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tv   KRON 4 News at 7am  KRON  February 13, 2020 7:00am-8:00am PST

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few areas. but still weather is cooperating for most of us you can see across the bay, it's just low lying cloud cover over san francisco right o now it's mostly our coastal areas. >>and then some of the north bay that is currently looking at some of the worst of his ability half moon bay in coastal san francisco, which just change the second ago looking at that visibility being affected now later on this morning you will see visibility falling in santa rosa oakland and hayward as that foggy layer falls a little closer to the base. so don't think that you're necessarily in the clear later in the morning is actually going to bring the foggiest of impacts of the morning temperatures right now are in the 40's and 50's a cool and gray start to what will be a nice day later on the rest of your forecast is still ahead robin. >>we're checking in on 80 the line is growing it's pretty packed into san francisco right now the backup here. but you see the pay gates goes all the way through the oakland maze so 5.80 p e sure the nimitz are all solid leading over to this westbound 80
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connector and then after treasure island you'll get a break and eases up into downtown san francisco. you're averaging 14 minutes right now off to fremont street will check more coming up later chains, thank you robin, a big story that we are following this morning is the fact that another case of the coronavirus has been confirmed here in california which brings now the number of infected people in the state to 8 huff total 14 have been recorded across the country the latest patient was among the evacuees who was being quarantined at the marine corps air station miramar in san diego. >>fear of the virus is growing as it spreading there was a dramatic spike in the reported infections from china overnight they suddenly said huge tax breaks for the rich, 14,000 more people head of the while the middle-class continues to struggle. virus and that's because a city in china reclassified the that's what happens when billionaires are able way they were counting. in to control the political system. total more than 1300 people our campaign is funded have died around the world, by the working people of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. most of the victims in china, yeah, and here in the bay area no more tax breaks for billionaires. sfo is getting ready to bam we are going to guarantee health care to all people more flights that are heading to and from china the last day and create up to 20 million good
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paying jobs to save this planet. as you can go there kron 4 sarah stinson is live at the airport. the latest sara. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for all of us, >>people will be flying out today and tomorrow because the not just wealthy campaign contributors. last direct flight to mainland china is tomorrow night and so people have got to get going they really want to get to mainland china because they >>well to california school will be suspended for about 6 districts are responding after a very different type of chant weeks many airlines have rang out during a basketball game take a listen. can our to already suspended their flights to mainland china starting on sunday, but now it's all of us a vote and this after you said that major spike has occurred in the number of patients that have make out, but they're clapping and then they chant where's been reported with coronavirus your passport clap again yesterday was the largest where's your passport. it was single-day rise since the end aimed at 4 players on the of the debate started an sfo opposing team saint joseph usually has the most departures to china than any high school in southern other airport in the country california, 3 of those players of this size maybe l a but now are from puerto rico and the other is from france and you even flights to hong kong have can see in the video the school's principal in green, been canceled there still going right across the court about 21 round-trip flights to confront those students there per week until the end from red getty high school students from that school say of march a lot of the bay area companies that frequent asia that while chance between rival teams are common. this one went way too far.
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for business have stopped employee trouble there >>that's pretty common. you altogether anyways sot of know reach and they chant. usually those well but last precaution, the coronavirus has killed more than 1000 night was just just crazy people and globally the virus has infected about 60,000 honestly i like the way. the people most of those patients coming out of mainland china i chancellor said like because it. spoke with one woman she's going to vancouver not a job >>not has said that. but she definitely has >>yeah of course puerto rico concerns about the coronavirus. is a us territory. some people >>if you have a few i'm not people in there don't need a sure if there are break-in passport to the come to the u thing to ria i know there's a s the school districts are looking into the incident now lot of travel to and from they say this type of behavior china. so it is something that will not be tolerated going i've certainly thought about him coming from u c berkeley, >>a michigan man says that he there's a also breaks for the folks you've been traveling back and forth the chinese new his windshield which is not lucky came inches year so paying definitely from his chest though, so he washing my maybe i'll get one of those whiteness. lived look at this. a huge steel beam johnny lowe was >>and you can see in the video driving his flatbed truck. he of the couple travelers wearing those white masks changed lanes and the beam people taking precautions here fell just at that time and hit at lot of people saying they're washing their hands on the freeway and bounced off wearing those masks, but people are still traveling the concrete and went straight
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through his windshield. now internationally. but those you can see how close that flights to a mainland asia came right through the windshield he was behind that mainly in china are suspended starting tomorrow for 3 weeks wheel. it just stopped a foot away from his chest. and it's if you do need to get there because of the steering well you can still do so by enough saved his life. >>when it bounced off the to a flight in an la or in new concrete i see it was steel york at jfk. so there are and then i knew this was going still ways to get there but from here to for now i'm live and i just braced myself for like that and then. i was like in a sarah stinson back to being in the middle of an you. explosion last i mean. >>thank sarah. time now is 7 >>i when i got home i had to oh 4 we have an update to a take a vacuum cleaner and suck breaking news story we first out glass out of my ears. brought you earlier this morning, a fugitive has been taken into custody was a short >>his arm would have done nothing it's the steering time ago in san jose in a neighborhood there dozens of wheel that stops to steal get police spent several hours overnight in the area of talley road and this very day. that from going and piercing right through him change isn't that crazy. yeah, yeah, and the fugitive we understand is now being treated at the hospital for some non life when he says vacuuming glass threatening injuries that he sustained when he tangled with out of his ears you realize a k 9 officer. that that shattering everywhere. here's the thing the driver of the truck that >>7 oh 4 and new this morning beam fell off of yeah didn't an elementary school enrichment is going to be stop kept going so police now named after michelle obama the maybe did know. yeah so police now asking to help out with board voted to rename woodrow that but boy how close calls as well. >>all right more to come in a
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minute, we'll. wilson elementary, michelle obama elementary the decision was unanimous right now the >>james in the east bay about school operates out of a 90 minutes are now 6 be off temporary campus in el serino and the main campus enrichment is being built and when the the streets and get keys to kids head back to school in fall, that's when they'll see their new holmes tiny homes the name change. this is the second elementary school in that california named in michelle obama's on earth there is already one in panorama city. now 2 men are in the hospital with life threatening injuries after being hit by a car. in san francisco, a 3rd person was treated by paramedics after this crash happened at what'd we decide on the flyers again? the corner of 23th mission streets the driver of a black uh, "fifteen minutes could save you 15% free us hit a minibus and then or more on car insurance." i think we're gonna swap over to "over seventy-five crashed into the pedestrians. they were on the sidewalk. and then the driver left the scene years of savings and service." what, we're just gonna swap over? but ended up coming back and yep. pump the breaks on this, swap it over to that. was detained police say the pump the breaks, and, uh, swap over? that's right. driver may have been driving impaired and now they're instead of all this that i've already-? yeah. looking through surveillance video to see exactly what what are we gonna do with these? keep it at your desk, and save it for next time. happened. >>well in the wake of geico. over 75 years of savings and service.
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pedestrian crashes in san francisco city leaders are now working doubled hard to fisn't just about polar bears. improve safety. one of the we're fighting for our lives, most dangerous intersections in the city has recently had a we're fighting for clean air and clean water. make over this is the section of a sonic avenue that crosses that's why i wrote the law to over oak street there in the send billions from polluters to communities suffering the most. golden gate park panhandle. crews put in some new street and only one candidate for lighting a new high visibility president was with us back then, traffic signal that cross walk tom steyer. also gives people in and he's still fighting for us, bicyclists more time to cross the street which helps san pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, francisco's working through a regardless of your zip code. plan right now that aims to eliminate all pedestrian that's the truth. deaths in the city within the that's tom steyer. next 4 years. san francisco i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. city leaders meanwhile have approved a proposal for a 20 year-old $40 million lease for a navigation center for young adults who are homeless. we first told you about the proposal yesterday on the kron 00:04am morning news, the building is on post street that center. once it's completed will have 75 beds and serve anywhere from 18 to 24 year old. guests the proposal will be presented to the entire board of supervisors for approval at its february 25th meeting san francisco has 7 navigation centers in operation already but this would be the first
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specifically designed for younger people who are homeless. >>and the east bay, a woman died in the hospital after being hit by a car while she was crossing the street in alameda. she was in the crosswalk at the intersection of walnut street and central avenue on tuesday afternoon. just when she was struck by a car the driver who hit her is cooperating with the police. they're trying to see now is speed and visibility were factors in the crash and the city is sending out a team to determine if that intersection of requires any safety improvements. >>if your card is broken into in san francisco you might soon get money from the city to fix your window and san francisco's district attorney bodene if he gets his way and it will be on the city's dime. his new budget plan includes more than a million dollars to help fix broken windows in car break-ins how exactly the >>i look at weather and traffic on a thursday morning, program is going to work is something they're still trying to figure out the da just says hot spots, no hot spots, but traffic is not getting better that he would only pay for the still quite heavy salt check
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people whose insurance does those drive times crossing the not cover the cost and he said bay for you ok then let's the city will only use locally check on the fog and the other owned auto glass businesses to whether you'll deal with this morning. yeah big switch up do the repairs. guys that we've been seeing crystal clear skies for a >>now to the south bay were drinking water in glen area of while now and today is not that way definitely on the san jose may have been grayer side of things to kick contaminated high levels of a off this thursday morning. sulfuric acid that's used in timber on you can at least see the horizon in the distance products like carpets and clothing and cookware has been but skies definitely not found in the water exposure to looking so nice and bright santa rosa in half moon bay or chemicals like this could 2 of our areas where visibility is currently being result in various health effects from thyroid and affected. other areas like reproductive toxicity all the novato san francisco oakland way to cancer, san jose water and hayward will experience has been monitoring their wells and they found 6 of the some fog at times this morning. so just watch out for wells were contaminated and that as you drive into work. there. core stop using them in otherwise it's just a big change as far as our morning water officials are still trying to figure out how hours ago as compared to the exactly the water got contaminated in the first nice clear skies that we had place. outdoor terrace and been enjoying now 40's and observation deck is now 50's are your current temperatures not all that bad opening well, it'll open tomorrow officially at sfo, of a way to start the morning it's located before security of course get the jackets ready to go. we've got some in terminal 2 so that the 30's up in the north bay later public can enjoy it and it's on today skies will eventually clear out and we do have some free. it's an open air space as you can see get eu-wide 180 nice clear skies that will help temperatures rise into degree views of the airfield the 60's by the time we move you can watch the planes take
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off and land. it will be open into the afternoon there goes every day from 7 in the my for you i can just roll in morning until 10 at night the project is part of a larger and grab his korea happens all the time to help to 92. million upgrade suppose international terminal facilities. >>we're taking the drive across the san mateo bridge. it is crawling right now >>plus only lane might be leaving hayward this starts coming to the bay bridge will that help reduce congestion back at the nimitz it's pretty much going to continue and stick with you all the way the bay area toll authority over to the high rise. so says congestion on the we're at 30 minutes right now to make it to san mateo which approaches to the bridge. cars is a bigger delay for buses. is normal a normal back up at during the morning commute the bay bridge toll plaza as well. you guessed it, yes, traffic is heaviest. not actually on the bridge but it's feels all the way back through the maze on to all leading up to the entrance the connectors but it's nice and quiet on the upper deck james east entrance improving congestion there is where they >>thank you very much for others. plane plan to start. >>and 31 of breaking news. >>while there may be it may be we've just learned the 15th case of coronavirus in the u s appropriate at some point and to establish a bus only land has now been confirmed there on the bay bridge. that lane is one in texas the patient really. meet the performance among a group of people under targets it would need unless federal quarantine orders at san antonio's lackland air we address the problems on force base. this patient arrived in the us on a state approaches to the bay bridge that's on interstate 80. department chartered flight on friday is to first case of the that's on interstate 5 8880 and on west grant.
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virus in texas, yeah and this >>work on these projects couldn't or wouldn't get under breaking news comes after another case of coronavirus is way before the end of the year. >>still ahead on the kron confirm here in california. 00:04am morning. a warning for >>the latest patient among the evacuees are being quarantined dog owners this morning as now the rain. corps air cases of a potentially deadly station miramar in san diego, virus are on the rise across eric richards is live in san california, we'll tell you what you need to know to keep diego with the latest from your pets safe. and if you're there eric. looking for love this valentine's day you might want >>that good morning to you guys, good morning, everyone to avoid dating apps new tuning and you know another person yes conform to have warning that your personal information could be at risk. coronavirus or covert 19 here in san diego keep in mind folks this is actually the >>garber once a new spokes second confirmed case here in baby and a gas prices have our county the cdc actually been down for weeks, i'm jane making that announcement their stories coming up. and yesterday meantime you see san temperatures this morning on diego health. we're live this the cool side. we've also got early hours expected to some cloud cover and fog depending on where you're at. provide us. some update today, >>i'm talking the rest of your what time that will be and how forecast still to come. much information they will >>and traffic of course on the give us that's still unknown this kind of break down the slow side, the drive into san story for you and get to the francisco will be quite latest as we do get you to crowded you're still backed up video this morning so through the maze is going to currently use e san diego continue f health is caring for 3 patients right now who were transferred from federal korean team that you go and
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see a s miramar that's the military base here so to have tested positive for coburg 19 and the 3rd is considered under review, developing symptoms that warrant further observation as well as brzezinski: take a look at this. testing. now we're told the hospital is taking all necessary measures as well as precautions just to minimize any potential exposure. health officials meantime say patients are treated a negative pressure isolation rooms and health care providers in contact with them tom steyer... berman: tom steyer... are trained to use appropriate o'donnell: surging in nevada. personnel. protective scarborough: this is working for tom steyer. equipment for talking downs o'donnell: surging in south carolina. fit tested high filtration smerconish: i don't think it's just resources. respirators as well as face mitchell: surging in two new polls shields and goggles if you out of nevada and south carolina. wallace: polling at double digits. remember to evacuate planes arriving here in san diego king: up eleven points from october. with us citizens on board this that is dramatic. is just a couple weeks ago. steyer: i'm saying we have a broken government. evacuated from wuhan china that's what's going on in washington, dc. that is where the outbreak originated now those who have it's been bought by corporations, not showed symptoms remain in and my question to the american people is quarantine at a military base here let's bring it back out who do you think is going to change that? i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. live this morning in san diego we also want to mention that in a hospital nearby a 3 year-old girl is in isolation, we just spoke with her father yesterday and we will hopefully find out today. if
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those test results are the families obviously warning that they may come back positive because she was just readmitted to rady children's hospital, a couple days ago after showing additional symptoms of course we'll keep you posted on that that is the latest though as another confirmed case is here in san diego county will get back to you in san francisco, all right. thank you very much air and we're also more from a palo alto woman and her daughter who are now back home after they work or in teens. >>they were visiting relatives in wuhan and the virus started to spread so that they were evacuated to a military base in riverside. >>to becca says that she was terrified. talk about it ends thousands of people infected. hundreds or you want even more dead and that the number keeps on growing every day i feel bad that others couldn't get on the flight the same time i a blast to be able to because in a way we have to esta to
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two bacon, two sausage, this is the two eggssuper slam. becca and her daughter are hash browns and pancakes fine all the evacuees who are and now make those pancakes all you can eat for a buck. under quarantine in riverside actually turned out to be fine that's where the duper comes in. and was infected with the virus. the all new super duper slam just seven ninety nine. >>this morning, dozens of people in the east bay will no longer be homeless. that's see you at denny's. because they were weather going to be moving into tiny homes and hayward kron four's will tran is live there with the story hi well. >>in marine james and darya is this church right behind me there one of the people behind this thrust to get people off the streets and into housing. >>7.30 right now and we're looking at the weather and the let's face it it is not cheap warm weather continues yet we in the bay area and it's very difficulty even make for some are still looking at some 60's last month. this afternoon is just fine this morning, a little grain >>it looks like wills live shot just disappeared on us called oh yeah, a focused we'll try to reestablish that artist and we are starting to and get another update on this very important story out of complain, the rain now that we the east bay homelessness obviously a huge problem. in the bay area really in the did actually see the updated whole state so here we are drought monitor to it makes it a little bit more real for us so yes, the rain would be good looking at least some progress looking outside of berkeley on that front in hayward again conditions, definitely gray we'll get full details from will coming up in just a bit overhead. you can still see
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berkeley down below though as 7.35 coming up on 7.36 now still ahead a young boy that foggy layer sits right above most of us in the bay is rescued after narrowly drowning in a pool was under not tell you head out to the coast and into the north bay water for nearly 4 minutes we're really seeing a visibility impact right now. before anyone noticed we'll tell you more about what although later on in the happened and next a public morning you are expected to corruption scandal in san see some fog in areas that aren't so foggy right now this francisco is expanding we're going to break down the latest is due to a push of cool ocean details on that. a cool air on into the bay area as thursday morning with current high pressure has weekend. we temperatures in the 40's and are looking at that fog window 50's and definitely on the cloudier side this morning. opening back up you can see >>your forecast is to come. these light winds pushing >>a quiet but slow commute, no inland as they will too much major problems right now of the morning ahead of us not rolling into san francisco, going to be a windy day but just enough of a breeze to get but a long line and a big that fog pushed on into the backup at the bay bridge toll plaza just ures in the 60's for your daytime highs still so we're still staying above average, especially for the south bay in our inland areas, san jose up to 66 livermore concord ciena rose each up to 65. while napa and fremont not bad at all at 64 degrees. oakland and san francisco pl cooler than the days to be a before us back into the low 60's tomorrow, a lot like
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today foggy to start some sunshine to finish temperatures in the mid 60's and closer to seasonal averages. saturday, our warmest 20 year weekend also when you're clear ones sunday, a couple of showers possible up in the north bay and that is your best chance of rain in the forecast next week looking dry as well robin off to the richmond sandra fell it's quite heavy look for the line to start around harbor. >>on 5 of the west and that stays with you up to the richmond sandra fell bridge toll plaza through the pay gates and getting on to the span after that is when you got to see the traffic ease up here at the bay bridge toll plaza, the drive into san francisco is packed still spilling back into the maze so it's going to stay like this through 9 o'clock 1011 that's just our norm now so 12 minutes is or average coming in for checking in on a crash in the east bay, this is san leandro north to 38 be some ride at the split just out of z3r07z z1ncz the way it's off to the shoulder, we see all backed up traffic the entire stretch up to 38 and now that spilling over to 5 in the west so very
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slow as you make that connection from 5.80 over to 80 if you are continuing on 8.80, northbound it's going to stay heavy from to 38 in little pockets toward downtown oakland, but only only 16 minutes for your total to make a down toward the maze james. thank you very much robin. >>in the north bay one person is dead after leading police on a chase in vallejo police received 2 calls about a smash-and-grab robbery on admiral callahan blaine one of the callers was able to provide a description of the thieves car. police found that car and the driver a few blocks away in fact, the driver led police on a chase and ended getting away. a few minutes later police found the car after it crashed into a tree near the intersection of highway 7.80 and glen cove. the driver. did not survive. >>happening now police in american canyon are looking for a man who broke into y3r07y y1ncy several cars. take a look at the suspect they want to find the burglaries happened in the area of rio del mar spyker rush and red clover and this
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man they think is likely a trans and and they think he's still in the area. new this morning, a warning for dog owners about a rise in the number of canine distemper virus is throughout the state the virus is transmitted by >>7 39 8 new subpoenas have contact with saliva from other been issued as part of a public corruption scandal in san francisco. this after animals who have the disease federal criminal charges were distemper can cause respiratory and neurological filed against former public works director mohammed nuru. symptoms and can be deadly and left field ewells restaurant owner nick bovis 8 puppies and dogs that have not been vaccinated are vulnerable. experts say pet companies and nonprofits are owners should not leave pet now believed to have been food outside for long periods involved in funneling donations to pay for city of time because that can programs and events including attract wild animals that are infected with the virus. the public works department holiday parties. >>it's not a surprise that the >>a multibillion dollar and now we're starting to see project to build that bullet new names and this you know you read the original train between la and san francisco just got a little more expensive officials added complaint and it's clear that another billion dollars to the this reflected a culture of high speed rail line project corruption. that now is budget. so this brings the starting to come to light. estimated total cost over billion. construction is still >>for more details on what is on schedule. they say they're exactly is in the subpoenas looking to have about 20% of the track lay down in the next you can see them on our couple of years. as we get website at kron 4 dot com.
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>>richmond police are looking closer to valentine's day, a for a man connected to an new report says that dating armed robbery here is an image apps may be selling your of the percent are looking for information your personal they say he followed the information to other victim along san pablo avenue companies. the report found monday night pointed a gun and the several dating apps are demanded money and property sharing details about your the victim handed over sexuality religion. your everything they had and this location. it also found that person and got away, but police believe he is one of ok cupid tender and others these 2 men responsible for an collectively shared people's data with at least a 135 of armed robber in oakland this happened monday in the diamond the companies. the match group district, the 2 men came up which owns ok cupid in tender behind the victim who was washing his car in his own said that it complies with driveway. you can see they put a gun to his head put him to privacy laws and shares only the ground. eventually stole specific user data deemed his phone his jewelry, anything valuable he had on necessary. cyber experts him. recommend you look very closely at any apps privacy >>and 7.41 and don't consent form before you agree to the terms that it is the oil okay that's where everybody's making their money and we're giving up some much to try to reject agreement as much as possible, but don't just jump in go in uh oh it's for this multitasking, number-cruncher, time is money. i'm saying no you're not. >>experts say that until federal regulators take action protecting your privacy is really in your hands.
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>>for your money this morning gerber is looking for its new spoke spay be and gas prices have been down ior 21 days in a row. jane king is live at the nasdaq with those stories and more lot of people are going to want to know how to get in on that especially if they think they have an adorable baby. i'm having a little trouble reaching. jay, let's see if we can. now okay we have a let's get the details jane. >>good day is like 10 seconds be ok, we want to know about that and gas prices so good news here daryn gas prices down for 4 straight weeks. now we do often see this time of year regular seasonal changes are part of the reason for the price drop typically where people trying to so much so gas prices go down but also the coronavirus this year adding to the downward pressure. it is likely prices so, i go to floor and decor where i get rock-bottom prices will rise that has a spring arises they typically do. well. ford is recalling over on tile, wood, stone and laminate. plus, i score free in-store design services. 240,000 suvs and cars
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worldwide because a suspension now that's time well spent. park a fracture and increase explore floor and decor in person or online. the risk of a crash now the recall covers the ford flex the tourist police car to a show and the lincoln mkt from 2013 through 2018 in most of these recalled vehicles are in north america. well, a new report says supermarket should do a better job informing shoppers about product recalls the us public interest research group says 84% of groceries failed to adequately inform the public about recall notification efforts or how to sign up for notifications about recalls or even where in the store to find postings about recalls a grocer's may pull products for the shell the shoppers who have already purchased them and have them at home are often left on a where anger over recently announced the launch of its 10th annual photo search to find its national spokes baby so parents can submit photos and videos of their little ones up to 4 years old for a chance that their child reigning as the 2020 gerber ambassador, a grand prize of $25,000 included by the way
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the original gerber maybe 93 years old story girl her baby is 93 haha i like to see it. >>it might be a female they'll >>welcome back 7.44 on this look like man boys or thursday morning a little bit brighter for the south bay than what we're seeing right now hey at least she got the skies up there near san jose >>right here at 7.21 coming up on the kron 00:04am morning cam which are looking on the news, a michigan man counting his blessings after coming cloudy side but some sunshine inches away from a steel beam actually making its way through not so much for areas i'm in a very different story otherwise. we'll have more on further north such as berkeley out to the coast where we are what happened there plus a definitely looking at an basketball game between 2 rival high schools and it with impact of low lying cloud cover and then for a couple of a confrontation. and racial spots, some fog that is also chance. well explain there's a making some low visibility live look outside we've got a especially in parts of the view of the bay bridge approaches traffic sits and north bay up in sonoma county now skies are gradually going waits commuters making their way from oakland in a san to clear out into the afternoon fog is going to stay with us through much of the francisco, robin wilson and morning even towards noon for traffic center will keep us updated on where the big some areas. it's an on shore problems are for you and john flow bringing cool ocean air trouble keeping an eye on the fog will give us our thursday on in over the bay today this forecast and a look ahead and what we'll had been prevented by are just the opposite the warm and dry air being pushed out to the
7:22 am
coast which obviously had resulted in nice clear skies for your morning hours through the afternoon formerly this week. now that being replaced by that fog and ever familiar, a view of your morning hours during a this time of year and something that is a little closer to average compared to where we have been looking outside this morning, there's your on shore wind winds pushing in from the ocean pushing in that fog and cloud cover with that that's going to be true through the day today, although fog will burn off into the afternoon. today's daytime highs rise into the 50's and 60's definitely more seasonable and still uncomfortable range of numbers i hope you get outside still enjoy the afternoon, especially once that sunshine does reappear burlingame 61 for the high was san bruno and millbrae 59 saying carlos redwood city in woodside all at 63 for today's daytime highs while the south bay still hanging out in the 60's as well san jose milpitas and campbell all 66 for your highs today cupertino santa clara
7:23 am
and sunnyvale each at 65 here pay daytime highs low to mid 60's dublin, pleasanton livermore and long mid 60's for you. berkeley oakland and richmond at 62 degrees each well danville down to san ramon and on up to concord in walnut creek. each at 65 north bay temperatures mid 60's, definitely cooler than those upper 70's we saw just a couple of days ago, santa rosa from 80 degrees for your record breaking high earlier this week down to 65 today and it's a pretty noticeable drop in temperatures tomorrow temperatures in much the same a foggy start to valentine's day and some sunshine to finish out the holiday saturday will be your warmest day of the weekend with sunday our only chance of rain in the forecast and even then only for the north bay and just a slight chance after that we drive back out through monday tuesday and wednesday of next week robin. thank you john checking in on the richmond sandra fell for those of you who. >>need to get into the north bay we are still crawling here on west 5.80 leading up to the
7:24 am
pay gates your backup is beyond return parkway about halfway between that point and harbor so for now it's roughly 12 minutes for the drive to the north bay which is normal from oakland to san francisco are also looking at a normal commute right now on 80 your backup spilling through the maze so it's still heavy and it's going to stay like this for several more hours, but at least we don't have any major problems that you need to worry about one looks good at 14 minutes from brisbane to san francisco 17 minutes for north 2.80 daly city to downtown. >>there's a lot of buzz about the coronavirus and the sports world is no different. the virus has wiped out olympic qualifiers in china. but organizers say the tokyo games will go on japan is continuing to build its field of dreams because like tom hanks says if you build it they will come. but will they the ceo of the tokyo organizing committee said that he was seriously worried the coronavirus could throw cold water on the games
7:25 am
and then the next day he quickly put that fire out saying let me be clear. we are not considering postponing or canceling the olygpics. japan reported its first death from the coronavirus yesterday its neighboring china that suffering the most with more than 1300 deaths. the summer olympics are expected to attract more than 11 1000 athletes from warriors steph klay and ray are hoping to play for team usa under coach kerr spring training is officially underway in arizona for the giants and the a's, the giants pitchers and catchers are stretching their in scottsdale arizona. they haven't made the playoffs in 4 years maybe things will be different under new manager gabe kepler expectations are way higher for oakland because the a's are coming off 97 winds and back to back playoff appearances. they are working out just down the road from the giants in mesa the rest of
7:26 am
the guys on both teams arrive on monday. a lot of people were thrown shade at bucs quarterback jameis winston for throwing so many interceptions. 30 last season, nobody saw or more since 1988 the 49 ers were on the receiving end of 3 of them and their first game last year at the same time winston also managed throw the most touchdowns with 33. but now we know while he was 3030 his vision was far from 2020 turns out. james has always been near sighted he's been squinting at the scoreboard since florida state and he's just now doing something about it he posted this pic of himself in shades with the caption. they know, and now that we all know he had lasik surgery we're going to have to see it's his future is any brighter. the future for all comes is over the guys who started the male robber trend in 2017 trend was it they're
7:27 am
going out of business they got the brilliant idea for bros while going to college and they say now that they're out they don't have time for it anymore. well they would have time if they were all romp on one zip james and book. >>you're good to go. >>don't worry though i saw plenty of other companies online selling one piece e-fits james for men and if you're in the market if they haven't looked like a suit maybe i'd where talk seatow took seat of my little too formal for the morning formally otherwise i totally would go or maybe you would like to wear a comfortable shoe. >>that looks and taste like chicken but. crocs and kentucky fried chicken have joined forces to offer the kfc crocs. my don't know if it actually does like chicken because i'm not going eat it. but it does smell like chicken i kid you not supposedly these crocs smell like chicken and they really
7:28 am
do look like the bucket they are unisex because crocs are equally comfortable and ugly on men and women and you can buy on men are well right, so who doesn't $60 or maybe if you prefer, and how you can support these vans specially designed to look like the famous burger joints containers, i think they're also about 60 bucks and a little more low key. they made less of a statement i think james step that i could see my son where this goes what's more because what do you wear with a chicken bucket right aside from a up well you can wear a shorts the cases we've solved all of your fashion problems this morning that's the vase.
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>>welcome back 7.53 on this thursday morning skies definitely grayer than we've got used to them lately but at least visibility at sfo is holding strong. you are seeing cloud level above the airport and that does interfere with flights or officially checking in. >>with nearly an hour delay about 41 minutes so. >>yeah that's definitely not ideal. but i've seen worse on these fog year days, oakland and san jose not looking at any delays despite that cloud cover which is certainly moved in this morning, 30's, 40's and 50's for your current
7:32 am
temperatures, definitely don't forget the jacket you're going to want it well throughout the morning as cloud cover is going to keep temperatures down for a while this afternoon will be cooler than we have been but sunshine will return, robin back to the bay bridge toll plaza one of our busiest commutes this morning with lots of crowding right now heading into san francisco, here's a live look in your back up the back of that you're seeing this goes all the way through the maze, the only winds that have fanned out are your carpool lanes that's and so prepare for the slow drive coming in it's under 15 minutes to fremont street. >>and we still don't have any hot spots has been so quiet this morning, 5 8033 minutes, castro valley to oakland 2417 minutes wannacry to the maze stay smart thank you very much robin. >>it's that time of year again girl scout cookie season and perhaps the most excited girl scout around is 98 year-old ronnie backensto in pennsylvania, she's been a girl scout for 88 years. >>yes, she's a girl scout and she's commend guess is call
7:33 am
out yes, she's going coast to coast in her a scout. >>adventures even in retirement she's gone strong with her girl scout duties as well never misses a looks spry yeah and when it comes to selling cookies. she says that's when she's happiest right alongside her fellow scouts of all ages were going up and down the street, spreading cheer for us for a few bucks to forget their little expensive but they're good she's hoping to inspire and educate future generations. >>her stamina her energy her mind, she's nonstop in general she just makes me laugh when i was a fight was just for a living and this will really girl scouting is a shoe at >>about that she plans to be out selling market is at the end of the month, tibet is not out here that the fun this year come i know sometimes like sometimes i say no to the kids lot of work. well honestly, you know what i still have a role 10 men seen
7:34 am
a freezer they've been no, here's the problem they've been sitting on top of the microwave. >>which means since a year and nobody easy are they still could i probably wouldn't risk as you probably need to buy 2 more all details bad. >>and i put it in the just great frozen are coming up in the next hour. we have a major swat operation in the south and ended with the arrest of the fugitive. >>nobody, no residents were hurt we're going to tell you exactly how it went down. plus tomorrow is the last day for people to travel to china from sfo will tell you how the coronavirus is really putting a clamp down on airport operations and other affects around the bay area as well and 2 people in the hospital right now after a driver rammed into a muni bus and hit pedestrians. we're going hear from someone who witnessed it all.
7:35 am
obama: he's been a leader
7:36 am
throughout the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
7:37 am
>>and thanks for joining us. i'm darya folsom and i'm james fletcher let's get you started at this 8 o'clock hour, we'll check the weather traffic then we get to the headlines. >>a big problems you know we haven't had any hopefully will keep it that way we have a lot of slow traffic. the bridges still packed the drive times are going up, but it's very quiet. but we want is mama win about the girl scout cookies one year old, so they could she know and she's like ok, i don't eat the cookies, but here's a donation so she doesn't actually take the
7:38 am
could i see people to freeze them my maybe not the covered the know and tell me in the car right now they know the past severaspace keep in keep a cash put in there. yeah have so chocolate if you left it in your car this week this morning conditions definitely switching things out from the sunshine and warmth we had had gray skies overhead you can still see across the day but there are spots out there like in santa rosa right at the
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