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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  February 5, 2020 9:00am-10:00am PST

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is here and there you might feeling really perceptive i know our human barometer will he be like cats, nice now looking outside at berkeley skies. >>nice and clear currently it's been deceiving the past few days the days look great as you look out your web cams or your windows that is step out there and you realize not it's kind of chilly a san jose in palo alto each 43 well, redwood city on over to dublin in the upper 30's. petaluma saint helene a fairfield also still chilling in the 30's while most of us are in the 40's at this point so yeah we're cliven door so cool upper 50's for san francisco later today and then some nice weather later on for oakland and san jose as we officially rise back into the 60's where we're going to spend the next few days more about that still ahead robin the drive into san francisco on 80 west looks much much better just what 1520 minutes ago. i was tracking a backup that spilled all the way out to west grand that's no longer the case we can call this.
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>>a minor wait, it's spinning out nicely hopefully it's safest way nothing interrupts this improvement word 14 minutes for your average off to fremont street off to one oh one we still have a line of traffic from brisbane all the way up to the 80 split and san francisco that is normal and then 6 80 at olympic and wannacry getting word of a new multi vehicle accident fare so it's going to be a little busy for you on south 6.80 leaving pleasant hill into walnut creek and continuing into alamo because of that new crash. that's why we went back up to almost 30 minutes for your drive time, i'll keep my eyes on this and we'll check more slowdowns and drive times coming up ok robert thank you for update to that breaking news story we just told you about moments ago while we've just learned that the lockdown at edna mcguire elementary and are in school has been lifted because the suspect they were looking for. >>appears now to be in custody. we'll bring you more information as to what the circumstances were surrounding this. the whole incident coming up in a bit 9 oh one let's get to one of the big stories that we're following this morning which is.
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>>the first 2 planes carrying american evacuees from will haim china landed at 4 o'clock in the morning at travis air force base in fairfield and then the other story that you see in the right window at a freeway shooting along interstate 80 in fremont. >>we'll have more on that in just a bit but let's start with those flights that touched down early this morning in fairfield conn for sarah stinson is there. she has the latest on what's happening with those passengers. >>earlier this morning 2 planes landed here at the travis air force base in fairfield carrying nearly 350 passengers in total all from move on china, the epicenter of the corona virus, one of those planes took off just moments ago from here at the travis air force base headed to miramar marine corps air station you can see it taking off here and that plane will stay there all passengers will go under a 14 day quarantine it's put out by the cdc and
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it's the first order of its kind in 50 years all for precaution, it's not to say that these passengers and us citizens have the corona virus but it's to make sure that if they do they are process and they make sure that it doesn't spread on us soil now over 24,000 people have been infected with the corona virus. the death toll continues to climb it's now nearing 500 people. more people have died from this than the sars outbreak back in 2002 2003 in mainland china the people from the remaining plane will stay here in fairfield and they will undergo a 14 day quarantine as well. >>there's a press conference here at 12 o'clock will be there so stay tuned to kron on in fairfield sarah stinson back to you. >>okay then there are the cruise ships now there are 2 separate cruise ships under quarantine because of the corona virus one is being held in hong kong 3 passengers on
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that ship had tested positive. crew members said that they didn't feel well so now everybody i hate heene 100 people on board are being screen and then the other ship its bigger off the coast of japan 3500 passengers and crew and there are under quarantine for 2 weeks because 10 people on board had the corona virus they tested positive. including there from all around the world, but there's one american among them as well, and in the south bay there are 2 confirmed cases of the corona virus and now 5 workers at good samaritan hospital may have been exposed to those workers are being isolated to their homes of for until february 11th a patient with the virus when in the hospital and jerry 28 he was wearing a mask, but still out of an abundance of precaution. the 5 workers have been sent home the health department is going to closely monitor them. but so far so good. >>at san francisco international airport they are taking any chances either travelers there are seeing
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more restrictions. the government the us government has banned all foreign nationals who been in mainland china any time in the last 14 days. but of course caught up in all of that are countless full time us workers who are in china on visas learned there now stranded there they can't come back home to their jobs. >>one of the companies that were that we i've been working with and we're evaluating i'm on a global scale. we're looking at potentially a couple 1000 folks that are being impacted by this and continue to see airlines are reducing their flight schedules last friday, united airlines announced that by the end of this week they would have completely suspended all flights to and from mainland china we're now seeing some of the asian carriers air china china eastern china southern following suit with reductions in service. >>well american workers who are in china for either work or vacation and their businesses now are hoping the travel restrictions will be eased at some point. so those workers can get back here and back to their jobs. keep it to the crowd for we'll keep you updated on any changes
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concerning the corona virus and our travel policies. we've also posted updates on our web site with ways you can protect yourself. we've got all of that available to kron 4 dot com just look for the corona virus tab under the new section. >>time now 9 oh 5 and breaking news from overnight that we've been following this morning. there's a freeway shooting in the east bay that happened up right along maori avenue the on ramp there too northbound 8 80 in fremont kron four's will tran has the latest now on what happened this morning will. >>the on ramp is open for people who need to go northbound 80 this is maori avenue it's free and clear but for a couple of hours in the overnight hours. it actually was a crime scene chp investigators had to shut it down they put yellow tape across the just to make sure that nobody even walks into the area as they were searching for shell casings it appears that they did recover 5 shell casings this involves 2 locations the second
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location there were 2 people in separate cars who were shot at instead of pulling over right here at the maher read on ramp to northbound 8.80 they keep going to a fire station about 3 miles away. they call police officers, police officers rushed to the scene fremont police officers chp investigators they show up they look at a black bmw that was hit there was also a white mercedes that car was not hit those 2 people just picked up those 2 cars at around 3 o'clock in the morning and was looking to going northbound when all of a sudden shots rang out. >>they're driving separate vehicles in tandem got on the route their statement was 2 vehicles pulled up alongside of them and they heard shots 9 o we all know the most vehicle shot or just they said it was 2 vehicles are followed. >>nobody was hurt at this
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particular time investigators they don't have a motive behind this whether or not there's 2 people were targeted or if this was an act of road rage. they are looking at cameras at nearby businesses to try to get a better look at those 2 cars that pulled up to the other 2 cars to see they can pass along a description to the public. but at this particular point all they have is they were sundance back to you. >>interesting all right, thank you very much well. and we're also following breaking news out of kansas city to where a police chase ended with a car. well kind of crashing through a barrier the kansas city chiefs super bowl parade come to find out they're actually trying to make a i don't doubt try to get in the headlines. yeah, the police reports that we've seen said something about the driver and passenger may be being drunk in under the influence and wanting to party and on the road. >>but they did crash the parade luckily, nobody got hurt as you can see here and they made the arrest and took those 2 away. and the parade went off. which is also set
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bunning today prosecutors will present their opening statements in the case of a stabbing that happened on bart john powell is charged with the stabbing death of 18 year-old nia wilson. she was killed at the macarthur bart station in july of 2018 and her sister was wounded he's charged with attempted murder for that cal has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity if he's convicted. he faces life in prison. and we have new details on another stabbing this is a deadly stabbing in san jose it happened october 6 of last year police are looking for these 3 teenagers who are seen running on north 27th street. police believe they were involved in a fight that led up to the fatal stabbing of a man in the 1500 block of alum rock avenue. >>alameda now where police there have seized a number of bottles of stolen alcohol during a traffic stop we have a picture the police actually posted what they found a look at that lining the route for the car. so turns out they stop the driver on high street to strive for not having a license plates on either bumper and it was during that
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stop that officers spied at least a couple bottles and then once they took a closer look they found the rest the driver apparently recently stole them from a safe way that person has been arrested for theft and the vehicle was towed. 2 men now face charges in connection with a series of car burglaries at popular tourist spots in san francisco. we did a story recently about the palace of fine arts. they're apparently tied to that golden gate bridge, the parking lot there at the visitor center. they're also tied to that as well police arrested jared wilson and delvon carter. they say the 2 broke into at least 5 vehicles before being arrested at the stones town movie theater parking lot. as find in east bay school after they showed one of their movies during a fund-raiser without permission. it was back in november that the dads club at emerson elementary school in berkeley held a fundraiser at which they showed the lion king about a week later disney found out sent the school a letter saying it violated the company's licensing copyright. the pta president to help run the event said he was sorry released an apology publicly
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and said he just he didn't know that the rule existed. >>salaries of teachers that should be covered by the district or should be covered by the state. but there's just not enough money there and so you know what to do to incumbent on us to bring that money into to cover those positions and you know we do these little sort of fund raisers to to fill in the gaps may be disney could give a use permit for schools using using their content in this kind of a landing the kids love disney. we love disney. you know, maybe it's a way for disney to show their love for the kids. >>we'll see the pta president says that there are of course going to pay to license they're not upset in any way in fact they're using this as a teaching moment for the students as an example of correcting something if you've done something wrong. >>the 9 11 at the time and still ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news police are now saying a deadly shooting at a home in brisbane wasn't a home invasion. so what was it will have the latest on the investigation and a santa rosa teenager jumps into action and saves the life of her family when
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their home went up in flames, we'll tell you how she did it and president trump. he gives his state of the union address and nancy pelosi rips it up. tom: my mom always told me
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actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action. >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news and back to a major slowdown on 6 80 in wannacry to look at traffic on the right hand side that is the drive southbound approaching north main but these people are stuck in the backup of a major accident
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that's up ahead southbound 6 ad at olympic we now have the 3 left lanes shut down chp has issued a traffic alert and as you saw from that live look it's awful your backups stretching all the way in 2 pleasant hill. so once again south 6 80 at olympic and won a creek accident blocking the 3 left lanes there's a motorcyclist involved as well and the backup is only getting more so hold off on this commute for now until they at least make some progress and get that out of your way here at 31 minutes for the drive through that slow down from highway 4 out to danville the danville side looks great alamo looks great everybody stuck right there in that nasty back up and wanted creek saw keep watching it and improving commute into san francisco. it's not great. but it looks much much better you're backed up beyond 8.80 over crossing just 10 minutes ago it was maybe mitt live so it's just off and on slowing 60 minutes for the drive off to fremont street here is a bridge that look fantastic it's over the commutes over here on west 5.82 the richmond
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sandra fell no delays to stress out about 9 minutes into the north bay and just a really quick peak at the dumb barton bridge. it's a 20 minute trip to cross the break that's improving one oh one still quite busy heading northbound from brisbane to san francisco john well robin skies, beautiful crystal clear. >>temperatures and not feel it's so great looking out there and timber on lots of sunshine overhead what we're seeing as first temperatures go still a lot of 30's and now more so in the 40's though we continue to see temperatures rising this morning as you would expect as the sun comes up napa and timber on each of 42 while oakland and san matteo at 48 say only in our last by hanging out at freezing at 32 degrees right now clear skies throughout the course of the day today that's not going to change as high pressure remains in place to our west that means any chance of rain or snow was sent to our north the sierra will remain dry as will the bay area conditions will continue to remain this way into tomorrow morning with the frigid and clear start to your day on thursday friday though
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will come along with a dose of fog looking likely to stream on into the day this will help to keep temperatures a bit more moderated at least right along the bay side in the coast into the evening. that means friday morning less chilly for bayside areas still likely to be pretty cold for inland spots though 50's and 60's for today's daytime highs so we're just as cold if not a little bit colder than we were yesterday for your morning but our afternoon highs are going to be just the opposite a little bit warmer rising into the 60's for most of the bay now foster city down through palo alto each at 60 degrees. while campbell san jose on over to sunnyvale each at 62 60's for most of the east bay you'll be at 60 in oakland on over to concord in walnut creek he'll be at 62. while the north bay bringing some of the warmest of temperatures mid 60's for areas like napa sonoma and santa rosa, into tomorrow a little bit warmer staying clear friday morning we start off with that fog as i mentioned inland areas are your evening lows but bayside areas not as bad friday
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saturday and sunday are warmer days in the forecast for daytime highs. we cool down into the start of next week. >>and now to talk winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black gracing us with his presence again to help explain what we're seeing on wall street with wednesday out of the gate strong do a good job of erasing kind of what we saw last friday little bit of a 3 in a row are going it's got a little bit of momentum going in the markets. the nasdaq hit a intraday high s and p 500 to really close. so we've wiped out all of the krona virus. the facts. >>we're back to where we were before we knew the virus. where will hot verified reports of treatments that are going that could stop the spread of a viral infection that has been likened to sars sky news us and that a vaccine might be showing promise. >>another research group said they have a cocktail of drugs that has been affective the world health organization says
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all this is not true yet. so no known effective therapeutics but airline stocks american airlines delta united royal caribbean and norwegian cruise line and even carnival cruise lines all going to hire i say even carnival cruise lines because right now they've got a boat that has a corn teen of 3700 and moment with 10 pastors to the crowd of ours how they recover from that i don't now fight they do the jobs report today on private peril because positive self it's it's more good news also all right speaking of news, we have the president deliver his state of the union last night from a wall street perspective do anything. >>in his speech that would give you any kind of headwinds as too taxes like that. yeah, i'm neither republican nor democrat when it comes to so don't read anything into this. >>but the state of the union had no big economic surprises. there is no new tax plans or no new policy proposals. nothing substantial that can get done likely in congress
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anyway this year an election year. but no new tax cuts no new phase to trade pact with china brought up. there was at one point in time a little bit of talk on the infrastructure and remember in 2016 both democrats and president trump said we spent a lot on roads and bridges and airports to the tune of a trillion dollars and he's talking scotia that kind of money of no 63% of americans approve of his handling of the economy. that's the highest since george w bush and the september 11 terrorist attacks brought on a positive reaction by watching nancy pelosi tariff dispute right there to help that was dropped off. answer say all right, let's talk about disney because closing bell yesterday released a quarterly earnings cash, this is the 1st quarter in which the disney plus app. >>had a factor played a factor in the numbers what you see let's talk about disney first and foremost on point on their themes and he's been parks in the ad at abc which was tv network in the attic cable networks.
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>>espn always been adding a little bit here and there and they change with the times beautiful at disney up exciting at marvel. they've got the parks and resorts which are doing great they purchased 21th century fox it's almost unfair how big they are they're disney plus their first set of numbers is 28.6 million users of the ad and hulu and espn plus 8.63 and a half million subscribers. that's a good start compared to netflix's a 167 million. i'm a worldwide and disney said in a conference call disney-plus thing in india, this quarter. so they're showing us where the growth is going to be treated with rest in themselves. they've invested in big projects like frozen star wars right it had to because we're cutting the cord with abc with espn s other sandal will be there till will be wherever we want to go court for disney interesting okay and then last week with your question and we talk about tesla lot this past few days, the stock i mean exploded once again yesterday
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and so peter writes and asks should i buy tesla of sounds like you got a little fear of missing out thing going on, but is this the price to jump in or i don't what's your take and professionally it feels like you're chasing the what's interesting was there is a professional on bloomberg yesterday who who said. >>if you got to right now and type and should i should say things like get a flu shot to stop the corona virus may be saying should i buy tesla while shy short tesla that's too much drama. there's a lot of amateurs involved in it. >>they're great car company they made tons of money for the first time ever, gm and ford if you times that by 2 they're still not as big as tesla they don't advertise don't have the expense of showrooms. so if take a shot at tesla maybe like one person in your portfolio now on maybe a $100 now $100 next year $9 a year after he would grow into annihilation it's not easy money more interesting all right rob, thank you as always keep the questions coming in just like peter, you can contact of rob via e-mail facebook twitter. >>you can always find him through our website at kron 4
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>>the back 9 25 is the time in the north bay we have a 16 year-old girl in santa rosa be credited now with saving her mother and her pets from a house fire from forcefully call takes a look when travis gilbert look through his windows monday afternoon. he saw a startling scene santa rosa fire fighters on top of his neighbors. >>lanes and smokes in just
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block in the middle of the street. >>he says crews worked quickly to put the fire out today did a fantastic job they were all over the same, but it wasn't until the situation calmed down when gilbert learn the fire could have been much worse the daughter had a i told her mother out hope for them that have not got the animals through the fire was reported at 00:40pm in the afternoon on julio lane that's when a 16 year-old girl living in the home helped get 2 dogs and her intoxicated mother outside to safety. she was very brave then just doing what he did and she saw that there that her mom in danger and that of. she took action the home is now yellow tagged the family is allowed inside just not upstairs. the fire caused $50,000 in damage, but no people or any animals were hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. she saw what was happening. to do was right you got around to the teen was unavailable to speak on camera despite the dramatic incident she still showed up
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for school the day after in santa rosa felipe should all kron 4 news. >>26 and coming up it's a historic day in washington dc in just a matter of hours the senate will vote on whether to convict president trump in the
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z3q74z z1ncz
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y3q74y y1ncy to deal with the problem.icians but they wouldn't. so we took it to the voters and forced big tobacco to pay its share of healthcare costs. we fought oil companies for new clean air laws and closed a billion dollar corporate tax loophole to fund public schools. by going directly to the people we got results. that's not something you see a lot of from washington these days. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. let's make change happen. >>and traffic will get to the cold temperatures in a minute first hot spot, yeah, 6.81 and
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creek accident involving a motorcyclist several other vehicles. crews are working on it right now they're pushing this out of your way but there's a sick alert in place southbound 6 80 at olympic its and blocking the 3 left lanes so the good news is they're moving it out of the way right now bad news is if you take south 6.80 you're going to be stuck in this back up there's a long line that spills through wannacry pleasant hill and now into conquered so you're back up as on to 2.42 you're looking at 36 minutes because of that crash but since it's holding so many folks back if you travel through alamo or danville it's going to be wide open for you because everybody is stuck behind the crash quick peek at the bay bridge toll plaza and was improving. now it's starting to back up again. we don't have any problems to 30 minutes ago we had a minor wait now it's already jammed once again from ad over crossing so we get it sometimes in ways slow traffic and weighs 14 minutes for your commute to fremont street will check more bridges coming up
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john may be backed up, but it sure looks nice there at the bay bridge as far as the skies go at least much like you're also seeing up in the north bay blood beautiful blue skies up above. >>we've been seeing that the past few days for your morning swat else we've been seeing some pretty chilly temperatures now we are beginning to climb though a couple spots are now at 50 degrees like fremont alameda and san matteo on the other side things palo alto and san jose. >>still sitting in the low 40's says are you a nap at 42 degrees. we have said goodbye to the 30's at least this morning and from here on out temperatures are only going to get on up towards eventually taking us to the 60's this afternoon 62 for your high in san jose daryn. >>thanks a lot 9 31 in on the peninsula police are now saying a deadly shooting in brisbane was not the result of a home invasion. we told you about yesterday here on the kron 4 morning news it happened monday afternoon at a home on alvarado street. a resident shot and killed a man inside his home. it was reported as a home invasion, but now investigators say that
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they don't think that that was the case. >>at this time it doesn't appear to be a home invasion it appears to be random the connection is undetermined at this moment and the investigation is still ongoing i don't like to think about the town is something that we have to guard ourselves against any but as times are appear apparently getting worse and uh yeah, there's more desperation on the streets today than ever before. >>we tried to talk to the homeowner, but he was not available for comment. the california highway patrol is investigating a crash that killed a woman and santa rosa yesterday morning, northbound 1, 1, on the bicentennial way off ramp there was a big rig pulled over on the shoulder there and she ended up driving her mazda right into a crash in and then underneath. >>the semi truck's trailer. the driver she was killed at the scene investigators are still trying to figure out. >>what major crash into the truck. police in san
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francisco, a arrested a man for stealing from a local high school twice, 35 year-old carlos vela its ceo was arrested for stealing a $1000 with electronics and tools from the roof of salah san francisco school of the arts. they were hit on december 23th and then again on january 11th. tell us you know faces several charges and we don't know yet if the school ever did get their property back. >>well happening today, the impeachment trial of president trump will come to an and a final vote on whether to acquit or convict will be held this afternoon it's expected to go down along party lines in just the last hour one of the votes that was in doubt taliban, a bam a democratic senator doug jones. he actually announce that he will vote to remove the president, but as i said republicans hold a majority so they're expected to acquit the president on both articles of impeachment. one senator actually proposed maybe the idea of censoring the president but house speaker nancy pelosi and senate minority leader chuck schumer say they are not interested in that idea. as for the president he delivered his 3rd state of the union
9:34 am
address to the nation last night but there were some tense moments between the president and speaker of the house. nancy pelosi, joe johns has the story. >>president trump gave his state of the union address before a bitterly divided congress just hours before the senate is expected to acquit him. in those 78 minutes, not once did the president mention impeachment. but before he even started speaking a sign of tension between trump and house speaker nancy pelosi, president trump seemingly ignoring pelosi as she extended her hand to greet him before she turned and shrugged to her caucus, the house speaker addressing the apparent snub in a tweet writing democrats will never stop extending the hand of friendship to get the job done for the people we will work to find common ground where we can but will stand our ground where we cannot immediately
9:35 am
after the president finished his address pelosi ripped up her copy of the speech in full view of the cameras president trump used the address to make the case for his reelection highlighting the economy and sprinkling in a handful of made for tv moments, your husband is back from deployment. >>he is here with us tonight. >>including a military family reunions. >>the first lady of the united states to present to you with the honor fleas and even a warning controversial conservative radio host rush limbaugh the presidential medal of freedom. >>limbaugh announced this week that he's battling advanced lung cancer. trump's republican allies applauding his talking points. well democrats mostly sat silently through the evening. michigan governor gretchen whitmer deliver the democratic response using the opportunity
9:36 am
to remind americans that president trump was impeached. >>the truth matters. facts matter, and no one should be above the law. it's not what those senators say. it's about what they do that matters but in the end the bitter rivalry between the president and pelosi taking center stage. >>the white house and trump's gop allies slamming the house speaker's gesture it was disgraceful it was you can tear up the speech but you can't tear the complex months and that's what this race is going to be about in 2020 some democrats insisting outrage should be directed at trump for using the state of the union as a campaign distract you from. the to his base. well that was joe johns reporting for us this morning, another big political a new story. >>the iowa caucuses right
9:37 am
problematic start, but we are getting some of the results coming in. so let's take a look early results again only about 71% of precincts, reporting right now, but it shows that at this point former mayor people to judge is in the lead albeit a slight one ahead of senator bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, the senator is just behind in number 3 and then in the 4th place position is former vice president joe biden now as for the iowa democratic party they say there were some inconsistency is with this new app that they were trying to use to report the the tolls totals last night so they scrapped that they've gotten a hand recount it's still too early to call this exact winner, but again at this point people that change is >>shares are beginning to climb after what has been such a chilly morning up to this point start to see some 50's out there like in san francisco and fremont while napa conquered hayward still holding on to the 40's. your forecast is ahead. >>we're taking a live look at your commute on 6.80 south. it's pretty bad right now
9:38 am
recovering from an accident in walnut creek. the southbound back up on 6.80 actually spilled into conquered so major residual delays here's the america i know.
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a country that puts working together ahead of standing apart. where we find common ground to expand health care and build a stronger, fairer economy and save our planet. i'm a problems solver, i build teams, i nurture good ideas, i hold myself accountable for results. it's how i led a complex, diverse city and it's how i'll unite and lead this country. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>voters in november will once again decide whether to expand rent control state why the secretary of state announced a measure that would further expand statewide rent control has has officially now qualified for the ballot this fall so you'll get a chance to vote on it. it would in effect
9:41 am
end the restrictions in california law and give local jurisdictions the power to limit how much rents can be increased each year. voters rejected a similar measure back in 20 18 am predictably within hours of the secretary of state's announcement we have several lobby groups like the california rental housing association stand up to voice their opposition. >>the disasters public policy for california it would devastate property values make it more difficult for runners to find adequate housing in an expensive complicated unnecessary let the layer of bureaucracy we put together a successful coalition. to convince 60% of the voters in 2018 to vote against this. we are already already putting that coalition together and we're going to beat this again in november of 2020. >>advocates say that they could be successful this time around given the increased attention in california's housing and homelessness crisis. >>9.41 coming up on the buzz, everybody's changing shirts, tons of big trades in baseball
9:42 am
and basketball. how they'll impact the bay area and we're going to try to keep you out tom: my mom always told me
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actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action. >>the back 9.44 on this wednesday morning back to the usual at least of what we're seeing this week which is chilly temperatures and beautiful clear skies for your morning. we haven't seen any fog out there this morning, not a lot of cloud cover there's a few clouds but it sure isn't blocking out that brightness for making its way
9:45 am
down into the bay area 40's and 50's for your current temperatures officially out of the 30's where we spent most of our morning really for most areas, alameda and san matteo as well, san francisco, each of 51 oakland you're getting close along with berkeley have 4849 degrees right now skies are going to remain dry not just today but early through the rest your forecast as high pressure ridge, it is set up shop just to our west pushing anything as far as rain and snow well to our north into the cascades rocky mountains and out of the sierra nevada at least know snowfall up there for the week ahead. we're also going to see for the bay area is just dry conditions. tomorrow morning we start off the day fog free again now that doesn't look as likely into friday morning and some fog shun stream right into the day. that's going help moderate temperatures along the coast and along the bay on into friday morning making for a less chilly start to the day for these areas are inland valleys though still going to have lows dropping into the 30's likely on into friday morning. temperatures
9:46 am
today, a eventually do rise into the upper 50's to low 60's. now this is a change from yesterday when we stayed in the 50's through the day this time around more so the knot we're tapping into 60's with 62 in santa clara, san jose and sunnyvale east bay temperatures also mostly in the 60's this afternoon that's a change for the warmer from yesterday north bay actually some of our warmest spots like in napa sonoma and santa rosa, each 64 for the highs today, a look at your next 7 days thursday friday and saturday our warmest of these days well sunday and monday being the coolest as a cold front pushes through sunday resulting in windier cloudier and cooler conditions. it is also going to be dry on sunday, even though there is a cold front pushing through now bring us a chance of rainfall will stay dry through the rest of the week the weekend on into the start of next week. robin thank you john checking back in on 6.80 it's our hot spot because traffic is recovering. >>from a major crash in wanat
9:47 am
as southbound 6 80 at olympic that's what we had a motorcyclist in several vehicles involved blocking the 3 left lanes so it's out of the way the traffic alert was canceled. it's already looking better but it has not really improved a whole lot, it's stacked up from 2.42 is you're going to write the breaks from to 42 all the way up to olympic and then your commute through alamo and danville will be find so improving not great read 25 minutes now for my way for out today unveil the bay bridge traffic, the slowing here at the toll plaza, it's really been off and on the last time i checked it was backed up the on 8.80 now we have a minor weights so this is still good will put it at 14 minutes into san francisco, no problems across the golden gate, there is a zipper truck there it is right there creeping along slowly they're switching around your lane configuration because the commute over here so coming from the north bay, it's not going to be a problem and easy 20 minutes novato to the toll plaza quick peek at the south bay were winding down on one oh one we're down to 49 minutes now from san jose to
9:48 am
menlo park. not everyone loves a parade this one hurts. chiefs fans are getting ready to celebrate their super bowl win on the streets of kansas city and if that's not enough to rain on your parade how about this all bets are on the dodgers because they just got. >>key in a blockbuster trade, the red sox are sending mookie betts and david price to the dodgers los angeles lost back to back world series against the cheating astro's in 2017. that's what the mlb report says and the red sox in 2018 also might have been stealing signs. lawyer giants fans complaining though, but you're not going to be happy about this either the dodgers just doubled their odds of winning the world series. ap baseball players on the only ones changing jerseys the nba trade deadline is tomorrow and these 12 players are the first to go on massive 14 deal between the
9:49 am
wall's hawks rockets and nuggets and warriors all-star d'angelo russell could be next. i'm comfortable with being uncomfortable right now in this in my profession. >>this time of my career a lot of teams are. they they want they want to point guard. 1000 around line on those talks and try to get me so i understand the business side of what's going on. it was 9 nothing new that i've been is allies seeing obviously see i got to answer questions about also shot on the turn to your hear about it so it is what. we'll tell them where i'll be in the next 2 so. or i go i'll be on my feet will be there and i just pray cities make the best out of >>more was the warriors were going up pounced angelo to the timber walls but you never know maybe they will wait to see how he plays with staff since they only got in a few games before curry broke his hand it is a great.
9:50 am
>>if you've got about a week to figure out something good for valentine's day and the pressure is on because it falls on a friday if i don't see rose petals and swans on the bed. he's in the doghouse just kidding cap, but if it's the thought that counts what do brands sticks say, i mean i know james they say love at first bite olive garden to what what does that say to your loved one, but supposed to think if you give me to me that says this is for you because there's 4 breadsticks and there. >>oh wow nice you went through a lot of trouble yeah, you're wrapped up some breadsticks shock that i think is safer. okay, how about a shoulder to arrest her weary head on the arm pillow. the like see them here our panel that upheld all. so they can cuddle up unrest on that and then you can roll over your arm. >>and she so you like that.
9:51 am
>>actually i from the guy's point of view that is after a lot of you want to be the first want to say actually we not do >>that's her whereabouts and but being the guy was says can we not wear the same shirt, this is better that winning right air and rescue all up in the same outfit it how would you like to just wear the same shirt. it's for 2. you like that so it's got 4 arms and is know it's just so horrible i i really want to say we share the same bed. you know if you have a partner the bed or the covers you know what i'm talking about you can barely get a corner i found the perfect gift that you can get if you're the benghazi give him or her the cover clamped what does he show you clamp it you put it that one piece under the bed then law show you then you take the other one in a clip it on and it's a big huge hard clip that goes
9:52 am
good shot at it take a look you could that on to the do they and you see how it works it's really strong they say i don't know it's like 50 or a 100 pounds of force that is not going anywhere. you could tell you in yourself on the other side and you're not going to be a role me over you see that cost 25 bucks that is fantastic isn't it great. i do like that so if you're the hog i would say this would know this is the thought that counts to i know it doesn't seem romantic but it's better that separate beds, which is the alternative you know what anything that helps smooth it out right your loved one needs actually works i like that like as my wife does roll over. >>always he's a all up with her ever say anything i could to college in the mine to distract set the 5th and then you could and that's the buzz.
9:53 am
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>>in fact just a about done here on the kron 00:04am morning news but as we know it never stops on kron on does what they call it con on sanaa's interest in the newsroom as we are always on a later on this afternoon officials from the u s department of health and human services will be holding a press conference about the corona virus at travis air force base this all after number of american evacuees high china landed there
9:56 am
earlier this morning and. >>the us house of foreign affairs will also have a hearing about the corona virus will take you there live once that begins plus the golden gate bridge district has adopted the climate emergency resolution we're going learn more about that a little bit later on in the senate well they've got a big vote coming down of course the president's impeachment trial today to download the app so that you can stay with us. >>all right, thank you will want to san francisco's painted ladies now off the market did know if you heard it's 7.14 steiner street though one of those famous houses alamo square, perfect on the outside the way to see inside ares listed for a very reasonable 2.7 well to was and that's why appeal james, you got a deal because it's a fixer-upper look at the look at the inside look at all that like cracks and stuff and it may have been a bidding war because final price of final pies first 3 point i got a half. >>3 and a half this look at the staircase do need to do
9:57 am
some work on that will be issued to see what they do with it baby to be about years project to get it all down and take a look at the 7 day around the bay forecasts cold cold cold know by friday we warm and it stays dry too as you can see that's it for the kron 00:04am morning news. thank you so much for joining wednesday midway through the week we got it all right see you back here tomorrow starting at 04:00am. tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
9:58 am
is better than the criminal in the white house.
9:59 am
we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people.
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