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tv   KRON 4 News at 8am  KRON  February 7, 2020 8:00am-9:01am PST

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morning can be going well john just could count. >>traffic its a little fog. but we can handle the fog there sure that'our first dose of it of the week so we had to he it at some point and it says it until friday to get here looking outside at berkeley burst of fog, there is nonef it out there this morning we saw fogger right there along the east she of the bay of emeryville berkeley up to richmond, you size staming right 80, but hey a lot of sense cleared out lookingclear all the way up to the coast which i can say the same for sfo right now which is still under a one hour and 20 minute delay as this line of fog are right re right long the bay has caused some instability issues from sfo south on portions of one o one you're also seng a touch of fog in the car can as. >>lile bit over san pablo bay to set those have an impact some of your bridges such as 92 on over the bay, so watch a uple of spots there
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were as you're driving across t may see a patch of fog. later on today skies really clear out and most of us already actually lookingat blue skies as you of artists your berkeley cam palo alto 30's, north bay, same the he with you while oakland and san matteo at berkeley and san frcisco are each a 48 degrees right now and later today, some of our warmest temperatures the week far san jose inching closer to 70 degrees robin over to the bay bridge toll plaza checking out way doesn't this look great. it's friday happy frid. >>minor weights and some of the cash lanes off and on it didn't look like this an hour ago here bacp started at around 6.30. and here we are in the 8 o'ock hour and it s already thinned out for now so get out there in ruin and we don't want to be ot spots are problems. this looks great 12 minutes after fremont stre, here's a pic of traffic tracker highway for lile busy mainly through pittsburgh. but we'runder 30 minutes to concord but a cult
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a danville you're finat 15 minutes the minutes it's goi to be busy can't get rid of the traffic altogetr but this is minor crowding at31 minutes to 38 to 2.37 darya change, thanks a lot rob. a nato won the big story this morning americans sanded on cruise ships thatare quarantined because a corona president trump for help yeah they want the us governme to get him off those ships. >>and you can hear him begging in this video. >>we just still feelike safe if they're really concered worried should be pointing is it's a not cruise ship that's already expected donald trump. save us, it is a govement based air 20. is to get us up to show you that you could hear talkinshe is one of >>8 americans while she's one of many americans that are involved in the corn team, but 8 american sofar. >>among the 61 cases of infected passengers on a
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cruise ship and she's one of the thousands because these are huge that are on the ships for 2 weeks because that you can pay should carry the can n get off know you've got the cruise ship there in japan. the other one. >>off the coast of hong kong and en you have closer to home a royal caribbean cruise ship with 12passengers on board they are quarantined right now docked in new jersey. none of them can get off. the cdc appartly will test all the passengers for he corona virus. so you got that here it much oser to home and if we break down th numbers for you this morning. >>the corona viruhas caused the deaths of 630 people, cluding the doctor in china who was firstto sound the alarm about the whole disease and he as told to shut up and now he's 3040ended up dying from the disease. right now 31,000 people plus across 25 countries are infected with it. 12 of them are in the united states 6 are in california and here in san francisco, wors fears of the coronavirus is causing me year parade. the lunar new
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>>parade in the city say it will go on but the question is 4 people show up there's been big impact on the chinese community kron 4 sarah stinson is live near the parade route with more on that sarah. >>the other question will people showup well i've been asking people will this corona virus fear will itstop you from doing things you love ch as going to the parade one of the most famous of lunar new year parades in the world people said no it's not going to stop me some people don't seem phase here on the streets of san francisco take a look at the website of the rade they put out a warning to all in red and it reads a we are awa of the corona virus and are nitoring the situation in the guide in we have idance from the cdc wh am local health authorities canceling the parade should events change we will notif everyone through our website local news and social media platform. so the parademust go on that's what seems to be currently e finishing
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touches are being madto float with glitter red gold and a whole lot of effort wasn't haitian of the year of the rat. organizers hope peoplcan come out ready to have a good timeas i said earlier we talked to some people walking to work this morning and asked them is this going to stop you take a listen. would you lethe corona virus stop you from going. no you just take precautions. >>thipoint probably not but. the next few days what n not at all. that can live in fear. >>and that's whe orgaizers were hoping to hear hey're hoping at people would not let their fear. ruin their time ruin their experience in ruin tir. the opportunity of cing to the annual parade now we're anding live right now near chinatown in union square we were on the parade route it goes all the way down to market yocan see the barricades for crowdcontrol. there's also parking signs that say do not park saturday
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because this is going to be full of good news, the streets are going to be closed down. >>for this parade, if you're not going. definitely avoid area. there's going to be traffic but it will see it will be interesting to see if the attendance goes down because of the impacfrom corona virus for now live in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news okay. thank you very much cheryl business is definitely suffered because of the corona virus in the asian community in t bay area. >>it's supposed to be a very busy me for businesses becae of the lunar new year, but instead the chinatown chamber of commerce in oakland says. >>visitors and locals are businesses are empty and d nagers say this all could businesses andpick up the chamber of commerce is working with the commity leaders the virus and doing an out outreach to tell people to come to chinatown and enjoy the community. >>that decline is between 50% or 75%. which is totally
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shocking and people getting r you know when they look at patients. >>inking that the all sick people. we need to change ta code of people know pot and safe re no car line or once a ye. >>trying to get the message t that they're ok the amber of commerce is going to workshop next week to do just that also to talk to businessesto help them learn more about the just kind of ke the misnomer about the corona virus just did say that the misconceptions abouhow can spread whohas it where it is. >>16 laboratory when you by e way willsoon be able to test for corona virus all whole lot faster and one of those labs is enchment up until now patients sample analysis and that can take up todays to get those results back. well stting on wednesday, the new equipment, they'll ha will allow labs like this to test for corona virus in house and get those results in just 2 days. in
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otr news, one person was injured in a house fire in san jose thathappened last night at a home on the 500 block of north 18th street. fire oicials say the house was vacant, but ey did find one pern with fire related injuries at the scene so they're investigating that further. thfire h since been put out. >>8 oh 7 in the east bay, a shocking confessi from an 18 year-old who says told the police he killed his mother stabbed her to death in her apartment wednesday night. she lived ontreatable of art in concord harrison mercy air told the police that he in act he called and he said he'd killedis mother elizabeth very and neighbors didn't even know that he was sting at the home with his mom. >>when we got home. >>we saw that a gentleman was sitting, i'm on a steps and then all of a sudden we police. and thr car i was shocked still still shocks specially can i know what happened. >>the sun is charged with
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murder right now police are still investigating the motive. >>morthan 500 people have been arrested in a major trafficking bust in the south bay. it was all part of what ey're calling operation a month, no motel where this s all went down a man has been arrested after arranging for young wom to have with several men. it turned out and so they arrested him ough, police say more often than not the victimsthe wome in these cases are forced into this work either through physical or psychological abuse, trafckers pimps they identify vulnebilities and use them to manipule and exploit those victims. they are. >>impos of oil where it's day with our experience if they don't foow the rules of air a further explored or then physical abuse is something that they were there will be as a result of them, not following the ules are complying they're ploiter. >>a total of 5 victims were rescued during that operation. san francisco, public works
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director mohammed was back in federal court yesterday for a bond hearing he faces federal corruption charges along with nick bovis who's the owner of the popular restaurant left field gos. federal prosecutors accuse both men in a scheme to brib the san francisco airport commissioner so that they could opere a restaurant inside the airport. the attorneys for above us as the question remai whether it's quite conduct was actually criminal. >>clients are really a good guy. hard working and virtually instition in san francisco. and i think it's all going to come out d watch good work says nev. never turner's. >>bothen are free nown $2 million bond they're due to rern to federal court. febrry 27th. >>it's been e year since a gas explosion start of a massive fire that damaged 4 buildings in san francisco and they still don't know exactly what caused it. they have an idea of how it started this fire at the intersection garyville hard parker avenue
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because itas workers from a 3rd party contractor that ended up rupturing a g e gas line and that's what set off the re. there's damage stl to the buildings today and the ntsb is still investigating it could take a year. >>this is they are so looked not only at what happened in doesn't ke her lo figure out it happened and also to come up recoendations to prevent something like ths from happening again. >>weeks afr e explosion 2 thecompany the broken gas inst line and then anoth lawsuit was led involving a street worker injured from debris. one of those lawsuits will go to trial in september. >>an emergency medical technicians student is being credited for saving the life of a manwho was expeencing an overdose this was mondayat the civic center station in san francisco. the man who was overdosing was in bad shape face was blue eyes were rowling breath was shallow pulse weekthe whole thing. well, bart officials say that nicholas stockup we justsaw
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a moment ago on your screen. he jumped into action right away started performg. cpr and was able to keep doi that until police personnel arrived and were able to administer 2 doses of narcan. happening today, oakland mayor libby sft will be giving her going to happ inside the it's theater at the oakland museum of california. the doorwill open at 4. today, mayor chef and will deliver her speech starting at 5 and we will be streaming . the full address live on kron on so if you're inrested in watcng it make sure you downloath app today. >>weldone still ahead the kron 00:04am morning news, another gym in the south bay is targeted by a thief. this time the victim got his car and his sff back about a lot of people still dn't plan with data and east bay schools fundraiser th landed them in trouble with disney. now they get a nation from the disease, a ceo willtell you what he id and then after the break the latest on the chaos surrounding the iowa caucuses as bern sanders and
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>>welcome back is a 15 right now and we're seeing some sunshine pop through fog out there it's been super patchy this morning down most of us actually are sitting under sunshine. the skies. that's a ppens to not be with those places as would hours over sfo actually. yeah it's taking out
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right over sfo then right down the peninsula, south of there so not the best placement of the g but berkeley sure looksgood if you're driving this morning, hey it's another easy commutas far as ather is concerned at least but if you're flying do expect around an hour and a half to lay out of sfo this morning. >>30's and 40's for your current temperatures across the y area oakland europe, 45. doub in conquered egypt, 40 degrees north bay still in the 30's. temperares really haven't moved much in the past couple of hours so we really started to level out now and we should start to see them climbing here within the next hour or 2. as for your current conditions skies, nice d clear as you can see for ost areas with high pressure in place and that's going to reain true. today and tomorrow now into sunday, a ld front tries to push on in this is going to result in some breezy conditions for the bay towardthe latter part of the weekend so friday and saturday ally are you're better days for spending the day outside sunday is going to be cooler it's going to be windy r for the sierra nevada is going to be just a
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touch of snowfall nothing that's going to be adding up to that snow pack so much but enough to make roadways slick for se spots if you are heading back from tahoe on sunday, 50's and 60's for your high temperatures today, most of us in the 60's this time around though, witthe easily the warmest temperatures the week so far mountain view at 67 san jose 68 for your high while the east bay sodly in the low mid to upper 60's, dublin, you'll be at 67 wih berkeley richmond in oakland at63 degrees. each vacaville are warmspot today just shy of 70 degrees. stinson beach inpoint rays in the meantime abou10 degrees cooler than vacaville in the upper 50's sunday breezy cooler and a little cloudier after that we level back out in the0's for most of next week. >>all right, thank you john we are looking good and traffic continues to fan out in many areas we're checking out the richmond sandrfell west bound 5.80 leading up to e pay gates not bad at all we're
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looking at roughly 8 minutes for your drive ti into the north bay even the bay bridge traffic 80 west what traffic. it has thinned out nice and started backing up at around 6.30 bu now we're looking good. so we may get another wave of heavy traffic we see that sometimes it's just not happening right now so great drive at 11 minutes to fremont street. here's a look at traffic trackewe do have so busy conditions heading from oakland to a downtown oakland or maybi should say from the san leandro oakland border to downtown oaand. so if you take 5 to the west or the northbound them. it's both are crowded thout major issues are looking at 28 to 30 minutes to dotown and then 2.80 san jose to cupertino doing fine and friday light and 18 minutes over to 85 james all right. thank you ron. >>to national news now at 8.18 the chairman of the national decratic party is calling f a recanvass people to judge top senator bernie sanders in the iowa causes. we have ryan nobles now with the very latest. it is the
8:19 am
caucus count that just n't iowa you have shocked the nation. >>after 3 days of cong the iowa democratic party is facing a new challenge. tom perez the chair of the mocratic national committee tweeting quote an offense iowa democratic party to e immediately begin a recanvs hirequest comes as the thin margin in the state zor delegate equivalents between people to dge and bernie sanders thidb responded to peres saying it would require an official request from a campaign to begin the recanvass process something that is described as not happened ill the ambiguity in iowa s not stopped looting judge. >>we are going on to new hampshire, victorious. >>sanders from declaring vick direct in erms of popular vote we want a decisive victory but the rules of the the winner is determined by the sta delegate equivalents, not the popular
8:20 am
vote on still for sanders win lose or draw waready to put iowa in the rearview mirror of his campaign announced a masse million fundraising haul in january. his best of the campaign and he's invested more than $5 million in new ads years now tting all his energy and to new hampshire. i do think it's ti to start having the cversation but new hampshire these days given the fact that were made just so that is what we are we're workinreally hard and the race here has begun in eaest and with rmer vice president joe biden coming off a disappointing showing in ioa calling sanders and buttigieg edge byname i believe in raising the minimum wage to a living wage i believe in health care for all you want to call that socialism that is socialism for working people that is the fundament difference between trump and make meanwhile elizabeth warren on track for 3rd place finish in iowis hifting her approach pulling
8:21 am
back ad spending in nevada and south carolina, hoping for a try our our resources ire we >>raising his father and checked for all oftho and that is $0.6 federal >>well thecandidates are now focused on the next primaries, including new hampshire, which of cose is up next tuesday. happening today, california secretary of state alex padilla will be visiting berkeley high scol will address and discusd the importance of voting a the role that young people have in shaping our future through civiparticipation. elecion staff will also be on hand to help students regisr and >>an expert in spectrum hired by lawyers for wildfire victims says that pg e is still operating what they call a rickety power line near the one that started the deadly camp fire. this mes as th utility is working on a refincing plan to get out of bankruptcy. the judge said the utility heard the judge or
8:22 am
from the charity and they said they inspted 50,000 transmission structures in high-risk areas since the re. pg e filed for bankruptcy last yearbecause of $50 billion in claimed losses from the wildfires in 2017 18. >>coming up on the kron 00:04am morning news paying for college for one child is hard enough have a many parents checking in rejecting their bank accounts but imagine having 5 teamall heading to college at the same time oh boy i will tell you what one school did lift that burden just a bit for one big family. d here's a quick live look outside the bay bridge approach that's nice i'll just let you look at tt for a bit as we head to trickle be right back. coffee before your 8 a.
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ten and ur eleven-a.m. team mixer. made with a delicioubleno. get 4 hours of lasting energy to outlast yr morning. >>the 24 right now paying for college for one kid is hard enough. us in our match and had ing 5 teens all the sae age all heading to college at the same time to help ease the financial burden. the school at these teens go actually surprised the family th free tuition forll 5 of em for thnext 4 years. now these quinuplets are off the moclair state university in new jersey what i want to be well according to them nts to be a doctor another lawyer, another teacheone wants to a dietician and another wants to be an accountant. financially after find out that we can go fofree, it's like while it few ways than
8:26 am
officiaeverything we do is i justthink. thbest they can >>wekind of like payback them by doing >>wow so l 17 years old they're all the quintuplets born in 2002. and so th're all good to go to thsame college now allow for free and that sort of tracking their lives om one that made ws as quintuplets and as babies to now and they're heading off incredible. that's pretty >>we'll take a break it's a 26. lots more news still to come in fact when com back, we've got a live report from san diego where another flight carrying evacuees from china is expected to land we ha video of the plane refueling in canada willhave much re coming up in that li port in jusa thiss the denny.
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>>2018 and we're still in the fog, some of us will get to the weather a minute. let's make sure the are no hot spots to run into no no hot spots and ery time i look at the bridges they continue to improve so we were talking earlier i think our floor happening. why it's not a there all right so more of out those beautiful cameras to look athen we come back if we can see them but yoreally can't see and that's the sfo camera unfortunately >>just says everywhere else is
8:30 am
really a that well that's that you look at the golden gate bridge cam right an rlier perfect unclear at the golden gate bridge s a fall and all those people that you know you miss the connection is just a big old mess sayg causes domino effect yeah in an hour and a half does a lot of damage has that's a just your averagdelay right there. i'm sure there's a lot of flhts that are possibly even more of us are sitting into the ost sunshine right now ere is that line of fog that stretes right through the bay, though that's what's causing the problems at sfo so we are seeing a tale of 2 weather patterns right now either you're really grain can se much or it's beautiful in crystal clear the's not a whole lot in between going on lots of sunshine in the afternoon today, some of us already sitting under it. >>30's to 40's as far as temperatures go san francisco, inching closer to 50 degree while nevado napa say holy to frfield all still in the 30's this morning. temperatures this afternoon will level out we're all going to be in the 's so even
8:31 am
thoughwe're starting the morng very different from one another we're all going to be the same later today, san jose 68 for the high above average temperatures for sure a nice way to start the weekend rob all right, let's check out the traffic it all depends on where you're heading this morning because some spots. >>are nice and light and iet and others are crawling checkout want to wanto cross the golden gate. >>this isone of hergood commute. we don't have any issues rolling south on one oh one novato to san francisco. so that's 24 minutes. we have the richmond sandra fell now it's delay free so it's going to be a great trip to the north bay, the bay brdge traffic no much of it earlier we were crawling now it's wide open at 12 minutes to fremont street. but then you have commutes like the mitz check out 80 from family and row to 38 all the way into downtown oakland you are crawling at 40 minutes, it's recovering from a crash. o th is one of those spots that are just ally really slow and then when you make it to the east shore of the bay bridge. it's going to be wide open we'll check more slow downs ming
8:32 am
up darya chase, thanks a lot of the 31 and our top story, another plane carrying evacuees from china. the corona virus whicbroke out in china. people have been evacuating and we'v seen them land at travis air force ba now ano%her plane just landed in california abolutely where passengers are gointo be undergng another 2 week quarantine like we saw avis air force base this latest plan though. >>landed at the marine corps air station miramar in san diego and that is where eric richards is joining usive with the very latest good morning, eric. >>yeah good morning you to good morning, everyone now you kn one plane actually land here a couple days ago and another one is in the air as wspeak so it's been really interesting tracking the 7.47 passenger planes is about 4 o'clock th morning, a departed will haunt china as we know epicenter of that from the virus outbreak then from there it stopped to refuel in vancouver canada from there it is now embarking on its final destination mcs mill on
8:33 am
miramar, the military base right here in san dieg let's give you some background as we get to the video thismorning. i can tell you that yes this again is the second plane to arrive here at this base are soon to san diego is a lot going on and we've been covering thisstory very thoroughly and we aren't sure just how many people are on this flight but we do know once they get to the base they will be screened again for any which are flu like we're taing maybe a cough or even fever. just days ago, another 7.47 pla arrived here at mcs miramar wi 167 people on board 5 of which showed sympms that are now hospitalized in isolati just as a precaution, including a 4 ar-old girl and her father. the evacuees not hospitalized will stay base undera 2 week quarantine th is for the cdc. we're told are doing we though these these people these folks and in good sprits. doctors also say there is little risk to t public and people should not be worried now we actual did face time yesterdawith the san diego ther and his 4 year-old daughter at i just mentioned early in eisele olation, listen to them. the
8:34 am
live here outside and see a s miramar isan diego into that face and you can clearly see that that 4 year-old girland her father are in good spirits and they're doing well, but as for the .47 passenger plane we're talking move oflight 3.79 leaving vancouver canada just a coup hours ago now in the air almost here to mcs miramarin san diego just before 9 o'clock this rning from their per cd see guidelines federal guideline they will then be screened again to see if ty are
8:35 am
showing any symptoms since they arecoming on of course this is did a developing story will have a lot re on this for now live in san diego was it back to you yeah, thank you there and look rward to that update later today when the flight lands thanyou. >>a 34 is the time in the south bay and another member of 24 hour fitness was taken for a ride by fees is happen in sajose outde the janet alamuddin road in the willow glen neighborhood. a gym membernotice that some stuff was takefrom his locker monday afternoon we rushed outside saw guy getting in his car. i he was able to confront the thief and there was a struggle he got his ar and his stuff back. but then he w that the robber also had what looked like another blow a bunch of other stuff that e took from gym lockers. bucs and the risk or that on passenger side colonels you grow from bars winners per service for wall ords cars. obviously storm or mehande all over his hicle.
8:36 am
>>and remember is happened at another 24 hour fitness this one off of from a key road where woman left her car keys in our locker somebody swiped m in love drove off with her vehicle and the car hasn't been found still. >>well thieves were caught on surveillance mera targeting a car dealership in fremont we've got the video check it out the camerfootage shows one person walking into the office e them at thetop of the screen. we've got a flashlight they werfollowed in by second person, both of them wearing mks and hoodies try to protect their conceal their identities. police say 4 people in all work together during this break in this was all thursday morning. it was at the bay auto group on fmont avenue. thethieves stole keys and titles to cars and apparently an undisclosed amount of money as well. concord police say. about to see is the result of a road rage incident now it wasn' cars getting tangled up this was on monument boulevard inead police say the driver of the truck, thehite truck there got upset because another driver didn't go fast
8:37 am
enough when the light turned green. they honked th drivers started yelling at each other they pulled over and th apparently went after each other's cars wi hammers and tire irons police say the driverof the truck wentto jail for sault with a deadly weapon charge the her driver could also be liable for vandalism and possible assault. >>employees at n francisco based bakery tar teen want to unionize and they held this rally in the city for that more than half of the workers management is saying that they want to unionize they work at 4 of the various locations that our team has in the bay are and they say is their right. >>because despite how large an entity or how small entity is we believe that every worker has the right to organize if they feel that they want to every worker has every right to improve thir working conditions by forming or joining a union >>management can now choose to
8:38 am
recognize the union or not if they say no wkers can file a request for certification petition with the national labor relatns board. morning news, the warriors make a big move right before the trade deadline. they got and who they're sending past. and after the break man says his dog saved his life by waking him up during a heart attack. we'll have that story after the break. tom: my mom always told me actions speak louder than word
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>>it's 40 right now and a dog in micgan oved he truly is hiowners best friend, yes can richard was sound asep. but his dog was able to wake him up while he was suffering from a heart attack firs who's youknow he is a 5 pound is and wake him up. but now shy and the 6 year-old pit bull lab mix is his hero. >>they yelled at her because i di't know what she was doing. so she took off out of my and i woke up in my chest hurt so bad i could hardly within like 1015 minutes. they come in and said the ambulance coming to transport ddle ready. no sooner got to middle and by 00:30am in the morning there a put a stent i >>so like he was his sleep and this way because it one hop he was ae to react yes and gethelp to and ecognize what was haening to incredible the dogs able to sense it but turns ouhe had a 99% blockage of his for hope. a
8:42 am
church fety 3 next month and he says a birthday he he will celebrate and clearly give shy and a big treat. head to break, here's a quick live look outside as we go sfo has been a problem with the fog this morning. the last check was an hour infestation. they always ve those bats flying the white background you uld release will be right back.
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>>the date is set for kobe bryant's memorial service in los angeles is going to be at the staples center on monday february 24th. that's to 24 significant because colby were 24 during his career and s 13 year-old daughter gianna who was also kill she wore number 2 for youth basketball, the service wilhonor all 9 people who were killed in last month's hecopter crash. >>and following that crash a california lawmaker now has a new plan that he hopes will save lives in the future r washington dc bureau for a leal murals and memoals roughout southern california now commemorate the life of kobe bryant andcongressman brad sherman says he has another way honor colby's legacy. we can't be back. we casave. ma many lives in the ture he introduced a bill to require all commercial helicopters have a terrain awareness warning system that
8:46 am
alerts pilots in low visibility coitions when they're near mountains or other dangers that lie in their path had that been in the helicopter, maybe this disaster would have been avoided since 2014 the fda has required that all medical helicopte have the technology. but for commercial licopters like the one koby any other paengers died on it's optial it's not a nacea it doesn't necessarily rk in all environmen are for all missions. chris hill safety director for helicopter association internatial says terrain awareness tenoly won't always be helpl. some aircraft fly exclusively thrgh mountainous areas or over skyscrapersbill says the warning system in those cases woultrigger too often, buhe says safettechnology is generallyusef so helicopter technology systems cagivthe pilots the added information they need to prevent anaccident ultimately the f a a wold have to enforce the new rules. the agency declined an on camera interview but said in a statement quote, it's important to note that safey improvements to not only result from new rules.
8:47 am
>>in washington, i'joe khaleel. >>well we arelooking at a mix of fog to sunshine this morning, somareas very gray that includes sfo where obvisly some delays are going to happen becase of that right now we are looking at a delay of over 2 hours so has increased well over 30 minutes over the course of the past few minutes here so now 2 hour delay of sfo, oakland san jose less foggy and the snow delays really right now lots of nshine from berkeley, it's just those spots of fog sitting right acro the bay that are causing to so many issues abt 30's and 40's are your current temperatures first spot at 50 degrees the with fairfield while petaluma nevado are each up 41 degrees currently at skies will clear out for a foggy spots remain clear for the rest of us already sitting under the sunshine and high pressure is ing help to keep us dry today and tomorrow now that does change a touch on into
8:48 am
sunday as a cold front pushes through its knocking a result in any chance rain for the bay area. what we are going to see is a cooler day on sunday cloudier day and a windy 1, 2 with wind advisories taking effect for parts of the bay on into the end of the weekend. the sierra will see just a tch of just enough to get adways. wet on into sunday your weekend up in the from mountains, 60's for your high temperatures today all across 68 for the high santa rose at 67 while hayward in oakland low to mid 60's tomorrow, temperatures right around the same as today's sunday will be the coolest one of the weekend and a breezy one too. next week level back out in the comfortable range of 60's. >>thank you john fridays are get aw days. i just want to head up to santa sa really quick and shoyou this big mess that crews are dealing with just got this picture from the santa rosa police department are to center the chp you're looking at an overturned dirt haller this
8:49 am
happened on southbound one on one at college you see all of that dirt scattered across a lane.this is a major problem for people using one o one into and out of santa rosa they'vissued a special alert for this traffic squeezing by right herein one lane only so when big things happen on one oh one in 5.80 like to give you a ads up because friday is a getaway day and i know some folks will be heading out of town so 1 one north is a mess approaching of the scene there that southbound as heavy well you're backed up a couple of miles one want to cross the golden gate closer thome doing fine 23 minutes novato to the toll plaza and give you a delay free commute on 80 into san francisco wide open anfriday light here at 12 minutes after fremont st. james. >>thank yo very muchrobin the warriors make another big move before thtrade deadline point guard d'angelo russell is now a member of the timber wolves headed to miesota. >>theexchange re in exchange the warriors with receivguard andrew wiggins and the first and second roun draft pick in 2021. in addition to trading rsell to warriors also sent amare
8:50 am
spellman d jacob evansto minnesota aswell as fo wiggins he's a former rookie ofthe year he excels as a defender. you should fit in pretty good in the rotation when know steph curry klay thomon they get healthy get back in the lineup. so we'll see what that does next season. >>how will see whathappens next season with the 49 ers head coach kyle shanahan and general manager johnlynch gave us their nal takes on what happened the failed per bowl but the grt season, and they talked about it and said how they think that the next season is going to be their year also they're standing by jimmy g. >>a look back home in our first season now a set of mission a lot but when we started on i'm in ot nev finished better than 3.13 and we finished6 and ted other side is looking a little things like that that. are lots of staff, but i think we have a loof stats to prove we're different people d want those guys to keep that in their mind. some of get out of our system and stuff but. i
8:51 am
know feels more people to ce back and get after the bright is that you know we're top 5 in returningstarters and they're really good players and. >>we've accountedor you know, i'm taking care some of our own players. >>and they're also looking for to the draft. they're on the clock for the draft on april 23th with the 31th pick of the first round. >>coming up in the next hour we celebrate black loveblack htory month we're going to learn about a revolutionary war hero and his place in american story. here's a quick live look outsi of the golden gate bridge, better we look at this shot thansfo police here you can see the sky nowhere ar as much fog is scene at the airport will be right back.
8:52 am
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>>kind of cooking class grab and go a concept yeah, well there's a plant based half a tried out kron four's vicki liviakis has a look at this morning's dine and's hardly your father's convenience tore definitely >>wabetter th 7.11 welcome to the new in the in san francisco's marina district, a hybrid of artisan and nvenient stop shop. everything we need health conscis neighbors seem to be tickled pink anwe all try be very healthy and earth conscious, privy guns, francesca and her workout buddies, this is sheer have a shot out of california. a
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in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. >>over the next hour the chinese new yearparades just around the corner iis still on in francisco despite corona virus concers but will it impact rn out well take a closer look at a live reort. and a shocking told police he stabbed and nd killed his mother will have the full story. san francisco is wrapngup its efforts to try and get people off of drugs will tell you about the city's first sobering center. actually first in the nation. and we'll tell you where it's excted opened.
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our retirement plan with voya gives us confiden. can spend a bit now, knowing we're prered for the future. surprise! we ri'm good at my condom, so you can live with us. well planned, we invested, well protected. voya. be confident to and rough retirement. >>the fineshour on the finest day i'm darya folsom extra 5.again 9 o'clock, i'm james fletcher we've got jo trimble robin winston which checks of ather and traffic hope that things are still nice out there, but we have a mix of traffic ke the bridges look great but some of the east bay freeways are crawling through it all depends on where you're heading kotek atm and it so that all right and the wther is going to be nicthis afternoon forget, nice again we just have a couple spots of fog that are being very
9:00 am
stubborn and that is causing some problems out there. >>wee now up to 2 hours for your o days canard to believe that when you look at the rest of the bay area and see just how crystal cle and blue it is there are the spots though that are causing new problems parts of san francisco and then sfo wn peninsula couple of these areas still seeingthat persistenfog while the rest of us just sitting under sunshine and we'll be looking day today 40's and 50's for your temperatures right now berkeley hayward each the lo50's while fairfield one of our last spots still holding on to the 30's along wh saint hene at 35 degrees later today. there's your nice afternoon high temperatures lup into the 60's was san jose. >>close to 70 degrees robin some of you will have a fantastic commute and then others well not so much we'll start off with the good news and that 80 into san frcisco looksreally good it's wide open up the oll plaza. >>no delays at all earlier this morning, a got alittle


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