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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  January 6, 2020 8:00am-9:00am PST

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be braving the roads this morning, you're busy rise morni, yeah, everybody settingback to work and it's been packed my hot spot cleared on 6 ad. >>but the bridges are pretty full sot durbridge check ok d on the weather front. we were talkin about how chilly it's been this morning, yeah, very chilly is morning that's about the only kind of negative thing about today though i moved to california to pay the high rent so i wouldn't freeze well now you're paying the higher and so your ose to cold temperatures last for much of the rning. but we do have a nice warup this afternoon it will make for a day that is very similar to yesterday actually lden gate bridge beautiful, this is one of those mornings at the tourists they're actually having a good time out there hopefully withheir san francisco sweatshirts on though because it is chilly all across the bay area you can see that cle skies can be seen from the oregon border down to the southern part of e state to. >>30's right now in rewood city livermore and dublin in
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the 30's. well 40's for most of us oakland, san mateo and hayward ea up 41 now to you we're at 32 earlier you're a 34 no so it's still chilly, but youare seeing temperatures climbing at this point as we move into the afternoon. more climbing to be had and eventually som60's and upper 50's for your highs making for a good afternoon to get outside. robert thank you john over to the bay bridge here is you're back up and it's heavy. >>all connectors are pretty solid b e sure 5.80 the niitz freeway. so it's back to the jam up here into san francisco with so many lks heading back to work. it was a nice little break go right for the last couple of weeks we haven't seen this back up so at least it's under 15 minutes that's good. it's not aske bad on the upper deck, the definitely heavy behind the pay gates and we don't have any but trole spots on 80. you're looking at about a 33 minute trip if you approach fr the east shore freeway that's from crockett to the mazepretty quiet on 24 leavg want to create renda the and both 5.80 under 30
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minutes so not bad at all from to 38 to downtown oakland james. well. >>thank you very much robin. so the big sty we're the air strike friday that r killed a top around again general the houseof presentatives now set to vote on a war powers resolution to limit the president's military power a lot of democrats were upset that they were not tified before the strike. according to a letter house speaker pelosi said sunday night a democratic members of congress the resolution it says that if congress does not approve. >>any fuher mitary action the trump administration must stop any further escalations within 30 days. >>well that's happening in washington dc. and course tensions betwn iran and the us continue to escalate with camila bernl with the very latest developments is morning. >>in the us soleimani is seen as a terrorist just someone who killed americans t in iran things are very
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different. they see him as a hero and as a response to that millions according to anian tv came out to the streets today. we were not able to verify thoseexact numbers but them went out to the stets and were chanting things like death to america. >>sea of pele filling the streets in iranmonday during the funeral services for iranian general soleimani ese shoes days after iran's top general wakilledby a us one strike at the baghdad airport soleimani's daughtr says her father's death. we'll bring darker days for the u s. >>and ir has vowed revenge on because the only thing that can end this period of war is for theamericans to receive a blow that is equal to the borough they've inflictsisn't sunday to obligate the voted government to work toward removing all foreign troops from the country with the is in the interest of both iraq
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and the us to end foreign troop presence in back in the us thousands of troops are getting ready to deploy to the middle east as tensions in the region continue to escalate. >>anpresidt donald trump says if iran triesto retaliate. the us will quickly and fully strike back and perhaps in a disproportionate manner. the house speaker nancy pelosi says not so fast she sent a letter saying the house of representatives will introduce a vote. on a war powers resolution that limits present trump's potential military action in regas to iran. >>and on twitter president trump saying that the media posts will serve as a notifition to congress. if iran strikes america will fight back the president also considering hitting cultural sites which could continue to escalate the situation reporting in washington, i'm camila for now back to you. >>well the demonsators in dozens of cities ross the us
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protested the trump administration's killing of that iranian coander and the decision to send thousands of troops to the middle east in e bay area thousands gathered at rallies in san mateo and san jose and san francisco. the biggest crowd marched through the streets of san francisco saturday as a number groups and organizations participated in what ended up being a peaceful protest in san matethere were smaller but just as passionate crowds, groups called peace action san mateo and the raging grannies they all had the same message. >>we don't want to be involved in any wars over there were group and we've been out here for years against war and we really need to avoid that anconcentrate on our resources on fighting climate cnge rather fighting people in italy. >>well police say things reined relatively peaceful at all the demonstrion locations. many bay aa police departments are also increasing patrols and working wi federal officials thgh they say there's no credible threat at this time towards any domestic targets,
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happening today in the trial will begin for the man charged wi fally stabbing 18 year-old a wilson at a bart statn in the east bay and oakland judge ruled last month that this man. >>29 year-old john lee cowell is mentally fit to stand trial. he has be charged with murder and attempted murdefor the attack on wilson and her sister at the macarthur bart station in oakland. the attack happened back in july of 2019 2018 i should say and wilson sister survived and has since recovered from her inries. procutors have said that they will seek a life sentence against cow and are investiging if was motivated by racial hate when he killed wilson. >>an 89 year-old great grandmother who was brutally beaten in san francisco has died after finding her injuries for more than a year. >>in january of last year the woman was viciously beaten by a man aa park near her visitaon valley home there she is right there an she was at the hospital since the
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attack but on friday she died from her injuies. police identied 18 year-old kaye on tgather in as the suspect and arrested him later that month. friends and fily say facing murder charges. e >>she's so badly. is just unimaginable aka ow what happened to her i really ink justice should prevail because it's not only that when mothers suer her family stuff that we suffer all of us up the hardship that we're going through a slight and with all this. losing grandma a sacrifi her life it's not in vain. >>the vigil is planned for wednesday morningat the park in visitation valley advocates are also calling for more otectionsfor the immigrant community with in san francisco. and the south bay police shoot a man after they say he was trying to light a gas pump on fire. police asan to stuff a burning piece of g
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paper through the nozzle ata gas pump at the arco gas station on quinby road on saturday when police approached him they say he was not cooperate charges charged at an officer with a mel bar, san jose police say ey tried nonlethal metds to try to stop him, b he refused and that's when they say they were forced to shoot him. the man was wounded and is being treated at a hoital one officer actually in is altercation did ffer minor injuries. he was taken to the hospil as well, but has since been release the officers have been placed on while they continue with the instigation. san francco, a woman was shot and killed in the city tenderloin neighborhood that happened at the corner of larkin a o farrell. >>officers sponded to reports of shots being fir there. when they arrive that's where th founthe victim the gunman, however was nowhere to be seen so they're still looking for that person this moing. police in san francisco meanwhile investigating a sideshow that
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happened sunday afternoon, here's deo of it. san francisco's mission t in district in the area of 20 force and brian. the matchup is set the 49 ers scheduled to host the minneso vikings now in the divisional round of the nfl playof so the wait is over 5 more da come saturday, the field of genes will host its first playoff game this comes after. >>our weekend what a great weekend fofootball in overtime kirk cousins throws a touchdown to cairo ro it off lewd act that's not the new orleans saints. they go home instead e vikings by virtue of being the lowest seed will face the top seed. the san francisco 49 ers isanta live at the field of gene n is absolute let's head out there now and get the latest on the excitement building for the coming weend, good morning. sarah. >>go morning. what a game this will be the first time 49
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ers will play a playoff game here at levi stdium and it will be packed with fans ready to go this is a gamethat ople are crossing their fingers evy 49 er fan or of tough 49 er fan of talk today and said this is going to be a battle again the vikings take a look at this video you can see fans heading into the 40 niners store ere at the stadiutrying to get that playoffs to slag trying to snap it all up because it's going fast. they're trying to look ready to do the part to be tht faithful fan not only that santa clara hotels are getting ready to because hotel rooms are becoming scarce here near the stadium, the hyat said that they are bos next saturday and the hilton is closto beinfully booked made in t book by now the divisional playoff game is this saturday as we know kickoff is at one 35 in the afternoonat levi stadium d for fans who can't make it to the game the 49 ers are hosting 2 official watch parties one in san francco, one in san jose an that information is on our website
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kron 4 dot com now the niners they've gotten a healthy. you know a little break here in the bye week with me important players on defense expected to return putting d-four on heart all got injured during the regular season, but they're making a comeback now there are the viking strong running game and passing game are 49 ers offense ishealthy anready to go as well of course we have ouquarterback in jimmy g tight end george kittle and the running backs affected to carve up the vikings defense and joining us now is john and daniel they are diehard 40 niner fans anthey are from san francisco, y drove here from arizona just for the game here week early tell me outside man, i'm really excited to be here the guys from san jose you guys know, i'm a fan if you guys know me. to be here couldn't wait for s moment man had be here. >>and how expensive are these tickets. >>while pretty expensive i
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would think really expensive i would say the nosebleed section wld be mae a 1000 bucks. >>that we got him early got him early and they're ready to go so the vikings now know we're playing themhow do you think we will do against tt team we better be dumb and i mean really beat hi we're looking you on them just them all out. >>towait 2 days so sue w to go baby. >>and you know a lot people are calling this could be a battle every single game we've been on the edge of our seats you'vebeen sweating and we've been you know cried a little bit but we'vgot a couple rough seasons and this is our seon when you think about that i think we're going all the way that. >>and been waiting for hi moment for a long time go 9 fairs. >>a you guys are so dedicated and you drove all the way from arizona tell me why you need to be here for that we need to be he for this game because we're true niner mourn us ever cisco live not right lisa candlestick park all our lives had to be here all thank you so much for joining is clearldiehard fans and it's fans like this
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that you know never gave up during the bad seasons are he to see as whenand head to super bowl live at levi's stadium will send it back to you ys. >>very good. thank you so much sarah of cour kron 4 is getting you ready for the matchup this weekend against the vikings with a special playoff edition of the red and gold zone. if tune in on saturday 09:30am in the morning, you catch that special program right after the kron 4 newweekend edition. >>still ahead a bay area market is robbed at gunpoint in the attack are still on the loose this rning. we'll have the details and afr the break the skies are read in australia as it continues deal with devastating wildfires. when it comes to health coverage, it helps to have someone inour corner. that's why there's vered californ. we're the only place where you can get financial help new this yea almost a million people could receive additional financial he from the state to help wer the cost of health insurance...
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humira is proven to help relieve pain, stop further joint damage,... ...and clear skin in psa. want morprf? ask your rheumatologist about humira. >>and we're back at 8.15 take a look at thisa helicopter flying through what looks like are the wild fires that are ravagg australia right now more than a 100 fires have acres, 24 people ve died. 20 southern califoia firefighters now on their wa to australia to help out we have melissa rainy now th the very latest. >>3 fires join together overnight in the region of australia creating a single wildfire covering 23 square miles. that's bigger than manhattan. but that's ju one fire there are over 200 fires burning in australia. when you add them all up to area burned is around 23,000 square miles
8:17 am
14.6 million res. that's the equivalt to the states of new jersey, maryland and delaware combined. >>the australian navy helping thousands to evacte from mallacota victoria mobilizing its largest navy ship to evacuate peoplalong the southeast coast line a little bit early to be honest you have that they and snide actually one of aqwe in a smoke-filled area, it's 2 in the afternoon. >>this picture of a firefiger giving water to a kangaroo giving a glimpse into the impact the fires of had on wildlife. firefighters from the us are aiding in the fight looking forward to the opportunity to. >>a reciprocating to our australian brothers and sisters, same assistance they've given us for many years that they've come over >>the tory has declared a state disaster in new south wales has declared a ste of emergencyoth granting extraordinary powers in
8:18 am
additional government resources to battle the fires. i'm melissa rainy reporting. >>welcomeack what wre seeing out there today is definitely a cold start to e morning. but a really nice day ahad of us after that lots of sunshine across the bay area ready despite st a couple of spots of fog that formed eaier on this morning obviouy not impacting your view from berkeley are really the vast majority of e bay crystal clear conditions will remain rough the afternoon ahead of us futurecast shows tht today we remain dry and tomorrowwe remain dry for the portions of the day that really matter your morning commute your evening good to go for your tuesday, but it's tomorrow night after you've gone to bed that we start to see some showers arriving a few sprinkes around 09:30pm rainfall picks up well after you've gone to bed a mostly around 11 midnight into 01:00am tomorrow morning could see some moderate showers in here from time to time by the time we work towards 03:04am, already starting to see signs of clearing out temperatures in the mid to upper 50's at the coast today. well a range of
8:19 am
upper 50's to low 60's elsewhe in the bay area burlingame 58 redwood city and san carlos each at 60 degrees in the uth bay temperatures in the low 60's mostly morgan hill the stdout at 59 as for the east bay very simir and just a couple of degrees above average for this time of year couple 60 spinkled into what is overall a trend of upper 50's in the nortbay napa sonoma santa rosa on down to for your highs today. tomorrw those evening showers i just showed you in future cast a much ss likely chance of showers early thursday morning. if you do see stuff %% that will be some light sprinkles, it's looking like saturday morning shows but other than tt it's a clear and dry forecast ahead with a lot of sunshine for the rest thank you john we're taking a one oh one is still pretty d much holiday light we're not seeing the usual. >>traffic from the north bay to san francisco. so it'll be about a 23 minute trip whch is really good novato to the toll plaza for checking in on
8:20 am
the richmond center fell this is our burke fit bridge to t early earlier we had a backup that was pretty hea now nothing much. 9 mites for the drive off to one on one. and we're checking in on the bay bridge. where we do ave a stall west of treasure land, a car stop right there so it's creating a little bit of a back up through e tunnel down the ncline and it was already pretty small and crowded at the toll plaza, here's a view this backup spilling through the maze so now that you have a stall that's not going to help 13 minutes for the drive off to fremont seet to 37 is fine, so it's 85 but it's busy 37 mites from san jose to mountaiview pretty quiet on 2.80 but a little crowded as well 21 minutes, san jose to pertino well back to you robin in the north y fans of a popular ice cream shop in mill valley said their final farewell over the weekend the line was. >>out e door for would ease your replace their lastday of existence in strawberry village. the owners had to
8:21 am
shut down after 21 years saying they just simply cannot pay the rent anymore. e pg e power shut off so that didn't do them any favors. some say would easwas more than an ice cream spot. it was beloved by the community. >>so they support baseball teams and they get lots of love from the community around here it's really side of the closing we live right near here and the kids come all the time and it was a sweet place, i'd is ssing its going oh 8 kids. it's like the only get a scheme here. it's really but you know at some point you got to just move on. >>the owne say they plan to open up another ice cream shop in the very near future somewhere in marine county that's t as expensive. a0 year-old man is in jail accused f killing his father near lake tahoe sean purdy confessed to the location of his father'body and the's his picture right there detectives search the area pioneer near lake tahoe an found the body of 52 year-old lance purdy in a shallow
8:22 am
grave. authorities search for sean 30 last week after his mother told deputies as s never heard ck fromher husband who flew to lake tahoe to actually check up on their son. e manhunt ended in nevada where detectives located 20 aold sean purdy. >>coming up on the kron 4 moing news 2men caught after stealing from cars in several bay area cities and police say the victims we're lucky to g their items back we'll have the full story and big changes comg to the busy street in safrancisco are going to tell you what those changes to market street mean for your commute. hers a live look outside we've got a shot here the bay bridge approach athe toll plaza here on the open si where traffic stacked up as a lot more fos are heading back to work today, the right back.
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>>th25 on this monday morning back to work for so many of us a few of you may be out at sfo maybe for work purposes today and and if ou are well no delays whatsoever as you can see some pretty clear skies overheadthe only thing that may be holding up for a lit second as you step outside is heading bacinside to get the extra layer because the eye it is still very cold out there livermore napa santa rosa redwood city areas in the 's while hayward oakland and concord antioch in san jose. now he's sitting at 41 degrees winds will be a pretty light for much of the day we had some breezy conditions some of our bridges this morning but we're already seeing conditions coming down now and
8:26 am
will stay that way into the evening >>thank you john ov to 92, it is still quite busy aving hayward over to the peninsula, not the norl crawl, but it's pretty packed on the flat section heading er to the high ri, so it's going to be roughly 22 minute trip from hayward leavinthe nimitz off to highway one o one so just be prepared for that if you're using the san mateo bridge this morning we're checking the bay bridge and we had somethingin the road west of treasure island i thought it s a stall but i think was like a large metal object that our crews reported inthe lanes there, but it is adding to the backup ich spills through the tunnel down th plaza so yes, you have a full weight here into san ancisco with traffic sti backed up heavily through the maze robin starting in a couple now parts of san francisco's cars. street will not have >>beginning on january 29th cars will be banned from market street eastbound from 10th to maine and westbound from stewart to venice. this
8:27 am
map ows how there will also be new one way and 2 way streets in some parts. there are exceptions, however, of cose is public transportation vehicles with commercial plates taxis and of course emergency vehicles they'll stl be allowed to use market street but not over and t lift cars and pedestrianwill still be able to cross market street at certain intersections. the reason for all this mayor london breed says she wants the changes to happen because there's been so manytraffic deaths and injuries that happened on market street. her changes coming on january 29th include extending transit only lanes and adding more. loading zones full construction by public works is expected to start later this year.still ahead in the speak mmunity remembers a man who was killed this man here who was killed ting to ch
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may be permanent. side effects mayot appear for several weeks. metabolic chges may occur. movement dysfunction, restlessness, sleepiness, stomach issues are common side effects. when bipolar i overwhelms, vraylar helps smooth the ups and downs. >>all right we are back talking about weather and traffic here on the kron 00:04am morning news robin, yes, roadare ok folks are heading back to work not everyone so we're seeing a lot of heavy traffic. still not the norm, but the bridges are quite crowded. ok and bundle up food for sure yes, the scarves gloves. >>the other days thehave already thinking about friday in james is already thinking about tuesday this is going to like this all week. no which we have little hiccu in
8:31 am
there that's what i ll the last week why not keep it going this we ill do have a 3 chances of rain will take so and they'll be ve brief so it's not going to be really anythi in or out that's interrupts your sedule too terribly much overall it is a dry forecast though and you're ing to see more of this than you will in the rainfall, lots of sunshine sitting above the et bay all the way up to the coast right now we are going to be looking at more unshine well throughout the day and no chance of rain today or nears chance of rain is tomorrow night. >>probably after most of yo have gone to bed so that's good news, good timing for this tuesday nighshowers dublin each in the 30's. well, oakland hayward san jose in conquered egypt, 41 currently cnn'sal mo napa petaluma other areas in the north bay layer will come in handy this monday morning, especially if you're not used to getting up this early aftera holiday break, 50's and 60's for your high temperatures today, a lot like yesterday was i have more on your focast still to
8:32 am
come. robert thrichmond center fell west 5 80 wasthe first bridge ship then out so we had a backup earliethis morning but not right now. >>looking goodt's wide open here at the pay gates smooth across the spanwe're puttg it 8 minutes to make that trip into the north bay which is fantastic.'s not light and quiet at the bay bridge toll pla prepare for a back of that spill through the maze. heavy on the upper deck, bu still no major issues so 18 minutes off to fremont street, good to get some numbers for checking out the soutbay hour for north one oh one san joseto menlo park 8 8015 minutes from san jose heading north to milpitas james. >>all right robin thank you time now is a 30 to one of the big stories. we're following this rning is this the 2 men chrged with killing 34 ar-old ortsayg while they were trying to steal his laptop are due in cot this morning. before that happens though family and friends of theweekend remember saying at a starbucks where he w killed on new year's eve. kron four's taylor the psac ii.
8:33 am
has reaction. >>to be honest righthey still don't believe they're a with me. >>hundreds mourng the loss of 34ear-old shores including his cousinjesse who desibed him as a other they both moved to the united states fromchina when they were younger bill made. >>day he's merely others describe jang is friend a hardworking emploe and the warrior as people discuss you all so much more than a viim. >>he was so friendly. surely to its core his life, he loved the mmunity that cared about yancheng was frien with the n for more than 10 years he went to college together at nsas state unersity jen moved tothe bay area after graduating to work for a spare a company leader sold to ibm the show months and recruited ging to work for a spare he waeverything ever wanted him to be. he was an outstanding scientist he did to her work.
8:34 am
and our team for many years co-workers joined the crowd on sunday at the montclair starbucks where he died to make this this is your was >>but i never got to ju get issue i admie you for being a good and so many people j died while chasing the suspects who stole his laptop. >> grabbed the door of their getaway car as they sped away in jen was then dragged d hit his head on a parked car. policeharged 21 year-old javan lee and 22 year-old byron reed in connection to the lapt theft, how >>he came here to the peace american but all these justice tough >>and and 's just a stop to buy. the cream those. and i wish that the cream of crimal was how the fall of and. the justice can be brought to show and his family
8:35 am
sacky kron 4 >>in the noh bay, a gunman is on the loose now after robbing a market, a man entered lola's market in san jose and approach the clerk with a gun pulled theclerk 20's and demanded she get cash from the register. he told her she told him hat she couldn access it. and so he told her is kept which is in the back y of the store once they were there second employee noticed the man did in fact have a eapon handed over some cash and the gunman ran away. >>e force about someone to go back into the cash register and have a firearm that was obviously upsetting to both of those people as well as a business. a lot of the store of people did not know was happening at the time because it happened in a back room. >>and again i accidently said san jose this was in santa hurt in that robbery. cally >>break ins happen all the time in the bay area and oftentimes you don't get your items back the surprisingly that's what happened for a crime victims and 3 bay area
8:36 am
ties. 19 year old ricardo o paid on their says picture right there of 20 year-old what juan rodriguez of richmond. th were arrested after several people s them driving arnd mountain view and told police officers at they were trying to get into ca police found multiple itemsthat had been reported stolen from3 ties, including san jose sunnyve and mountain view iide their car. >>we've been able to identify and contact all of those ctims which unfortunately very rare in auto burglaries just because the rnaround so ick we're in the process of returning a propertto them. >>poli say the victims of course lucky to get thr back they sathe safest thing to do is ta anything valuable with you don't leave it in plain view inside the car and if you cannotake it with yu try to put it into the trunk before you get to your destination so they don't see loading it up. police on the peninsa release a sketch of a man wanted for a violent purse snatching in palo alto
8:37 am
he grabbed a woman's purse last moh while riding by on his bike and then dragged the man several feet before taking off. the victim says she was looking at her phone when the man approached her from behind and then snatched her purse workers and visitors in downtown palo alto say it has opened their eyes and could change thway they t in high volume areas. worker in petaluma dead after part of the conveyor systm collapsed on him. this happened near the petaluma river firefighters were called after witnesses saw a large metal tower fall and then they herd screaming coming from coming from that area. crews were able to free the 31 year-old man who was trapped underneath. they rushed him to the hospital but his injuries simply jt too much and he died at the hospital. the victim at the time cording investigators was using a cutting torch to take apart the heavy metal casing for the conveyor motor when the system fell on him. they are still
8:38 am
investigating if there was any workplace safety violations that took place. in the east bay, felon has be arrested after a police chase the contra costa coun sheriff's office released this cpper video. >>of the wild chase on ighway 24. officer spotted a stolen cadriving westbound right near the wilder exit on thursday night. they tried to stop it. t the driver took off. the chper, followed th stolen car to the bay fair bat station in san leandro d that here's where 20 year-old joseph willis got out of the car tried running off. but he was tracked down and arrested willis now faces a number of charges, including vehicle theft and multiple weapons violations. comingup on the kn 00:04am morning that he was chased down a san fraco street by a man who was wielding an needle. coming up. plus a look at what to expect when state lawmakers the 2020 legislative session. and next part stolen from the bay ar artists and now he's
8:39 am
pleading r its return. he calls him priceless works with sentimental value.
8:40 am
8:41 am
>>very artists is begging whoever stole his items you can see are a fair to reurn them no questions asked after they was stolen from his stories unit in the north ay. pwalker says he spent thousands of hours creating his original works ofart, the thieves also took other works. walker has collecd including
8:42 am
some that were handed down to him over the generations. he discovered they were gone as his mily was packing up to move out of the sandra fell aparent. now he's telling whoever stole it justlease return it to m. >>here kind of in a moment of disbelief these pieces mean nothing to you but they mean everthing to us no questions >>so you found it, i don't care i want to k anything i just you know we just want we just want those memoriesback we just want you know the the pies kind of ourself that we want back. >>walker says the pieces taken from his personal practice likely have no value other than to his family. the rest is priceless though he says if only for sentimental value. as we head to commercial break, here's live look outside at sf the bugsaround which means it's probably going to be a sunny rm day if you can morning. the cold this >>that looks like no fog to deal with but always had sfo
8:43 am
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we do it right too, with select whirool washers with "load & g dispensers that go up to up to 40 loads between refills. so you can pour it and ignore it. >>happening today state lawmakers kick off the 2020 legislative session and our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains what we can expec >>when california lawmakers return to the catol monday though first be greeted by hundreds of protesters groups against california's new childhood ccine ws are returning for another round of chaos at the capitol last year
8:46 am
the grp fiercely opposes the state's new pocy that gives the department of heah the ability to investigate doctors who wre more than 5 childhood vaccine. exemptions a ye according to the california ghway patrol 400 protesrs are set to fill the north side lawn and posbly the building once those demonstrations are over and lawmakers are ttled in a senate committee is set to grill representatives of some of the country's larst telecommunications companies after their service outages in p g's public safety powe shut-offs companielike verizon 18 t t mobile and sprint have already been regulators and california's top emergency managemen official, the senate energy utilities and communications committee will explore what needs more attention policy or oversight. the company's vowed to state regulators last month they would make changes including adding cell sites and backup generators, the assembly reconvenes at 01:00pm monday while the senate starts at 2. in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4ews. >>a lot of sunshine out there
8:47 am
today. we're already seeing it this morningt the golden gate as ll as elsewhere across the y area san jo you are looking at some clear skies the world a couple spots of fog down in the south bay, especially early on didt really block your visibility too much though d then plenty of sunshine out in the east bay too that use crystal clear is morning and skies will remain clr throughout the day today so get out there enjoying a lot like it did yestday maybe you do have monday off of work and good for you you can i enjoy all th sunshine. now tomorrow we're going to start t day dry much like today is offering us but tomorrow night some showers darrive, it's not good impact your morning by 10:00pm there some light sprinks some moderate rainfall pushing into the north bay and by 11 midnight, morning you begin to see some our of our heier showers which should be odere a couple isolated spots of heavy rain also little snow up in the sierra it's going to be briefed not amounting to too muchbut yeah, snowfall above 5,000 feet if you are planning
8:48 am
on heading into the sierra sotime later this week. temperatures in the 50's to 60'stoday. it's a lot like yesterday really kind of repeating what we d for your sunday, so if you liked yesterday, you' really going to like this afternoon. 'd advise to keep a light jacket ready to as you're stepping outside even wi those low 60's will still come in handy a 60 egrees today union city hayward and frent each 59. temperures in the upper 50's as well fther north and the east bay and a couple of 60 sprinkled in up in the north bay for your high temperatures todaynow tomorrow night as i mentiod that's our next chance of rainfall in one of her most likely chances of rain hee. thursday we could see a few showers that are least likely one ough are on thursday morning. saturday, a amshowers do look very likely and othethan that it's just sunshine and some prty dry skies. besides a few areas of brief reign. roall right. thank you jo bk to our busiest bridge. that's still stbound 80 the bay bridge heading into san francisco.
8:49 am
>>t looking a whole lot better the traffic you're still crawling back fr the oakland maze only the car po lanes have improved for you that's about it so still quite slow get t there early for checking in on oakland because we have a new ash 5.80 west near 14 was already stacked be on 13 even 13 is jam look at that northbound from 5 80 that's going to be a tough commute to your drive time 4, 5 80 with the crash included it's about 30 minutes. so it's not helping folkheading west. getting into downtown open with that ne problem in your way, here's a look the nimitz compared to 5 ad i think you may want to take the nimitz instead that new crashes pushing up your drive times if you take 8.80. it's only 21 minutes if u take 5.80 where we have the crash blocking. it's about 30 minutes for now and then north to 80 san jose to cupertino still busy under the limit at 24 minutes to make it 85 well. >>robin north a family is begging the new owrs and their dog to return their dog after they say it was stolen
8:50 am
from their me and then put up for adoption. the humane society defending its decision to allow the dog mean loan and to e adopted saying it luna came in as a stray and then they simply follow the lawmy elegies the original owner and he says s dog went miing back on december 20th. a surveillance camera footage that captured a woman actually lling luna over to her car. it was taken to the humane soiety of the north bay as a stray. luna didn't have a microip so the humane society says if a t is not microchipped and the owner does not reclaim that dog within a certain amount of time that dog is put up for adoption. >>i'm not intate mosul person t that is the goal on me just it rub me the wrong way that. well family lose still as tonight and i'm standing in front of themand there are still refusing that. i couldn'her back lou, the is missed. my wife itself
8:51 am
frankly, i'm appalled that healthy he's a society handled this. >> so get this michaela as you just heard from e argues the humane society did not notify anyone about luna being at the shelter wrinkle until christmas eve. that's when the family w the facebook post but by then the deadne had passed the humansociety asked the new owners as they would be willing to give up the dog luna back to the original owner, the new owner said no. another incident is raising coerns about the safety on san francisco streets. a father was with s young child when he says he was chased by a man with a hypodermic needle. scott also says he was leaving the muni civic station center. center station i shod say to pick up his 3 year-old son from daycare when a man he saw was injecting drugs on the staircase he knew that he and his son will be walking right by m so he asked the man could u go someplace else.
8:52 am
that's when he says the man became angry and started chasin him threateningto stab him with a needle. >>chase me all around the corner. then further down the then further down loggins on in the federal building and then he still waiting outside of their threateningme saying go aw come and find me waving the ea near the federal totally under siege. and we have thdaycare families coming in for 50 kid in the morning, 50 kids in the >>the man was arrested, but so far he's been but since he's been released. so far the da's office is holding off charges while they continue with their investigation. >>time now has a coming up at 9 o'clock a girlwho's fighting a rare disease a surprise when her wish to play in the snow mes true will have that inspitional story coming up. and here's a quick live look outside the golden blue skies, crystal clear out there, but of course the downside is we saw some pretty cold temperares. early this
8:53 am
morning. we'll get other update on the forecast from
8:54 am
8:55 am
>>a lot of eye-catching moments in sunday night's golden globe awards. but the thing that really caught the internet's attention and ulled on people's heartstrings was tom hanks acptance speech after he received the b delle award take a look. >>a man that is less with the
8:56 am
family sat down from like that why for his fantastic in every way who's copy what lo it's o are braver and stronger and wisethan their old man is. >>don't forget he's the bay area's own tom hanks b demille award given for outstanding contributions to the world of entertainment growing up in oakland rising to the. top heights we hollywood with the nadian she is our own people before he became famous belong still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news at 9 o'clo tonight. ers they now they will be playing. >>they ll be playing purple rain the minnesota kings when they come to town on saturday. we'll tell you everything you need to kw before e big game. and country as tension between our country and iran continue to escalate. and in these peak
8:57 am
community remembers a man who was killed trying to chase down thieves who stole his laptop.
8:58 am
8:59 am
good morning. everyone thank you for joining us on this finest hour the kron 4 morning
9:00 am
news on will tran infant darya foom, so she wasn't here to say finest hour or possibly, the warst our because compared to what saw this morning as balmy out so yeah back to the 40's yeah still pretty chilly but we're getting there we're improving a sunshine is already helping us out and we'll see a lot more of that through the day today as well. >>tipper on looksgreat plenty of sunshine out to the coast and we're looking at it's clear ies well into the afternoon ahead of us to all across the state today. our driest day of the foecast not that the other days are particularly wet. we dohave a chance of showers tomorrow ght. well after you've got to bed, 30's and 40's for your current temperatures still 30's in redwood city in dublin, although you're inching your way closer to 40's napa 1.41 eur st. holiness still at freezing san anselmat 39 degrees. now later today, 50's and 60s will return making for a very comfortable afternoon ahead. good one to get outside, maybe just wait a


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