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tv   KRON 4 News at 6am  KRON  February 12, 2020 6:00am-7:00am PST

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>>new at 6 this morning, the fear over corona virus grows and this morning new information reveals the virus may have been discovered 16 years ago. >>major budget cuts and teacher layoffs are looming in across the school district here in the east bay all have more details coming up and a live report from hercules. >>thanks for waking up with us i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher we've got lots to get io this morning weather and traffic always important at the top of the hour to get what you need to know before you head out and what do we need to know about the road robin there's someone walking around in the traffic lanes have a ridge top of this person may have stalled out, but you know that's never safe if you crash are you're not supposed to get out of your vehicle. this person has just been walking back and back and forth so i'm watching them we'll check in on the bay
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bridge be here by there on the we've got sun shine more of that on the way today, yes, plenty more of it get the sun block out yet again even though it's february doesn't mean it doesn't have to feel like spring. >>we've also got just a touch of fog out there right through the golden gate bridge this is not something that you're seeing really across anywhere else in the day, but if you're driving across the golden gate do watch a little spot of low visibility, there elsewhere visibility is holding up just fine this morning skies will remain clear through the day and even though temperatures are cooler this morning they were yesterday we're still in for a comfortable afternoon right now in the 30's and dublin morgan hill napa nevado in petaluma as well since elmo well 40's and 50's for most other spots in the bay right now. >>later on today expect a range of 60's for your daytime highs comfortable one and lots of sunshine, most importantly this afternoon robin. >>alright checking in on the bay bridge toll plaza where your backup it's growing and
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as i said before i spotted a vehicle that was stalled out in the lanes and someone was walking back and forth just going up and down in the cash lanes so i don't see that vehicle anymore it's blocked by that big big red right there, but it's just adding to the back of heading into san francisco. it's going to be solid from of the bottom of the maze. so just be prepared for that watch out for the activity and some of the cash lanes on the left you're averaging 10 minutes after fremont street just getting word of an accident on the san mateo bridge. this is west 92 at the high rise right here in your left lane and you can see that traffic backing up it's spilling over to the flat section so getting a little sluggish they're transitioning to the peninsula but it's still under 25 minutes for your drive time we'll check more bridges coming up james darya. >>thank you very much robin happening today school officials are going to meet with parents and teachers to talk about possible layoffs in the east bay, yeah we're talk about the west contra costa county unified school district there facing once again another budget deficit in kron 4 sarah stinson is live hercules with what the potential impacts might be
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sarah. >>james darya million worth of budget cuts are looming in this school district in that has teachers and parents and of course the district even feeling nervous, but now they're just working together to try and come up with a solution and that's what they aim to do tonight at the school board and that's what they will definitely be working on at tonight's there potentially could be 250 teachers laid off but in a special message put out by the district's superintendent and 2 teachers unions involved it's state everyone is willing to compromise and work out a solution that would hopefully avoid layoffs and cuts to the classrooms. well it's not going to be easy to negotiate with the unions and cut the budget in different ways the superintendent says they've developed a strategy that will be voted on tonight, this is a lot of parents worried of course about how this will
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affect their child's academics, teachers plan, the state for lack of funding for education, but they also blame the district for management of the available funds. a spokesperson for the district says they're taking full responsibility for the budget short comings and are working hard to get out of this financial hole. lack of accountability and management of the fines on a loc district is taking responsibility for a floor, it's it's short commute. we have had some s department and led to a land that has led to some concerns about the numbers that we've seen as a school district they have to start notifying the teachers whether they're going to be there next year. >>and tonight that school board meettng is at 6 30 at love our new dezeen middle school in richmond to ensure a lot of parents teachers and community members will be showing up to hear more about this strategy built up by the
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district see what ends up being voted on hopefully they can avoid laying off as i said potentially 250 teachers for now live in hercules sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>much sheriff now our big story. the latest on the corona virus, a palo alto a woman and her teenage daughter had just gotten out of corn to yeah, boy and they were happy that that happened they were among the first group of americans were evacuated from wuhan china that 14 day quarantine ended for those on nearly 200 people at march air air base in riverside county. this is video the group boarding buses so that they could go to nearby airports and on to their homes and families many of the evacuees were state department workers. >>in china working on behalf of the us they were evacuated from wuhan back on january 29th and nobody in this group tested positive. >>for the virus we heard from that palo alto woman about her experience in quarantine. embattled muskrat comfortable asked as company has be part of the government has been
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very accommodating. >>and very nice but to occur and his current team, so we try i didn't do much socialize are just really really follow all the protocols the rest of time pretty much you that was 2 babies on to the hospital had a few that he was that was not corona virus case so he was where they can last few back it will be no one ever had a past that was positive and was knighted if so no one was >>and everyone was positively happy when they got out of court to look at the male through their masks up in the air like a graduation celebration well, speaking of masks, there is a local and a shortage right now of the very masks and the show's surgical equipment. that's needed to help treat the corona virus in fact the world health organization declared that global shortage of the n 95 masks and isolation downs and that they need these for again the fight against the virus.
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there is a bay area nonprofit that's pulling together its partners to try and send these critical supplies to china prefers taylor, the sacking has the story. >>pallets of supplies, including masks and isolation gallons on standby, getting ready to ship to china. we have the isolation gowns. >>individually wrapped these are donated from my colleagues and our p global, so these are the dispose of isolation down the yellow ones with the hoods in the long sleeves most of us are familiar scene to the ebola outbreaks of these are meant for health care professionals, help protect them parents tell where does the western regional director of madd share a humanitarian aid organization with a warehouse in san leandro. >>and helps gather in sen supplies for local national and global disasters, this is a disaster >>so this is part of what we do all day every day everything from the north bay wildfire to you know hurricane maria and now for the kron a virus that shares for supply ship and went to won its second arrives in shanghai on friday and a 3rd equipped with
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30,000 procedure masks and sinc world health organization declared the corona virus, a global health emergency 2 weeks ago. >>ensures or a ship 2.6 million mask and over 80,000 isolation gowns to china as of now no and 95 masks are included they're needed by medical professionals who are treating infected patients, but right now they're in a global shortage the n 95 mask so we've run out and so that's part of what we're asking our partners and we're reaching out to other people it's safe to have a 95 mask. don't have a way to get them into china but on to the partners on the ground during the health care work. they can donate into last also sending some of its supplies to local health clinics, if you'd like to get involved or help make sure also created a donation page for the corona virus. we concluded that link on our website and stan lee and joe tiller kron 4 news. >>in china, a citizen journalists, a lawyer turned vlogger he'd been posting about conditions in hospitals in wuhan now he's gone missing. last thursday he
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disappeared nobody heard from him and that was the same day that the whistleblower doctor died. friends and family even trying to raise awareness of the disappearance of the vlogger of his posts have been white from the internet by the chinese government the corona virus has killed more than 1100 people and infected more than 45,000 worldwide the vast majority. these cases in china and it was revealed just this morning that the deadly corona virus may have originated in a bat cave first discovered by chinese scientist. >>16 years >>in national headlines this morning, senator bernie sanders is claiming victory in new hampshire, the vermont senator vows now to carry this campaign to victory in november with karen caifa with a closer look at the results. talking to voters here over the weekend i was really struck by the number who said they had made up their minds yet and the exit polls yesterday bore that out about half said they only made their
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decision in the last 3 days or so and that appears to have benefited candidates like amy klobuchar. >>and pete buttigieg. >>primary night new hampshire, delivering what i would not let me take this opportunity. >>the people of the for a great victory tonight a winner senator bernie sanders on top of the results, not quite offering the clarity democrats seeking the tug of war between progressives and moderates. >>former south bend, indiana mayor pete buttigieg in a close seconds thanks to you campaign that some said shouldn't be here at all. >>has shown that we are here to stay the big surprise of the evening center in columbus are strong 3rd place finish after a last minute surge in crowds and poll numbers mixing up the moderate lane. >>i mean are and i will beat donald trump. >>some candidates falling short senator elizabeth warren making a pitch for party unity
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and warning against a bitter primary fight we win when we come together and former vice president joe biden watching the returns from south carolina dismissing disappointing finishes in iowa and now new tell them in a no room and we're the night prompting some exits from the field entrepreneur andrew yang and colorado senator michael bennet ending their long shot beds. and while biden has turned his focus to south other contest in between for these democratic candidates, the nevada caucuses next saturday, the 22th. >>candidates like amy klobuchar and couldn't pete buttigieg already beefing up their staff there and getting ready to take to the airwaves live in manchester new hampshire this morning, i'm karen caifa now back to you first. >>and on the kron 00:04am morning news, a man cleaning his car in his driveway is ambushed from behind we'll have the very latest on this armed robbery and where the investigation stands this morning. plus a federal agent shoots a man in san francisco, the victim in the hospital right now, but the
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circumstances surrounding what exactly happened is still unclear. we're going hear from the vi when mike first became mayor,
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there were places where black and brown children hadn't received an education for 30 years.
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mike said, "those are the kids i want to give an opportunity". he increased teacher's salaries. he increased the graduation rates by 40%. he made schools safer all over this country. children aren't getting a quality education. mike is going to fight for all the children. i saw him do it in the largest school system in america. he's going to do the same thing in this country. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>these are causing headaches for more than 21 million people this week some residents have been forced to leave their homes and on wednesday. even worse. john lawrence has more. >>mother nature showing no mercy major flooding from texas to the carolinas.
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turning roadways into rivers and leaving families with house is full of water we had are waters kind of murky. we don't have gone to the water at this time and leaves and this is the way to start of the year for a number of regions in the southeast and the new system starting wednesday is expected to bring through the southeast and into the ohio valley with the water already saturated everything that it didn't take much to bring it back to other parts of the country are dealing with the aftermath of heavy rains they had earlier this week like a major landslide in washington county just outside of pittsburgh. the pennsylvania department of transportation says oversaturation is to blame they came and said we might have to evacuate so i came home from work to grab some stuff and then i couldn't get back out and in washington state all roads leading into mount rainier national park are closed after heavy rains caused flooding mudslides and road damage it's scary it makes you feel small makes you realize how big mother nature is i'm john lawrence
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reporting. >>and then you contrast that to what we're dealing with here in a sea tac opposite problem we had no rain but plenty of sun, plenty of sun and yesterday, plenty warm so warm in fact james, not tying records across the day so what's the situation here that so yeah a lot of people are asking why are we so we're about you know we do get warm this time of year, but yesterday really was exceptional there's a couple factors working in our favor to make that happen the first being we just have the high pressure ridge builds up and that's kept us warm and dry for a while now. >>the second thing that happened though is we had some windy conditions yesterday morning right out to stir up the atmosphere just enough that when our morning lows were like in the 50's right yeah, so a lot of times during the evening hours, the ground will lose its he tons of the surrounding air which is cooler that hasn't happened in the years, not you're already starting at a baseline that's pretty warm comes out and that's when you get the 70's, so yeah. straight ahead is that in february and i don't
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know right of the long stretch of the 2 and kind of crazy when you look at actually how hot temperatures got for a couple spots we reached 80 degrees yesterday in santa rosa james. in napa yeah and a tight some records at san francisco's airport as well as in livermore so one for the record books at least one to tie the record books yesterday are any indication we could see temperatures drop anywhere in the near future so it does look like this morning, we're actually a little cooler than yesterday so that actually does have an influence on where will be this afternoon. it's not going to be as hot of an afternoon and part of the reason for that is is this chilly morning that we have you can see outside clear skies right now calmer winds high pressure still in place so we're still looking at this nice sunshine into the afternoon that's going to warm us up. but that baseline is lower some of us are down in the 30's for your morning lows. this morning. so we're going to have to climb a lot further to reach those afternoon day time highs does not going to be quite as warm now winds a lot calmer than they were yesterday oakland
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hayward's napa livermore hardly checking in with winds at all and most notably nap and fairfield compared to those breezy conditions earlier this week looking at a nice calm day ahead of us today that will continue into thursday and friday to with very little change keeping with the calmer winds keeping with the sunshine and the dry conditions to daytime highs today will be well into the 60's with burlingame at 65 along with foster city sharing that number with you mount view 67 degrees for the high today will the south bay just a couple of degrees shy of 70 degrees. you are noticing temperatures today, definitely not as warm as yesterday far fewer 70's on the map only 2 of them remain in fact in those are in sonoma and fairfield each right at 70 degrees santa rosa in petaluma each in the upper 60's today. here's a breakdown of your days to come tomorrow, definitely cooler but still above average with highs in the 60's as we will be as well on friday and saturday now sunday will be a touch cooler and your best chance of
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rainfall, it's looking likely though that will just be a few light showers isolated to the north bay. robin all right, thank you john off to the san mateo bridge we go because we have to check in on 92, we have a crash being cleared westbound at the high rise right here in your left lane, so it's not at adding to all the heavy traffic there right now leaving hayward so it's going to be stacked up from right around the toll plaza. >>along the flat section leading up to the stall that's why you're at 20 minutes and growing to make it to the peninsula here the bay bridge looks like that activity that we had with the stalled vehicle and someone walking in the lanes there has finally clear, but it didn't help so you are backed up through the maze at this point and busy up the incline but now it's quiet so we're still under 15 minutes after fremont street. we'll take peek at highway for 4 friends leaving pittsburg bay point heading toward conquered, there's your westbound line where a 22 minutes now one 60 out to 2.42 that's normal little busy on the minutes from to 38 to 92 at 30 minutes for the drive
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and they were checking in on 6 ad which has some minor crowding, you're looking at roughly a 19 minute trip here rolling south from dublin to fremont that that's really good with no big trouble spots. james hart. thank you very much robin 6 19 is the time oakland leaders are expanding the moms for housing bill. >>to include vacant homes and multi unit buildings the ordinance was prompted by moms for housing. that's that group of women who squatted in a vacant home in west oakland for 2 months before they were evicted and arrested previously the measure only allow tenants to have rights of first refusal when the homes that they live in are being sold. but this expanded bill is expected to be heard at a city council meeting next month will see if it >>the avenue some is threatening to reject pg e's bankruptcy plan again the utility wants to borrow billions and sell more stock to help a 3 and a half millet are sorry 13 and a half billion that to wildfire victims. the governor's lawyers told a bankruptcy judge they want to question pg me about this plan pg also
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needs to raise money to cover a $12 billion bill to insurers and government agencies. the nonpartisan legislative analyst's office is questioning the governor's budget proposal to curb homelessness governor newsome wants to put million into a new fun that would flow to regional administrators selected by the state. the analysts office says this approach would complicate the state's homelessness programs which have historically been run by local governments. state lawmakers plan to review new sums plan in a public hearing tomorrow. >>an million settlement has been reached between the family of a teen who drowned in a school swimming pool in the east bay 15 year-old benjamin curry drowned during a p e class a central valley high school back in march of 2018. the victim's attorney says that the case was set for trial next week but he believes the settling with the school district will spare the victim's parents of the pain of having to relive their son's tragic death in a
6:22 am
contentious courtroom setting. >>as as i've told everybody i mean they're relieved the litigation is over but the pain of this loss is never going to go away and there's nothing that's going to make include any structural changes for teachings for the teaching the swimming classes at san ramon valley unified school district but the attorney believes that the school will of cou se re evaluate its practices going forward the san ramon valley unified school district by the way has not commented on the settlement. >>it's 6.22 and coming up on the kron 4 morning news, a lawsuit is filed in the 2018 tesla crash that killed an apple engineer. what the complaint reveals about the suvs auto pilot system and after the break san francisco's leaning millennium tower is raising new concerns after a strong winds cracked a window what caused the rest of the damage they just found and let's take a live look here at santa to note the approach to the bay bridge and it looks like it's stacked up pretty good but if you're in the car
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pulling into movement. growing up in a family that struggled economically powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, betrayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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othroughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message. >>san francisco's millennium tower building management has until the end of today to turn over any engineering report on the cracked windows that we've been seeing this week a window on the 41th floor shattered causing glass to rain down on the streets below sunday. that was the day we had the high winds the city's building inspector says that a second crack window on a lower floor
6:26 am
could have been caused by falling debris from the window above will have to wait and see what the engineer say, but the millennium tower's we know is infamous for its tilting its continued leaning as it's gone well move nearly a foot and a half. in the time that it's been built. but officials say it has no impact on the high rises structural integrity. the building's management has 7 days to replace that broken window. >>the school students are suing delta air lines after one of their planes dumped fuel over los angeles that happened last month we told you about it. well a delta flight that was bound for china and had a problem with the plane and that's what forced the pilot to turn around after takeoff and dumped the fuel to reduce the weight of this plane. but the fuel dump down on some kids and made 6 children at 6 different schools, sick. the f a a has already admitted that plane was not high enough to allow for the fuel donbas would have dissipated had been high enough that it hit them instead last month for la teachers also filed a lawsuit
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against delta for this. >>san francisco's push to tackle the homeless problem and get people off the streets will take one additional step today. this is a proposed today. this is a proposed navigation center. ♪ ♪ the wait is over. try my new tiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. delivered exclusively with uber eats. 15 for 3 bucks or wean air force veteran made of doing what's right,. not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usaa reached out before he could even inspect the damage. that's how you do it right. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's family needs it - with hassle-free claims, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what's right. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for.
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usaa putting term limits on congress, about washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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♪ the wait is over. try my new tiny tacos. 15 for 3 bucks or loaded for 4 bucks. delivered exclusively with uber eats. >>taking a peek at whether traffic for you before you head out to want to write off
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spot that's right. we don't have any right now we have a couple of hiccups hiccups are just little minor things you can just just roll right check in on the bridges and we'll check in on the san mateo bridge. there's a crash wrapping up there ok. >>and let's talk about the weather a little chilly this morning. but what about the rest of the day yeah rest the day looks really nice but definitely cooler this morning. so i'd say get those jackets back out didn't really need them. most of the morning yesterday, hardly at all of the ways golden gate bridge. you saw some fog pushing through now just a little remnant left skies are nice and clear today so we've got clear skies dry conditions and yeah, it's a little cool out there, but we can handle dublin you're at 39 degrees right now definitely one of our chillier spots most of us in the 40's and 50's that is until you head to the north bay where is a pretty good spread of 30's like in napa petaluma on over to fairfield this afternoon look for to temperatures on the rise back to the 60's not going to be as impressively warm as yesterday was when we hit those 70's and in one case in santa rosa, the
6:31 am
low 80's. it will be a nice and comfortable one with calm wind sunshine and some 60's. robert thank you john are crash cleared on the san mateo bridge was westbound. >>at the high rise blocking the left lane it's out of the way but the commutes really picking up so we still have a lot of heavy traffic leaving hayward you're backed up on the flat section through the toll plaza into hayward and i would slowly making its way almost back to the south 80 connector, so your drive time just popped up to 25 minutes now from hayward to san mateo here's your bay bridge trip in 80 west, it's still stacked up this back of his growing it spilling through the bottom of the maze but pretty quiet on the upper deck taking ore 24 is from wannacry to oakland. >>and heads up for a stall san leandro 80 north at davis that's pushing up your drive time. check more coming up in a vet james darya. >>thank you very much rob and happening today. we have the san francisco board of supervisors now floating to
6:32 am
lease a building to use as a navigation center for the homeless youth in the lower hill area kron four's will tran is live in front of that building with the details well. >>james darya there's the building that we're talking about is actually says looks like semi construction that it is vacant at this time the cost for this $49 million the city will vote on it whether or not to move with the owners. this building for the next 20 years and more importantly get about 75 youth in there between the ages of 1824. let me show you some video. >>of other navigation centers in san francisco unlike the other ones like the one on the embarcadero this one appears to be the long term we're talking a 20 year lease what it will do is according to the city there are about 1100 use in the city that are homeless between the ages that i wants to get him off the streets for quite some time the option is
6:33 am
after a couple years guys, the city has the right to buy it all together and keep this navigation center at post and high going into the decades down the road because some of the other ones, there's no guarantee that they will continue to be navigation centers that they could be changed to something else so according to the city, this looks like a long-term solution, the only cost taxpayers in the city for about one million every year goes up if they keep with elise goes up a little bit each year every year to about 3 million every year to tackle the homeless problem. they will vote on it sometime this afternoon and if all goes well, according to the city by fall, 75 beds will be inside. all operational back to you. >>all right, thank you very much well. 6.33 and there are currently 13 cases of corona virus in confirmed cases in san
6:34 am
county has extended its emergency declaration now this declaration doesn't mean that there's any increase in the risk to residents of santa clara county. what it does mean though is that they this helps to reassure that. health authorities are ready should evidence surfaced that the virus is spreading. despite those 2 confirmed cases of chronic virus. there is no evidence of the virus is in fact spreading so that's the good news, this emergency declaration will help health care providers be better prepared. if more viruses can tech is detected. >>we're training people were making sure folks have the appropriate fears that they do find someone who's sick that they can protect themselves, we're making sure that if we identify someone who's sick that we have a a safe. a way to handle them so that their other people and infected. >>the declaration also opens the door for the county to access mutual aid resources from other jurisdictions and will undergo review later this month the declaration extends through march 11th. >>the east bay doctors are closely monitoring the global spread of the corona virus to contra costa county health officer says the county is
6:35 am
working with the cdc to screen people who have recently traveled to and from china, local schools and hospitals are prepared if the virus were ever to reach their county. >>the fbi says one of its agents was involved in a shooting in san francisco that agent was off duty at the time and the victim who was shot is still recovering in the hospital this morning. kron four's michelle kingston spoke with the victim's mother. >>late saturday night on the 500 block of ashbury in san francisco police say an off-duty fbi agent was involved in a shooting. he was not injured, but 24 year-old ted crane was shot his mom says he was hit twice in his lungs and cranes mother terry peterson says she feels helpless unable to get information about what happened to her son she says he's been living in san
6:36 am
francisco for about 5 years. she says he's an artist in street musician in can play just about any instrument she says she was told by some of her son's friends that he was waiting for friend outside of the bar on ashbury when he was shot police have not yet confirmed, but peterson says friends told her her son was trying to break up a fight and tom and living down but he loved being >>and you and i worry like crazy amount the same peterson has not been able to see or speak to her son, san francisco police say he was arrested the night of the shooting on a felony warrant for drug possession he's still in the hospital but is expected to recover and a
6:37 am
injury names. and was a long family really it standard at this time. the fbi is not releasing the name of the off duty agent involved they say that the shooting is still under investigation. >>in san francisco, michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>6 37 and the man accused of murdering neil wilson that made a bizarre statement in court. he said that wilson and her sister we're aliens john cowles says he heard voices when he attacked the sisters at the macarthur bart station in oakland 2 years ago. he testified, he thought they were aliens who kidnapped his grandmother. powell pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. he suffers from schizophrenia and was released from a mental hospital, not long before the stabbing. if
6:38 am
he's found guilty he could be sentenced to life in prison. and apple engineer who was killed in a tesla crash had complained about the suvs auto pilot system in the past. the complaints were detailed in documents released by federal investigators. this crash in 20 18 in mountain view killed engineer walter long. the documents say that he had previously veered the suv towards the same barrier on highway one o one where he later crashed the family is now suing tesla and the california department of transportation accusing them of failing to maintain the highway. >>in the east bay, a man was robbed at gunpoint in the driveway of his own home in a security camera caught it all kron four's dan kerman walk sister what happened. look at this white sedan going by it caught the eye of this 20 year-old oakland man but not enough to stop him from cleaning his car. little did he know that less than a minute later the 2 people in that car would be robbing him.
6:39 am
it happened monday afternoon about one 30 in oakland's diamond district, you're looking at home security video which caught the crime. the victim who prefers to remain anonymous says initially he tried to resist until he felt a gun on his neck. that's when he says he dropped to the ground in less than 35 seconds the suspect stole the victim's necklace bracelet cell phone and keys before leaving the scene. the victim says he still shocked he was robbed right in front of his home. but he says crime has steadily been on the rise in his once quiet neighborhood. he's concerned about his family's safety. oakland police are investigating the robbery. they're also confirming that robberies have been on the increase across the city both last year and this year. >>dan kerman kron 4 news. >>police are investigating a crash in alameda that left an elderly woman injured she was trying to cross the street last night on and civil avenue between walnut in willow
6:40 am
street when she was hit the driver didn't stop. i'm sorry the driver did stop and the driver is cooperating with the investigation. the elderly woman was taken to the hospital she has serious injuries. authorities say at least 50 more people died in the 2018 camp fire. and that were not counted in the official death toll of 85. >>the wildfire wiped out the town of paradi back in 2018. and these additional deaths were linked to the fire but not originally attributed to it the investigation says that statistics underestimated the death toll and failed to include people who died of complications from the fire. attorney say that the online database used to record the claims is not perfect so the number may not be exact. >>police in hercules have arrested a man and a woman who are in possession of a loaded assault rifle. police stopped a car driving on deal valley road for not having a license plate says was monday night. the female driver told the officers that she and the 56 year-old male passenger were
6:41 am
both on probation. and after searching the car police found a fully loaded a r 15 with a high capacity magazine in 29 rounds of ammunition, something neither were supposed to have because they were on probation. both the man and the woman now been booked into the martinez county jail. martinez part of highway 1, 1, will be closed for phase 2 of the san mateo express lanes project that project will add express lanes in each direction between with ul avenue in redwood city just north of interstate 3 80 in south san francisco. that's about a 22 mile a stretch of express lanes in each direction. the goal is to reduce congestion by having more people carpool and that means there will be nightly lane closures on that section of highway 1 one from 09:00pm until 05:30am. coming up on the kron 4 morning news, the bay area sports hall of fame has released its class for 2020 we're going to show you who made it in. >>california scores, a major environmental victory against the trump administration times
6:42 am
locally here in washington led details on that and what it's going to mean for automakers moving forward. and it is definitely a cooler morning outside temperatures in the 30's for some spots like napa and avato well 40's and 50's elsewhere your temperatures and for us your forecast. >>still ahead. >>and traffic is crawling on the nimitz freeway look at all the brake lights. so folks are heading northbound from san leandro toward oakland. there's an
6:43 am
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>>california just scored a major environmental victory against the trump administration joke a little reports how it could affect the way cars are made and sold in the entire country. >>the department of justice is backing off its effort to force california and 4 automakers to follow federal and not the state's stricter fuel and emissions standards so obvious that climate change is an issue that affects everyone including automakers so i appreciate that they're willing to take california side friday, the d o j announced it would end its investigation into ford bmw volkswagen and honda in september the trump administration ordered the anti-trust probe after the automakers sided with california congressman ro khanna says higher environmental standards benefit the auto industry. it's not just good for the environment, it's also good for automakers they understand that seen as a major political victory in
6:46 am
, a state that positioned itself as an environmental leader in spite off the trump administration california should and set standards for the rest of the country nick loris with the heritage foundation says the size of its market forces other states and carmakers to follow california's rules limiting customers options nationwide this should really be about consumer choice if consumers want fuel efficient cars they should have the ability to buy them if they want gas guzzlers they should have the ability to buy those and we're california sees the d o j retreat as an environmental victory floor says the decision allows for more overregulation in washington, i'm joe khaleel. >>6.46 right now checking out the weather for you on a wednesday morning more of the same more of the same we're keeping that dry weather go and february a warm yeah, warm dry yesterday 80 in santa rosa 79 map of crazy yeah it was pretty almost sweat and and the. but today a little more
6:47 am
reasonable back to 60's at least that's still above average for this time of year, but it's not quite as oppressively hot definitely nothing close to record breaking today either looking outside at the skyline of san francisco nice cool low over the city to kick this wednesday off skies will remain clear and pretty cloud-free through the day today and certainly no fog out there certainly no chance of rain either is this high pressure is only strengthened over the state over the course of the past 24 hours now winds definitely died down yesterday and what we've got ahead of us for the rest of the day today and really the rest of the week is definitely some calmer weather so winds definitely. letting get a break from them at least after what was a comfortable, but so windy start to the week. daytime highs today know 70's on this map, but we are going to see 70 degree highs in areas like sonoma possibly on over to vacaville. the napa santa rosa, san jose all getting close to 70 degrees while san francisco up to a warm enough
6:48 am
62 making for a comfortable afternoon. tomorrow we're going to be a touch cooler than today with the average highs in the low 60's, keeping that sunshine around and valentine's day on friday looking dry and warm with highs back into the 60's. alright, traffic continues to pick up and fill and on the richmond sandra fell so if you plan on heading in that direction your line is growing now on west 5.80 spilling beyond castro be on richmond parkway slowly stretching out toward the harbor exit for under 20 minutes for that drive time has really gone up we're at 18 now to make it into the north bay protecting the bay bridge trip that went quiet. we had a little stall a hit and run crash. you are backed up up through the maze now released to the bottom of the maze carpoolers you'll be fine but cash lanes of fast track lanes they are solid so you're averaging 12 minutes for now off to fremont street, here's a trouble spot in your way this is on the nimitz in san leandro we have a crash to working at davis street and there's a solid backup spilling over to the to 38 connector. >>so you may want to stay away
6:49 am
from the nimitz we're already at 26 minutes and growing because of the crash right here. so of course there's always 5.80 which is just wide open that's going help you out and save you some time only 15 minutes to downtown oakland. so take your pick slow on the nimitz are wide open on 5.80 it's your choice will check more slow downs coming up james darya. thank you very much robin. >>so the bay area sports hall of fame has announced his 2020 class of inductees and in this year we have pro baseball hall of famer nays legend ricky henderson. he can now call himself a bay area sports hall of famer, bruce bocce also joins in he of course wrapped up his career last year after winning 3 world series with the giants 12 time olympic champion swimmer and cal alum natalie kaufman she was also selected and super bowl champion 49 defensive tackle bryant young is in as well and for the first time a 7 time world champion sailor paul cared also inducted. >>to be recognized an
6:50 am
outstanding achiever and that the sport of sailing is that competitive in is that it makes us all all of us sailors here from the bay area and around the world very very proud. mean there's some great names obviously bruce bocce communities tired after you know these wonderful years with the giants and ricky henderson of the ricky i mean means is royalty and in sports and the area is one of them and his name has always been out there before but this is one year these able to be here and we're excited about it says it's going to be wonderful class. >>yeah, the class of 2020 will be enshrined into the bay area sports hall of fame on may 20th or may 11th sorry. >>now set up shop warriors a team gets to take a breather very soon the all-star break it approaches this weekend before that though there's one more game tonight in phoenix versus the suns and after ensuring a losing season now the focus is really on recharging for the future andrew wiggins is the new a
6:51 am
team. member now after the trade and head coach steve kerr says he needs to get familiar with the playbook for when steph and klay get back on the court. >>we feel like this is really a positive thing that we're getting andrews with a couple months from may this essential and apply about 30 games for us. and by the end of this season and then. the next he's going have a much better feel for what we're all about out of place to st. >>every game practice. we have right now for more on >>the all-star break starts on friday with the all-star game on sunday and then the worries return to the court next thursday. >>here's a quick check of the big board as we go to break
6:52 am
the dow up solidly this morning nearly 200 points up to 29,004 74 looks like fears over the corona virus are beginning to pull back a little bit among the minds of traders and investors. the latest numbers of the rise of corona virus in china appears to show that perhaps it is slowing down. and that's why there's some optimism that. >>maybe we rounded the corner keep you updated on that story as well and its financial obama: he's been a leader
6:53 am
6:54 am
throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
6:55 am
>>6.55 on this wednesday morning skies, nice and clear temperatures cooler than yesterday but that will have no impact on your flights today we are going to see nice clear conditions and calmer conditions that's if you're taking a wednesday fight don't expect any weather-related delays at least and avato napa you're currently in the 30's right now with 40's and 50's elsewhere in the bay area cool start to the morning. so don't forget that extra layers, you're stepping outside a whole lot cooler than our mild one yesterday morning. robin. all right over to the bay bridge toll plaza it's very crowded heading into san francisco coming from 5.80 your backup spills off to 24. >>coming from the east shore freeway you're backed up through emeryville berkeley and albany, so very slow making your way into san francisco, you averaging 12 minutes to fremont street. an accident to look out for on the nimitz 80 north at davis and family and row still blocking still tying up traffic you are backed up on to to 38 james, thank you very much robin 6 55 is the time
6:56 am
coming up in the next hour west contra costa schools are considering laying off teachers. >>as a means of addressing this budget deficit they're dealing with we'll have a live report on what's expected to happen. and a settlement has been reached between the family of the teenager who lost his life after drowning during a p e class and the school district that he belonged to will tell you more about that in a minute and a 14 day quarantine is finally over for nearly 200 evacuees in riverside county as they continue to battle the corona virus and its worldwide spread. we'll have a local bay area. mother and daughter story coming up in a moment. there's a quick live look outside at the golden gate bridge where the fog that had been out there early this morning seems to pull back a little chilly this morning but robin keep us updated on the commute in john will let us know what the forecast holds for the day ahead we'll be right back.
6:57 am
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>>thanks for joining us midway through the morning i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher yes hump day it is wednesday. >>hopefully things are going to be a fine free for the rest of the week we'll see how they're shaping up this morning, robin how it's a struggle to get over the hump on the nimitz right now have an accident several lanes blocked and it's the commute
7:00 am
directions. so we'll check in on 8.80 alright that europe things will get nice later he asked his sailing through the day today even though it is a cool morning. >>another comfortable afternoon should be a big surprise there we've had a lot of those lately golden gate bridge under clear skies as is the rest of the bay area this morning, no fog. no cloud cover we did have a brief area fog streaming to the golden gate about an hour ago. >>the suns pulled out so yeah we've cleared up even out there right along the coast. dublin morgan hill north bay and san anselmo and on over to a couple of our inland areas like nevado petaluma and fairfield all in the 30's well, elsewhere, it's 40's and 50's to kick off this hump day cooler than yesterday for sure so don't forget those jackets you're definitely going to need him this morning. this afternoon teacher kind of weather yet again although not as warm as yesterday will be calmer than yesterday for the north bay daytime highs back into the 60's only a couple spots hanging on to the 70's today. robin all right, t


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