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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 14, 2020 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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>>and a flight outofsfo contained and then claimed after one passenger complained of corona virus like symptoms plus we'retaking a look insi the cdc and what the agency is ing to try and slow the spread of the virus and yearld and a 14 year-old gunned down outside of a bay area elemeary school one year ago and onight policsay theyave the people responsible behind the senseless shooting plus 2 bodi found in the north bay driveway, police and en a zmat team respond tonigh one of esta gators say appears to be t cause of death >>wching kron 4 news at everything that i did. >>now at 8, 8, planes were pled on lockdown in london
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today after somepeople on coronavirus symptoms this is all acrding to the daily mail. good evening. and thank you so much for joining us here, i'm justinwaltman for ken wayne tonight, and i'm pam moore, one of those planes was united flight 9 oh one from san francisco. the airline ys that plane was deep clean before making a return flight back to we have liveam coverage tonight on that lockdown concern plus we have an excluse inside look at hothe cdc is fighting the spread of the disse. let's beg now with kron four's michelle kingston she is live at sfo where that plane landed jusa few hours ago a shot. passengers tell me they had about a 3 hour delays some s they were told it was because of a medical emergency and other passgers say crew members told them that another crew member was feeling sick after aveling to china just a few days ago. >>know rst start off ike a 15 minute delay and then kind of an escalating was like 45 minutes, some passengers
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landing at sfo on lentine's day were delayed becae their plane had to be deep cleaned in london before they goton and said that there was a medical emergency one passengersays a crew member previous flight had the coronavis symptom stermer told us that >>another crew membefrom the flight when they came in to see throughout i'm was bein sick after about a week and half are so they take extra cauti scoring team. the crew sure they >>latest on the flames says ve it was suspected according to the daily mail united rlines flight 9 oh one from san francio was placedn lockdown at london's athrow airport on friday morning they reported someone on board complained of having coronavirus mptom one passenger tweeted that the captain asked people to remain seated. and that the person who had fallen ill with isolated in the back of the a statement the safety of our
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stomers and employees is our top priority and we're working closely with public health england regarding this individu case our crews are trained and ready to respond to anyone on board the aircraft who may become il in follow additional precautions recommended by the public heth england nited airlines confird the plane was deep cleaned before passengers heading to san franciscboard of the flights. >>that they are going to be in the epidemic ke this out and that's okay, m wearing a mask and i just wasn't expecting anythg like that. >>that's officials say they're operating as normal year since no one on that flight has tested positive for coronavirus just tonight michelle kingston kron 4 and positive in the us our live d
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team coverage continues right now it's grant lotus he has an clusive look inside the cdc. the battleground for trying to stop the spad of this disease, it's all hands on deck just seen and they have what's called an emergency operation center medical response teams with e cdc. >>outracng trends and monitoring the conavus common signs of it of course fever, coughing issues with breathing. the c says around 600 people are being the u most of them are ste s employees who recently returned from china. we don know exactly what the potential of this virus might be >>and what it's going to we want to be gressive. we wanto lean forward and as mucas possible nt to stay ahead of this epemic. it's a busy time inside the emergency operations cter thernot just checking the managing ebola and polio. the biggest concern for the american health officials
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right now is to try to prevent the cora virus om spreading here in the us. the cdc has issued a travel advisory for americans to not go to china unless it is absolutely essential. the cdc says 42 of the 50 states in the u s n have at least one peon that is being observed or investigated for the coronavirus spam just team back to you thank you so much the number of infections in mainland china is slhtly slowing but there e more night, this is a live map from john hopkins university that shows more han 67,000 people. >>around the world have been infected with the coronavirus well the death toll is up 2 1525 in the us 15 people have tested positive so far including 8 in california. ay with kron 4 as we continue our coveragof the coronavirus we have the very latest on our website kron 4 dot com just look for the coronavirus tab under means. >tonight. the cdc says 92
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children have died in the us from the flu thiseason, flu virus activity was widespread u s the agen says with high levels of activity in states and puerto rico, it's something they're watching. thagen estimates there have beenat least million cases of the flu. 250,000 hospalizations and 14,000 deaths in the us since the seon began us and the east bayunion city policeave announced the arrest in the murders of 2 teenagers as kron four's rob fldeboe reports now 2 suspects are in custody in connection with a double murder, which police say is tied to a feud between criminal street gangs. >>these murders took pce on 11/23/2019 union citypolice chiefs chairman eddie on friday announcing the arre of suspects in the murders of 11 year-old kevin hernandez and 14 year-old shawn wohington vote of union city charged with their murder is 18 year-old jason corn, a whole of castro vaey and a
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17 year-old frohayward the boys were gued down as they sat in a nivan in the parking lot of cereals elementary scol at that time e suspect. >>entered the parking lot pull near sean ankevin and then opened fire gunning down both sean and kevin police releasedhotos of the bull riddled van. they found 36 shell casings in the rki lot. the ictims were unarmed both suspects are being chargewith murder and special circumstances, the complaint also a game you have spent in that these killin were done with e benefit direction and association. >>i'm a criminal streetang. >>charging documents allege the motive for the killings was avalry between criminal street gangs and references social media evidence that shows cornejo possessing and the suspected murder weapons. there is also evidence of corn discussing the murders with his alleged accomplice and
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offering to sell a 9 millimeter firearm the very next day our hearts coinue to grie for >>community trage help spark an aggressive response multiple agencies worked the se around the clk. >>search warrants served near the crime scene led to he seizure of firearms, including 3 sault weapons, illegal drugs and $10,000 in cash, me of which may be related to the double murder. union city police were joined the investigation by the state attorney general's office and in this particular case. >>a successful investigation arrest. >>and we hope the prosecution. the 2 suspects. while that may not extinguish and wish that thisbelief that apprehension. sense of direction and ring a purpose. that we have to find some conclusion some resolution to these ypes of.
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>>senseless acts of violence in union city rob fladeboe kron 4 news. >>whole a whole police chilling crime that left 3 people dead, including a mother and her 4 year-old child. police found a 26 year-old victim at the intersection of lewibrown road and bw williams drive last night all dead from a gunshotwound the investigation by police to the 0 block of courts lane in vallejo where they found her son al shot and killed. officers tracked down 25 year-old jacoby brooks. he is accused of both murders. but when police found him he was also dead. they say from a self-inflicted gunshot. police say brooks and the victim had a previous dating relationship and the north bay new details in a death investigation tonight after police found 2 bodies in a drivey that was early this morning. officials year-old man and a 30 year-old woman law enforcement was lled to 71 west oak knoll in the sleepy hollow neighborhood
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near san anselm oh about 8 o'clock this morning. the marine county sheriff's office says the incidentappears to be related to illegal drug use one body was found outside of a car the other inside the sherifs office added there is no threat to the broader community. onthe peninsula. redwood ty resients are worried tonight about where they might that's after neighbors got notice discussing the future of e bayshore bill a mobile home park residents say they were told the property owner may want to sell and turn the place into apartments that has neighbors concerned about where families that are already living ere will go. howevesuch a move by the property owner wld require several steps. so coming up tonight at 9 wewill hear from residents o say they're going fight this plan. eaier today, 31 people wer arrested for blocking the american airlines terminal at san fransco internation airport, the people who were arrested our subprime subcontracted airline catering
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workers and their supporters including san francisco supvisor sean walter protesters are calng for american airlines to ddress what the union calls poverty ges as part of a nationwide denstration at 15 airports. workers also staged a die in in within the terminal to draw attention to workers on affordable health care as well as picket lines by more than 200 workers and supporters demanding an end to low paying jobs in the airline industry. today marks one year since the mudslide in sausalto hen one home came crashing down a hill and hit another. thlast of the debris was removed back in november and replaced with se and green protective netting the ciy now feels they're prepared to prevent something like this from happening again the next step is to put in a drainage system as faras rebuilding those homes that would beup to th property owners officials say the foundation's appear to be in place so they can rebuild if they want to we're just getting started here on kron
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news today to ne explaining her actions, san francisco mayor london breed coming clea about a past relationship with a former public works director who has been arrested public corruption charges what she had tsay that left some local lawmakers wanting to know a lot more questions and concerns attorney general william barr under scrutiny after sources say he secretly ordered a re examination of mihael flynn's case seeking no jail time for trump's former national security advisor and after the break presidential hopeful, pete buttigieg stumping for suprt of the town hall in northern california. >>what the democratic candidate thinks is the key to meteorologist lawrence karnow boy what a nice lentine day now can
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fighting climate change
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isn't just about polar bears. we're fighting for our lives, we're fighting for clean air an. that's why i wrote the law to send billions from pluters to communities suffering the most. and only one candidate for presidt was with us back then, tom steyer. and he's still fighting for , pledging to make cleanir and clean war a right for everyone, regardss of your zip code. that's the truth. regardss of your zip code. that's tom steyer. i'm tom steyer a i approve this message.
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>>in a crowded presidential candidate cute bow to j p to put it said spent the day making stops in northern california to bay area stops one in san francisco. the other in palo alto he alshad a town hall in sacramento d capitol bureau reporter ashley zavala explains how he hopes to convince califnians that he. >>should be their pick with a west coast pete buttigiehe really only had time foa few questions here in sacrament on some of those pressing lifornia and so much depends on at happens. >>when the future and forward looking racially diverse
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justice minded state of california has itsay and pete buttigieg hoping to capte the hearts of californians on valentine's day the indiana mayor this netting an endorsement from the state lieutenant governor a lock us we is >>asked how he'll convince young voters to support him on issues like homelsness an climate change buttigi didn't lay out any specific plan on immigration buttigieg says one of his first actions in the oval office would be a trp to mexico calling the border wall of cour countries have and we'lmake sure that we responsibly and humanely nage our border and away the matcs our values as well as our lost hundrs of people lined up for a glimpse mayor pete some hoping to have a beer undstanding of his policies. others showing their support as i did a graphi of neighborhood out things garden we all signe into that. >>and for the rest of the weekend buttigieg hastops
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scduled in seattle and las vegas with nevada's primary coming up next in sacramento, democratic presidential e only candidate visiting northern california before the super tuesday march 3rd primary. >>senator bernie sanders is coming to the bay area next week on monday. sandersis set to hold a get out the early vote rally, a crane way pavilion in richmond. >>drs open at 10 o'clock in the morning, the rally will start at noon. a new outdoor terrace an observation deck oped today at sfo it's located before the security in terminal 2 and is free and opento the public. >>the open airspace gives visitors a 0 degree view of the airfield that will be open every day from :00am until 10:00pm the projecwas part of a $55 million uprade suppose international terminal like to see the plate as we take a live look outside right now here in san francisco along the emrcadero as we
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talk about the weather for the weekend ather for the valentine's weekenand the holiday on monday. i know here we go can you leave it to kids get the full week off now a back in day we only get a day off but they get the whole wek. >>you know what did the weathe wise. it's gog to work out fairly nicely. i think is we're going to see high pressure hold they'll be some fluctuations will have to deal witsome wind that's for certain but out there tonight, we've got mostly clear skies on this beautiful valentine's night as we're seeing high pressure overhead doppler radar trying bring some rain here just can't do it just yet buthere's a hint that we may see a mar change in the weather pattern most can some time before that happe. >>mostly clear skies vernight little cooler spots tomorrow it will be a sunny start your day and en some high clouds going to move in late in the afternoon, partly cloudy. the winds kicking up on sunday and that will bkind of a story as we head toward the begiing in the middle of next week right now the jet stream just too far to the north to bring us the rain that all headed city northwest. it will gin to dip just a little bit by tomorrow afteron allowing
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this cold front coming but i think it can make for a really need sunset tomorrow night to get those high clouds out there and you should see some beautiful colors as e sun sets in the bay area just before 6 o'clock we're looking most clear skies now of things going to change tomorrow you'll see this tomorrow morning, not a bad start to the day clear to begin with as we head toward the afternoon here come the high clouds i was talking about thatwill make for that really nice sunset tomorrow night and then as we get into sunday, well, the clouds a whole cold front tries to move through. but just fall apart as it comes on by and that means we're not going to any rain out of it just some passing clouds and the wind temperatures forovernight lows will be in the 40's by day we'rlooking at 50's along the coastline, lot of 60's inside the bay, almost 7 degrees, some spots inland cooling down a bit on sunday with those winds kickg up presidents day lookssunny and breezy. >>thank you so much now we go to naonal news attorney general william barr says the department of ustice is still free to operate withut political influence says even though sources say barr is ordering the reexamination of several high-profile cases more sanchez report. thank you
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mister fresh off a deal he can be influenced by the president attorney general wiiam barr facing new scrutiny day after sources say he cretly ordered a re examination of michael flynn's case seeking no jail time r trump's former natiol >>who pleaded guilty to lying to the fbi about his ties to russia, the president has never asked to do anything in the criminal case i cannot do my job here atthe department. >>with a constant background commentarythat r cuts me. drum today throwing barr's words back at him claiming he does have the right to intervene in d o j investigations. >>tweeting quote this doesn't mean that i do no have as esident the legal right to do so i do. but i have so far chosen noto. while sources say barr has voiced his frustratis to trump in private multiple times. offiials telling cnn trump did not know bar would go
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public. the press secretary stephanie grisham now insisting trump wasn't bothered barr's comments as trump's republican allies say the esident should confidence in bill barr i think he's doing a good job and i thin he's told the president. >>thisot helpful making it difficult for him to do his job and the president will listen mean time trump eagerly awaiting findings from another investigation launched bill barr into the us inteigence agencies handling of ruian meddling in the 2016 election. just said it's not russian i will say this i t see any reason why it would be despite a consensus among the entire >>that vladimir putin launched a covert effort to undermine the 2016 election. the new york times reporting today special investigatorjohn durham is looking into unfounded deep state conspiracy theories toed by trump and some of his ales that us intelligence agencies
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framed russia. sources say durham is even investigating former ia head john brennan who says whole thing >>think it kind of silly i'm certainly willing to talkto mister door or anybody else who has y questions about what we did during this period >>that was more sanchez reporting it is unclear how many cases are under review and offial says us torney jeffrey jensen of st. louis is overseeing the process. presint trump seems to be gettingthe border wall that was a key campaign promise will parts of it anyway. mexico though is not paying for the trump administration is ung taxpayer ney for the construction. day burning close to $4 billion from pentagon funds that wld have gone towards military hardware and national guard equipment. the new funding proposal is facing bipartisan coressional opposition with some lawmakers calling the action unnstitutional saying congress not the president is
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pposed to raise maintain and provide for mitary forces. >>ahead tonight at 8.17 lives senselessly lost a flori school 2 years ago what steps th community has takesince the tragedy. coming up next. at ty hall we're taking a look at the more than a dozen of i do's that happened obama: he's been a leader
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througut the country for the past twelve years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in action. mayor bloomberg and president obama worked tether in the fight for gun sety laws, to impro educationand to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills needed to find good jobs. old ideological battles he shows whus whacan be achieved whenn we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomberg: i'm mike bloombergan.
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>>and we have a beautiful live picture to show you look at
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that san francisco city hal lit up honoring valentine's day valentine's night tonight and a lot of people are out celebrating also want show you this take a lo at this a number of happy couples headed to san francisccity hall earlier todato tie the knot on this valentine's day at quite a pretty place to t maied the county clerk's office normally holds holds up to. 36 weddings per day but that number goes way up on valentine's day. they're still doing some marriages now but last year city hall held ceremonies for 83 couples on valentineday couples went home with a. >>the red rose candy and a special valentine's day souvenir marriagecertificate, couples travel from all across the globe for the opportunity to get married at s >>kro4 news at a testing after tragedy new details after a deadly shootg aboard a crowded greyhound bus headed to san francisco. a facebook working to clean up a
8:27 pm
political loophole on its site what candidates must now do if they pay for a well-known sponsor to support them on the social dia site. >>and after the break san francisco mayor london bre opening up today on her past with a now disgraced former public works directorwhy one tom steyer: listen, ever democrat running for president is better than the criminal in the white house. we all have progressive plans to address the big challenges facing ourc. what mes me different, is i've been working for ten years tside of washington, to end the corporate takeover of our democracy, and to return power the american people. i started need to impeach ato hold th lawless president amaccountable.e. i'm proposing big reforms like term limits... ...a national referendum...
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...and ending corporate money in politics. as president, i'll declare clime change an emergency on day 1. and, use those powers to finally address the climate crisis. d, i've spent 30 years buildi a succeful internatiol business. so, i can take on donald trump on the economy - and beat him. i'm tom steyer and i approve this message because there is nothing more powerful an thenified voice of the american people.
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>>san francisco mayor london breed aressing a past relationship with formr public works director mohammed
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nuru you may recall was arrested last month on public corruption chars fried said today that she dated newroof for 2 decades, excuse me 2 decades ago and after eir brief relationship ended they remaed close friends and the mayor has admied accepting a gift from newre last year which one supervisor is calling for her resignation kron four's dan kerman reports at a hastily called news conference fray morning, san francisco mayor london breed announced not only has she beenfriends with former publiworks director mohammed nuru for over 20 years, but she a new roof now faces federal corruption charges actlly dated briefly 20 yes ago it may not have even been a year, but. >>we after we were no longer dating we were still very close streets as she's coming forwardnow because orumors circating and because she wants to be transparent. however shsays she's never cro the line.
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>>i haven't do anything he hast ked me to do anything and i haven't asked him to do anything so i'm not necessarily concerned about thatin an open letter to the puic posted to cial media prior to the news conference read also admitted nuru paid $5600 for the repair of her personal vehicle a a rental car, but the ayor says this does not violate state ethics laws i'm not required by any laws to. >rovide this information but i felt it was important to do so for the sake of full transparencyit's a g deal to have your support in it. >>give $6,000 gift. and to only disclose it when the is an fbinvestigation of that individual for having engaged in several allegations of corruption. but supervisor hillary nen says what the mayor did is a clear violation of city ethics la and she needs to step down. >>i don't know how the mayor
8:32 pm
can continue to be the leader requesting the utmost. >>ethical activity by her department hea when she herself is brng those laws and enough is enough and i do believe that is time for her to resign supervisor, gordon mar is taking a more measured approach posting to social media that breed should do the right thing d temporarily step back from her duties until a full independent investigation can be completed a supervisor ronan has asked the city attorney to formally look. >>into whether the mayor violated city ethics laws at san francisco city hall dan keman kron 4 news. >>we first told you about this sty with a push alert make sure todownload the kron 4 app for the latest in local and breaking news in the bay ara d beond new details in the shooting abrd a greyhound bus heading to san francisco blood and ine samples were obtained for testing from the man authorities say shot and
8:33 pm
killed one person and injur 5 others on a greyhound bus last week that's according to a necou filing the california highway patrol said the samples were seized due to the unusual behavior of e suspect anthony williams. guilty to first-degree murder and 5 counts f attempted murder in the february 3r shting that occurred as the bus traveled north on interstate 5 south of 4 take on road. williams is back in court in late april. questions and concerns after shooting left 2 men dead nside of a medical office near palm springs officers responded to reports of gunshots the rancho mirage area today and fod 2 n dead in the office. witnesses say they heard as many as 5 shots. officials say there are no active ooters at this time the crime is being investigated as 2 >>what we're doing and take a moment of they remember and
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>>a moment of silence observed in south florida schools, this morning today marks the second annirsary of the deadly parkland school mass shooting, hearts were heavy atmarjory stoneman douglas high school where that shooting happened. >>the betterather staying he it'splus couple friends too. >>so it is a little harsh difficult to come in and see applause and sam, thank you us for services understandin that not too long ago we came up short. >>the broward scho district has invested more thana million in safety and security measures since the massacre, 17 studes and teachers we gunned down on campus on 2/14/2018. tonight we're learning more about howthe los angeles lakers plan to honor legend kobe yant and
8:35 pm
hidaughter gigi, the staples center will celebrate both of their lives during a celebrati at 10:00am on february 24th, which is to 24. the siificance of those numbe are that they represent the basketball jersey numbers of gigi and coby the lakers police ticket information today saying proceeds will benefit bryant's mamba and momma c to sports foundati. the ticket prices also have a significant says well they range from $224 to $24.2 sets. now let's take a live look outside as we talk about our 4 zone forecast and here is the golden gate bridge. looking pretty on this frid night he been pretty vely this week, our chief meteologist, though, of course has been trying to find so rain says this is supposed to be rainy season to divide at youth would think would be too hard to find i keep on looking, buyou know what. >>serious looking in the long range models ght n looks like we may see a whole pattern shift that wve got away looks like the last week
8:36 pm
in february maybe to the middle of march, maybe we start talkingabout above normal precipitation right now we're highand dry out there. so yeah you've got the beautiful nditions on this valentine's night and no rain to worry about out there. if you're out there enjoying boy what a beautiful night it is but here we gmore rain forecast you cansee here the really setting all that rain well to the north high pressure just the domint feature on thwest coast here, especially in california think change a little bit on monday going to see some more northerly winds develop th's going to that offshore wind is going to be little blustery as we start out this next week and then thinggin to switch gears as we get to thursday see a weak cold fron coming through just bring in a few clouds but dying and then behind that how about that the following week models trying to paint some rain of course that is way onthe forecast. but it looks like we could be in for a major pattern shift after that mperatures in san francisco tomorrow will be dry 50's and some low 60's the 50's out along the coastline. it will be cool up toward the beaches, you'll find 60's inde the bay mid 60's in the palo alto and also mount view 67. in san jose eat bay gog
8:37 pm
to be in the upper 60's by tomorrow afternoon. beautiful weather move awayfrom the coastline maybe mid 70 degrees and yelleel temperatures over the next couple days going tocool off a bit the winds will be kicking up to. >>and here in kron 4 news at a nasaaunching it t of this world mission details on a new solar system udy and a famous face from history set to debut on a new debit card that many are saying the depiction of harriet tubman is not an accurate and after the breyour mmer plans may vehit a snag 2airlines making an aircraft announ obama: he's been a leader
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throughout the country for the past twee years, mr. michael bloomberg is here. vo: leadership in acti. mayor blooerg and president obama worked tether
8:39 pm
in the fight for gun safety laws, to improve educati, and to develop innovative ways to help teens gain the skills neededo find good jobs. old ideogical battles he shows wus what can be achieved when we bring people together to seek pragmatic solutions. bloomber i'm mike bloombergand .
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>>for your money tonight, thousands of airline flhts will be canceled during the peak of summer travel ason that's because 2 major airline carriers have decided to keep the ground eing 7.37 max jets out of service longer than planned, united airlines and american airlines announced today they are removing the aircraft from their schedules for at least 6 months e move comes one day after southwest made the same flights could ean slightly higher fares, 7.37, max jets were originally expected to return to service in early june. they have been grounded, u recall ever sense 2 plane crashes that killed 6 people last march, there's a new way that political candidates can now advertise
8:41 pm
on facebook today's policy change involvebranded content. >>facebook does not make any money directly from ch posts so idoes not consider them to be advertising as a result branded contnt was now governed facebo's advertising policies. now brancan run political ads. if they disclose who paid for the the change comes after democratic presential candidate, mike bloomberg exploited a loophole to promote his campaign accounts personalities. nasa s selected for new misson our solar system one the y targets as venus. >>2 prosals from the space agency aim to analyzvenus's atmosphere for clues as to how formed and evolved while mapping the surface and whether or not venus ever had and ocean. scientists and engineers have put together teams to come up wit planetary science missions aimed at improving knowledge of the solar system.
8:42 pm
>>up next on kron 4 news today, authorities say a offender off the streets tonight afterattacking 2 people, including one in the bay area more than a decade ago. how a critical clue helped lead to an arrest ahead in sports. no lawyers in the all-star gamthis year but one of the golden state rookies shine tonight in as soon as i started talking about puttinterm limits on congress, washington insiders went crazy. about they said term limits are bad, that ty'll break government. what a joke! congress is working fine for politicians and coorations, but it'sot doing anything for real people on climate, health care or gun safe. the only way we get new eas is electing new people, including a president willing to shake-up washington.
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sexual-assault cold ses is now behind bars. one case happened 23 years ago in new mexico, the other assault occurred 16 ars ago the south bay police investigators tell kron four's haaziq madyun dna evidence led to the suect. >>you know how many of you know offenders we have walking around free toy because of those dna testing leads to wt less alleged assault of thunder out of the street. he is 45 year-o then over albuquerque new mexico. this is video overton who is known in albuquerque as an advocate for at risk children. he was arreed on 2/9/2020 after dna linked him to a assault cold case in that town from 1997 albuquerque lice investigators say although a assault evidence kit was collect from the victim at the time. >>due ta major backlog. it was not analyzed until late 2019 and in the last couple of years they were able to prioritize fundin >>to get out of that backlog
8:46 pm
and that's howwe were able to identify orsuspects 1years later mountain view police captain jessica the lasky ys overton's dna was found at the scene of a assault called case in her town back in 2004. we were notified by thecrime lab that another unknown. >>profile out of albuquerque pd had just match. >>our. >>dna profile lasky ys while it is gratfying to finally tracked down thassault suspect inhe mountain view case from 2004. promptly analyzing dna fr the 1997 case in albuquerque. me and lead to making an arrestmuch sooner you know we could have prevented peaps though 4 k so th's always something that weighs. >>heavy on my mind overton is facing assault charges in th cold cases in mount view has a kron 4 news. >>a new debit card aturing abolitioni harriet tubman is drawing some criticism for it unrealistic appearance. one
8:47 pm
united ba is rolling out a visa ard which features an image of harriet tubman the images styled after an actual photograph of her but she was not making that particular gesturewith her arms in the photogra and a lot of people believe the depiction looks like the look on the forever salute from the fm black panther, one united bank says that the positioning of the arms is actually american sign language for the word love that controversy asidethough some social media sters complained that putting tubman age on a bank cad at all she pins her history of helping free scores and scores of slaves escape through the underground railroad one united bank is the largest black owned bank in the nation. happening today, a plant based alternative meat company is offering a one day presale. >>on funday based bacon. prime group says a local startup which has gotten in on the healthy whole foods sourced protein opons. are 24 7 news
8:48 pm
app talk with the co-founder about how her meatless movement idea began and what makes it so unique. >>but isn getting alternative meat they really socially motivated to make a large impact it may be more sustainable meal to you know there are many alternatives on the market that many of them were really hyper process and i thought that we can do better ing a new source protein aren't or wheat maize is lot of people have an alley to let's use coach gene, which is a japanese super fd had been growing and with my mom to ma fermented center of a long time wh if we just grew coaching for what is really good at which is really great xture source that can be the base for any type of meatless it's all natural and has the natural taste texture of me. >>primroutes will be opening
8:49 pm
a store in san francisco will be the first butcher shop in the city to hear the rest of our intervi just wnload the kron on app to get live local news streaming commercial free 24 7. okay, we know that it's valentine's day so far any lted lovers, here's one way to possibly help youg over the breakup use a humane society in ood kansas. well put your name, your ex name put your ex's name on the bottom of a tter box pan that will theget used by cats apparently someone there is a problem with brad joson. that's all for a small donation course and that donation will go towards the animals carehe fundraiser willcontinue until tomorrow. >>well as the nba goes through its all-tar festivities this weekend you can bsure there will be a number of tributes for e late kobe bryant as the basketball world is still mourning his ss and today, significt news surrounding the black mama koby a finalist
8:50 pm
thenaismith memorial basketball halof me. it that be inducted in the er first year ofeligibility bryant, the author of one of the greast resumes in nba history 20 year care. an all-star in 18 of tse seasons 5 time nba champ to time finals mvp. and 4th in the all-time scoring list. it's a bigyear for the hall is tim duncan and kevin garnett are also finalists the induction ceremony will be in late august, the only rriors representation this weekend cong from the rising stars challengefor all-star weekend eric paskel and the ther young stand-ups from team usa facing team worl early on pasco go to work a nice move to the rack and the foul and then moments later how about this play from the top 2 picks joe moran bween the legs a lot eye on willison design would finish and then he acally tilted the time serious power right there in 2nd half more pasco goes left and ssed ofthe glass 23 points off e bench to lead
8:51 pm
team usain the final minute. >>the us s up by 20 to the game turned into a don't contest the perfect ending to the showse very cool and don't forget we have all ur basketball coverage this weend as another season of the kron 4 hos session premieres morrow night join jason dumas and cate reese saturday at :00pm. >>in our other top story fu squad for the giants and a's meantime you can tell it's alrea going to be a long year for e houston astro's as teams around the league report to camp the hot topic continues to be reaction to houston's ole in a sign stealing scandal that tainted their 2017 championship run. >>some of thespoke out this their methods before mike t fires brought this l to lig. and toay, the dodgers who lost to houst in the world series, not holding back let's go to a fired-up cody bellinger who says the astro's stole a ring from them. >>about the apologies were whatever side jim crane's as we and instrument wawe given
8:52 pm
unity. i mean these guys are 2 for 3 years know personally i ost respect for those i think the show. and the big leagues lost respect for hose guys. we made aa insurance for members like martin.
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anir force veteran made of doing what's right, not what's easy. so when a hailstorm hit, usa reacd out before he could even inspecthe damage. that's how you do it rht. usaa insurance is made just the way martin's familneeds it with hassle-free clas, he got paid before his neighbor even got started. because doing right by our members, that's what'sight. usaa. what you're made of, we're made f.
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usaa >>couple's relationship has truly stood the test of time
8:55 pm
this valentine's day worn in arlene's now are cebrating their life together. one of the longest marriage is in the world been almosmarried now for 80 years e years with the bike maher has their love >>for warren darlene snell inking bachelor wedding day seems almost a lifetime ago. >>and th know these people yeah >>a married at 1819 years old on february 25th 1940 80 years later the couple now 9899 are still more in love than ever all we are there are history and like any eat i will love story the relationship began during a webster city high school for each outing at the local roller skting ink for to stay with make sure we give an icon like the way she felt my for arlene it took a little
8:56 pm
bit more convinng in 5 years she. >>we're locke, a chance yr overcomes yeah. >>the minus not love through tough times wh money was tight allowed them to travel the world and raise a family with 2 children now in their grand kids. kids and 5 great >>goals they bo set out in life to accomplish together do you have any other advice for. anyone because i mean you guys are experts we don'tfeel like the are rivers and each other. >>ye we we ner really get you know ad mad, orangestate >>they do. >>have a good friend lot on her crime. >>i love rise so cute and only
8:57 pm
a lover but a od friend allen today that waswhitney blakemore reporting anthat wraps up kr 4 news tonight, a grant lotus and vicki liviakis are here w with what's next on kron 4 news home. >>80 years to the next day to a that's awesome thank you 's what's coming up tonight on kron 4news at night. >>we're going fight. we just told a fight. >>concern but they say ad to fight residents at a mobile home park say they're rried where the logo of the land is turned into apartments, we have a live report fr redwood city on the notice neighbors have received plus coronavirus fearhave forced the cancellation of major events all around the globe now facebookis shutting down an annual event for the same reason it usuly attracts francisco. ere to san >>now there are concerns of businesses will take a hit. >>chief meteorologist lawrence karnow is herwith the weekend forecast is also
8:58 pm
growing up in la, bad air forced us ioors. and now we have to deal with this. climate change is an emergency. that's w i wrote the nation's and now we have to deal with this. most progressive climateaw. and that's why i'm endorsing tom stey. because when big o tried to stop our clean air laws, he led us to victory. sameith the keysto pipele. when tom saywe can save the world and do it together believe him. i'm m ster and i approve this message.
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>>watching kron 4 news at 9. >>now a 9 people living ina mobile home park may not have a place to live after they've been told by property owners that they want to sell and that would turn this land into apartment homes. good evening, everybody thanks for being here at night i'm grant


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