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tv   KRON 4 News at 6pm  KRON  February 12, 2020 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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harrell news, a sergeant with the traffic division of the sfpd. >>sergeant money run over for us exactly what happened why this could even the chances go up traffic division is currently working a traffic collision here at 23th and mission currently we have 2 people at san francisco general hospital with life threatening injuries. we had a 3rd victim that person sustain a complaint of pain our investigation and is that a previous driven by a gentleman with the female passenger was traveling westbound on had had a red light for that intersection and a bus traveling northbound had a green light across the intersection and somehow the driver negotiated a right hand turn against the reds striking the between the bus and that vehicle was a passenger or i'm person in the cross walk that was struck and some somehow we're sandwhich between the 2 cars, the bus continued northbound on mission stops and a male patient passenger
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disembark the bus as the car, the suspect vehicle was northbound on the east curbside striking that person sustaining serious injuries for passengers behind that person behind was also injured, but how to complain of pain car continued northbound and somehow evaded the area it was and the driver returned later about 5 minutes later is now cooperating with police or 30 that it could be that the driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs were conducting player destinations regarding that it's an on going investigation, our video surveillance on the muni bus and from walgreens that depict this incident in terrible situation so the prius driver was so westbound and 23th was going to be making a right as the minibus was going north on mission and for the free us it the bus somehow make contact as a negotiated a right hand turn and hit the front of that bus and then sandwiched a pedestrian who was in that crosswalk yes and then tell me
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about that second person again it wasn't so the second person has a bus stopped about maybe 25 yards down on that passenger disembark the bus from the and as the car was traveling at a high rate of on northbound on the east curbside struck that person as they were distant parking the bus and there was a 3rd person a female that was also injured, but how to complain of pain and those 2 first 2 in life threatening condition yes, one is a 49 year-old male currently in surgery with life threatening injuries. the second is a 34 year-old male chefs cisco resident with life threatening injuries and the 3rd had complained of pain unknown if she was a san cisco resident and we don't over age at this time you talk a little bit more about your there's some question of whether he was under the influence the driver yes, right now the search is the police we are conducting a drug recognition evaluation on that driver determine it impairment is a factor in this case and a new study fled the scene at what point did he come back to the scene where did you catch up with him, you know what
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happened was responding units put out that the suspect fled the scene which terminated it was a are a hit and run and 3 to 5 minutes later that person returned back to the scene and cooperated with police literally drove back to the scene that's correct. i don't know why yes, an unknown what direction he went all we last sighting was that he was traveling northbound but somehow between 3, 5 minutes he returned to the scene and i suppose that this kind of an lot a lot more people could have been in that cross walk and initially the law currently booked prior to the incident there were a lot of people crossing the cross walk in there was some lag because people just stop in and doing their thing are very good that sergeant frank harrell who is the start of the traffic division as sfpd thank you so much for joining us. >>there you have it that's the latest right now 2 people remaining in life threatening condition a 3rd person injured in this crash that took place a year earlier this afternoon and early evening around 5 o'clock, let's bring it back to you right now unlike its more information and we'll bring it to you as we have it.
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>>you can always know that you can follow breaking news with push alerts from the kron 4 mobile app you can download it right now and stay connected. >>talk about the 10's of thousands of people infected. hundreds or you want even more what dead and that the number keeps on growing every day. >>we're talking of course about the corona virus health officials in china now say the number of new cases of the corona virus in that country has dropped for a second straight day that is a possible glimmer of hope amid the outbreak that has infected more than 45,000 people around the world and killed more than 1100 others here in california there are 8 confirmed cases. the most recent one diagnosed today in san diego county. >>bring the us total to 14 just yesterday a group of a 195 evacuees were cleared to end the 2 week quarantine at the march air reserve military
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base after flying out of china during the outbreak. none was infected with the corona virus among those clear to go palo alto woman who shared her harrowing story today with kron four's rob fladeboe. >>so happy just to be able to see them at my own bad that was esther tobacco this morning outside her home in palo alto this was esther and her daughter shaya a few days ago at march air reserve base in riverside, california. >>where they had been under quarantine for 2 weeks it is it stream. >>in come in is here. i couldn't work and also we fear when we come out how we're going to be received by the society hester and her daughter were visiting relatives in wuhan china center of the outbreak as the corona virus began to spread leading to a lockdown of the city becca says she was terrified what we'll talk about it ends. thousands of people infected. hundreds or you want even more what dead
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and that the number keeps on growing every day at the same time as a tobaccoville that neither she or her daughter were sick at least not yet there was no chance but to get in fact because the window it would be the one in contact with others at the same time to weigh in that environment he did you do in heavy today the needle having tomorrow right backers were then evacuated getting seats on that plane home and extremely stressful experience. she says was like winning the lottery. a few bad like others is couldn't get on the flight at the same time i a blast to be able to because in a way we have to after 14 days of quarantine in southern california astor and the other evacuees tossed their protective masks into the air when it was announced that none of them had the virus oh yes is something you would never forgot forgotten. i feel like we are when you live in the history with the witness to history and part of he history for that i am actually grateful.
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but i from 2 o'clock until 8 o'clock eyes slept through hadn't had in that the whole point in time but thank god in palo alto rob fladeboe kron 4 news and in japan about 175 people on board the diamond princess cruise ship are now infected with the virus japan's health ministry says 39 new cases have been confirmed on that ship which is quarantine at a japanese port. >>at least 5 crew members have already tested positive on a holland america cruise ship more than 2000 people were stranded. the ship was turned away from 4 ports by 4 different governments thailand, philippines, taiwan and japan over fears of a corona virus, although no cases have been identified on board the ship was finally allowed to dock in cambodia, meanwhile, the diamond princess will remain in quarantine and yokohama until february, the 19th. >>stay with kron 4 as we
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continue our coverage of the corona virus. we will keep you posted on the latest updates and the best ways to protect yourself. we have the very latest on our at kron 4 dot com just look at the corona virus tab under news. >>an update now on a pedestrian incident we recently told you about a woman hit by a car while crossing a street in alameda last night. >>has died com forcefully chagall reports this happened as that city is working to improve pedestrian safety. >>a teddy bear flowers and candles replacing the police cars and evidence markers on the street the day before a makeshift memorial set up at the intersection of walnut street and avenue in alameda where on tuesday afternoon, a woman was hit and killed by a car while using the crosswalk to cross walnut neighbors feel for the late victim and her family god be with you and stay strong and positive power of thinking helps the police department says the driver
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involved is cooperating with the investigation. she too was a woman from alameda lieutenant matthew mcmillan says investigators are looking into the factors that led up to the collision possibly speed and visibility still too early to tell whether so beside it or investigations in its infancy stages is ongoing. >>once we determine all the facts and cause of the collision. we'll make a determination based on what we find though this was not identified by the public has a problem or dangerous intersection and into month online survey that wrapped up at the end of january. >>the city is sending a team out in the next few weeks to determine if the intersection requires safety improvements in the past few years the city has already added more than 15 rapid flashing beacons at crosswalks that have increased deal done of drivers to pedestrians by up to 80% the director of public works liam garland says crews are also currently upgrading striping and moving stop cars back from crosswalks at about 25 intersections all of the
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visual indicators that drivers see pedestrians and bicyclists and help those crashes involving them in alameda felecia all kron 4 news. >>safety improvements are being made to one of the most dangerous intersections in san francisco. the city of san francisco has identified masonic avenue and oak street as high injury. core doors today, new lighting was installed including new high visibility traffic signals. they installed a left-hand turn signal that flashes orange to warn drivers about turning left onto masonic. they also are re timing the pedestrian cross walk to give people more time to cross the street. we heard from a woman who was injured on that same intersection last month who says shields that this will make the intersection safer. >>and i showed up here in my running clothes because i want to run again. i want to heal i want this to be safe and i want to run through the streets of parents is going to thank all of you.
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>>the city of san francisco has a vision 0 plan which hopes to eliminate all pedestrian deaths in well coming up a school in the east bay is set to vote on changing their name to former first lady michelle obama. >>we will tell you which one in just a few minutes plus some possible relief for victims of car break and we'll tell you about a new replacement fund one city official is fishing in san francisco. >>plus a bus-only lane could be coming to the bay bridge just the bay area toll authority. >>a ways to improve traffic. another day of spring like temperatures around the bay area that is all about to change get ready for that fog come right through mike: anyone hear the slogan, 'mike will get it done?'
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brzezinsktom steyer...k at this. berman: tom steyer... o'donnell: surging in nevada. scarborough: this is working for tom steyer. o'donnell: surging in south carolina. smerconish: i don't think it's just resources. mitchell: surging in two new polls out of nevada and south carolina. wallace: polling at double digits. king: up eleven points from october. that is dramatic. steyer: i'm saying we have a broken government. that's what's going on in washington, dc. it's been bought by corporations, and my question to the american people is who do you think is going to change that? i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>only lane may be coming to the bay bridge this after a new study suggests that it would help reduce congestion the bay area toll authority the term and while this may be an option down the road. there is a more critical issue causing bigger delays for buses. that is the congestion on the approaches to the bridge. during the morning commute traffic is heaviest. not on the bridge leading up to the structures east entrance improving congestion there is where they plan to start. >>while there may be it may be appropriate at some point and to establish a bus only lanes on the bay bridge. that lane really. meet the performance targets it would need unless
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we address the problems on approaches to the bay bridge that's on interstate 80. that's on interstate 5 8880 and on west grant. >>work on these projects could get under way before the end of the year. >>happening tonight, the west contra costa unified school district will consider renaming one of its elementary schools after former first lady michelle obama right now woodrow wilson elementary is being rebuilt in the meantime the school is operating out of a temporary campus and also recently the woodrow wilson pta president sent in a letter requesting the name of the school be changed in honor of the former first lady a vote on the name change is expected to happen tonight at 6.30 middle school in richmond is the location of the meeting if the board approves the recommendation it will be the first school in northern california and the second in the say named after michelle obama.
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>>state lawmakers are keeping a close eye on how new federal and local laws are impacting vaping rates across california. capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains the update lawmakers got today. >>and what we need to do is we need to stop the bleeding now state and local health officials wednesday weighed in on the latest numbers of vaping a nicotine use in california with the rising popularity of e-cigarettes health officials told lawmakers nicotine use in the state has also been on the rise since 2017 officials say a quarter of america's youth is now hooked unfortunately it is true that these individuals probably will be seeking other products in the interim i think that it will be really critical for us to come up with ways to help these wean themselves off of this addiction and again part of it is a recognition that they are addicted to much higher levels than we traditionally have ever seen the state department of health says as of this week there have been 208 cases of a volley of vape related lung injury with 4 deaths across 31
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counties in california since august of last year patients range in age from 14 to 71 years old but health officials say lately cases of the volley are on a downward trend, but couldn't say exactly why it's not clear. >>that this gone forever and therefore are continuing surveillance and investment in surveillance of these products is going to be is going to be key going forward several local governments across the state and the trump administration recently ramped up restrictions on the ci arette and flavored tobacco product sales california lawmakers this year will consider an all-out ban of all flavored tobacco products health officials say it could be a long time before we see the most significant impacts of the cigarettes in sacramento, ashley zavala kron 4 news. >>2 people have been injured and about 100 have been evacuated after a massive fire in tustin that's down in orange county. as many as 100 apartments in the large 2 story building appear to have been damaged or destroyed. the
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massive fire require that required as many as a 120 firefighters to get under control. the orange county fire authority. still in the process tonight of making sure everyone has been accounted for 2 residents were treated for smoke inhalation their injuries are said to be minor. the fire spread. so quickly that many of the evacuees had to leave in their pajamas the american red cross is helping the residents find temporary shelters. tustin police say the cause of the fire is under investigation. a group of 3 high school students is suing delta air lines because one of his aircraft dumped fuel while flying over their schools it happened last month in los angeles, a delta flight bound for shanghai turned around shortly after takeoff because of an in-flight situation. >>the pilot actually acknowledged later that there was no need to dump any fuel but it was dumped anyway that fuel sickened children on the ground at 6 different schools the lawsuit cites the federal
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aviation administration's admission that the plane was not flytng high enough to allow the fuel to dissipate before it hit the ground. you can soon on line and relax and watch planes come and go at sfo and you won't need a ticket or boarding pass to do it on friday, sfo is opening its new outdoor terrace an observation that it's located before security in terminal 2 band it will be free and open to the public officials say the open air space gives visitors 180 degree views of the airfield. the terrace is filled with wooden chairs and chase lounges it will for everyday open every day from 7 in the morning until 10 at night the project was part of a million upgrade to sf owes international terminal facilities. >>we want to take a live look outside right now along the embarcadero the beautiful lights i prefer to be at that
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nice that looks like the spot. the baby it really does look like it would be a nice place to chill out orange juice and watch the the yeah. another beautiful really nice temperatures running well above the average some places over 10 degrees above normal but that is really all about to change so there you go outside right for looking toward the golden gate bridge ching perspective there you can see some of the buildings there but no fog to speak of >>that is going to be rolling in a little bit later on and with that the temperatures really inbe coming down, but today we call just slightly into san francisco around the 70's, mid 60's, there 69 in oakland, 70 degrees. in san jose 70 for a high in livermore and conquer and 73 1 of the warm spots in santa rosa, but the numbers start to come down to see a return of the sea breeze and that was just enough to bring that cool air off the water to start to bring down the temperature especially near the coastline and just inside the bay numbers though still looking good very spring-like
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70 degrees in redwood city today, 69 in mount view in fremont 67 degrees beautiful in hayward 72 degrees and low 60 degrees in the napa valley. so certainly another gorgeous day out there looking good this evening, although you can begin to see a little haze in the atmosphere and that some of that sees out there we have those offshore wind that was blowing that all away now the sea breeze comes in and starts some of that pacific back into the bay we'll see more of that side likely some fog going to form that we are seeing a couple packs of trying to form now just off the coastline along the peninsula we're going to see more that developing later on tonight and tomorrow morning temperatures not all that bad right now at the door 66 degrees in redwood city still 64 in fremont to cool down along the coastline, you see the effects of the sea breeze already 50 degrees. in half moon bay. well we do have a cold front that's going to factor into our weather unfortunately it's not going to bring us any rain you see right here in the gulf of alaska that is tracking right on top of this ridge and has that ridge begins to weaken. now let's going kind of still shred the system apart and as falls apart, leave behind some cooler temperatures is going
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to wrap up that marine layer brings more low clouds and fog to the bay area that will help to bring down the temperatures on lori forecast though trying to bring these systems in here and then you can see that one just fall apart the one behind it look kind of just yesterday but now that one tends to fall apart slight chance of showers on sunday and then as we get the next week we've really keep our fingers crossed for the next one wants to hold off the coastline. so right now we're going to keep things dry temperatures will be noticeably cooler though tomorrow bundle up and head of the coast 50's out toward the beaches little bit breezy to 60's in the bay in the valleys. the san francisco city attorney announced several new subpoenas issued as part of a joint public corruption investigation. >>the investigation stems from federal criminal charges which were filed against former public works director mohammed nuru a san francisco restaurant owner nick move us. the 8 companies and nonprofits a peanut are believed to be involved in funneling donations to fund the city
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programs and events including money for public works holiday parties. the 8 entities subpoenaed rpg any construction firms web core panko and clark construction and recycling company re college e with 3 nonprofits the left the old rules foundation for the kids, san francisco parks alliance and the san francisco city coalition to say the official documents filed today you can visit our website kron 4 dot com. >>well coming up tonight at 6 45 with the 2020 census just weeks away. the government agency is warning of significant risks why they say the census bureau is not ready. their national head count could be affected and coming up next americans collectively reach a new high this year for debt, it is in the trillions of dollars will tell you with the housing market has to do with all that.
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y3r07y y1ncy >>all your money americans are in debt more now than ever before in the trillions of dollars some of that debt though comes from new homeowners interest rates for mortgages dropped below 4% in 20 19 for the first time in 3 years making it more affordable for many people to buy homes but when it comes to spending us households are putting more items on credit outstanding credit card debt
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grew by $57 billion last year. >>the federal reserve says total household debt rose by billion at the end of last year setting a new record of overall debt at trillion for americans. >>it could be on the way to those who experience of car break and then san francisco, the new fund that could help pay for the damages after the break plus a little girl with a big heart shares her story of her special gift to cancer patients and next at 6.30 we continue to follow breaking news where 3 people have been hit by a car in san francisco's mission district. we'll take you there in a live report. well certainly feeling a lot like spring around the bay area, those temperatures going to be cooling down what about the c mike: anyone hear the slogan, 'mike will get it done?' ok, let me tell you what the 'it' is. as mayor, i expanded healthcare coverage. as president, i'll build on obamacare
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because healthcare is a right. i created nearly 500,000 jobs in new york city. as president, i'll build an economy that delivers good jobs with higher wages. i'll take on the gun lobby and save lives. and i will stop trump's assault on women's reproductive rights. i've got a record of doing things. i've got the resources to take on this fight. as mayor, i held myself accountable for results. as president, i'll offer common sense plans and i will get it done. so let's stay on the offensive, and let's win. i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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tis better than the criminal in democrathe white house.esident we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare climate change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful
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international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful than the unified voice of the american people. >>tonight breaking news 3 pedestrians in san francisco hit by a car to know in surgery police say the driver may have been impaired this started around 4 20 this afternoon and police are still on the scene right now kron four's dan kerman is live at the scene in the city's mission district and you have that live interview with police just 30 minutes ago what do you know about the case right >>well we can tell you that there are now gathering lo


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