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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  December 30, 2019 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>stati. you're watching kron 4 news at 9. >>now at 9 bay area, jewish leaders are condemning the violent attack at a rabbi's people were stabbed at that celration on saturday night thanks for joining us tonight, everybody i'm grant lotus and i make a living iraq is federal hate cri charges were filed against the suspect today. the stabbings have concerned people in the local jewish community who say these hate filled acts must end our first and thorne live fous in san francisco tonight, he joinus with reaction. dan.
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>>well vicki bay area, jewish community leaders telus as anti semitic attacks become me and more common it's forcing them to become more and more vigilant and religiousleaders say that security has become. growing focus because they simply cannot ignore what's ppening around the latest hate crime in new york stunning th bay area jewish community. it's a horrific thing that that hapned to. >>the jewish community. we are in you know, we're not the only ones that are being attackd in this day and age rabbi yosef langer bad san francisco says his community is becoming proactive toward security and they've had to followg a deadly shooting at a synagogue in pittsburg pennsylnia last year and another one this year in poway california. the latest attack in months in new york langur says means vigilance is unfortunately crucialin their communities were aware of a
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what's out there. >>and we're taking precautions and the encouraging that. >>most o community, the anti-defamation league of san francisco is also denouncing the recent string of terror people shouldbe able to celebrate and observe their practices without. >>fear for their own physical safety adl regional dirtor set brisk says these attacks have gone up because extremists are being involed intact doubt. he is however thankful for the response from our elected leaders, including a plan to release a $15 million granto protect places of worship but more needs to be done again america should be a place and this lace in this country was founded on the notion of religious freedom. well that synagogue shooting in poway california was the major push for the state to make a $15 million investment. >>each religious institution could be eligible for up to $200,000 for enhanced
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security, reporting live in san francisco. dan thorn kron 4 news okay dan will quote evil exists that's how the man who took out a shooter an a texas church described the horrifying incident were also. >>learning more about the victim said the shooters dark pasts dy rose reports there. >>evil does exist in this world and i and other mbers are not going to allow evil to succeed those are the words of jack wilson, the head of security at he west freeway church of christ. the ma who took out a gunman who spawn moments of horror inside a holy place would listen 6 seconds om start to finish. the grim reality of those 6 seconds it's all it took for keith can noon into gunned down 2 peoplin cold blood inside the church in white settlement texas. one of those victims has been identified as 64 year-old tony wallace, a deacoand longtime congregant of the church. >>say god wanted him. more thn we did.
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>>the gunman had a history of violent crimes, including a 2009 conviion for misdemeanor deadly conduct his sister scribes him as having lived on the streets and bouncing between the homes of iends. >>my understanding is more of a loner probably going to be very difficult to determine exactly what his motivations re other than maybe. >>us. i'm andy rose reporti. the 20 about toring in the new yar tomorrow night. preparations for the big fireworks show on the embarcadero in san francisco are well derway as you can sehere lots to explosives in law. crews a loading up the fireworks and shows the san francisco department of emergency management is now calling in extra staffing and activating the emergency operations center concourse tell exactly s more on how the city and the ciy leaders are trying to make sure everybody has fun butstay
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safe down. >>well the department of emergcy management says you'll likely see more patrols and stepped up security tomorrow evening, they say all hands are on deck, including a local and federal agencies. this show. >>as both the budget and a show countethat is commensurate with a city of the stature of san frcio. this is. a rock city and we got a rocket fire >>ousands of fireworks will light the sky on new year's eve at pi 14on the embarcadero show producer pat dye is says crews take a couple days to get fireworks loaded and ready on the barges this year. he says the skyline will shine extra bright colors are really back really strong. >>that's in the aerial shells plus we have animated shells that we'll have things that spin and and. we go and all kinds of thin like that fireworks can be seen from water level to nearly 2000
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feet high that pirate aren't the only ones gearing up. >>the city's department of emergency management says they're activatg its emergency operation center and dispatchers makes the 911 operation center we are extending our activation. >>and that's really too so we can coordinate resources. we'll have local agencies like police and fire and mta. within the operations center but will also have the department of homeland heremaking sure that wee all well coordinated keeping an eye on things and in the event something happens. >>we're all there if you're heading to a show event the department says it's also mportant to be on the lookout if you e something say something also take note of all emergency exits and set up for emergency alerts all you ve to do this text and why esf. >>to, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, that's and why he s after tripoli triple 7 and you're automatically signed up fo text alerts.
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>>a part of being safe is also having a plan to get home safely obviously don't drink d drive and also muni is offering freeservice or free rides from 08:00pm tomorrow evening until 05:00am on new year's day reporting live in san francisco taylor sackey kron 4 news. thank you taylor speaking of free ac transit will also be freed morrow night 8 o'clock. >>tomorrow night through 05:00am on new year's day off air boxes in clipper card readers will be covered and will not accept payments as taylor said muni will be free tomorrow night from 8 o'ock till 00:05am in the morning new year's day. and if you're planning to take part this week, here's the schedule on new year's eve bart will run trins until 030am antioch enrichment rains will sp the will be your station there and then double in warm springs trains into san francisco. those ll skip montgomery in the market, carol wl be your station new year's day they will run sunday service beginning at 08:00am. and time
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now for our saw 4 zone forecast we're taking live look right now over san francisco froour sutro camp skies are dark is chief meteorologist lawrence karnow joins us buthey are clear those skies going to. >>light up tomorronight 12 o'clock yeah watched on kron 4 you know that th a host of grandmothers sa only wife justine waltman they're going to be there and it should be a great night. >>just some advice guys utdoors bundle up out there. i mean it is going be a little chilly in spots so here we we have that storm moved through yesterday at all the way down to southern california have a lot of sunshine around the bay area today but that coldarctic air has settled in place and s we're going to see that will see that lingering into tomorrow if you're headed out to joy new year's eve party. yeah you bter dress warm it is going to be chilly in spots these temperatures by the midnight hour probably dropping off into the 30's and some of the valley just the 40's elsewhere in around th bay. and as you head in toward new year's day pound to be
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partly cloudy we'rnot expecting the rain but we'll see some moreclouds and the temperatures going to be in the 50's and the 60's or start the beginning of 2020 out there right now we've got mostly clear skies anhow about that nobody's early out there on the bridge is just see a few people going by that is about it will be a lot busier torrow as a lot of folks are coming to town t celebrate the new year eve. high pressure building in over heading to sea in southern california than some storm clouds move into a back still seeing some shers there more scattered the storm system beginning to weaken somewhat but he was some snow over some southern california, too. it's getting cold out there right now it is 41 degrees in half moon bay, 43 and live more 45 in palo alto 47 in ayward 46 in redwood city, 47 degrees in oakland 40 degrees the napa valley rightnow 42 in saint alina 43 in fairfield get the ideawe'll see similar numbers by tomorrow night by midnight, some of those numbers gog to be clicking over to some 30 so certainly cold outside so drss warmly, mostly clear tonight and cold we may see a
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coup of patches of ground fog early on tomorrow orning and then that will be gone mostly suy skies and a few high clouds late today and the chance of raias we get to the weekend. vernight lows will be cold tonight plan on some 30's and 40's all around the bay ar and that big dome of high pressure at is going to make for a nice day tomorrow to round out 2019 it's coming to a close here should be a fairly mild day in the 50's and the 60's. but we do ve those changes coming our way we've gosome more clouds and a chance of rain on the way this coming wkend. >>night a dog in menlo park isback home but the s on shot this dog in the neck. it happened last night outside the dogs home apparently somebody was riding a bicycle and pulled out a gun fired a shot that hit the crawford's sheriff stone following this story for us he joins usow live from menlo park chair house a dog doing tonight. >>well vicki the good news is that it appears that this dog rambo is going to be ok and as you said right there. he is
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back home tonight, the bad news. the shooter is still ou there. >>him in the neck. didn't hit him at angle where it just went under skin. so it in him the vitals anything. >>damian young is describg where soone shot his pit bull terrier named rambo last night outside his menlo park hall. >>well it hears loud an i r a young marine it's a it's a it's a bullet to go inside and the outside and my most i mean memo that it's hard job. >>witnesses say rambo was in this area outside the house when a man rode by on a bicycle and at one point pulled out a handgun and shot just there's no way this could happen is knowing someonethat takes us. >>job i'm >>but come on rambo is ok though after receiving medical
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treatment he is now back at hom you can see theblue bandage around his that is where he was shot in fact veterinarians chose not to remove the bullet at this point damian's father described the shter as a man in his 20's who was wearing all black with a black hoodie he's hopeful that police will get to the bottom of who shot rambo and why they shot rambo i'm i'm a because like there's people out there >>you kn who who in their right mind would shoot a dog or any animal in the sun animal. why come on you on a bike you could have bythe way like you easily diffused the situaon. my hope s for around though to have of and welcome every. hopefully catch this. catch this and you know the streets though hope this ca and hit some big hits him back that really hard.
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>>then the family has set up a go fund me page you can find information to that page on reporting live in menlo park j r ste kron 4. >>shocking that snow started happening in our neighborhood as well. >>6 burglaries and one night in one east bay town and now neighbors say that they are being up their home security systems and the police in san ramon say suspects broke into homes all over town saturday nightand they have not been caught kron four's mielle kingon spoke to neighbors about what they're now doing to protect their families. >>don't wait for your house to be the xt you know victim straws yet has a ring doorbell but was unable to capture the suspects who bre into his neighbor's home on satury night stealing jewelry inside the for moving up with this idea was said pret comunity. >>and now it has started happeng get too so i think i know what to do now is now
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installinga steel door and adding more cameras to his house. >>police say his neghbor was out for the nighthen he arrived home, he foun3 back door shattered more than shock and want to >>that and those guys looks to be pretty often as deep an gument scared when they saw that on that he's alredy in the house that kind of explains that deputy professional in that and to know that are large d i don't know whether they were on guard are not dead on than what happened i have my whole family living here. som i don't know d in that right now i'm a little bit east. good police say when the 3 suspects saw the owner entere the home they ran out and jumped into a dark colored mercedes iting for them out front. >>so they look for a house that looks likeit's not occupied as maybe the lights e off for the cars, not in the driveway. police say to always make it look like your say burglaries are on the rise and sara malm but 6
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residential burglaries and one night is unusual. >>in san ramon, michelle kingston kron 4 news crews been searching for a car. the reportedly went over a cliff ang highy one that gray whale cove in san mateo county this aftenoon, multiple. >>crews were called out to the scene after a witness reported seeing the cargo ofthe road. tire tracks and car parts were laterfound at the scene but notng se at this time it is unclear if the parts found are connected to this incident tomorrow is the deadline to file an insurance claim against pg need if you are affected by the wildfiresin northern california in 2017 2018. >>our rst and kerman has details. if you lost your me in the campfire or one of more than 2 don other northern caifornia fires. >>there's less than 24 hours for you to file a claim with pg any. >>it's critically important this will be th last deadline to register your claim as a creditor in the pga. se.
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>>the tourney and nuns fire survivor helen said work is part of the group survors of the pga fires. they've set up the website pge fire in dot com to help people get their claims in beforethe 05:00pm deadline on december 31th. >>sobody who lost a homemade only put down their deductible which is way too low because in addition to their deductible they may have lost trees say they have lost time to work and they may also have a motion trauma. so up when in doubt on the when you're filling out this war put down too much rather than too little cedrick reminds people even ifthey were not physicallynjured in the >>they should lect personal injury because that also applies to emotional distress. she also says there's been some incorrect assumptions about ich fires are incled one of the biggest questions is whether people who are affected the tubbs fire which is many thousands week be included in that pg e bankruptcy. >>and th are being included in the proposed settlement.
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>>in fact the northern california fire list includes more than 2 dozen fires. sedwick says better to file now than miss your chance. >>a lot of people have dug into the kids education funds or their retirement funds to rebuild. so the peach uni award wi help them recover that way. >>claims can be filed in person at a handful of p g service centers or you can file electronically again that deadline is 05:00pm on tuesd. dan kerman kron 4 news in milpitas police have arrest a woman they say she stole from the great mall and she's also being charged now with drug possession racy murray naffa was arrested december 23th after security. >>came across a car in the parking lot of the great mall with a large amount of merchandise th has still had security sensors attached and also a pair of pliers on the dashboa when milpitas police arrived they stopped naffa and discovered the 29 year-old was
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on probation and she had a warrant out for narcotics officers say they found illegal prescription pills methamphetamine dr related items along with the stolen merchandise with the security seors and stolen credit cards. nafta was booked into the santa clara county jail. several police want people be on the lookout for the man you e here police say security camerasaptured 2 suspects while they still ltiple laptops from a best buy on el camino reale this happened last night just before 8 o'clock thbest by security guards tried to stop the suspect says they reach the exit but one of the men used a stun gun on a security guard and then both suspects were able to run out the door and get away they hopped into a silver four-door sedan that was waiting for them. both suects are described as african americans in their 20's not much to gon obviously police are asking you to ke a close look at and to contact. police if you recognize the people u see here. >>the oakland department says
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that they i'm told some 1 cars yesterday in connection with illegal sideshows they made the announcement in a tweet today reminding the public that their weekend enforceme we'll be out every weekend rain or shine. >>well the first black woman named to lead philadelphia is troubled police department comes from oakland and was a 19 year veteran of the oakland police department. portland police chief danielle outlaw seeing here pledge to conduit between the community and police and to address the racist and sexist tensions dividing the force there in philadelphia. democratic mayor jim kenney named outlaw to the job today 4 months after the last coissioner abruptly resigned in the wa of a harassment lawsuit outlaw spent nearly 2 decades with opd before being named portland's chief more than 2 years ago now she became the first black woman tohold that job, n francisco police and the city's tenderly ighborhood made several arrests in the past week
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authoriti say with the help of their narcotics department they arrested 9 drug dealers seizing more than $3500 and taking in near 1000 been dole's of heroin cocaine and fentanyl. this afternoon, san qntin prison officials announced the death of a condemned inmate 73 year-d philip to blonsky was found december 27th that was l on pronounced dead some 20 minutes later. >>to blonsky had be on death row ever since august of 1994 for the first degree murder of his mother-in-law 72, year-old eva peterson and his wife, 46 year-old carol spent dhoni that's but dhoni had married him while he was in prison for murdering his previous wife back in 1978 tube on skis cause of death is pending the results of an autopsy. scary moments in the skies for the university of kansas men's basketball team, they're playing see the video here had to make an emergency landing at san jose international.
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>>the plane had just taken off from san jose yesterday when one of the engines failed just abt 20 minutes into the flight the team was headed back on the kansas after coming to stanford in playing the cardinal the pilot was able to land safely the team stayed the night in san jose and returned back tokansas today still to come tonight at 9 a new report claims the white house was warned about the incident that eventually led to president trump's impeachment inquiry. what a senior adviser warned acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney about last suer this is regarding delayinukrai >>and while soon cost you more to ship packages with 2 of the naon's biggest delivery companies. >>kron four's end othe year spectacular is backjoining us new year's eve starting at 08:00pm with our countdown to neyear's eve live from las vegas and then join me grant lotus and need justine waldman starting at 1130 live from san francisco as we bring in 2020
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with fireworks over the very building but we're not done wake of new ar's morning with the tournament of roses rade live from pasadena our coverage starts at 06:00am with backstage at e parade then see all the pageantry of the 131st rose parade live commerciafree from until
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>>for money tonight, it will soon cost you more ship packag with 2 of the nation's biggest delery companies ups and fedex ha announced fee increases for heavy packages in 2020. actually ese new increases foru p s kicked in yesterday so jumping the gun the. both companies say they will charge $24 for packages that weigh morehan 50 pounds. the threshold used be 70 pounds. fedex says its fee increa does not ick in until january 6 so a little moretime fedex president
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trump's tariffs may have backfired a new federal president's strategy of the placing tariffs. on imports ultimately lead o job losses and higher prices for consumers trump's tariffs included those on steel aluminum. a motor vehicles, couters and leather goods. economists with thefederal reserve say tariffs on chinese goods started trade war and 10 primary industrs relator hit higher prices. tariffs and >>up next dozens of pkages left a dent in the saamento restaurt parking lot over the weeken. we have surveillance video showing what happened. >>and newly released surveillance videshows a woman chasing after a person who just pster cell phone.
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>>and the east bay and grab and run cell phone robberies all caught on suveillance video pice released this today and investigators want you to take a closer look at a
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crime rces seek reports. >>this is surveillance video of the woman being robbed of her iphone 11 here inside of crete looks out street it happened back on december 22th. the video shows the victim and another person seated by the front door and suddenly soebody walked into the business. astor for some loose ange. after about maybe a few seconds or so the suspect reached over grabbed phone from her hands and ran right out the store. with your cell phone. the victim gave chase a few seconds but then lost sight of the police s chasing after sub would who just grb yourself a load could be dangerous. >>you know one recommended we don't know who these people are or what what they might do we have the video you see the robber leader in close to the female victims table before appears she never noticed that he was ere this is also a good reminder to be aware of your surroundings because how many times are we lookg down
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our phone. >>we're focused on our surroundings incident like this. it all happened in a mere few seconds annow this person is out of a fullness valued over a $1000 concord poce say the snatcher was working with an acomplice. there's somebody associated with the suspect who is holding the front do making it easy getaw for we're looking for the public's help to help identify the suspect ybe this person saw a sweater it's a very stinct sweater, it's a black sweater that's kind of multicolored. maybe that sticks out to you but any information that can lead to the arrest of this person will definitely help us in concord has it that you brought. >>police in lake county shot and killed a man armed with a knife ending a fight that sent the deputy to the hospital with a broken leg. this happened saturday night clearlake oaks store actually ended in the creek bed nearby medical aid was provided to the man lice say, t he died from his injuries at the scene his name is not being released and no details have
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been the vols to about what led up to the altercation police say they are still investigating. according to the national law enfoement memorial fund, 29 fewer officers died. this past year compared to last year and that's a decrease nearly 20% and the lowest numbers of deathssince 2013. by firearm was the numb one cause with 49 officers killed by gunfire the second leading cause was death related to traffic issues related illness, including 12 people got sick because of their work in the aftermath of the 9.11 attacks. a national news now in new york times report is outlining acting white house chief of stf mick mulvaney's involvement in the ukraine aid freeze it also white house officials to r top convince president trump to release the aid. >>cnn's katlan collins has
9:33 pm
more on that and other developments in the trump administration anthe pending senate impeachment trial. >>president trump is starting his second wk in florida at his west palm beach golf course today that although he's les away from washington. impeachment is still at the top of his mind and in the headlines a rort from the new york times reveals new details about trump's demand to withhold nearly million in militaraid to ukraine with a top aide to the chief of staff curately predicting the chaos it would cause probably are telling mick mulvaney in an email over the summer well fore trump was impeached, the restricting the aid was possible. but that the white house should quote excted congress to become unhinged the report also revealed that in late august the secretary of state defense secretary and national security advisor all met with trump to convince him to release the aid according to the times then natiol security adviser jo bolton told trump it was in america's
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inrest and the defense cretary mark esper added this defense relationship we have gotten some really good benefits from it but trump's mind was unchanged by their united front instead he responded ukrai as a corrupt ountry we are paing away our money. >>in between rounds of golf and dinners with old friends. sources say trump is assembling his defense team for his loominimpeachment trial. was seen golfing with former south carolina congssman trey gowdy on sunday. >>who has been giving him impeachment advice from the outsidbut the trial remains at an imsse with republicans and democrats at odds over what it should look like when the american people walk away from the senate trial if we ever haveone. i don't want them saying well we were just run oveby the same truck phone with world leaders, including the russian president vladimir putin at the white house says putin called to thank trump r thwarted a potential terrorist
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attack in russia. that was kaitlan collins reporting for us tonight officials say the suspects. >>intended to carry out teorist attacks in st. petersburg on new year's eve. in other nationalnews, joe biden says that he would consider choosing a republican as arunning mate, he was speaking to voters in new hampshire today when a woman asked hiif heoulconsider a republican running mate. he responded that the option is not off the tabl >>the answer is. >>i would bui can't ink of >>well no no no no no no no don't look for no i'm serious. >>now here's what i mean i'm fan. another some really the senate republicans that e out there still. but here's the problem right now on the wellknn they've got to step up. >>no modern presidential campaign has been a bipartisan ticket. the late senator john mccain. the 22,008 republican presidential nominee considered former senator joe
9:36 pm
lieberman, a democrat turned independent as a possible running mate, but. as we know he decid on alaska governor sarah palin as his vice presidential pick. we've got mostly clear skies. some patchy fog a possibility in the valleys type of some ld temperatures to talk about that coming up next. >>and researchers believthey could help detect autism earlier the new test the reveing to the medical world and in sports. we take a look back at the exhilaratg finish from last night's game in seattle that as the niners atop the nfc for e playoffs
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>>time now sports with >>open tonight with the 49 ers the term game ofnches as a tid cliche but in the case of sunday matchup in seattle ches were literally the difference between the number oneseed or a wild card game. ninerhawks at centrelink a game that felt his of san
9:40 pm
francisco should have won convincingly up 12 with under 6 minutes to play and seattle fought back russell wilson made it a five-point game at a chance to win it all if not for a rookie linebacker tre greenlw stifling jacob hollister right at the goal line and the niners to t only earn their first victory at seattle in 8 seasons but secure home-field advantage for the first time since and i know we are much happier that. >>we can stay at home now an that we're 2 games away from the big one so enjoy this bye week, i'm very proud of the guys which had a window a lot of different ways this year. i keep feeling like i'm we've done in every way possible and we find a new way to doit which would have been at close at the end but it esn't matter now home on time the fence to just make sure yoknow come on going on in you know and just play lotto to downhill and you know know the coaches and teammates ould be proud of him. >>just excited to about out of
9:41 pm
the game end in you know it is they foot the bill to make the play and we got still got a long way to go here is a great step him greatly and when that sewest everything but. >>the playoffs are now another no real term starts. >>errigo so with the by the niners get the week off and await the winner of eagles seahawks in philadelphia or the vikings if the set the saints coming up on kron 4 sports tend the raiders rned their focus of the offseason and las when we werg for a roommate, he wanted someone super quiet. yeah, and he wanted soone to help out with chores. so, we gotean-pierre. but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with rentersnsurance.
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yeah, geico did ma it easy to switch and save. ♪ oh no. there's a wall there now. that's too bad. visit and see how easy saving on renters insurance can be. >>dozens of amazon ckages
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were left out in a sacramento restaurant parking lot early yesterday morning the ckages were left in front of the from field restaurant that's on madison avenue insacramento, visible to drivers passing by jessica bench has the story. >>it didn't go outside the white line. it was all right here a delivery jeff bell never ordered piled high outside of his brookfid's restaurant in madison avenue somebody has been up to monkey business, you know. this it's
9:45 pm
not normal and al found roughly 75 amazon packages his way into work couple a box of them pried open, i guess, but there was nothing stern abt nothing really to make it look like it was a crime scene and to select ally out sheriff's office and started coming through the restaura's surveillance footage finding this yellow box truck driving into e parking lot just before 06:00am it's the only vehicle ught on camera large enough to carry 2 large pounds of packages lving the lot just know why he as asleep and n't that's just mystifies . detectives came to collect the boxes returning them to amazon spokesperson sa the packages were left by a driver hired throh a 3rd party company. amazon declind an on cara interview but sent us this statement saying quote this is not reflect the high standards we have for our carrier partners and we're investigating the matter all customer packages have been revered and are being delivered today. just hope this doesn't happen again afr all had someone else families packagethey might not be otheir way to rightful owners possible that
9:46 pm
a somebody less fortunate than would have taken the boxes that was jessica mensch >>after 4 zone foecast says so we take a live look outside that san francisco's embarcadero quiet for th moment i would moments after right is going to chilly but yeah, you know that's going to be like is going to be crazy out there people line up to get a little ndle up to out of not like tonightbut on new year' is we've got a mostly clear skies expected. and it going to get cold outside high pressure building in overhead right now on the west coast that is going make a raer very nice and to 2019 i think tomorrow night should be really nice and second. this the colors and you can have some of these high clouds moving overhead that make the sunset lot more vivid as we head into the evening hours that being said temperatur yeah c get a little cold some 30's and 's down 30's and santa rosa 30's and of livermore valley, you're looking a 42 in the concordia 40's in around the
9:47 pm
bay, so some chilly temperatures to come tomorrow should be a ice and to 2019 58 degrees with some cool sunshine. in the san fransco 59 a mostly sunny in oakland and 60 degrees in san joseon the long-range forecast of course we have that a weather system moved through the bexar bring some rain all the way down to southern california. now watch what happens kind of spins out of town that we've got the next one taking aim at 7 northwest, mainly although ipping far northern staying dry just a few high clds moving in overhead just after midnight and that will be t case of the next couple days but over the weekend, a cold front does take aim at the bay area to bring with it a chance of rain late in the day on saturday that a cold shot of air coming in the gulf of laska again to keep the teeratures way down and a slight chance of some showers the midd of next week all right all that being said tomorrow looks like a nice and dry into the new year or the old year. as we'll see those temperatures running in the 50's d the 60's in the san francico, 58 in the daily city about 61 in a burning game and sunny there 60 in
9:48 pm
millbraeyou'll see 60 degrees south san francisco, in san carlos 60 amount do 16 cupeino 61 in sunnyvale 59 degrees in union city 59 also in san leandro 62 in concord 62 d snowmen 61 degrees in benicia niceway to end out the 2019 as we get ready for the new year. and the new year starting out dry partly cloudy though will be the case in the thursday and friday with a chance of rain on saturday all right lawrence, well, it's summer in australia right now anjust like california. it is dealing with a series of fires that authorities are deribing is. >>historic unprecedented and catastrophic. seems unrelenting has been going on for so long now these deadly fires haveargely been caused by record breaking heat and dry condition this is aerial footage om the. 10's of thousands of resints and people on vacation there in the southeastern part of australia. e state of victoria have been urged to evacuate is fires continue to rage acro the region. and this is ominous the austlia
9:49 pm
fires in the region exhibited ve dangerous behavior overnight and they are likely to worsen. >>prison cadets and stf involved in a t see salute have been fired west, virginia republican governor jim justice announcintoday that he has approved the recommended terminations this after looking over a report on the division of corrections and rehabilitation academy class 18. all e cadets who appeared to give a not see salute in class photo. yeah, they're going to be terminated a staff mber who was where what th we doing but failed to report it will also be fired. the governor says in the actions in the quote strongest possible terms. he says that behavior won't be tolerated on his watch. >or your help tonight a new study finds automotive plant closures may be linked to a rise in opioid overdose deaths. it found the opioid overdose death ratin e county was 85% higher 5 years after a plant closurcompared
9:50 pm
to counties that did not have closures. the study examined 112 us manufacturing counties, 29 of which had planned closures between 19 99 in 2016. it found an association between plant closures and opioid overdose death rates. but they say more research is necessary to unpack the complexities of that associatio. researchers at upstate medic university and cirque use new jersey are changing the utlook of tism a new saliva test is coming o the market and itcould help doctors dete autism earlier the average age of an autism diagnosis in the us is 5 years if early intervention is eve initiated almost half the kids will be indistinguishable from
9:51 pm
the dications and initially prescribed to him ter his releas 2 additional letters so from physicians at the university of vermont who also say that sanders is in good health and fit toserve as president. up next right before e new year former president barack obama has released his 2019 playlist
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>>actor zac efrons speaking out tonight after reportedly being hospitalized for a serious bacterial infection that really scary. according to anaustralian news outlet. efron was filming in a new show in papa new guea. when he contracted typhoid or a similar type infection. he wa airlifted to a hospital in brisbane auralia. and social media efron said you know he actually bounce back quick.
9:55 pm
and was able to finish filming a show ironically called killing zac efron yeah, the actor also thanked fans d says that he is now home for the holidays witfriends and family. former president barack obama shared his 2019 songs of the year playlist. >>this year's editi includes tracks from big fee frank ocn was the national beyonce lizzo the baby and many more along with the list obama tweeted quote from hip-hop to country to the boss bruce springsteen, hear my songs of the ye if you're looking for something to keep you mpany on the long drive or help you turn up a workout i hope there's a track or 2 in here. that does the we have pretty have a tweet out his moes in the year to help those in e year books of the year is a pop culture that is guy i got wraps up ron 4 news at 9 th our prime time coverage continues at he top of thehour, ken wayne is here with a crime for his attack. >>and thank you very much next at 10 clock preparations a underway for the big new
9:56 pm
year's eve firorks show tomorrow night. >>we have a sneak peek on what the city of san francisco is preparing security on the ground. a series of disturbing attacks fueled by hate in new york. the chilling details we'rlearning about the man accued in a machete attack that hurt 5 people and the coern from bay area leaders er what they say is a growing problem, they'll go away our 3 of kron 4 news in primetime starts rit after the break.
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bay area's local news station. you're watching kron 4 news. >>it is quite ide the coundown is on we're getting closer and closer to ringing in the new year and preparions for the big fireworks show on the embarcadero in san francisco are we underway good evening, i'm ken wae and i'm grant lotus in for pam moore tonight while crews are loading up all tho firerks in shell's the san francisco department of emergency management. >>is calling in extra stfing in activating its emergency operation center concourse taylor sacchi has more now


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