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tv   KRON 4 News at 4am  KRON  February 12, 2020 4:00am-4:30am PST

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>>good morning, everyone and thank you for waking up with us on the kron 00:04am morning news, i'm robin winston joined by john sure able taking a peek at your forecast i notice, it's a little cooler outside compared to yesterday, maybe it's just me personally yesterday felt so good when i stepped out it was nice and mild and today i was like oh it's a bit chilly. it is a little cooler out there so i think that's something a lot of us are going to notice. >>i is still for those jackets backup back to reality exactly because we've been spoiled a
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yesterday we are really spoiled because we started the morning really mild we finished the day with some are really mild weather and we're going to work our way back into a what will be some pretty comfortable temperatures later on today, buyeah, it's definitely cooler to get things started the golden gate bridge. it is crystal clear it is dry right now that's what we're seeing across the bay area really no cloud cover just a touch of low clouds and fog out to the central valley. it's not going affect your morning commute here in the bay though lots of sunshine to be expected in the afternoon and as of right now it is a little cooler than yesterday lot more 40's on the map than there are 50's few 50's do remain right along the bay and then some 30's in areas like napa petaluma fairfield at 37 degrees right now that is a big drop in temperatures from 24 hours ago for fairfield down 23 degrees livermore and napa down 20 degrees. each well conquered oakland, half moon bay also some impressive drops and temperatures during your overnight hours compared to
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where we're at at the same time yesterday so yeah do want to bundle up as you're getting back outside, especially for inland areas where that difference is the most noticeable now from these 40's and 50's where most of us are eventually back to the 60's this afternoon an afternoon that will be pretty similar to where we have been that's above average temperatures continuously, dry conditions, plenty of sunshine. we for a another nice one as we make our way into the latter part of your wednesday i do have more details in your forecast. still ahead over to robin all right, thank you john now we want to check in on traffic. the early morning commute starting off with a peek at the bay bridge toll plaza this is your drive on a t. >>into san francisco and we're doing fine right now we're clear through the pay gates across the upper deck. i don't see any problems that you need stress out about through downtown san francisco or the skyway so we're off to a fantastic start reading easy 7 minutes to make your way off to fremont street that's a great average all right off to the richmond sandra fell we're checking in on west bound 5.80
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and we don't have any big problems here so a nice commute a great time to just get on out there since it's quiet in trouble free 7 minutes to the north bay we're checking in on want to want to cross the golden gate we see bridge crew some flashing lights there on the right. they are doing their routine maintenance work northbound heading out of san francisco. so you have one lane blocked. but it's so early and so quiet, you don't have to worry about any major delays so 19 minutes between avato and the toll plaza, here's a peek at traffic tracker we looking at more freeways and more drive times and they look good we have highway for west. it's only 13 minutes antioch to concord 6 ad is fine rolling south. no issues for the nimitz a 20 minute connection from to 38 to 2.37 and then one o one's and i strive to 26 minutes from san jose to menlo park will check more coming up a little bit later. well, the fbi says that one of its agents was involved in the shooting and san francisco, the agent was off duty and the victim was shot and is still recovering in the hospital this morning kron four's michelle kingston spoke with
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the victim's mother. late saturday night on the 500 block of ashbury in san francisco police say an off-duty fbi agent was involved in a shooting. he was not injured, but 24 year-old ted crane was shot his mom says he was hit twice in his lungs and >>cranes mother terry peterson says she feels helpless unable to get information about what happened to her son she says he's been living in san francisco for about 5 years. she says he's an artist in street musician in can play just about any instrument she says she was told by some of her son's friends that he was waiting for a friend outside of the bar on ashbury when he was shot police said not yet confirmed, but peterson says friends told her her son was trying to break up a fight and
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tom and living down but he loved being >>team and you and i worry like crazy amount the shame he would peterson has not been able to see or speak to her son, san francisco police say he was arrested the night of the shooting on a felony warrant for drug possession he's still in the hospital but is expected to recover and a injury names. i'm the off duty agent involved they say that the shooting is still under investigation. >>in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. police are investigating it. >>alameda that left an elderly woman injured while she was just trying to cross the
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street. this happened last night on instant avenue between walnut and will wall street. police say that the driver did stop is cooperating with the investigation state there on scene. the elderly woman was taken to the hospital she suffering from serious injuries. well an $8 million settlement has been reached between the family of a teen who drowned in a school swimming pool in the east bay 15 year-old benjamin curry he drowned during a physical education class at san ramon valley high school this happened back in march of 2018. so the victim's attorney says that the case was set for trial next week. but he believes settling with the school district will spare the victims parents. the pain of having to relive their son's tragic death and a contentious courtroom setting. >>but i've told everybody i mean they're relieved the litigation is over but the pain of this loss is never going to go away and there's nothing that's going to make it go any was not include the structural changes for teachers of swimming classes in the san ramon valley
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unified school district. but the attorney for lisa policies will be reevaluated the san ramon valley unified school district has not comment on the settlement. there's more trouble at san francisco's millennium tower leaning tower crews fix some of the damage said to be caused by sunday's high winds but as kron four's kelly report, a notice of violation filed by a city's building inspector. >>revealed yet more damage. >>if you look closely you can see the faint line of the long slightly curved vertical crack in this bluish pane of glass located on the 6th floor of the millennium tower. it's on them to toma street side of the building the same side where a window on the 41th floor shattered causing glass to rain down on the streets below. >>during sunday's high winds in the notice of violation filed at the luxury condo high rise the city's building inspector called out to the scene noted that the second cracked window on the lower floor could have been caused
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by falling debris accrue a suspended scaffolding could be seen covering the crack with a protective coating tuesday in an engineering crew was out taking a top a graphical survey at the base of the building. the building's management has until close of business tuesday to turn over an engineering report on the incident to the city up at the park on top of the transbay transit center a grounds keeper was still raking up huge shards of glass that fell as a result of that broken window. despite the fact the millennium tower is now infamous for the fact that it's tilting and leaving more than a foot a spokesperson for the building's homeowners association says this incident has no relationship to the high rises structural integrity. but is instead the result of the gale force winds that day coupled with the fact that the resident but that 41th floor condo left their window open in those conditions it was very very windy, i've never experienced so much wind here for this woman pushing her granddaughter in a stroller
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nearby noted how lucky it was no one was hurt. thank goodness. it was a weekend. >>early sunday, a not a not a weekday when they would have been hundreds of people on the street. a very scary. >>the building's management was given 7 days to finish the work of replacing the patched window on the 41th floor with new glass. maureen kelly kron 4 news. national news now senator bernie sanders has claimed victory in new hampshire, the vermont senator pulled out of tight victory tuesday night. >>and vows to carry his campaign to victory in november. mary maloney takes a look at the big winners from new hampshire and those who fell short. >>in new hampshire is bernie sanders night and cnn projecting the vermont senator will come away with a victory in the new hampshire primary giving his candidacy another big boost following his strong performance in iowa last week this victory here. >>is the beginning of the end but donald trump.
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>>trailing sanders and what was a tight race, former south bend mayor pete buttigieg also had a strong performance in iowa and now will continue to try to expand his base here to stay. >>that goes by the motto live free or die you made up your own minds. >>senator amy klobuchar are putting together an impressive night in new hampshire, hoping to keep it all going for the long haul the people of new hampshire because of you we are taking this campaign to pre joe biden he's already moving on. taking he hopes support among african american voters will give him a boost to drop. >>we're here for nevada and south carolina and super tuesday states and senator elizabeth warren delivering a last minute pitch to undecided voters aiming to steal back some of the support that's gone to her rivals were to stay with 55 states and
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territories to go and new hampshire was the end of the road for at least one major candidate, andrew yang announcing he is suspending his campaign you know i am the math guy. >>and it is clear tonight from the numbers that we're not going to win this race in manchester new hampshire, i'm mary moloney. >>on the kron 4 morning news, a man just cleaning out his car right there in his driveway, he's ambushed from behind. >>we have the latest on this armed robbery investigation. >>california scores, a major environmental victory against the trump administration, i'm joe clear here in washington we'll have details on that and what it's going to mean for automakers moving forward. >>and anotherdied at the santa anita racetrack ha at the santa anita racetrack ha after the ♪ menutaur at the santa anita racetrack ha after the check out my triple bonus jack! check it out with an extra patty! yeah! ok! let's ride! oh hey man, uhh... [car beeps] my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck.
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let's make it more delicious! ♪ menutaur put an extra patty on that! bam! woah! uh-uhhh! my $4.99 triple bonus jack combo! stack it up for an extra buck. welcome back to the kron 4 morning news the time now for 14 that hump day were struggling to get over the hump. and it's cold that's not helping yeah it's cooler out there this morning, the cold on the hump day know now we can take it on a friday, but not wind some held a little warm will yeah that's the thing that we can look for this wednesday is yet even though we are starting off early cold, we do have some really nice weather just around the corner this afternoon. so just bundle up you know how to do it and get back in that wintry spirit which you haven't had to get back into the past couple of days, it's just been so warm
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looking outside this morning skies yet again crystal clear that certainly hasn't changed you can see well across the day. >>no fog. no cloud cover just smooth sailing as we work our way through this wednesday, high pressure still built up to our west this is going to keep things mild and sunny for yet another day ahead of us and here's the really good news winds, nice and calm through the day today, not just right along the bay, but also for north bay area so very calm winds day ahead. those are all the good things to be talking about along with such nice temperatures later on after a frigid morning. we are working our way well back into the 60's for even our coastal areas out or not a 63 pacifica you'll be at 61 with brisbane san bruno millbrae all in the low 60's today, foster city down to palo alto at 65 waltzing carlos in redwood city at 66 south bay temperatures very similar to yesterday's back to the upper 60's was saying carlos and santa clara at 68 degrees each
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east bay temperatures not much different than that mid to upper 60's for your high temperatures conquered in walnut creek. a couple degrees down from yesterday. but you're probably not going to notice the difference is just going to feel great upper 60's for you at 68 oakland 64 today, north bay temperatures still holding on to the 70's for fairfield in sonoma while pretty close to that 70 degree mark in vacaville filet how napa benicia while santa rosa and petaluma also fall out of the 70's and back into the upper 60's but really not much of a difference and hey you're subtracting the winds today which is just going to make it feel all that much better now tomorrow a little cooler but we're keeping the sunshine around friday will be a little cooler than today as well, but they were still above average. well up into the 60's and we're still going to see plenty of sunshine for your valentine's day. saturday back to those upper 60's near 70 degrees for your highs. and our best chance of rain in the forecast and even then only a slight chance of some light showers in the north bay will be on sunday, not really even
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looking unlikely so this is a dry forecast through and through robin. >>all right. thank you john elliott's checking in on traffic. we want to take a peek at 80 heading into san francisco. it's looking good it's wide open. no big problems to worry about right now you're looking at an easy 8 minute average to make your way off to the fremont street exit all right over to the richmond sandra fell also hot spot free it's going to be a great trip across the span into the north bay and 8 minutes for your average. and what i want to cross the golden gate. we don't have any major problems but you will notice that routine maintenance work gets under way which is northbound on the right you see that truck there the flashing lights, it's blocking one of the lanes but it's not really interrupting your commute because it's so light, it's so quiet and that's a counter commute directions so it's going to be a quick 18 minute trip here for both sides between highway 37 in novato and the toll plaza on the san francisco side, here's traffic tracker more numbers more freeways and they look good. we have the e sure 14 minutes heading west on 80 from crockett down to
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the maze. a quick trip leaving want to create lafayette and 24 west as a part of your commute. i don't see issues for 5 atm than nimitz that's looking good too if you're traveling from san leandro to downtown oakland on 80 north. it's only 10 minutes from now. well happening now on the peninsula part of highway one oh one is close for face 2 of us and the tail express lanes project. so the project will add an express lane in each direction between the whipple avenue exit in redwood city and just off of 3 80 in south san francisco. that is 22 miles worth of express lanes in each direction is for you. the goal is to reduce congestion by having more people carpool and that means there will be nightly lane closures on a section of highway one o one from 09:00pm until 05:30am the following morning. another horse has suddenly died at the santa anita park in southern california. the track's website says that the 6
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year-old horse died saturday while training the cause of death is still unknown. so far around 40 horses have died at the santa anita park since december of 2018. the track made a number of changes since then to increase safety. an investigation showed that there was no indication of any sort of animal cruelty cruelty or animal activity. well 3 high school students are suing delta air lines after one of its planes dumped fuel all over los angeles you may remember the story it happened last month, a delta flight was bound for china and have some problems with the plane and a forced the pilot to turn around just shortly after takeoff. >>but fuel was dumped to reduce the weight of the plane and that fuel second children at 6 different schools, right there on the ground so the fda has already admitted. >>that plane was not high enough to allow the fuel to dissipate before hitting the ground. last month for los angeles teachers also filing a lawsuit against delta. a major
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environmental victory against the trump administration has joke a little reports from washington it could affect the way cars are made and sold through the rest of the country. >>the department of justice is backing off its effort to force california and 4 automakers to follow federal and not the state's stricter fuel and emissions standards so obvious that climate change is an issue that affects everyone including automakers so i appreciate that they're willing to take california side friday, the d o j announced it would end its investigation into ford bmw volkswagen and honda in september the trump administration ordered the anti-trust probe after the automakers sided with california congressman ro khanna says higher environmental standards benefit the auto industry. it's not just good for the environment, it's also good for automakers they understand that that's going to force them to be innovative video j's decision was seen as a major political victory in california, a state that positioned itself as an environmental leader in spite
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off the trump administration california should and set standards for the rest of the country nick loris with the heritage foundation says the size of its market forces other states and carmakers to follow california's rules limiting customers options nationwide this should really be about consumer choice if consumers want fuel efficient cars they should have the ability to buy them if they want gas guzzlers they should have the ability to buy those and we're california sees the d o j retreat as an environmental victory war says the decision allows for more overregulation in washington, i'm joe khaleel. ahead on the kron 00:04am morning news. there's a local and international shortage of supplies to treat the corona virus, how a bay area nonprofit has helped. >>before you go outside checking in on conditions around the bay area temperatures in the 30's, 40's and 50's this morning so look chilly for some of you will have the hollywood minute coming up after the
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because there is nothi of the american people. >>welcome back to the kron 4 morning news, thanks for staying with us i'm tracking your entertainment headlines today. a best picture boost a dramatic true story and a singer looks back on the tomb that made her infamous at 13, here's david daniel this morning's hollywood minute. >>to shield a beach in the ocean, i'm sure. >>a big oscars bomb for parasite the movie website fandango says the day after the korean film made history winning best picture and 3
4:25 am
other academy awards ticket sales jumped 443% of over a week earlier. >>parasite is the first non english film to win best picture oscar. >>23 and for just killed by knots. >>between them good does it do i think it's important to have the children. >>resistance tells the true story of heroism amid the holocaust jesse eisenberg stars as a jewish would be actor whose work to save orphans led him to become the legendary mime marcel marceau resistance reaches theaters march 27th. 9 years after friday put 13 year-old rebecca black in the spotlight, the singer is addressing the massive painful backlash to the song black now 22 posted on twitter i just wish i could
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go back and talk to my 13 year-old self who was terribly ashamed of herself and afraid of the world black rights that growing up she felt depressed and alone classmates threw food at her and producer said they'd never work with her but she is now writing and releasing her own music and being kinder to herself posting every day is a new opportunity to shift your reality and lift your spirit you are not defined by any one choice or think every day even friday. in hollywood, i'm david daniel, some good strong positive encouraging words think you outside at the bay bridge toll plaza it's getting a little busy in the cash lanes but still not bad it's going to be a quick trip into san francisco. and of course we'll check more bridges coming up. fighting climate change
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isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air and clean water. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>welcome back to the cross the morning news coming up on u we want to check in on the forecast right before folks step outside how's it feeling out there john feeling a little cooler this morning. yes, we can still handle it. i especially this afternoon it's going to be great out there ice one run on the sunshine agree to keep looking outside at saab berkeley towards san francisco in the distance crystal clear skies that has not changed from where we have been the past few days so we're going to keep the clear skies around no fog out there whatsoever visibility can be justified as you're driving into work. >>and what's a does come up you're going to see it brilliantly shining for your morning commute so might want to consider. bringing the shades with you as you do make your commute in now 40's and 50's for your current temperatures this is colder than yesterday albeit not the coldest or anywhere close to the coldest mornings that we felt so far this season
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petaluma nap assailants elmo fairfield all in the 30's low 40's and 50's right along the bay that is enough to bring us down significantly from what was a mild tuesday morning 24 hours ago fairfield that napa livermore each down 20 degrees at least while oakland conquered it helped him they also seeing noticeable drops in temperatures as compared to where we were yesterday for such a mild start to your tuesday morning. now 40's and 50's do quickly give way to 60's again this afternoon that's well above average for this time of year really comfortable day ahead of us and without the wind this time around so get out there and enjoy it as much as you can rob and all right. thank you let's check in on traffic want to take a few good conditions. >>around the bay area this morning at starting off with the bay bridge toll plaza so far it's just stacking up a little bit and some of your cash lanes so it's a sign that more of


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