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tv   KRON 4 News at 5pm  KRON  February 11, 2020 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>>this is really attacked in the middle of the afternoon i didn't see the gun, i home one night and so what the soon as i felt it i knew like who's you know, there's no point in even trying to tussle with these guys he was just cleaning his car in his driveway tonight with the victim has to say about being assaulted outside his oakland home. >>thank you for joining us tonight at 5 o'clock everybody i'm grant lotus and i think he will kiss robberies are on the rise in the city of oakland and tonight a resident is speaking out after being robbed at gunpoint in his own driveway saw the home security video that captured the crime police are now investigating kron four's dan kerman joins us live in the newsroom.
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>>dan one 30 in the afternoon pretty bold a very bold it appears to be a crime of opportunity robbers driving through a neighborhood just after the lunch hour spotting a person all by himself in his driveway, a prime candidate for a robbery nobody else around if they're looking for this or that to this person is all by himself, and now what they were not considering was that this was all captured on home security video. >>look at this white sedan going by it caught the eye of this 20 year-old oakland man but not enough to stop him from cleaning his car. little did he know what would happen when the 2 people inside that car got out less than a minute later. >>2 guys come up behind me one on had a gun. they it's robbing me. >>it happened monday afternoon about one 30 in oakland's diamond district, the victim who prefers to remain anonymous says initially he tried to resist. >>they kept trying to get me to move on the ground and i want go on the ground at first, but then on the guy
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with the gun kept kept pressing it against one a time you get down and down so that's when i finally dropped to the floor in less than 35 seconds the suspect stole the victim's necklace bracelet cell phone and car and house keys before leaving the scene the biggest concern right now is that they come back in you know knows what else they might try to take the car breakin my house and on. you know family here and we are kids you so i'm definitely most worried about the victim says crime has steadily been on the rise in his once quiet neighborhood. >>but this is his first time as a victim, i'm never been robbed before is my first time that the writer from them and first up so that's the biggest shock to out of everything. >>the local police confirm they are investigating this robbery they also confirm robberies have been on the upswing both last year. >>and this year live in the newsroom. dan kerman kron 4 news all right dan turning now
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to our other big story tonight tracking the corona virus tonight, the corona virus death toll stands at 1107. >>globally with more than 44,000 confirmed cases in california, there are 7 confirmed cases, the most recent one diagnosed last night in san diego county being bringing the us total to 13 now earlier today a group of 195 evacuees was cleared to end a 2 week quarantine at a southern california military base. after that group flew out of china. a few weeks ago during the outbreak, the cdc says each person at march air reserve base pass their final health screenings and poses no risk to the public here in the bay area, the corona virus outbreak has led to the declaration of a local emergency in santa clara county. yeah, we first reported on this yesterday but tonight we're digging deeper what exactly does it mean kron four's rob fladeboe has some answers for us he joins us live in san jose rob. that's
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right grant and making this emergency a declaration does not mean an increase in risk to residents of santa clara county quite the opposite. >>what it does do though is to make sure that health authorities here have all the tools they need should more cases be detected. here's how it works. i caught up with board of supervisors chair cindy chavez who told me the declaration of a local emergency essentially does 2 things to be very transparent with the public about what the emergency is and what we can do about it and then the second is to make sure that any monies that we spend on these initiatives so that we have we can spend if the emergency requires it and will be repaid by the state and federal government despite 2 confirmed cases of corona virus in the county there is no evidence the virus is spreading. >>on monday county health officer doctor sara cody told supervisors the risk to the public remains low. the emergency declaration does not
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change that will help health care providers be better prepared if more virus is detected says chavez we're training people were making sure folks have the appropriate cures that they do find someone who's sick that they can protect themselves we're making sure that if we identify someone who's sick that we have a a safe. >>a way to handle them so that their other people infected in both cases of confirmed corona virus the 2 infected people a man and woman both had recently traveled to wuhan china. >>where the virus originated the declaration also opens the door for the county to access mutual aid resources from other jurisdictions and will undergo review later this month says the board chair at the health and hospital committee will take another look at our response so that we make sure we're doing our optimal in terms of responding. this emergency declaration was first declared back on february 3rd the supervisors action this week extends that by 30 days to
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march 11th live in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>hi rob from the south bay to the east bay where health officials there are closely monitoring the global spread as kron forcefully to call reports it has not reached contra costa county but the county says it is prepared to treat any potential cases. >>contra costa county health officer doctor chris says the county has not declared a health emergency in regard to the 2019 novel corona virus because there have yet to be any active cases reported, but he says people who have recently traveled to and from china have been asked to south korean team or a school children who have returned from china since february 3rd, they're asked to stay away from school. >>until 14 days have elapsed there. travel from china and so we've communicated that with the school district. he says the county health department has activated an emergency center for health agencies to centralize the
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effort to keep track of the virus we've been working with all our local hospitals to make sure they have the proper plans for doing travel screening when people. >>present a to their facilities how the health care workers and nurses and doctors e. >>the clerical staff can all follow the infection control procedures to protect themselves from any possible exposure. he says symptoms of the virus are similar to the common cold and flu fever coughing and respiratory problems and we're in the middle of the cold and flu season. he says the jury is still out on whether warmer temperatures will have an impact on how the novel corona virus may spread and we know that a lot of corona viruses like common cold like the sars outbreak a few years ago. >>and many of them tend to spread a lot more in the winter months in the cold months and then they tend to die down during the summer months we don't know enough about this virus to know if it's going to behave that way he says test results for more than 90% of the people screened for the novel corona
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virus by the centers for disease control and prevention. >>have come back negative in contra costa county felipe should all kron 4 news and stay with kron four's we continue our coverage of the corona virus will post the latest updates and there's also in fall and how to protect yourself on kron 4 dot com just look for the corona virus. >>information under the news tab that. today john calvin man who killed nia wilson at the macarthur bart station in 2018 testified. >>in his own defense about his state of mind. he says he was hearing voices. but says he can't remember what those voices were telling him. he also made bizarre statements about aliens planting technology in his ear khalil has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity he suffers from schizophrenia and was released from a mental hospital not long before the homicide. his defense attorneys says khalil impulsively killed wilson while experiencing delusions from the schizophrenia tonight a financial has been reached
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between the family of the young man who lost his life while participating the physical education class and the east bay school district being sued for his death. today the attorneys representing the boy's family told crowd forces seek menu in the settlement. >>does not remove the pain of losing a son. >>this is tragic words can't describe. what happened here and it was preventable. >>in million settlement has been reached between the family of 15 year-old benjamin curvy and the ramon valley unified school district back march 8 2018 the san ramon valley high school freshman drowned in the school swimming pool during a physical education classes his teacher was on duty case has been resolved and we reached a settlement was formally approved last friday curry family attorney ernie andrew sorts as the case was set for trial next week but believed reaching a settlement with the school district will spare his client's the anguish of having to relive their son's tragic death in a contentious courtroom setting well as as
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i've told everybody i mean they're relieved the litigation is over but the pain of this loss is never going to go away and there's nothing that's going to make it go away the settlement does not include any structural changes for teachers of swimming classes in the san ramon valley unified school district. >>but he says he is hopeful days will be different as a result of what happened. >>i think they're going to be reevaluating their policies and procedures and what went wrong and we learned a lot about that and i think the school and about that as well, but i don't know that was necessary part of the settlement, what is it really about is about been curry that is lost and what a wonderful young man he was. i'm hoping this by not only his parents but entire community of san ramon it was a wonderful views doing great. that was we reach out to the san ramon valley unified school district for their response to the legal settlement. >>we received no comment. in san ramon has it made kron 4 >>taking a live look outside right now as we switch gears and get a check on the
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forecast looking live here at the golden gate bridge just a spectacular but a little sort of surreal february day yeah, no clouds no fog no rain let's check with in with our meteorologist chief meteorologist lawrence karnow. >>any promise of any rain at all down the line there's some hints that we might see things changing the voice nothing that really looks promising so yeah we're enjoying just a gorgeous weather outside all the way of the coastline all these temperatures. well just simply spectacular fact feeling a whole lot like spring out there look at the numbers right now 78 degrees in santa rosa 72 in the bottle 76 in boyle 74 in concord 74 in redwood city 70 in san jose simply amazing numbers we are starting to notice some changes right at the coastline you can see half moon bay now at 59 degrees so we've had that offshore wind things going to start changing the overnight tonight as we want to see more of a sea breeze
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kicking in and of course that will help to cool down the numbers at least near the coastline now as we take you through the night should be a beautiful night out there if you're headed out doors, temperatures very comfortable over the next couple of hours that moves still bright up above the and looks like we're going to see nice clear skies all night long guys back to you. >>thank you mike following breaking news tonight as we're monitoring results of the new hampshire primary andrew yang is suspending his campaign he of course was touting the $1000 per month for all adults in the us is part of what he would bring if elected, but again andrew yang he wear that mask pen. is out of the race as of right now coming up tonight at 5.30 we'll have more on the new hampshire, primary and some of the results coming into our newsroom also tonight's and remote teachers are getting ready to go on strike what they're demanding from the school district tonight. >>and a new title for the city of san francisco y one website is naming san francisco, the
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healthiest city in america and making repairs after severe wind damage over the weekend how long it will take crews to finish fixing. this window here on the millennium tower. if you want to skip the commercials and get more news during the break make sure as soon as i started talking about putting term limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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mik'mike will get it done?'n, ok, let me tell you what the 'it' is. as mayor, i expanded healthcare coverage. as president, i'll build on obamacare because healthcare is a right. i created nearly 500,000 jobs in new york city. as president, i'll build an economy that delivers good jobs with higher wages. i'll take on the gun lobby and save lives. and i will stop trump's assault on women's reproductive rights. i've got a record of doing things. i've got the resources to take on this fight. as mayor, i held myself
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accountable for results. as president, i'll offer common sense plans and i will get it done. so let's stay on the offensive, and let's win. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>welcome back to our breaking news this hour andrew yang is bowing out of the race that's going to take him like technology and automation.
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>>americans know now that when you go to a factory in michigan you do not find wall to wall immigrants doing work. if you find wall to wall robot arms and machines doing the work that people used to do. we stood on the debate stage and shifted our national conversation to include the 4th industrial revolution, a topic no one wanted to touch in till. >>we made it happen here >>our signature proposal, universal basic income has become part of the mainstream conversation. increase the popular support for universal basic income to 66% of democrats. and 72% among voters 18 to 34. now we
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accelerated the eradication of poverty in our society by year's eve in generations and that is thanks to all of you who are here tonight. thousands of voters came out for a campaign tonight. tonight is not the outcome we fought so hard to achieve this. it is bitterly disappointing for many of us, but it shouldn't be. every single day i've been campaigning of had her supporters say to me your campaign helped me out of a depression. thank you. >>we've been listening live to andrew yang who has just announced that he is suspending his campaign for president. that is live in new hampshire where today's primary results are about to be released our political roundtable will have the very latest for us coming up
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tonight at 5.30. >>and was found crack to the millennium tower in san francisco after sunday's big windstorm kron four's maureen kelly reports this new finding was revealed in a notice of violation filed at the luxury condo high rise by a city building inspector. >>if you look closely you can see the faint line of the long slightly curved vertical crack in this bluish pane of glass located on the 6th floor of the millennium tower. it's on the nut homeless street side of the building the same side where a window on the 41th floor shattered causing glass to rain down on the streets below. >>during sunday's high winds in the notice of violation filed at the luxury condo high rise the city's building inspector called out to the scene noted that the second cracked window on the lower floor could have been caused by falling debris accruing a suspended scaffolding could be seen covering the crack with a protective coating tuesday in
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an engineering crew was out taking a top a graphical survey at the base of the building. the building's management has until close of business tuesday to turn over an engineering report on the incident to the city up at the park on top of the transbay transit center a grounds keeper was still raking up huge shards of glass that fell as a result of that broken window. despite the fact the millennium tower is now infamous for the fact that it's tilting and leaving more than a foot a spokesperson for the building's homeowners association says this incident has no relationship to the high rises structural integrity, but is instead the result of the gale force winds that day coupled with the fact that the resident of that 41th floor condo left their window open in those conditions it was very very windy i've never experienced so much wind here this woman pushing her granddaughter in a stroller nearby noted how lucky it was no one was hurt. thank goodness. it was a weekend. >>early sunday, a not a not a weekday when they would have been hundreds of people on the
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street. a very scary. >>the building's management was given 7 days to finish the work of replacing the patched window on the 41th floor with new glass kelly kron 4 >>in the north bay, teachers and san ramon that's a east bay actually have voted to authorize a strike this comes amid ongoing contract negotiations with the school district kron four's will tran reports. >>for now the teachers are in the classrooms but because they have authorize a strike they are getting closer and closer from leaving the classrooms to right here on the picket lines because so far there has been no deal and they've been working on this for at least a year the teachers are looking for many things including a contract raise a salary raise to have nurses at the school psychologists smaller classrooms, but the school district says they simply can not give the teachers everything that they're
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looking for because they have to think about the long-term impact financially for the school district, the bottom line is if you have students who go to any one of the san ramon school district, your kids are fine for now the teachers simply cannot walk off the job they have to make sure that they take all the steps necessary and if all those steps have been exhausted then and only then will they be allowed to go on strike one teacher says. she's actually ready right now it for up to you would you guys go on strike today absolutely we've already authorized a strike 98% of faculty and. >>under says psychologists speech therapists have already authorized that strike because we're fighting for kids right. >>are we as a community committed to our students and our teachers or we committed to the district office i think we need to decide that if we're committed to students and teachers that we need to stand by them right now, but right now everything seems to
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be open they will try to negotiate again they've already met with a mediator twice and they will try to do it one more time. >>i will train reporting there the san ramon valley unified school district responded with a statement saying it has presented its last best and final package to the teachers which includes an ongoing on schedule salary increase of 2.5 6% which they say is higher than what the teachers are asking for a maximum cap for elementary class sizes and an allowance for speech language pathologists pathologist, social workers and nurses. tonight san francisco is being called the healthiest city in america. that's according to the financial website wallet hub. >>the study looked at things like you know the cost of going to see a doctor how many fruits and veggies are eaten and access to gyms and recreation area, san francisco also ranked first for access to healthy food. the one negative in the study research found that san francisco has one of the highest monthly
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cost for gym memberships, san diego and irvine were also in the top 10. >>we just heard from andrew yang who is now out of the race but plenty of others are still in it votes are being counted in new hampshire as we speak in the nation's first primary election will break down the early results with our political analysts. >>and one bay area counties leading the way in processing untested rape kits how santa clara county
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>>in the south bay santa clara county is leading the way in processing rape kits so they can help solve. >>sexual assault cases faster on for sarah stinson has details. >>santa clara county district attorney ernie announcing concrete success in processing rape kids they're now able to do it within less than 30 days back in 2018 the board of supervisors voted to make this happen at that time it took about 94 days to process kits now the average kid is being produced within 16 days a huge difference and the assault response team says stranger rapes are tested within 5 to 7 days since the board approved funding back in 2018 they've been able to address the backlog there was 269 rape kits awaiting processing at the crime lab all of those have now been tested and the backlog has been eliminated the funding allow the county to hire 2 additional criminalist to the already 3
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person team this is helping solve these assault cases quicker, including one that happened earlier this month when a young san jose woman was sexually assaulted the evidence was quickly sent to the crime lab with priority within 48 hours there was a match with the suspect and officers were able to make an arrest the county has also expanded its safe program that allows rape victims to get their kids done quickly, but now it's expanded to more hospitals throughout the county in san jose sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>next at 5.30 dangerous dating in california why our state is ranked one of the riskiest places to online day and change is coming to southwest. why the airline wants you to report bad behavior before you get on the plane. and we're watching the returns to new hampshire and that could be shaping up to be a 3 way race, it's been fun
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y3r07y y1ncy grand now we have to deal withed us climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>getting on the final results out of new hampshire in this the first primary of the year, but we are getting some preliminary numbers the host of inside bay area politics are catherine heenan is live for us in the newsroom tonight who's joined by political analyst tyra from now catherine what can we expect out of new hampshire tonight and tears i want we are on are we now from now is a a.


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