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tv   KRON 4 News at 9am  KRON  February 11, 2020 9:00am-10:01am PST

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false. and i'm james fletcher let's see how fine and is out on the roads and we had a couple hiccups here and there so much over working i have a motorcycle accident blocking 3 lanes so 2 hot ots that have to talk about. >>i'm sorry out of the clear i never a all right, let's talk about the slowdown will start out right at the current king as westbound 80 as you inter crockett we have this major accident that still active. look at this we have fire crews, tow trucks all on scene this is the car that flipped over you see its back on its will so that's good news, but we still have the 2 right lanes blocked as we have several vehicles involved in this crash about 4. but the one that flipped over was the big problem or the bigger problem so a traffic alert remains in place 80 west at pomona with lots of slowing behind the scenes look at that you're backed up all the way across the kirk heinous it goes through boy how its bills
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will be on 7.80 so major delays for westbound 80 you could cut over to 7.80 take 6.80 instead so consider using the benicia instead of the car keen as one to get through that it's going to open up that slow back down on the richmond side and stays like that to so 36 minutes from crockett to oakland our motorcycle accident here in sunnyvale to 37 west at lawrence this was blocking all lanes of traffic they've moved the activity off to the side, but it's still awful so to 37 you're crawling fr 8 80 all the way over to one oh one in sunnyvale your backup also spills on to the nimitz which was already slow so it's jam way back out of san leandro in to milpitas on to 2.37 leading up to that motorcycle crash quick peek at the bay bridge at least it's quiet here, but you are still backed up through the oakland maze john while robin all quiet as far as weather goes traffic the us will not operating at the
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moment. >>but your forecast certainly will be in fact it's only getting better in the days ahead of us we are looking at clear skies abe snow as you are across the bay still holding on to some breezy conditions at times up in the north bay, mostly when you head up into further northern areas of napa sonoma and solano counties, the rest of us we've already experienced some nice cm conditions yesterday just have more of that in the forecast for us today. >>plenty more sunshine as well you had abundant sunshine yesterday we're going to keep that going as we make our way into the afternoon and evening tonight. no fog no cloud cover just blue skies to enjoy these nice temperatures uer alameda and oakland as well as berkeley already in the 60's same for you in vallejo and napa well a little cooler and other spots like san anselmo petaluma and avato hanging out or right around 50 degrees right now in each of these areas later today, it 60's for most of us, although getting close to 70 for a lot of spots if not into the 70's and others san jose up to 69
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today, oakland up to 68. james and darya. >>very much john 9 o 2 is the time our story this hour teachers in the san ramon valley school district have voted to authorize a strike that doesn't mean they're leaving the classrooms at this point what does it mean kron four's will tran is live in san ramon with the latest. >>for now thteachers are in the classrooms but because they have authorize a strike they are getting closer and closer from leaving the classrooms to ght here on the picket lines because so far there has been no deal and they've been working on this for at least a year the teachers are looking for many raise a salary raise to have nurses at the school psychologists smaller classrooms, but the school district says they simply can not give the teachers everything that they're looking or because they have to think about the long-term impact financially for the school district, the bottom
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line is if you have students who go to any one of the san ramon school district, your kids are fine for now the teachers simply cannot walk off the job they have to make sure that they take all the steps necessary and if all those steps have been exhausted then and only then will they be allowed to go on strike one teacher says. she's for up to you would you guys go on strike today absolutely we've already authorized a strike 98% of faculty and. >>under says psychologists speech therapists have already authorized that strike because we're fighting for kids right. i can tell you there will not be a strike this month or early next month because the teachers union they've already scheduled public hall meetings. >>with the community to let them know exactly what's going on. ut right now there is no
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hard deadline meaning after everything's exhausted, they could possibly announce a strike which means could happen before the end of the year and we saw what that happened last year in union city whe the timing just worked out where the teachers in that particular district went on strike right before finals and that lasted about 2 weeks impacng seniors who are looking to go to college but right now everything seems to be open they will try to negotiate again they've already met with a mediator twice. they will try to do it one more time. >>all right, thank you will. it's 9 oh 5 and another big story this morning santa clara county is leading the way in processing untested rape kits because they want to solve assault cases com for sarah stinson has more. >>the santa clara county district attorney ernie announcing cocrete success in processing rape kids they're now able to do it within less than 30 days back in 2018the board of supervisors voted to
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make this happen at that time it took out 94 daysto process kits now the average kid is being produced within 16 days a huge difference and the assault response team says stranger rapes are tested within 5 to 7 days since the board approved funding back in 2018 they've been able to adess the backlog there was 269 rape kits awaiting processing at the crime lab all of those have now been tested and the backlog has been eliminated the funding allow the county to hire 2 adtional criminalist to the already 3 person team this is lping solve these assault cases quicker, cluding one that happened earlier this month when a young san jose woman was sexually assaulted the evidence was quickly sent to the crime lab with priority within 48 hours there was a match with the suspect and officers were able to make an arrest the county has also expanded its safe program that allows rape victims to get their kids done quickly, but
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now it's expanded to more hospitals throughout the county. >>in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>in the east bay, california highway patrol officers charged with having with a teenage girl in fremont the alameda county da's office announced 3 felony charges against 34 year-old officer, ban watkins. police started investigating him because they got a report about a relationship with a teenage girl last july. they say he met wi the teen in fremont while he was off duty and they do not believe there any other underage victims. >>and seen illegally hitching a ride on a san francisco, muni train. caught on camera it seems standing on the rear of the train. there's a speech along 19th avenue and it wasn't the only time that muni surfing has been caught on camera. here's video of a man hanging on as well this was a train on 17th street sees got a skateboard with them. one media writer thinks maybe it's because the trains are to fall and they need. you know a way
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to get from here to there and th was the only means they had necessary others say this just >>munition pme put in more chain so people don't think that they need that they have the need to jump on the back it's crazy i i can't believe people are so reckless you can't regulate stupidity but i think you know just a little common sense. >>all of us can go a long way. >>well we talked a muni they of courssay that hoing on trains like that is illegal let alone dangerous muni is exploring options right now to try to raise awareness to let people know not to do that. now bart ambassadors are now paolling trains and platforms trying to make the ride safer for you this is a pilot program right now they have 10niformed ambassadors are going to be patrolling the trains and stations and here's what they look like those of their uniform so keep an eye out for him, they'll be in pairsworking 7 days a week. and they'll be an extra set of eyes basically on the trains to keep everybody safe. riders will see them on some of the
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more heavily traveled routes like the corridor from 12th street and oakland to civic center stations. but as night falls will also be riding the trains to the end of the lines to make sure everybody gets off safely. >>we'll be right in that raise it be more visible haven't high visibility on a train. what role in a kind of the escating situation is where we don't cessarily have to call the police and does educate in give people resources that we have i think that's the best way thewill be able to impact the community i mean gointo grasp on to kandahar every to grad school wasn't >>i say it is a city it's going. >>the 6 month program ends in august in between now and then but we'll be talking with writers see how the program's working and what ways they can improve it going forward. >>it's 9 oh 9 and we're in the voting now on the nation's first democratic primary of 20 20 in new hampshi, the candidates of course making the final round try to influence voters as they head to the polls. but election organizers are also under
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extra pressure to make sure everything goes smoothly. given what happened recently in iowa in the caucuses and the results that were muddled for this track failed lah has more. >>closing out new hampshire, bernie sanders argues energizing the progressive left and his army of small donors. >>is the best path to defeat the president a clear swipe at pete buttigieg who escorted traditional democratic donors tomorroyou have a choice. >>you have a choice about going forward in voting for a campaign which will defeat donald trump. you all my >>we don't go to rich people's homes and get advice from millionaires and billionaires. >>sanders and buttigieg are a top the field in the granite state 2 philosophies on the ballot. buhe says call the primary a choice we cannot risk. >>alienating americans at this
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critical moment and that's where i part ways with my friend, senator sanders where your only choices are between revolution. or the status quo is a picture where most of us don't see ourselves your buttigieg is also the target of joe biden's campaign. >>the former vice president downplaying bush as his experience as mayor we want to compare records is easyto do. i get it, he's a good guy is a great mare but guess what he air as hruns 4th in iowa. biden told voters give him another shot in new >>he's looking beyond the democratic field and focusing on the president's trump's going to tell us over and over again that the economy is on the ballot this year it sure is. i want to make sure he derstands us on the ballot. because working class and middle class people are getting clobbered we have one job in novemr. beat donald
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trump. elizabeth warren closing with a message about taking the fight to donald trump been thinking about unwinnable fights. >>well they're only on winnble if you don't get in the fight and ght. >>nd amy klobuchar are seeing her last event filled to capacity turned her debate oment into her closing ad him hoping that message will turn her from underdog to contender to price the country itself. >>well as cuban law reporting voters in 3 small towns in new hampshire by the way of already cast their votes. they were scheduled castor was at midnight this morning which they did very small turnout though small town's only 27 people have registered votes in the democratic party with thosresults and we can safely say that senator amy klobuchar's in the lead right now with 8 votes. that's more than any other candidate. bernie sanders came in second place with 4 votes and former new york mayor michael bloomberg who wasn't even on
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the ballot. 1 one precinct, he got 2 votes out of a possible 5. >>we'll take a break tonight, still ahead here on the kron 4 morning news, one very county is extending its local health emergency as more cases of corona virus are reported rldwide. fighting climate change
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isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from pluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for evyone regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>welcome back 9.15 on this tuesday morning beautiful clear skieoverhead all across the bay area and we're
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in for another really comfortable ne as far as afternoon temperatures go looking at san francisco san jose and the east bay, it's all the same lots of sunshine out there. maybe we'll the san jose not what the low thi morning second time in a row of trying to show you guys get sick included in there looking out there as far as berkeley goes we are seeing those clear sks overhead lots of brightness making its way down into the east bay, plenty of sunshine will be seen not just this morning but through the afternoon on into the eveni tonight. high pressure still in place we're getting used to that and fortunately it is setting us well behind as far as where we should be as far as rainfall goes in the bay area. and now snowfall in the sierra nevada to we've had some warm temperatus see getting a lot of melt occurring up there. you still got mperatures cool enough at night you can make some snowfall but that only helps ski slope shun need that snowfall to be forming snowpack for the summer months ahead of us and we just haven't been saying that so we would like to see some rain
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now we're not going to be getting at though in these next 7 days. at least it will be a comfortable forecast though as winds do continue to come down up in the north bay we've seen calm conditions right along the bay over the past day now and we'll just continue to enjoy that today, you are north bay area's do see wind advisories expiring at 11:00am this morning only a few left in those are at your upper elevations, includes portions of solano napa and marion counties working our way on into the afternoon. there's your daytime highs just as warm if not warmer than yesterday getting close to 70 degrees for a lot of areas like burlingame south san francisco, clear down the mountain view on the peninsula each at 68 degrees while in the south bay, even warmer than that and santa clara campbell, san jose and milpitas just shy of 70 east bay temperatures also very close to 70 if not up to that mark in richmond conquered in walnut creek each at 70 for your highs north paid mid 70's in fairfield and a vacaville
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while sonoma pa valley, ho santa rosa and petaluma all in the low 70's today tomorrow very similar to today, lots of sunshine just less wind and that's a good thing thursday and friday we look at some low 60's to mid 60's for your average daytime highs with lots of sunshine and beautiful weather for valentine's day. little cooler on saturday still no rainfall in sight though robin thank you john we're checking in on 92 westbound 92 crossing the san mateo bridge. >>oh there's a tow truck cutting in traffic right there center divide rolling westbound may be responding to something new nothing reported just yeas a stock sale the drive looks much much better but maybe we have something n cooking when you're 25 minutes here from mets over to one on one so mainly heavy on the flat section of the san mateo bridge, the bay bridge traffic 80 west. yes, you have a long line still waiting for you yes, it spills back into the maze but it has improved on the suspension at least for now so we're averaging 13 minutes our accident right after car. kunis it's ne
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this was a tough spot. just 20 minutes ago we had an overturned on the crockett side that was blocking several lanes so it's out of the way and now leaving the label looks much much better but mid to low are you sure there's your crowd from ichmond down to oakland so little pocket waiting for you 22 minutes as your drive time to oakland. that's not bad. we're checking out the dumbarton bridge a 30 minute trip to make it to the peninsula. a lot of folks started using it because we had a major crash on to 37 at lawrence that cleared still heavy from 8.80 so 20 minutes for to 37 west 8.80 to one oh one. >>time now to talk winners and losers on wall street financial expert rob black here to share some of s thoughts. want to cut your your read on the corona virus because that's sort of in the big mover on wall street, how are businesses respond is it really impacting. well for sure it is a shower and a drone powell is talking with congress day and one of the
9:20 am
question congrs has is how big is this crowd of arson is it real and just to give you an idea of basically every second or to somehow some way shape or form tied towards china. let me give you a couple examples whether it's food fashion or cane technology. when businesses get shut down offices, restaurants theme parks disruptions to manufacturers. mean i get that sony playstation 5 this year if china has a problem can'get the people back their factors. disney has closed its theme parkin shanghai and ng kong that's about a 175 million our head. they also movies are planned there imax's forced to postpone the release of 5 films been tender said shipments of the switch are coming at a time laid. wynn resorts lee is about million day that the cowboys close knit just one of many companies, qualcomm loses half of its revenue or gets half of its revenue from china. so we've built up the super alliance china can achieve manufacturing essentially no path for tesla ford for hydai and not quick to we
9:21 am
thi of the all the obvious ones like united. delta like even mcdonald's has 3300 restaurants there some 100 are cled starbucks has 4300 stores many of the hundreds of them are closed as well so it's pretty pervasive. yeah i want to err on the manufacturing side, this is sort a call for companies diversify their manufacturing of the corps is chinese are so tempting a place to manufacture keep their think you have that but also have the infrastructure for it which we don't in the united we did start to rely too much on china and we see sometimes it can help you know by the sun is trying to doesn't share a lot of informaon during health crisis is so good things that happened the le picks couple years the starting up point alright issue to want to talk a bit aut that t mobile and sprint. the justices authorized their merger which wa street always loves mergers and acquisitions but for the consumers it for us i'm saying less choice right billion deal numerous administrations and shut down before. t mobile and sprint
9:22 am
have fond over each other trying to merge numerous times and finally a deal gets done sprint. stock is up 75% today on the news still has to get approl of the california public utilities commission bite there probably are pro and they're just going to be a watchdog on the company going forward, but number 3 number 4 getting together much more legit i'm a competitor to rise 18 take. it probably means you don't have to compete as aggressivelto members of the t mobile commercials are like how they do in$20 a month for miss t mobile and sprint said the fcc will get 97% of country covered with 5 g that seemed to boost the deal virgin mobile. got spun off so there are some concessions but not much ok and then lastly want to talk a bit about apple and. is apple a tech company had i guess are some arguments that maybe should be considered that couple points point my life i remember one was marked and never had a are you crazy don't have a case
9:23 am
that's a $1200 sounds like exactly it's a luxury item meant to be shown off to be beautiful. one other analysts agrees with me and mark at this point in time that a corps said. trying to compare it to a tech company or phone company is kind of wrong. the stock was up 86% last year pulse by the iphone 11 services like i-cloud i tunes app store apple news out of music up play. pay apple tv plus there but there areair pods were sold out at christmas. he said compare it to a company like leave ion the way hennessey or or maize or canadian goose or tiffany com or any other company on this site. he thinks t's a $425 stock if it's a must have go to the lead us to assemble i i don't necessarily disagree with them. iron shares of apple should disclose that people asked me should i buy or sell i think hey have next 10 years i think they're more of a luxury item yeah i almost
9:24 am
seems of all smartphones are kids are all price. so high that i don't know i feel like i need to protect that investment like that it would destroy me if i dropped it shattered and let's go really fascinating about it is i had to show my spouse. the other day how to apply pas a nap or closnot just i can't has my my my maps i like we have a $1200 funny you don't even know how to just alright thank you very much europe has always keep questions coming in will pose a question rob tomorrow robber a black dot com. >>rob black show on twitter on facebook and also on our
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y3r07y y1ncy putting term limits on congress, about washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>we're looking at weather and traffic for the late rollers al harris things right and they missed the hot spot. so all the hot spots are gone, but our bridges are still very busy fall of data numbers all right and the weather get better better by the minute happy it really is it's so nice out there too nice >>this is the right you know
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we're looking at the golden gate bridge isbeautiful crystal clear and it's warm to we are seeing winds having calm down across all the bay area right along the bay, at least we still do have those windy spots up in the north bay, but even those will be. calming down into the afternoon ahead of us so our last day with any sort of breezyconditions as pretty isolated to a few in monday's pay spots and then the noh bay skies, beautiful unclear not a cloud in the sky 40's 50's and 60's already mid-sixties and oakland and berkeley at 65. the lay how at 66 nap and n francisco, 65 to you get the picture it's too nice for 09:30am in februy. we work our way into the afternoon with daytime highs climbing well into the upper 60's f not low 70's today, making for an even warmer today than yesterday. rob him. >>all right we're checking in on the bay area bridges and some of them look great some of them are still packed, here's 92, this is one of your slower commutes leaving the east bay heading to the
9:31 am
peninsula. it starts at the nimitz has humor john to 92, you're just stuck in traffic all the way over to the high rise so 24 minutes isn't ok drive time. the bay bridge 80 west see we stillhave that crowd here it spills back through the maze but west of treasure island looks much much better on the suspension. when you put it all together you're averaging 11 minutes, so that's a decent commute into san francisco. here's a delay free to the richmond sandra fell this commutes over west 5.80 only 9 minutes to the north bay and another beautiful shot of the golden gate 26 minutes nevado to san francisco. so we're right on time for south one oh one darya gee, thanks a lot 31 in a big story, another case of the corona virus in california in this case, it was a adult patient who came from wuhan china landed at that military base in san diego last week and several other people on that same flight were also hospitalized for observation. >>but many now have been cleared and released. there are 13 people with the virus inthe united states 7 in
9:32 am
california present trump addressed concerns of the corona virus last night at a rally in he says. >>the virus could go away by april. >>the virus. they're working hard looks like by april you know in theory when it gets a little warmer. miraculously go to that's true. but 're doing great in our country china spoke with president xi and they're working very very hard. and i think it's going to all work out fine rough stuff. i tell you a rough rough stuff, but i think it's going to work out. >>some public health experts seem to disagree with the president however warning if they need to learn more about the virus and its relationship with warmer weather before they can predict when the end of this season might be back here in the bay area by the way to santa clara county supervisors of extended a local health emergency because of the corona virus extended it through march 11th nowthis move doesn't mean that there's any grear risk ofpeople in the south bay, but it does enable to county to more effective in its response to the outbreak in can seek mutual aid and ensure that all
9:33 am
doctors have the resources they need to keep the community safe. >>as the corona virus concerns are spreading in the bay area tourism and businesses in san francisco are seeing a slowdown com forced him of attacking has more. >>heard is 30 minutes. >>restaurants like swan oyster depot say they're seeing a slowdown in business after airlines has traveled between the us and china because of the rona virus. the last couple weeks, especially during the middle of the week tuesday wednesday thursday. >>lines have been dying down earlier than normal. generally we stay busy until about 4.30. during those days. early line but after counter over at pier, 39 they're also feeling the effects spokesperson says restaurantare experiencing fewer walk ins and more last minute cancellations by tour groups. >>fog harbor fish houswhich is a hot spot for chinese
9:34 am
tourists sci-fi percent decline in restaurant or walk ins as well president and ceo of the hotel council of san francisco also confirms the slowdownells of seeing cancellations in the last few weeks with people either. >>in down coming in from asian from china specifically by the d of the week san francisco international airport will suspend 77% of all of its flights to and from china overall that's 1.5% less flights at sfo in a 2.7% reduction in the number of seats serving the airport but some states in e hotel they spend money outside the hotel as well so one our rooms are for often are rooms that's impacting small businesses around them as well hotels are concerned and we want to make sure we do everything we can to. >>protect our visitors and our employees well sfo says this situation is constantly changing but right now thos flights are not scheduled to resume until march in despite the slowdown in business staurants and hotels say there are no plans to cut any
9:35 am
of their staff in san francisco tailored the psac ii kron 4 news. >>a 16 year-old is charged with using car to attack a police officer and fremont and hears the car. after a crash near a gastation early sunday morning police were chasing the teen after linking him to a felony theft a before the chase. they say the teenager rammed his car into the officer's patrol car, the 16 year-old now faces charges including felony assault and rkless evasion and he also had 2 active warrants out for his arrest in san francisco county for robbery. an alameda county sheriff's deputies suing the president of the trial raptors over last year scuffle in oakland, this was in june. when the raptors won the nba championship over the warriors sheriff's deputy alan strickland says he stopped raptors president messiah jerry from going on to the court because he didn't show the proper credentials that lead to the shoving match stricklin claims that ujiri him in the face and chest with both fists, causing a physical mental emotional and economic
9:36 am
injuries and is seeking $75,000 in damages. us to find a statement from the rafters says the strict ones claims are without merit. in october prosecutors decided not to file charges against you jerry. 9 35 in oakland police are looking for the owners of a whole bunch of tools that appeared to have been stolen and were found in a stolen car lok at the malls about $12,000 worth of equipment. that was found inside a stolen car and there's the car. the iver was stopped after a chase that ended on 73th avenue in san leandro street and nowhe's been arsted, but they're trying to figure out who all of this belongsto and it appears to belong toa lot of different people different numbers, initial ys and names on all the stuff if you think any of this is yours contact. the oakland police. >>in the north bay of a man was arrested in connection with a car burglary and also facing firearm charges now to police arrested max richards there's this picture. they identified him as the suspect in a car burglary. investigators searched his
9:37 am
home and at's where they found multiple firearms, including a lord a loaded short-barrel assault rifle, a loaded handgun ammunition and several high capacity magazines which are illegal. this morning mohammed nuru has resigned as san francisco's public works director. mayor london breed place new rules on leave when he was arrested and charged with public corruption along wi the owner of left field tools, nick bovis freed has already appointed an acting director and says the department will move forward under new leadership. >>sunshine out there again today and temperatures are already climbing just look at and san francisco in the mid 60's along with napa and delay home 50's elsewhere, but soon to be 60's in these spots as well, i'm talking a very tuesday ahead of us in your forecast. >>and we're taking apeek at 80 for all of my oakland, san francisco commuters a line is pretty long hair spilling back through the maze so i don't see a huge improvement get on
9:38 am
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♪ ♪ othroughout the country f the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to velop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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uh, "fifteen minutes could save you 15%ain? or more on car insurance." i think we're gonna swap over to "over seventy-five years of savings and service." what, we're just gonna swap over? yep. pump the breaks on this, swap it over to that. pump the breaks, and, uh, swap over? that's right. instead of all this that i've already-? yeah. what are we gonna do with these? keep it at your desk, and save it for next time. geico. over 75 years of savings and service. >>we're back at 9 40 in national news, we have former new york mayor and democratic presidential candidate. michael bloomberg unveiling hi immigration plan if he's elected. his campaign says his plan is one of unity. respect and integrity and it would roll back several of president ump'policies, including the current travel ban on people from certain muslim majority and african couries. he also says that
9:41 am
he'll stop moy going towards construction of the border wall. >>they didn't plan up after a to citizenship for 11 million immigrants in this coury they would restore a the provisions are programs are for young dreamers are for those immigrants thatbenefit from firms such as tvs. >>and back out. >>bloomberg also looks to dress the immigration and naturalization backlog which currently has more than a million cases pending. his plan also opens up citizenship opportunities for immigrants to start up businesses who graduate with degrees in advance stem fields and for people who are doctors and nurses. >>warriors welcome back an old friend and neufeld and steph klay and re trying to get into the olympic clubthe giants welcome a fan of favorite back to the club and a supermod
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growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors.
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and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an emergency.
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that's why i wrotehe nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. he l us to victory. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>welcome back 9.44 on this tuesday morning skies, nice and clear conditions coming down a really nice tuesday ahead of us can see just how bright conditions are from the east bay here looking out from the berkeley hills skies will remain this way through the day today on into the evening tonight, staying dry too as does this high-pressure ridge continues to bebuilt up over the area. warm air from our inland areas being drawn out to our coastal spots and that's still resulting in some windy conditions at times in the north bay which will calm
9:45 am
gradually into the afternoon ahead of us pretty calm set up for those areas that did see windy conditions continuing wind advisories do still remain until 11:00am only a few more hours with them and then it does look like the rest of the week beyond this point will be a lot calmer than obviously sunday and even some parts of the bay were yesterday. 60's for your daytime highs for most areas today, although a lot of us are now approaching the 70's south san francisco burlingame further south on the peninsula through foster city redwood city in mountain view. all it 68 while the south bay even warmer than that one degree shy of 70 in milpitas san jose campbell in santa clara, state temperatures in the upper 60's to low 70's was 70 in concord walnut creek in richmond, north bay you'll be in the low to mid 70's and a lot calmer towards the finish of the day vacaville in fairfield been a breezy few days for you mid 70's for your highs today center fell holding on the upper 60's while nevado
9:46 am
petaluma and santa rosa on the low 70's tomorrow very similar to today upper 60's for areas, but ski low 70's mixed in there too. thursday and friday, lots of sunshine and a little cooler, although still above average temperatures warmer than they should be r this time of year. robin. >>hey we just missed the zipper truck it rolled through it switched around the lane. configuration that means the commute is over we have 3 lanes north three-lane south. so we're down to 26 minutes no longer delayed here from the north bay to san francisco are in good shape. not so much for the bay bridge looks better. we see fast track lanes opening up a little bit right down the middle but the overall back up it's still pretty long. yes it goes through the maze. it's roughly 10 minutes for your average into san francisco right now it's going to go up and down as we continue through the next hour checking on a highway for that has improved as well 19 minutes, antioch to concord the nimitz looking much better at 36 minutes now rolling south from to 38 off
9:47 am
to to 37. her scissors are announcing the return of the swiss army knife so we're is rolled out the blue and yellow carpet for andre iguodala playing against his old team for the first time as a new member of the heat. >>because he never actually hit the court has a grizzly. >>the greatest warriors in the history of the organization back. the step and re matos job so much easier as well as coach during all the coaching staff. so we're indebted to this man for what he gave us it is good at the back strght. wait to see your jersey thank everybody that
9:48 am
supported us supported me. my entire time here. cruise light home every time. >>after the fanfare and a few laughs steph and klay watch their soul mate mix it up with green, and the gang not only was this a $2 second game with the heat, it was his second game of the entire season cuts it wouldn't play says trayvon did not flagrant foul if he liked he joked he would say he beat golden state won 13 to one oh one the clubs. >>are part of the hollywood club to here they are at the vanity fair oscar party sunday night. clay's girlfriend is laura harrier who starred in blackkklansman green is engaged to empire actress hazel renee. and they're also hoping to hook up with steve kerr on team usa steph klay
9:49 am
and draymond are among the 44 finalists for this year's summer olympics were to find out who was selected to the 12 member team later this year and look who's back in the san francisco giants club. hunter pence all crazy eyes mixing it up the band says over the weekend it won't be long before reverend is motivating the team. >>with his inspirational called him hunter hi it always putting with a soft calling him a high over his pants hopes are high that bringing back the oldies but goodies we'll be good for the giants pension panda, thecan maybe help the giants be great again or at least make them more entertaining. >>what baseball be more entertaining if they expanded the playoffs and let the higher seeded playoff teams choose their opponent on live tv. that's the headline that mlb is trying to sell as we start spring training on not buying it, but i'm sure they would rather we all focus our attention on whacking ideas
9:50 am
the astro's red sox cheating n scandal. i'd rather look something lacking in entertaining that actually happened byu poster rising san the cougars didn't just beat the dons in salt lake they stole the half time show watch again by launching. >>their mascot. yes, there's a person in there. on the 3 point line and he's flying 50 to 22 feet recapture the ball makes the dunk. and sticks the landing. it is an impressive alli o ok well, he flopped the landing but supermodel cindy crawford has 2 kids with money and model good looks but her son presley wants you to know. he's misunderstood. it's obvious read his face. he says he got the word misunderstood tattooed under his eye because he says he has felt misunderstood his entire life. but i don't think by his parents he points out that this is a statement aimed at
9:51 am
people who think they know him and judge him. of course ironically that tattoo has sparked more judgment with people saying that he's room governor greg defacing himself. the presley says he doesn't think the indelible ink will ruin his career. and that's the bus. obama: he's been a leader throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when
9:52 am
we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
9:53 am
>>time for us to kron off.
9:54 am
caught and handed over to kron on because they're always on thnews of the day we've got a nice to her knee and standing by with a closer look at what they're working on good morning. good morning james and darya as you guys kron off we kron on out today. >>we're told the santa clara county is becoming the leader of clearing the backlog of rape kits and speeding up the processing system. >>we'll take you live to a press the county officials are holding today plus it's primary day in new hampshire will be taking a look at how the candidates are doing and what we can expect in the coming days so be sure to download the kron on app to stay with us all day long back to you guys. >>thank you guys. >>for your money this morning valentine's day is just a couple days away james source this gets here you're not going believe how much people spend saturday gets more and more every year ok the national retail federation added up they think the average person spends almost 200 bucks a $196. yeah, well
9:55 am
and that breaks a total overall 27.4 boeing billion. i guess if youadd up what like the chocolates or flowers and then and all the as it sounds a little crazy demand be so easy to getup to arab bucks all right around infield taking out someplace fancy well ere's alys a an amazon that's what i say there you go what to do you live real make >>i'm all about experiences where can spend some to their time together we don't need to go out to a fancy restaurant. love is not based on money, but always tell you that i'm not kidding i like the homemade card see right. so we've got that going to the spa why friday then there's this other for your health this morning and it's san francisco is the healthiest city in america number one according to financial website wallethub have now they took a look at various things right they looked at the cost of a doctor's visit which seems ind high, but it it was it did get on the list we also looked how many fruits and vegetables are and the access that people have to gyms and rec areas will get golden gate
9:56 am
rk. so that makes it easy of tons of parks and city. >>so san francisco ranked first with access to healthy food, the one negative that the study found was of course the fact that it's one of the highest cost places to live especially when you look at jim mode that littlesaying ye yeah, san diego by the way in irvine also made the top 10, but talk about something and bring it down >>i'm not seeing major snowfall for several town in western texas just got 8 inches is the best story it was unexpected and it was exciting for a lot of folks, especially for a 2 year-old girl had never seen snow. but was a huge fan of the disney movie frozen movie okay and she had to go out there and play the movie. big hole is that very dramatic. oh my gosh, she's got the dress else's dress she's got the snow course you know became a
9:57 am
huge vir thing. yes and 46 million people on social media ever2 years old haven't had snow in 2 years so her first time and let's check the seven-day around the day for our future you can get out there saying the song yeah now that we were going to that there's the seven-day the only important thing really to knows the weather's fine on valentine's day which is friday. so. have fun today all >> announcer: today on an
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all-new "dr. phil." a brutal assault that went viral. exclusive interviews with the attacker. >> i have never put my hands on a woman before. >> dr. phil: according to brianna, three attacks happened that night. >> announcer: his mother? >> dr. phil: he says he doesn't remember doing any of this. >> announcer: and the victim's sister. >> dr. phil: she was beaten. >> if i wasn't drunk, i wouldn't have done that. >>lcohol is not an excuse. >> dr. phil: today is going to be a changing day in your life. you never had anybody working harder to bring you to the threshold of change than right now.


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