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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  January 2, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>good morning. everybody thank you for joining us at 06:00am on this january 2nd 2020 get used to say james fletcher perfect vision on will tran in area fulsome no vision this morning as far as driving or very little vision for i can tell you what the traffic is looking like because i can see it it's just has completely taken over the san mateo bridge and that dense right now how long i can last because so we're going to see those spots of fog holding on through the morning. so it is going to be something unfortunately going to see under morning. if you if you are in land in the south bay right in those east bay hills as well as along a tee up the solano county now in areas where you are seeing the fog you're going to have a free and clear morning that includes the golden gate in the bay bridge is looking great a berkeley oakland looking just fine in san francisco as you can see is free of fog as well where we are seeing that fog visibility is a problem hayward san jose in livermore sing visibility right around mild or a mile or
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less than that. >>you're also looking at dense fog right along 80 there and it is going to stick around for some time by the time we work our way towards 11:00am and noon. huang after your morning commute is all said and done that's when we really start to see the sunshine reappearing all across the bay area and are going to be in store for a nice day after that point a dense fog advisory is in effect for solano county from of ole ho on over to sacramento if you're traveling 80. you are in a total debts, fog advisory right now which means do slow down as you're traveling that route now skies will clear out a lot more than they did yesterday lots of sunshine to be expected and that means daytime highs going to be a lot nicer than these temperatures are seeing on the map right now bundle up this morning give yourself that extra few minutes to get to work. definitely take it slow on the roads kind of feel like a monday anyways after so many of us did have yesterday off and just look forward to this afternoon because look at that mostly sunny skies and 60's. not a bad way to close out the
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day. robin. >>all right, thank you john checking in on 92 the trip across the san mateo bridge. it's just covered in fog right now i'm looking for like the little red spots a little dog bowser likely be hayward heading over to the peninsula. that's the only way i can see the traffic flow it we don't have any big problems right now to be extra careful driving in fog like this make sure you're driving at a reduced speed. turner d frost on if that helps also make sure the headlights and wipers are on to you because you're going to need it in spots like this 15 minutes here to make it from the east bay over to the peninsula of course not as foggy at the bay bridge toll plaza to clear trip into san francisco. thank goodness 2 minutes off to fremont street traffic tracker showing good numbers for west for south 6.80 and north one on one, a very easy 28 minutes to menlo park james will. >>thank you very much rob and it's 6 o 2 breaking news overnight the san jose bomb squad had to be called to an apartment complex after a fire forced residents to evacuate kron 4 sarah stinson is live
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at the scene with the very latest sand. sarah that video is quite compelling. >>yeah sure is because there was quite a scene here at the altair apartment complexes in san jose woke up everybody lives here and it's because a fire erupted in the carport like the ones behind me i don't know exactly where it happened in this apartment complex but you can see in the video the bomb squad just storming through here trying to get to the scene you can see them in the video at low rossa circle in san jose at this apartment called bike so happened around 10 17 last night san jose police received multiple reports some conflicting even thought shots fired at one point because of the popping in exploding sounds but it turns out that there was some kind of homemade bomb in a car port and that's what caused the fire people who live here tried to put it out themselves with extinguishers, but more explosions kept happenings the call 911 good thing they did because the bomb squad had to come out here and the san jose
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fire department arson unit you can see 2 people being detained, but it's still unclear if anyone was actually a rested as i said this woke up a lot of people's look very chaotic and that she had to evacuate apartment complex people have to wake up get out and make sure everyone was ok that looks like everyone has been let back in because the scene is clear is no police present. take a listen to one neighbor who lives here she didn't want to be on camera but she explained to us kind of what happened. we're trying they're trying to put it out. war things were as they came in. they minutes later. >>and you know they did put out the fire but they did find a lot of broken las the strong odor coming from the car port
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and so that's why they're believed that this was a homemade bomb of some sorts we did reach out to san jose police they were referred us to the san jose fire department arson unit. so we have left a voicemail of them hope for the cost backs we can get a little more details as to why this happened how this happened and if anyone has been arrested or anyone's been account held accountable for this fire for now live in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah. >>another big story that we're following this morning members of apollo while the church are feeling uneasy after someone vandalized the walls. >>and the doors at the location it happened on palo alto's oldest african american church. the emmys i on church kron four's taylor the psac ii has the story. >>well this is where the vandalism happened on the bathroom doors and outside walls of the church. now the pastor says they got rid of the messages the very next day. he says someone also saw the suspects during parts of
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the incident and describe the person as a man in his 30's or 40's. they say that he road and left on a bicycle as well to be the oldest black church in our community. >>and to experience this it's sort of pierce's the veil in a sort of. destroys that sense of comfort coloma smith is the pastor at university and zion church in palo alto he says someone vandalized their church early saturday morning. these are the images of the spray painted messages left on the bathroom doors and walls. fdr. jesus white got curses because for 3 things as best we could you know they didn't have that good penmanship but if that's his best to speak see from what they on the message is don't include racial slurs. smith asks why they chose to target their church and not the others lining the same street have a very strong why his as you saw it you have to pass for churches to get here on that way and. >>from the other direction if the past 4 churches. so we
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don't know their attention. smith says the messages are disturbing and giving current religious tensions and attacks we now live in a time where. >>more and more religious institutions are being attacked, but there's 2 tend to listen. >>good balance so you're like is my church going to be another tool in the news. smith says police have no suspects at this time. >>he says that shatters their sense of security but the congregation will not be bullied now. the pastor says they'll change the way the secure down this facility and how they handle security at this church she says that the church in the congregation will not be intimidated. and instead they will have a service this weekend open to everybody in the community in palo alto tenor of the psac ii kron 4 news. >>in the east bay, a laptop theft has now become a homicide case local police arrested 2 thieves in connection with the robbery of a customer at a starbucks in montclair it happened tuesday morning witnesses say the victim was dragged by a car after he chased the thief who stole his laptop inside that starbucks on mountain blvd 2
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firefighters who happen to be in the neighborhood rushed to help that victim. but he suffered a critical head injury and later died at the hospital, even though 2 people are under arrest neighbors in the community say they are still on edge. a person can't go in and. >>relax its a starbucks and. >>open their computer and do their work or whatever we're tocking the doors. >>we do have cameras. we do have other means of protecting ourselves but it just doesn't make sense. so anna my heart goes out to his family. he was a young man. >>the alameda county coroner's office has identified the victim but oakland police aren't releasing his name just yet police are looking for additional suspects. now the developing news to sonoma county sheriff's deputies have been injured in a crash in santa rosa. it happened on highway 12 right near molly, the road. while they were responding to a domestic violence call you can see from these photos of the scene how
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badly damaged the vehicles were one of the deputies had to be hospitalized with moderate injuries. >>in the north bay police are looking for a driver who hit a man in a wheelchair while he was crossing the street. it happened on the 400 block a redwood street, here's a photo of the pull a person police are still looking for this morning. police say the man briefly get out of his truck but then back in without leaving any information took off from the scene before the police officers could arrive. his truck was found and later impounded the 85 year-old man in the wheelchair was treated and released from the hospital. east bay, one man has been charged with attempted murder after an attack in brentwood shortly after the new year started. police say 21 year-old man has his may 21 year-old was stabbed multiple times during a fight at the best western in on front with boulevard. the victim was seriously injured and airlifted to the hospital but is expected to survive. 20 year-old robert paying a he was arrested and charged in the attack. police say the 2
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knew each other. >>well in the south bay, a disturbing discovery at a san jose starbucks has landed one man behind bars. police believe that this man is responsible for placing cameras inside a starbucks bathroom. facing the toilets. 37 year-old sean evans was arrested outside of a starbucks on sunday, he faces invasion of privacy and several drug-related charges. police found him in a car outside the coffee shop on hillsdale avenue inside the car. officers found drugs and equipment linking him to those 2 cameras that were found inside the starbucks bathroom. san francisco city officials have agreed to settle a lawsuit with more than 200 inmates who were swamped with sewage for months in the county jail after faulty plumbing burst. attorneys in the case confirmed the agreement though they didn't disclose the exact amount. officials say the inmates at that jail were held in those conditions between january of 2017 and september 2018 well more than a year. before the flooding was finally fix the board of supervisors still has
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to approve the settlement. >>the kron 00:04am morning news, a prominent san jose high school is facing legal action over allegations of abuse plus the north bay woman is under arrest for dui after crashing. her car right into a home with a pregnant woman inside we'll have more details when we come back. and in just a couple of minutes from now gas prices could be lower. this year as kind of way to save this year already but find out what you can expect to pay as a head to the pumps. and temperatures going to be a little bit lower into the start of next week. but we do have a nice afternoon ahead of us today after a chilly morning expect some 60's i've got your forecast to come. >>and a nice drive back to work if that's where you're going this morning using the bay bridge will not be a to us nice
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>>we are back at 6.14 john travel here with a look at the weather this morning a qb in countering i guess a kind of depends on where you are what you're going to see or not this morning. yes that is very true some spots crystal clear that others can see a single thing the san mateo bridge. right prime example roberts been showing you that bridge all morning. it does not look find that i would baby would consider another route it is that bad on the san mateo bridge a very low visibility for the south bay areas right along the east bay south of berkeley as you can see berkeley is actually sitting really clear. but a prime example of what we've got well you're clear in the berkeley hills, you head south of san leandro and it's just the opposite case you can see a single thing so really is the south bay and then those a southeastern hills in the bay area that are seeing the worst of it right around here. you're also seeing a dense fog impact through solano county and inland valleys as well all looking at some very dense fog peninsula, coastal areas north bay not near as bad actually some pretty clear skies in
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areas like oakland, san francisco up in the marine county this morning. skies will clear out your morning commute. so this is something that's going to impact us through your drive to work unfortunately after which point though you do have sunshine to look for 2 this afternoon even more of it than what we had yesterday tomorrow cloud cover increases ahead of what will be some evening showers pushing in mostly after you've gone to bed tomorrow night. towards midnight and then into early hours of saturday morning do expect this rainfall to work its way back on into the bay, our best chance of rain in the forecast upper 50's to low 60's for today's daytime highs it will be a comfortable one still may throw those jackets on even on into the afternoon. i'd keep them handy through the day as we will be seeing some passing clouds at times hey a really nice way to be kicking off the new year yesterday was already pretty nice today at se one step nicer yet. union city hayward and fremont each up to 60 degrees today, oakland and berkeley holding on to the upper 50's north bay temperature, some of our
6:17 am
warmer numbers, napa sonoma on over to santa rosa. each at 63 for today's daytime highs so breakdown of your next 7 days shows that today tomorrow looking very similar to one another friday night into saturday morning we do see our rainfall but that even clears into saturday afternoon. and then after that sunday on through the beginning of next week looking dry and just a touch cooler than this week. it's been robin thank you john over to the richmond sandra fell we have a little bit of a line. >>at the pay gates is starting to stack up in some of the cash lanes in the fast track lanes so it's growing but it's still not bad. it's going to be a great trip after you get through this year across the span to the north bay we are hot spot free. we don't have any major problems that you need to worry about in fact so many folks are still often on vacation it's going to be a breeze into san francisco 10 minutes to make it over to the fremont street exit with no big trouble spots, one on one approaching san francisco looks good at 6 minutes to the 80 split from 2 80 to the bottom of the 2.80 extension
6:18 am
you're in good shape. at a 9 minute trip there and then out of the south bay you're doing fine leaving san jose on 8.80 north north one oh one in north to 80 nice and smoke 10 minutes to cupertino well. >>robin in the north bay a suspected dui driver got into her car and smashed through a home in vacaville. it happened after new year's eve celebration was winding down for the night. doug johnson shows us the video. >>2 in the morning. just heard a very very loud crash. >>now and vanessa corps will chew explains it's a wreck which could have cost the life as we've got 2 dogs in a love sleeping on the couches and just with ranch and they were actually upstairs with us in new year's eve celebrations on riverdale avenue in vacaville were just winding down for the night. that's when police say 28 year-old and dozer hernandez got under 100 civic attempted a three-point turn but she ended up smashing through a retaining wall into court will choose living room.
6:19 am
my husband thought it was an earthquake car was up there. back in the cars pressed in the living room witnesses say even after the crash mendoza hernandez was still accelerating i think she was still in shock. the car was redlining because of number now the driver was trying to take off so she was gunning it. >>and so the houses filling with exhaust fumes. >>we'll chew says she and her husband immediately called 911 her 3 year-old daughter also home at the time the court will chew is pregnant when i was on the phone with 911 i started to have a little a frost and contractions and i. >>i was like now right now i can camping on a labor right neighbors eventually got does hernandez to turn off her car and soon fact mill pd officers arrived the officer developed enough probable cause to believe that she was intoxicated and a place for an arrest horwill juice as her front yard in will have to be repaired she's not worried about that said counting her blessings, nobody was seriously hurt everything that
6:20 am
broke can be replaced, so i'm just grateful that. >>she didn't make it out to the main road and got in any kind of horrific accident where she could killed summonsed. >>and that was doug johnson reporting for us this morning. the woman has been charged with driving under the influence. she was booked into the salon in county jail. >>for your money this morning the smartphone app gasbuddy predicts that the national average of gas prices at the start of 2020 will be $0.2 lower. then it was at the same time last year that will be true all year though gas prices in california course tend to go up one refineries switch to the summer blend. gas buddy predicts that prices will be lowest in february and then peak in may just ahead of summer. bay area residents are already seeing changes in the new year a reminder as people head back to work this morning following a holiday that writing bart will cost more. the prices increased anywhere from 10 to $0.40 depending on where you're going. officials say the charger the change allows park to stay up to date
6:21 am
with maintenance and safety. more price increases will go into effect in 2020 to 2024 and 2026 to find out how much your bart ride will be you can find a fair rate calculator on our website at kron 4 dot com. on new year's eve, the oakland police department announced that officers made 9 arrests issued 7 citations seized 2 guns and told 4 vehicles on new year's eve in early new year's morning. police say those stops are credited to the increased staffing that they have throughout the city they say enforcement efforts were focused on stopping dui drivers illegal gun use and illegal fireworks activity. >>ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news, a bay area couple welcomes the first baby born this year this decade. in san francisco. we will hear from them when we come back also a bay area pastor celebrates the new year by passing a pizza. we'll tell you what he plans to do moving forward. and here's a live look outside trust me this is the mateo bridge socked in
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>>well the new year brings many new hopes and resolutions and dreams and in some cases the new year means new additions to the family and for one san francisco family january first brought a bouncing baby boy into the world. after nearly 20 hours of labor george charles check wilton charlie for short arrived at 12:43am in the morning at sutter's ben s campus hospital. the 7 pound 9 ounce baby boy give mom a dad. a new year's holiday to remember. >>we were pretty surprised just because it didn't seem like there is a scenario where he was weren't anywhere near midnight know toward the end it dawned on us feel like wow what time is and my goodness the new think it's pretty cool to have a birthday on new
6:26 am
year's day, certain they can never take away from you. >>this is yours forever. the first baby in san francisco of the new decade. >>with all the talk and excitement for the new year's ahead mom dad or hopeful for the impact a little charlie will make on the world around them. >>as we head to break, here's a live look outside at sfo of all the days you need to call ahead trust me today is that day because we are dealing wi we made usaa insurance for members like kate.
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>>well we are back starting a half hour with a check of weather and traffic jon robin here with that and hopefully things are doing are audible front most find out it's pretty quiet. i do have a stall on the richmond sandra fell so that's backing up traffic a bit out 5.80 i know we have fog to deal with but will it lift in the afternoon and have a nice postcard afternoon. yeah, i would say another postcard afternoon also robin a new year's eve
6:30 am
that sunset was beautiful, was like i hope 2020 is good. we today looks to be a pretty nice afternoon. so we'll see how that sunset turns out. but yes it has been a foggy morning. some of you are probably not going to catch much of a view of the sunrise because fog is dense for a few spots across the bay. you're saying the golden gate bridge looking at clear conditions out there it's much the opposite for some of our other bridges such as further south in the bay and then visibility very impacted for some of our east bay inland valleys, south bay. >>and even some north bay area's so right now livermore visibility below a mile for you hayward not sitting the best san jose and oakland looking at visibility around 2 miles there is dense fog in the vicinity of both of these cities though so do slow down if you're heading out on the roads in oakland or san jose and then county as you're traveling up 80 you're in the midst of a dense fog advisory right now some very low visibility along portions of 80 so do slow it down there to you know to some talking a lot
6:31 am
about our inland areas because the coast well it's pretty clear this morning with clear skies from the golden gate san francisco on up into marion county storm tracker shows that we're going to remain dry throughout the morning so even though we do have fog if you are looking at any sort of rain on your windshield, it's just some drizzle. coming from those low clouds. 40's for most of your current temperatures while napa fairfield and saint helene are in the 30's our cooler spots to kick off this thursday morning later on today expect highs back into the 60's and expect sunshine. it's going to be a foggy morning commute but a very nice rest of the day. >>rob all right. thank you john over to 5.80 it's getting a little heavy because of a stall just after the toll plaza so west bound 5 80 after the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza there is a car stuck in the right lane bridge crews are aware there on the way but all it's creating a back up through the pay gates all the way out to castro there it is a long line all because of that stall so hopefully they'll get it out of your way shortly meanwhile we're at 60 minutes and
6:32 am
growing because of this to make it across and over to one on one the bay bridge traffic, the opposite no delays no problems 10 minutes into san francisco will chains. >>robin you this morning people in the south bay were shaken up by a magnitude 3.9 earthquake last night lot of folks felt it was centered right near morgan hill in fact crawford's christina tetreault is there live this morning with the latest christina. >>and this was something that was so abrupt very short, but so abrupt that so many people felt it was going show you a map from us, yes you got and see the area that it did impact here in morgan hill obviously we're south of san jose exactly where it did hit. this was something that a lot of people in morgan hill say that they're not used to feeling are used to waking up to let's go ahead and listen to what one man said here. >>loud boom and felt joe like there was an artillery shell going off nearby. >>and this the first one first
6:33 am
one derived every spears yes, what was it like. abrupt awakening. there was a rude wake-up call to be honest with you. >>right from m he can from him right there, he said it was an abrupt wake-up call something he said that didn't last very long but something that was again as i mentioned in he had mentioned so abrupt it woke him up a good reminder to everyone to make sure that your house is really secure any case of an earthquake happening, especially here in the bay area that we actually have some online resources for you if you want to know how you can properly secure your home and items in your home, including large things like your dressers your wardrobes and tv's for the 4th hole family safety we actually have it online right now over at kron 4 dot com for now reporting live here in morgan hill christina teatro kron 4 news all right very good. thank you call these are reminded have the earthquake that's right now. >>another big story that we're following this morning a lawsuit enabled by a new state has been filed against a prominent high school in the
6:34 am
south bay. a man claims he was sexually abused by a member of the clergy at san jose's belem in prep while he was a student at the school during the 1960's. brother william farrington is the clergy member being accused the suit was made possible by a new law known as the california child victims act a lot opens at 3 year window for childhood abuse victims to file lawsuits regardless a when the abuse occurred. >>and you can shine light on horrible crimes and ensure that what happened to you never happens to another child because you can expose perpetrators who are walking the streets today know that this law has teeth. >>and for anybody or institution organizations school or diocese that concealed covered it up. >>the lawsuit also accuses belem in prep of knowing about the allegations against brother farrington but covering it up the lawsuit
6:35 am
also alleges negligence by the san jose diocese and demands. full disclosure of its role in the farrington case. >>new year with pizza that's how one homeless encampment was able to ring in 2020 and san jose thanks to the kindness of a local pastor par fours, michelle kingston has the story. >>pastor scott wagers hands out food, multiple times a week but today it was pizza it was appreciated that was a pizza. >>a mammoth out new year's day pastor scott buying pizza for the homeless pretty much decisions. the as is good dozens of people live here in roosevelt park off east santa clara street, each of them grateful for the surprise visit in the warm meal weighing the rams superhero uh minus you know anything to go help know feed the homeless in the plot. >>you know that's a blessing. yes, that's not a rant strangest superhero pastor wagers does this multiple times a week serving those in
6:36 am
road san jose says party one of the bigger encampments in the city one that is organize people here say they treat each other like taken for for the >>macy and thank you thank you pastor. >>the 2 so that but the scot buses can run too so thank you very much happen as simple act of kindness on the first day of the new year. pastor wager has other people join in on feeding the new we do little things like today, but ultimately were do what you can, but but think about the big picture we need to solve this homeless crisis we need to get people. >>on the land into tiny homes into building see this is just one of many homeless encampments in this city people here are of course very thankful. >>for the kindness of strangers in san jose, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>to the north bay now we're police are looking for a driver who hit a man in a wheelchair while he was
6:37 am
crossing the street. it happened in the 400 block of redwood street and this is a picture of the person, the police are looking for. police say the man briefly got out of his truck but then took off without leaving any of his information behind and then wait for police to arrive. his truck was found has been impounded, but he still at large. the 85 year-old man in the wheelchair who was hit. he was treated and released from the hospital. now to the east bay where one man's been charged with attempted murder after an attack in brentwood shortly after the new year started police say a 21 year-old was stabbed multiple times during a fight at the best western in brentwood boulevard. the victim was seriously injured and airlifted to the hospital but is expected to survive. 20 year-old robert pena was arrested, he is charged in the attack police say he knew the victim. >>police in san francisco, they've arrested a man accusing him of breaking into a car and stealing a fast track device. police say 2 men saw jay harvey why it use a pipe to smash a window of a honda the honda was parked on
6:38 am
golden gate avenue and then reach inside and then steal a fast track device. the man tried to jump in they got into a fight before why it took off from the scene. police quickly tracked quiet down and took him into custody for burglary. 3 cars may have been hit skews me 3 cars have been hit by projectiles while driving on or near highway one o one. just in the past week. this latest incident happened near los law most no injuries were reported that area has become known as happens so often that people refer to it as projectile alley because cars keep getting hit in fact since february of last year 67 vehicles have been hit. police say drivers traveling highways, one 56 1 oh one near that area should always drive with your windows up and hopefully it does not happen, but if it does happen in your hit by a projectile. turn on your hazard lights pull over safely to the shoulder and
6:39 am
then called 911. >>national news now a possible kidnapping caught on camera in las vegas. it happened in the early morning hours of new year's day a warning this video may be disturbing for some. a woman can be seen in the video running from a vehicle here she is running up to a house she bangs on the door screaming for help and there you see a man one ing up after her he starts kicker and hitter and then dragged her back to the car against her will. police haven't yet been able to identify who that woman is they're asking for anybody's help in identifying who these people are. for your health this morning flu is on the rise both nationally and statewide and now it's claimed the life of another california child officials in placer county report that a school age child has died from the flu bringing the number now those under 18 who have died of flu complications to 3 that since the season began at the end of september the kron four's dan kerman now with more on what doctors are advising. >>flu symptoms are taking hold
6:40 am
across the country with both young and old falling victim to fever cough sore throat stuffy nose and head and body aches while much of the us is seeing red or heavy flu activity. it remains yellow or moderate in california. but physicians are still concerned in part because flu season has begun earlier than in years past we are looking at other states experiences, princess louisiana's had a really hard for year and so hurting for maybe a hard year doctor vincent to mars is the medical director of cpm sees pediatric emergency room. >>he says parents should be on the lookout for flu symptoms, especially in kids under the age of 5 these are children who may appear well one day and then the next day you notice a breathing harder they're breathing faster you can see their ribs when they're breathing you see their bellies when they're breeding out in addition to young children pregnant women seniors and those with long-term health issues are most vulnerable and with the flu expected to peak in california in january and
6:41 am
february to mars says the time is now for those 6 months and older to get the flu vaccine. he says it's proving to be more effective this year than in the past and will be helpful even if it doesn't stop the flu from coming if you do get you're in this is will be shorter any will be less severe in terms of prevention doctors continue to advise lots of hand washing and also if you are sick make certain not to go into the office and if your kids are sick don't let them go to school. >>that's 08:00pm sees ben s campus dan kerman kron 4 news. >>do expect lots of sunshine later today after what has been such a foggy start to the day right now we're in the 30's and 40's so bundle up as well your forecast just a cop. >>i'm tracking your commute around the bay area this morning looks pretty good for the most part no problems here at the bay bridge toll plaza so 80 west nice and smooth, but there's a stall on the richmond sandra fell i'll have details after the break.
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>>we are back 6 45 is the time we got john here talking about the weather for today on this january 2nd. look cloudy to start yeah, definitely i'm already thinking about the weekend it started on some monday for any rain this weekend. yeah actually really you have convenient timing of it friday night after you've gone to bed and then into saturday early on by that time you're already at your destination hopefully at least and then saturday afternoon flip-flop weather get back to the ball you are full fox in the rain true. how they this morning maybe not flip-flop weather just yet unless you want some cold toes. it is chilly and it is foggy for a lot of the bay looking out from berkeley skies, not necessarily foggy here but once you head south of san leandro the hills east of the south bay and then down into the south bay. all very foggy
6:46 am
so visibility has been an issue or right around here for a lot of the bay out into error inland valleys also tri valley visibility very bad around livermore on over to dublin and 83 solano county has also been affected by some dense fog closer to the coast to get the clear it has been now into the afternoon today even late morning that fog is going to burn off it's going to lift and that will eventually a clear ways for sunny skies, mostly sunny conditions later on today tomorrow just a few more clouds and then as will and james were just talking about we do have rain this weekend. it's not going to arrive during daytime hours on friday, so your friday travels are actually going to be pretty good but during the evening friday night right around midnight into early saturday morning is when you see this line of showers pushing on into the bay. that's going to leave roadways wet into saturday morning so saturday, maybe not at least to start your best day for getting outside doing too terribly much just yet as for today, daytime highs upper 50's to low 60's a little
6:47 am
warmer than yesterday and overall a really nice day ahead of us will be seeing highs in the low 60's from foster city down to about view low 60's as well for the south bay today and for the east bay white out more about union city fremont and hayward each at 60 degrees upper 50's for oakland berkeley are in debt and marotta north bay temperatures after such a foggy start for benicia in vallejo highs today will rise to 59 santa rosa 63 while stinson beach in point raise a 56 for your highs a breakdown of your next few days shows that chance of rainfall overnight friday night into saturday morning then skies clearing out after that and to the rest of the day saturday. other than that it's dry. this forecast is bringing some comfortably cool temperatures and really a lot of sunshine for the time of year. robin all right, thank you john we're checking in on the richmond sandra fell cruiser. >>pushing off our stall westbound west of the toll plaza that's what i'm backing up traffic it was so quiet and smooth. and then all of a
6:48 am
sudden at a crawl that's being cleared from the right lane and this is what it's doing to your commute up to the pay gates look at that a push up to 21 minutes now to make it across into the north bay and now the back of that you're looking at this goes all the way over to richmond parkway all because of that one little stall here across the golden gate, you're looking good 20 minutes novato to san francisco. no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's been a great trip all morning on west found 80 and check out the east bay leaving the maze 24 5.80 the nimitz in the e sure nice and quiet so far we'll check more coming up we'll. >>robin if you are trying now you don't need it. but there are those who want to head to the gym new year's resolution to get fit january is the best time to save on a gym membership that's because health clubs are offering promotions and deals to win over the new year's resolution crowd. in today's consumer watch meredith wood has tips on how to save if you go to the gym. >>getting fit this year can be
6:49 am
expensive but if you're committed to getting into shape in 2020. experts say you don't have to overspend just choose wisely a gym that is not hoping that you don't calm and keep paying but hoping that you come all the time and if you don't we'll figure out a way to make it work consumer of words has these tips to help you pay less number one for a trial run most clubs offer free trial passes. so take some classes try out the gyms equipment locker room and see if you like the community. number 2 research prices and search for deals online discount websites you ziad major deals on fitness classes, trainers and local jens somewhere that's. >>gives you an opportunity to try to mount a try to offer free. doesn't offer you any kind of contracts. experts say this forces jim's to work hard to keep you coming back number 3 negotiated deal consumer reports suggest you go straight to the gym's manager. >>and some of the cells person they may be more likely to work out a better membership
6:50 am
price most gym owners are there in this because they want to help people for consumer watch i'm meredith wood. >>those are back safe with their father after a man stole an suv with them right inside placer county sheriff's deputies identify this man here 33 years old charles hall. shortly before 6 o'clock on monday night father was dropping off his car for service at an auto repair shop in rockland he left his 2 young kids inside the suv for just a brief moment. that's when according to investigators the carjacker jumped into the suv. >>my customer pulls into a parking spot right here. >>and he walks up to my my side of my car and just walk 15 feet away and bam. his car start backing out he runs after and the car's off. >>hall drove less than a mile before abandoning the car and taking off in the scene police found the stolen ford explorer with the one and 5 year-old
6:51 am
girls inside not hurt at all. the suspect areas right there once again he's in jail on multiple felony charges. another big story. >>this morning, former nba commissioner david stern has died. the nba says stern's death was the result of a brain hemorrhage he suffered about 3 weeks ago. stern led the league for 3 decades and during that time the nba's popularity exploded he also oversaw the creation of the women's national basketball association. david stern was 77 years old. and the stars are offering their condolences for david stern steph curry for example tweeted out a photo and wrote quote will never forget the words you spoke this day and then he quoted stern saying with the 7th pick. curry went on to say that changed my life forever. thank you and your family for your leadership and commitment to growing the game of basketball around the world. forever grateful, rest in peace commissioner stern. >>the world the baseball has
6:52 am
also lost a legend pitcher don larsen the only pitcher to throw a perfect game in the world series you talk about clutch. he died on wednesday cut larson took the mound for 7 teams during his 14 year in the major leagues, he was with the new york yankees for 5 seasons. >>where he won 2 world series titles that includes the 1956 season when he pitched a perfect game. during game 5 of the world series. larson was 90 years old. >>and the dog a screaming screaming, oh my oh my god i had 6 seconds to live. >>coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a doctor rescues a dog stuck in an
6:53 am
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6:56 am
broke out and forced evacuations overnight we're going to have live details from san jose as well. and members of a barry church on edge this morning after their place of worship was vandalized, we'll tell you what happened. in a world where everything gets a sequel. it's finally time for... geico sequels! classic geico heroes, starring in six new commercials, with jaw-dropping savings. vote for your favorites at: ahhh, which way do i go?! i don't know, i'm voting for our sequels. with geico, the savings keep on going to a screen near you. not the leg! you dang woodchucks! geico sequels. vote and enter to win today!
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station. you're watching kron 00:04am morning news at 7. >>good morning. everybody, thank you for joining 07:00am on the kron 00:04am morning news, i'm james fletcher will tran in for 2020 daria full, back next week, so you have to go back all right whether traffic to start the hour hopefully. there's no hot spot, no hot spots but some small spots we had us all in the richmond sandra fell so traffic is recovering from that we'll check in on 5.80
7:00 am
and times of foggy spots, yes lots of foggy spots, some clear spots too so it's a mixed bag depending on where you're at depends on what you're saying. this is your view at a snowy spot up at the top of the lick observatory right here one of our areas that did see some snowfall over the past few weeks and still holding on to it. >>under some clear skies. but once you had below the lake is where you're seeing the worst of our visibility this morning livermore san jose in hayward still being affected by some patches of very dense fog that will be slowing it down as you leave the house to get back to work after new year's is said and done now solano county also seeing some dense fog and if you're around conquered visibility in conquered the south looking fine right now, but around the city, you are definitely looking at some lower visibility due to the fog this morning and it's going to hang out for your morning commute for these areas we still do have a dense fog advisory for solano county and portions of eastern contra costa county stretching out into the central valley in the delta. so if you're traveli


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