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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 7, 2020 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>>now when i opened mayor libby shaft delivering her state of the city address tonight, the speech was held at oakland museum of california good evening, everybody. thanks for being here tonight at 9 i'm grant lotus vicki liviakis the mayor's main focuses on combating homelessness and keeping residents. >>in her city kron four's dan thorn. he's live for us in oakland tonight and joins us now with more dan. >>well vicki the state of the city's theme tonight was belonging rather in oakland mayor libby schaff that this idea should be weaved into homelessness and housing crime and safer streets and retaining the culture within oakland, the mayor touted improvements such as the amount of people that have moved from homelessness to housing as well as doubling the shelter capacity in the city to more than 1700 shelter beds so former homeless man moved in oakland's cabin community and is now living on his own and working in social media was used as one example of the city success in combating homelessness.
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>>i believe in homelessness is caused by 4 things. first a failure in our mental health and drug addiction second a housing shortage. income inequality and 4th and most importantly structural racism. >>the mayor says nearly 900 people have been moved from the streets to housing over the last year that plan is seen out double the number this year, however, as you see here the mayor did face some opposition or plans outside of her speech protesters were calling for a complete stop to all addictions within the city of oakland, but the mayor says the city should also be seeing an improvement to streets and roads that's a million plan to pave over 100 miles of roads and streets here in the city and that would be happening over the next 3 years in the city is also looking to make some vast improvements and fixes to issue out here in
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terms of deadly pedestrian accidents that's the latest here live in oakland dan thorn. kron 4 thank you and now to a developing story we've been following for a few weeks the spread of the sometimes deadly corona virus is showing no signs of slowing down. >>more than 700 people have now died because of it and more than 34,000 have been infected worldwide right now in california there are 6 confirmed cases of corona virus, 4 of them are being treated in the bay area. >>2 patients from san benito county are now being treated at ucsf in san francisco. and 2 people who live in santa clara county are also being treated the other 2 cases are in southern california and tonight 5 hospital workers in santa clara county. our in self-isolation until next week in that's chris being done out of an abundance of caution according to the cdc 5 of the people evacuated from will hunt china who were being quarantined at the travis air force base near fairfield. >>are showing symptoms of
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corona virus. but these are not confirmed cases as of tonight apparently kron four's gayle ong brings us the latest now from fairfield gayle. >>grant the 5 patients are from different planes and it is all hands on deck here with the cdc here at travis air force base what we know hundreds of passengers arrive from on china. this morning, a 53 of them will be staying here under quarantine for 2 weeks 4 of those were taken to local hospitals for evaluation out of an abundance of caution. the group has not been diagnosed with the new corona virus but were displaying symptoms, according to doctor henry walke from the centers for disease control and prevention. >>they will stay in isolation until we can determine that they do not have novel called the virus. the war if we can identify that they actually have a different disease.
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>>it's a lot of those 5 patients one arrived here wednesday, and they are expecting to have a good recovery. the other 4 we will expect to learn their conditions in the next coming of days and they had just arrived today at this air for the air force base is not accept our is not expecting any more passengers but they will be open if needed. we're live here in fairfield gayle ong kron 4 news right. thank you gayle evacuees hunt china all. >>and today. >>the cdc says that they are screening those evacuees, they will be under quarantine for 14 days. >>many hospitals say they are ready in case the virus started spreading here in the bay area kron four's dan kerman now tells us what is being done to protect workers and patients. if someone is admitted to san francisco general hospital with the corona virus. >>officials say precautions are in place to protect both patients and healthcare providers, the most important
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thing that we need to do to protect both patients and staff is recognize when patients have one of these diseases, usually when i'm the sky types of infections are transmitted in healthcare. settings it's because for a period of time people just didn't realize that was what was going on. >>and so people weren't using the necessary precautions, corona virus patients will stay in one of 50 isolation rooms spread throughout the hospital one of the ways they're different is they have what we call negative pressure with respect to the corridor. >>or outside area to the rim negative pressure means that air pressure flows into the patient's room, not the other way around those preventing the spread of germs. >>isolation rooms also have anti room separating the corridor from the patient's room here medical staff will put on protective clothing before coming in contact with the patient. health care worker would be wearing the
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respirators usually an n 95 respirator. >>in addition we use what's contact precautions or contact isolation so the health care worker will be wearing, i'm a gown and gloves and then we also want to make sure that the health care worker is protected any droplets that touch one of their mucous membranes like their eyes so they're going to be wearing goggles or a face shield in addition to the respirator health care providers attorney general who do come in contact with corona virus patients will be monitored for at least 14 days following their last contact with those patients. >>dan kerman kron 4 news. stay with kron 4 as we continue our coverage on the corona virus. we will keep you posted. >>on the latest updates and the best ways to protect yourself. we have the very latest on our website at kron 4 dot com just look for the krona virus tab and are news. >>and he was going make it actually definitely thought he was going it.
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>>the city college of san francisco student without hesitation just jumped in to help a man who was overdosing nicholas perform cpr on this guy who he found unresponsive at the civic center bart station kron four's justine waltman met him today she tells us he had just learned lifesaving skills. and we are having trouble getting that story. we will work on that and try to bring it to you here momentarily in the meantime we move on to a san francisco supervisor who is asking. governor newsome for help asking the governor for help fighting drug overdoses talking about supervisor matt haney who sent a letter to the governor's office asking for an executive order declaring a public health emergency. the letter cites a recent announcement confirming overdose deaths caused by fentanyl and heroin in san francisco, doubled in 2019. >>our writers will notice some changes on monday the transit system will launch their
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ambassador program. there's a picture of the new ambassadors the 10 ambassadors are part of a pilot program to address safety concerns of writers. teams of 2 ambassadors will ride trains from 12 street oakland station to the civic center station from 02:00pm until midnight. >>and there's some immediate changes coming to bart as well the agency says it is adjusting train schedules to help improve service for riders. some lines will see services starting earlier other lines will see services starting a little later, there will be more trains going into san francisco on sundays as well and there will be a new fleet of trains on saturdays and earlier weekday train service for many riders for a complete list of what's going on you head to our website kron 4 dot com. >>in national news president trump fired 2 key impeachment witnesses today, dismissing lieutenant colonel alexander veneman and us ambassador to the european union accordance on one visor to mister trump
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says that the firings were meant to send a message that citing against the president will not be tolerated. the dismissals appear to be retribution for veneman and sondland's explosive testimonies to the house impeachment probe. late last year both of which were done under suoena. and we're still awaiting word now on the winner of the iowa democratic caucus, the announcement is expected to be made on monday. he did go to judge maintains a razor thin lead over bernie sanders after 100% of precincts reported. but sanders claimed victory. after results showed that he won the popular vote in the state. a new statistic that he lobbied the dnc to make public this year. the dnc chairman initially called for a statewide recanvass but amending his demand to instead focus solely on precincts with reported problems. >>it appears saying this is not good there are majors layoffs coming for teachers in an east bay school districts
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that is because the school district's budget deficit is in the 10's of millions of dollars today kron four's haaziq madyun spoke with parties on both sides as they seek a solution. >>over $47 million in budget cuts that is what the west contra costa county school district is now facing this upcoming school year you know every case going to unfortunately affect our teachers and our students 3rd grade teacher dummy trail, the is also president of the united teachers of richmond union right now we're talking about potentially laying off all up to 250 teachers in order to make the deficit. he says the teachers not only blame the state of california for lack of spending on education. we also do blame the district 4 lack of accountability and management of the fines on a local level of the school district is taking responsibility for its shortcomings west contra costa county school district spokesperson mark as well sums
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up how the district finds itself in such a deep financial hole, this way we have had some turnover in our business department and that's led and that has led to some concerns about the numbers that we've seen as a school district they have to start notifying the teachers whether they're going to be there next year hercules former mayor and current city council member then romero lays the blame on the desk of the school district superintendent matthew death the next school board currently has every right to let mister depp ego. >>and there's a state agency called this school crisis management assistance team it will not call cost the district any money they should have that it's a 3rd party entity that looks at the school district in addition to looking at making sweeping cuts to the education department the school district will likely have to lay off employees in central administration as well she can't cut $47.8 million out of the school district are size without impacting the way we provide services to susan their families enrichment
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haaziq madyun kron 4 news all right we want to get back to our earlier story about a college student who saved a man's life who was overdosing they didn't know the guy and it turns out. >>it was what was on his key chain that helped him as he had just learned cpr kron four's justine waltman reports. >>no pulse, no breathing on his face was really blues fingertips were blue nicholas tall cup knew he needed to help late at night monday on his way home to oakland. he saw an unresponsive man sprawled out on the steps of the civic center bart station immediate recognition that something definitely needed to be done or this guy was going to die the 28 year-old pulled the man who was clearly overdosing on drugs to the ground and started cpr. >>a skill he had just learned, he is 3 weeks into a program at city college of san francisco to become an emt which is why he had just attached to a plastic mouth cover used in cpr there was to his key chain. >>there's nothing now because
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i use it while others might have kept walking past them and passed out. nicholas did not anyone who had the same level of training i like to think one would've done the same thing. >>after chest compressions worked a few park police officers came over. >>and used 2 doses of narcan which could help reverse an opioid overdose it was like 9 dead. >>what is really really impressive about does the overdosed man survived. >>nick is on the path to medical school which she started after the death of a family member he does not believe he is a hero just prepared. >>i'm in or 2 earlier maybe i would have just walked by someone shooting heroin on the stairwell not stopped so right place right time, real life, yeah. justine waltman. >>or 4 zone forecast as we give you a live look from our sutro camera looking san francisco all lit up city hall
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raised and green. >>now for the it's been it's not christmas read and go at certain. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is here to tell us why city hall is red and green. >>i don't prisoners again. yes certainly not the forty-niners but boy you know get ready for the weekend to we've got some winds kicking up outside getting blustery wind advisories going up for a good part of the bay area away from the coastline inside the bexar little wind shelter but it is going to how outside. some of those winds gusting maybe 4050 miles per hour. out there right now though kind of a quiet evening out there just a gentle breeze along the coastline, even a couple patches of fog just see that along the immediate coast but inside the bay staying mostly clear. but overnight tonight, yeah we're going to see some changes coming our way as we get the weekend. temperatures today, hey they were something well above the average spring-like numbers how about 70 degrees today in livermore 69 in concord it was 10 degrees above the average is
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69 also in santa rosa 63. in san francisco 67 degrees in oakland and 60 degrees very spring-like all around the bay area. this is what we're looking for is a little rain unfortunately most that is all staying well to the north high pressure kind of camped out right across california and part of oregon and that is keeping dry and that's where we're going to stay right now even the cold front. that's going to be moving in a little bit later this weekend will be a dry system moving on through the winds they're going to be the big story over the weekend is are going to be strong enough certainly to bring down some tree limbs some trees maybe some power lines as a power outages as we get into sunday, so here's the forecast for some of those winds will take their time not bad out there right now, but they will watch out tomorrow morning, fairly calm you start to see the winds begin to pick up in the north bay and then by tomorrow afternoon and evening really start to see those winds picking up you can see just after 10 o'clock there by tomorrow night some gusty winds developing in that sweep in across the entire bay area as we get into sunday morning even down in the urban areas we're talking 2030 plus mile
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an hour gusts over the mountain tops 4050 mile an hour gusts. so certainly a blustery day all day long on sunday probably continuing into monday morning to before the winds begin to subside so be prepared for that otherwise should be a nice start to the weekend mostly clear skies tonight with just a couple of patches of fog tomorrow should be a nice day just a bit on the breezy side the afternoon but lots of sunshine and a few clouds and then strong gusty winds moving in on sunday temperatures outside right now we've got 49 degrees in san jose this 51 unclear in fremont 51 also in san francisco, 49 in pacifica 51 and and 45 degrees in the bottom that big dome of high pressure there you go that ridge sits right there watch what happens up front is going to begin to die them toward california this weekend high pressure builds in behind it and it's really the difference between those 2 pressure systems that are going to really generate those strong winds this weekend. some guys really want to watch out for on sunday that's the latest back to you by the way large to check to city hall website.
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it is red green and black in honor of black history month. so there we go. >>other news now the oakland police department is asking for the public's help they're trying to solve a pair of cold cases. 2 men were killed on january 11th 2013, and there's still no leads in the investigation, 22 year-old edward childress was shot along the 2300 block of east 17th street and 30 year-old larry levitt was struck by bullets at cannon avenue in wellington street. the lead investigator in the case believes the attacks could be related if you have any information crime stoppers is offering $20,000 for tips that lead to an arrest. and now an update on tuesday night homicide in hayward our kron forcefully to call reports the victim was a 38 year-old woman, the suspect arrested in charge. >>with her murder is her husband. >>charging documents filed friday by the alameda county district attorney's office describe what ultimately led to 38 year-old maria hernandez death tuesday night she phoned
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her 11 year-old daughter telling her to pack some belongings and locked herself inside her bedroom on the 24,000 block of willman way in hayward she was concerned about her intoxicated husband 40 year-old elmer who dart a who was also in the home at the time when hernandez got home leaving her 12 year-old son in the car. she her nude art a call out to her in the hallway. that's when the district attorney's office says in a dark day stabbed his wife several times with a large kitchen knife hernandez died in the hallway dolores lives next door, the police no. >>we didn't hear anything we haven't heard anything it seemed like good neighbors client. you know they would have a little get togethers but it would be. >>respect will after washing his knife and hands the district attorney's office says art he drove away leaving the murder weapon and both kids behind his 11 year-old daughter witnessed the stabbing and called 911 the dart a was later arrested in
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mountain view it's very tragic that a life was lost the word police officer claudia mouse as this case is an isolated incident and that there is no threat to the public. it's not related to the homicide that occurred in january the loris is concerned about the kids well-being that point case. >>and help them other relatives that they can go to that. and is very said he a was booked into the santa rita jail in dublin charged with one felony count. each of murder and child abuse before his arrest the district attorney's office says the guard admit to a family member. >>he killed his wife in hayward felipe should all kron 4 news. >>in the south bay police in san jose are investigating the city's 4th homicide this year. it happened at approximately 4 30 this morning near the valero gas station on the 1600 block of telly road. police say the victim an adult male was taken to a local hospital where he later died. police are still looking for a suspect and a motive in this homicide. new details tonight
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on helicopter crash that killed nba superstar kobe bryant and 8 other people, including his daughter. >>the ntsb said today the helicopter showed no signs of engine failure. the final report is not expected for a year or so extremely foggy conditions created limited visibility for the pilot they say which was a factor in the crash. a witness told the ntsb that the chopper was flying forward and downward through the fog before it crashed into the hillside. and a memorial for bryant and his daughter gianna and the 7 others will be held at the staples center on february 24th. the lakers by the way will be playing the warriors in san francisco tomorrow night. and we have learned there will be a tribute to all the people who lost their lives in the crash. both before and during tomorrow night's >>today, san francisco mayor london breed helped kick off black history month scores of people made their way to the rotunda inside san francisco
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city hall there were dancers who put on a performance. mayor breed also talked about the importance of voting during her speech. >>and i know it's no accident that i'm here at this time. well we're talking about the african american and the vote. and we only need to look right here at san francisco. to see the challenges that we know it. >>it still exists in this city as it relates to african-americans. >>as we mentioned a little earlier in the newscast city hall tonight is all lit up in red green and black the event today was put on in conjunction with the african american historical and cultural society. >>see what we're just learning about the copy of the speech the house speaker ripped up after the president appeared to snow her outstretched hand. a big setback in the fight to help the homeless in one bay area county. what it means for
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shelter beds and getting people off the street and the judge made a big splash tonight bringing back a fan favorite from the recent world series days as they welcome the groundbreaking assistant coach, a woman, spring training is almost obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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fisn't just about polar bears.
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we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>they're bringing back a fan favorite little over an hour ago the team and hunter pence made it official pencil be scooting to the ball park in san francisco want to get.
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>>this news comes as the giants are getting ready for spring to start up the season charles clifford reports. >>well here in san francisco on friday, the san francisco giants held a media day here at oracle park allowing the press to talk to the coaching staff and also the players we heard from manager gabe kepler he is the new manager of the giants and asked him what he's hoping for the season we expect that we're going to pee to win every single night. the 4 we get excited about development which is it really important before we get excited about just our style of play. my message for on-message scott's message to both our fans and. >>our our players that were we're have a chance to win every night and we are going to do everything possible to win every single night. we also had a chance to hear from alyssa nakken she is the first female assistant coach. >>in major league baseball history, i'm sorry just starting to kind of me and meet all the guys there are a
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couple of them, i just ran in as those stepping out for line send. >>and then i've been back and forth in scottsdale and meeting a couple of them so i think these next 2 days are going to be really great to start to put faces to names and they can meet me we can start to get to know each other now, the giants players are expected to report to spring training next week, the regular season begins on april 3rd in san francisco charles clifford kron 4 news. >>next elon north a homeless service provider plans to deal with a massive encampment cleanups aft
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growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has.
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i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message. coast guard. and i fly airplanes fixed wing aircraft, hc one 44. >>in this kron on extra currently there are 150 black women pilots in the us and the organization sisters of the skies is hoping to change that through scholarships for young women who are interested in taking to the skies cons theresa spoke with coast guard pilot see angel hughes about an upcoming scholarship gala in san francisco hosted by the founders of sisters of the scholars a little bit about like. >>and some of the operations that you have been involved. coast guard's main mission, our homeland security. my search and rescue and law enforcement and i'm currently stationed in miami florida. so the law enforcement side has to be a little bit more robust. in terms of the drug
9:30 pm
migrant 6 migrant interdiction and a drug trafficking so we we do with those types issues in the coast guard, but also search and rescue. so where the 911 of the water whenever there's an emergency out there you can pick up your phone to call 911. if the check it out and put it your radio channel, 16 and you know made a and yeah coast are going to come due with whatever issue you have a lot of training a lot of time a lot of absolutely so what i went maybe flight school at has proximity to that are in i i don't have my wings on a airports but my uh my naval aviator wings of 2 years training and that rain it's that mi in florida pensacola florida and then a corpus christi texas and then i got my wings in. can a coast guard pilot started flying for the coast guard. the scholarship is going to be so
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this talent tomorrow night, yes, how can your influence and how can you put it out there to attract more. >>african american women to become pilots, >>seeing is so. we do a lot of community outreach and a lot of it like half the battle was just wearing your uniform. >>and just going out there so other little girls and little boys can see you and allow you know i never thought i could be a pilot. it peaks the interest so that that's half the battle just having all of us come here for fund-raising gala. >>been but officials say they are now taking steps to notify anyone who may have been exposed red cross is lots of people getting the flu is to blame for a critical shortage of blood and platelet donations. officials say the red and with the red cross say that they currently only have a three-day supply of type o blood available for patient emergencies and medical treatments if you're interested in donating blood
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there will be blood drive tomorrow at 8 robert catholic school in san bruno and in national news tonight, senator bernie sanders is going after peta but a judge for accepting money from wealthy donors the 2 democrats emerged as top candidates after the iowa caucuses, abby phillip has more now as the campaigns focus on new hampshire. >>aust fantastic too. >>a moment of celebration and now former south bend mayor pete food, a judge is hoping to ride the momentum from iowa to a strong finish in the new hampshire primary new hampshire is a state that. >>has never been told what to do right and we've got to earn every vote and earn a win on tuesday night right here with 100% of the precincts, reporting and new questions about the consistency of some of the caucus according to a cnn analysis. >>there is still no clear winner in iowa, sanders saying it's time to move on. we've got enough of iowa. i think we should. on to new hampshire
9:33 pm
and pivoting hard to take on his nearest rival out of iowa. i'm reading some headlines. >>from newspapers about what the judge. the has most exclusive billionaire donors of any democrat. that's was from forbes com like people that are not scott. but we are in a moment. we have billionaires. control not only our economy. but our political at meantime joe biden has been absent from the trail in new hampshire the former vice president spending thursday huddled with his advisers in delaware sources now say biden is doing some campaign restructuring. >>elevating communications advisor and he didn't in the wake of a disappointing iowa loss the candidate not competing in the traditional early states, michael bloomberg challenging a key argument that biden has been trying to make for his electability the 60 plus candidates that i campaigned for the toughest districts in
9:34 pm
the country just 2 years ago, don't see me as they want to me their districts. bloomberg now picking up more endorsements from democrats who flipped their districts from red to blue most recently new jersey representative mike he cheryl. >>i do believe mike can get it done. >>the former new york city mayor also picking up an endorsement from president trump's former secretary of the navy richard spencer. there was abby philips reporting for us tonight, the new hampshire primary is on tuesday. >>it's been a rough week for bipartisan relations in washington rougher than normal. the atmosphere described as the post impeachment deep freeze by some and we've all seen. this video of speaker pelosi ripping up her copy of the president's state of the union speech on tuesday night pelosi said she decided to shred what she saw as a quote compilation of false odes to make a statement that quote clearly indicates to the american people that this is not the
9:35 pm
truth. trump and his republican allies for their parts all pelosi's action as disrespectful and any legal one at that. >>she ripped up to date first of all it's an official document do not allow illegal what you did. she broke the law what i have the dead a lot of people that knew that they could believe >>the associated press ran a fact check on the president's accusation. they say, according to legal experts, no laws were broken. they say the copy pelosi had was not the original government document. we've got clear skies around most of the bay area patchy fog moving in along the coastline. the weekend. >>well, some winds going to be whipping up we'll talk about that coming up next plus the corona virus is raising concerns about the weekend's
9:36 pm
lunar new year parade why organizers are saying the show must go on. >>and the giants probably will win 200 games this year but they're making their fans happy right before pitchers and catchers report to spring training th tom: my mom always told me actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years
9:37 pm
fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action. a former army medic, made of the we maflexibility to handle members like kate. whatever monday has in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got this. usaa insurance is made the way kate needs it - easy. she can even pick her payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa
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>>this time next week giants pitchers and catchers will be in arizona for the start of spring training but before then players and coaches will
9:39 pm
take some time to meet up with the fans this weekend for fanfest the franchise heads into its first season under the direction of gabe kepler the new giants skipper caught up in the media this afternoon camp where taking over for the future hall of famer. bruce bocce as he heads into his first spring training with the giants there are a number of questions about the direction of the team considering they did not make any huge offseason additions madison bumgarner no longer on the roster, he's playing for the diamondbacks and the giants have had 3 straight losing seasons. chancellor wants to make one thing perfectly clear to all the fans before. >>we get excited about development which is it's really important before we get excited about just our style of play. my message for on-message scott's message to both our fans and. >>our our players that were we're have a chance to win every night and we are going to do everything possible to win every single night. >>all right here we go known in other news of the day you can see it from the player himself hunter pence letting
9:40 pm
the bay area now he is back with the giants tweeted that this evening of 37 year-old outfielder returning to san francisco anyone season $3 million deal. he just spent last year with the texas rangers ria to 9718 jacks on his way to comeback player of the year honors before his time with the rangers 7 years with the giant helping lead the franchise. 2, 2 titles and fan fest runs from 10:00am to 3 tomorrow at oracle park finally the warriors back on the court saturday hosting the lakers, their first game since a number of roster moves at the trade deadline golden state traded away 5 players this week, the most notable leading scorer d'angelo russell the former all-star point guard traded to minnesota in exchange for andrew wiggins and some draft picks steve kerr discuss the russell transaction today say it all came down. matter to be perfectly blunt the fed was questionable when we signed him either but nobody question that when you already have staff and clients. >>a ball-dominant. you can
9:41 pm
rightfully question the fit. that was one of the reasons that the trade rumors started before the season even began. >>and there's a chance andrew when the murray's head to work their dog michelangelo gets to work, too. today's job? own. the. bed. stink-eee. good thing they use new gain ultraflings with two times the oxi boost and febreze, for ultra-big, ultra-stinky loads.
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fresh again. gain. seriously good scent. and if you love gain flings, you've gotta try the dish soap. growing up in la, bad air forced and now we have to deal with us climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws,
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he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>in san francisco fear of the corona virus is quite frankly causing concern about tomorrow's lunar new year parade, yeah, but parade officials say the show will go on this weekend. our first sarah stinson has the latest.
9:44 pm
>>people walking here on the san francisco's streets tell me they're not going to let their fear of the corona virus stop them from going to the lunar new year parade tomorrow know you just take precautions. >>if you worry about you don't get the flu just hovering your mouse >>and to his only a few cases here and you know it's it's outside its fund them. think we should we should be attending and that's exactly what parade organizers want to hear they want to make sure spectator numbers goes up and the fear of this corona virus doesn't stop people from coming you can see on the parades website, a warning that's in red and it reads we are aware of the corona virus and are monitoring the situation with the guidance of the cdc. >>who and the local health authorities there are no plans for canceling the parade should events change will notify everyone to our website local news and social media platform, so looks like on the
9:45 pm
parade of must go on the finishing touches are being made to float with glitter red gold a lots of representation of the year of the rat organizers hope people come out ready to have a good time and a couple people i spoke to say they are definitely. >>ready to sued over some of the day because we love it chinese a new year's enough the streets are already ready for the parade with crowd control barricades out no parking signs can be seen stores are stocked people are ready. the chinese new year parade will begin a saturday at 00:05pm in the afternoon will go until 9 at night in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>winter storm is hammering parts of the northeast and parts of the western us. the national weather service says they have issued a winter weather advisory for denver, northern utah and most of central new york. >>and joining us now chief meteorologist lawrence karnow
9:46 pm
we have look you know the big picture, as winter some were some is not around the bay area right now we're seeing some dry weather but around the rest the country certainly they're getting and in fact a boy in a scene these got cold storms rolling on through we've got the ridge of high pressure. >>they've got the trough and you can see it right here high pressure along the west coast. but all of a sudden you see all that cold air dumping all the way down the south almost panhandle parts of texas here all the way into florida, they're looking at some frost advisories is tomorrow morning maybe tomorrow we'll talk about more iguanas dropping out of the trees there, but certainly cold enough we've cut the snow showers continuing out there. >>and we've got more winter weather advisories continuing as more those cold storms moving through although none of them really really large outside right now than watching some fog develop along the coastline and just a hint of some patchy fog there but you see it moving through in toward the golden gate bridge going to a place overnight tonight but not much and then we're off running on the weekend weekend and look to battle the 2nd half gets pretty blustery outside so temperatures around the bay
9:47 pm
area to 47 degrees in santa rosa, 51 in san francisco 53 in oakland 49 in san jose 50 in livermore 52 in concord tomorrow during the day you can find a lot of sunshine just a few high clouds moving overhead about 58 degrees in san francisco, 61 in oakland and 62 degrees in san jose. all right, here's the long-range forecast of course we're looking for little rain right now that is camped up in the pacific northwest, the storm system and a drop-down unfortunately falling apart leave behind a dry cold front so that front moves through high pressure starts to build in behind it that is going to generate some big time when starting tomorrow night and then also into sunday so on a blustery sunday outside maybe a little wet in to southern california to stay dry as high pressure re across the bay area on monday and tuesday now the weak system drops in on wednesday, not to bring us rain and then a slight chance of showers as we get into valentine's day so that being said we're in a fairly dry pattern right now are usually wet will keep things dry but looks like pretty windy and cool on sunday warming back up
9:48 pm
spring-like on monday alright, lawrence a thanks for that yet dry here but the extreme weather elsewhere. a declaration of emergency is being issued in eastern washington due to severe flooding there. this is video you're looking at from walla walla county level 3 mandatory evacuations remain in place for residents living in that area and for people living along the oregon border, the red cross has established shelters for evacuees. news now researchers say climate change is heating up antarctica and the arctic the earth's polar regions faster. >>than other regions of the planet the temperature in northern antarctica he nearly 65 degrees yesterday. likely a heat record on the continent which is of course best known for snow ice and penguins. the reading was taken at an arjen time research base and still needs to be verified by the world. meteorologist. >>meteorologist media are a lot to people logical easy for me to say organization. in a
9:49 pm
statement, a researcher from the organization said everything we have seen thus far indicates the likely legitimate record he added that he is waiting for full data to confirm the previous record of 63 and a half degrees was set in march of 2015. the us government began enforcing restrictions on flavored electronic cigarettes this week, the some teens may be one step ahead of the rules. >>parents, researchers and students warned that some young people have already moved on to a newer type of ape that isn't covered by the flavor ban they are disposable e cigarettes and they're sold under brands like puff far and fog and flavors like pink lemonade and tropical mango the fda's crackdown narrowly targets reasonable vaping devices like juul under the new policy only menthol and tobacco flavors are allowed for those devices authorities are looking for a man who was wearing a mask and robbed a california liquor store the suspect. >>held the clerk at gunpoint
9:50 pm
robbery was in such a rush apparently he was dropping cash as he fled charmaine nero reports. i got she hold a better known as c k greets customers as they walk into his business on fair oaks boulevard 4060 8000 specialties are craft beers. >>and ann arbor been selection the business has been in his family for over 2 decades. thank you thank you. >>your evening. thank you for your support. >>but tuesday night he got a frightening phone call saying that his store had just been robbed just pretty scary. >>you know, i mean being here 21 years and you know i worked a pretty much 11 years at nighttime in store surveillance you can see a customer leaving the store shortly after a man walks in with his face covered pointing what appears to be a firearm at an employee them and then
9:51 pm
tosses a bag on the counter demanding money guy comes in with a mask on his face and you know a green hoodie black jeans black shoes then grab several packs of cigarettes all while aiming the gun at the clerk before the suspect runs away. he was dropping money left or right on the way out out of the store and then he looked trail going to the back of the pre she >>well ck is keeping a smile on his face that show was show must go on as they say he's hoping someone recognizes the man seen in the surveillance life of crime is not going to pay no money's worth a life. >>up next disneyland to
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no matter how much you clean, does your house still smell stuffy? that's because your home is filled with soft surfaces that trap odors and release them back into the room. so try febreze fabric refresher. febreze finds odors trapped in fabrics and cleans them away as it dries. use febreze every time you tidy up, to keep your whole house smelling fresh air clean.
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fabric refresher even works for clothes you want to wear another day. make febreze part of your clean routine for full home freshness. la la la la la >>rolling stones guitarist keith richards says he has given up smoking at than currently hitting the road in may for the 2020 no filter tour. the rocker seems to be opting for a healthier approach this time around you know he was well known for his life of a drug cigarette and alcohol now the 76 year-old says he he gave up smoking october a year after admitting it was harder to quit than heroin. richards also cut out most most alcohol in 2018 most. >>bruno mars and disney are collaborating on a new music film according to a statement the singer will co-produce and star in a music themed theatrical narrative feature it will be his first major film role there's no name or
9:55 pm
details yet on the projects but bruno mars posted a video to social media yesterday showing him playing the piano. he plays the disney classic. when you wish upon a star and it mars previously voiced a character in the animated rio 2 from 2014 and he portrayed an elvis impersonator. and 1890 two's honeymoon in vegas, let's she did it again or at least it can feel that way for britney spears fans. >>the pop star's most iconic moments are on display right now an interactive pop-up museum, it's called the zone brittany spears is opened up in los angeles, the 9 rooms are each designed to mimic a different spears video or music iraq. they feature some of spears most iconic outfits and music videos, including baby one more time toxic and i'm a slave 4 u the pop-up runs through april 26, but it's not cheap entry costs about $60.60 dollars state very well that wraps up kron 4
9:56 pm
news at night. >>our primetime coverage continues at the top of the hour. ken wayne is here with kron 4 news at 10 coming up at 10 o'clock more than 200 americans evacuated from the epicenter of the corona virus are in or near the bay area and 5 of them. >>have symptoms of that local officials are handling the patients as the number of cases continues to jump worldwide plus the state of the city, how oakland mayor libby shaft says she will fix some of the major issues plaguing the east bay city, especially homelessness and part of the weekend. maybe pretty windy. chief meteorologist lawrence karnow has your weekend forecast to kron 4 news at 10 is next. tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
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coast guard. and i fly airplanes fixed wing aircraft, hc one 44. >>caught on extra the latest numbers from the cdc indicate there are 12 confirmed cases of the corona virus in the u s and 100 other cases are being investigated. kron on's theresa in sanaa's to hernia spoke with doctor matt willis from the public health office of marine county to learn more. this is obviously a big story and one that you know is is circulating everywhere a lot of people are scared what are some um i guess nuggets of knowledge that you can give. >>our viewers that you know they can kind of take away from all this. well it is important to realize that


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