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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 1, 2020 10:00pm-11:01pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 super bowl. >>the lighting upthe miami skyline the night before e super bowl tomorrow either the san francisco, 49 ers or kansascity chiefs we crowned the winner of super bowl 54. and what feels like one of the most anticipated sup bowl matchups in ecent mory. good evening and thank you for joining us here at 10 i'm j r stone and i'm justine waldman super bowl 54 kicks off
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tomorrow at 3 30 in the 49 er faithful. >>what are all pulling for a win tonight d we have team coverage of how the bay area is getting ready for the big gamekron four's tailored to sack is in the marine and san francisco are shoppers have been stocking up for all tha food, they need and drinks yeah, i'd say for the party begins first we want to to kron four's dan thorn is live in san francisco. >>more on how police and ci officials here in the bay area are working ensure a safe super bowl sunday them. >>well, jr and justine the fun is not being discouraged on super bowl sunday. but city officials and police want people to be safe and at's before the game and after the game and al whether or not >>the area ci officials and police say they're being up for super bowl sunday. it's huge day for fun but it canno get out of hand you want everyone tohave a good time and to celebrate respoibly and we don't want anbody to get hurt. san francisco police chief bill scott says there
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will an increase in patrols around popular party areas of the ciy for people enjoying the festivities common sense is incorrect. we definitely want you to jon enjoy the game in route and cheer and send all that but we also wanto make sure th everyone everyone is safe either. >>regardless of the game's outcome officia are hoping there will not be a repeat o the rioting that took place following the giants world series win in 2014 he had some individual that elected to take celebration pass having fun and so of analyzing properties we had a few fires >>and those of thing that can quickly. mage a city really >>chp is also expected to be out full foe on the freeways they too want the celebrations to be safe if you're ina dream a should be read as news overdrive are you using method and meansof getting home saly were the ride sharing service that actually counted as a named
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iver, e friend >>well if you're looking for information on any emergency alerts you can get that through t san francisco department of emergency management you could actually sf forty-niners 2, 8, 8, 8, 7, 7, 7, and then alert asset will be sending you any information that you may need to know in terms of emergencies or any sort of significant disruptions that's the latest here liven san news you so much dan now we nt to turn over to kron four's taylor sackings been following footall fans for stocking up at the supermarket. >>getting ready for feast before the me for there have been big crowds taylor and longer lines than normal. how is it looking here in san francisco. >>a lot of last minute people here, i'll tell you getting last minute things but things so far ve slowed down here. earlr today though i will tell you this place was packed it was hard to even nd a parking spot now sompeople i talked to described it the
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busiest they've seen the permarket this year than en holidays like christmas and thanksgiving. >>they packeparking lot long lines includes of food ahead of the big game on sunday its busy i've seen all year with all the day's ye whether it's chistmas thanvingrs for 4th of july. >>it is really busy it's hellish today. >>it's a madhouse san franc 49 ers fans armed the aisles for their favorite football foods at e safeway in the marina distrt saturday night or beer d beer. left or the times also i would say also somegood vegetables. some good a and b in debt and moreand more here than what you got going on here because there fferent varieties different flavors suffered taken that. >>were girl and some hosting parties. otrs carrying on big-game traditions.
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>>traditiol super bowl streets. for you know yo serve u have to to those pia rolls. every year for time the. awesome anything else any other traditions. well we'd like tosee in a few cameras all day lg just to mess up watching on the jumbo screen. no matter what team you're rootingfor many fans have a similar grocerlist kind of do kokomo lee. >>t to do some shrimps jo to do a couple fear long any this one of my favorite all excited to cheer on thr team come sunday but everybody's going for super bl food and super bowl star kenan everybody's having a real good >>all of that food 7 so good and personally my favorite are pigs in a blanket and cheese and crackers i'm sure a lot of people will be coming back again tomorrow morning to get the lasminute items before kickoff reporting live in san francisco to live a second time for news. thank you so muchtaylor, let's talk about our 4 zoneforecast now the
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weather he in the bay area will talk about a minute but whatabout the weather in miami for the game. >>por there today. so aa super soaker kind of sunday or is the weather going to the perfect running weather for thforty-nirs i wish of those super suffered so for deep down, not great for for-niners own it's a super soaker, but it is going to driving clear out so perfect game day weather for the forty-niners 69 degrees, plenty of sunshine and breezy nd speeds as well fothose ofyou lucky enough to watch and attend a game miami south beacbut unrtunately for us here in the bay area. >>tracking some major changes we've been very spoiled with spring-like weather but we're heading back to winter tomorr, let's take a look at stormtracker 4 verydry conditions tracking that increasing cloud cover and stormtracker 4 showing our next storm to our north but it is going to be more of a wind maker then a inmaker we are going to start out th mostly cloudy skies drying out fire nday afternoon. but we could
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see some light rain for those of you the north bay but bulk of the showers will e remain off the coast and that's how it's going to stay for the remainder of your sunday night and even into monday mning, but gusty winds will be in the forecast for super bowl weekend for the 2nd half of the weekend in the bay area tracking a wind advisory startinearly sunday morning to monday morning and we could see gusty winds, especially along the bay aa coastline find out how windy it is going to get in my full forecast in just a few minutes just seen jack back toyou thank you so much for breaks out we have much more coverage big super bowl trip throughout tonight's broadca at 1030 we will see how thfaithful. >>down in miami celebrated in this last night before the big game. covered all day long stting with lies pre g specials of the red and gold zone that's from 7 until 10:00am. >>and then another big show from 2 until 3.30 and then post game specials with us
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right here your weekend team in all of our kron 4 reporters e going to be stations ou the bay area different games. and parties that's from 8 until 11:00pm and you can find much more coverage of tomorrow's big game online as well expert analys on both teams. >>behind the scenes stories and even some predictio for the commercials. it's all on our website kron 4 dot com. >>we move on now to other news and some sad news out of the east bay tonighwhere a man and his dog were killed at a fire at his apartment compx kron four's gayle ong has details. it took firefiters abo 30 minutes to put out the fire neighbors say the man who died was in his 70's these minute and resident here for a long time. >>neighbors say the man and his dog killed in an early-moing re saturday. we're often seen walking protection districsay the ire started around 00:3in the morning on the 400 block of north civic drive about a mi away from downtown walnut
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creek fifighters were able to contaithe fire this unit where it started the mark madeira and lives in the complex my friend lives in the building told me about it and the person dd because of i think because of the fire. >>and his i think 75 years old there were no other injuries residents were evacuated as crews quickly put out the fire we always have likehearing the fire alarm a real here. >>so all of the residents have their own unify alarm. a representative from the owner of the building he's condominiums couldnot be reached for commenthe name of the victim is not being released at this time the cause of the fire is under walnut creek gayle ong kron 4 news. >>tha you so much gale now to an officer-involved shooting in union city happenedaround 7 friday eveningfremont police say this stted th the robbery, it's a 4 a in front specific commons shopping center. pole then chasedthe getaway
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car to n area in near alvarado niles and 8 80in union city. officers say they fir shots of the 3 suspects, one of them was arrested 2 others went to the hospita with non life thatening injuries. union city police and fremont policare still investigating the shootin they are asking any witnesses who might have information to come forward. >>also in the ea bay poce in antioch are investigating a shooting at deer valley high school in the shooti happened around 8 20 last night after a basketball game. one person was shot and taken to a hospital in serious condition. no information right now on suspects or motive. policesay the investigation is ongoing. >>coming up on kron 4 news at 10 more than 300 pele ve died from e corona virus in china. now doctors at ucsf are working to stop e spread of the corona virus with a quicker diagnosticplus and air force se very close to the bay area has been chosen
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>>we have been evacuated from china becausof the cona virus we will tell u wh m:y mom always td me actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and heed prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my busins, took the giving pledge to give, and why i spent e st ten years fiting cporate insiders who put profits over people.
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m tom steyer, and i approve this message. beuse, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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at 10 a big story that we've been following all ek. the corona virus. tonight we've learned of the first death from thevirus outside of china. a 44 year-old man from ohio china develop pneumonia and died in the philippines.
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so here in the united states there ar 8 corona virus cases that have now been confirmed officials here is a map of where all the ses are. >>the new one in massachusetts there to an illinois. one arizona 3 incalifornia, which includes one of the south bay and also won in washington state. now the newest confirm patient in massachusts is a 20 year-old who attends the university of massachusetts and officialssay he had recently traveled to move on and got medical care right after he rerned to boston. the patient s put in isolation and the said to be recovering and doing well. also on friday, the first confirmed case in the bay area. >>health officials say a man in santa clara has been say flew into san jose for ey more onlast fridaand then started to notice symptoms. he is listed in stable condition. health officials say he did the ght thing by staying home since returning tochina. all the people he did come into contact with are being screened. and they add that the risk to the general public
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is low. still the white house has ofcially labeled the corona virus, a public health emergency and the travis air force base and lano county confirmed this mornin >>that it is one of 4 bases that has been hand selected by the depament of heal and human services to house evacuees. th are when they are there they will b monitored for 14 days. people who are found to be sick will then bemoved to hospitals >>states who has been in who they ovince in the previous 14 days will be subjt to up to 14 days of mandatory quarantine any us citizen rurning to the united states who has been in the rest of mainland china within e previous 14 days willundergo pro active and ee health screening at a select number of ports of entry and up to 14
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days of monitored self quarantine. >>well docts around the world are rushing to get a better undetanding of this new it stands today all test for the corona virus have to be ild to the center for disease control labs in atlantawhich can take days. doctors at ucsf tell us they're working to come up with a simple test using a nasal swab thaany doctor can do anywhere toet a result as quckly as a pregnancy test. >>the idea is that this would be a point of re testing would be a test that you could use in the emergency department in the doctor's office and potentially at the airport ring screening that's our hope that this would be a test that cod be done rapidly and would have very high accuracy diagnosing this infection. >>again only one person in the bay area has been confirmed to ha the corona virus. there are also 2 confirmed cases in
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>>delta airlines is moving up its suspension of flights between the us and china in response to the ron a virus outbreak. so startingtomorrow all china-bound flight on delta will be canceled. through april 30th. the suspension was originally supposed to begin on thursday february 6.but has now started american airlines also suspending all of its fligs to china as of friday through march 27th, united airlines says on february 9th. it will cut daily departures to china and hong ong. from 12 down to 4 flights. so with kron 4 we continue our coverage of the corona virus keep you updated on the latest updates. >>and best way to protect yourself. well taking a live look outside on this saturday night a beautiful evening along the embarcadero here in san francisco. we have enjoyed some really nice wther. the past couple days but as we're
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joined now by meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez she hears she's here to tell us. >>it's about to coolown a lot. yeah big time 10 to 15 degrees. cooler tomorrow compared to today and not only that but even the sierra going to noti that cool down as well they actually had record breakg heat today at the reno tahoe airport. >>73 degrees but tomorrw they're also going to weather let's ta a look at ike stormtracker 4 very dry calm conditions out there right now but a lake wind advisory will go into effect for south lake tahoe, starting sunday morning all the way through sunday night because of gusty wid speeds 40 miles per hour or less. >>ineasing wave heights throughout south lake tae 2 to 4 feet and alo winter weather will return to the valls this storm isn't going to bring us any rain or snow for us here in the bay area but for this year up they could see less than an inch of fresh snow throughout the valleys but higher elevations could see upwards of 3 inches of snow in addition of that rain shwers as well. wd
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speeds will be very gusty, especially along the ridgecrest could see gusts upwards of about 80 miles p hour or less let's take a look at your sierra forecast because today they were in the 60's and 70's butomorrow cooling down into t upper 30's because of the snw showers arriving monday even more cooling cooling down to 25 degrees for afternoon ghs rebounding slightly on tuesday to 30 degrees under mostly sunny skies.but overall they're not going to notice that warming trend until the middle of next week and let's take look at our bay area forecast tracking at increasing cloud cover dry conditions out there right now out the door widespread low 50's and even upper 40's for those of you in santrosa livermore an antioch but overall we're going to cool down into the mid toupper 40's for our overnight lows for most of the bay area and tomorrow. we're also going to transition to more winter like weather. no rainin the forecast. so we are going to
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staydry. but one thing that we are going to notice wi this storm gusty wind speeds going to be under a wi are advisory starting sunday morning through monday morning could s gusts along the coast upwards of 50 miles per houless but most of us will see sustained winds of tha15 to 30 mile per hour nge also noticing cooler temperatures upwards of 15 degrees of cooling downtown san francisco cooling down to 53 degrees upper 40'for those of you in pacifica lf moon bay also cooling down into the mid-fifties burlingame 53 degrees as is millbrae san carlos 51 degrees and paula wall to 47 degrees for your sunday afternoon highs if you do have any outdoor super bowl plans bring em indoors, it's not going to be worth because of the blustery conditions, san jose 57 derees and also tracking mid-fifties for those of you in livermore and hayward as shoreline richmond, 54 degrees into the 49 degrees for your afternoon highs and in the
10:21 pm
north bay napa 55 egrees with sienna rose at 56 degrees in stinson beach 48 degrees for your sunday afternoon. so let's take a look ahead at your full 10 at 10 outlook and one thing that m tracking mix of sun and clouds but no rain in the forecast we will have a slight chance maybe 10 ys from now on tuesday. but overall througho the middle of february and even in early february no rain in sight could see some light sprinkles in the north they were realy not much to brag about the yeah, so that is definitely a concerning trend considering it is our wet season. but hopefully weget that miracle march that we typicallsee a month from now 've been a little spoiled with this warm weather i know the shia above unfortunately, yeah but enjoy >>coming up if you do not want to stay home anwatch the niners play in the super bowl tomorrowwe can tell you where you can watcthe big game. >>with the rest of the 49 er face. >>lus a miles long homeless campment in santa rosa's being cleared of debris and
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chging stations? good luck finding one of those. so, maybe an electric car isn't for you afr all. or, is it? ♪ >>now to the north bay we ail that was ce taken over by homeless encampments will be closed for a month. >>so we can get cleaned up. rats human waste and fires and people living in tents took over the job ornot a ail in santa rosa. the homeless were evicted off the trail on friday. a hazmat team will now disinfect the entire 8.5 mile
10:25 pm
trail meaning that it will be closed for about a month for restoration. and when it reopens there will be barriers to keep people from reestablishing a new encament. >>the couy is yoknow hopingto get them into a more stable ple and have the trail, you know back to s intended use. >>no arrests or any citations were giving out durinthe eviction process. >>in the south bay santa clara county sheriff's deputy was injured in ashooting around 11 last night. ofcials say his injuries are not life threatening. it happened near you this road. at this point police have not released any further informatn, including if any arrests have been made. >>and we're just getting oser and closer to the super bowl and while the teams in miami are making their final preparations. we will shw you how bars in the bay arare getting ready for big crowds and the clock is ticking in tans and landed in miami. many are in full swing geing ready for the big game. we
10:26 pm
take you to their pep rally nextand i'm tracking your super bowl forecastnojust we tried to get the politicians to deal with theroblem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the vers and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oicoanies for neclean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going dirtly to theeople we got results. that'sotomething you see a lot of from washington these da. i'm tom steyer and
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i approve this message. t's make change happen.
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>>extra 2 miami scho principals are going to the super bowl for free. gina benitez reports f the tickets are reward for their schools accomplishments. >>o offer you 2 tickets to the super bowl
10:29 pm
>>a super bowl surprise for the 2 high school principals tickets to the big game that to happen to be brothers. well as their state e principal of miami northwestern and william ayres steve the principle of booker t washington we didn't really expe this we were told to come out and support i mean the excitement s just phenomenal. i just couldn't believe it thought this might be dream i hadto pinch myself see if i was awake the tickets given to them for their schools accomplishments both on the football field and in the have mentioned before.erals >>both won the state championship this year. >>which isbut more importantly what we hear so much as w yoget back the ds in this community with rule on it and we're going to also on thursday new upgrades that when cherry park unveil the heart of every community including this new
10:30 pm
synthetic field made possible the super bowl legacy grant program this phil will serve as a ace where kids the un. >>a lot of friends skills such as working as a team. >>and building a rong character.
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>>have you covered all day long right here on kron 4 starting with a live pre-game specials ofthe red and gold zone one will happen from 07:00am until 10:00am and then the afternoon that's right in before kickoff and then will be everywhere you want us to be for that. post game special which will be tomorr night from 8 until 11:pm look forward to it and if football is not your thing you can watch the red and gold zone. >>puppy addition these ps which are all up for option will battle it out this sunday at 3 30 in the afternoon only on kron all. >>and taking a live look outside the hard rock stadiu in miami home of super bowl 54 d doest just look
10:34 pm
beautiful as going to be all crowded that we got the fans that are going out there tomorrow who it's going to iraq and hard rock that's when let's check in now they're meteorologist mabrisa rodriguez for a look at the game day whether it can you clarify little bit you wanted it to be. >>a rainy game. >>originally hoping for rain again cause the 49 ers are so good with the running game that it would benefit them i a rating game, but you know what they're sogood in other areas as well so i think i think we'll be ok that doesn't yeah, especially in miami they do get thunderstorm so we don't want that to be canceled or delayed and e good thing is plenty of sunshine torrow drier weather some more like our bay area weather th we've been having the st couple of days 69 degrees tomorrow, breezy winds in miami as our san francisco forty-ninersake on the kansas city chiefs and we are definitely keeping our finges crossed here kron 4 news for the big w becau i definitely want to look forward to that
10:35 pm
parade. >>in a few days if we do win so hopefully we do let's take a look though at our weather because we are going to notice a storm make its way into the bay area going to be more of a wind maker then a rainmaker gusty wind speed struck the bay area that's where a hih wind watch from this morning has been upgraded into a wind advisory ing into effect sunday morning through monday sustained winds at around 15 to 30 miles per hour for most of the bay areastarting to notice those winds increasing coastline sustained winds right now at 17 miles per hour in downtown san francisco, but winds will wl tomorrow could see gusts upwards of 50 mis per hour last throughout the bay area coastline most of will notice the peak of the wind speeds though by around sunday afternoon to put through sund night and breezy winds will continue even for monday as e start out the work week forecast as well so we're certainly going to notice se more winter like weather today, though we
10:36 pm
were definitely spoiled with the spring-le recast about 5 to 10 derees above average. >>but tomorrow's daytime highs will drop as much as 15 degrees compared to today. so let's take a live look outside right now downtown san francisco and evenright now the sales force tower definitely rooting on our local team, the san francisco forty-niners lit up in red and gold this evening in stormtracke4 tracking very dry weather noticinghat increase in high cloucover overhe and temperatures in the upper 40's to low to mid 50's but wee all going to notice temperatures in the mid to upper 40's tonight, they set up blanket of cloud cover we a going to notice milder temperatures and tomorrow's afternoon highs warming up just intothe 50's so wiespread low to mid and even upper 50's and as we take a look ahead our 10 at 10 outlook we argoing to continue with that cooling end at least to start out monday but then slightly warmer forecast on tuesday very little change, but the on thing that we will notice
10:37 pm
geron justine monday morning an tuesday morning, wing up to possible 30's and 40's subfreezing temperatures but then fortunately warming up to start out your midweek forecast even through most of next weekend as well back in the 60's with above average temperatures so going transition for winter and then back to spng and then backed a winner again some are all sorts of high note, but no rain and his is our wet seass that's one thing we're defitely noticing in our 10 thanks. look. thanks so much, >>coming up 49 ers legend joe motana makes a super bowl prediction or does the tweet tht went viral d has 49 ers and chiefs fans scratching their heads. plus the first votes of e 2020 presidential election will be cast on monday.
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in national newtonight, democratic candidates are racing to ma theifinal pitches ahead of the iowa caucuses onmonday. >>knocking on doors and holding rallies town halls community events are doing it all because th is the last weekend of campaigni before the first votes are cast in the 2020residential election. >>aslection season gets under way one of the biggest concerns that lawmakers have is security after multiple agencies y russia interfered in the 2016 election. and may try and do so again this week secretaries of state from
10:41 pm
across the country met in washington to discuss what is being done to protect your vote. >>our washitocorrespondt jesse has the story. ays before the first vos of the 2020 presidential election cretaries ofstate from around the counconvened in washington for their annual their biest concerns the of cybersecurity after ssian interference in e 2016 election polls from the associated press, npr pbs and others show may americans are concerned about vote securi. >>but arkansas secretary of state johnthurston says he and his counterpas are optimistic we believe that this will probablbe the most secure. elections that we've everhad their son says the votg equipment in his and many other states. but otr worries remain like how vulnerable online voter registration rolls could be to hkers if anything does >>if yoknow we have hat communication chain in place so that we can address anything you know quickly
10:42 pm
republicans and democrats in congress remain divided over what exactly should be done to protect the country's elections as far as the state's ago, i think we really ppreciate it when the federal government ays out of a lot of how we run ectionsbut secretarieof state do welcome federal funding. congress appropriated hundreds of millions of dollars ast month for election security forts. >>while states figure out how spend them on thurston says with the ballot secure. it's up to the voters come out to vote you know what you were right it yo dutyn ahead here on kron 4 news at . 10 a very cryptic tweet. >>from 49 s legend joe montana s people very confusedso which team does he think is going to win the big game so coming up we'll hear what fans down in miami have to say about this tweet and up next in sports now ss than but believe it or on 17 hours away from super bowl 50 for a prview
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ice? is this for real? noexactly... ths bargain bliss tting in you're basking in the glow of organic produce at shockgly low ices i guess e choir isn't real?
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oh no, there real... they shop here every sunday
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>>dream come true in a 49rs fan alive. >>the 49 er faithful of made their presence known down in miami. as we're now 17 hours away from kickoff to super bowl 54. of course, there's so much to do in miami. at e convention center there was a field al kicking contest. also a throwing contest. some fans tell us they even got to meet a couple 49 are legends
10:46 pm
ke jerry rice, joe montana speaking of montana,e put out tweet this week that ha both 49 ers d chiefs fans talking so he said here you go, he's my prediction. >>35 to 28 my team, but then he tweeted this picture showing his jerseys. >>well he ayed on both the chiefs and the forty-niners so this has so many people wonderingwho does he actually think it's going to weigh in. but for sarah stinson talk with fans down in miami to get their take and then i'lget your >>joe montana's cryptic tweet putting out a prediction for tomorrow has fans wondering what he meanti talk with lot of fans anthey really broke down analyze the tweet it says her go my prediction is 35 to 28 team with 3 x nation points he then atched a photo with both his jerseys from hitime on the chiefs and his time on the forty-niners cpleting his may montana and his number 16
10:47 pm
this leaves many people wondering who does he actually think is going to win this is i cannot lieve he actually tweeted half and half the should be more 9 tense 49, a jersey won 10 chief jersey. so i don is a 49 to 49 is very generous to say that the chie in this car 28 points. i think close. it is 7 and i think he he's and he wins either y being a part of both organizations. >>but if you look at the picture in his twt he has 4 letters in a 9 or jersey, ich represents the 4 rings won and th's that's who is running for his a hall of famer 1009 or. >>he only played a couple years and the chiefs he's leaning tool rds. >>these 7 cisco 40 niners do because he has 4 d that is on the on he on the forty-ners side and 3 on that he's while this chiefs fan thinks that ntana has secretly rooting for the 49 ers. >>he still thinks the chiefs are going to win come from kansas city i have to go with cheese lus we've g the
10:48 pm
will. there's a gentlemanown of this man's interpretaon might be slightly biased since his son ig's a viewer williams is number 90 on the chiefs problem on our kids was a really well we're proud joe montana's tweet has definitely stirred the pot has over 1100 likes and 1400 shares who knows what he meant, but it's definitely a conversation topic tt's buzzing around the ami area. and miami sarah stinson back to you. all right there so what do you think did he hink that the niners are going to win or the sheep's i think joe montana loves to play the crowd and he loves that we're talking about weather comindown there. it is joe montana and san francisco. i think when he refe to its got to be his team when the 49 ers win this thing, 35. >>to what 28 isa yeah, usually
10:49 pm
when we do thin like thi i like to say the opposi of what you say just for the sak of like having a pr good but. >>and with the person i die right now gun owners >>what can you believe it we are now the eve of super bowl 54 between the kansas city chiefs and your san teams held practices friday. you can see the video here more of a walk through on friday, but practice nonetheless, the betting line is holding strong at she's by one and a half tickets are holding strong at $5,0 stubhub as well, here's head coach 49 ers head coach that is kyle shanahanon getting his players ready for the super bowl. >>oufirst meeting after the nfc championship game and try to tell the guys. >>you know you can amend it does feel good to win nfc championship. it feels good to go to the super bowl. i hope you guys enjoyed today's monday and tuesday, i'm feeling reallygood about yourself. now check your ego over i'm going to be very
10:50 pm
short lived if you don't find a way to win this game. and it's l about winning this game to nothing else. >>i love it checked the ego at e door kick off at 3 30 suay afternoon. so many 49 er gats wish the niners luck recently as well and they had some very encouraging words for the red and all. second end. so far so good but not the year. aired on sunday very first get it one. >>t's an either brad jones and i am fireup today, we need the fans a loud and proud because you know at it's all about. my name is >>and i know you guys were to get to point and that you made ther there are and time is just of pair get is we have baby yeah. >>do it it's all about those right nothe school thisgoal
10:51 pm
right let's get this >>jerry riceright there courtesy of the forty-niners it was qte the media week for both teams ahead of the super bowl. here's someof the best sound from the niners and he is grge kittle being george kittle. now on to the gden state warriors rt 3 of their 5 game road trip in cleveland taking on the
10:52 pm
cavaliers d'angelo russell that shing some love to warriors fans in cleveland fence might see in that 2nd quarter we go tied at 52 collin sexton. >>with the jumper ght there. he led e cavs th 23 points st of the second cavs lead by one day mainly in the quarter,how bad it ops in and stray dogs up by 2 of 3rd quarr we gowarriors pulled away now glenn robinson obe out of 3 of his own splashing right there, 22 points for him a shot hurry and below love warriors roll won 31 to one 12 your final golden state snap since would game losingstreak will travel towashington to take on the wizar on monday finally to the ice san jose sharks hosting the tampa bay lightning second period we go no score evin shattekirk gets it lights the lamp on this lay lightning strike first one to 0 tampa bay goes on to ut out the sharks, 3 nothing your final sharks will head to calgary. the ke on
10:53 pm
the flames on
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
>>it is an animal sanctuary in south carolina that has a very uniq problem that maybe might be able to help out with are asking people to come and cuddle with their picks cotton brnch far rescued 500 pigs from a hoarding situation back in 2018 te pigs were neglected and malnourished since then some have been adopted but hundreds more are
10:56 pm
in need of a permanent home. the problem is a lot of the pigs arnot socialized and need to spend more me with mans to become friendlier. so the farm put out the call on social mediaasking for long tearto come spend time with the pigs. and the response h been overwhelming. >>we've been getting e-mails and phone calls from peoe in canada, germany, the u k people all ound e ou phones e-mails and social media have st bwing up the farm will remain me to abt 50 pigs many of which a >>orhave special needs like teddy who es a wheelchair to get around the farm and loves being outside juine if there's one thing i have to say about colone with the pigs its. pigs reach a very very large sizes and the idea of cullen with the pig could be somewhat dangerous eat grt have you ever seen one of those big long body pillows and just really like bo
10:57 pm
little like to roll around in the mud. i don't want 200 pound pig rolling over my my my bottles and then you could be the big spoon i feel for the pigs and i'm happy that some people are into the idea of rolling around it this is demanding a follow-up story when they actually get all the peoe together wi the paying more when you decide join their and why not. how's the weaer looking for tomorrow, we only have 15 seconds it's looking great game day whether i mean we know we're going to win the super bowl tomorrow great night, m: my mom always told me
10:58 pm
actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined thnavy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away fm my business, took the giving plge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent e last ten years fiting corporate insiders who put prits over people.
10:59 pm
m tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
11:00 pm
coronavirus concer for super bowl weekend. >> wh's being done to stop the deadly virus from spreading to the super bowl stadium. and shocking teimony from a harvey weinsteiaccuser. >> she takes the stand to reveal the most graphic allegations against the movie then, kobe bryant's wiw shares precious videos with the world to see. and litt boy trapped. how the heckdid heall


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