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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  January 31, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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♪ the wait is over. y my newiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loadefor 4 bus. delivered exclusivelywith uber . >>and 8 the dangerous corona virus has beespreading globally and tonight the bay area has s first confirmed case a n in oakland killed on new year's eve after his laptop was sten and he tried to stop it toght. lice say they have the final person involved in that crime behind bars pl a homeless encampment is n cleared out what it will taketo get a trail in santa rosaready for peopleto use a gas.
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>>watching kron 4 news since we are a large county and ny of our residents travel frequently for business and personal reasons we're not surprised announcing the first case in the bay areaand in northern california. >>the santa clara county health department confired a man s tested positive for the corona virus.this is the first case in the county in the first known case in the bay area good evening. thanks for joing us at 8 i'm can way and i'm m moore kron four's grant lotus is here in the studio with what we know about this cal patients grant perrn he just returned to the us from china and he landed in san jose's airport on january 24th, so recently and course everybodwho they say were on that flight is right now trying to figure out you kno is the 3rd person in is this cafornia now who was test but the rst person who is rus. from the bay area who lives in the bay area. health departmentis of course
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protecting his identity only revealing at the paent is a man and lives in ta clara county. county oficials were adamant today saying he quote self isolated since returning to the us and onlhas left his home to get medical treatment since he landed again, january 24th because of that they sathey do not believe this case ses a greater threat to people here. >>although we do understand that this nfirmed case may raise concerned is one case in factdoes not change the risk to the general public. our assessment it is that the public at large is still at low risk. because this case was careful. art itself isolated home fothentire time since he returned from china. >>today's annncement me ortly after the us declared a public healh emergency becau of the corona virus out 200 americans who had been evacuated from china e now being quarantined at a
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southern california military base in riverside. the cdc is saying those patients, we'll have to spend 2 weeks there after arriving earlier th week. this by the way is the first federal quarantine the u s since the smallpox outbreak back in e 1960's ken pam back to hugh grant. thank you the new patnt in santa clara county now brings the total confirmed casein the united states to 7 with 3 of them. >>here in california. researchers at johns hopkins university in baltimore created this live map and dashboard to track the global spread of this virus. there are now more than 11,000 cases worldwe and the death toll is up to 259 as the outbreak continues to grow n ancisco international airport is taking extra precautionary measures united canceled all flights to and from china and sfo starting next wednesday lasting through the end of march delta and american alines have also canceled flights to and from
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chin >>the cdc continues o screen passengers on international flights which have visited will tonight almost 200 americans who evacuated china are being quantined in riverside county at the riverside military base 195 evacuees were flown on a charter flight from will haunt earlier this week. >>the cdc says they ll be spending 2 weeks at the base for ops observation. an infectious disease expert at sf says they arworking on a new test to try to diagnose a corona virus within just a few hours at test could help drastically reduces several hour it currently takes to get a diagnosis. our team coverage continues with on four's dan thorn who talked with that expertdan. well can the ucsf professor sa that right now the only diagnosis for corona virus. >>is going to the centers of disease control and prevention which is in atlanta and those tests take about 6 hoursbut if you add in turn around and so the transport time it
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could take upto a full day to see the results to the professor is hoping that through this new test that he's developing the faster to help stop the read a ucsf doctor is working at a faster diagnostic test for the deadly corona virus doctor charles chiu says he's working to crte a simple test to diagno the virus within 2 hours. the idea is that this would be a point of care testing would be a test that you could use he emergency dertment. >>in a doctor's office and pontially at the airport during screening the test would beadministered through a nasal sw the sample uld then be putinto a test tube and mixed with the reacted doctor chu says within 2 hours theywoul be able to process the sample. >>anyou something similar to a year in pregnancy test to determine whether someone has been infected, it's really important that we be able to develop hhly accurate tests that can potentially diagse infection and really be able to screen patients so that we
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can prevent the virus from spreading to others this projt is a partnership between doctor chu and san franciscobased mammoth bio science is the latter is developedtechnology that has been usedto rapidly detect other viruses likezika so far thdifficultwith thisnew testing has been getting actualsamples of the irus to really bable to ensure that the test is accurate whatwe call clinically do an analytical validation of tests we reallneed access to samples. but we hope to actually have the test in principle up and running within matter of weeks rit now his life is usina synthetic virus which serves as a surrogate for not havg an actual sample eventually doctor chu saysthey would need clinical samples for that task but they can at least get an inial indication from the synthetic material. >>menwhile researchers say there is there's still a lot that is unknown about the corona virus. however doctor chsays the public health response has been appropriate
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isolating people that have or may have been infected and also preventing any possible spread here in the country. that's the latest here live at ucsf dan thorn kron 4 news dan thank you. the c says reported illnesses of range from little to no symptoms too. >>severe sickness and even deaths ose symptoms include fever, coughing and shortness ofbreath. the may they may also appear in as little as 2 days or as long as 14 days after exposure. the cdc encourages everyone to wa their hands often with soap and water for at least 20 >>and when the fist local case was onfirmed today. we let you know you can download the free kron mobile app for alerts to your mobile devi and stay with kron4 as our continues. s coverage >>in national ws tonight. we now know the us senate will not call new witnesses in e impeachment trial of president to 49 and a majority of those
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senators who again voted mostly along party lines also decided not to review additional documentsof the case the vote all but ensures the preside is headed for impeachment roll ca next to wednesday, 67 votes are need for a conviction. >>presidet trump s impeached by the house for improperly seeking to inflnce a key ally ukraine to investigate his political rivals in exchange for badly needed us military aid, the white house d hoped that e acquittal vote will take place on tuesday, whichis the same day the president is set to deliver the state of the unn address in the east bay, the d and final suspect wanted connection with a deadly laptop thefin oakland has been caught. oakland police announcethe arrest today in the killing of show zing zing died new year's eve while chasing thieves who stole his laptop from a starbucks in the montcir neighborhood. >>2 other suspects brian reed
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and javan lee were arrested ear a number of felony charges, including murder. >>the front that comes really up us. >>today was the last dathat people who are homeless were allowed to live in tents encampments alona public trail and santa rosa. it took all day to evict people living illegally on he job or dota trail. but tonight it has been cleared. well for stine waltman tells us what it will take to get at trail back to normal again. >>the cleanup the largest homels camp in sonoma coty history is not simplat its peak of 200 pele set up tents and liv along the joe
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ridout a traiwe not because of 2 even havea choice at the staging area behind the goodwill on sty point roa santa rosa police provided security at sonoma county parks offered services people were givento 80 gallon totes to hold all their things which will then be placed in storage sherry when see packed up and headed to one of the 4 shelters available kerry, however as none of down on us because we are house lis teams went from 10 to 10 to see how to get people out swiftly and with no drama we've been out here for weeks to engaging people england know what their options are and that thiss coming home. >>has e public health hazards human waste and ires, including one from friday morninlate the trail. cleanup should start right away on saturday. this includes removing any leftover belongings and a hazmat team will disinfect the entire 8.5
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miletrail. >>which means it will be closedfor about a month for restoration. when it reopens there will be baiers to keep people from reestablishing a new encampment e county is you know hoping toto get them into a more place a have the trail, you know back to its intended use. israel feel says he has lived on the trail >>packing up his life and moving out very strangbut he does have a plan that what i do it i fire him for it. >>ility of the arctic >>buses did come here to ke people to different shelters and in the process of clearing outhe entire trail there were noarrests any citations in santa rosa, i'm juste waldman kron 4 news. >>happening right now on the peninsula lights havebeen out for hours for dozens of pg e customers and foster city ficials announced power outage this afternoon did pg e work on hillsdale boulevard between shell ulevard and foster city boulevard, more
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an a 100 customers were afcted including some ty of fish, a facilities rather saying city hall and the seor center remain closed power is expected to be restored by about 00:30pm tonight. >>well we are less than 48 hours from kickoff to the game in faithful boarding out of fans are still mang their way to miami. some have tiets watch the game person otherare just flying to mii to be closer to all the exciteme and jut be standing around near the stadium. >>gog >>to the super bowl. miners are going rock and they may not agaiwe've got a ce good on >>is a champion miami >>well one thing seemclear all th49 er fans heading to miami seem thave face said this is the year the team will be successful iits quest for >>and a somber moving and emotional opening to the first lakers game at staples center
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since the tragic ath of spts legend kobe bryant coming upnext the forty-nine didn't talk with the news media today, but rk rooneydid catch up with some 40 niner gres have more from miami xt. >>and we've got clear skies right now not a bad week at least the first part of the we tried to get the politician to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare cost we fought oil companies for neclean air laws and closed billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. byoing dirtly to the people we got rults. that'sotomething you see a lot of fr washington these days.
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i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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bowl 54 here kron 4 that today
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our kate rooney went to a special fan evt in miami where she got a chance to hear from 49 are legends joe montana and jry rice. >>today was a special one because it's not often you get 2 of the greatest forty-niners players and possibly to the greast nfl players of all time in the same room but that's exactly what happened en jerry rice and joe montna were on hand athe super bowl experience in miami. >>today, jerry rice of course goesto a lot of 40 niners game sees it all the big ones he's out the community doing events the joe montana notoriously a little bit more private youdon't get to hear from him in public so much for this was a rticularly special day because to have the 2 of them together you could really see the camaraderie that these 2 share, here's some of the highlights from the morning. he knew was going >>the week leading up to the super bowl inmiami has been full of celebrity sightings but rhaps none with as much notoriety as this du jerry rice and joe mtana this council to >>ablewith
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>>the pair who have 7 supe bowl rings between them and combined for 2 championships with the forty-niners showed up f a chat with barclays nfl extra-poincard holders in miami. there s plenty of reminiscing about their super bowl wins and a whole lot of jokes. >>you very >>montana and rice fielded questions from fans and give a w lucky raffle winrs autographed jseys and naturally found time to priew the big match up on sunday >>you need to control you
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>>both will be at the game on sunday that the fans who attended the talk day feel like they're already winners now as i mentioned these 2 eally comfortabletogether so lots of joking lot of good-natured ribbing going on, but a couplof funny andotes one that i thought d share you'd expect that joe montana spends a lot of time talng to jimmy garoppolo right the heir apparent in san francisco, t as it turns out ontana said the 2 have never met so maybe ey'll have to be something after the super bowl reporting in ami. kate rooney kron 4 news. >>and all week long we have been getting you ready for the big game and is almo he on sunday. we have you covered all day long starting with livepre-game specials are red and gold zone from 7 in e morning til 10 and then again from 2 to 3.30 and a post-game special from 8 to 110pm san francisco zoo is in the super bowl spirit check this out the lemurs enjoyed a football field, those madup of chopped cabbage animals ate
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bananas smeared fake footballs and cabbage end zone stripes which iall part of their natural iet apparently. >>and the mere cats got into the game 3, 6, week-old pops play their n version of mir cattle, the mere campbell, chasing mealworms and playing with those footballs the are actually walnut shells. good time had by all rockets nch out there they uld do that in miami just have edible in the and players and ns of both like you know because stir some like that next ar i think again that would be super wouldn't it. >>laurent yene the super bowl forecast for both coasts yes we're going to talk about some of the extremely nice weather parts of the coa as we are going to see plenty of you're going to get a great i day for the super wl just what they ordered weighing a storm moving tough a tomorrow but. >>on sunday you've got 70 degrees, plenty of nshine,
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warm temperatures in the afternoon just a bit of a bree though some northeasterly winds. again the bone about 10 de about 13 miles er hour. they have all those highs around thbay area today almost a spring-like feel nearly 70 degrees santa rosa a 69 in a bottle 73 that s warm spot in kland, 69 degrees in san ose and even 67 degrees in san francisco just gorgeous weatherll around the bay area but things going to rst pretty weekend looking pretty good. ths is going to play or otheallman, us role in our weather and the d half of the weekend not because i think is going bring a lot of rain but all the wind and the much cooler temperatures are going to be rolling on sunday so be prepared for that tonight, mostly clear just a bit on the cool side to and we'll see cole patches fog right along the coastline tomorrow should mostly sunny just some patchy foin the temperatures going to be mild just a little bit cooler but a hugerop in those temperatures with gusty winds. maybe some 3040 mile an ho gust on a sunday and that means we've got some blustery conditions even the national weather service get in the
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me and saying a high wind watch posted for most of e bay area along the coastli even inside the bay and some of the valley's towindy weather expected to sunday and at least monday morning. but for now high pressure going to take care of us as weease into the weekend boy today was a nice day and then we're going to see aneyesore fo tomorrow to the temperatures coming back just a litle bit but staying fairly mild overnight tonight we will see a couple of patches of fog gather along the coastline into early tomorrow morning thats where it's going to set the better part of the day so cooler noticeably by the coastline and then as you get inside the bay, a fine a little more sunshine and the mperatures will be comfortable lot of 60's en a couple low 70's by tomorrow afternn 50's out toward the coast. they drop the sunday with some partly clou skies and then warming up again toward the middle of next week. thank you are in your county 9 people are facing arges for attempting to contract out services to camp fire victims without having a license and best gars made the arrest in a sting operation in the wn of paradise. they say the
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suspects tried to coract out services without a license r jobs, inuding. >>tree trimming fencing palming an excavatn the unlicensed contractors were charging anywhere from 600 to $25,000 for their services that's gato say contractors must have a california license to legally offer any service worth morthan 00. one was in the message veryclearly that if you come to paradise. >>try to jobs over the $500 in you ar an unlicensed cotractor, they expectto leave in cuffs. >>and warning investigators say they will do more sting operations in e future. still ahead a date dating p danger details and white user informaon was shared. >>plus a big real este >>plus a big real este debate whatheice? is this foreal? not exactly...
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thats bargain bliss setting in you'reasking in the glow of organic produce at shockingly low prices i guess the choir isn't real? oh no, they're real... they shop here every sunday
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>>there's a bigdebate over the future of some prime real estate near downtown petaluma an overflow crowd spilled into the hallways the petaluma ty hall day for the first big meeting in before city council members and representatives of the sonoma fair. thcity has leased the 64 acre site at the corner of washington in lake bill to th state run fairground erator for ju a dolr a year since 1973. but that agreent brings in about a million dollars year in
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tax revenue and the lease expires i2023. he city is now looking at other potentl uses for that site, new usinparks and event center even a new city hall are among the ideas being prosed in his early days petaluma was known as the end of pital of the world and still has a rich ricultural story with ganic farms and dairies in the area. there are many o want the fairgroundto remain so that the city can still sh off that history. coming up police opened fire when a the president's mar a lago rert also a phone company fang a big violation what it is accud of doing with smartphone user ocations plus for the first timesince th tragic helicoter crash killed people including. >>former lakers great kobe bryant, la fans and players returned tom: mmom always told me actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and heed prosecute the nazis in nuremberg.
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thr values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give myoney to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fiting corpote insiders who put profits over people. m tom steyer, and i approve this message. becaus right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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for the first time since a heli nation in t world, the los angeles lakers returned home to the ouse kobe bryant's blt los angeles is hosting the portla trail blazers tonight right now in fact. >>and there was a somber and emotional tbute to coby right before the game started reporter carlos sosa is live outside staples center wher he has seen the fan reaction firsthand saw some of the art of that game tonight at tribute to coby it really was carlos to watch.
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>>that's where just very emotional. e tribute that the league organization had for kobe bryant his daughter gigi as well as the other victims as you can see behind me thousands of people have descended here up on staples center to pay their respects and as you mentioned tonight's game, the first since the announced the death or the death of kobe bryant again just emotional very emotional. heartfelt tribute. by thelake organization as we also heard from player lebron james. >>writinhrtfelt messages on giant can the sports 2 leadi laker memorabilia outside the hous that colby built the tragedy has unit the trying to pay my respects nd of come to his house say thank you, it's just he's just a greathero. >>in his
8:31 pm
>>thesomber moment for fans who are without their superstar. it's really hard for me probably in lot of nba plar's name people throughout the world in a really d koby bryant was killed sunday when the helicopterhe and 8 others were incrash in calabasas leaving no survivors since then there's been an outpouring of grf and support for all the victims, including colby's 13 year-old daughteranna. tuesday's later gae against the clippers was postponed t of respect for the grieving players tonight, the lakers will take the court for the first me since the tragic in dire circumstances that were here for this but we feel code btc. at wherthe honor >>and the rest of the other 7 >>and a laker lebron james honoring kobe bryant with that tattoo that he had say mama
8:32 pm
lives again just one of the many tributes to a lot of people team players. been honori paying homage to koby bryant. we know that the city oflos angeles is also planning to hold a public memorial we don't know whether if thats going to be he at staples center for the alley coliseum again that's just a larger venue says there have been a lot of interest there's been a lot ofinterest being koby bryant and pain their respects many people of cose still coming out here tonight to honor the laker legend reporting li in downtown los angeles several key tally 5 news in karlsruhe quick, i know you said there's a lot of people still showing up there. i'm wondering ifbeforethe game the people who e can't even get in because it sold out. >>how many people were there and what wagoing on before the game. yeah, well the game of urse 20,000 people with tickets. we ard that a lot of those tickets you know we're pretty pricey bow $1000 each a city officials here
8:33 pm
discourage people that did not have tickets from coming here to lly live the plaza but again. >>since sunday since news broke out of kobe bryant's death we've seen thousas of people here with is city officials telng people not to come to staples center unless they haveickets. sustain a live for us in downtown la karl, thank you very much. >>in national news tonight police in palm beach county orida say they were forced to open fi when a woman drove through 2 security checkpoints near the president's mar a lago resort officials say 30 year-old haah rome hil was behaving erratically before leading the florida ghway patrol on a chase the secret service and sheriff deputies opened fir striking her suv was sevel rounds as she approached the resort she was arrested at a local motel, the palm beach sherif says the shootg was justified. >>we don't know what's gog on until we get hat vehicle it could have been loaded with
8:34 pm
explosives right. so i hearda question over re what point going to fire what our lives are in danger and the danger of the blic. and that's exactly what happened. >>the trumps were not at mar-a-lago at the time and according to secret service the suspect had nointentions of terrorism norviolence towards the president, but tonight no word on what her motive was she was not wounded by he gunfire, she will face a number of chargesncluding deadly assault on 2 shiff's deputies now our 4 zone forecast as we give you a friday nightview of the golden gate bridge not much activity out there tonight will lawrence is here he has the 4 zone forecasfor yet people get ready for the weekend. i think just trying to lay low right and a lot of a planned for the weekend and yeah, it looks like. >>that's going to kind of be a 5050 weekend. i think the first part lookfantastic in the 2nd half while what a difference we're going to see that out there tonight and a quiet out there on the golden gate bridge not much in the sneak in little bit later on scan your skies right now no
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rain drops to found either in fact a boy there's just not much work and as far as rain is concerned you s right here high pressure sitting along the west coast here's a long-range forecast l that energy run right over the top of that ridge and then things begin to changelate in the night on saturday night into sunday, a cold front drops into the bay area that's going bring in some cold air unfortunately not much moisture coming with that we'll see some snow over the sierra nevada, but wel stay dry here in the bay area for e most part just some gusty winds and some much cooler temperatures to monday and then here comes a bigdome building in again thgh toward the middle of next week sending thosetemperatures soaring well into the 60's probably get near 70 degrees again by thursday then another extremly cold storm drops in i think late on sunday of next week that maybe our be chance of rain within the next 7 to 8 days all right with that in mind we are looking at temperatures overnight lows in the 40's in the 50's by day tomorrow. we should enjoy some sunshine. a little cooler along the coastline was some patchy fog there so plan on bringing a jacket and some 50'salong the coastline mild inside the bay, those 65 in
8:36 pm
san carlos lot of 60's some should be warned there 70 in pleasanton beautiful 67 in walnut creek 67also in concord about 66 and fairfield out in the northbay 65 degrees in santa rosa in e next 2 days we're going to see the teeratures from one extreme to another well above the average to below averag on sunday, staying cool on monday. >>thank you are still ahead at a the dangeros corona virus continues to spread around the world and the stock mart is really we have the latest on the financial effect said boeing max 37 has been grounded for months w production will strt the number of uninsured ericans,
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sing. rising. the reat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support r the one candidate who'll do something about . as mor, mike bloomrg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, incling hundreds of thousas of kids. as president, he'll lower drug d ensure everyone without coverage can g it. that's a promise. and unke him, mike actually kehis. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this mesge.
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>>at least one us phone company is accused of breaking the law by sharing smartphoe user locations the sec sent a letter congress saying at leasone wireless company violated federal laand could be subject to penalties. an investigation started following ports last ar that the us wireless providers were selling real time phone location information. 2 outside data aggregation firms without the user's knowledge or user consent. the report's lead the 4 majorcompanies arise and atnt sprint and mobile to pledge to stop providing that information. the fcc did not me the company specifically involved in this recent tivity but did say punishment will soon btaken.
8:40 pm
>>also does and civil rights groups sent a letter to the lifornia state attorneys general asking to investige a dating app information leak a cybersecurity study commissioned by norwegian consumer group studied android mobile apps nd found dating apps including tinder grindr and ok cupid leaks user personal information to more than a 135 adverting tech companies overseas. that would violate european data privacy laws. the study's findings were released earlier ts month by the united states doesn't havethe same federal regulation some states including california haven't acted their own privacy laws. the owner of tinder and ok cupid says the company's shares information with 3rd parties only when it's deemed necessary to operate its platform was 3rdarty apps for your moy tonight production will so again on boeing's grounded and oubled 7.37, max jets, e aerospace
8:41 pm
company recent agreement with spirit erro systems to begin making key part for the plains. this is not lated to spirit airlines by the way. >>production came toa halt you mit remember and planes 2 deadly crashes under this agreement spirit will gradually start building parts for the 7.37 max and then ramp up lirs throughout e year. >>next a native big brake kit and east of a cold case, what new clue held police track down the suspect. >>andhead in sports. we're now less than 48 hours away from th super bowl market ha we tried to get the politicians deal with theroblem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the vers and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oicompanies r neclean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund puic schoo. by going dirtly to theeople we got results. that'sotomething you see a lot of from washington these da. i'm m steyer and i approve this message. t's make change happen.
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we've been following out of the east bay tips from t public leading to a big break in antioch cold case homicide a 39 year-old woman is now in custody over the killing of a 17 yeld boy cande carter was aested. >>and now she's facing murder arges kron forcefully to call has the story. >>police are not saying 39 year-old candace carter ultimately pulledthe trigger buthey do believe she played a major role in 17 year-old edr martinez is murder. he was shot to death while aseep in his apartment on 3/27/2005. that'when a gang related argument relted in the deadly shooting i was actually in investigations at the time when thisincident took place captain trevor sun it says says caer got into a argument with a group of
8:45 pm
peop that night near the apartments on the 300 block o west 20th street. she then left and returned with 2 other men. that's when shotwere fid into martinez's apartment, an innocent bystander who had nothing to do withthe initial argument it is very frustrang when you have a case like this and have a juvenile victim or any victim really. >>and you can bring some rt of closure to the famy in the immediate. >>time frame buultimately investigators never gave up helped crack thiscase. carter was arrested thursday in ittsburgh and taken into custody for murder, most crimes are solved with the members and realistically we can be there. but they can often have firsthand knowledge that we don't have and it' not until we can obtain a firsthand knowledge that we could foll up on those leads >>suspects and ultimately able to make arrests like we did in this ase and this case is not closed captain schmidt ys more arrests could be made.
8:46 pm
>>in antioch felipe gaulle kron 4 news and back again to our big story tonight, santa clara county health official have announced the first confirmed case of corona vis here in the bay rea. health officials made that announcement today confirming the say an adult male has test positive for the vis. it recently come back from travelg through china and flew into san jose airport. so far the deadlcorona virus that has killed more than 250 pele in china has infected more than 11,000 around the world concerns over the corona virus caused the stock market to take a big dip all lost 3 to wrap up the workweek fears are growing that the virus outbreak will put a dent in the global econom >>tech companies which do a lot of business in cha where the disease originated led he loes and airlines also fell ter flights to and from china were suspended. e dow dropped 603 points today, the nasdaq fell 128 and the s and p 500 sank 58 points. super bowl we're getting word
8:47 pm
that 40 niner fans are dog their best to takever the city of miami well for saracens us our first and then talk with fans excited abo sunday. >>and thesuper bowl live event at bayfront park downtown ami and i just thought that made me feel comfortable. it says 49 ers ns only just bought for the fans to get together d just enjoy and be faithful may not tell you what i've ben to a couple of super bowls in my life the experience that you t out re and being in some of the iefs fans got ible confused. i made sure tosend them to their own you guys supporting only oked. >>and >>the nfc champsarea there's also an interactive photo booth at one int alumni from the team will here signing autographs for some of the fans there's a lot going on at
8:48 pm
this event here in downtown miami. you can see the's a huge football field full of food to eat tons of things for fans to do is basically a huge hours away fans are so excited to be here and go to the bi game. >>this game is in the bag i am so excited to be here and less so niners didn't get in until 05:00am this morning. it's are re te in the grass in limbo until we can eck in our hotel for some the travel wasn't easy but it's all worthwhile once you get here and ask for anything better to get this weekend kicked off super bowl live event here pay frompark will be going on today tomorrow and even super bowl sunday gives fans an opportunity to enjoy the experience thout even having to go to the game >>in miami sarah stinson kron 4 news. time now fo >>and we'll keep it movi with the forty-niners coverage, the nfc amons on
8:49 pm
the brink of being one ofonly 3 franchises to win a record 6 super bowl titles the niners what their friday practice in all 53 players list as full participants, the team held up about 70 minutes day will have another session tomorrow the university of miami instead of hard rock stadium opting for more privacy. the all seas long thniners have shown they can win in a variety of ways yet the run game has been the start of the playoffs but kyle shanahan is ady to take the game plan reverend needs to go we'll hear from the head coach and then nicbosa with a scouting report on how to defend patrick mahomes. >>in the city even if they can take away what they want to take away so the key to these games when you go against good defenses as you've got a bill to do everytng and of course everybody wants around the ball onthere's a new time in a game of those nd. i'm going to take that away and you got to be able to countect that and i want to counteract that opens up other stf and and that's a p people off balaed and the more you can do both a better to by for now.
8:50 pm
>>stay in your rush lanes to try and and that's the part that on top won't russian too high or too low and letting him get the letting him escape to they are big ifbecause he likes to do extend plays the soldiers for us as a unit just trying keeping their >>and spking of mahomes here's a look at the kansas citsuperstar practice this morning, e chiefs roster is also fully healthy and like the niners they will have a walk through tomorrow well now it's not the playoffs. the chiefs offense has operated at an amazing level averaging 43 points a game and mahomes has in turn the ball over once ponce they are well aware of what the niners defense, especially its pass rush is capable of. >>the way they play the way that they'reven the line linebackers d the bees can all play as one unit. really understand the sche. they nader's calling and then did they do a good job executing
8:51 pm
at a high level there on e lead with defense and ty play extrely well together. >>and news have havhim i said that you know gng in there as a team against a tea of me that individually they're set up across the board. so it's like you know pick your poison really. >and check out what we have in store for this weekend in oulong red and gold zone have you covered all daylong starting with live pre game specials from 07:00am to 10 and th again from 2 to 3.30 and a postgame wrap-up fm
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we have some breaking news just comingin the kron 4 ne room, this is video om union city this is the ea bamoral and braibainbdge. >>balmoral st in bainbridge y basically is right off interstate 80 in authooddo nis road we're getting reports aid freeman polie officers were invved in an officer-involved soting thereyeso we details are at this ti wdoot kn whetheror not a susct is in custody weather. >>w thall started what prptedthe chase that led to the information is still ing coming ino the newsroom and we will e updat foryou on r 9 o'clock brocast, t right w is is still an actie crime sang a right from a lice involved in a shooting in union city will
8:55 pm
keep you posted rougout the night that wrs up kron 4 news at a graham los of kron 4 news at 9 all right pam ken thanks verymh. we'll coinue to follow that story. also th ngerous corona viruhas been spreading obally and tonight the bay area has its first. >>coirmed case more on that coming up on the news at 9 us a touching tribute honori kobe bryant before e la lakers game at the staples center tonigh we'll have highlights coming up and the san francisco, 49 ers fans are of course ready for the big game on sunday, lucky ones are actually in miami. we caught up with some of them before they took off. keeit here kron 4 news at night is next.
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>>local news station. >>thatreaking news tonight at 9 o'clk in union city day where police e officer-involved shooting everybody i'm grant lotus and i'm the king of kiss. >>a viewer sent us a video of the incidt as you can see there. this officer involved shooting happened in union city at about 7 o'clock tonight. fremont poce are involved a lot of details about the shootingare not known. at this time we will continue to follow e story as soon as more information becomes available. >>the cdc notified us that a resident of our county is confirmed thave the novel coronavirus been preparing or this possibility for wee knowing that we're likely to tu


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