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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  January 31, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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>>the cdc notified us that a confirmed to have the nol coronavirus you've be preparing for this possibility for weeks knowing that we're likely to eventually confirm a case. >>there is breaking ws tonight at 6 the deadly cona virus that has killed more than250 people inhina and infected more than 11,000 has officially made his way here to the bay area. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm pam moore and i'm ken wayne santa clara county health oicials made that announcement today nfirming the veryfirst case and they say an adult male has tested positive for the virus he had recently come back from traveling through china. he arrived home in the bay area through the san jose airport kron 4 was there as santa clara county made that announcement that's where we
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find kron four's rob fladeboe who has the late for us >>that's righken and pam a details are really scarce in this cae right now, but the 3 main take away here is that we know the first confirmed case of the corona virus here is a man we don't know his name of course, but we know that he lives somewherin santa clara couy and as you said he had recently been to china. let's take a look at the county health officials holding a news conferce here at the lab o medical nter here is afrnoon where the county healthofficer tells us at the man is now in stable conditi after getting some trtment and that he is quote self isolating at home. doctor cody tells that he was never really sick enough to quire hospitalizatio but we do ow that he traveled recently to war on china. and then returned home through mineta san jose international airport on jaary 24th is not clear which airle or whether he came into contact wit anyone there we're told though that there is no evidence
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right now that virus is actively circulating anywhere in the santa clara unty, here's more from that news conference now from county public health offic doctor sara dy. >>earlier today, the cdc notified us that a resident of our county is confirmed to have the novel coronavirus the case is an adult male who lives in our county. he had traveled to hand china and became ill upon returning hom since his return home to the county. it has been soar isolating at home and did not leave home at all except to seek medical care are preliminary investigation indicates that he came into contt with ve few individuals after returning home, although we are announcing confirmed case today. please know thatwe do not have evidence to suggest that the novel coronavirus is circulating in the bay area in santa clara county. or really in northern california.
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>>again doctor cody would not put a number on exactly how many people that this man has come into contact with immediate family are only is what we're told for the county has a launched an to try this gentleman may have come into contact with again tell us that this is not unexpected givethe number of people who regularly travel between silicon valley and china and elsewhere in asia live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 ws rob. thank you this new patient in santa claracounty now brings the total confirmed cases in the us to 7. >>there are also 2 confirmed cases in southern calirnia, one in la county one in orge unty. 2 patients in chicago one in the state of washington and one. >>in arizona, it was just yesterday that the world health organization declared thcorona virus oglobal emergency united nations health agency madehat of human-to-human transmission are being reported around the
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world. joing us now from the newsroom kron 4 grant lodes with more on this epidemic and the latest on a group of americans who are being quarantined grant that drastic step pam and ken, but you can justify right nothere are nearly 200 people who are being quarantined. >>because there are fears of the corona virus. that's haening in riverside county at the riverside military base we have video of them.first exing the plane back on us soil after they evacuated from china earlier this week, the 195 evacuees were flownhere on this charter flight from the cdc says they'll be spending 2 weeks at th military base. this is the first time in half a ceur or so the government has taken a safety step like this. many of these people are government employees and family members of those employees who have been living in the chinese province, you see the piures here showing the rooms where they are staying while they are under quarantine done. we have this interactive map we've been showing you
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researchers at johns hopkins uversity created it. it's helpful as you want to track the spread of this globally this is mainland china the largest red circle is the whole bay province, the capital city there is willand you can see here 249 deaths in that location alone. and that is just a ton of peop who have died thtotal deaths to 59 so 10 people have died who aren'tin this who bay province but just since yesterday we showed you this last night. 259 deaths. tonighthat is 46 more then updas in real time the cdc and the wod health organization pump and data here and it lets people see what's going on just in europe, i noticed there wasn't a case in spain yesterday there wasn't one in italy or the uk so this thing is spreading and here in the us you see the different ses click on cafornia there are now 3 again there are just too
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yesterday one in la county one in orange county, but with the case in santa clara coty. that brings the american total now 2, 3, we'll contue to upte this story as we learn more, we have posted a link to that not by the kron 4 dot com pam ken back to you all right grant thank you very much an infectious disease pert at ucsf. >>is working on a test to diagnose a corona virus within just a few hours right now the only way to diagnose the virus is through the ceters for disease control and prevention, butthe cdc st takes at least a 6 hours and with turnaroundtime and transport >>it could take up to a full day to see the to help stop the spread. the us professor at thusc professor hopes to drastically from for dan thorn talk with that expert he joins us live in san francco with more on that s stance. >>and while pam and ken infectious disease eert doctor charleschiu says that he is working on developin
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the st here at ucsf that could diagnose a corona virus within 2 hours.he's partnered with san francisco based company mammoth bio science is tocreate this simple test door chu says thathe hope is to diagnose the vus through point of care settings like doctors offices emergency rooms and airports the test would be administerethrough a nasal swaband then that sample would be put into a test tube and then mix with the reacted the doctor says within2 hours they would be able to process the sample and year in pregnancy test to determine whether someone ha been inected, but the ifficulty with the labs testing so far s been trying to get actual samples of the virus to really be able to accurate what we call s clinically >>do an analytical validation of tests we really ne access to sales. but we ho to actually have the test in principle up and running within a matter of weeks. >>well right now has labs using a synthetic virus which sves as a surratfor not
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having the actual sample. urgency behind getting this aceved because of the global ccerns over rapid spread this virus willresearchers meanile say there is still a lot known about the corona virus. however doctor chu ys that the public health respon has been appropriate so far especially isolating peoplewho have or may have en infected and also by prenting any posble spread here withinthe us that's the test here live at ucsf dan thorn kron 4 news thank you dan well toght, a number of aiines canceling flights to and from china and that includes one us airline at made some major scheduling changes earlier today. kron four's haaziq madyun reports. he s a full airporin san francisco precautions continue to develop surrounding the outbreak of he corona virus sfo airport spokesperson doug a cu united already indicated plans to reduce wind too.
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>>shanghai d hong kong starting next week bujust this morning. the you know it's a much brer reduction of flights essentially canceling all flights to and from china beginningfebruary 5th through the end of march with the exception of one daily flight to hong kong's, so main advice for travelers. ose that are already hel resvations to and sfo to china on united airlines check wi united to understand what the impact is on you and what your options are he says that it is important to inform travelers here at o that there has been no confirmed incidents involving the corona virus here. no ces confirmed in san francisco. no cases confirmed at sfo. >>the centers for disease control or cdc remains on had here at sfo they continueto screen passengers comg in on international flights that visited to he during thr travel at sfo in san franisco has the met u in 4 news and our coverage of the will hunt corona virus outbreak
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continues kon 4 dot com or visit our web site to heck out the interactive virus tracker tips on how to stay healy and updates on this outbreak. >>today was e last day on allowed to live in tets along a public trail in santa rosa county and set a deadline to evict them. >>that wassupposed to happen on wednesday, but it got pushed back to today and all dayit has been an effort to clear the job or don't a trail of peop living there illegally well force justine waltman is the live now after watching the pross of clearing the trail today >>well just after 5 o'clock this evening. the county made it official there are no more homeless people living along the joe ridout a trail what you see behind methe remaing county officials and olunteers who set up a everyone there now cleaning up and moving out and in the process of evicting everyone off of the trail there were no arrests or any citations that were issued and now gins the work of restoring the trail to get back so peple can use it again.
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the largest homeless camp in sonoma county history not sime at its peak. 200 people set up tents and lived along the joe dout a trail we not because of 2 even have a choice at the staging area behind the goodwill on ony point road santa rosa police provided security at sonoma county rks offered services people were giveto 80 gallon totes toold all their things which will then beplaced in storage sherry when see packed up and headed tone of the 4 shelters available. kerry, however as none of down on us because we are lis teams went from 10 to 10 to see how to get people out swtly and with no drama 've been out here for weeks to engaging people in gland know what their optns are and that this is coming home. >>has the puic health hazards human wae and fires, including one from friday morning late the trail. cleanupshould start right
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away on saturday. this includes removing any leftov belongings and a hazmat team will disinfect the re 8.5 mile trail. >>which means it will be closed for about a month for restorationwhen it reopens there will be barriers to keep people from reestablishing a new encampment, thcounty is you know heing too to get them into a more place and have the trailyou know back to its intended use. >>sthe county didn't have buses here today to take the homeless peple to different shelters which inudes low skill coast village which is an emergency shelter that was just opened up that's where the tin sheds are that though only holds about 60 people the unty is not saying where the rest the homeless were evicted here off the job or daughter trail are now living. ve in 6 and a rose i'm justine waldman kron4 news justine thank you coming up our countdown to super bowl 54 continues, we head to miami for kron 4 sports reporr
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kate rooney takes us inside a special event was. >>2 of the all-time greats jerry rice and joe monta plus our coverage of the war on her n a viru outbreak continues more on what we know about the case and the bay area tonight and we'll hear from kyle shanahan as he relives s super bowl past jason dumas has that story next. d te the rain
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happened when jerry rice and joe montana re on hand at the super bowl experience in miami. >>today, jerrrice of course goes to a lot of 40 niners game sees it all the big ones he's out t community doing events the joe montana notoriously a little bit more private you don't get to ar from him in public so much for this was a particularly special day because to have the 2 of thetogether you could really see the camaraderie that these 2 share, here's some of the highlights from the morning. he knew i was going >>the week leading up to the per bowl in miami has been full of celebritsightings but perhaps none with as much notoriety as this duo. jerry rice and joe montana this council to
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>>right decions be able with >>the pair who have 7 super combined for championships with the forty-niners showed up for a chat with barclays nfl extra-point card holders in miamithere was plenty of reminisci about their sur bowl wins and a whole lot of jokes. >>you very montana and rice fielded questions from fans and give a few lucky ffle winns autographed jerseys and naturally found time to preview e big match up on sunday
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>>both will at the game on sunday that the fans who attended the talk today feel like they're already winners now as i mentioned these 2 really comfortable togher so lots of joking lot of good-natureribbing going on, but a couple of fny anecdotes one that i thought i'd share you'd expe that joe montana spends a lot of time talking to jimmy garoppolo right the heir apparent in san francisco, bu as it turns out montana said the 2 have never met so maybe they'll have to be something they put on the checklist after the super bowl reporting in miami. kate rooney kron 4 news. >>the set up that meeting with the montana and jimmy jay alread all week long the big focus has been on the coachi matchup both coachehave super bowl experience andy reid has as a head coach in caution him as an assistant coach bo failed on the big stage, buit was the way kyle fail the head many talking still even to this day even tugh it was 3 years ago the
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story is qui simple his atlanta lcons team was up 28 to 3 headg into the 4th quarter of the super bowl against tom brady and the patriots, the bradynd the pats came all the way back and won that game in overtime shanahan had been asked about that game all week long to the point where you would think he'd get annoyeby and naturally so, but shanahan he sees it a different way. >>vey proud of they are house land i was very proud of our players. and i well we played a pretty darned or game. we were up 20 to 3 in the 4th and we all know that we did not play well in the th and coach well. but this of their own firms often that. and the like and welcome back very disappointed dollars and 22 3 team, i'm 20 to 3 game. >>knows very r entire team. i and i understd perception was how mu taken that i mean i i think i can do or tha it's have been able to and i'd say i feel like knowing that as many little bit stronger. i don't always know hat you can do your cell phone. i think
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it's haer for people who've walkme i'm like my wife and beuse they're very defensive of and things like thatbut i was involved in the game. i kn exactly what happened on every single client. a mine or can le with we've got a lot of a no ton of that yourself. now do it all over again nba player. so how called differently. but i do it all over again. feel a lot stronger d better from a. and his pa shanahan feeli es into super bowl 54 and yoll be hearing from us every day right up until kickoff. i mean you already have and all week long we're getting you ready for the big game on sunday. we have you covered all day long starting with live pre game specials of red and gold zone from 07:00am to 10 then again from 2 to 3 30 in a postge special from 8 to 11:00pm.
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>>crosoft years in this year's super bowl to inspire the next generation of game changers the bay area company is highlighting kate's urs she will be of coursmaking history as e first woman to >>remember loving they want i wro this a long time and out. and now i was i hope someday i will be a real ftball team. and katie sours office assistant coach for e san frais, 49 e freedom. i always known to be a coach my d was a coach i never w an opportunity in football because i'd nev seen a female coach for we'reready to have a woman. guys learning from women the ole lives. >>moms can rest assured that. >>crosoft also lost a 32nd ad for is new tablet earlier this month showing sours using that tablet >>while she coach to ve
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>>it ilet it on >>and here's another commcial is sure to be a fan vorite little x's taking the old town road tothe cl ranch in the new don't ad those commercial. the singer is starring in his first very first super bowl and the commercial also starred actor sam elliott the to get into a nce off as old town road plays in the home as islso attendingis first super bowl this sunday. he says he's bringing his father but would not say which team. he is cheering for m. and of the super bowl is not your thing w could that be but of course this is pretty pressures you can watch the red and gold zone poppy addition these pups which are all upfor adoption will battle it out this sundaat 3.30 only on kron >>was trying to be the referee there let's take a look outside right now as we get ready for the weekend. yeah, our chief meteorologist has a
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super bowl forecast. yeah, boy a big change here in the bay area of course they lovehem that beautiful weather for the some more. >>miami looks like to work out very nicely ton fact again looking fantastic cold from moving to tomorrow going to bring some stormyeather but on sunday, we've got beautiful sunshine temperature, perfect 70 degrees there will be a north northeasterly wind. >>about 10 to 13iles per hour that could be a small factor in that game outside right now we've got mostly clear skies. that's y it's going to stay throughout the night looking go out there this time all lit up as we get ready for the weekend now and how about those temperatures today, boy that was something else 73 degrees. the hot spot in antioch 69 in santa rosa 67, even in san francisco, so really kind spring-like feel to it outside. but big changes coming for the weekend and you can see what's going to cause of this cold front off the will squeeze in one more nice day 're some changes the temperatures going to co down a little bit probably see a few more clouds
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coming in mer that patchy fog along the coastline. but most sunny and mild temperatures again probably more 60's maybe couple low 70's and then much cooler as we get into sunday, some gusty winds are the temperatures will drop a good 10 maybe 15 degrees. in fact those win blustery enough we' talking about 3040 mile an hour gusts, maybe in some 50 mile an hour st. right along the coastal range or high wind watch has been posted by the national weather service that will likely become a high wind advisory as we get into sunday and monday. much cooler all around the bay ara. >>they are coming up tonight at 6.45 a fly loaded amal rescue flight to the bay area and we answer the question find tales w many cats can i fit in the plains up xt the genie cod now face criminal charges fo tom: my mom always told me tions speak louder than words. e was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to ve my money to good causes,
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so check to see how much you can save. it only takes 5 minutes. haveuestions or want to enroll? visit usine, call us, or meet with an expert in youarea. the last day to get vered is january1st. get covered today. >>criminal charges are still possibly on the table for pg e over its role in the eadly camp fire in butte county. ashley zavala caht up with a b county district attorney's mike ramsey on where the investigationow stan. >>it's a rather massive undertaking franklin county da mike ramsey confirmed friday his fice is still investigating the genie weighig whether to charge the utility with reckless arson and manslauger a enhancements for bringing so so many great bodily the other would be individl the
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potential individual counts of the pd plus a lives that were lost so. >>we'll be looking at just to 2 maybe number of the investigation continues more than a year after california's most deadly and destructive wildfire state fire officials found pany was to blame law state regulators cited the company for numerous its equipmenthe campfire d pummeled the town of paradise d the liability launched the genie to bankruptcy will we have to shois that the genie now any of the individuals within pg need. >>recklessly or with gross negligence. >>the and thr actns that. me to fail and cause the with the possibility of a state takeover loomingover pg any the da says that that really would make a differce in a possible criminal proceeding. >>criminally corporations are treated like her sons.
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>>in the penal ode, so you state of california versus pg e in a criminal action. what if there was no longer any pg need be like a defendant that ramsey there's a timetable set for the conclusion of this investigation, but he wouldn't say when in paradise ashley zavalkron 4 news. >>and police in the east ay working on a cold case dating back more than decade. they made a big break could ti helped catch asuspect we'll explain plus the us senate votes against aring witnesses in president trump's impeachment trial details on what's next and whethe trial could come to i am runng to defeat donald trump.
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