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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 3, 2020 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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now that's time well spent. explore floor and decor in person or online. >>heartbreak after heart loved one shot after a self what senseless shooting at a high school basketball game in the east today ends in tragedy. >>as health officials work to try to slow the spread of the corona virus, the bay area seeing the second case of the disease spreading from person to person in the us. skies are clear the air is dry and we're watching these temperatures fall all the way down into the 20's and 30's get ready for a cold night tonight. >>it goes down then this is
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was you know we heard right now. >>now at age pain felt in the east bay tonight an impromptu vigil held by the family of 16 year-old jonathan parker good evening, thanks for joining us. i'm ken wayne and i pale more parker was shot and killed over the weekend following a basketball game at deer valley high school hall for snow. well bellow talked with his family members. they say they hope that the senseless gun violence will come to an end tell me you love me, you know he he wanted me to get a job you want me to do some positive if you want to me to go to school. >>and i do right form and that's what i'm hearing a song going to a young life taken too soon. the family of jonathan john john parker. still in disbelief, the 16 year-old is gone now i got to say is you know burns down his cousin messiah elliott says john john was a lovely friend who recently encouraged him to stay out of trouble and get a job he was like a friendly
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person, you know it was nothing that he'd iran to anybody friday night after a basketball game between deer valley high in antioch high a fight broke out in the school parking lot. >>shots were fired and john john was struck multiple times. he passed away sunday. >>all we're all heartbroken for all. >>beach this we really really really don't want to do this but we want to make it clears up without nephew and sun brother of them that he was no gang member. he was in in the gangs, he wasn't in john johns on goal andres says he barely even when out. >>making his death even more confusing and hurtful for everyone who knew him he never left the house is always a homely this is something very new to all of us to him or 2 about school that he says he hopes more security will start to be in place outside of high school basketball games in the future. but the family's main message is for the entire young antioch community got to stop this. many guys are young you know you as kids the
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babies, you know you guys got a long road and the streets to pay for you guys. >>number of infections from the corona virus has surpassed the 20,000 as medical workers and patients arrive at a new hospital at the center of the epidemic and will hunt china and the death toll now climbing above 400 tonight we've learned the philippines and hong kong have each reported their first deaths from the virus in the bay area there are 2 new patients from san benito county which is just south of gilroy they are being treated in san francisco officials say the risk to the public here though remains low kron four's dan kerman reports on the latest with the outbreak. >>what sets the san benito couple apart is only the husband was and move on china. the wife was not the cdc says this is the second case of person-to-person spread in the
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us and we can expect more of it. now the husband was screened at sfo when he returned to the u s. >>he was screaming at the airport. or the quarantine rules at the time. was found to be totally healthy in asymptomatic this. >>that's especially concerning because it suggests someone can show no signs of the illness and yet be contagious and infect others. it's why on friday. the us took some dramatic steps to contain the spread of the virus. the government suspended entry of foreign nationals who have been in china within the past 14 days. exemptions include for immediate family members of us citizens and legal permanent residents. us citizens residents and their immediate family members who been in mainland china in the previous 14 days are allowed to enter the us, but they're subject to health monitoring and possible quarantine for up to 14 days. those people are
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being directed to 11 us airports, including sfo where they'll be screened for fever, cough and difficulty breathing. >>the cdc says the strategy is not to identify every single person coming into the us with the corona virus. they say the goal is to slow the entry of the virus into the us. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>the washington state man who became the first us patients infected with corona virus is now home from the hospital in a statement today says he's getting better and looking forward to life returning to normal. he is in isolation at home and be monitored by health officials and be sure to stay with us for continuing coverage on the corona virus head to our website for the latest news and numbers under our new corona virus section. that's all at kron 4 dot com. >>we want to check our weather now temperatures taking a big ship in the north bay in particular in santa rosa, a freeze warning is in effect tonight chief meteorologist lawrence karnow standing by
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with details sorts guys, it was a cold start the day today. we have some frost and freezing temperatures. but tonight another very cold night out there you've got clear skies, you got the very dry air already in place these temperatures artie dropping off in numbers right now it is 40 degrees in napa actually ticked up a degree they were just a 3943 now in santa rosa 45 in nevada 46 degrees and lael 47 in concord you get the idea these cold temperatures already in place and you're going to see these numbers really go down tonight in fact warnings have been posted across much of the north bay. you see from mill valley right through nevado up the road or park santa rosa healdsburg saint helene and napa fairfield pittsburgh any areas in the shade of purple here are expecting some very cold temperatures, especially after midnight tonight into early tomorrow morning that's what a lot of these numbers dropping off into the 20's in the 30's these the forecast lows tomorrow morning about 27 degrees downtown santa rosa that means in some of the
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surrounding areas you getting little bit colder than that 29 and napa valley, 31 and cocker 30 in livermore look at that even 30's around the bay there's going to be frost tomorrow morning guys even inside the bay. >>thank you lawrence in the east bay alameda police are looking for 2 suspects involved in an armed robbery. it happened around 01:00pm on san jose avenue near willow street. police say 2 men approached some women and at least one of the suspects brandished a firearm and took the victim's property, the suspects got away in a vehicle, this victims did not sustain any injuries will have more on this investigation in a live report tonight at 9 o'clock in oakland, the fbi and oakland police are asking for your help to try to solve the killing of this man patrick scott junior. authorities say 2 years ago today, the 27 year-old was waiting at a bus stop at 62th street and market street in oakland. when a person approached him and fired several shots, scott was waiting at the bus stop to go to his grandmother's house he died at the scene. the fbi know completion offering a
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$30,000 reward to anyone who has any information that will lead to the rest of the person or persons responsible for this case. >>in san francisco over the weekend police found a body in elk glen lake in golden gate park officers responded to a report of a body floating in the water on sunday morning right now the cause of death on the person's identity are unknown. anyone though with information is asked to contact the sfpd a san francisco police are also responding to an unusual call on sunday, a safe that had been forced open was found in the 300 block of page street sapd says a business have been burglarized on the 300 block of hayes street overnight saturday and a safe had been stolen they are still investigating. >>happening tonight, the first votes of the primary season were cast in iowa, however, the state's democratic party says it's experiencing a delay in reporting results because of unspecified quality checks. one possible reason for the
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delay could be that this year iowa's democratic party's decided to report 3 sets of results first alignments and final alignment as well as each candidates, total of state delegate. equivalence california's democratic party primary by the way will be on tuesday march, 3rd. joining a number of other states with scores of delegates up for grabs and what is being called super tuesday. >>well the san francisco 49 ers touchdown in the bay area today wrapping up a trip to the super bowl that ended just short of the victory we all wanted but our nfc champs and the 49 er fans are already looking ahead to the next season and hopefully another trip back to the big game in fact that was the message delivered by those who welcome the team home today. well for drop out reports. >>the 49 ers united airlines charter touched down just after 2 o'clock on monday afternoon. as the plane taxied into a cardinal area here at mineta san jose international. forty-niners banner appeared
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out of the window of the cockpit. moments later amid cheers from a small but very enthusiastic welcoming committee. the players coaches and other staff members emerged and made their way minute they were disappointed but already thinking ahead to next year. >>and they brought back the spirit save me as i love this team's energy so much, it's that combination of virtuosity with generosity. we need a lot more that like our team raise you know it. do so great and so is this. the super >>last night stadium can attest, it looked like the 49
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ers would bring home another >>today were having none of it. >>they came to say thanks. >>a great year. we're still proud of ad is nothing they couldn't day they would make us want to be proud of and they did the they were still a >>up at a the bus heading to san francisco taking an unplanned stop when bullets start flying on board in an effort to try to improve service riders changes are coming to bart will have details coming up. plus a road in fremont causing controversy
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tom: my mom always told me actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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>>in these fame holders are going to be along the frontage road leading to the tesla factory by the city of fremont to try to prevent people from parking on that stretch of road become a magnet for big rigs and armies. the city says is because of complaints about trash building up also safety concerns due to the high traffic speeds in that area kron four's maureen kelly has some reaction from some of the people who are camping there they've already been forced in a david didn't want to appear on camera or give his last name says he's been living in rv with his girlfriend here on this stretch of kato road
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across from the tesla service center. >>for about a month and a half. he says he's been hit with about 300 bucks worth of citations is getting ready to move on to sanai building here. yeah, i mean, and there is people out here. they can look bad so. >>just they can expect to live on the side for every goalie. >>where are you guys going to go. >>somewhere mike an artist she says he doesn't have a last name it didn't seem to know much about the city's plans other than what's posted on the signs that new parking restrictions will be enforced on february 6 the city says permanent no parking signs will go in here as well as boulders to deter parking of large lot of cause a spokesperson for the city of fremont says they do not have the information about the cost of the boulders but that they are in response to complaints coming in from the community
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about trash and other problems stemming from vehicles parking along the frontage road to the 80 freeway in what's primarily an industrial part of town. it's not just the homeless are these brand new tesla is another high end vehicles could be seen out here as well as car carriers loaded with tesla's and other tractor trailers. the city says they're in talks with tesla about their truck parking management. some people who work in the area who did not want to go on camera say a lot of the trash is thrown out by the truckers. the city says they plan to begin towing vehicles and removing trash on thursday. the boulders could be installed that very same day. reporting from fremont i maureen kelly kron 4 news. well, bart riders might want to listen up schedule changes are coming and the agency says there >>these changes will help improve service. some lies will see service start earlier others a little later barr says most changes are small tweaks and we'll adjust
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departures and arrivals by a few minutes there are some significant changes though there will be a return of 2 line service into san francisco on sundays. the addition of a new fleet of trains on saturday as an earlier weekday trains service from many riders for a list of the schedule changes just go to our website kron 4 dot com. there are 4 zone forecast as we show you a live picture of the embarcadero and it just kind of looks cold in this picture, i don't know why chief meteorologist lawrence karnow says bay area is being hit with a deep freeze my goodness i mean it's getting cold out there already dropping into the 30's around parts of the bay area. so yeah, we're head of the deep freeze for tonight, one of the coldest nights we've seen in quite some time look at the numbers outside right now. >>it is 48 degrees in san jose that's not too bad 49 in hayward 45 degrees a still 50 in san francisco and then look at the north bay 43 in san anselmo now 39 degrees in petaluma and 38 insane
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holiness so these temperatures getting very cold. the air is very dry outside right now. and much the bay area looking at some very cold temperatures some frost around most of the bay area even inside the bay, maybe along the coastline, but the freeze warnings are up for much of the north a right to the delta expecting some of those temperatures down in the 20's and 30's for overnight lows. so it's going to be very cold tonight. even there but even around the bay, you're looking at some cold temperatures with the san jose hovering about 33 degrees. so in a frosty start the morning as well high pressure overhead you can see kind of really that the air traveling from the north around the gulf of alaska into the bay area and that's bringing that cold air the very dry air across our skies now that wind certainly a biting wind throughout the weekend very blustery causing some power issues over the weekend to now that when that breeze continuing outside you see to about 12 about 15 miles per hour out of the north-northeast so that is a very dry wind developing tonight. you're going to nice clear skies and freezing temperatures. plenty of sunshine though by tomorrow it'll be cool afternoon. then we'll start to watch things
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warm up just a bit but high pressure building overhead that is going to send the jet stream to the north that means no rain your skies are going to stay nice and clear but it is going to be very cold very frosty all around the bay area tomorrow morning. it was a bittersweet and for the team that gave united nations so much fun during the regular so much hope to absolutely announced that he moves into the aussies and a lot of us are wondering what's next comports. >>kron 4 sports reporter jason dumas here with the story in a lot of people kind of can they keep it together or can they be as good as a ban yeah, i mean a lot of people are still hung up on yesterday but we got to move on. there's a bright future and. >>they'll get to it like i said has been a sobering 24 hours for niners fans rightfully so but now we know the story obviously with just over 6 minutes to play the niners are up 10 points that lead-in of after eights and the chiefs end up winning 31 to 20 now 49 ers fans are asking themselves what could have been. now. the team
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landed at san jose international airport around we back, but it was still a somber mood overall the forty-niners they were looking to claim a 6th lombardi trophy that would put them in exclusive territory, they would join the patriots and the pittsburgh steelers, as the only nfl teams which 6 super bowls and now next up for the night his coaching staff and front office. the nfl draft combine that will be in 3 weeks at lucas oil stadium in indianapolis back to all right, thanks so much jason. still ahead tonight and a bay area officers pulling the trigger after a robbery suspects leave them on a chase from one city to another new details on that officer involved shootings. >>most polls are open for early voting here in we made usaa insurance for members like martin. an air force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage.
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yes, by gently warming your feet. but can it help keep me asleep? absolutely, it intelligently senses your movements and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. so, you can really promise better sleep? not promise... prove. and now, during the ultimate sleep number event save 50% on the sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 24 months on all smart beds. only for a limited time. but she wanted to be close to nature. home. so, we met in the middle. ohhhhh! look who just woke up!
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you are so cute! but one thing we could both agree on was getting geico to help with homeowners insurance. yeah, it was really easy and we saved a bunch of money. oh, you got it. you are such a smart bear! call geico and see how easy saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. >>happening today, california's can now start voting for the march primary election is our capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala caught up with the secretary of state to talk about what to expect. as the iowa caucus kicked off monday, some voters are already casting melanson california. straightforward time consuming so issue that everybody should although the state's primary is a month away californians can now go into county election offices and vote in person or send in mailed ballots secretary of state alex by said monday
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election officials sent out 15 million vote by mail ballots to those registered for the option we enter 2020. >>with record registration with primary season. underway. the secretary of state pointed out that more vote by mail ballots were sent out monday in california than there are registered voters in iowa, new hampshire, nevada and south carolina combined with california having an early and prominent voice in the pick for presidential candidates, the secretary of state's office is taking steps to keep this election secure and trying to minimize misleading information. the secretary of state's office is monitoring. >>social media platforms constantly and reporting what we believe is the run this information to the social media platforms for their review. we had a pretty successful relationship were pretty effective at a addressing some of the 2018 cycle. so we're building on that for 20 20, although the voting starts early counting will not election officials will start tallying votes 10
8:25 pm
days before the march 3rd election day in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>ashen of protesters who worked for pg and e are worried about a state government take over the plans under consideration to make the utility publicly run that has workers feeling uneasy chaos on campus, a gunman leaves behind evidence from a shooting that killed 2 and left a toddler in the hospital last closing arguments taking place on capitol hill and the president we tried to get the politicians to deal with the problem. but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen.
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arguments took place today and the president's impeachment trial on capitol hill and on wednesday. the senators are expected to vote on whether or not to acquit the president emily schmidt reports. >>the senate will convene at president trump's impeachment trial resumes monday with closing arguments to senators who seem largely an swayed by arguments so far even as president trump has orchestrated this coverup and obstructed congress is impeachment inquiry. he remains unapologetic unrestrained and intent on continuing his sham to defraud our elections this was the first totally partisan presidential up impeachment. in our nation's history. and it should be our last you know republican controlled senate which opted not to call witnesses in the trial wednesday's vote is one in
8:29 pm
which the president will almost certainly be acquitted as a result of president trump says he will likely have a difficult time working with democrats. >>even as his trial was going on he tweeted on monday i hope republicans in the american people realize that the totally partisan impeachment hoax is exactly that the hoax in washington and emily schmidt. >>to weigh in on whether senators will convict or acquit the president kron on's a son asked a hernia talks with one of the impeachment managers who happens to represent part of the south bay congresswoman zoe lofgren. >>but i think it's probably unlikely. 2.30 senate will vote to convict. we didn't play out our case here happening up afternoon. i think the case we made was a compelling one counts to what happened factually as well that's what the constitution means a number of the has said that to so the question is what is the senate going make
8:30 pm
of and what is the president going to make of is basically blessed by the i expect he will engage in for the misconduct or not not a good >>and as we said the final vote on whether the senate will remove the president from office is expected on wednesday. >>happening tomorrow president trump will present the annual state of the union address his speech is expected to focus on prosperity in issues affecting america's working families. a senior administration official told reporters a the president's remarks will quote lay out a vision of relentless optimism and that he wants to encourage congress to work with him to continue building an inclusive economy, we'll air the entire state of the union address right here on kron 4 news tomorrow night starting at 06:00pm. >>2 women were gunned down and a young child injured in a texas college dormitory today
8:31 pm
students an employee sheltered in place for more than an hour at texas, anm university police arrested the person who they say opened fire this morning. this happened at the commerce campus which is just outside dallas. the victims bodies were found inside a residence hall a 2 year-old was wounded in the attack that child is in stable condition tonight. classes were canceled and will not resume until thursday. no word on a motive. >>in the east bay police in union city investigating an officer-involved shooting we first brought you this video when it happened on friday night when fremont police chase the suspects into union city police say this happened this started as a robbery at a sephora store at 3 months pacific comments a shopping centre officers say they fired shots at 3 people one of them was arrested the other 2 were taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries say senator scott wiener san francisco's moving forward with a plan to make pg any a publicly run utility.
8:32 pm
>>complete with a new name, but not everyone is happy with his plan kron four's charles clifford has details. >>well here in san francisco on monday state senator scott wiener held a press conference to announce introducing into the state legislature to basically make the genie a publicly run their utility now wiener says the legislation would fundamentally and structurally reform pg e. >>and that the new entity which would be run by the state would be called the northern california energy utility. the district. >>if you need the company. i was always true has become increasingly we're in business model is broken and. in focus is so extensively on pleasing wall street and returns and dividends for shareholders now is structured to read. >>now also at the press conference today there was a group of protesters mainly union workers from pg e who are worried a state takeover of utility that could harm
8:33 pm
their benefits and their patients and they had a list of concerns from here is a member of i b w we're is breaking that up for a number of reasons one of the reasons it's near and dear to my heart it is e on what happens to the pension. there's the they can answer the question. i'm a lot of years with 1245 minute that if they break it up and send us to the state were orders a pension no one can answer that question. now hoping to ease their concerns wiener said today that the legislation would protect workers and benefits he says that if they move from peas you need to a state-run utility that their pensions, their benefits everything would move over. but of course there was some skepticism about that and wiener says that this latest legislation would also allow local entities like the city of san francisco. >>to move forward with developing their own power grid if they want for now in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 >>there are 4 zone forecast as we step outside to the golden
8:34 pm
gate bridge on this monday night, a lawrence is checking on whether or not there's any rain in the forecast but you know would love to get that rain of course traditionally this one of the wettest months right now there's not much on the rise show you there's a hint that we might get back to some water stuff on the way, but right now we are clear and cold temperatures setting up around the bay area right now outside you can see clear skies over san francisco all around the bay area nice and clear look at these numbers boy they're dropping often are hurry now down to a 44 in pacifica 49 in oakland 46 in dublin, 40 degrees now in napa just picked up a little bit the 41 in petaluma but look at saint alina down to 34 degrees right now so it's very early on in the evening to see temperatures like that you know where we're headed. it is mostly clear out there right now tomorrow should be sunny and bright you see those beautiful clear skies out there tomorrow, but it is going to be cool highs only in the mid 50's in the san francisco 59 in oakland 57 degrees in san jose all right, here's your long range forecast you can see that big dome of high pressure sitting over head keeping our skies,
8:35 pm
nice and clear also bring us that very cold air right down from the gulf of alaska that ridge going to build a little bit over the next couple of days. that's going to warm these temperatures up and i think by thursday we might be looking at some numbers moving the upper 60's get close to 70 degrees. it's on the warmer spots now things begin to change as we get into the weekend we're going to see a weak cold front dive in and there comes and that will move in late saturday night into sunday as it sweeps through again i think it's going to keep up the wind around the bay area brings a partly cloudy skies but staying dry. you may run into some showers in southern california as that low coming camps off the coastline there spends up some rain in that direction toward about next tuesday of next week then behind that that may be a more impressive system that drops in the bay area brings the chance showers as we head toward the middle of next week for the storms will be coming through now are some very cold storms and for some of the cold storms that will carry a whole lot in the way of rainfall that being said there's going to be a cold start the day with freezing temperatures in the cool in the afternoon in san francisco, but boy just about
8:36 pm
clear for everyone to be able to see the farallon islands off the coastline is just just about everywhere you want to go maybe all the way up in the sierra nevada. it is going to be just one of those incredibly clear days outside, but it will be on the cool side as well top 59 degrees in pleasanton 58 in walnut creek coal right through the delta on the north bay early tomorrow morning cool into the afternoon next 2 days though keeping you nice and dry warmer temperatures to thursday, cooling down big time again next sunday. waking up after a night of drinking could make you feel pretty miserable. >>they area company says it has the science stuff except a handful of companies joining forces in the fight against wasteful plastic products details on how consumers can play a part in a new service coming to california plus a maker of the blackberry making
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>>new versions of the blackberry smartphone may be disappearing and once again, the electronics company that has been making the blackberry tcl communication says that it will stop selling the handheld device in august, the company's partnership, a blackberry has ended and it no longer has the rights to design make or sell the devices library stop making is all smartphones back in 2016 and outsource project production to tcl it is unclear whether blackberry will partner with another company to continue selling the devices. meantime though tcl says that it will continue
8:40 pm
supporting existing devices with customer and warranty service until 2022 the ftc is taking action to keep the shaving industry competitive. >>one of the world's largest razor companies edge will edgewell personal care announced it would purchase harry's says the shaving startup that's offered low priced razors the acquisition of was for one billion but today. the federal trade commission filed a lawsuit to stop that deal saying it would eliminate one of the most competitive forces in the shaving market. the trial is set to begin in june that. >>next at 8 o'clock a gunman taking aim on a packs a greyhound bus that was heading to the bay area tonight we're hearing about the chaotic scene from one of the witnesses as far as the forty-niners returned home today without a franchise's 6th super bowl title but future still looks bright. jason has some
8:41 pm
tom: my mom always told me
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actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg.
8:43 pm
their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action. >>turning on a packed a greyhound bus heading to the bay area police say 6 people were shot along interstate 5 in kern county early this morning and one person did not survive tonight, a person who witnessed the aftermath of that chaos is sharing her story, tina patel reports. >>it's a match in trying it. high for your lives under seat and everything and though seemed to trinity stone was working the overnight shift at the jack in the box when a greyhound bus pulled into a gas station next door.
8:44 pm
>>she saw several people being taken out on stretchers rushed to the waiting ambulances she also sought 2 little girls come off the bus definitely shots and traumatized and the mom oh my gosh mom us. she was just in that shooting investigators are still trying to figure out exactly what happened on the bus they say the driver and 42 passengers were on route from los angeles to san francisco. just before one 30 am a man with a handgun and started firing. the driver immediately pulled over on the side of the 5 freeway near fort a home they were able to get that. >>suspect off of the bus without a weapon. we're working with the witnesses and we're trying to do to decipher exactly how that transpired chp officers responded and took the suspected gunman into custody, while the driver continued on to the next exit. 6 passengers have been hit by the gunfire 5 were taken to the hospital to be treated the 51 year-old woman from colombia did not survive.
8:45 pm
investigators still don't know whether the gunman was targeting specific people or shooting at random. they're gathering evidence hoping that will help them determine a motive, i've been on 25 years, i've never seen this happened. i it's unfortunate we're thankful that the bus driver acted i quickly and was able to get the bus pulled over stopped and it's a situation neutralize a without further incident. >>that was tina patel reporting 2 of the victims in the hospital have serious injuries, the motive behind the shooting is still unclear tonight. >>it is of course a day after the super bowl and there's a chance one or 2 people or more may have woken up a little bit of a so well as san francisco company calls the bionics offers what it calls fast home delivery of genetically engineer pro bionics the company claims that they can help you feel better the day after drinking alcohol. >>kron on at a chance to talk with ceo and co-founder doctor
8:46 pm
zack abbott about how the product works the idea is really doubt you drink a most of that alcohol is absorbed into your bloodstream and its process fire liver and that's done pretty officially on 5 a small amount of gets broken down in your got time and large part by the microbes that nationally living your got the call you collectively called the microbiology got microbiomes on and what happens is that when. >>alcohol is breaking down your guy on a lot of that alcohol turns into this toxic byproduct called acid all high your liver is good eventually breaking out os about high down wanted some sort kind of in your body but for for your liver have it doesn't he's again your body recovery todd, akin and any can be responsible for some of that next in news or you feel on and so we thought like to be really simple to that function of your liver in directly into the got in kind of known given
8:47 pm
about essentially take care of that house at all by that toxic byproduct as it's being formed in your got. >>ad it says are supposed to drink the product before you begin drinking alcohol and busy bionics does not replace responsible drinking habits such as. staying hydrated to listen to the rest of that interview you can download the kron on app live local news streaming commercial free 24 7 the world's largest brands are teaming up to try to help solve the plastic problem in california is expected to join that fight 5 companies that make the kind of plastic containers that end up in landfills and in the ocean are taking action. nestle procter and gamble pepsico unilever and clorox we're all trying to get consumers to switch from single use to reusable packaging with their new service called loop. the service cells brand-name goods such as detergents shampoos razer's an ice cream all in reusable packages you pay for a deposit for each package, the gets refunded when you send the containers back after
8:48 pm
you use them. the company claims. luke is used by more than 10,000 people now but it's expected to be introduced at major retailers such as walgreens and kroger next year the service expects is expected to launch in california canada and overseas. the forty-niners returned home today from miami to some to some fans at san jose international airport, it's been. >>a wild ride this season, especially the past 2 weeks but of course it did not and how most would have hoped the niners got in around 02:00pm and most of the players will clean out their lockers between now and wednesday we also expect to hear from the team on wednesday and even though sunday night was a tough pill to swallow head coach, kyle shanahan and quarterback jimmy garoppolo they're excited for the future of this franchise. >>we'll look ones will get over this. i will be fired up for next year we got a lot of people coming back. the we surprised a lot of people this
8:49 pm
year when we had a good team get almost all these guys back and and on that in a few more so than arrest a little bit since it over the summer will be very fired up for next year you see the guys eyes means on the guy's son died you got guys you care about what they're doing guys you care about each other not. >>we're a got to take this in stride remember this feeling and. >>let us in offseason. >>meanwhile super bowl mvp patrick mahomes made a quick trip up the florida coastline to orlando where he made the traditional visit to disney world and the big game's most valuable player at 24 he is the youngest super bowl mvp ever. head coach andy reid was back in miami with nfl commissioner roger goodell and reads new best friend the lombardi trophy given to the super bowl winning team of course when asked what he did the night of his first super bowl title however, 3 made it
8:50 pm
clear the lombardi is still a distant second place. >>and really sleep last spent with the trophy. why do care my trophy wife >>great ready for the first time in about 5 years it feels like the warriors are the forgotten team here in the bay area. that's what happens when you're having a bad season combined with the local football team making a super bowl run. but that is all over and now it is time to shift focus to the warriors who are on the road tonight in our nation's capital taking on the wizards on the eve of the state of the union address the dubs in washington dc and no they did not visit the white house 3rd quarter warriors up 14 draymond green off the screen. a nice play their layup he was 3 assists shy of a triple double 4th quarter wizards make a comeback bradley beal get 43 point he
8:51 pm
was ticked off that he did not make the all-star team but the warriors well they would not let this one slip away, glenn robinson. >>this is the finger all but he puts it back in dubbed of 9 he had 22 steve kerr likes it their second straight game, one 25 won 17 of their in brooklyn to take on the next wednesday. now guys will hear from the niners on wednesday. that's when they're cleaning cleaning out their lockers in the coach will do and the season interviews so. >>we'll get final word from them before they move forward and start focusing on the draft and all of that stuff now hopefully we see most these guys back in training camp the a i mean as kyle shanahan was saying it seems like they're trying to bring everyone back in uh. running back there you go all right, thank you jason are the things right next up and 8 years after getting separated from her family, a furry friend has been found states away from where she wa
8:52 pm
8:53 pm
8:54 pm
>>it took 3 long years one furry friend is finally get going to be reunited with his florida family and is all thanks to an advertising on a beer can that's gone viral. gabrielle are so low reports when you first need a day her smile is infectious. she was one of the 4 shelter dobbs chosen to be featured on motorworks brewing beer cans
8:55 pm
and the story went viral we were all running around like screaming because we were so excited immediately 2 of the dogs were adopted. >>but this girl was holding out for her perfect family. that's when monica mathis saw a familiar smile online is like. i was like oh my gosh looks like he's like turns out day day already had a family who called her hazel had been looking for her since 2017. it's just been the wrong state we never certainly thought to be as far away as minnesota wind 80's keep her home the family says they lost her microchip paperwork and were unable to update her information that's not a better every day still they lost help until they saw their pop on a beer can the fact that she's on here going to be is meant to be a truly believe that i thought of the last night i said this was the reason we did these cans now the shelter is working to send a day back home for free i
8:56 pm
feel blessed to have made. >>they may be giving it to come to >>excited for the day dating rejoins her perfect family reporting in manatee county i'm gabrielle are zola. >>the refs of kron 4 news at 8 kind of like the town on the milk carton but this time to dawn on a beer can or can't whatever castor union and making money on his are here with kron 4 news at 9. thank you, pam and ken tonight at 9, 2, thieves caught on camera. >>stealing a car after snagging the keys from a locker at a popular jim, and employees told the victim it's not the first time this has happened. >>and sticking up for those workers to have been bullied by customers can humiliated and upset and these big grocery worker with a disability says that he was be rated by a customer. the message. she wants people to
8:57 pm
hear following that hurtful confrontation. also chilly temperatures sweeping over the bay area tonight where will even dipped into the 20's keep it here kron 4 news at 9 is next. the number of uninsured americans, rising. the cost of prescription drugs, rising. the threat to people with pre-existing conditions, rising. the good news, so is support for the one candidate who'll do something about it. as mayor, mike bloomberg helped expand coverage for seven hundred thousand people, including hundreds of thousands of kids. including hundreds of thousands of kids. as president, he'll lower drug costs and ensure everyone without coverage can get it. that's a promise. and unlike him, mike actually keeps his. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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9:00 pm
>>watching kron 4 news at night. >>now at 9 we begin in the south bay where a pair of thieves in san jose made off with a college student's car seen here in this surveillance video good evening, everybody, i'm vicki liviakis and i'm catherine heenan and for grant lotus tonight. >>the victim says the suspect stole her keys from a locker inside the 24 hour fitness off mckee road. soon afterwards they were seen driving off with the 2018 white toyota camry and kron four's sackey has more details. >>a man and woman are seen in that surveillance video searching this area of the parking lot at 24 hour fitness they later find that car and take off with it make them tells me that employees at 24 hour fitness told her that this isn't the first time the car's been stolen from here my heart just job that was really shocked. >>at the moment, i just wanted find out what happened the fam is a member at the 24 hour


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