. still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news of bay area disease that started. t a rare >>fr a headache and now reatening this young man's life will have an update on his condition. plus final preparations are under way in new york as millions flock to
8:22 am
new york city to usher in 2020 more light, you can expect on the bay area's new year's eves new year's eve festivities. before we get all the stories holiday like a bridge toll plaza only a handful of cars.
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>>welcome back will final preparations are under way to ring in 2020 and new york's times square that's a fun place to be. crews put the finishing touches on the iconic ball over 2600 crystal triangles make up that ball it's huge 12 feet in diameter weighs nearly 1200 pounds this year design celebrates the gift of good will of course more than billion people will be there watching as the ball drops in times square. anspeaking of the new year will have our own little celebration. kron four's new year's eve. spectacular is back. have never seen it i'm
8:26 am
not going to hi i'm in better, we're going to be work the next day but for those who want to see it we got your back join grant lotus and mrs. tus just team we know is just in waldenmissus lotus. >>at 1130 30 minutes before midnight as we count down to 2020 right here insan francisco over the ferry building as well as other reworks show happening across the bay area and don't close eye in las vegas. as our sister station is covering that so we have your we have your back if you don't want to get out. it's allhappening right here on kron 4 that's right stay atome and how to st awake that's your new to year's resolution to stay awake to watch the show will be on and i've had the that in the wild de and might make it to 9. i will say it comi up next on the kron 00:04am morning ws. a developing story that we're following about a bay area missus whis
8:27 am
under arrest find out what
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>>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news. we're just talkinabout our new year's plans which doesn't include much but for people who have those nice exciting fun lives. john. how is theweather shaping up right for everyone out when's the last time y saw. >>the stroke of midnight for a new year it was not this past year, but the one before that i didn't make >>but not this ps where all could see 20 years now 2020 is a big one now you don't think so u know i will usher in like this now okay that is a try but i will be at home o bundled up othe couch watching the kron 4 pecial yes, the kron for special will be perfect on these cool evening. yes. >>even though we are seeing dry this year for new year's
8:31 am
so it will be nice for anyone that does want to ventre outside. >>and you know be out there at the stroke of miight in the chilly weather looking outside at downtown san francisco from across the bay we've got clear skies there is definitely a lot of sunshine alrea making its way down into the bay and that's something they're going to see well into thafternoon ahead of us skies remaining clear for thebay area and for southern california things starting to calm down now the storm system that brout us has moved further southward and w we are getting just a touch of snow over thgreat find it is open now and expected to remain open throughout the course of the day ahead, 40's and 50's for your temperatures right north bay back down into the e 30's this morning. saint helene it down to 36 santa rosa novato 39 in the meantimeakland and alameda are 2 of our warmer spots in the upper 40's to low 50's right now. later today expect some low 60's and upper 50's across the bay. i'll tell you where to expect these
8:32 am
temperatures and what exactly to expect on new year's itself. still ahead. robin, thank you john hot spot free that's how we like to start the morning commute your monday morning drive into work for those of you who do have to wor it's looking good. >>we definitely dot have the usual crowd. so many folks are off normally 's just awful and backed up through the maze but you don't have to deal with that rht now so come on in 9 minutes off to fremont street 92 also looks good. it's a great trip here across the san mateo bridge between the peninsula and the east bay, here's traffictracker just a reminder if you're hoing on vta it's free. they have a new schedule some lines have been canceled some have been added but both for the buses and the light rail system it's going to be free until the 31th, so you will not need a ticket. just keep in mind that they operang on a holiday schedule hats for vta the south bay well. >>robin a big story that we're following this morning, hundreds of people they gathered to remember 3 victims who were killed 2 of them actually were twin brothers.
8:33 am
>>and that 3 dublin high school studen. they were all killed n 2 others were seriously hurt kron four's dan thorn had a chance to speak with family and fends at a candlelight vigil. >>holding candles and holding each other hundreds paid their respects to 3 dublin high school students who were killed and 2 others who were injured in a car crash. 16 year-old twin brothers mark and michael your easter died along with their friend javier >>the twins mother and a so remembered her bs as energetic kind and caring thinking did did an amazing everything are doing a little bit of trouble me >>the 3 victimsleft behind many friends who also shared their thoughts and
8:34 am
>>the teams were traveling along foothill road when their car careened off of t reet christmas night. theystuck a power pole and thn a tree that wins year-old cousin, jerod reynoso remains in a coma folwing the crash. >>aski for prayers sharing. >>anoter teen and dublin high school students, a man to our ceo is also still hospitalized. >>the had better r well as will just grateful that she >>reporting in dublin, dan thorn kron 4 news. >>on thepeninsula, rare disease is threatening the life of a bay area teenager fromsouth san francisco 19 year-old emilio you're a tia he regained consciousness last month after slipping into a coma, 2 and a half months ago.
8:35 am
he'shad 4 ain surgeries since t diagnosed th a rare au immune disease which causes inflammation in the brain fluid to leak into his spine. his family as you can clearly see you can't blame them. they have not lefhis side. >>pa's toughest me of my life for me and my wife. terrible. things are looking up how this haened how much sunnier with this. he was if your kids are ev sicker funny thing ever. easing even mi don't neglect it. and take a series that started with a headache. >>emilio is currently being treated at a saratoga pediatric clinic nearly $12,000 people have heard out this and they've pitched in but $12,000 to help pay for his medical bills, a li to that information cabe found on our website kron 4 dot com. well over to the east bay now 2 people have been arrested
8:36 am
for stealing mchandise from a jc penney store and concord. >>and they took a lot ta a look at these photos lookat say that they were patrolling the sun valley mall when they spotted a man and a woman just dashing out running from the store they jumped inside of a car. they sped off and when dring down highway 4 but officers had already play some spike strips ahead of them so theywere able to flag those tires, catch those folks involved both of the fees are from bay point and now they're facinmultiple theft charges >>in the south bay apollo out whole masseherapists has been arsted he's accused of sexually assaulting a customer back in august. palalto police say this man here gang wong inapproiately touched a woman while he was working at a body needs day spa the ld police that he sexually e assaulted her twice while she was receiving a massage. the owner of the spa dinot want to go on camera but confirms
8:37 am
that he did what work for the spa for re than a year. wong alsohas been fired. >>vil rights icon and democratic congressman john lewis of georgia has been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer his office announced the diagnosis sunday. lewis who is 79 years old said that he was diagnosed following a routine medical visit. but subsequent test just read confirming the diagnosis. he will return to washington in the coming da to start his treatment plan which will st several weeks. lewis said that his doctors told him that with recent mecal advances. he does have a fiting chance. >>still ahead on the kron 4 morning news it's the end of an era one iconic sa francisco show beach blanket babylon it's closing its curtainsfor good come tomorrow. before we get to that story, let's head outside show you the richmond sandra felbridge. it's still holiday life.
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>>welcome ba happening tomorrow the longest running musical review and the world is closing its curtains will i had a chance togo see it, but i could not make room this ye. i'mso regretting it the show beach blanket babylon will have its last show on new year's e tomorrow after more than get this 17,000 performances over the span of 45 years thshow is known for its crazy stumes hats, it's proof some political and pop culture. it made every show different the last year. it's for so long that when people come into our south. a lot of them head towards the show. >>i'm sorry to see it go and i wish it would last rever, nothing lasts forever. but those people who got to your the lucky ones you always have a memory of it. >>ok so over that 45 years
8:42 am
6 million people robin was seen the show the cast will perform for its. last audience tomorrow night. i've never heard one bad review all positive go things about that show. >>all right to take a little peek outside want to checkin on conditions around the bay .ea there's of the always busy and always crowded sfo. if you have a flight to catch traffic looks good on one oh one 2.80 if yore just stepping out. temperatures in the 30's and 40's so little chilly outside your door john troublelet you know how the afternoon a shaping up and how the weather shaping up as we what we decide on the flyers again?
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welcome back 8.45 ad looking outside of some really clear skies across the bay today, lots of sunshine out there and that's a big chang from yesterday with those cloudy conditions and rai conditions we had for your sunday trading that in for lots of sunshe. this monday we still do have that rainfall to our south that storm system working its way along the southern parof the state
8:46 am
overnight and now you do have just a touch of snow rht along the grapevine good news here is although chp is escorting drivers across i 5 over the grapevine it is not going to be closed today. so if u are headg that direction maybe a family comingup this way it's going to be good for that traveled just tell him to take it a little bit slower lots of sunshinetoday and to tomorrow for your new year's eve look like it's going to for you new year's day is going to continue to come along with some dry skies and some favorable coitions for getting out and about and celebrating the start of the new year upper 50's to low 60's for your highs today really pleasant one san jose napa and santa rosa. l in the low 60's tomorrow, a touch warmer than today d a touch warmer yet on the new year's day on wednesday your on chance of rain in the forecast and it's a slight chance will be fridawith just a few showers possible robin alright, traffic is looking good around e bay area this morning, you know holidays approaching or passg one.
8:47 am
>>you don't have any traffi at the bay bridge toll plaza at 8 46 in the morni normally it's stacked up all the way through the maze but you don't have to deal with that right now still tracking holiday light conditions. >>and 8 minutes off to frmont street 92 just as good 13 minutes to make it to the peninsula. no problems to e richmond sandra fell we started off a little slow in some of the cash lanes but it has thinned out nicely sell 7 minutes to the north bay traffic tracker showing good news r the e sure 24 5 80 and the minutes less than 15 minutes to make it to downtown oakland will. >>robin this rning we'r taking a look back at some of the best of this year's most impactful political stories, let's face it with president trump in the white house. it is never boring from impeachment scandal national emergencies are even power strgles, not emeril breaks it all down for us. >>well i don feel like i'm being impeached it's a hoax. >>it's a set up president trump became the 3rd president in history to be impeached by the house articleone is
8:48 am
adopted. the president is now facing trial in the senate on 2 articles of impeachment one for abuse of power the other for obstruction of congress. >>the house bill came after house intelligence committee investigation led to the delivery of an explosive report stating the president placed his own personal and political interests above the nationainterests of the united states. the report came after public and private testimony from key witnesses sparked by an anonymous whistleblower who rerted misconduct on a phone call beten president trump and ukrainian presidnt volodymyr zelensky leging the white house withheld aid in an fort to pressure zelinsky to help trump with the 2020 election by making a public announcement that they would launch an investigation into ukrainian energy compan burisma and their dealings with joe biden sign this what can only go wi john. >>and everybody ew it. president trump lashed out against the muellerprobe into alleged russian collusion involving the trump campaign a scandal that haunted his esidency from the very begning after nearly 2 years
8:49 am
and investigatns mueller released his findings ncluding the trump campaign believed it would benefit from the actions of the russian government. >>but there was no edence of collusion. i pledgethat this congress will be transparent. bipartisan and unifying democrats regain control the house allowingnancy pelosi to regained her power and light house speaker making her the first woman to ever hold the job twice and the first person and 6 decades to regain the posbut he's sticking to the ll the battle over president trump's border wall kept the us and the longest government shutdown in history spwning chaos at america's airports the national parks paychecks of stop and causing torment for government workers who depend on a regular paycheck president trump eventually signed bill to end the shutdown which didn't have funding for the wall we have a crisis at the border, thousas of immigrant children separated from their parents and taken into custody after presint trump declared a tional emergency at the
8:50 am
line between 2 countries allowing him funds to start work on his proposed border, ll sparking backlash from many stas in congress and in october a federal judge who ruled the move unlawful. the while in ice custody or s shortly following the release prompted widespread concern about conditions in the facilities and inspector general's report from th department of homeland security found immediate risk to the health and safety of some of the migrants. how many americans. most die in the middle east. president trump shocked he world when he suddenly announced the us would be withdrawing its forces from syria, srking backlash from top military officials and politicians on th sides of the political aisle. many condemned the move saying america was turning its back on its longtime allies the rds and leaving them to die as turkish forces invaded. >>president trump has signaled his intention twithdraw months before claiming ctory over isis we own our own bodies women dressed
8:51 am
handmaids took to the streets l across america in protest, a controversial abortion bans that were passed in several states, alabam passing the strictest of them all it considers ortion a felony and could land a doctor behind bars for up to 99 ars for performing one. the law s been temporarily blocked by a federal court and politial legend elijah cummings passed away at the age of 68 former presidentand top lawmakers packed into a baltimore chur to pay their final respects. >>i'm not year-old merrill wi the most impactful litical stories of 2019. >>well coming up in the next hour on the kron 4 morning news, a mcdonald'smployee at a northern california restaurant came to e rescue of a woman who says a man was threatening to kill her we'll have that story coming up xt. we'll pick outside a gate. we have the sunshine n peeking through traffic looks good into and out of san francisco. of course we'll have your eather check cong up if you're stepping out
8:52 am
right now just know that it's a little chilly outside i mean we are dipping down intothe 30's in some spots, 39 in santa rosa, 49 in san francisco, 46 degrees righ now san jose your shaping up nicely john trouble tracking your forecast. he has everything you need tknow now take a peek traffic to after the break.
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>>take a lo at this and north carolina couple is working on a one of a kin project they're building a hob at home straight out of the lord of the rings movie and they're turning it into an air bnb thprojectwill be 800 square feet which in san francisco probaby goes for about 4,000 a month one bad one one bath and mostly underground there will be a kitchen of course around doors a truce staple. >>of the hot at home. the home is eected to be rey. ana couple of months rain not
8:56 am
included we're talking a ring on talabout the ring of i would totally stay there at that out i love it. all right coming up next on the kron 4 morning ws ac transit fares are incrsing in the new year we'll have a live report willbreak it all down we'll talk about the prices and the calls of increase coming up. >>plus authorities are searchg for a man who robbed the break the road to the fter super bowl will go through the 40 ners will have highlights from last night's game after the break. from the is the news
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station. >>you're watching kron 00:04am >>morning everyone thank you for joining us on the kron 00:04am morning news at 9 darya folsom john trimble
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joins me now it's obiously getting nding down to the end of the year we're going to nish strong yes we're going to finish super, nice actuay yesterday and if you call that the rain was happening on sunday as you called a little bit earlier about 5 olock in the east bay for me yeah it came in little later in the day for simon for some coastal areas that got a little rainy a little sooner. but saturday was great wasn't and we clear outpretty quickly last night now we're good to go you say we're something dripping a little bit not fossett anymore been earlier this morning, the fossil was at a drip w i think we finally got the plumber over drop op it so we're good now we do have lots of clear skies overhead at this pot you can ee the golden gate bridge, it's nice and clear currently and the up even the south bay would still have that drip going on this morning you cleared out pretty good southern california, though fossett still


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