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tv   KRON 4 News at 530pm  KRON  February 13, 2020 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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putting term limits on congress, about washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ideas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington.
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i'm tom steyer and i approve this message. >>5.30 kron 4 is always tracking local stories and here's a look at what's happening around the bay area will start today in the east bay where an elementary school in richmond will now be named after. hi, michelle obama last night district's board members voted to rename woodrow wilson elementary to michelle obama elementary unanimous decisn right now the school's operating out of a temporary campus in el serino well, the main campus in richmond is being rebuilt. students will see the name change when they return to classes this fall,
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this will be the second elementary school in california to be named ter the former first lady. there's a school in pet around the city in the san fernando valley also named after michelle obama in the south bay police are looking for a driver and hit and run that injured a 13 year-old. >>that crash happened monday morning along snelling calero avenue in san jose the team is expected to be okay. police are looking for an early 1990's black toyota pickup that truck is missing letters on the toyota amblin on the tailgate and 17 people were rested during a protest. ed you see santa cruz. >>some graduate students went on strike earlier this week. they say they will not teach grade hold office hours or conduct research until they get a cost of living adjustment university officials say protesters. repeatedly ignored dispersal orders from officers. instead they locked arms and sat in the roadway. strikers say the university has threatened to fire students who withhold
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transcripts from under graduates as part of the strike. >>the north bay one person is dead after leading police on a chase in vallejo police received 2 calls about a smash-and-grab robbery on admiral callahan lane. one of the callers was able to provide a description of the thief's car. police found the car and driver a few blocks away the driver led police on a chase but got away a few minutes later police found the car after crashed into a tree near the intersection of highway 7.80 and glenn close got cove. the driver did not survive. and tomorrow is the last flight to china for the next 6 weeks. it's going to be leaving from sfo. those flights canceled over fears spreading the coronavirus are for sarah stenson reports now from the airport with more. >>starting tomorrow all flights to mainland chinawill be halted here at sfo for 6 weeks due to coronavirus lot of international travelers are
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wearing masks in taking precautions to avoid contracting the virus you're washing your hands a lot more we have been to bacteria we do have masks other than wearing much possible. that's bout it some are just worried about traveling to airports and other countries that still havechina on the board we do have a few i'm not sure if there are break-in thing to ria i know there's a lot of travel to and from china. >>so it is something that is certainly thought about as usually has the most departures to china than any other airport in the country besides maybe la acts as the number of people infected with coronavirus grows by the thousands many airlines decided to suspend trying to fly to the on sunday now the entire airport has decided to halt all mainland china flights, the last dire flight leaves tomorrow night i think it's safe than sorry mean if they can contain the disease and keep it one area might be best at this point like says china will remain
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suspended here at sfo until the end of march but people really need to get there they can take a flight to l a x or jfk to then continue on to china. i suppose sarah stinson kron 4 news. >>coronavirus fears are now making adoptions from overseas even harder and some parents are being told to wait longer to try to get their family from kansas was supposed to leave for china at the end of january to pick up their new daughter. but as she feared jackson reports that did not happen. >>and anderson household. this is the room the little girl they are adopting from china will soon share with her new sister for clinton room for the past waiting for the moment they could bring hannah bail home and one of her grandparents had made for reminders marking what should have been her rival all around home we had the house line up the dog lineup. we had actually checked out of work we had pulled her daughter out of school and then that it was
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the iday before we left we got the call that they didn't outbreak of the wuhan but the coronavirus put their travel. >>adoption excitement and the chance to hold their new daughter in their arms on hold currently we know that a lot of the airlines are not even traveling into cha but as of right now we we don't know if it will be summer time or how long it will be before we can go get our little girl afte waiting so long kristen sa the news was devastating and the sudden change costly for the couple while they wait a new desire forming in their hearts now working to collect face mass hand sanitizers vitamins and air purifiers. >>this indirectly to china through lifeline children services their adoption agency based out of birmingham alabama. clearly i can get my daughter and other families can t their children home is we've got to get china althy kristen says the acting gives them hope they're making a positive change and for her it's also a distraction i know she knows that she has a family that's coming for hoping sooner than later their family will be complete.
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>>and that was fair jackson reporting had a bell is reportedly safe and healthy at her orphanage in china. >>as we get closer ballon highs day a new report says that dating apps may be selling your personal information to other companies. the report found that several dating apps are sharing details about her sexuality religion and location. it also found that ok cupid's tender and others collectively shared people's data with the least 135 mpanies. the match group which owns scake you couldn't tinder says that it complies with privacy laws and shares only specific user data deemed necessary. cyber experts recommend tht you look very closely at any app privacy consent form before you agree to the terms. >>that is the oil that's where everybody's making their money we're giving up some much to try to reject agreement as
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much as possible, but n't just jump in go in uh oh it's i'm saying no you're not. >>experts say until federal regulators take some action protecting your privacy is in your own >>closing guments have started in the trial of former media mogul harvey weinstein weinstein's lawyer is telling jurors that prosecutors in the rape case against him acted like movie makers and portrayed a world where women they interact withmen. ow attorney donna runno maintained weinstein's innocence while asking jurors toignore outside forces and use what she called their quote, new york city common sense while deliberating. the jury is scheduled to hear the prosecution's closing arguments on friday. weinstein is charged with raping a woman in 2013. and forcibly performing oral on a different woman in 2006. weinstein has maintained any encounters he had were consensual. >>we have today the house of
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representatives have made a big decision about the equal rights movement to what has to happen to officially amend the constitution. >>and hope hicks is returning to the white house why she is coming back. dramatic departure last year. >>2 infants could play a bigger role speech in their development the was considered up. ils on that studyoming tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president is better than the criminal in the white house. we all have progressive plans to address
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the big challenges facing our country. what makes me different, is i've been working for ten years outside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power to the american people. i started need to impeach to hold this lawless president accountable. i'm proposing big rerms like term limits... ...a national referendum... ...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare clime change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. and, i've spent 30 years building a successful international business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message - because there is nothing more powerful an the unified voice of the american people.
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economicly powerfully influenced my values. bernie sanders he's fighting to raise wages. and guarantee health care for all. now, our country is at a turning point. hard working people, beayed by trump, struggling to survive. in this moment, we need a fighter. bernie sanders. we know he'll fight for us as president because he always has. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message.
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>>our health tonight, a new study finds that parents play a bigger role in their child's speech development than many realize. >>i don't fiat baby talk it's important to talk though mandy gaither has more in today's health minute. >>and they don't like it. how parents talk to end fence is strongly linked to how the child speech deveps according to an ongoing study recently published in the preedin of the national academy of sciences, the study showed that children whose parents were coached and guarantees a near universal speaking style distinguished by higher pitch slower tempo and exaggerated intonation showed significant gains in conversational turn taking and vocalizations between 1418 months, the coating meant educating the parent on benefits of speaking to their babies and being encouraged to gage the child and back and forth conversational type exchanges, one of the authors
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says children of those coached parents produce real words such as ball milk at almost twice the rate of children whose parents weren't coach to speak parent eads. a previous study on thsame group of baby show parents who are coached to use parent. he's had baes who battled more and had more words by 14 months than those who are not trained for today's health minute. i'm mandy gaither. >>homeland security and the d o j filing federal lawsuits against new jersey, california and washington state. i here in washington, it's all concerted effort
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>>and homeland security and the d o j are filing federal lawsuits against several states with sanctuary cities including california cry for show khloe reports about how lawmakers arefighting back. >>the trump administration's warning sanctuary cities and states that consequences that are comments you're actively undermining law enforcement to put officers at risk and the communities they are supposed to be responsible to acting deputy secretary of homeland security ken cuccinelli says dhs is deciding how to deal with states like california which he says illegally withhold information about undocumented criminals from federal authorities and in 2 cases he says city officials even ward undocumented immigrants about planned ice raids were looking at all our options with respect to sanctuary cities and states
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because of the harm done to public safety and national security dhs already took action in new york and attorney general william barr filed 3 federal lawsuit against new jersey california and king county in washington state all of them pushing back against sanctuary policies. >>today is a significant escalaon in the federal government effort. >>to confront the resistance of sanctuary cities we're not going to. given to his kind of threats and intimidation, a california doesn't share his form of xenophobia california congressman adam schiff called the attacks on sanctuary policies retribution, but you know the person is always have the attitude of you're either with me against going that goes for people that also goes for states. he says lawmakers representing california will do erything possible to prepare and to fight back in washington. i'm joe kelly >>today the house of reesentatives approved a resolution to provide states
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more time to ratify the equal rights amendment. >>supporters hope the move will inject new life into the decades long fight over whether it should be added to the constitution. the equal rights amendment or e r a would ban discrimination on the basis of gender and guarantee equality for women. congress originally passed the proposed constitutional amendment in the 1970's, 38 states are required to ratify constitutional amendments that threshold was reached last month when virginia became the 38 state to ratify the e r a amendment. >>hope hicks is returning to the white house is a counselor to the president president trump's former communications director is we'll be working with his son in law jared kushner kushner praised hicks in a statement announcing her return, although she will have the same title as kellyanne conway the white house is saying that there is no conflict here. hicks resigned from her role as communications director back in 2018. that came a day after hicks told lawmakers she told
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a white lie in the course of her duties. and turning out or whether a has just had its hottest january on record in the 141 years of global climate records january 20 20 was the hottest. ever recorded. the noaa announcing today that it was the 44th consecutive january with temperatures above the 20th century average a 53.6 degrees. it is the latest in a string of climate recordset recentyears now rerts that earth's for hottest january's of all happened in the last 4 years. >>as we're just lawrence karnow joins us now and a little bit more gloomy today than earlier in this week you can take one we can say oh there's an example of climate change but when you talk about no several january's in a row that is an indication and consider they've been taking those records since they invented the thermometer so that's only 141 years ago.
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>>and at that point we're in a period called the little ice age so obviously still warming up since then but yeah out there today, we cool things back down again in fact those numbers coming down across the board 50's in the san francisco. >>how about that 53 degrees member just the other day we're in the 70's in san francisco oakland checking in at 5861. in san jose 60 live more 61 in concord. and 56 degrees in santa rosa member just the other day we actually hit 80. in santa rosa, but all around the bay area, the temperatures coming down across the board you see that look at these numbers you get that on shore breeze want to change current temperatures these are actually the highs today, 57 degrees in half moon bay only 60 in redwood city, 60 amount view 57 degrees in hayward so certainly you feel the effects to get that on shore when carrying hem nice ool air off the water's edge and that tends to drop all those temperatures we forecast on this day is we're getting ready for the weekend 50's and the monterey bay with some patchy fog southern california are looking some sunshine is 70 degrees in los angeles
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about 65 degrees in san diego in the high country if you're headed that way. yeah going to be a little cool out there but dry 49 degrees in south lake tahoe, 45 degrees in trucking about 50 in reno so we do have some minor changes coming over the next couple days tomorrow, valentine's day should be a nice day you'll see some sunshine and a few clouds and patchy fog in the morning giving way to some sunshine the afternoon little breezy too and then more winds are going to kick up agaion sunday drier right through the next 7 days. >>and next up a college student dedicated to getting rid of mental health stigma as it's a big surprise house justin bie growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors.
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and now we have to deal with this. that's why i wrote the nation's climate change is an emergency. most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same witthe keystone pipeline.
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when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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for human life that is how one person describes. >>julie coker a new jersey college student and the president of a nonprofit that supports mental health awareness. her work is important to many people including one of our favorite celebs erica psych has details. >>they said that i needed to be in new york on friday because it's going to change my life. and that's about it that's all he told stockton university student julie coker had no idea what was about to happen she went to a taping of harsh out live friday. >>active mds, a national organization working to the summit has mental health that's her talking about her work in mental health with active minds at stockton university. what happened next, you know what let me get
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>>julie we have a surprise for you a $100,000 check from justin bieber himself video doesn't look cited by just like that you know are going on i was shaw beaver chose coker as the recipient of the money to help and further work in mental health awareness and say thank you but all this so important to me because my own mental health challenges. i had very bad depression growing anxiety and what i became recovered. >>and i worked on i think started working as a man to have a good to just likely levels passion human life and fighting stigma and >>preventing suicide and eating disorders back at school and still in shock coker says this money will give her a chance to pursue something she never dreamed it would be possible, i would like. >>my master's degree in clinical social work. a plane to go to monmouth university. then like because of this award i won't have any school
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loans my bachelor's or master's degree so i can see myself in 10 years going back for a doctorate. >>were at first i wasn't sure if that was even going to be on my horizon because. i didn't want any more loans. >>that's really cool. i wonder what's a bigger deal getting a 100 k check or visit from. i think for her the 100 she apparently was green a little background here when she was a turns out julie's first concert was a justin bieber concert she was 13 years old so you know apparently she's been a belieber and that's that's what they call has fans right like yang gang that andrew yang's fans this cute yank a title that wraps up kron 4 news at 5 being with us this hour, we'll see you back here tonight for kron 4 news at 9 in ime time right now kron 4 news at 6 takes over with have more in just a moment all right grant vicki thanks see will coming up tonight at 6 concerns growing as the death toll soars above
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13,000 while the number of us cases, a still small health agencies here are on alert and finally hundreds of cruise passengers are allowed to get off the ship they've been stuck on the cause of ish fears and moving f death row inmates will now be able to request transfers to facilities where they may be able to work or get 3 have 's a lesser known provision of prop 66 and some are calling it a ap to the face brzezinski: take a look at this. tom steyer... berman: tom steyer... o'donnell: surging in nevada. scarborough: this is working for tom steyer. o'donnell: surging in south carolina. smerconish: i don't think it's just resources. mitchell: surging in two new polls out of nevada and south carolina. wallace: polling at double digits. king: up eleven points from october. that is dramatic. steyer: i'm saying we have a broken government. that's what's going on in washington, dc. it's been bought by corporations, and my question to the american people is who do you think is going to change that? i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>why it's difficult to predict is because we still don't know much about the virus. >>now at 6 a coronavirus outbreak continues to grow right now more than 60,000 people around the world are infected. and 13,060 other people have died from the virus 99% of the cases right now are in china. thank you fojoining us tonight, i'm palmore i'm justine waltman ken wayne has the night off and here in california. there are now 8 people infected in the state. the latest patient was among the evacuees were being corn team at the marine corps air station miramar in san diego. experts believe the true scope of the outbreak could be much higher more people have now died fromthe new coronavirus and during the 2002 sars outbreak. darryl forges reports.


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