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tv   KRON 4 News at 9  KRON  February 13, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>>watching kron 4 news at night. and never happened like that that that in a step that and never had a step down. >>they have businesses slowing for china towns across the country amid coronavirus fears here in san francisco. it's no different at chinatown staple golden gate fortune cookie factory says business has drop some 70 to 80% since the coronavirus outbreak. everybody thanks for being with us tonight at grillo and i'm vicki liviakis kron four's tailored to sack you spoke with the owner today she joins
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us now live with more on. >>how fears are impacting business here a >>going good fortune cookie factory has been around for decades and it's a place that typically sees 500 visitors each day well now that's not the case they say in comparison the streets are practically deserted they say it's something that just not fair or right for these business owners. nestled in san francisco's chinatown going od fortune cookie factory cranks out fresh fortune cookies daily the place typically sees lines out the door fire under fire did come in just to see now now you look at owner kevin chan says this is the new scene just a handful ovisitors each day after fears of the coronavirus spread. he says it was slow or even during one of their biggest celebrations stallone supposed to be the time for welcome all the toys. show up this is karen. the one the pro weighs less people in a chance says business is down
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70 to 80% so we had to cut production with it the nominee out 3 machine learning today only one machine i don't want to make moreookies is generally more does not involving the cool. he is. >>and trash every day that's why so many to come when i don't want to cook you just stack korea and never go because i don't know what is going and so is this in bailey's couple months fro now impacting the livelihood of these merchants and how they're treated. regions they because and the move to virus come from china. so themight just don't do with the chinese so they can less in fact it. is not fair that's a legitimate right thing because you know started in china sold. >>they thing all chinese you know i don't thing we is or sheila house as coronavirus cares aren't stopping her from shopping in others will join we can not be fearful of and
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the fires i illness whatever we have to live life. >>and just go on. talked to several other businesses in chinatown today off camera and they also say that they are noticing. >>and experiencing an unfair association between the coronavirus the chinese community as a whole they want to remind people that anyone who has come over from china that was infected. they were quarantined and closely monitored and they also want people to know that chinatown is safe and they're all of course taking many many precautions reporting live in san francisco taylor key kron 4 news. thank you taylor and flights out of sfo to mainland china will continue the department of transportation has approved an adjusted flight plan. >>it allows for travel from beijing to the u s but only on tuesdays thursdays fridays and sundays the plan is in effect now through march 28th. cases of the coronavirus in californ and here in the us
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there are now 15 confirmed cases of coronavirus the 15th confirmed case is in texas now and in china another spike tonight in the number of people infected. >>with the virus. the chinese government reports 5,090 new cases and 1 more deaths. the number of reported cases has been rising more quickly after china changed its method of county yesterday. this video shows chinese medical teams, heading to a the hardest hit region in china. there are now nearly 64,000 cases in mainland china. close to 1400 of them have died. and stay with kron four's we continue our coverage on the coronavirus we the latest updates and there's information on how to protect yourself. we have the very latest on our website at kron 4 dot com just look for the corona virus tab under good news. >>now to our other top story of the night. the person who police say attack someone with a chain on bar tuesday night
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has been arrested. this hapned as the daily city-bound train approached the lake merritt station in oakland are firstand thorn spoke with bart riders about the attack he joins us now live from the newsroom with more on the crime and again grand bar police say this attack was unprovoked and the victim had to be taken to the hospital. >>the unidentified suspect was arrested by chp oakland tonight but some riders say this crime is exactly why there needs to be more safety on the trains. police say they've arrested this man who's accused of attacking someone on a train with a chain police say the suspect also punched the victim in the face before getting off at the lake merritt station to beat somebody with a change. >>shouldn't preston says its crimes like these that keep her from regularly using bart she thinks safety needs to become a bigger priority on the transit system is not enough police there's not enough patrols. >>and it's probably not enough information really for especially was rush hour police say this chain attack happened around 6 o'clock
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tuesday night just after the victim got on the daily city-bound train at the fruitvale station the suspect asked the victim for directions and then struck him as they were approaching lake meitt. >>to help curb safety issues like this board launched its new ambassador ogram on monday, the uniformed an unarmed patrols are supposed to provide another layer of security for passengers i feel like as much service in the foyer despite tuesday's attack bart regular david chavez says he's noticed an increased presence of police and staff chavez says that he still sees the occasional panhandler but overall feels better about the direction. bart is going comparing it to last year and gets. >>well today, bart police chief eddie alvarez reported that crime is down 18% systemwide compared to this time last year, the chief also noted that cell phone thefts have dropped from 74 in january 2019 to 46 in january of this year, reporting live in the newsroom. dan thorn
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kron 4 news. thank you dan and tonight we have a picture of the man arrested for hitting 2 men and a muni bus with his car last night in san francisco's mission district 62 year-old stephen kernan was booked for running a red light and 2 counts of not stopping for an accident resulting in an injury. those 2 men are in the hospital tonight with life threatening injuries, a 3rd victim was treated by paramedics at the scene. the crash happened at the corner of 23th and mission streets in the city. the driver behind the wheel of a black prius hit a muni bus and then crashed in of a destrehan is on the sidewalk driver left the scene but then came back and was detained police say that the driver may have been impaired. now looking through surveillance video from nearby businesses and the bus. there are 4 zone forecast as we take a live look from our sutro camera looking. downtown san francisco all lit up it has been an abnormally warm week altogether starting to cool down as we.
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>>venture into the latter part of the week our chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is with us now lawrence going heading into the weekend going really cool things down over the next couple of days here of course we felt that cool air moving in that fog started moving high pressure breaking down you see a cold front that is actually moving in the state. >>unfortunately not hold together long enough to bring us any rain but it help to kind of ramp up the marine layer we're seeing also that outside right now you see the clouds out in our skies as you look at the san francisco. cloudy skies stunned the deck stretching well on shore now we're going to see that throughout the morning hours too. and then looks like tomorrow, maybe a little more sunshine by the afternoon so today. yeah, the certainly cooling way back from where they were at remember we had some 70's even some 80's, a couple of days ago today. well we topped out at only 53 degrees in san francisco. well below the average 58 in oakland, 61 in san jose 60 in livermore 61 in concord and remember just a couple days ago was 80 degrees santa rosa will not even close today, 24
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degrees cooler at 56 degrees so things are quite changed quite a bit outside is that sea breeze begin to pick up and that brings a nice cool air in off the ocean waters really drop the temperatures down a good 16 degrees plus in the last 24 hours in santa rosa. and all around the bay area, the numbers really coming down outside from what we've had of course we have that nice taste of spring people getting out the shorts and the t-shirt says it felt so nice out there all the way to the coastline. then the sea breeze return helping to cool down those temperatures the fog low cloud cover now filling into the base couple high clouds now entering parts of the north bay that's part of that dying cold front that is coming through not going to bring us any rain but will help to kind of ramp up that marine layer again and push it further on shore so increasing low clouds for tonight was a patchy a dense fog and some of the valley tomorrow, partly cloudy. least in the morning and then by the afternoon, lots of sunshine and breezy conditions near the coastline. increasing clouds i think saturday night and then in the early on sunday morning with another cold front moving through. but again looks like this is fall apart just behind
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some sunshine and some wind. outside right now you see the clouds begin to move on shore these temperatures cooling down of course it's a very cool all day long at the coastline. member half moon bay at 70 degrees. the other day well today they were only topping out in the 50's that's forecast guys back to you. alright, lawrence to homicide suspects are in custody tonight in san jose. >>after one of them in a standoff with police for nearly 12 hours. police arrested marcus pardo hendry this morning and richard torres yesterday officers say both men resisted arrest and they had to use canines on both suspects henry. police say barricaded himself inside his home from about 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon until 3 o'clock this morning. police say the man are suspected of shooting and killing a richard nguyen, at clayton road and to carry drive last month. >>that story tonight though when voters in california passed proposition 66 is back in 2016. it was designed to
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speed up executions. little did voters know governor newsome would soon thereafter put a halt to the death penalty that was last year you have a lesser known provision in prop 66 is getting implemented this month and it has some victims families crying foul kron four's dan kerman has the story from 66 was designed to speed up executions. but italso had a provision to deal with complaints that it was very costly to house inmates san quentin and the provision allowed death row inmates to be housed at other prisons in the state the purpose of the parisian was too. >>part of the cost of the death penalty and. >>take away one of the arguments that the other side was using about cost as a reason to abolish the penalty. >>beginning this month death row inmates will be able to request transfers to one of 8 facilities approved by the department of corrections if appved they n also apply to work and avail themselves facility in sneak out victims
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themselves not to mention their families marc klaas whose daughter polly is killer is among those on death row opposes the transfer of death row inmates. now gift is being given. >>to the individuals and kill children to kill police to kill multiple individuals and that's the gift of being reintegrated into in general population in given the opportunity to participate in work programs in rehabilitation programs. and thatakes no sense to me but scheidegger points out the transfers will save money. >>and the real issue remains the moratorium on the death >>the main problem again is the governor's the abuse of power. was as you can issue says a reprieve power for something that was never intended for. >>prop 66 also increases the amount of restitution from 50 to 70% for death row inmates that means if they do end up working. victims families will receive additional money. dan
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kerman kron 4 news in the east bay an elementary school in richmond will now be named after michelle obama. >>last night the district board members voted to rename woodrow wilson elementary to michelle elementary it was a unanimous decision right now the school is operating in ting out of a a temporary campus in el cerrito well, the main campus enrichment is being rebuilt. students will return to classes this fall. this will be the second elementary school califora to be med after michelle obama lament re school in panama city is also named after her. >>a strike is looming at safeway which could affect some 15,000 workers at stores across the bay area and beyond that 95% of the union membership voted to approve a strike they dot get higher pay and more hours kron four's rob fladeboe reports. >>are paid on average from about 9.50 to $22 an hour depending on seniority and
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what job they perform the for contract negotiations broke down the union rejected an offer of a $1.50 more per hour on average. >>briapike is a meat cutter and says he and his co-workers have earned or raise more than a buck 50. he says well they offered a buck 50 over 3 years and we're already 18 months out of the contract. so but 50's on enough lucky 2.25 for meat cutters and $2 for the check or so they don't they won't even match or competitors. the union says workers want and need more hours to it says some 80% of positions are part-time. >>and while that may suit students another younger workers needs me more opportunities for full-time work. while the full time employees get 40 hours part-time employees are guaranteed only 24 hours so as you can tell. >>at a wage that isn't that decent you can survive on 24
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hours a week. >>united food and commercial workers local 5 represents some 15,000 workers across most of the bay area in a statement safeway which is owned by albertson said safeway remains committed to bargaining in good faith with the union to reach an agreement that will provide a pension for their retirement while allowing our company to stay etitive. the statement did not address specific union demands about wages or hours in san francisco, safely clerks belong to a different union and will reportedly be voting on a new contract soon the time local 5 tells me that it is planning what it described as a series of escalating actions such as informational picketing beginning as soon as next week. >>in morgan hill rob fladeboe kron 4 news services go mayor london breed is expressing concern over of the state's plan to fix homelessness yeah, the mayor was at a buet meeting today with other elected officials. >>traditionally local governments cities and
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counties are responsible for helping the homeless, but governor newsome is proposing that would be distributed. >>2 regional directorswho would then decide how that money would be used. mayor breed says a one-time payment is not enough. >>ongoing funding is necessary to make a meaningful impact in the lives of people on the streets in this ongoing funding will allow the cities and counties across the state to continue the program's 3rd round of one-time money is governor newsom is also propose using vacant state property to house homeless people and using trailers that the state has. >>to provide temporary shelter. they also created a strike team thatwill look for best practices and best ways to help people who are homeless. >>the incredible rescue on highway one near fort ross is happened yesterday, a man drove off a 60 foot cliff and lucky for him someone was driving right behind him sa what happened pulled over and
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called for help but that's not all he did. our first michelle kingston talk to them and that some are calling a hero. >>the sun was shining to bright on wednesday morning for one man driving south on highway one near for ross coming around a sharp curve on the road and man and a mini cooper swerve did fell down a 60 foot cliff. >>i freak 16 year-old david estrada was just a few feet behind him he pulled over and immediately without hesitation climb down through poison oak to the rescue i was like looking up to see hapn to them how for the not call for a home. there's there's no other cars at the same time it happened david drives one hour to el molino high school here in forestville every day he says he just happened tobe on highway one heading here at the right time on wednesday i persolly do not feel like a hero just feel like i was at the right place at the right time to help someone now and i
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hope others would've done the same with just a few cuts on his head and hands the estrada's says was driving to visit his children in the bay area was airlifted to a local hospital we spoke to him on thursday any tells us he is now resting at home and feeling very thankful force until michelle kingston kron 4 news. >>a warning in millbrae police say a man tried to lure a student who was walking to school it happened this morning on poplar avenue not far from el camino real the high school student says that a man driving an older model orange or brown sedan stopped near them. the driver then motion for the student to walk towards the car. the student told police that they started walking, but did not know the driver hit and returned home. officers say that there was no conversation or other interaction and no crime was committed. but they're now reminding people to be aware of their surroundings. >>the national news and in a deviation from what we have seen from him previously today attorney general bill barr
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criticized president trump. he says the president's recent tweets about justice department prosecutors in cases make it quote impossible for barr to do his job barr made those comments this afternoon just days after the justice department overruled its own prosecuts prompting the 4 prosecutors on the case to leave the case in protest. >>public statements and tweets made about the department. people in the department to men and women here that case is pending in the department. about judges before we have cases. make it impossible. for me to do my job and sure the courts and the prosecutors and the and the department. that we're doing our work with integrity. >>meanwhile prosecutors initially recommended in a court filing that trump's longtime ally confidant roger stone be sentenced to 7 to 9
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years. but the next day just hours after president trump tweeted criticizing the recommendation. the justice department decided to lower the amount of prison time it would seek for stone and the us district court judge who is in charge of all judges in that area is responding doubt to tweets from president trump over the sentencing of stone judge berle, how is the chief judge in the district overseeing the stone case. she says when judge amy berman jackson sentences stone. she will consider the facts of the case and sentencing guidelines. how says quote public criticism or pressure is not a factor. >>and we're just 2 weeks away from super tuesday happening tomorrow presidential candidate pete buttigieg is scheduled for 3 campaign stops here in the bay area, the first event we'll be in san francisco at 08:00am then the mayor will make his way to palo alto at 1130 where he will host a luncheon and he's
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going to stop in sacramento for a town hall at 04:00pm. >>we took a look at ticket prices and check out what's available as of this evening. if you would like to meet mayor pete here in the city it will cost you $2800 for host level ticket saw their levels are sold out cheapest ticket is 54 bucks prices are the same the palo alto but all tickets are sold out for that event and if you had to sacramento tickets are available for. the investor level which is priced at $2800 and that's the host level nestor it's a mere 1500. least according to our graphics they're ok there you have it is he going to save on the billionaire new yorker. >>michael bloomberg might not be at the top of the polls, but he is rising to the top of president trump's attack list. >>the sniping between the 2 started on twitter but it spilled into real life during a campaign stop in north carolina. the incumbent initiated the insult. this
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morning read tweeting an altered image of bloomberg that made him look shorter than a large stack of papers the president wrote in part. many mike bloomberg is a loser who has money but can't debate and has 0 president. you will see my bloomberg responded to those attacks earlier today. >>i am a new yorker and how to deal with new york bullies and so i'm not afraid of donald trump. and that's why he keeps tweeting about me. the ways you can tell is that if he's worried if he and he's a narcissist a understands name is if you really want to annoy and sathat person don't say donald trump's. >>back in 2013 the then new york city mayor and donald trump seek to get along just fine. they work together to convert a trash dump into in the bronx into a high and golf course analysts say that that partnership actually could have been the start of their falling out because in 2016
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interview with wolf blitzer. trump took all the credit for the project. >>hope hicks is returning to the white house as a counselor to the president. president trump's former communications director is going to be working with his son in law jared kushner in her new role kushner praise ticks in a statement announcing her return. although she will of the same title as kellyanne conway the white house is saying there's no power conflict there hicks resigned from her role as communications director in 2018 that came a day after she told lawmakers while under oath that she kind told white lies in the course of her duties since leaving the white house hicks has been a big executive at fox news. >>easy video of a car going airborne. in a quiet southern california neighborhood, how neighbors are reacting when we come back. >>and concord police are asking for your help the trying to identify it. a group
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of suspects how much merchandise they still from space of 4 anlove is in the air valentine's day right around the corner where they have a a special someone to flying solo. weith or you're fighting climate change isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighti for clean air and clean wate that's why i wrote the law to send billions from pluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for president was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for us, pledging to make clean air and clean water a right for everyone, regardless of your zip code. that's the truth. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>valentine's day is just hours away fell as end, it is a time right for what hearts flowers would he do romantic dinner. yes, yeah, we heard
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you got your wife some. safely florida's and i spoke at least they're not carnations i learned that what thi you know if you don't have a date don't despair cause tonight and that is hometo give us look at some tasty options. >>love birds, a box of chocolates a dozen red roses sweet art cards are a table at your favorite restaurt like boulevard in san francisco or is get oreo in the city bo making a list of most romantic. >>spots in the country, what if you're not everybody can couples. you go out by yourself for the salamo niners out there what are you gonna do what you're going to grab pizza of course, but not any pizza all right, let's do the heartbreakers. >>yes so hard for a pizza hut here at tony's pizza in the heart of san francisco's north beach tony is serving up solo diners with broken hearty smiles able to top all made with love. and with a lot of
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love but you know i'm in their breakups ameri now but i remember that i already little bit of garlic oil over that's what i look you don't need to another worry about same ones allow a little bit extra golocal on that when it comes this pizza. >>i'm going to cut this. that'she heartbreakers. coming at it. >>and your sorrows over the bar managers ccoctina specialty care cocktail with bidders of course. talk to average offering sweet happy valentine's day in san francisco, vicki liviakis kron 4 news. don't say i never did anything for you because tony very kindly drop these off tonight and there are hot right out of the oven a little personal pizzas. >>and in here you go this is big and yet you've got the
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pepperoni but the deal is that version that's cut you know heartbreak one. it's one dollar cheaper than the one that's not cut so you know he's he's taken good care of the people at the broken [sfx: doorbell] hello, i saw you move in, and i wanted to welcome yoto the neighborhood with some homemade biscuits! >>oh, that's so nice! and a little tip, geico could help you save on homeowners insurance. >>hmm! >>cookies! uhh, biscuits. >>mmmm, is there a ttle nutmeg in there? oh it's my mum's secret recipe. you can tell me. it's a secret. >>is it cinnamon? it's my m's secret recipe. saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. i'll come back for the plate.
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othroughout the country for the past twelve years, saving on homeowners and condo insurance can be. mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked together in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve education, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. obama: at a time when washington is divided in old ideological battles he shows us what can be achieved when we bring peopltogether to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloomberg and i approve this message.
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a former army medic, made of the we maflexibility to handle members like kate. whatever monday s in store and tackle four things at once. so when her car got hit, she didn't worry. she simply filed a claim on her usaa app and said... i got th. usaa insurance is made the way te nds it - easy. e can even picher payment plan so it's easy on her budget and her life. usaa. what you're made of, we're made for. usaa >>the 90's bay police are investigating a major retail theft, a big group of people got away with $3500 worth of perfume this is at s a forest
9:32 pm
or in concord know this is a newly released surveillance video of when it happened. >>last month the young man and the woman take advantage of the employee who was being distracted in the store. dimond boulevard she appears to be applying makeup to a customer there. police say the man acts mostly as a lookout. well, the woman fills her bag up with perfume. >>it's very shocking see someone go in and. willfully just take without any regard for you know what employees are doing nor just common lives. >>eventually another employee seems to realize what's going on in appears to use our radio to call out someone up but the pair of shoplifters then quickly make their way out in all police say the pair got away with 33 bottles, a perfume. >>new video tonight at 9 this is at a long beach and it's pretty insane you see here it's hard to see because happened so fast a car going about a 100 miles an hour police say crashes into this
9:33 pm
roundabout and then flies through the air slamming into another car,some 50 feet away. the car also sent to boulder, i know right. sent to boulder whizzing through the air and that unced off a nearby car. you see the damage happened about 2 o'clock in the morning. >>everybody was in a sound sleep in this neighborhood and it was like a massive explosion. and all of a sudden when everybody's up and you can see that the boulders in the middle of the and the whole neighborhoods out in the young woman that hit this white car. she was just got out of the car like nothing happened. >>that just like that's what they do. no word on how the driver is doing tonight or what could have been going through her head but we're told there were no serious injuries which obviously is a bit shocking when you consider what went on there police arrested her they think. would you believe she may have been
9:34 pm
>>we've got a lot of gray around the bay area but tomorrow it is all about the red we'll talk about your valentine forecast coming up plus a high speed chase with the dramatic suspected tax a police dog after it jumped through the driver's window details ahead. >>that sign stealing scandal in baseball. well the promenade astros players finally apologized today spring trainingisgetting going. but there were as sn as i started talking about putting term limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. they said term limits are bad, that they'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and corporations, but it's not doing anything for real people
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on climate, health care or gun safety. the only way we get new ids is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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>>well there will be plenty of time over the next few weeks to dive into the giants and a's but today will open with the latest on the story that took over the major league offseason the astro's no apologizing her legal sign stealing during their now tainted 2017 championship season, the fallout from this story has been remarkable a major league investigation found the stros created a complex system and allow them to read their opponents pitching signals andonly their world series here but it's found to ve happened the last 2 seasons on the team open spring training in florida this morning. start of the day apologizing for their actions. they said it will never happen again, bu this also brought some awkward exchanges. his owner jim crane said the sign stealing didn't have any impact on games. swat sign stealing is a distinct advantage for the header. so how is it doesn't affect competition, so then what are
9:38 pm
you guys apologizing for us. >>were apologizing because we broke the >>that isn't sign stealing a distinct advantage for the hitters who doesn't mean automatically impa competition. >>could possibly do that it could possibly >>i'm really sorry. about the choices. that were made. my team. the organization and by me. i've learned from this. and i hope to regain the trust. a baseball fans. >>and wll stay tuned all season long time now to talk some giants in another day for the pitchers and catchers on in scottsdale pitching is one of the big questions for san francisco this year for the first time in a decade, the team's rotation does not feature madison bumgarner who inow pitching with the diamondbacks so the early expectation is just a margin johnny cueto will be their top hurlers missed most of last year recovering from tommy john surgery, ga kepler with
9:39 pm
his for early impressions of the veteran pitcher. >>livery. is commands. whether it's a quick pitch for us to pause at the top of his delivery or just >>full squad for the giants and a's report monday coming up on kron 4 sports at 10 our thursday night to faye of college basketball, cal
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huge tax breaks for the rich, while the middle-class continues to strgle. that's what happens when billionaires are able to control the political system. our campaign is funded
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by the working peoe of this country, and those are the people that i will represent. no more tax brea for billionaires. we are going to guarantee health care to all people and create up to 20 miion good payingobs to save this planet. i'm bernie sanders and i approve this message because we need an economy that works for allf us, not just wealthy campaign coributors.
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>>church in stockton, the leaders there say they've been dealing with some disgusting vandalism for months now and they're asking for people in their community to try to help identify the person doing it repoer christy grosz has the sty on how the vandalism isn't just an eyesore to public health concern. >>it's a shame people in stockton were shocked after watching a man vandalize a downtown that's disgusting. robert rodriguez reacts to watching a pair of disturbing videos cameras outside the universal kingdom of god church captured a man throwing what appears to be feces on to the church's front steps he knows exactly what he's doing. in its. a recent call for this video is from a few weeks ago,
9:43 pm
but the church sa it's not the first time they found th dirty surpriseeft behind they say it's been going on for months universal church says at first they were concerned the homeless in the area wererelieving themselves in front of the church and night but after putting up the surveillance cameras they made a disgusting discovery. they watched as the vandal dumped a bag full of feces on to their church steps he just nasty robert you just threw argue people in the home that her >>wayne is to congress >>it's just massive the dirty dealings have people in the area asking why white. why would a person do that. and you know what what made in his mind to do that has to be a reason steven delphine is a deacon at the flock of god heritage church across the street, not good you know just disrespectful now the universal church is asking for the community's how to identify the man at dropping off the dirty donations help you get caught. >>it just a shame. >>that was christy grosz
9:44 pm
reporting for us tonight, universal church says on they identified the man in question. they will be filing a complaint with police and neighbors, worst nightmare cruise in fairfield carried out 8,000 pounds of trash from one home, it was a. >>hoarding case that went on for months before anything was done about it. the complaints started back in june people neighbors have said that they saw a bunch of trash criminal activity and vermin and when police came in by force. they discovered that people have been going to the bathroom outside the house on atlantic avenue has been a challenge for police to say the least. >>deals that we do. appreciate respect that. the problem is these things take time our neighborhood was not that way. >>this is a very average neighborhood you know we've seen people change. >>fairfie police says say they were stuck with the bill for cleanup, which could be the 10's of thousands of taxpayer dollars all because
9:45 pm
the homeowner refused to comply with multiple requests to follow city rules and clean up. >>new video wild into a high speed chase in san diego, there was a standoff in the middle of the freeway see the guns drawn. a police dog there is sent in look at him just soar though the window and the driver their tries to beat him off with an umbrella they're going at it band of coming out of the car, but you see the dog there justefuses to get off the guy's army tried to escape but no luck may be a shepherd or a belgian just stay locked on his arm as the dog and the suspect walked across the freeway to where officers were waiting. what an athletic feat there from that canine officer suspect taken into custody, booked on numerous charges. >>forecast as we get a live look outside right now at the embarcadero chief meteorologist lawrence doubling as a love doctor,
9:46 pm
this evening oh yeah you obviously a valid that. you know what a day it's going to be all right we have a nice day of it so, you want to get close to that person that you love it is could be kind of a cool day those hot temperatures going away. the clouds roll in there we go highs only in the 50's to the mid 60's, the warmer spots on your valentine's day morning clouds little afternoon sunshine. >>they want to get away though you're traveling the monterey bay you want to go down maybe carmel that's a nice place to go on valentine's day cool their 54 degrees 55 in the monterey bay in southern california finds more sunshine plan about 70 degrees in los angeles, 65 in san diego 62 degrees in long beach and the high country another gorgeous place to go on the roadways going to be wide no storms to speak up still snow up on top of the mountains there to ski
9:47 pm
on 49 degrees will be chilly in lake tahoe, 45 degrees and trucking 51. in reno out there though the clouds they have rolled back in you can all around now and they push into the bay and moving into the valleys now as we speak a weak cold front actually entering the state you see it right here just kind of the remnants we're not seeing rain on the doppler radar it is really just falling apart as it moves on through behind just a few high clouds that we're going to see tomorrow low clouds and fog in the morning sunshine, some high clouds in the afternoon a little bit of a breeze highs in the 50's only in san francisco little cool their 60 in oakland a 63 degrees in san jose lori forecast. well we're looking for some raindrops now unfortunately, here's your cold front moving through for tonight you see it sliding on by dissipating behind that high pressure is to build in little bit another storm system drops in on the gulf of alaska saturday night into sunday boy gets close. and again just falls apart. so don't look like we're going to see the rain from that one but likely going to see the winds pick up on the backside of that as we head into sunday won't be as windy as was this last week under the previous
9:48 pm
but still we're going back to sunday as well, a high pressure building in as we get into next week it takes over again sending the jet stream well to the north that is going to keep us dry for the foreseeable future all the way now in the following weekend. so there's your forecast we're going to mix of sunshine clouds more sunshine toward the afternoon. then today. time and then we get the weekend ll see the breezy conditions on sunday right now looks like sunny and bright presidents day. well the los angeles district attorney's office is trying to wipe out. >>almost 66,000 marijuana convictions ca jackie lacey calls it the largest such undertaking in state history. it's in response to prop 64 which legalized marijuana in california. >>prosecutors have been changing marijuana felonies to misdemeors since the 2016 measure passed alessi says she wants it to go even rther she's asking the urts to dismiss convictions against anyone older than 50 or who was convicted when younr than 21. lacey also wants diissals for anyone, a free
9:49 pm
of other convictions for a decade or who has completed probation. >>the prosecution in the harvey weinstein case is set to give its closing argument tomorrow. the defense wrapped up its case today in manhattan supreme court superior court weinstein's defense attorney says the evidence to convict her client just isn't there. she says the witness who accused him of assault and rape actually had consensual encounters with him. she said quote women have choices this is weinstein's attorney talking. the attorney argues that accusers miriam holly and jessica mann chose to get involved with weinstein 4 other women testified that weinstein raped them. >>for your health tonight. the a says weight loss drug it's called a bill it's been linked to cancer and they want you to stop taking it right away, clinical trial showed people who take it could end up getting cancer. so thursday that's today they asked the company to take it off the market so what should you do
9:50 pm
now if you're taking this pillar of her use or rather if you used to take it. well health officials say that you probably don't need any kind of special cancer screening, but you should talk to your doctor. the centers for disease control and prevention is making of remaking part of its corona virus test kits that were shipped several states including california. according to the cdc, many kids produced inconclusive result. officials say they'll re manufacture an agent that has shown to be inconsistent. not all states to receive the kids are affected states that were able to verify that their kids work can continue with the testing process. the other state labs are going to have to wait until replacement components are shipped out by the cdc. no word yet on how long that could take. >>as we get closer to valentine's day just a couple hours away now there's a new report out that says dating apps may be stealing your personal information and selling that data to other coanies the report found several dating apps are
9:51 pm
sharing details about your sexuality religion and location it also found that ok cupid. tender and others collectively shared people say that with at least 135 companies. the match group which owns ok cupid and tender said it complies with privacy laws and shares only specific user data deemed necessary. cyber experts recommend you look very osely at any apps privacy consent form before you agree to the terms. >>that is the oil that's where everybody's making their money we're giving up some much to try reject agreement as much as possible,but dot just jump in go in uh oh it's i'm saying no you're not. >>experts say until federal regulators take action protecting your privacy is in your own hands. >>coming up the godfather of soul, james brown died 14 years ago, but now the cause of his death is being looked into the new evidence that surface which
9:52 pm
growing up in la, bad air forced us indoors. and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an emergency. that's why i wrote the nation's most progressive climate law. and that's why i'm endorsing tom steyer. because when big oil tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. same with the keystone pipeline. when tom says we can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message.
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9:54 pm
>>prosecutor will determine singer james brown's death after a meeting today with a woman who said she has evidence. >>that brown was murdered prosecutor told our partners at cnn, his investigators would conduct interviews and weigh potential evidence before deciding whether to launch a full-scale death investigation. back on christmas day in 2006 brown died at a hospital in atlanta.
9:55 pm
is a death certificate blamed a heart attack and fluid in the lungs, but the doctor who signed that certificate said in a 2017 interview with cnn that he hallways wondered what brought on those events and whether brown sudden death had been caused by a toxic substance. >>lindsay lohan's father has been arrested after an alleged domestic violence incident in new york, south hampton village police say 59 year-old michael lohan is charged with misdemeanor criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation. sounds like some sort of choking as well as lohan made a court appearance yesterday for allegedly assaulting his estranged wife. lohan is not lindsay's only parent in recent trouble to la last month the actor says mother dina lohan was arrested for dui and leaving the scene of an accident jennifer hudson will perform a special tribute to the late basketball legend
9:56 pm
kobe bryant. >>at sunday's nba all-star game, the national basketball association making that announcement today. >>the game will be in chicago and celebrity natives of that city, including hudson are the scheduled entertainment for award-winning singer opening night ahead of players introductions with the tribute chance the rapper lil wayne dj collette and up will perform a halftime show. >>that wraps up kron 4 news at 9 for prime time coverage continues at the top of the hour. pam moore and justine waltman are getting ready. they're here with front for his attorney ed, thank you vicki and grant coming up next at 10 o'clock a day after bart losses and massacre teams to monitor the trains a man assault a rider in an unprovoked attack that suspect now arrested. >>but passengers are now weighing in on whether they feel safe. plus 5,000 new cases of coronavirus as infection soar this a warning
9:57 pm
from the cdc about the spread of the virus. >>even from peop who do not have any symptomshow fears are now impacting businesses in san francisco's chinatown in the bay area and be on hand leaving death row some inmates now have a chance to transfer to other prisons that even to get rehabilitation and some victims families are outraged by that do not go anywhere our 3 up kron 4 news in primetime starts right after the break. tom steyer: listen, every democrat running for president
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10. >>i feel like is not as safe as. and maybe you should be for me to take every day. >>now at hand security concerns continue among mark passengers after a man was attack on a train by a stranger with a chain. thank you for joining us tonight, i'm pam moore, i'm justine waldman in for ken wayne tonight this attack happened on a daily city-bound train tuesday night near the lake merritt station in oakland and


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