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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  February 7, 2020 6:00am-7:01am PST

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>>thanks for joining us on a friday, i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher let's see how the weather the traffic or a hold up for you before u head out the door, let's start with robin how's a look it's ok busy on ourbridges and a crash to wrapping up in albany. so check in on the shore freeway right and there's a lot of patchy fog out there, it's all over the place you know watch out for it because even though it's not foggy where year after maybe she's it's going to be talking a mile down the road possibly so definitely anticipate that as you're driving into work at times the golden gate bridge has been now. ded and other times like >>we've been looking at a clear picture there you can see those spots of fog hanging out righton the east side of the peninsula. some spots along the bay bridge on into the car keen as and then out along the coastline and it is having an impact on visibility so watch out for skies are going to remain clear into the afternoon for clear spots and only grow increasingly clear for those foggy areas that means lots of sunshine to expect later on right now
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we're in the 30's and 40's you can see tho numbers inland still hanging out in the 30's. bayside areas on the mild side with alameda d san francisco. each in the upper 40's right now north bay down into the 30's yet again after a cool morning and some fog we have beautiful blue clear skies this afternoon in daime highs well into the 60's weather out the coast or inland, we're looking at a nice mild afternoon ahead, some spots getting close to 70 degrees today. >>rob all right. thank you john checking in on the bay bridge toll plaza 80 west much lighter. >>than usual about 30 minutes ago we have more of a backup and some of the cash lanes what. >>doesn't look that way now it's been a great trip coming into san francisco and even some of that fog has lifted we're still unr a fog advisory for the bay bridge. but at least we can see. the toll plaza now so if you want to come on and do it now before it gets too bad really and 10 minus our crash in albany out of your way 80 east at 5.80 that was blocking several lanes they're still a little patch of residual
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slowing through the scene but it's really not bad westbound there's a little pocket of slowing ensuring richmd but that's hit 18 minutes from crockett down to the maid's story of mes. thanks a lot robin 6 to one and a big story this morning. >>8 americans are now among what's a total of 61 passengers onthe cruise ships in japan and hong kong that are nder quarantine now some of those victims are begging president trump to help them. >>and we just still feel like safe if they're really concerned worried should be quarantined is it's a not cruise ship that's already expected donald trump. save us, it is a government based air 20. is to geus up the >>i'll get us off this ship. those are just some of the americans thousands of people are these ships in the kick it off because the incubation there's 2 weeks so they have to be cortines for 2 weeks and as i said now it's 61 people
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between these 2 ships that have to cry virus soaked up that long with that many people tensions are going to rise right or their doctor th're waiting and they are continuing to test all of these passengers for the corona virus. well the corner people and right now over 630 31,000 people across 25 couries. >>are infected 12 of them in the us and half of those are here in california fact here in san francisco fears of the kron a virus is causing concerns about the lunar new year parade parade officials say the show is going to go on the parade will happen this weekend the kron 4 sarah stinson is live near the parade route to talk about what effect. >>the virus may have on who shows up sarah. >>well we'll have to see the organizers of the new the lunar new year parade in chinatown they want spectators to stay they wa them to come out have a good time they do not want the fear of the
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corona virus to take over this parade that's been going on for years and is one of the most popular chinese new year parade in the world now we did talk with organizers and they said the parade must go on let's take a look at their website they put out a warning is in red that it ys we are aware of the corona virus and we're monitoring the situation with the guidae of the cdc who and the local health a full authorities there are no plans for canceling the parade should events change we will notiy everyone to our website local news and social media platforms so they said great let's go on currently the finishing touches are being made to float with glitter red gold and a whole lot of representation of the year of the rat. >>the organizers hope people come out. but yo have a good time near chinatown in union square anll the way down to market the streets are ready for the parade with crowd control rricades parking signs can be seen in stores
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are stocked in ready to go the chinese new year parade is tomorrow from 5 until 9 at night you can expect traffic across the city but it will be interesting to see what the turnout will be. >>will there beess people attending will hopefully we can catch up with people on the streets of san ancisco this morning see if they plan on going it's going to change their plans atall for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you sarah and the continued spread of the corona virus is castg a shadow on just the asian community at large in the bay area, especially chinese businesses. >>are paying a price they're usually very busy this time of year. >>because of the parade and all the lunar new year activities. but the chinatown chamber of commerce in oakland says that isitors and locals are staying away restaurants and businesses are empty. managers say the slowdown could eventually cause them to have to lay off workers and the amber of congress is now working with community leaders to try to dispel rumors about the virus and doing some
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outreach. so that people will come back and enjoy chinatown. that decline is between 50% or 75%. which is totally shocking and people getting for you know, and then look at patients. >>thinking that they all 6 people. we need to change tax code of people know safe here no not lie this once a year. >>the chamber of commerce will hold a workshop next week to help businesses learn more about the virus and try to help them bounce back from this slowdown. >>16 laboratories across california will soon be able to test for corona virus, a whole lot faster fact, one of those labs is this one here enrichment up until now patients samples had to be sent to the cdc for analysis with those results taking up to 7 days to come back. well starting on wednesday, new equipment will allow this lab and those 15 others to test for the corona virus in house and get results in just 2 days. >>new this morning, one person
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was injured in this house fire in san jose. the fire broke out last night the home is in the 500 block of north 18th street. and officials say that that house was actually they can. but they found a peon who had fire related injuries at the scene. so we don't know if they were squatting or if they were injured because they were near the house. but they're treating that person. a shocking confession out of the east an 18 year-old man admits to police that he stabbed and killed his mother and now he's in jail covered and thor has reaction from neighbors. >>concord police arrested 18 year-old who says he killed his mother the victim elizabeth barry was found stabbed to death at this apartment along treat boulevard wednesday night her son harrison mercy a has been charged with her murder. i was shocked >>still can sll shock specially can i know what happened. chris rodriguez lives in rus a small day care next door. >>she says the victim was friendly and quiet. she was
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also unaware that her 18 year-old son was staying with her when we got home. >>we saw that a gentleman was sitting, i'm on a steps and then all of a sudden we police. >>in their car when police arved on scene wednesday nightthey found mercy a waiting for them outside. police say he called them around 9 o'clock and told them what he did the lights remaining on at the empty apartment thursday night other neighbors were not comfortable speaking with us about what happened we didn't hear anything. it was always quiet. it's just that reporting in concord dan thorn kron 4 news. >>will san francisco, public works director mohammed nuru was back in federal court yesterday for a bond hearing he faces federal corruption charges along with nick bovis the owner of the popular restaurant left field tools. federal prosecutors accuse new rule and bovis in a scheme to bribe a san francisco airport commissioner so that they could get a restaurant inside sfo. the attorneys for both
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his says the question remains whether his conduct was actually criminal. >>clnts are really a good guy. hard working and virtually institution in san francisco. and i think it's all going to come out and watch good work says never. never turner's. >>both men arfree right now on $2 million bond in the meantime they are expected to return back to federal court on february 27th. happening today, oakland mayor libby shaft will give her state of the city address it will happen inside the theater at the oakland muse of california, the doors are set to open at 4.30 today with mayor chef giving her speech at 5 o'clock and we will stream the full address live on kron on. >>the top 4 morning news has been a year since a massive fire damaged 4 buildgs in san francisco and the investigation is still ongoing. plus the city of san francisco is moving forward with a new drug sobering center. we'll tell you what
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people can do there and when it will open. and we're less than a month away from california's presidential primary this specific group of voters that bernie sanders is trying to win over after the break. >>and at we have this morning is another chilly one, but this time plus some fog out their 30's 40's on the map right now i've got your forecast for the afternoon. still ahead. >>you don't have to worry about any major delays ading into san francisco doesn't the flood good may be a minor weight off and on in some of the cash lanes but we're not seeing the normal heavy flow of traffic which is good 11 i'm alphonso, and there's more to me than hiv. . my cause,... my choir. i'm a work in progress. so much goes... into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it.
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>>back at 6.12 thousands of flights canceled right now and at least one person confirmed dead as storms and tornadoes ripped through several southern states. with a tornado watch in effect for alabama florida georgia, north carolina south try basically the entire southeast, the severe weather caused flooding. a lot of damage to a number of cities over downed trees homes, damage roads inundated with water in fact the national weather service says the storm system is expected to move north along the appalachians. and the northeast now is bracing for the severe weather to come their way fact they're looking for the possibility of 20 inches of snow to come down. when the story gets there so. with thousands of flights canceled here. make sure you call ahead the plane you're expecting to be on may be stuck. you know on the tarmac somewhere in the east coast right to call and then it does
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add to it our fog here and that's going to be a mass exactly 2 factors right there it's actually pretty impressive right now looking at satellite and radar in the east coast because this line of storms just stretches all the way up the eastern seaboard. >>so it's going to cripple things over there a stir making t-shirts ice, you know, yeah, like you that i would. and you know superstorm like a snow mud at night. is it is severe enough for sure and that is you mentioned aria got the yeah sfo you can actually see things now which is an improvement but you can also see that there is fog hanging out there and that obviously does contribute to delays as of right now we're not seeing any weather-related delays on the map. >>wouldn't be surprised to see a few of them, but we are certain fine as of this moment, i keep you updated though as we work our way through the morning at some fog visible in san francisco, which is that can be a little bit awry through san francisco
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as you can see if you look really closely not blocking out your visibility too much san jose skies, nice and clear for you while it down into the east bay we are looking at conditions also foggy it's cleared up right along the bayfront anne-marie ville berkeley and oakland still some patches though that are causing you some issues for sure as far as temperatures go we're in the 30's and 40's right now dublin conquered livermore each in the mid to upper 30's as you are in the north bay. well right alongside the bay conditions not too bad oakland and san matteo egypt, 42 degrees currently while berkeley in alameda egypt, 47 san francisco, the warm spot on the map sitting right now at 48 degrees later on today you can expect skies to continue to clear out some fog this morning, it's not going to stick around for long in fact for some areas were already saying it's starting to break apart by the time we work our way into the afternoon, it's back to what we've got used to warm conditions high pressure built up keeping us dry any chance of rain or snow is set
6:16 am
elsewhere in the country well the bay area and the rest of california sits just the opposite under to drive conditions, we've started for a february and really 2020 on a dry note now we're falling behind as far as rainfall and snowfall totals go so we'd like to see some rain at this point we're just not going to be getting it into tomorrow just a sunny and dry as today is as for the sierra sunday will bring some light areas of snowfall will see that showing up here on future cast. this week cold front though although cooling down temperatures and resulting in some breezy conditions come sunday isn't going to result in any chance of rain for us here locally so we're just going to continue that dry trend through the weekend. well into next week. daytime highs today similar to yesterday's but a few degrees warmer we continue our climb that we've enjoyed all week long. and now we're starting the weekend off on a very mild uncomfortable. no mountain view you'll be at 67 today with palo alto redwood city san carlos in san mateo each
6:17 am
in the mid 60's today, south bay temperatures nearing 70 degrees, san jose campbell in santa clara each up to 68 and you're going to enjoy these nice warm temperatures under what will be crystal clear blue skies. pleasanton livermore and at 66 each well, dublin at 67. oakland berkeley and richmond you will each be at 63 while from san ramon on up through walnut creek and eventually on up to concord 66 vacaville are warm spot in the bay today near 70 degrees just one degree shy of it. pittsburgh you'll be at 66 while napa youngsville sonoma on over to santa rosa each at 67 degrees. here's a look ahead at your next 7 days temperatures tomorrow just a touch cooler by sunday we're seeing temperatures back into the 50's or cool stay the weekend and also a breezy run cloudier one but as i mentioned no chance of rain for it. next week we level out in the 60's that's above average. so another warm weekend dry week ahead of us next week. robin thank you
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john, it's still very quiet out there, but also crowded so we're not getting any. >>major problems are major alerts but traffic continues to increase year on westbound 92 so we're taking a peek at the san mateo bridge and there's your line and it's going to be a long once a stretching from the pay gates to about the high rise portion of the bridge. we don't have any problems in the mix just the usual crowd, but at least we're at 17 minutes and that's not bad off to one oh one now we're getting a little bit of a back up at the bay bridge toll plaza it starting later this morning normally by 5.30 we have a full house and that really hasn't happened yet backing up off and on in the cash lanes and fast track lanes now it's feeling just beyond 8.80, but this is still a good trip and 10 minutes after fremont street we're looking at more numbers and they look good if you take 6.80 south dublin to fremont that is only 15 minutes, what about the nimitz maybe that's a part of your commute 80 south looks good through san leandro and hayward union city of milpitas the drive still under 30 minutes, so that's considered friday light even
6:19 am
17 out of the santa cruz mountains it was rough yesterday but that crash out there, but right now it's only 23 minutes heading north from santa cruz into los gatos we'll check some more freeways and drive times coming up deiah. >>thanks a lot of 6.18 and it's been one year now since a gas explosion that sparked a massive fire that damaged 4 buildings in san francisco and the ntsb is still investigating krofour's gayle ong has more. the aftermath of last year's chaos still remains at the intersection of geary boulevard and parker avenue it was the afternoon of february 6th when workers accidentally ruptured a pg and e gas line causing an explosion fire in san francisco's inner richmond neighborhood it happened around one 15 during the lunch rush to get outside. >>it was blazing. >>like it was the biggest fine ever seen in my life, the flames were high as 40 feet burning for more than 2 hours the national transportation safety board spent days at the scene a preliminary report
6:20 am
says the gas line was struck by a 3rd party contractor. >>ignited in less than seconds the 5 employees were able to escape injury because of audible and visual clues that indicated they had struck the gas line at least for building suffered serious damage. the official cause could take another year reasons they are so looked not only at what happened in doesn't take her long figure out it happened d also to come up recommendations to something like this from happening again will be a ton r block has been rebuilt and reopened other businesses have slowed down just a lot quieter. >>because this was affected in the met in across the street they finally revealed it this used to be a really busy corner it's literally taking over 6 months early get back up and running with it. regular. >>busins level weeks after the explosion 2 people filed a lawsuit against thcompany that broke the gas line. another lawsuit has been filed
6:21 am
involving a street worker suffering injuries from debris. >>one of those lawsuits goes to trial in september reporting in san francisco gayle ong kron 4 news. >>an expert inspector hired by lawyers for wildfire victims says pg any is still operating a rickety power line near the one that started the deadly camp fire. this as the utity is working on a refinancing plan. the utility told the judge inspected 50,000 transmission structures in high risk areas since the fire. pg e filed for bankruptcy last year because of $50 billion in claimed losses from wildfires in 2017 2018. >>happening today, secretary of state alex padilla will be visiting berkeley high school. the deal will discuss the importance of voting and the role that young people can play in shaping the future of our country in our communities through civic participation. power california and alameda county election staff will also be on campus to help students register and pre-register to vote. well
6:22 am
bernie sanders campaign is reaching out now to california voters with no party preference there are more than 5 million no party preference voters in the ate and they are set to vote on the state's presidential primary this year and they have to either request to democratic or republican ballot if you want to participate the primary or re-register with one of the 2 parties bernie's campaign staff spoke about the matter at the state capitol yesterday and here's part of what he had to say. there is the second largest bloc in the state of california. and they're almost 30% of the electorate, the bigger than the republican party. so the voters are and th's why we have a very targeted program to these voters. >>well state lawmakers approved a bill thursday that would allowvoters to change their party preference or their address within 2 weeks legislation will go into effect immediately with the governor's signature california's primary is march 3rd don't forget along with a number of other states. on what's called super tuesday. >>it's 6.22 and still ahead we
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♪ the wait iover. try my new tiny tacos. 15 forks oroadefor 4 bus. delivered exclusively with uber eats swalwellhas written a book getting an inside look into the recent house impeachment probe into president trump. >>the book is called end game
6:26 am
inside the impeachment of promises to contain stories from inside the democratic caucus, and both the intelligence and judiciary ommittees as well congressman swalwell is currently servg his 4th term. the represeing portions of the east bay. the book should be coming out in ril. >>emergency medical tenician student is being credited now with saving a man from an overdose happenemonday, he was at the civic center statioin san francisco. the man overdosing was found blue in the ce his eyes were rolling back. his breath almost gone barely had a pulse, but bart officials say that nicholas stock immediately jumped in actually perform cpr and then 3 bart police peonnel eventually arrived on scene and they administered 2 ses of narcan. >>parents are paying too mu for child care but caregivers re making enough. lawmakers heard from both sides today as coee before your 8 a.m.
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>>weath and traffic but it's not that easy because it's so ashley on the bay bridge. so we started o with special advisories for the bay bridge and thgolden gate, fog is lifting john will explain traffic loo a lot better, but it's still a little dance like through the maze and on the standbut much much better yet how police with a friday maybe will keep it on th lighter side it friday july so far all right so not like of
6:30 am
course is the g was talking about yes, so it's definitely starting to lift is robin alluded to and have caused us some problembut only a little spots like a baby karl this morning junior carlson okay that's a great way to put utside at san francisco. you do have some learing skies less of an impact through the goen gate there are still spots of it right there and at includes in the vicinity of aid sfo down the peninsula along one one so watch these areas coast is actually clearing up pretty good. >>a couple spots in the car keen as to suggest a fespots to be watching out for definitely a our f this morning. so far this week though esn't take a lot to say that we've been fog free up to this point now skies will clear into the afternoon 30's and 's for your current temperatures, redwood city >>areas that have regularly been in the 30's this ek
6:31 am
like the north bay all back down thre berkeley and san francisco 47 for your current temperatures oakland and san matteo each 42 oking ahead at the rest of the entually rise well into the 60's en warmer than we did yesterday and today the warmest one of the week so far ally great way to start the weekend. ve got more on your forecast to come rob alright, traffic filling in at the bay bridge toll plaza it started about an hour later. >>than what we normally see this amount oftraffic at the pay gates meaning and usually happensat around 5.30 this morning. it didn't happen till now 6.30 so now we have a line that spills ust be on the 80 over crossing and out to west grand so yeah packed at the pay gates, but the fog is lifting earlier, we couldn't 8.80 over crossing, it was e just that denso 11 minutes and growing after fremont street onon across the golden gate looks fantastic 20 minutes novato to the toll plaza an traffic tracker showing for the nimitz and one oh one
6:32 am
33 minutes to the peninsula will check more coming up facing human trafficking people arrested. e than 500 >>and a statewideackdown. the bus was called operation reclaiandrebuild kron four'rob ladeboe has more. >>well traffic predators. sheriff's sergeant kyle, beer is talking about people like this man 36 yearld isaac leave who is charged with human trafficking following hiarrest last month here in a milpitas motel room where he haarranged onli for yog woman to have with several men who turned out to be undercer cops are detectives >>would a person of those ads and set date for commercial. and then whethe individual arrived we were arrested fo olicitation of prostitution in just 3 days, 16 so-called johns were arrested for soliciting prostitution. >>more often than not the victiis forced by physical or psychological abuse.
6:33 am
traffickers idenfy vulnerabilities and use them to manipulate and exploit >>it's going to boil ere it's day with our experience if they don't follow the rules of air a further exposure, then physical abuse is somethinthat they were there will be as a result of them, not following the rules are complying they're exploiter investigators say the victim in the milpitas sting was from out of state along with 2 other women who artarged based on their narcotics dependey. >>which was used as a method of cotrol a total of 5 victims were rescued during the operation in these operatio we would target potential victims. >>the dates with them and then when they would show up we would. recover them get them in touch with how to get resources and then hopefully identify nd arrest or exploiter. sergeant better says the victim in the milpitas case thoughat suspect isaac lee was going to help her get back to her family, instead she was
6:34 am
coerced into prostitution in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news in e south bay 24 hour fitness g member and san >>th're targeting this time the gym off alamuddin road and willow gl neighborhood, a gym member member there something in theilocker on monday afternoon. >>keys in on a locker anhe rushed outside and saw a man getting in his car had the keys. the victim caught up with the thief a after a brief scottstruggle, he ended up getting his stuff back before the victim let the thief go he says e thief appear to have robbed other gym members as well. >>were thrown, risk or that on passenger side are shoes on want go full bars nners r service for paul words cars. obviouy storm or merchdise all over his vehicle. >>so it seemed he just went in the locker room and
6:35 am
thought whatever was available and then took off with the car now is car was stolen drop front f another 24 hour fitness, this was the one off of kee road. we told you about this yesterday where a woman left her keys in a ocker the thief came in grabd the keys drove off with her car still have found it. will san francisco's parts apartments are back open with now offers 203 affordable y homes for seniors and adults with disabilities. >>the building was built back in 1926 is a public housing propertymayor london breed grew up in fact across the street from that building in shared the changes that she seen throughout the years. >>mgrandmother actually has to come down to the kitchen and volunteers who make us volunteer to light wh it was for seniors and so i did get chance to spend some time here when it became senior development. but the neighborhood still had a lot of challenges becauswe had lot of challenges with gun violence in in crime and in other things as me.
6:36 am
>>the property was rently renovated under a federal ing program. and it became privately owned and permanently affordable housing. in the east bay, huge bouldes now linethe side of a road in fremont all with the effort of trying to prevent illegal rv pa it clear kron 4 says it made you now with the full story. >>holders are bei set up to that are being goals from illegally parking herocato road in fremont. frman city officials say this effort is related to improving traffic this high traveled role did the dust real part of town over the pa year several multiple complaints from ved residents and businesses about has lived re this rv for
6:37 am
several months she says thursdawas the city's imposed deadline for these vehicles to clear out. >>however a bit of good news. e says sh just got word that freeman is giving these folks additional time before they have to leave a little at a time my >>i'm thinking new york are going to newark york in the next city >>these are these happen to be right across the streetrom this tesla build you see se of their vehicles illegally parked on the side of a ll road as well. 3 nths city officials say the installation of no parking anytime signs and spacing of the boulders is scheduled to be completed no later than fried city crews will begin other safety measures are any needed. in fremont haiq kron 4 news. >>an update to a story we told you aut yesterday we're learning that a 16 year-old girl who was attacked near a she worked we're learng about exactly what happened afterwards,
6:38 am
here's a ideo from the citizen appand it shows olice after the attack and what theyere doing this happened on tuesday night near fisherman's wharf. ne the starbucks there on bay street. it's not clear if it s inside or outside the starbucks police say a group of 8 people approached the 16 year-old girl with a golf club attacked her and then they took ff their watch and r cell phone she suffered minor injuries. and we don't have a detailed description ofthe people th're looking for they thi they're between 1724 years old employees at san francisco base bakery tar teen want to unionize. >>they held a public rally in the city more than lf of the workers signed a letter and sent it to management tar teens for primary lotions in the bay area organizersall the move every workers right. >>because despite how large an entity or how small an entity is we belie that every worker has the right to organize they feel that they want to every worker has
6:39 am
every right to improve their working conditions by foming or joining a union so tartine management can now choose to either recognize the union or not. >>it's a management says no well then the workers can from here go on to file a request for certification petition wih the national labor relations board. also in the news, a new facility is opening up in san francio to help people suffering from drug addictions city leaders are calling ia sobering ceter and it's the first of its kind in the country kron four's ring kelly has more. >>the homeless man you se here is smoking a combination of methamphetane crack and fentanyl he didn't want to show s face and asked only to be id by his nickme was fit he says math is not usuay s drug of choice because in the past that psychosis is weeks. o >>it stru field street behavior like that which is e reason the ci plans to
6:40 am
create a drug sobering cent here at one 80 jones stre a site that slated to be housing in the fa of 2021 until then the city will use it as a refuge for the out >>when a person is intoxicated the often are confused the often are behaving in erratic manner and oftentimes i find that they're quite quite we really driven by surge of emotions. really fear in so we ned to developa place that's a welcoming environment for these people to come in coming from the elements comeff the streets. rax calm down and then get connected to services despite already being surrounded by homele tense, a man who manages a cafe across the street. >>iconcerned out the impact the sobering center will have on his business but he still has sympathy for those who will be treated here since he too was once addicted to alcohol and math, u know, i know how it feels to me and the other side of the sea yeah, it's it's kindof i
6:41 am
think it's good for us on that. >>it's held 2 for no good that's a than you sometimes you had to deal with things that are not easy sobering center is expected to opeup at this location in the spring of this year. >>they will be able to serve 15 people at a time and as many as 45 people over a 24 hour period. maureen kelly, one for >>6 41 on the clock coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news, the warriors make big move right before the nba trade deadne will tell you what team what the team go back r d'angelo russell. plus lawmakers are working to make child re re affordable for working parents will tell you about the new income based solutions that they're workg on we'll have that story coming up after the break and tside this morning, we're still chilly a lot of us still down in the 30's like redwood city of livermore napa and santa rosa talking your weekend's forecast still ahead.
6:42 am
>>and we're taking a peek at traffic heading into san francisco. this is a caltrans camera li in the oakland maze on the right this is traffic coming from emeryville and right down the middle you havetraffic coming from oakland on 5.80 not so bad not even cked up through this city's changed... la di da, at do we have here? this coffee sn't ev heard of a year ago and now? it's everywhere. how do you explain this? what am i, a professor in explanaon? 1850 cofe. quality at's criminal.
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see you at denny's. >>for your money this morng a lot of parents will spend as much on child care for their toddlers as they will for college tuition for their
6:45 am
teens. well now in washington lawmakers are looking into what congress can do to help families cope with all of that we have just eaten with the story. >>this is not the 1930's angelica gonzal a single mother of 3 told members of congress times have cha but t childcare system hasn't caught up staying home is often not an option even r to pant households gonzales says on her journey to becomina laclerk she lost jobs and housing due to iues with the day care costs if i had aess to quality and affordable childcare from the start my crews in kids lives would have looked very different connecticut, congresswoman hayes was a teacher before she came to congress you can tell whic students even at the high school level were enrolled in early childhood,educati programs, a ild re provider from oakland california nancy harvey's told lawmakers 's hard to maintn quality day care when most caregivers make minimum wage we are actually keeping america working but yet
6:46 am
ourselves. >>we fall short and e struggling to pay our own bills. democrats say they came up with a solution in 2017 legislation that would cap what families pay for child care baseon their income it would also online the salaries elementary school teachers you cannot have 8. >>day care system. >>without subsidies virginia democrat bobby scott says the bill has been gaining bipartisan support but republicans like north carolina's virginia foxx have reservaons we need to te a comphensive look and how are using hardworking taxpayer fundsfox wants to make sure lowering hildcare costs doesn't waste federalta dollars in washington, i'm justeaten or. >>the 46 righnow taking a look at your weather and a beautiful shot there, san francisco. is foggy it's like holding in that or happened yeah, it is really pretty of
6:47 am
course this camera kind of exaggerates the colors but i never complain to filter of a yes looking really good out there thismorning beautiful sunrise we've seen a t of are still able to see some e n clear skies across most parts of the bay. it's a very patchy fog and it is hangng out right around sfo. so i'm watching your airports foany delays. >>high presse is sittin to our west right now that's going to keep us nice and dry through the upcomi weekend. now today and tomorrw these are ur stays to the weekend sunday. we o see some changes now we're still going to see dry ies as still going to be a nice day by all means, but there's a couple tngs to talk about including some high wind advisories as winds will pick up on into suny, you're still going to be looking at primarily dry conditions but upin the sierra nevada, there is a chance of just me light snow fall mostly on the eastern front of the sierra something to know your plans involve heading up into the mountains th
6:48 am
weekend maybe up to tahoe, do expect some lighter snowfall just some flurries reallycome sunday as you head back to the day 50's and 60's for your temperatures today,mostly just hanging out in the 50's right along the coastline elsewhere in the bay ea it is solid 60's and not just low 60's but mid to upper 60's. mount view 67 for your high today, same number for you in milpitas los gatos while san jose santa clara and campbell all up to 68 for your highs, the state temperatures solid 60's very nice start to th weekend you'll have abundant sunshine into the afternoon really gorgeous weather sure getting out there vacaville our warmest spot to 69 while santa rosa not far behind at 67. tomorrow temperatures simir a couple degrees cooler noticeable cooldown taking us back into the 50's will be breezas i mentioned a few more clouds and then a femountain flurries up in the sierra monday and tuesday we warm back up into the 60's were will spend most of next week. robin a busy commute tothe
6:49 am
richmond sandra fell bridge now the line here on west bound 80. >>school's back about halay between castro and return parkway so it going ba and forth between those 2 oks pretty good i'll take it it's decent for friday, fiing in but still not considered bad we don't have any h spots oranything you just have to wait in line 12 minutes here ofto one on west it's much heavier, but 0 it's also very crowded, it's spilling back be 82 west grand, it's not through the maznot yet 12 minutes is a rlly good average on a friday morning to san francisco will take a little peek at highway 4 so back here in antioch it's st wide open hen you reach the pittsburgh side near the bart station through bay point geting up an over the hill that starts to get a little crowded, but minutes that is still good to make it from one 60 out to 2.42 a little busy for the south bay as well right here on 85 north just before and after 1724 minutes to make it into mountain view or maybe you're tang one. oh one
6:50 am
we'll call it slow in little pockets not bad at all at 38 minutes and growing for north while one from san jose to menlo park so still considered friday light for the most part we'll check in on some more slowdowns and freeways coming up >>9 and the date is set for kobe bryant's memorial service in lo angeles it's going to be monday to 24 february 24th at the staples center and that date is significant because colby were 24 for part of his career d his 13 year-old daughter who died. she wore number2 in youth basketball. the service will honor all 9 people killed in last month's helicopter crash. the warriors another big move before the trade deadline point guard d'angelo russell is now a member of the minnesota timberlves in exchange the warriors get guard andrew wiggins and first and second >>in addition to training ruell moore is also said that mari spellman and jacob evans to nnesota as for
6:51 am
wiggins he's a former rookie of the ye. and a m's exls as a defender he should fit into throtation then when steph curry and klay thompson nally get healthy. >>now the forty-niners their head coach kyle shanahan and the general manager john lynch gaveus their final takes on the end of the season. yesterday shanahan said he's watched the final moments of the super bowl several times now and looking back he said he wouldn't change how he called the game. he also stands by jimmy g's performance. the focus is on getting back to the title game. >>a look ck home in our first static mission we started on i'm in a note he never finished tter than 3.13 and we nished 6 of ted side is looking little things like that that. are lots of staff, but i think have a lot of stats to pro we're differenpeople and i want those guys to keep that in their mind. some of this get out of our system and stuff but. i know feels more people to come back and after
6:52 am
the bright is that you know we're top 5 in returning starters and they're really good players and. >>we've accounted for you know, i'm taking care of some of our own players. >>re 40 niners are on the clock now for the aft on april 23th, they also hold th 31th pick of the first round. we'll take a quick brk as we go though, we'll eck the big board as we take a look at the markets, the dow off by more than a 162 points. spite the fact we got some pretty good. the employment numbs released this morning today looks like we're going take a breather from the posite days we've seen so far as the dow again off i almost little more than a 150 points right w the worry over the corona virusand its growing up in a family that struged
6:53 am
economical powerfully influenced my values.
6:54 am
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6:55 am
>>it's 54 now i knowwe've been talking a little bit about how fog is lifting but there still are patches out there that are causing you some sibility issues and among those sf which if you look really close you can see out the distance. i do seea plane looking like it's rolling down the tarmac but we do have a significt delay an hour and a half we are over looking at conditions out there obviously low on the visility side of things so this is no surprise on a foggy morning just make sure to know as you're headingto the airport your flight could very likely be one of those that is experiencing one of these delays we do have some snoall very light snowfall though in the sierra nevada on sund of the weekend if your
6:56 am
travel plans do involve heading up there you'll be great on saturday and sunday in fact it'sgoing to be warm up there. but sunday things take a winter returns so could ma for some slick conditions as you travel back to the bay. right now we're in the 's and 40's with concord livermore an antioch each at 38. >>rob off to 92 are checking in the commute across the 70 ohbridge where these folks are going nowhere fast have the drive here all cloggedup from the toll plaza across the span off to a foster city, so yes, it's pack that. i'm not tracking. any big problems thank it's fridayright you won't have to deal with this tomorrowe're looking at 22 minutes to make it to the peninsula also atthe bay bridge toll plaza there some heavy traffic here from west upper deckthank you very the much. >>coming up in the next hour, the chise new year parade will still go on tomorw in san francisco despite worries over the corona virus will have more a live report and a shocki confession out of the east bay that man admi to stabbing and killing his mother. we'll have the full story in just moment and san
6:57 am
franisco is amping up efforts to get people off drugs will tell u where the city's first sobering center is expected toopen it. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve yes, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadershipn action. mayor bloomberg d president obama worked tether in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, anto develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to nd good jobs. old we bring people togetherws wto seepragmatic lutions.when bloomberg: i'mike bloombergand .
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>>morning and thanks for joining us on a friday at 7 o'clock i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher let's check quickly th john and robin about weather traffic before we get to the headlines. how office wrote to oking good consider friday light that does not mean that there's traffic out there just better update the drive a holiday like e's not friday holiday light, use edibles light. ther, it'a i know you're not going want to hear the >>a 100 oto a one and a half hour delay yeah i thk it's having a bigger impact on delays out of sfo that it is on your travel into work, ok watch it because one o on right along the bay, definitely foggy and we are looking at some then foright acrs san francisco, it's not blocking out your view but it is enough in pahes to be


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