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tv   KRON 4 News at 10  KRON  February 7, 2020 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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coast guard. and i fly airplanes fixed wing aircraft, hc one 44. >>caught on extra the latest numbers from the cdc indicate there are 12 confirmed cases of the corona virus in the u s and 100 other cases are being investigated. kron on's theresa in sanaa's to hernia spoke with doctor matt willis from the public health office of marine county to learn more. this is obviously a big story and one that you know is is circulating everywhere a lot of people are scared what are some um i guess nuggets of knowledge that you can give. >>our viewers that you know they can kind of take away from all this. well it is important to realize that corona virus not currently
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actively circulating in our region. >>you know we've been fortunate to have a couple weeks of warning about this case and what's been happening in china and we spent a lot of time together working at the cdc world health organization california department of public health to make sure we're putting in place protocols and procedures that will protect our communities. and so we're much better prepared now it would have been 2 weeks ago and yet we've only seen about 6 cases here the state of california is one of those cases we know exactly where that is the originator and was always someone who came from 100 ton of china or someone who lived in a household with them here in california. so currently you know one of the most important points is that we're not seeing active evidence of circulation of corona virus locally. however there are things we can all do to protect ourselves against that were calm or other common infectious diseases like cold or flu. >>and walk us through that right, you know in the next couple weeks schools across the bay area or going to be
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going into winter breaks. so that said some people are going to be traveling should you be taking precautions for example should you be wearing masks if you're going to get onto a plane and i know that there's different theories about that you know one that it's ridiculous on the other hand there's lots of people that travel and they're sick they've got the flu. so where do you weigh in on >>here in the united states and today evacuees from china also arrived at the marine corps air station miramar in san diego county. the cdc is screening those evacuees who will be quarantined for the next 14 days. >>hospitals in san francisco are now preparing a tree corona buyers virus patients today, the centers for disease
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control and prevention released updated numbers on the spread of the corona virus in the us attorney listed 337 people as under investigation for corona virus of those 12 tested positive 6 of them are here in california. kron four's dan kerman talk to a doctor a san francisco general hospital about what's being done to protect hospital staff and other patients. >>if someone is admitted to san francisco general hospital with the corona virus. officials say precautions are in place to protect both patients and healthcare providers, the most important thing that we need to do to protect both patients and staff is recognize when patients have one of these diseases, usually when i'm the sky types of infections are transmitted in healthcare. settings it's because for a period of time people just didn't realize that was what was going on. >>and so people weren't using the necessary precautions, corona virus patients will stay in one of 50 isolation
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rooms spread throughout the hospital one of the ways they're different is they have what we call negative pressure with respect to the corridor. >>or outside area to the ram negative pressure means that air pressure flows into the patient's room, not the other way around those preventing the spread of germs. >>isolation rooms also have anti room separating the corridor from the patient's room here medical staff will put on protective clothing before coming in contact with the patient. the health care worker would be wearing a respirator usually an n 95 respirator. >>in addition we use what's contact precautions or contact isolation so the health care worker will be wearing down and gloves and then we also want to make sure that the health care worker is protected any droplets that touch one of their mucous membranes like their eyes so they're going to be wearing goggles or a shield in addition to the respirator
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health care providers attorney general who do come in contact with corona virus patients will be monitored for at least 14 days following their last contact. >>with those patients. dan kerman kron 4 news. >>stay with kron 4 as we continue our coverage on the corona virus. so keep you posted on the latest updates in the best ways to protect yourself. we have the very latest on our website at kron 4 dot com just look for the corona virus tab and are news. >>to the east bay where oakland mayor libby shaft is promising to fix the homeless and housing crisis in her city. >>the mayor gave her state of the city address tonight at the oakland museum of california and that's where we're joined by kron four's dan thorn tonight, he has more from the speech stand. >>well can the state of the city's theme this year was belonging in oakland mayor libby shaft weaving that idea into homelessness and housing crime and safer streets and also retaining culture within the city. >>before a packed auditorium
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homelessness and housing take center stage at oakland mayor libby shaft state of the city address if we want to keep oakland oakland, we must start by keeping oakland ers in oakland, the mayor touting successes in combating homelessness such as the city's cabin community and moving nearly 900 people off of the streets and into housing. the mayor pledges to double that number this year in just 2 years oakland has doubled its shelter capacity improvements, an eviction numbers were also noted is the mayor thanked renter protection laws for driving them down by 36% over the last 5 years. however protesters outside of the speech shared a different view on housing. there was little mention of crime other than the city seen shootings and homicides cut in half over the last 5 years the mayor announcing this year that tackling the issue and doubling down for the public health approach this last year the gifford law center.
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>>published a national report naming oakland as a case study in hope and oakland streets and roads should also see some improvements. million plan expects to have 100 miles of roads paved over the next 3 years and some fixes are also coming to help curb deadly pedestrian accidents. >>well the mayor wrapped up her speech with an emphasis on the arts and culture within the city saying that it can bring a unique vision to your credit projects in oakland that's the latest here live in oakland dan thorn. kron 4 dan thank you very much as we step outside on a friday night we like saying that there's the mark and errol in san francisco love saying that and love welcoming in chief meteorologist lawrence karnow saturday, pretty nice what hold on to your hats whole on i mean it's going to be with the remember last sunday we have the winds were really whipping around outside certainly the possibility of some power outages, some trees
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coming down some limbs fall off the trees and some power lines are king out there so. >>tonight kind of a calm night just a gentle breeze we're seeing a little haze developing now inside the bay and some actual fog right on the ground there as you make your way along the coastline so that fog moving in right now temperatures today though what a beautiful day spring-like weather out there can you believe it 70 degrees today in livermore that was well above the average for this time of year 69 degrees in both conquered and santa rosa 10 degrees above the average they're cool down slightly in san francisco today still running above the average is 6367 degrees in oakland 68. in san jose. so certainly a nice day would like to get some of this though in our neighborhood how about some rain and that's all of the pacific northwest. they've had storm after storm pounding rains there. some flooding, becoming an issue there of course like to get some that's a drop in our direction this front though well actually move toward california overnight tonight and tomorrow morning unfortunately, it's leaving all the rain behind will be dry by the time it gets here. that said we're going to see a lot of wind right now we've just got some gentle breezes out there 6 miles per hour. at
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the san francisco 14 in oakland right now in 10 of the mill valley. but these winds are really going to be picking up as we head throughout the weekend effect by park tomorrow night we're really going to notice a change in those winds all right, here's your future a win for a gossamer expected by tomorrow morning really not that bad just gentle calm conditions in the east bay then watch what happens as we head in toward tomorrow night you really begin to see the colors start to fill in here though some winds gusting 40 maybe 50 miles per hour even down on some of the urban areas are going to see those strong gusty winds developing specially into sunday morning about that 30 miles an hour and a sonoma 29 and callisto the 27 in half moon bay, 28 danville you get the idea very gusty winds and over the mountain tops maybe some gusts of 40 and even 50 miles per hour that will be continuous out throughout the day on sunday probably a watch that taper off early on monday morning, but really quite of wind event coming our way so wind advisory posted for most of the bay area starting tomorrow night through monday. tonight, mostly clear skies.
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we are going to see couple patches of fog we're seeing that out there right now. and so that's pretty thick out there near the surface near the coastline. tomorrow mischer sunshine. a few high clouds and breezy afternoon but not real windy at and then as we get to sunday, the strong gusting winds settling in much cooler temperatures outside going to be blustery day so be prepared for that 49 degrees right now in san jose this 50 degrees and hayward 49 in san mateo 53 degrees in oakland 45 degrees in the bottle and also the petaluma and 45 degrees also in santa rosa. all right here comes high pressure sitting off the coast line finally breaking down just a little bit brought your gorgeous day today and then here comes this cold front is going to drop right over the top of that ridge and that will usher in that cooler air then high pressure starts to build in right behind it and that's going to generate the winds. the difference between these 2 pressure systems really going to get those winds whipping around the bay area so yeah plan on traveling around the state to find some nice 60's in the central valley of almost 70 degrees tomorrow in los angeles if you do plan to have the high country be prepared
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played nice given up their offer tomorrow, you've got plenty of sunshine lot of snow to ski on up there. things change though on sunday plan on some very gusty winds snow moving in there. so yeah i want to grab those a change if you're headed up their things change quickly in the high country. all right. thank you well there are some immediate changes coming to bart and the agency is saying it is adjusting train schedules. help improve service for riders, some lines. >>we'll see service start earlier other lines will see service start a little later most changes they say are just little tweaks few minutes here or there, but some are significant changes there will be more trains for instance going in san francisco on sundays. and there will be a new fleet of trains on saturdays earlier weekday train service for many riders is also one of the changes for a list of what's going on you can head to our website kron 4 dot com. the national news now and 2 key witnesses in the house impeachment inquiry into president trump are out of
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their jobs today. the trump administration fired national security council official alexander veneman and ambassador to the eu gordon sondland the firing of inman was announced first his twin brother was also let go today and the lieutenant colonel was escorted off white house grounds just hours later sunlen said he was being recalled from his post in let go sunland was once on good terms with the president. but the 2 have not spoken since cell and testified to the house in the impeachment probe last year. more than 200 teachers could lose their jobs in the east bay because of a budget problem the west contra costa county school district budget deficit is in the 10's of millions of dollars today kron four's has by noon. >>talk of parties on both sides of this issue as they try to seek a solution. over $47 million in budget cuts that is what the west
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contra costa county school district is now facing this upcoming school year you know every case going to unfortunately affect our teachers and our students 3rd grade teacher dummy trail that dollars is also president of the united teachers of richmond union right now we're talking about potentially laying off all up to 250. >>teachers in order to make the deficit. he says the teachers not only blame the state of california for lack of spending on education. we also do blame the district 4 lack of accountability and management of the fines on a local level of the school district is taking responsibility for its shortcomings west contra costa county school district spokesperson mark as well sums up how the district finds itself in such a deep financial hole, this way we have had some turnover in our business department and that's led to a land that has led to some concerns about the numbers that we've seen as a school district they have to start notifying the teachers whether they're going to be
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there next year hercules former mayor and current city council member then romero lays the blame on the desk of the school district superintendent matthew death best school board currently has every right to let mister got the go. >>and there's a state agency called man act. this school crisis management assistance team it will not call cost the district any money they should have that it's a 3rd party entity that looks at the school district in addition to looking at making sweeping cuts to the education department the school district will likely have to lay off employees in central administration as well she can't cut $47.8 million out of the school district are size without impacting the way we provide services to students and their families enrichment haaziq madyun kron 4 news. developing story tonight federal investigators say kobe bryant's helicopter did not crash because of an engine failure. >>the national transportation safety board released a new report today along with new pictures that report says investigators looked at pieces of the wreckage to determine
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what caused the aircraft to crash into a hillside last month. they did not discover any internal issues with the engine sections. one witness told investigators he saw the aircraft emerge from clouds and was moving forward and descending extremely foggy conditions created limited visibility visibility for the pilot which was a factor in the crash. the ntsb said last week the helicopter was descending in more than 2000 feet per minute at the time of impact. the crash of course killed nba legend kobe bryant his daughter and 7 others. tomorrow night's going say warriors plan to honor those crash victims when the team hosts the lakers at chase center in the city, a public memorial is scheduled for february 24th in los angeles at staples center. a 35 year-old man from antioch faces murder charges tonight in connection to a shooting in pittsburgh. >>pittsburgh police say 2 gunmen broke into a home on haven would circle on sever 14th and shot a man. the victim was with his wife and
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children when he was murdered. police say they've identified one of the suspects is marc anthony thomas and arrested him this week investigators are still looking for the second suspect. and just in to the kron 4 studio walnut creek police say this man david justice was in a standoff with investigators for about 4 hours police say around 2 o'clock this afternoon. they went to justice is home in orinda to talk to him about a assault incident. police say the suspect got in his car and drove away he then returned to the house and came out with a shotgun according to police and pointed to his head investigators negotiated with him for nearly 4 hours until he peacefully surrendered, just after 00:06pm tonight. justice was taken to the martinez detention facility on a million bond we have an update now on tuesday night's homicide in hayward we now know a 38 year-old woman was killed in us. >>kron four's felipe should call tells us. her husband has now been charged with her murder the alameda county
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district attorney's office says 40 year-old elmer who dart a admitted to a family member. >>that he murdered his wife tuesday night before he was ultimately placed under arrest in mountain view for the hayward homicide. that's according to court documents filed by the district attorney's office friday today. he was. >>charged by the alameda county district attorney's office. and child endangerment. >>the laureus lives next door to the family involved and the 24,000 block of willman way she says she didn't hear anything out of the ordinary the night of the killing had to complete shot, we didn't even know what happened. complete shot the district attorney's office says on that deadly night hernandez phoned her 11 year-old daughter telling her to pack some belongings and locked herself inside her bedroom, she was concerned about her intoxicated husband who was also in the home at the time when hernandez got they're leaving her 12 year-old son in the car. she heard you a call out to her in the hallway.
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that's when the district attorney's office says a guard a stabbed his wife several times with a large kitchen knife. hernandez died in the hallway. hayward police officer claudia mao says this case is unrelated to the city's 2 other homicides reported very tragic incident and our hearts go out to the family the couple's 11 year-old daughter witnessed the murder and is the person who called police investigators found the bloodied murder weapon inside the house, even though the district attorney's office says washed it off in hayward felipe de gaulle kron 4 news in the north bay police in vallejo are investigating a deadly shooting officers say the shooting happened around 00:10pm tonight at. >>highland park. the victim a 38 year-old and died at a local hospital police are asking anyone with information on this case to give them a call. this is the first homicide of 20 20 in the layout health officials say a child and solano county tested positive for measles say can tell us the age of the child
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or where the child may have been. officials are now taking steps to notify anyone who they have been exposed. >>i didn't think he was going make it actually definitely thought he was going to end. >>a college student is san francisco jumping in to help save a man's life we first told you about nicholas talk up last night he performed cpr on a man who was unresponsive at a bart station in the city after overdosing on drugs kron four's justine waltman spoke with stall cup today and tells us he had just learned that very important lifesaving skill. >>no pulse, no breathing on his face was really blues fingertips were blue nicholas tall cup knew he needed to help late at night monday on his way home to oakland. he saw an unresponsive man sprawled out on the steps of the civic center bart station immediate recognition that something definitely needed to be done or this guy was going to die the 28 year-old pulled the man who was clearly overdosing on drugs to the
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ground and started cpr. >>a skill he had just learned he is 3 weeks into a program at city college of san francisco to become an emt which is why he had just attached to a plastic mouth cover used in cpr there was to his key chain. >>there's nothing now because i use it while others might have kept walking past them and passed out. nicholas did not anyone who had the same level of training i like to think what it would have done the same thing. >>after chest compressions worked a few park police officers came over. >>and used 2 doses of narcan which could help reverse an opioid overdose it was like night and day. >>is really really impressive about does the overdosed man survived. >>nick is on the path to medical school which she started after the death of a family member he does not believe he is a hero just prepared. >>i'm in or 2 earlier maybe i would have just walked by
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someone shooting heroin on the stairwell not stopped so right place right time, real life, yeah. justine waltman. >>starting monday these ambassadors will be on bart trains to help keep riders safe the 10 ambassadors are part of a pilot program to address some of the safety concerns of writers. teams of 2 ambassadors will write range from 12 street in oakland to san francisco civic center station from 02:00pm to midnight. >>new security concerns for facebook how hackers apparently accessed facebook social media accounts plus democratic presidential candidates return to a debate stage ahead of the nation's first primary the 2 candidates who are upping some attacks on each other and it's friday night and the long-awaited new triple i p a is finally alley a beer lovers going crazy. the major perk. for this year that drew in hundreds of fans
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obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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>>from flocking to russian river brewery's tap room to try out its new beer bad triple, i p a that strong up lady, the younger it was released today. and some people were into that this is the crowd and russian river brewery to afford to say in santa rosa we're told more than 600 people were in line before the doors even open this morning.
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>>why would you get up so early just to drink some beer. where else can you get here at 11:00am. when you should be at work. when the ok for >>the thought of >>is the first year that the company has bottled playing the younger it has ranks plenty of younger is the ace best of the year in the united states north the lions are like at the 7th place facebook's official social media accounts appear to have been hacks the hacking group are mine posted an image on facebook twitter and instagram saying quote hi we are are mine well even facebook is hackable would at least their security is better than twitter unquote. a spokesperson for twitter says the compromised accounts have been locked and they're working with facebook to restore them. the hacking group has previously compromised. hbo the new york times and the nfl. facebook
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did not immediately respond to request for comment. aides britney britney spears most iconic moments are now on display in interactive. >>pop-up museum called the zone brittany spears opened in los angeles, the 9 rooms are each designed to mimic a different spears video or musical era. they feature some of her most iconic outfits and music videos that pop up will be operational through april 26 the but. it ain't cheap costumes $60 to get it. >>of the north bay county still struggling to solve homeless problems now faces a major funding cuts and the shortage could affect the cleanup of a miles long homeless encampment, san francisco hosting the chinese new year parade tomorrow. why organizers say the show will go on despite concerns about the corona virus and no concern about rain for the chinese new year pray but we've got some fog and we've
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tom: my mom always told me actions speak louder than words. she was a school teacher. my dad joined the navy and helped prosecute the nazis in nuremberg. their values are why i walked away from my business, took the giving pledge to give my money to good causes, and why i spent the last ten years fighting corporate insiders who put profits over people. i'm tom steyer, and i approve this message. because, right now, america needs more than words. we need action.
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>>now we're learning of the first american deaths from the corona virus. the us embassy in beijing says the 60 year-old us citizen diagnosed with the virus died in move on this week more than 34,000 people in china are now infected with the virus. county homeless service providers are scrambling after earning their funding is being
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drastically cut that terrible timing this comes as the county is dealing with the cleanup of the nearly 2 mile long homeless encampment kron four's maureen kelly reports. >>the dismantling of the sprawling encampment along the job or dota trail happened after months of debate and the cleanup of the area is expected to drag on for several more weeks, but now some of the homeless service providers who help this population are finding themselves facing 34% cuts in funding from the county starting july first what that means in can translate into is less shelter beds less housing beds, people losing their house because they other nonprofits can't continue. >>those housing units and so it could to create more individuals living on our streets and that's not ok. >>jaylin homes as the chief program officer for catholic charities, the largest homeless service provider in the county and she says they'll be trying to drum up more funding sources in the community to try and make up for the shortfall. >>you know we've been able to actually tripled the number of
10:31 pm
people we housed in the last few years and my big concern is that progress is going to get stalled and or fall backwards and we have no ability to do that because homelessness is a crisis and it is an emergency right now obviously it is disappointing because we have significant issue here the mayor of santa rosa is also the chair of the leadership council for home sonoma. >>the agency forced to make the tough choice of where to make these cuts he says this comes because last year the state gave them million one-time funding to spend on homelessness. >>and this year they got nearly 4 million with the county getting an additional 3 million for a total of close to million and while that's better than nothing he hopes the state sees the importance of investing locally in addressing the homeless crisis the states now get this billion-dollar multiple billions of dollars in rainy day fund. >>so at the local level like will rather than have the rainy day fund it's raining
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here in santa rosa, and we could use that investment to cancer serving homeless services because homelessness in sonoma county. >>it didn't end with the clearing of the children go to trail. >>maureen kelly kron 4 news. san francisco supervisors asking for governor gavin newsom's help in fighting drug overdoses supervisor matt haney sent a letter to the governor's office asking for an executive order declaring a public health emergency. the letter cites a recent announcement confirming overdose deaths caused by fentanyl and heroin in san francisco doubled in 2019. >>the flu is leading to a critical shortage in blood and platelet donations officials with the red cross say they currently only have a three-day supply of type o blood available for patient emergencies and medical treatments. if you are interested in helping out donating there will be a blood drive tomorrow at saint robert catholic school in san bruno. >>it's been pretty calm around here lately but wild unpredictable weather is crippling communities across the country there been
10:33 pm
avalanches raging floods and white house andy rose reports the public for an unstoppable force barreling down a mountainside an avalanche triggered by state crews in utah taking out everything in its path shutting down several mountain roads to go home. >>sorry whiteout conditions made for treacherous driving in colorado. >>team we away from me was growing again see a thing. >>shutting down nearly 50 miles of interstate 70, a main artery for travel across the state. and high winds and heavy snow have been so dangerous even ski resorts had to shut down. >>roads turning to rivers and flood waters engulfed entire communities in washington state this is the worst we've
10:34 pm
ever seen and in oregon heavy rains and warmer temperatures melted sitting snow triggering dangerous and destructive fast-moving flood waters there rains like rivian know it's going to flood you get groceries this keeps up for another 2 or 3 days and then you've the end. >>wonder were you know worse the water level going to stop. >>endy rose kron 4 news a lot. >>across the country for more on that, here's a large car no yeah i know that every ridge there's a trough that's or seen across the us we've got high pressure ridge over california see right here and that is blocking all the storm sofiane really all the storms up in the pacific northwest and then all that cold air plunging across the rockies bringing lots of snow all the way down in the deep south in fact we're looking at some very cold air may be some more iguanas falling out of the trees there we've got a frost advisory in the central florida also a lot of snow and snow advisories going on across much of us as we've got more cold air just kind of pouring in and nothing to stop it. back out on the west coast. we do have another cold
10:35 pm
front that's moving in and unfortunately we live in all the rain drops behind the pacific northwest. it's the start to drag down for the by the time it gets here it will be a dry cold front unfortunately that means no rain for us but we're going to see a lot of wind kicking up as it moves on by here we go you can see right here on the computer model that you're long range forecast models will see that system move through see kind of falling apart rearranging pick up a little moisture to southern california may be bringing a little rain there on sunday. but for us it's going about high pressure building in behind it and although strong gusty winds we're going to see on sunday once again as we get to monday high pressure builds across the bay area again and looking almost spring-like temperatures to about tuesday. another weak system drops in come wednesday to bring maybe a few clouds and then another one possibly on valentine's day that will be the best shot of some rain as we head through this next week and then getting a little bit on some left that find that ridge wants to finally flatten out a breakdown that does happen finally allow the storm door to open up keep your fingers crossed the following week maybe get back in some of that rain. so here's your 10
10:36 pm
attempt for the weekend. we're looking at some breezy conditions but sunny almost a saturday windy on sunday more sunshine of spring-like weather monday and tuesday. chance of rain on valentine's day. and then it looks like another chance of rain the following monday. >>in national news tonight, democratic candidates for the white house now apparently under more pressure than ever said hopefuls went toe to toe in new hampshire tonight just days away from the first primary in the country mary maloney is in manchester with the highlights. >>7 familiar faces took familiar places at the new hampshire democratic debate. but after the disasters iowa caucuses center good in iowa. >>there are probably taking here this stakes seem higher than ever we need to reestablish the rule of law in this country. but a judge and bernie sanders claiming victory in iowa, leading the polls in new hampshire and people and feeling the front runner fire or buddha is a great guy he's a mayor of a small city who has done some
10:37 pm
good things but has not demonstrated his ability to quest to others hoping for a memorable moment, bernie and i were together all the but i think. >>we're not going to be able to out divide the divider in chief the next president's going after restore the credibility of this country where democratic candidates touching on topics that matter most to people in new hampshire. like health care if we do what joe wants. >>we'll be spending some trillion on health care over the next 10 years that's the status quo joe climate change maybe we pool our resources and fight our common enemy which is climate and the economy we're going to have to take mister trump down on the economy and he's going to beat us unless we can take him down on the economy stupid for we have to do is actually get the markets working to improve our family's way of life with the new hampshire primary on tuesday, the time for candidates to stand out to voters is quickly running out in manchester new hampshire, i'm mary moloney.
10:38 pm
>>and senator sanders is going after mayor, but a judge for accepting money from wealthy donors, the 2 democrats here emerge says the top candidates right after the iowa caucuses, they were one to there abby phillip has that part of the story >>tested too. >>a moment of celebration and now former south bend mayor pete food, a judge is hoping to ride the momentum from iowa to a strong finish in the new hampshire primary new hampshire is a state that. >>has never been told what to do right and we've got to earn every vote and earn a win on tuesday night right here with 100% of the precincts, reporting and new questions about the consistency of some of the caucus according to a cnn analysis. >>there is still no clear winner in iowa. sanders saying it's time to move on. we've got enough of iowa. i think we should. and so the hampshire and pivoting hard to take on his nearest rival out of iowa. i'm reading some headlines.
10:39 pm
>>from newspapers about what the judge. the has most exclusive billionaire donors of any democrat. that's was from forbes com like people to nice guy. but we are in a moment where billionaires. control not only our economy. but our political at meantime joe biden has been absent from the trail in new hampshire the former vice president spending thursday huddled with his advisers in delaware sources now say biden is doing some campaign restructuring. >>elevating communications advisor and he didn't in the wake of a disappointing iowa loss the candidate not competing in the traditional early states, michael bloomberg challenging a key argument biden has been trying to make for his electability the 60 plus candidates that i campaigned for the toughest districts in the country just 2 years ago, don't see me as they want to be in their districts. bloomberg now picking up more endorsements
10:40 pm
from democrats who flipped their districts from red to blue. most recently new jersey representative mike he cheryl. >>i do believe mike can get it done. >>the former new york city mayor also picking up an endorsement from president trump's former secretary of the navy richard spencer. >>that was abby philip reporting. bloomberg picked up spencer's endorsement at a military event in norfolk virginia this morning. spencer compared his leadership with that of president trump's and shared his plans to support the military. it runs and their families. >>happening tomorrow, san francisco is celebrating the chinese new year the lunar new year fear though of the corona virus as cause some concerns about the new year parade, but as sarah stinson reports. organizers say the show will go on. >>people walking here on the san francisco's streets tell me they're not going to let their fear of the corona virus stop them from going to the lunar new year parade tomorrow know you just take precautions.
10:41 pm
>>if you worry about you don't get the flu just hovering your mouse >>and to his only a few cases here and you know it's it's outside its fund them. think we should we should be attending and that's exactly what parade organizers want to hear they want to make sure spectator numbers goes up and the fear of this corona virus doesn't stop people from coming you can see on the parades website, a warning that's in red and it reads we are aware of the corona virus and are monitoring the situation with the guidance of the cdc. >>who and the local health authorities there are no plans for canceling the parade should events change we will notify everyone to our website local news and social media platform, so looks like on the parade of must go on the finishing touches are being made to float with glitter red gold a lots of representation of the year of the rat organizers hope people come out ready to have a good time
10:42 pm
and a couple people i spoke to say they are definitely. >>ready to sued over some of the day because we love it chinese a new year's enough the streets are already ready for the parade with crowd control barricades out no parking signs can be seen stores are stocked people are ready. the chinese new year parade will begin a saturday at 00:05pm in the afternoon will go until 9 at night in san francisco sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>a nascar fan, a missouri gets a card signed by racing legend in the mail. and how long you have to wait for it. >>and the giants are making their fans happy most to really stretch before pitchers and catchers report to spring training the emotional spark
10:43 pm
ama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs.
10:44 pm
obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
10:45 pm
coast guard. and i fly airplanes fixed wing aircraft, hc one 44. >>caught on extra the latest numbers from the cdc indicate there are 12 confirmed cases of the corona virus in the u s and 100 other cases are being investigated. kron on's theresa in sanaa's to hernia spoke with doctor matt willis from the public health office of marine county to learn more. this is obviously a big story and one that you know is is circulating everywhere a lot of people are scared what are some um i guess nuggets of knowledge that you can give. >>our viewers that you know they can kind of take away from all this. well it is important to realize that
10:46 pm
corona virus not currently actively circulating in our region. >>you know we've been fortunate to have a couple we know exists. >>in this city as it relates to african-americans. >>the event was put on with the help of the african american historical and cultural society. well when you ask a celebrity for an autograph you usually get a quick answer right, yes, or no, usually its no from me a man in missouri had to wait 18 years reporter patrick clark went to meet him and see has signed a card from a nascar legend it must be a trip it a letter from it was a written by me to me. >>it happened monday when clay teague with to check his mail only to find a mystery from 18 years ago why i see my head around the outside. on blow but of course when i open the a letter. it was a dale earnhardt junior nascar card with his signature on it. for
10:47 pm
the saint charles county resident. the clue started coming together on the mysterious letter from 2002. a collector of cards and coins. this a test can be found at his day job at scotsman coin and jewelry but an inquiry from 18 years before to nascar driver dale earnhardt junior, somehow got lost along the way way back in 2002. i sent this card to his garage with a will so he can mail it back. apparently 18 years later, dale had a chance to sign it and put it back in the mail to be with an extra $0.18 posters has the state would up a lot of those 18 years over the years this collector has sent cards to athletes but forgotten all the addresses he had mailed teague will be watching sunday february 16th when 2 time daytona 500 champion dale earnhardt junior will wave the green flag for the 62th running of the great american race on fox and he will be watching his mailbox in case another nascar card
10:48 pm
shows up from his past self to his future self in the years ahead art. >>what future you advice you can give yourself for 18 year from 2. well, i guess just i got the same address you move addresses that we may not get this card. >>good point in a good again would be a bummer 18 years how to measure what was given 18 years from now patrick clark by the way reporting there. it is possible the famed race or is catching up on his mail because he is no i guess no other race is more time these days he retired from racing at the end of the 2017. nascar season. >>time now it's been a making it easy to access all your favorite entertainment at home. >>couple in a lot of people because the 49 ers are relevant for so long, but they sucked all the oxygen out of the room, but they're gone and now we're talking baseball,
10:49 pm
yeah, the giants have the floor now it was a quiet offseason for the giants but today we're getting a lot of headlines from this franchise now, but this time next week giants pitchers and catchers will be in arizona for the start of spring training before then players and coaches will take some time meet up with the fans this weekend for fan fest as the franchise heads into its first season under the direction of gabe kepler the new giants skipper caught up in the media this afternoon catherine taking over for the future hall of famer bruce bocce as he heads into his first spring with the giants there are a number of questions about the direction of the team considering they did not make any huge offseason additions madison bumgarner no longer on the roster, the giants have had 3 straight losing seasons, but cap alert wants to make one thing perfectly clear to fans. before we get excited about development which is it really important before we get excited about just our style of play. >>my message for on-message scott's message to both our fans and. >>our our players that were
10:50 pm
we're have a chance to win every night and we are going to do everything possible to win every single night. >>in other news of the day you can see it from the player himself hunter pence letting the bay area know he is back with the giants tweeted that out this evening that some 37 year-old outfielder returning to san francisco anyone season. $3 million deal just spent last year the texas rangers were he to 97 with 18 jacks on his way to comeback player of the year honors before his time with the rangers 7 years with the giants helping lead the franchise to 2 titles and here's another great story from 13 king alyssa nakken an assistant on capital staff is the first female coach in major league baseball history in a remarkable journey for neck in a decorated softball start sacramento state a master's in sports management from usf and then she landed internship with the giants here she is never imagined she'd be in this position on catholics staff i knew i wanted to be. >>key part of this easing we do on the field but also off
10:51 pm
field and in the community. and i knew i just wanted to be an impact player. and not necessarily just. if i come into work the 95 and go home the value to the organization to help keep moving forward. >>and fan fest runs from 10:00am to 3 saturday at oracle park now to the association the warriors back on the court tomorrow hosting the lakers, their first game since a number of roster moves at the trade deadline golden state traded away 5 players. this week notables leading scorer d'angelo russell the former all-star point guard traded to minnesota in exchange for andrew wiggins and some draft picks steve kerr discussed in the russell transactions a day saying it all came down to a matter of to be perfectly blunt the fed was questionable when we signed him either but nobody question that when you already have staff and clients. >>a ball-dominant. you can rightfully fit. that was one
10:52 pm
of the reasons that the trade rumors started before the season even began. >>and weakens me play tomorrow night finally let's wrap up with you in a full pebble beach route to the leader heading into moving day nic taylor sticks that he shot on 17 with 34 of his last 5 holes he fired a 66 is at 14 under but it's going to fun. weekend because left he's right in the mix what a day from phil mickelson 4 straight birdies after the turn at monterey peninsula, 3 off the lead at 3rd place jason day is right fighting climate change
10:53 pm
isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>up next the news continues our 24 7 streaming service, it's called kron on in this commercial free hernia tells us what's coming up tonight at 11 o'clock. >>grand can it coming up in just a few minutes. i got interviews with the owners of 3 startups here in the bay area one of which promises to cure a killer hangover the second makes it easier to get around in the 3rd while that gives you the tools to make neighborhoods safer. it's all coming up right here on kron on so be sure to download the kron on app for all of our exclusive contents. >>died sanaa's will the statue of liberty is under water a blow-up version of her anyway it is the second time she's it graced the frozen the lake mendota for the wisconsin unions winter carnival, it's an ode to a 1979 campaign
10:56 pm
promise to university of wisconsin alumni said they would bring the statue of liberty to madison. >>if elected to the student association when they made good on their word with that the giant styrofoam statues accept another planet of the apes movie is charleston has turned around on the beach trip that i was going to say on the phone with a person want before they made got some ideas for this weekend. how about this year like tulips like flowers why not check it out the tulip mania is happening. >>right there pier 39 in san francisco. if you want to head out 10 o'clock they're going to get some nice tours. they're supposedly 39,000 tulips are out there blooming right now so you've got some sunshine, some cool temperature dress warmly and some mid 50's and they're giving away some donuts and some coffee at the end of the tour. i love this this some different the valentine hot that's right. they're combining valentine's day and 100 houses in san leandro that takes place 7 o'clock tomorrow evening, mostly clear skies, cool temperatures very breezy out there as well. these pay
10:57 pm
comic con that is taking place in concord of course everybody can be dressed up in all those rate comics and yeah they're going to have some stars out there people signed some autographs to and don't forget this about the chinese new year's parade. great time it will be mostly clear cool and breezy out there as we are going to well looks like some pretty good condition except for those winds kicking him the next few days get ready back to spring like weather. the beginning up next. thank you arts. we have a good weekend. happy friday right. ak,
10:58 pm
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